Concilium Bulletin August 2023



Toronto Senatus

Fr. Moncada introduced the Divine Office for the members. Extension efforts have resulted in four new praesidia (approximately forty new members). Newfoundland Curia with four praesidia did a 33 Day TDM. Some statistics include: - Toronto Korean Comitium has two hundred active members, North Toronto Curia and Winnipeg Curia have forty active members each, Niagara Curia has forty-one active members in eight praesidia. A former president in Winnipeg was ordained to priesthood.

Montreal Senatus

Acies and Congress were held in June. They printed one thousand French Handbooks. Monthly recruiting resulted in eight new members in Senatus and three in attached Curiae. A praesidium of fifteen members plans to divide. This latter has a junior praesidium. Crowd contact during Advent was themed “Keep Christ in Christmas.” Two praesidia of six members highlighted catechesis of children and adults, working with bereaved and bringing the elderly to Mass.

Vancouver Comitium

They revived a dormant praesidium who hosted the Comitium Acies recently. Another praesidium of sixteen members circulates four Pilgrim Statues to lapsed families to encourage a practice of their faith and baptism for their children or for marriage regularisation. Fr. Anthony Ho was praised for his hands-on involvement as their Spiritual Director.

Edmonton Comitium

This comprises eight directly attached praesidia and four Curiae. One praesidium does Exploratio two to three times annually. One attached local Curia with ninety- five active members does door-to-door visits, a weekly virtual rosary with prisoners, catechesis for the sacramental children, Pilgrim Virgin Statue visitation and running two junior groups. One Curia in Calgary, with twenty praesidia, was visited and plans to divide. The Korean Curia observed improved Legion of Mary spirit and recruiting efforts following their visitation of all seven praesidia there.


Cincinnati Senatus

Their newly appointed Spiritual Director, Fr. Rob Jack officiated at their Acies. They started a new praesidium of six members in Ohio. Restructuring is ongoing; two ecclesiastical approvals are waited for two Comitia in Kokoma and Cleveland to be affiliated to Chicago Senatus and Pittsburgh Regia respectively. Detroit Regia reported good extension efforts for its eleven praesidia and a Korean Curia there.

Boston Senatus

The largest of the three attached Comitia is Providence Comitium, which has eighteen senior and three junior praesidia and two Curiae with a total of sixteen praesidia. The Vietnamese La Vang Curia reported four non-Catholics baptised.

Chicago Senatus

Reports were taken from two Comitia and eleven Curiae in May and June. In June, Senatus had 63% praesidia officers and 93% correspondents attending. One local Curia had five language groups represented at their Acies. In Minnesota, one Curia did a Legion booth at a fair, a pilgrimage and enjoyed reunion and Acies. Their outgoing president was complimented on her leadership during Covid and the Legion Centenary celebrations. Also, her guidance to Senatus on caring for extra territory in Kokoma Comitium and Detroit Regia.

Philadelphia Senatus

There was an attendance of 50% in May for the attached presidia plus council officers; this gave a total of forty present in person. Some membership statistics show that Pittsburgh Regia has a total of twenty-nine senior praesidia and two junior praesidia for one hundred and eighty-one members. Camden Comitium has twenty-eight senior praesidia, two junior praesidia and one young adult praesidium for a total of two hundred and twenty- eight active members. Bucks County Curia has five senior praesidia for forty members with 50% praetorian membership. Thus, average membership in praesidia is six- eight active members.

Houston Senatus report that their Northern Curia gained eight new active members and twenty-seven auxiliaries in two recruiting drives. Inviting a priest to a Legion function prompted him to request a praesidium for his parish. The praesidium in Belize with Fr. Scott as Spiritual Director is growing. Parents were impressed that hosting the Pilgrim Statue work or Sacred Heart Enthronement stimulated interest by their children in praying the rosary.

