New Regia for Western Visayas - Philippines

A proposal to raise the Capiz Comitium in Western Visayas, Philippines to Regia status was approved by Concilium.

This new Regia will consist of 9 directly affiliated praesidia, 32 Curiae and a total of 7 Comitia – 5 of these in the Archdiocese (Dao, Mambusao, Panay, Panitan and President Roxas) and 2 Comitia in the suffragen Dioceses of Kalivo and Romblon. Ecclesiastical permission has been given for the raising of the higher council.

The approval is subject to the depression of 1 Curia to bring the number of directly affiliated praesidia up to about 15 and subject to more extension taking place in the Archdiocese and its suffrangen Dioceses. This would leave the Senatus with 10 directly affiliated praesidia, 9 Curiae, 10 Comitia and 2 Regia.