Concilium Bulletin May 2024




Curia organised the annual anniversary Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn on Saturday May 11th. The main work of a praesidium with ten (10) members and sixteen (16) auxiliaries is volunteering in the Regina Coeli hostel, where they organise weekly discussion on Sunday’s Gospel and a monthly women’s prayer gathering in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Members also undertake Pilgrim Statue visitation, where the residents are invited to prepare a simple altar and receive the Statue into their rooms for a week. The praesidium also held an auxiliary rally recently. Recent Patrician meeting topics were “Faith and Reason” and “The Private Revelations of Catherine Emmerich” Another praesidium’s main work is outreach to the African community, where legionaries assist with organising the monthly African Mass. Other works include street contact, volunteering at Morning Star hostel, and organising and holding monthly Patrician meetings. Recent titles are “St. Joseph” and “Why did Jesus become incarnate?” with twelve (12) and (25) attendees respectively.


A new praesidium has been formed in Mulhuddart, and a new praesidium in Mountview is in the process of being set up. A praesidium with twelve (12) members collaborated with the African Chaplaincy during the May and October devotions and helped the children lead the Rosary and participate in the Stations of the Cross during Lent. Other works include the promotion of the monthly Mass for the African community and visitation to foreign nationals who are in difficulty and with whom they pray the Rosary. The main work of another praesidium is home visitation, although this is hampered by low membership. The praesidium plans to embark on a recruitment campaign outside local churches using new recruitment cards.


Curia is organising the annual Frank Duff commemoration in Glasnevin Cemetery on June 9th at 3pm. Curia Retreat will be on May 26th. A praesidium carries out weekly street contact and assists with Maria Legionis accounts. The Curia has organised an outreach in Ballygall parish, during the week 27th -31st May. All Northside Curiae have been invited to participate. The parish priest has given his support to the restarting of the praesidium in Ballygall parish.


Curia organised a gathering on May 8th to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn. A talk was given, and a blessing with Edel’s Crucifix was available to all. A praesidium’s works include outreach to Latino community who are mostly circus folk. Baptisms are arranged and an annual Mass is celebrated, attended by all of the circus workers. Outreach is also made to newly arrived Spanish-speaking immigrants. Many are prepared for the sacraments. Pilgrim Statue visitation is done and legionaries also visit hospitals and prisons. The annual Knock pilgrimage attracts great numbers every year.


A praesidium’s works include helping at the Repository at the weekend masses and promoting the Patrician meetings. Legionaries recently encountered a Brazilian family, who purchased a statue of the Holy Family and accepted six (6) Miraculous Medals. A Hindu man also accepted a Miraculous Medal. Parishioners bring particular requests for intercessory prayers for their families at the Frank Duff prayer meetings. They work with another praesidium to organise a Three Day Project which runs during the summer months for children between the ages of six (6) and eleven (11). Works also include October Rosary Procession, Pilgrim Statue visitation and home visitation where approximately five hundred (500) homes were visited with around two hundred and fifty (250) contacts entering into conversation. A Curia Congress is planned for Sunday 26th May in St. Cronan’s Pastoral Centre. The title is “Lead Us Forth, United With Mary Our Mother.”

Porta Coeli

A praesidium has seven (7) active members and one (1) probationary member. Works include home visitation, visiting sick parishioners with Holy Communion and Legion members in nursing homes. A hospital is visited where the Rosary is prayed with patients. At the invitation of a family, stories are read twice a week for a person outside the parish suffering from Parkinson’s disease. An apostolate to dog-walkers and students preparing for exams, promoting the Green Scapular and speaking about the Legion, is ongoing. One hundred (100) copies of Maria Legionis are distributed in four (4) parishes; recipients are asked to pray for Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) projects, and are informed about Legion developments locally and internationally. Two (2) legionaries from another Curia attend Porta Coeli Curia meetings to give moral support; one (1) reported on street contact work where people suffering from drug addiction are encountered and Miraculous Medals distributed.

Our Comments:

The Dublin reports elicited the following feedback from the body: one member commended the work of visitation of foreign nationals who are in difficulty and praying the rosary with them. The apostolate to dog- walkers drew much attention and positivity. The apostolate to pre-exam students and the promotion of the Green Scapular did similarly. The work with people suffering with addiction to drugs was highly commended. It was very touching to hear a member of the body speak from the heart of his outreach to people suffering with drug addiction. Such assistance in guiding and leading people to a treatment centre with Jesus and Our Blessed Mother is such very important work and challenges us all to reflect on, and consider the work we are doing for the Kingdom of God. Br. Noel Lynch, a former envoy kindly developed the points in the report about the work of outreach to a Latino community, and informed us that Mass in Spanish is celebrated in the circus ring.

One member commented on the report of outreach to luxury liners. He encouraged all to consider the arrival of such to locations in other Curiae, and for legionaries to conduct outreach in this way. One member very highly commended the establishment in recent years of monthly prayer gatherings in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Morning Star hostel for men and at the Regina Caeli hostel for women. Both of these monthly prayer gatherings are open to residents and non-residents alike. He very much encouraged the spread of such monthly gatherings of prayer in honour of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Br. Okonji explained the format which includes Hymns to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, praying of Individual Consecration prayer to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Prayer of Consecration of the family to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Litany to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Rosary. The bulletin of April 2024 contains the Consecration prayers and Litany to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.