San Francisco Senatus with six praesidia, and a nearby Curia with seven praesidia, have agreed to amalgamate so as to strengthen Senatus. Reports highlighted Acies ceremonies, and extension. They ensure elections are recorded properly in minutes of attached councils before allowing ratifications at Senatus. A praesidium of twenty-two started in Nevada and will divide soon.

Los Angeles

In July, the Concilium visitors, Sr. O’ Donoghue and Sr. Daly visited six senior and one junior praesidia, three Curiae and the Senatus meeting as well as two Senatus officers’ meetings. Recruiting efforts impressed them a lot. A separate report on visit is available.

Arlington Regia reported an increase of ninety-nine seniors and five juniors in a Comitium with a total of nineteen praesidia (two hundred and seventy-four members or average ten members per praesidium) and two junior praesidia (thirty- four members). Many praesidia find it hard to get Spiritual Directors. A youth retreat had fifty in attendance. A young adults’ retreat themed “Masculinity, Femininity and the Vocation of Marriage” and a Legion Congress is also scheduled. Pilgrim Virgin Statue visitation stimulated a request from a non-Catholic to become Catholic while another lady was declared cancer-free after this visit. Knoxville Curia started two new praesidia.

Proposed Visit to Arlington Regia: The Regia has invited their correspondent Sr. Patricia O’Donoghue to attend a Legion Congress which will be held in October. Permission was given to send Sr. Patricia and her husband on this visit in October.

Miami Regia reported that two of their stronger Curiae with a total of twenty-six praesidia and a Comitium with a total of forty-three praesidia did a full range of Legion works. This included recruiting for a Rosary Confraternity and leading First Saturday Devotions. The Legion of Mary in Jamaica and the bishop there were visited in June 2023. Only one praesidium, out of three, has restarted in Kingston after Covid.

St. Louis Senatus

Officer elections were held. A Korean praesidium gained three new members. A Curia in Arkansas reports three enthronements of homes to the Sacred Heart, catechesis, home and nursing home visitation and distribution of blessed sacramentals among their works.



The Trinidad and Tobago Regia report is for October to December 2022. In-person meetings have resumed by their eight directly attached praesidia and eight local Curiae. Reports were received from four local Curiae and from four external territories: Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, and Antigua. Contact with St. Vincent and St. Lucia Comitium had been retarded due to an earthquake there.


Puerto Rico Senatus reported the filling of vacancies and increased attendance at all meetings. New praesidia have been formed and apostolic works include book barrow, home visits, taking children and the elderly to Mass and organising Mass in some residential complexes. The Legion Centenary celebrations included Mass and Marian concerts.


Both Senatus are trying hard to re-activate some Curiae where members died during the Covid. Santa Domingo Senatus reported on apostolic work by two Comitia such as visiting about one thousand and four hundred sick people, arranging Sacrament of Sick for sick people, catechesis for forty people and counselling for eighty-eight people. The six praesidia in Santana and Banica were visited. Legionaries accompanied the priest and consoled the Haitian parents of a child who died in an accident to help their Faith.


The Comitium has seven hundred and five active members and two seminary praesidia. Works include visitation of homes, hospitals, markets, preparing people for the sacraments, working with youth.



Madrid Senatus

In these four months the Senatus has been getting reports from praesidia and Curia normally. Praesidia and council visits are done giving help and support to all in their difficulties. New active members are being recruited. The Senatus officers are suggesting new works and the starting of new praesidia. The Peregrinatio Pro- Christo (PPC) team in Sevilla, which was organised by the Brazilian legionaries, had eleven Spanish as well as legionaries from Armenia, U.S., Ireland, and Cuba. Their example and amazing work have given hope to organise more PPC teams and extension work.


Rome Senatus

The Senatus and the attached Curiae and praesidia are working to help weak praesidia which have not recovered from the pandemic. The three Filipino praesidia in Florence were visited with a view to activating the Curia again and is supported by the Spiritual Director. The Filipino legionaries in Rome are helping the weak praesidia to recruit and grow again. An attached praesidium reports sixteen members, five who are praetorians. The parish priest of a neighbouring parish welcomed the suggestion of setting up the praesidium in his parish which had closed during Covid. Mons. La Rosa celebrated sixty years of priesthood. Two former presidents of the Comitium in Reggio Calabria were ordained recently.

