Concilium Bulletin July 2019



Senatus of La Paz: Many distant and isolated councils’ have difficulty sending their monthly Minutes due to bad postal service. They keep in constant telephone contact with their Senatus correspondents. A former resident of a home for street children is now a legionary and continues to work with street children.


Senatus of Santiago: All praesidia report home visitation. Legionaries, who are Ministers of the Eucharist, visit the homes with another legionary. Handbook study is done both at praesidium and council level. Many praesidia report contact with taxi- drivers. Guidance is given to expectant mothers. Legionaries are coming from other countries to work in Chile and the Senatus has noticed that many of them have joined the Legion locally.


Senatus de Bogota: A Formation Meeting was held for Vice Presidents of attached councils and a National Meeting of Correspondents in May. Efforts are being made to form junior praesidia amongst altar servers and First Holy Communion children. The Senatus has sought volunteers to promote the cause of Frank Duff and to form prayer groups. A Comitium distributed and explained the Miraculous Medal in a school. They report contact with anti-drug police, soldiers in a military hospital and taxi-drivers. The Curia of Colón found 3 un-affiliated praesidia in remote areas. Regia of Barranquilla held a PPC project in 2018 and another is organised for 2019. They held Columban Drives in 10 parishes; six new praesidia were formed. They have an outreach to 30 street people and to various brothels resulting in several young women changing their lives. Regia of Bucaramanga was in charge of the 4th National Youth Conference from 15 to 17th June. Regia of Tunja helps the disadvantaged with life skills. Regia of Neiva has 2 new praesidia in formation and has recruited auxiliaries among prisoners and a Comitium catechises prisoners’ children inside the prison.

Senatus of Medellin: The Regia of Pereira report working with young drug addicts, to whom they teach the Rosary, managing to convert some of them. Many marriages have been regularised. 15 of the 75 members of one Curia are Ministers of the Eucharist. A praesidium worked for 10 days in an area with the help of the priest and 2 nuns, and formed a new praesidium of 10 members. An audit by an external professional was carried out on the Senatus accounts and all appears in order. The distant Curia of Valdivia recruited 5 active and 20 auxiliary members using a special leaflet prepared by the Senatus.


Senatus of Quito: 16 legionaries attended the World Youth Day in Panama. The attached Regia of Cuenca has sent a long-awaited auditors report to the Senatus. The Regia has 3 Comitia, 5 Curiae and 18 praesidia attached. Clarification has been sought regarding an attached praesidium in the U.S.A.


Senatus of Lima: 7 Comitia, 11 Curiae and 4 praesidia reported. There are 21 junior praesidia attached to lower councils. They report 8 new praesidia and 97 probationary members. Outreach to Venezuelan immigrants is prevalent. Others they work with are deaf and dumb people, orphans, alcoholics, university students, those living in dangerous areas, young offenders and sect members some of whom have received instruction for various Sacraments. A Jehovah Witness father and daughter returned to the Catholic faith and now recite the Rosary.


Senatus of Montevideo: 1 Comitium, 1 Curia and 4 praesidia reported; they have a total of 27 probationary members, set up a youth group and interact with older teenagers. Works include contact with the homeless, a book barrow, visits to a military hospital, a children’s residence and a prison. They took part in a meeting of Lay Groups and in a Marian Congress.


Senatus of Asuncion: The Senatus has 3 praesidia in the National Seminary and one in a prison. The Correspondents Committee is working very well. A committee has been formed to promote the cause of Alfie Lambe. Two PPC projects were held but no further detail has been forthcoming. The 19th National Legionary Youth Conference has taken place in the town of Pedro Juan Cabellero. A day of study of the new Legion Statutes was held, with representatives of 23 councils attending.



Melbourne Senatus: A Two-day Summer School had 150 and 70 attending on Saturday and Sunday. 73 attended the two- day Senatus Retreat. Sandhurst Curia had 25 attending a Patrician Meeting. Preston Curia had a Talk on Alfie Lambe for his 60th Anniversary, and 90 attended a public Rosary. Albury and Wodonga Comitium visit 6 State schools to teach Catechism, do visitation with the Pilgrim statue, and operate a DVD lending library. They have 48 junior members. 2 Comitia in Vanuata reported with 9 and 11 praesidia. 4 of 6 Curia were visited by plane. Noumea Comitium in New Caledonia had 130 attend the Retreat. Wallis Island has a Curia with 6 senior and 1 junior praesidia. Catechism is taught to the tribes and in villages. Extension and new praesidia reported.

