Go preach the Gospel to the whole creation, Home visitation as a means of Evangelisation

The above topics were discussed at the March Concilium meeting:

Go preach the Gospel to the whole creation (Mk 16:15) “Faith must strain after people with inextinguishable ardour. Sometimes that essential note is missing. People are not sought after, neither those in the fold nor those outside it. But if that Ascension commandment be disregarded, it will be at a price - the price of loss of grace, of diminution and decay, even to the extinction of faith.” “The Legion must be, so to speak, obsessed by that final commandment. It must, as a first principle, set out to establish a contact of some sort with every soul everywhere. If this be done - and it can be done - then the Lord’s command will be moving towards fulfillment.” (Legion Handbook page 308) A great deal can be read on this topic in the Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II.

Home visitation as a means of Evangelisation The quotation from the Handbook page 232, was also referred to by Fr. Bede McGregor in one of his Allocutio’s recently: “Though not its initial venture, the visitation of the homes has been traditionally the preferred work of the Legion. It is a characteristic of the Legion. Through this visitation, personal contact can be made with a great many people and the Church’s concern for every person and every family can be shown.”