Milan and Padua

It appeared that the Legion of Mary in Padua and Milan had disappeared. However, recent correspondence indicates that there is a praesidium in Milan, one Curia with two praesidia in Bruneck on the border with Austria. The Legion of Mary in Asti and Tortona is working well. More information is necessary before a decision for development of the Legion of Mary in this area can be taken.


Lisbon Senatus organised a training day for praesidia officers and councils attended by thirty-nine officers. The number of auxiliary members has been highlighted in the reports received. A slide presentation was held on Venerable Edel Quinn in a meeting with the auxiliaries. Legionaries make a weekly visit to a prison in Lisbon. The Councils attached report the foundation of new praesidia.

Regia Cenaculo do Espirito (Coimbra)

A lot of evangelisation work was carried out, especially addressing topics such as World Youth Day (WYD) and euthanasia. It held an open spiritual retreat attended by thirty- three legionaries.

Comitium Maria Rainha dos Apostolos (Ponta Delgada, Azores) supported a young man with a psychological disorder and a victim of domestic violence. Seventy people attended a retreat.

Comitium Maria, Mother of Christ (Portela) supported twelve people with psychological problems.


Malta Regia. Three praesidia feature in this report. The apostolate includes home, hospital and statue visitation, ship apostolate and teaching catechism. From home visitation a housebound couple accepted the invitation for confession and Holy Communion. One person contacted was encouraged to go back to Mass and now attends every Sunday.

Curiae Reports:

Mother and Teacher Curia with seven attached praesidia reported their visitation. Most have resumed home visitation.

Mother of Good Shepherd Curia is making good progress to regroup and restart dormant praesidia. The Patricians, tourist contacts, the sects and encouraging people back to Mass are the main works. The junior Curia has four praesidia. A day retreat, annual reunion and the Acies was held for them.

Gozo Comitium: A praesidium for Philippines’ English speaking is in formation. The Maltese language is being taught to these groups to help them find employment. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, The Way of the Cross and Mass was organised for them.

PPC: A project will take place in Oxford at the end of July and in Sicily in the first week of October.

Countries under Caretakership of Malta Regia:

Albania and Kosovo.


The Malta correspondent and another legionary visited the Comitium and the attached Curiae from the 20th – 31st May. Fr. Emanuel Cutajar, Spiritual Director Gozo Comitium who had spent twenty-one years in Albania visited with them. They had meetings with the Comitium officers in Shkoder and the attached Curiae. The Comitium held its Acies and the apostolate includes teaching Catechism, church cleaning, visiting the sick and housebound, distribution of Miraculous Medals and Statue visitation. All the attached Curiae were found to be working well and engaging in good apostolates. The praesidium in Tirana was also visited. They have seven members, and their works include prison visitation. A meeting was held with Archbishop Angelo of Massfraof Shkoder-Pult Diocese. He is very proud of the Legion of Mary and holds it in high esteem. A number of priests said the Legion of Mary is the heart of the parish.


The last days were spent in Kosovo. The two praesidia there were visited. They also met the parish priest. The legionaries were encouraged to persevere in their membership and apostolate. Home visitation is not permitted; however, it was suggested that apostolate may be done within family members, distribution of Miraculous Medals, frequent the sacraments and encourage family prayer.


Efforts are continuing to rebuild the Legion of Mary in the two praesidia in Nicosia. One of the praesidia has eight active members with the other having five active members. Each reports having two probationary members. The praesidium in Limassol is meeting normally. In North Cyprus the Legion of Mary continues to meet in Kyrenia while the news from Famagusta is that the Legion of Mary has restarted there with a new set of officers. Communication with North Cyprus has been requested.