Sydney Senatus: Silverwater Comitium contacted non-believers; 38 joined the Catechism class and 24 were baptised. 47 lapsed returned to the Faith. Vietnamese Curia members visit detainees at the Correction Centre. Campbelltown Indonesian praesidium had 5 new members take their promise, and recruiting was successful through personal contacts. Illawarra Curia teaches catechism and English to new adult migrants. Other reports featured Mass times delivered to Motels and Guest Houses, visits to the bereaved, hospitals, and nursing homes, Transport is provided for elderly to attend Mass. Senatus visited East Timor. Brisbane Comitium celebrates its 80th Anniversary on 28th July. A praesidium with 6 members helps Syrian and Lebanese refugees with language and they enroll children in school. An extension drive last July has resulted in a new praesidium being set up. Pilgrim statue work, Catechism classes and Rosary apostolate featured in reports.


Auckland Senatus: Two Chinese praesidia reported with 11 and 7 members; they organise English classes for new immigrants, pray in the cemetery on All Souls Day, and contact the lapsed to return to the Sacraments. The Korean Curia has 8 praesidia and 60 members. Wellington Comitium has no Spiritual Director. Senatus officers will visit the council. 1 Samoan Curia is attached. Senatus works include Rosary in the Marist College at lunch time with an increase of both students and teachers participating. Schools are visited in May/October to recite the Rosary. One couple celebrated their marriage in Church and had their baby baptised.A student who was introduced to the Catholic faith is now under instruction. All councils reported on their Acies Ceremonies.


Bicolandia Senatus celebrates its 75th Anniversary in July. Nabu Comitium has 3 attached praesidia and 6 Curia with 105 members, of which 14 are Praetorians. Home and jail visitation is undertaken. Cacares Comitium has 12 attached praesidia, 7 Curia with 360 seniors and 40 juniors. Catechism is taught and visits are made to the Market-Stall holders. Daet Comitium has 3 Curia attached. 40 returns to the Sacraments and 5 marriage validations were reported, and they supervise a female praesidium in the jail.

Cebu Senatus: Reports indicate a variety of apostolic work. One council led a daily Rosary apostolate to street children, undertook jail and street-traders visitation, plus crowd contact. 2 praesidia were re-activated. A Muslim couple became Catholics and received all the Sacraments, including marriage. Recruiting is high on the list and the number of auxiliaries and juniors is exceptional. Visitation is carried out to all attached councils.

Mindanao Senatus: Attendance is much improved over the last few months from the directly attached praesidia. One Comitium has 9 Curiae and 26 attached praesdia. The correspondent advised the formation of at least one new Curia. Ozamis Regia is a model of care and supervision of its attached councils and frequent visitation seems to be reflected in growing numbers. Prison visitation featured in most reports. 104 marriages were validated, 73 baptisms took place and 63 children were prepared for First Holy Communion.

Western Visayas Senatus: One praesidium, 5 Curia, 6 Comitia and 1 Regia reported. Many results from home visitation resulted in marriages validated, Baptisms, the sick helped to receive the Sacraments, over 1,600 children catechised and a woman who had become an Iglesia Ni Kristo was welcomed back to the Catholic faith by legionaries and is now the President of a junior praesidium. Northern Central Iloilo Comitium reported 12 homes Enthroned to the Sacred Heart and the conversion of 2 Jehovah Witness. A live-in couple for 50 years had their marriage validated; the following day the husband died. 32 auxiliaries became active members. Capiz Comitium had 2 of its attached Curiae Dao and Mambusao elevated to Comitia status. An Exploratio Dominicalis project was undertaken.