Tuam Comitium
The annual report was from Maria Asumpta praesidium in Tuam. There are five (5) members and seventy (70) auxiliaries. The legionaries recite public Rosaries every day during Lent, May and October. The Rosary is also prayed in Cloonthue at our Lady’s Grotto every evening during Lent. Other works include Pilgrim Statue visitation and visitation of Greebpark nursing home where the Rosary is recited with the residents. Bottles of Holy water are regularly placed in the three churches in the parish. Permission was granted for a Maria et Patria (MEP) project in one of the parishes in Tuam. The Retreat in Knock had a good attendance of forty-seven (47). Three (3) members of the Comitium attended the “Call to Arms” Conference on March 16th and found it very inspiring.

Elphin Comitium
Extension and recruiting is always discussed and great efforts made to get new members. The legionaries visit the First Holy Communion classes with suitable literature. Some of the legionaries attended the Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) Conference and gave inspiring testimonies of the importance of this work. The “Call to Arms” Conference in Newbridge was attended by some legionaries and those who attended were very impressed with all they had heard.

Carlow Comitium
Home visitation continues to be done each week in Carlow town and it is hoped that it can be done in other areas also. Legionaries visited the Holy Communion and Confirmation classes in the schools. Laois Curia: There are two (2) praesidia in the Curia. Both are doing home visitation and availing of social gatherings to distribute Miraculous Medals and information on the Legion of Mary. The praesidium in Edenderry took part in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade carrying a Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Kildare Curia: The Curia has four (4) praesidia and plans are in train for the formation of a new praesidium in Sallins. One praesidium organised a Procession on the 23rd of December to mark the 800th anniversary of the first Crib.


Galway Curia
A recruitment drive was held in Mervue over the weekend of the 27th and 28th of April, with hopes of setting up a new praesidium there. Frank Duff prayer meetings have begun in the Legion house with a number held and well received in recent months. One legionary gave a talk on Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary as part of the Galway Diocesan Lenten Talks series. Fr. Declan Lohan spoke about the “Call to Arms Conference” in Newbridge and some legionaries from the Curia attended also.

Clonfert Curia
The Acies was held on March 24th in the Carmelite Abbey Loughrea with a fairly good attendance. The visitation of the attached praesidia was recorded in the minutes. The annual report of a praesidium of five (5) members in Looscaun was given. The local secondary school was visited by the legionaries where Miraculous Medals were distributed to each pupil. Other works include bringing Holy Communion to the sick and housebound and many other parish duties. A recruiting drive was held in Portumna but no further details were recorded.

Ferns Curia
The Curia was represented at the “Call to Arms” Conference in Newbridge which they found uplifting and inspiring. Our Lady Queen of Peace praesidium in Johnstown gave its annual report. The apostolate was in schools, prison and the community.

Achonry Curia
There is one praesidium in Kiltimagh and a recently started praesidium in Charlestown. The praesidium in Kiltimagh has five (5) members and a Spiritual Director. The works include Pilgrim Statue visitation, bringing Holy Communion to the sick and organising care packs for children to receive First Holy Communion. The new praesidium in Charlestown is now in its tenth week. Much help was given by Knock praesidium and another legionary from the praesidium in Ballinameen. Pilgrim Statue visitation has started and care packs are being prepared for children making their First Holy Communion. The process of appointing officers has now begun.

Killala Curia
The curia has nine (9) praesidia attached. The Curia has organised a Maria et Patria (MEP) project for June. The annual Retreat given by Fr. John Hogan was planned for May 12th. The Children of the Eucharist apostolate continues with great success in the schools of the diocese.

Update regarding Ireland

Concilium has had a number of meetings to consider Legion strategy in the wake of “Call to Arms Day” in Newbridge. Visits to clusters of Curiae in different parts of the country- to listen and learn and perhaps plan- are now being considered. These visits would be followed by a smaller version of the Newbridge Day, perhaps with street contact or home visitation.

Please keep this endeavour in your prayers.



Frankfurt Senatus.
Berlin Comitium Has eight (8) directly attached praesidia, comprising eighty- three (83) active members of which twenty-one (21) are praetorians, and two hundred and forty- nine (249) auxiliaries. Legionaries organised the Stations of the Cross weekly during Lent. A special meeting of legionaries with the Archbishop of Berlin was organised. Cologne Regia has a Comitium, four (4) Curiae and seven (7) praesidia attached. Dusseldorf Comitium has two (2) Patrician groups. Legionaries visit the sick and elderly in their homes and in hospital. Munich Regia has two (2) Comitia, eight (8) Curiae and seven (7) praesidia attached.

Freiburg Comitium
Two (2) legionaries took part in a New Year’s reception with the Archbishop and also attended a meeting for religious communities in the Archdiocese. Car park apostolate is undertaken. Kazakstan Curia has five (5) praesidia totalling thirty (30) active, four (4) probationary and fifty- six (56) auxiliary members. It is forbidden to undertake work in public so works are done inside the parish. The correspondent plans to visit the Curia.