Elphin Comitium reported that thirty legionaries from the Elphin Comitium took part in their summer outing to Dublin on 18th July. They visited the house of Servant of God Frank Duff, the library, and the Legion of Mary Headquarters where they saw the first Legion of Mary Altar from 1921, photographs of the envoys and Nazareth Hall where the Concilium meetings are held. They also visited the grave of Servant of God Frank Duff and concluded with a meal on the way home. Recruitment drives are being planned for parishes that do not yet have any praesidium of the Legion of Mary. Two legionaries from the Comitium took part in home visitation with the members of the Maria et Patria (M.E.P.) group in Sligo and were well received at all the homes.

In the Sligo Curia, plans are in place to undertake a recruitment drive in Rathcormac. Twenty- one legionaries took part in the parish of St. Mary’s in Sligo on the 28th and 29th of May. The Patrician Meetings were well attended and a very worthwhile part of the project. Venues for the annual retreat and Curia outing are in discussion at present.

Tuam Comitium

The report covers May and June. A Legion of Mary stand was erected on a day for clubs and businesses in May. Miraculous Medals were distributed, and good contacts were made. The annual report was from Claremorris Curia. There are four senior praesidia, and one junior praesidium which is in Knock primary school. The apostolate includes the Pilgrim Statue Visitation, leading the rosary each day before and after Mass, setting up a Legion of Mary Altar during the month of May and on the first Saturday of each month. The Acies was held in Tuam Cathedral in March. The praesidium in Knock has eight members who look after the Knock office, organising the rota and ensuring there are adequate supplies of books, leaflets, and Legion of Mary items. Visitation of the primary school and holding the meetings is also done.

Carlow Comitium

Attendance is still low but improving. One praesidium reported with four members. The legionaries are very involved in the parish and have a very good relationship with other faith organisations. The importance of home visitation was pointed out by the Spiritual Director. The attached Curia of Laois has two praesidia. Both are very active in their parishes. Home visitation, public rosaries, visitation, and prison visitation are the main works. In Kildare Curia, all Curia officerships have been filled and the Curia is represented at almost all Comitium meetings.


Galway Curia

The attendance at the Curia meeting is small. The annual report from Our Lady of the Resurrection in Ballinfoyle was given. With eight members the apostolate includes visitation of two nursing homes, home visitation in the parish and organising a weekly rosary group. Visitation of the attached praesidia was recorded. A summer outing to Servant of God Frank Duff’s house and Glasnevin Cemetery was discussed.

Clonfert Curia

The praesidium in Cappataggle with seven members reported for the first time since Covid restrictions have eased. Visitation of the housebound, nursing homes and hospitals are the main works. The legionaries are constantly recruiting in the parish and hope to have a notice in the newsletter shortly.

Ferns Curia

The attendance at the Curia meeting has improved. A retreat for women had sixty-five ladies in attendance. Fr. Oisín Martin CFR, a former legionary from Dublin led the retreat which was enjoyed by all. The annual report of Mary Immaculate praesidium in New Ross was given. Home visitation is carried out, and a prayer apostolate work on the quay to protect suicide is done each Friday. No suicides have been recorded in the last few years.

Killala Curia

A praesidium in Knockmore has a mixed praesidium of eight members. The praesidium helped with contact work at Heritage Day in Ballina and Enniscrone Show. Six members from the Curia were sent to the Sligo MEP project in June. Over two hundred contacts were made, and some names were given for Legion of Mary membership.


There is just one praesidium in Achonry. Ongoing efforts are being made to establish a praesidium in Charlestown. The Pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima is brought to families on request. Two members of the praesidium do duty at Knock Shrine on two days each month during the pilgrim season. Fifty people including six tradesmen on duty for church refurbishment were enrolled in the Brown Scapular on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.


