Promotion of the Cause of Frank Duff


In tandem with the work on the Cause itself there needs to be a renewed emphasis on Promotion of the Cause of Frank Duff.

As officers and members of the Legion we need to ask ourselves are we convinced that Frank Duff was someone special in the eyes of God? All of us would agree he is – if so why are we keeping knowledge about him to ourselves?

Starting with Ireland we are sending out a small pack to every council seeking the co-operation of all legionaries – in getting to know more about our founder and the contents of his writings, in telling family, friends and acquaintances about Frank Duff; in starting prayer groups and in arranging an annual Mass in each Diocese not just for legionaries but for the general public.

From these it is likely favours will be forthcoming and everyone who has received a favour is being asked to write in to the Concilium giving a description of what has happened. If the Cause is to be progressed part of it is evidence that there is devotion to Frank Duff. Ultimately at least one miracle will be required to move the Cause forward, if that be God’s will.

Every legionary needs to involve himself or herself in the promotion of the Cause. It is not enough to leave it to the Legion council – it needs to be regularly on the agenda of the praesidium and the Curia or Comitium meetings. The suggestion is that at least one legionary in every council would take charge of promoting the Cause and would regularly seek accountability as to what is happening in the local areas.

We are approaching the end of the year – an ideal time to put a plan in place for 2018. With just 3 years to go to the Centenary Year – surely it is a very worthwhile project to undertake. It can be achieved with your enthusiasm and co-operation.