The correspondent attended the Curia meeting in January. The praesidium in Atschink has a Spiritual Director and four (4) members and works include participation in the choir and assisting the priest at Mass in the villages. The praesidium in Krasnajork is experiencing challenges regarding the scheduling of the meeting and it is hoped that this will soon be resolved. The Senatus has invited the officers of the Curia to visit Kazakstan where they can meet the legionaries and correspondent to discuss challenges. Zurich Comitium Bergen Curia has seven (7) praesidia comprising forty (40) active, fourteen (14) probationary and one hundred and thirty- seven (137) auxiliaries. Works include prison visitation and apostolate to people who live under the city bridge and are suffering from addiction to drugs.


There are ten (10) praesidia totalling sixty-one (61) active, four (4) probationary and one hundred and thirty (130) auxiliary members. Works include weekly street apostolate and visitation of hospitals and nursing homes.


Paris Problems concerning the Senatus property have still not been resolved. A praesidium of seven (7) members visit the sick and elderly in their homes and hospital. A praesidium in the Comitium of Martinique reported loss of many members following Covid. The Senatus has highlighted the importance of planning, and suggested areas of focus included recruitment and street contact. Concilium representatives will attend the annual Conference of Bishops.


Brussels The correspondent attended the very successful annual Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) Conference in February where reports were taken on 2023 projects and details given of those planned for 2024. A French film made on the life of Frank Duff was shown. A praesidium reporting at the Senatus meeting spoke of contact work being done at the University campus during which Miraculous Medals were distributed. The Miraculous Medal was offered to Moslems and an invitation to enter the church for prayer. Some did enter the church for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Legionaries participated in a special day of evangelisation in central Brussels involving all Christian groups. It was a huge success. Antwerp The praesidium reporting has four (4) members and works include weekly public Rosary in the cemetery where they invite other visitors to join them. They also visit and distribute Holy Communion in a home for the elderly.


The Cape Verde Curia in Rotterdam is doing great extension work in France. On home visitation people are encouraged to go back to Mass and have their children receive the sacraments. This has resulted in eight (8) couples receiving the sacrament of marriage, eight (8) baptisms and seven (7) adults received the sacrament of confirmation.


Brentwood Regia
Two (2) praesidia featured, one with six (6) active members is involved with visitation of the sick and another with ten (10) members has a gathering twice yearly with their auxiliaries and carries out home visitation, offering Miraculous Medals to all encountered. A recruitment drive organised by another praesidium yielded three (3) new members. The works include door to door visitation, visitation of auxiliary members, and bringing Holy Communion to the housebound. Southwark Comitium Since March 2023 ten (10) new praesidia have been established. All have arisen due to initiatives of legionaries and attached Curiae e.g. speaking to priests and parishioners in parishes. An extension drive was held in a parish in Kent. A praesidium of eight (8) members with all officerships full was established following the extension drive. A legionary from Essex went on work assignment in the Channel Islands and in working with the priest and parishioners St. Helier has a praesidium of three (3) members. A praesidium of four (4) members was established following on from a recruiting drive in Lewisham. The Comitium has four (4) junior praesidia totalling thirty- six (36) members. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) Conference held by the Comitium had an attendance of seventy (70). Central London Curia The Curia has a new Spiritual Director, Fr. William. Johnstone. Two (2) praesidia featured in this report, one with seven (7) members and the other with five (5). Works are mainly recruiting, crowd contact, visiting people in hospital and people who are housebound.

Liverpool Senatus.
Leeds Curia has three (3) praesidia with varying levels of membership. Works include home visitation, street contact, and visitation of people who are sick and housebound. Middlesbrough Comitium has three (3) praesidia attached and Billingham Curia with three (3) praesidia with membership of seven (7), five (5) and three (3). Works include home visitation and street contact. A lady came back to practice as a result of home visitation and a man met during street contact went to confession after (30) years. A praesidium visits a Catholic school weekly during the month of October to help with Catholic liturgy.

Council under the care of Liverpool Senatus:


Our Lady of Mercy Curia has eleven (11) praesidia, six (6) of them in Stockholm and the others are at a distance and because of this are unable to attend the Curia meeting. The new Polish praesidium has eighteen (18) members. The main works being done by praesidia are home visitation, street contact and visitation of hospitals and care homes. A new praesidium has been set up in Gothenburg.

Birmingham Senatus
Efforts are ongoing to get a praesidium started in Oscott College. The newly established Curia in Walsall is progressing well. Two (2) praesidia in Banbury presented reports. Crowd contact, Patricians and home visitation are the main works. A tractor run at Christmas brought seventy- seven (77) people to the church to light a candle and pray. Those who had not been to Church for some time were encouraged to return. Another praesidium in Banbury reported a very large number of contacts made on the “Night Fever” apostolate. Bristol Curia has had much sickness and some are now in recovery following surgery. Prayers for the legionaries in this Curia would be greatly appreciated. Coventry Curia Home visitation and contact works are being done. Councils under the care of Birmingham Senatus Northampton Curia Good efforts are being made to recruit and extend with plans for a new praesidium for Northampton Cathedral. Swansea Curia has six (6) senior praesidia and one (1) junior praesidium and works include home visitation, street rescue and street contact.