Ancilla Domini Curia

Project 300 was discussed at the recent Curia meeting. The need to increase the number of praesidia in the Curia was emphasised. Two new praesidia have been formed recently. Our Lady Queen of the Angels is based in Technological University Dublin (TUD). Meetings are held during term time. The second praesidium is Mary Mother of God, a junior praesidium which meets at Myra House. The Curia outing for this year was a visit to the five churches in the Curia area. The day began with Holy Mass in Whitefriar Street and prayer at the statue of Our Lady of Dublin. A short stop was made at St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Francis Street, while at St. Catherine’s Church, Meath Street the rosary was recited. St. Augustine and St. John’s Church (John’s Lane) was visited as well as Church of the Immaculate Conception, Adam and Eve’s at Merchant’s Quay. A public rosary was said after Mass at the church entrance. St Audoen’s Visitor Centre was visited, and a very interesting, guided tour was given about the churches on the site. Two buses have been booked for the annual Legion of Mary Pilgrimage to Knock in September. A group of legionaries from the Curia attended World Youth Day in Lisbon in August.

Gloriosa Curia

Curia outing to Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation took place on 30th July and Mass was celebrated at St. Kevin’s Church there. A praesidium led an outdoor procession through the parish to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A group of ten legionaries did outreach work in Leixlip and called to one hundred and twenty homes. A recruitment day was also held in Lucan. Efforts are continuing to establish a praesidium in Straffan. Supported by the priests and promoted by legionaries, enrolment in the Brown Scapular took place in most parishes on the weekend of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. A praesidium, which is a Pioneer Council, has visited all homes in the parish and is concentrating on home visitation in a neighbouring parish, at the request of their Spiritual Director, who recently visited Labre Park halting site with the legionaries, where he heard confessions and blessed homes on request. Visitation with the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima is also done. A praesidium distributes eighty-four Maria Legionis journals. An Italian man was given instruction in preparation by legionaries for reception of the sacrament of Confirmation, and a legionary acted as his Confirmation sponsor. Two teenagers and one pre-teen were prepared for Holy Communion and Confirmation by legionaries.

Benedicta Curia

A praesidium’s works include street contact in Rialto and outside Benedicta House, home and hospital visitation, visitation to auxiliaries and weekly public rosary. Quite a number who have a drug and/or alcohol problems accept Miraculous Medals. The praesidium has also returned to visiting the elderly in St. James’ Hospital. The staff were pleased to see the members again. Many Miraculous Medals are distributed each week. Two senior members and one junior member of the Legion of Mary visited Helsinki, Finland and spoke to Fr. Leonard who ministers to a large African community there. He is interested in having a Legion praesidium established. He attended the Austrian Summer School in Concilium and went for a meal with the members. The members are still in contact with him. There are eleven members in the junior Curia including Fr. Joseph Hao, Spiritual Director. The junior members distribute Miraculous Medals to their friends and fellow school pupils. They also visit with the Pilgrim Statue. Two members have recently returned from the Philippines.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia

A praesidium is the Parish Baptism Team. They help parents and godparents to prepare for baptism. The parish priest prefers to celebrate each baptism separately so most Saturdays there are two individual baptisms. The praesidium hopes to restart post baptism visits to the homes of all those who were baptised in the last year, soon. Last December the families of those baptised were invited to attend Mass on the Sunday before Christmas during which the priest blessed the babies and families and anyone who wished to join them around the crib. One member has organised Eucharistic Adoration in St. Joseph’s Church, Glasthule parish with help from other praesidium members. The praesidium distributes thirty Maria Legionis journals. Two members recite the rosary before Mass in St. Patrick’s Church, Monkstown (where Venerable Edel Quinn attended Mass) on the second Monday of the month. Two members participated in the recruiting drive in Monkstown on the weekend of the Edel Quinn Mass there. To make Edel better known, Curia plans to lead prayers at the Quinn family grave around 14th September, the date of her birth and hold a recruiting drive at the same time. Recruiting drives are planned for September and October to help increase membership in all praesidia, with an emphasis on recruiting young members. The title of the last Patrician Meeting was “A journey in progress”, a seminarian’s story of his vocation. Twelve attended. Flyers for the Young Adult conference were handed out on street contact on Saturday mornings in Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock.