Dromore Comitium: A Grammar School in Newry was visited and 120 pupils took the Miraculous Medal and a talk was given on it. In Rostrevor Miraculous Medals and leaflets were given to the First Holy Communion children. In Burren Pioneer pins were given to a group of children and babies were given Miraculous Medals with blue and pink ribbons.

Navan Comitium: Slane praesidium has 5 members, one Praetorian and 14 auxiliaries. They recruit for Eucharistic Adoration on home visitation and by casual contacts. At the request of the owner the residents of a nursing home are visited on a fortnightly basis and take part in an hour of prayer and entertainment. In May and October public Rosaries are recited with the pupils of Slane Primary School. Trim Curia: During Church Unity week all praesidia participated in visitation to non-Catholics and some good discussions took place. Mullingar Curia: The Alfie Lambe Mass took place in Tullamore on Sunday 20th January. The chief celebrant was Bishop Michael Smith assisted by Frs. Skelly and O’Hanlon. The Mass was attended by members of Alfie’s family and by legionaries from South America.

Derry Comitium: A recruitment drive took place in St. Columba’s parish, Waterside. Regarding teenagers’ praesidia, the subject of vetting was seen as an obstacle to membership as young people are often progressing to college or to jobs. Galliagh praesidium has 8 members and 79 auxiliaries. They visit 2 Primary Schools in preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation and are establishing a junior praesidium. They also visit a nursing home and do home and Pilgrim statue visitation.

Raphoe Comitium: Carrigart praesidium had 100% attendance over the year. Works include home visitation, visiting the sick, elderly and housebound and assisting with the running of weekly Adoration. They brought a statue of Our Lady to 3 schools and gave a child’s Bible to each child preparing for First Holy Communion. On a return visit they brought Rosaries and Miraculous Medals and a small statue of Our Lady for each child. The new praesidium in Convoy is becoming well established and there are prospects of a praesidium starting in Kilmacrennan. South West Raphoe Curia: The praesidium formerly based in Carrick now holds its meetings in Glencolmcille and weekly meetings are well attended. The Curia is actively recruiting.

Annunciata Comitium: Prior to the Mass offered in honour of Venerable Edel Quinn legionaries distributed about 200 prayer leaflets which resulted in a very good attendance. Legionaries who carry out an apostolate in one report that there are terrible social problems within the area; they plan to start a weekly Holy Hour of Adoration to promote prayer in the homes. Fr. Martin Magill has expressed his interest in having the Legion in St. John’s Parish. As a first step the Comitium plans to hold an Exploratio Dominicalis project within the area. Fatima statue visitation, recitation of public Rosaries and street contact and plans for further promotion of the Legion featured in reports. Two praesidia with a membership of 5 and 6 respectively carry out home visitation and visitation of schools. In a number of centres, in preparation for Holy Week a list with details of local penitential services was handed out together with the Divine Mercy Confessional leaflets.


Leitrim Curia: A praesidium with 6 members and 15 auxiliaries while on school visitation give Rosaries and prayer cards to children preparing for First Holy Communion. They supplied “CARE” packs of faith items to the Christian Doctrine teacher in the Primary School. Two nursing homes are visited. Leitrim village praesidium has 5 members and 15 auxiliaries. They visit 3 nursing homes, distribute Catholic newspapers and help organise monthly Adoration in the Church.

Clogher Curia: Clones praesidium has 5 members who visit residents in a nursing home weekly and visit homes throughout the town annually. Three members lead Eucharistic Adoration for members of Youth 2000. Belco praesidium members are involved in all works in the parish.

Kilmore Curia: Cavan praesidium has 12 members and 10 auxiliaries. They visit nursing homes and a number of elderly people living alone. A Mass was organised for the 75th Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn. There was a large attendance of non-Legionaries.

Clonmacnoise Curia: There are 2 praesidia in the Curia with 11 members in Mount Temple and 5 in Athlone. Legionaries visited 3 schools and distributed Miraculous Medals to the First Communion classes.

Armagh Curia: Coalisland praesidium has been re-started in response to the Parish Priest’s request. Armagh praesidium reported excellent work done in local schools. A Youth Conference was held at Portadown and there are prospects of a praesidium in St. Catherine’s College. The Curia is in touch with the Diocesan Director of Safeguarding with a view to having a Curia-wide meeting on Child Safety.