Senatus of Scotland.
Greenock Curia Has three (3) praesidia totalling seventeen (17) members. A wide range of works are undertaken including taking the relic of the True Cross on visitation and bringing the Crib into the nursing home on Christmas morning. Eight (8) legionaries have applied to go on Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) to Finland this summer.


The praesidium in Tonberg has three (3) active members, three (3) probationary members and twenty-eight (28) auxiliaries. Recruiting is ongoing. Aftercare of auxiliaries is done by phone calls. Drammen has one (1) praesidium with six (6) active members and sixteen (16) auxiliary members.


The praesidium in Helsinki has six (6) active members and one (1) probationary member. The apostolate includes crowd contact at city railway stations where people of all nationalities are met and most of whom accept Miraculous Medals.



The annual audit for 2023 of Mexico City Senatus was sent to the correspondent. A new praesidium was established in the Senatus Curia area. The Acapulco Regia reports seven (7) Comitia, eight (8) Curiae and seven (7) praesidia comprising over ten thousand (10,000) active members with Legion presence in one hundred and seventy- four (174) of the eight hundred and eighty- seven (887) parishes in the Senatus area. Talks on the Legion were given to seminarians and young teenagers. One legionary is on a committee studying care of the environment while as part of True Devotion to the Nation (TDN) the Legion has sown trees, watered plants and cut grass in a park. Thirty- four (34) adult baptisms and three hundred and three (303) adults received the three (3) sacraments confession, Holy Communion, and confirmation. Due to growth of the Legion in the Guerrero area the Comitium has set up two new Curiae, one in the mountain area where the Tuunsavi language is spoken, and a junior Curia of five (5) praesidia.


Panama Regia
Young children are set up in small groups and taught their prayers and encouraged to do some small apostolate with a view to preparing them for junior membership at a later stage. After Enthronement of their home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a family experienced great health improvement. Street contact work is done and legionaries were welcomed on home visitation.

Costa Rica Senatus
Reports indicate lively participation at the Senatus meetings with suggestions and questions from the body. Praesidia which discontinued to function are being reactivated and extension is carried out in new areas. Among the range of works of an attached Curia is the carrying out of works in the spirit of True Devotion to the Nation (TDN), with particular regard to the elderly, and those who live alone. The praesidia keep regular contact with the auxiliary members.

El Salvador
San Salvador Senatus Two (2) praesidia, two (2) Curiae and two (2) Comitia reported. One Regia has almost three thousand (3,000) members. During a recruitment drive approximately one thousand five hundred (1,500) members accepted the invitation to join a praesidium and over five hundred (500) persevered. In the course of home visitation contacts are encouraged to return to the practice of the Faith, couples in irregular marital situations are helped. Contacts return to the practice of the Faith after years away and some join the Legion. A Curia gives special attention to the elderly.

Honduras Senatus
The Senatus is working with the Comitium of San Pedro Sula to progress extension work in the north of the country. A gathering was planned for the beginning of May and it is hoped that this will have positive results for the Legion worldwide. In Sihuen the Spiritual Director promotes the writings of Frank Duff which is very positive for legionaries.

Managua Senatus
The Senatus of Managua is working well, correspondents keep regular contact with distant Councils. A day of prayer was organised for peace and conversion in the world and in particular in Nicaragua. An attached Curia is doing extension very successfully in remote areas of the diocese. Five (5) couples were prepared for the sacrament of marriage.

Our comment:

Various members of the body at the Concilium meeting highlighted a number of aspects of this report: one spoke of the excellence in the magnitude of numbers reported….. from levels of membership to those is receipt of various sacraments. Another was very impacted by young children gathering in small groups, being taught their prayers and encouraged to do some small apostolate with a view to preparing them for junior membership at a later stage. We have high hopes that this be replicated throughout the world. A legionary was very struck by the fact that one thousand five hundred (1,500) people were invited to join a praesidium at a recruitment drive in El Salvador, and that over five hundred (500) of persevered. The huge importance of the practice of True Devotion to the Nation was highlighted, particularly for its merits in being a means of bringing people who may be regarded as forgotten by some into the realm of religion again. It was advised that all Councils worldwide give it consideration and that correspondents bear it in mind in their communications. True Devotion the Nation booklet is available from Concilium and at Another noted that all in the report was positive and saw the giving of talks on the Legion of Mary to seminarians and young teenagers as being especially good. Another member was very impressed that a Spiritual Director promotes the writings of Frank Duff.

“If we discern and follow up a divine pattern, we can expect small beginnings to proceed to colossal conclusions”
Frank Duff



Douala Senatus
Works reported on include home, the elderly, prison and hospital visitation. One Curia organised the 33-day Preparation for the Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary, which concluded on the 8th December. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) project was held in the Diocese of Eseka, where the Legion is quite weak. A report is awaited.


Lomé Senatus
Works include home and hospital visitation, street contact, manning of a book barrow and catechesis classes. Nine (9) Exploratio Dominicalis projects were organised, several new Curiae and many new praesidia, both senior and junior were started up and several conversions reported on.