Annunciata Curia

The Curia was delighted to have three visiting legionaries from Lithuania present at the last meeting, one of whom is Secretary of Kaunas Comitium. Following a recruiting weekend in Clonskeagh, two people have started attending meetings in the parish. A praesidium does home visitation in St. Kevin’s Parish, and visitation to Harvey nursing home. The praesidium members also carry out an apostolate to the Muslim Community. The two main areas for contact with the Muslims is their workplace and the famine relief centre on Clanbrassil Street. Recently a new mosque at Leonard’s Corner was discovered and some good contacts were made. After a number of visits to the flat complex in Rathmines, two young boys aged six and eight were baptised. Over the year the members have organised a rosary rally in the flat complex and there has been a good attendance from the residents.

Immaculata Curia

Legionaries lead a public rosary every Saturday at 11am, outside Immaculata House. Members promoted Young Adult Conference, which is taking place this weekend, through street contact and distribution of flyers. Recruiting took place in Springfield recently. A praesidium’s works include home visitation, pilgrim statue visitation and street contact. Members also do home visitation in a neighbouring parish, having been requested by the parish priest to invite parishioners back to Mass and the sacraments. They also do Pilgrim Statue visitation in this parish. Public rosary is recited daily during May and September. Title of a recent Patrician meeting was ‘The Miraculous Medal and St. Catherine Labouré’.



Banjul Curia now has twelve praesidia. A Lenten retreat had an attendance of one hundred and six, three priests assisted with Mass, talks and prayers. Two different praesidia take responsibility each month for the Legion Radio Programme. Reports also included extension work, home visitation, and hospital visitation.


Onitsha Regia: A Comitium with several thousand members prepared many for the sacraments. Fifty couples had their marriages blessed and thirty-six lapsed Catholics returned to the practice. Seven family disputes were settled. A junior Curia reports teaching catechism to children and serving at Mass.

Jos Regia prepared hundreds for baptism and First Holy Communion. Two hundred and forty-nine new members were recruited, and one new Curia was established. Works reported include home and hospital visitation, catechism instruction, crowd contact, care for junior praesidia, promoting family rosary and care of children at Mass.

Enugu Senatus: Abakaliki Regia prepared hundreds for baptism, First Holy Communion and confirmation. In the last year fifty- two senior and sixty- seven junior praesidia and five senior and three junior Curiae and two Comitia were established. Two hundred and fifty- two juniors transferred to senior membership. Five CCD Centres were established and thirteen were revived. Nsukka Regia undertook Exploratio Dominicalis projects resulting in eighty-three people received into the Church, sixty-three marriages blessed, and twenty- three lapsed Catholics returned to practice.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: Anniversary celebrations are planned for September. Councils are advised to hold local celebrations with Mass. The aim is to improve and strengthen the Legion in the province. A Comitium prepared seventy- two catechumens for baptism and First Holy Communion. Fifty-nine legionaries were recruited and four praesidia were established. Queen of Apostles Seminary Curia recruited twenty new members.

Abuja Senatus: The Legion of Mary in collaboration with other Marian societies have commenced a radio programme on Radio Maria. The Legion is present in some seminaries in Makurdi Regia. The ordination of nine deacons is a cause for joy. Makurdi Regia is planning to produce the Legion Handbook in TIV language.

Ibadan Senatus: All the praesidia report study of the Legion of Mary Handbook at their weekly meeting. Plans to revive ailing praesidia, create more junior praesidia and revive the junior Curia remain their target. Works reported include hospital visitation, teaching of catechism, Exploratio Dominicalis, book barrow, care of junior praesidium, care of auxiliary members, care of children at Mass and Sunday school, visitation of the sick in the hostels and cleaning of chapel and premises. Twelve legionaries were recently ordained.

