Miracles on Tap (Paperback)

Number 76 Harcourt Street became home to the first Legion hostel, the ‘Sancta Maria’ which was operated by the second branch, or praesidium, of the Legion. The two women from the praesidium who took charge at the ‘Sancta Maria’, and who resided there, were Miss Plunkett and Miss Scratton. Miss Scratton’s father, a convert, had come to Dublin with Newman and had resided for a time at Number 76. The hostel continued to serve its purpose for over 50 years until 1974. When two girls left the hostel and moved to the north side of the city, their Legion friends went to visit them and the sequel was the visitation and closure of the entire ‘Monto’ network, a story which has been told by Frank Duff in Miracles on Tap (Duff, 1989).