A visit by was carried by three (3) legionaries from Togo from 15th to 30th April 2024. The Archbishop of Dakar and three (3) other bishops were met as well as the lay coordinators of the seven (7) Dioceses. It is great that the majority of the clergy see the Legion of Mary as a great asset, also when it comes to the young people and starting junior praesidia. They visited every Council in Senegal as well as visiting local praesidia and meeting the officers. The Legion has Councils in all seven (7) Dioceses, except in the Diocese of Kaolack, which has five (5) praesidia of which four (4) are being reorganised. Before the visit, three (3) new Comitia were set up. The Archdiocese of Dakar counts three (3) Comitia, eight (8) Curiae, one hundred and five (105) senior praesidia and (5) junior praesidia. The recent extension work resulted in starting seven (7) new Curiae and setting up of three (3) new Comitia. The support from both the bishops and the clergy is a great help for the future development of the Legion of Mary in Senegal. Also, the recent influx of young people in the Legion, even at officership level explains the rejuvenation as a whole. The next step following on from the visit will be decided.


The Senatus is working together with Concilium to create a Regia at the province of Abidjan which is located in the west part of the country and currently has twenty- five (25) Comitia. Concilium has been reviewing this request and there is good progress so far. It is expected that the new Regia will be created soon to help with the management of the twenty-five (25) Comitia in Abidjan and the expansion of the Legion of Mary across Ivory Coast. Works in the Senatus of Notre Dame Mediatrice de Toute Grace in Ivory Coast include visits to priests, grieving families, orphanages, elderly people etc. Illiteracy is still one of the most prevalent issues. Vacant officerships are not being filled due to this constraint. An interesting case reported on recently was in relation to a lapsed Catholic lady who returned to the Church and received the sacrament of confirmation thanks to the intercession of Our Lady. She had stopped going to Church after her eldest daughter, the one who financially supported the family, passed away during a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Délivrance d’Issia. She could not understand why God would do this to her. Members of the Legion of Mary started to visit the grieving mother and encouraged her to go back to Church. A year later this lady lost her son in a car accident and shortly afterwards her husband passed away. Members continued to visit her regularly to support her emotionally and prayers were given out for her constantly. Little by little she started to return to the path to Church and she is now very thankful to the Legion for their support in those difficult times. She now accepts God’s will.


We are delighted that contact has been re-established with the Legion and look forward to hearing from you in your minutes soon.

Our Comment:

We pray, and ask you all to pray, at the request of the correspondent for the people of Burundi because of the floods and landslides there. She informed all that two thousand five hundred (2,500) people have been relocated due to the floods and landslides.

“The Christians in the early agues of the Church were simple and often unlettered, yet they spread the Christian faith to the ends of the then known world”.
Frank Duff



Three praesidia with nine (9), twenty (20) and twelve (12) members with a total of twenty- seven (27) auxiliary members reported. Visitation to hospitals and homes of the sick is undertaken as well as praying with bereaved families. They assist with many parish events including May and October devotions. A priest in a recent Allocutio advised legionaries to help each other and emulate the virtues of Our Lady, encouraging them to reach beyond their comfort zone. Archbishop Benny Travis and two priests along with all the legionaries in Karachi attended the Acies.


Twelve (12) Comitia are affiliated to the Senatus along with twelve (12) praesidia, two (2) senior Curiae and one (1) junior Curia. Six hundred and eighty- seven (687) homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart, one hundred and seventy- six (176) lapsed were brought back to the fold, several hundred adults were instructed and prepared for the Sacraments. The junior Curia set up two new praesidia during the year. They also have their own website and recite the Rosary via Zoom during May and October, and organised a Marian Youth Day for junior members in September 2023.


Much emphasis has been placed on the holding of Congresses, and a Spiritual Director has been delegated to assist all Councils yet to organise a Congress. The legionaries have been provided with the format for Frank Duff prayer meetings and encouraged to set them up. Our Lady of the Scapular Comitium, Tha Rae reported the following: one hundred and twenty- two (122) legionaries who had been absent from meetings returned after follow up, three (3) praesidia were reactivated, eighteen (18) conversions, three hundred and forty-one (341) returned to practice, one hundred and thirteen (113) couples had their marriages blessed with the Sacrament, and sixty-one (61) active and twenty- seven (27) auxiliary members were recruited. The Papal Nuncio attended the Acies ceremony and said “let us pledge anew that every action, every decision will be made with Mary in mind. Let us walk with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that through our dedication we are instruments of her grace in the world.”


The junior praesidium has sixteen (16) enthusiastic members who were given a warm welcome when they attended the Curia meeting in Yerevan. They met an elderly lady on the streets and brought her to a place of refuge where she was cared for until she died with dignity a week later. A new praesidium started in Ghazanchi and their emphasis is to tend to the spiritual needs of the people. Efforts to restart the Legion in Georgia have not succeeded so far. They organised a men’s retreat at which fifteen (15) attended.


No Comitium meetings were held between August and December 2023. Three (3) Curiae reported at the January and February meetings. Difficulties carrying out work at Bethlehem are being clarified. At Nazareth Curia, efforts are being made to start a praesidium in the village of Al-Reinch and in Galilee to start a praesidium in the village of Hurfashe.