Lagos Regia: Elections for President, Vice President and Treasurer took place in May. Visitation of attached councils and praesidia is done periodically. Forty-nine members undertook St. Louis- Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration, while sixty-four members renewed their consecration. A Comitium with eleven attached Curiae and thirteen directly attached praesidia and one junior Curia reports home and hospital visitation, teaching the Catechism, taking care of children, visiting an orphanage and brothel. During the period of review four hundred and eighty-three homes were visited, one thousand four hundred and four persons were contacted, seventy-two hospital visits were made. The council has forty-seven voluntary catechist who prepared many for the sacraments and instructed thirty RCIA candidates. Two non-Catholics joined the Legion of Mary and one couple rectified their marriage after living together for twenty-four years. Separately another council with six senior Curiae and eight affiliated praesidia and one junior Curia reports visitation of homes, hospitals, maternity hospitals and prisons, teaching of the Catechism, marriage counselling, and crowd contact.

Uganda Senatus: The Senatus recently launched their new website which gives details of the Legion of Mary throughout Uganda. Mugalike Comitium covers six parishes with nine Curiae and twelve directly attached praesidia; one hundred and twenty-three believers of the Bisaka cult were visited and one hundred and forty were received back to the Catholic Church. Jinja Comitium has fourteen Curiae and thirteen directly attached praesidia with a total of one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six legionaries; through their work, one hundred and fourteen patients received the anointing of the sick and four satanic shrines were demolished. The Legion of Mary Handbook has been translated into five local languages and is in the process of translating into four other local languages. The Legion of Mary was invited to the Little Sisters of St Francis’ celebration of one hundred years in Nkokonjeru. This congregation of sisters is key to the history of the Legion of Mary in Uganda as they were very close to Venerable Edel Quinn during her time there. The Regia of Western Uganda celebrated the 79th Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn’s death with Holy Mass, with four thousand legionaries in attendance. A National Spiritual Director’s Conference is being planned for 22nd – 25th August at St. Mary’s National Major Seminary, Ggaba.

South Sudan: Visitors from South Sudan continue to attend the Ugandan Senatus meetings. In June, three members from Juba Archdiocese attended. The Vice President of Regina Mundi Curia reported they have thirteen praesidia in their Curia; their Curia has been in existence since 1976. Mater Eklesia Curia reported they have sixteen praesidia. A member of Kizito Curia was also present. Ten participants from South Sudan plan to attend the Ugandan National Spiritual Directors Conference in Ggaba in August, including the Archbishop of Juba Archdiocese, four Spiritual Directors and four presidents of the four Curiae in Juba Archdiocese and a vicar general who is overall Spiritual Director of the Legion in the Archdiocese.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia: The Regia is currently visiting its directly attached councils to ensure that all members are familiar with the correct legion procedure and are adhering to the legion system. The Regia is making great efforts to keep in contact with distant councils and a new team of correspondents is being appointed. Regular efforts are made to establish the Legion of Mary in parishes where there is currently no Legion of Mary praesidium.

Hai Moshi Comitium works included home and hospital visitation, care of junior praesidia, intervening with family disputes and contact with young drug & alcohol addicts, in one area four young people have reformed their lives.

Senatus of Kenya: The first praesidium set up by Venerable Edel Quinn in December 1936 has eighteen active members, five probationers and eighteen auxiliary members. The praesidium has a junior praesidium attached, does hospital visitation and street contact. Non- Catholics were encouraged to join the catechism classes and a follow-up was done and six were later baptised. Three members helped with the established five new praesidia in Thika Comitium. The annual Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave had the largest attendance ever with legionaries from Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, and all over Kenya in attendance. Fifty-six attended the prayers at the graveside in June. Reports at Senatus indicate a very solid apostolate undertaken by the legionaries including contact with the lapsed, Protestants, Muslims etc. The correspondents group meets on a regular basis and attached praesidia and councils are all visited by Senatus.

Zambia - Lusaka Regia: A Zoom meeting between the correspondent and the Regia officers took place in July. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss outside interference with elections and the purchasing of a modest building. A follow- up meeting is to be arranged. Works reported include marriage counselling, catechism classes, visiting the sick and grieving. A Curia organised a day with Mary themed “Mary Mother of the Church” with the purpose of deepening one’s relationship with Mary.