Drogheda Curia: A praesidium with 9 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians and 48 auxiliaries do home visitation with the Fatima statue. Families of newly-baptised babies are given envelopes with leaflets on Frank Duff, Venerable Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe, leaflets on Holy Water with a Miraculous Medal and leaflets on the Rosary and Rosary beads. Parents are very grateful for them and some are delighted to take the Fatima statue for a week. One nursing home is visited weekly where the Rosary is recited and hymns sung. A former member is visited in another nursing home and a hostel is also visited. An extension drive was held in Collon where the praesidium is low in numbers. Book-barrow work at the Scotch Hall Shopping Centre was successful. A joint Legion Congress is planned with Consolata Curia, Dublin for September. Two Concilium visitors were present at the May meeting.

Dundalk Curia: A reporting praesidium distributed 200 Two Hearts cards, gave gift packs containing Mirculous Medals, Rosaries and faith cards to patients at a nursing home, a day care centre and a local hospital. Some doctors and nurses asked questions about the Legion. Another praesidium has 5 members who are involved in Eucharistic Ministry and Adoration.


Veneranda Curia: A praesidium of five active members working in three parishes undertake home and Pilgrim statue visitation and operate a lending library. A praesidium of seven full, 22 auxiliaries and five Adjutorian members host a monthly Patrician meeting, a weekly Rosary in a nursing home, deliver 15 Maria Legionis and undertake hostel work. 40 people attended a May Rosary at a parish Grotto. A recruiting drive took place during June. The Curia hosted the Annual Commemoration ceremony in Glasnevin for the Servant of God Frank Duff.

Bethlehem Curia: Street apostolate is carried out weekly in the city centre by a praesidium of eight active members. Information on the Morning Star hostel and Cenacolo Community are given to people with housing or other problems. Book barrow, hostel work and a quarterly meeting for the promotion of the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff are among other works. 17 people visited the praesidium during the year. A talk and presentation on the Servant of God Alfie Lambe was held in June. Many homes in a local flat complex which had not been visited in many years received the Pilgrim statue. A praesidium undertakes monthly recruiting outside the Curia house and organises a quarterly meeting for the Cause of Venerable Edel Quinn. Local businesses were visited with invitations to attend a Retreat on Good Friday and legionaries received a good response.

Presentata Curia: A recruiting drive yielded three new members for one praesidium, which now has seven full and two probationers. Home visitation is undertaken to encourage Catholics in their faith and to invite the lapsed to return. A praesidium of four full and two probationers support the activities of the Regina Coeli hostel. Spiritual contact, weekly Holy Hour, offering Pilgrim statue in residents’ rooms and sing-songs with residents are among works. A praesidium of 15 full members, including 9 Praetorians supports the spiritual and temporal welfare of residents at the Morning Star hostel. Residents of local apartments were invited to a coffee morning at the hostel. The Men’s Shed is well attended six days a week and there were 24 visitors to the praesidium during the year.

Exaltata Curia: Recruiting efforts took place during May with a view to re-opening the praesidium which was closed.

Consolata Curia: 20 children took part in a ‘Faith and Fun’ club once a week for 3 weeks during the summer on the theme of ‘World Meeting of Families’. Arts and crafts, Bible stories, prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament featured. A small number of children attended a monthly Rosary group leading up to the World Meeting of Families. Patricians and Frank Duff prayer meetings are held monthly. Members assist at a weekly meeting in one parish in efforts to set up a praesidium there. An increase in membership of some praesidia, improved attendance at Curia meetings and the Annual Retreat has been attributed to a quarterly Curia Holy Hour to pray for new members. A Facebook page promotes the activities of the Legion. A Parish Rosary statue, blessed by the priest, is brought to homes by legionaries and the Rosary recited with the families.



Senatus of Accra: Recently “revival” has been the theme in many reports from Ghana. One Curia revived 2 and established 2 praesidia. One revived praesidium now has 25 active members. A praesidium was started in the UPSA (University of professional Studies) and has 20 members. Mataheko Curia is trying to start the Legion in a training college. Many praesidia organised a Tridium for Venerable Edel Quinn and a monthly Frank Duff prayer session is organised by Senatus.