We are delighted to hear that you are all well and look forward to hearing from you in your next report.


Each praesidium and Council gives an account of bringing people back to practice, having marriages blessed by the sacrament, helping women to avoid aborting children, recruiting active and auxiliary members. In the two months covered, one hundred and ninety- eight (198) senior and twenty- three (23) junior praesidia reported with one thousand three hundred and twenty- five (1,325) members of whom four hundred and seventy- three (473) are praetorians, with two thousand, three hundred and fifty- two (2,352) auxiliaries, six hundred and fifty- eight (658) religious and one hundred and two (102) lay adjutorians. They are aware that the Faith is strongest among the older population and attention needs to be paid to the younger people.


Mumbai Senatus
94% officers attend. Goa was visited, junior Curia in Mumbai have thirty- two (32) altar services. The seminary praesidium is very active, conduct Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) and helped an atheist to believe in God. An auxiliary rally had sixty- two (62) present.

Chennai Regia
Six hundred and fifty (650) attended a Day Retreat. The officers are urging the establishment of Frank Duff prayer meetings. Two (2) were brought into the Faith, a Hindu girl contemplating suicide was prayed with and given counselling. Port Blair Comitium situated on an island in the Indian Ocean have five (5) Curiae but struggled after Covid. They carry out excellent apostolic works to Catholics, Hindus and Muslims.

Pondicherry Senatus
Six (6) new Curiae were established with forty- five (45) praesidia in a rural area at which the Archbishop celebrated Mass to mark the occasion. Among the works mentioned are visiting the mentally challenged, prisoners, the sick and elderly. Suicides were prevented and marriages rectified.

Vishakapatnam Regia
A short email tells that one thousand, five hundred (1,500) attended the Reunion.

Kottar Regia
Nine (9) Comitia, six (6) Curiae and seven (7) directly attached praesidia reported. Works included visitation of the sick at home and in hospital, visitation of the aged, destitute, orphanages and homes of differently abled people, teaching catechism to children, preparing children for the sacraments, counselling alcohol addicts, having helped one hundred (100) individuals and seventy (70) plus families receive the Sacrament of Baptism, prepared youth to make a good confession, counselled young girls, rectification of marriages, conducted marriage preparation classes for four hundred and ninety- seven (497) participants, taught students and two (2) brothers how to pray the Rosary. A number of Exploratio Dominicalis projects were carried out. Praesidium functions and a few Congresses were held. Rosary Processions were organised. Mulagumoodu Comitium conducted a Marian Congress and a Rosary Procession where seven hundred and eighteen (718) people participated. Visitation of attached Councils and directly attached praesidia was undertaken. Thirteen (13) new praesidia were set up. On 25 November 2023 Sintha Yathrai Curia held Golden Jubilee celebrations. Marthandam Comitium celebrated their Silver Jubilee. Two hundred and fifty (250) legionaries were present and a bishop and twenty- five (25) priests graced the occasion. The request of Concilium to set up Frank Duff prayer groups all over the world was shared with the meeting in December 2023.

Karnataka Senatus
A Comitium with five (5) Curiae attached with one thousand, three hundred and thirty- four (1,334) senior and one hundred and thirty- eight (138) juniors reported. Catechism classes for one thousand and thirty-nine (1,039) adults, home visitation to the sick and to orphanages is carried out.

Kerala Senatus
A Council set up in 1953 has three thousand and ninety (3,090) active members of whom one thousand, three hundred and eighty (1,380) are praetorians, two thousand, eight hundred and eighty (2,880) auxiliary with seven hundred and thirty- five (735) adjutorian members. 33 Days preparation for Consecration to the Sacred Heart was arranged in one area and a talk on the True Devotion to Mary was broadcast on You Tube.

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As we come towards the end of May, the month of Our Lady and, as we approach June, the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, as we begin to enjoy the fine weather and the lengthening days, we are reminded of a regular practice of the Legion of Mary- the Summer School.

SUMMER IN DUBLIN - a version of the Summer School – will kick off on June 9th, when we celebrate the Annual visit to Frank Duff’s grave with a talk by a guest speaker on some aspect of his life. This year we will be following up on that event with a series of three discussions on the writing of Frank Duff on three consecutive Saturdays in June- Saturday 15th, Saturday 22nd and Saturday 29th. Legionaries are in a continual state of striving to ‘Bring Mary to the World’. To that end the series of discussions will be followed by a Mary Day, in early July. Our efforts to bring Mary to the World are always more pronounced during the month of May. So we support the May Processions being held this week in Swords on Monday evening, May 20th and in the city centre on Thursday evening, May 23rd at 6pm from St. Teresa’s Clarendon St. to St. Saviour’s Dominick St. We also support the outreach in Ballygall parish during the week beginning May 27th and the Inner City project organised by Ancilla Domini which runs from June 1st to 7th.

“The mission of the Legion is to waken people up to God; and especially to reach out to those outside the Fold and bring them in.”
Frank Duff

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Recent publication

The recent publication “Irish Spiritual Writers in the 20th Century” by Fr. Colm Mannion OP is currently available from Concilium for E4.