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Peregrini on the last project for this year to Middlesbrough, England arrived home yesterday. Many interesting contacts have been made with some going to confession after an absence of many years.

After the completion of the PPC project in his parish, the parish priest said that in all his eight years there, this was the greatest event that took place in his parish.

One of the many interesting contacts was that of a lapsed Catholic mother bringing up her five-year old son single handed. She accepted a Miraculous Medal. A legionary who was with Fr. Michael suggested she might go to confession there and then. Father heard her confession on her doorstep and gave her a blessing. She was very emotional and grateful for the visit.

A legionary and Father Michael spoke to a mother with four children in a tower block with open air corridors to the front doors. She had no religion, but her daughter goes to Sunday school and loves Jesus. She asked about baptism, as she said she didn’t want her children to miss out on heaven because she failed to get them baptised. The family got a chair for Father and so he ran a catechism class. He spoke to the children about how sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, and how they trusted in the serpent rather than in God. A hand went up. The little girl asked, “Why did they trust the serpent rather than God?” Then Father spoke of Jesus coming to rescue us. We are baptised and love him. Another question, “If I eat sweets, will I go to heaven?” Yes. He helped himself to another sweet. After a call of forty-five minutes, church details were given to the family, the children shared their sweets with Father Michael, and there were hugs all round before departing.

We are currently discussing a PPC Conference to take place in February 2024.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the success of the projects and please continue to pray for all those who were contacted.

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Visit of Professor William A. Tomas of the Pontifical Marian Academy at the Vatican to August Concilium 2023 Meeting

It was a great honour for the Legion of Mary to welcome Professor William A. Tomas, Mariologist, of the Pontifical Marian Academy International, on his first visit to the August Concilium Meeting.

This was a historic occasion, in its being the first time ever for Concilium to be paid a visit from the Vatican.

Professor Tomas congratulated Sr. Mary Murphy on her recently being admitted by the Holy Father to the Pontifical Marian Academy International. This has been bestowed on her in recognition of the great work she has carried out for the Legion of Mary. This encompassed her being a legionary in Ireland, an envoy, and most recently being President of the Legion of Mary. Professor Tomas highlighted the great generosity of Sr. Murphy, as he informed all that she said she would not accept admittance to the Pontifical Marian Academy International without bringing all legionaries with her!

He then proceeded to outline the history of the development of the Pontifical Marian Academy International. He summarised its main functions and provided a most illuminating and awe- inspiring update on some of his recent research on Marian Shrine Apparitions throughout the world. He informed all that this documented research- on Marian Shrines including Knock International Eucharistic and Marian Shrine, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Kibeho- can be found in the Compendium of Authentic Marian Shrines.

This first visit of Professor William A. Tomas to Concilium was a very jubilant occasion for the Legion of Mary. His address was very edifying, and it is with much anticipation that all await a further visit from him, a visit through which all will undoubtedly be much further enlightened.

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Re. Dicasterium pro Laicis Familia et Vita

The Dicastery for Laity Family and Life have issued a General Decree that impacts the government of all lay associations.

The Decree states that the Dicastery have considered it necessary to regulate the terms of office in government of lay associations and ecclesial movements to provide for healthy renewal and prevent misappropriation that has arisen in some circumstances.

The Decree only impacts the main Concilium officer board and no other councils in the legion system.

It means that legionaries who are Concilium officers and have served for more than 10 consecutive years must vacate their officeships. Re-election is possible only after a vacancy of one term.

This provision does not apply to the office of president but it does mean that 4 officerships will be vacated.

Notice of election was furnished for the said 4 officerships for next month’s Concilium meeting – Office of Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer (Literature) Assistant Treasurer (De Montfort Trust)

The Concilium board of officers and the Concilium Body agreed to fully implement this Decree signed by Pope Francis.

We ask all legionaries to keep this new government Decree in their prayers.

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