Senatus of Egypt held elections and appointed a correspondent to the Concilium.


Cape Verde Regia: A new praesidium of 16 members reported 48 people returned to Confession; one of these is now an active legionary. Another island Curia has made special effort to recruit children for catechism. A Comitium on the island of Sao Domingo reports invitations to 13 parents to take part in preparations for the Baptism of their children. Results included the recruitment of 8 catechists and registration of 138 children for Catechism. A Curia reports efforts to deal with serious problems like alcoholism. A number of Congresses were held. Groups of legionaries visit youths receiving residential psychiatric care and report that the residents looking forward to future visits.


Luanda Senatus: Most Rev. Dom Filomeno do Nascimento Vieria Dias, Archbishop of Luanda, attended the April Senatus meeting. In his Allocutio he said we should always remember the apostleship of the Legion is based on prayer and witness of faith. We are part of the Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ. He said he was happy to see at the Senatus legionaries of long service. He said it is good to know that the pillars of the Legion are strong. The Archbishop was Chief Celebrant at a Mass to initiate the preparations for the celebration of the Centenary of the Legion of Mary in the world and to mark the fifth Anniversary of the inauguration of the Luanda Senatus. An Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus and some priests concelebrated. There was a vast attendance of legionaries from the territory of the Senatus. The President read a document, prepared in conjunction with the Spiritual Director, of activities which will be held, including the journey of a delegation of the Senatus to Dublin in 2021. The Senatus President and the correspondent made a visit to São Tomé e Principe and were present for elections in the Curia which was set up three years ago and first term officerships had expired. Two new praesidia were set up during the visit.

Benguela Senatus: Huambo Regia, one of the five attached Regiae, has 16,177 active legionaries, 4,418 auxiliaries and an additional 1,351 members in a junior Comitium. Their works include home and hospital visitation and visits to a Physical Rehabilitation Centre and to Orphanages. A Comitium attached to the Regia reported 1,670 Baptisms, 492 First Communions, 1,001 Confirmations, 1,083 Confessions, 132 marriages and 17 couples reconciled. The Bié Regia set up a new Comitium and the Lobito Regia set up four new Curiae. The Senatus Spiritual Director attended a meeting of Spiritual Directors in February. The Senatus discussed the Centenary and the national meeting of young legionaries in 2020 to take place in Malanje.


Maputo Regia: Pope Francis is planning a visit to Maputo from 4 to 6 September this year before going on to Madagascar and Mauritius. Sr. Lícia and Bro. Valdicélio, from Aracaju, Brazil, are preparing for their visit on behalf of the Concilium to Mozambique during October.


Harare Curia: In the Allocutio members were reminded that they should always be guided by the Handbook and not make changes to suit themselves. 50 legionaries attended a joint Acies ceremony with Kadoma Curia.


Cape Town Senatus: A Day of Recollection took place in February. Praesidia reports indicate that members are involved in home and hospital visitation plus visits to homes for disabled people. They also operate a book barrow. No reports from attached councils were included and no news from Namibia.

Johannesburg Senatus: Works undertaken include home, hospital and prison visitation. Many non-Catholics are met and the legionaries are well received. Great efforts at recruiting are made by Senatus and attached councils in an attempt to build up membership at praesidia level.

Durban Comitium: An attached Curia has six praesidia, 35 members, 16 auxiliaries and 2 probationers. 300 homes were visited and 3 people were recruited for the RCIA course. A number of hospitals, nursing homes and a prison were visited. Matatiele Comitium: A praesidium with 14 members, 49 auxiliaries and 2 probationers reported 28 children baptised, 43 Holy Communions, 65 confirmed, 10 returned to the Church, 4 people anointed and 2 conversions.

Lesotho Senatus: One praesidium reported that a dysfunctional family was restored with the help of legionaries and another praesidium reported that people were taught about the dangers of drug abuse. A third praesidium reported 42 children baptised through training of parents by legionaries.