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Deus et Patria (for 18- 40 year-olds)

Sr. Áine Blake provided a detailed update regarding developments….

• Deus et Patria have given workshops at the Leinster and Connacht Youth 2000 Retreats in recent months. This is very positive news, seizing the opportunity to showcase the Legion of Mary to young people throughout Ireland and we pray that many will join and further promote the Legion of Mary as a fruit of these great endeavours.

• The Games Night held on 4th May at Presentata House went very well. Three Dominican Brothers attended and the Legion prayers, Catena and closing prayers ensured that the event was infused with prayer as all enjoyed the fun, friendship and food in the form of pizza while they spent the evening playing various games, with lots of variety to appeal to all.

• The next Games Night will be on Saturday 8th June, a very fitting way to the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and a memorable date for all promoting it to eighteen to forty (18- 40) year-olds.

• Deus et Patria have been invited, along with other groups serving young people, to the Bishops’ Conference on Saturday 22nd June at Clongowes Wood College SJ. This is a very positive development, and we pray that it be very fruitful.

• A Young Adults’ Conference is planned for 24th August (9.30 am- 5.30 pm) at Nazareth Hall, Legion Headquarters with the theme “Fan the spark.” Many speakers are lined up for the day, a day which will be very beneficial to the soul and certainly very enjoyable. We are all encouraged to spread the word about this event to all eighteen to forty (18- 40) year-olds, legionaries and non- legionaries alike.

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Br. Patrick Dixon sought and was granted permission from the body for the printing of a booklet for auxiliary members, and the issuing of a regular newsletter to be distributed to auxiliary members.


Br. Dixon sought, and received from the body, permission for the running of a pilot project in for the academic year 2024- 2025 in a number of schools, with the aim of establishing junior praesidia.

Barcelona Visit

Br. Augustine sought permission for Br. Valdi and Sr. Licia to visit Barcelona following the recent closure of the Senatus. This visit was sanctioned by the body and to be carried out in May.

North Mexico

The raising of the Regia of Guadalajara in North Mexico to Senatus and the affiliation of the three (3) Regiae of Hermosillo, Monterrey and Durango to the new Senatus was proposed by Sr. Helen Murphy and seconded by Br. Brendan Tiernan. All four (4) Councils have been informed of the proposal and all agree to this move.


The following was proposed by Sr. Helen Murphy, seconded by Sr. Mary Murphy: the raising of the Curia of Immaculada Concepcion in Cienfuegos to Comitium status, and the attaching of a) three (3) Curiae as follows; Nuestra Senora de la Paz in the city of Habana, Nuestra Senora del Rosario a short distance from Habana and Our Lady of Divine Mercy Regla Guanabaca, a very new Curia in the Diocese of Habana and b) two (2) praesidia also i.e. Jagujay in the Diocese of Santa Clara and Bayamo in the Archdiocese of Santiago de Cuba.

Cordoba Sanctions

The raising of Cordoba Regia to Cordoba Senatus was proposed by Br. Pat O’ Donoghue and seconded by Sr. Anne Murray.

First Saturdays Devotion

Some of the piece about First Saturdays devotion to be included in last month’s bulletin did not get through to the uploaded bulletin… this could well be seen as very providential, all in God’s plan, ensuring focus is given to it this month also and evoking and prompting steadfast persistence until the request of Our Lord and Our Lady is fulfilled in this regard, a clarion call for intensity in prayer and works to ensure the introduction and maintenance of First Saturdays devotion in as many parishes as possible throughout the world. The invitation and the call remains, and will continue to do so until the request of Jesus and Mary is fulfilled.

The practice of First Saturdays devotions can be carried out individually, though doing so communally is more efficacious.

We are well aware that the Rosary is being recited daily in so many churches all around the world already, and this is an enormous blessing. This means that legionaries are very well placed to introduce, maintain and spread the practice globally of First Saturdays devotion. While this immense gift brings with it great responsibility, the joy of knowing that The Legion of Mary can be instrumental in carrying out, internationally, this work that is so important to Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord that they both asked it to be carried out surely suffices to inflame our hearts and lead us in unity with steadfast resolve to set to work with more tenacity than ever to establish, maintain and spread First Saturdays devotion worldwide. To our great advantage, there is in fact very little to be added to what is already happening, but that little extra is the little that is very great in the difference it would make to Jesus and our Blessed Mother… is this be the new work for 2024 that Heaven seeks of our individual praesidia?

What Jesus and our Lady asked for to fulfill their request for First Saturdays devotion

1) Confession* (on the day is ideal, within twenty days to gain a plenary indulgence, but within the month is acceptable to fulfill the requirements of the First Saturdays devotion)

2) Receiving Holy Communion in the state of grace

3) Keeping Our Lady company while praying five decades of the Rosary

4) Meditating for fifteen minutes on the mysteries of the Rosary while keeping our Lady company.

Of vital importance is that each of these four are to be carried out with the intention of making reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

At the Apparition on June 13th 1917, Our Lady told Lucia “Jesus wishes to make use of you to make me known and loved. He wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.” She also said “Are you suffering a great deal? Don’t lose heart. I will never forsake you. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” Those consoling words of Our Lady to Lucia strengthen us too in our efforts to establish and spread First Saturdays devotion.

The following also happened at that Apparition: “In front of the palm of Our Lady’s right hand was a heart encircled by thorns which pierced it.” The children explained they “understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary outraged, by the sins of humanity, and seeking reparation.” We remember that Jesus and Mary both asked for First Saturdays devotion from us.

December 10th 1925 saw the coming of Jesus and Mary to now Servant of God Sr. Lucia at Pontevedra, Spain (where it seems very providential that a new praesidium with twenty- five (25) members has recently commenced). At that apparition in Pontevedra, Jesus said to Lucia “Have compassion on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother covered with the thorns with which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment, and there is no one to remove them with an act of reparation.”

We know that the practice outlined for First Saturdays devotion is part of Our Lady’s request for peace in the world. There is no need to say any more; reflection and prayer about this surely suffices.

There are undoubtedly vast numbers of legionaries to whom this very powerful work would appeal, and it is a very feasible means of expanding the range of works of a praesidium.

Please give the possibility of introducing this mighty work as a new work for your praesidium the prayer and consideration it deserves. Venerable Lucia of Fatima said “Whether there is war or peace, depends on the practice of this devotion.”

Jesus and Our Blessed Mother have asked for this devotion. We seek gifts to give to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother… this is a gift they seek of us, and have asked of us….

“Be sure of this much- that if anyone volunteers to help our Blessed Lady in a whole- hearted way, she will fill his efforts with her power.”
Frank Duff.

Some Handbook Reflections

Given the sanctioning- as detailed above- of the recently- designed booklet for auxiliary and adjutorian members, and proposal for newsletter for auxiliaries and adjutorians, the excerpt from Some Handbook Reflections this month is about auxiliary membership (p.18- 20).

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“Every praesidium which has a sense of appreciation of the power of prayer will strive to possess a well-filled roll of auxiliary members. Consider the generosity of these auxiliaries who have given up to the Legion part of the precious breathings of their souls. What possibilities of sanctity are in them! The Legion is under infinite debt to them. That debt it can beautifully repay by leading those auxiliaries on to perfection.”(Handbook, Chapter 37: 14)

The following points are taken from AUXILIARY MEMBERSHIP (Handbook 16:2)

This membership is open to priests, religious and laity. It consists of those who are unable or unwilling to assume the duties of active membership, but who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name.

This service need not be offered directly on behalf of the Legion. It will suffice to offer it in honour of Our Blessed Lady….However, it is strongly recommended that this and all other legionary service be offered to Our Lady as an unreserved gift to be administered according to her intentions.

AUXILLARY MEMBERSHIP is divided into two degrees:

THE PRIMARY DEGREE: THE AUXILIARIES: Its service consists in the daily recitation of the prayers comprised in the tessera, namely: the invocation and prayer of the Holy Spirit; five decades of the rosary and the invocations which follow them; the Catena; and the prayers described as “concluding prayers”

These may be divided throughout the day, as convenient. Persons who are already saying a daily rosary for any intention whatsoever may become auxiliaries without obligation to say an additional rosary.

THE HIGHER DEGREE: THE ADJUTORIANS: It comprises those who will (a) recite daily all the prayers of the tessera and in addition (b) agree to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion daily, and to recite daily an Office approved by the Church. Failure once or twice a week to fulfil the required conditions would not be regarded as a notable failure in the duty of membership. An Office is not required from religious who are not bound by their Rule to say one.

This twofold auxiliary membership is to the Legion what its wings are to a bird.

There are no age limits in the case of auxiliary membership. Special appeal is addressed to priests and religious to become adjutorians. The Legion earnestly desires union with this consecrated class, which has been specially deputed to lead lives of prayer and close intimacy with God, and which forms in the Church a glorious power-station of spiritual energy. Effectively linked up with that power-station, legionary machinery would pulsate with irresistable force.

The effort should be made to lead on the ordinary auxiliary to adjutorian membership, for it offers a veritable way of life.

The keeping in touch with auxiliaries for the purpose of preserving their membership will be necessary…. in the interest of the full development of the auxiliary soldiers of Mary, the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin - or entire consecration of one’s life to Mary - should at least be explained to them. Persons should not be lightly accepted as auxiliaries. In advance they should be made fully acquainted with the obligations, and there should be reasonable assurance that they will be true to them. Membership of the auxiliary degree is effected by the entry of name upon the auxiliary roll of any praesidium. ADDITIONAL NOTE: It is desirable that auxiliary members be made aware of the official magazine of the Legion of Mary “Maria Legionis” and be given the option of becoming subscribers.

“This twofold auxiliary membership is to the Legion what its wings are to a bird.”
Legion of Mary Handbook p. 95

We pray that with the back-up of prayer of auxiliary and adjutorian members, and the efforts of active members that The Legion of Mary will soar to ever greater heights in fulfilling its object

“the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation, under ecclesiastical guidance, in Mary’s and the Church’s work of crushing the head of the serpeant and advancing the reign of Christ”
Legion of Mary Handbook p.11