Concilium News October 2010

Election of Concilium Assistant Secretary

Nominations were sought for the office of Assistant Secretary of the Concilium, as Miriam Phelan had completed her first term. Miriam Phelan was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, she was duly elected Assistant Secretary of the Concilium for a second term.

Election of Concilium Assistant Treasurer

Nominations were sought for the office of Assistant Treasurer of the Concilium, as Raymond Mulrooney had completed his second term. Liam Hayden was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, he was duly elected Assistant Treasurer of the Concilium.

Cause of the Servant of God, Alfie Lambe - Visit to Argentina

Rev. Fr. Oliver Skelly, P.P. Coole, Diocese of Meath, Vice Postulator of the Cause; Noel Lynch, former Legion Envoy to Argentina; and Seamus Rickard, Navan Comitium, reported on their visit to Argentina 13-29 July 2010. They had a meeting shortly after their arrival with Irene Sauer, Vice Postulator for the Cause in Argentina, at which the history of the Cause both in Argentina and Ireland was related. The following day they met with Monsignor Sturba, Judge for the Buenos Aires Tribunal. The Theological Commission in Buenos Aires has completed its work on the Cause. The Historical Commission continues its work in Rome. More evidence from other countries in South America needs to be gathered. The Cause needs to be more widely promulgated; the Prayer needs to be recited not only by legionaries, but also by Catholics in general, including diocesan and religious clergy, members of the contemplative orders and by laity throughout the world. Later that day the visitors visited Alfie’s tomb in La Recolletta Cemetery. The visitors had planned to attend a weekend conference in Salta on the subject of Alfie’s Cause, however, due to snow all flights were cancelled and they had to take part in the conference by telephone. Three hundred legionaries had gathered in Salta for the conference. Fr. Skelly met also in Buenos Aires with Sister Isabel Fernandez, Notary to the Buenos Aires Tribunal, who also suggested that the Cause be promulgated more widely. The visitors attended the Belgrano Comitium meeting. The enthusiasm was infectious. At a meeting of sixteen Spiritual Directors at Legion headquarters in Adrogue, one of the priests spoke at length about his experiences with Alfie in the Legion and of Alfie’s deep spirituality, his humility, his kindness and his consideration for others. The visitors also paid a visit to the Papal Nuncio to Argentina, His Excellency, Archbishop Adriano Bernardini. They also met with some of the young legionaries and their Spiritual Director, who organise a procession to Alfie’s tomb each year. Bernardo de Nardo, former Legion Envoy to Asia, accompanied the visitors for a week of their visit. The visitors also met Lina Vaccaro, a former Legion Envoy to Brazil and the parents of some former Extension Workers. The visitors were very grateful for the warm welcome and hospitality they received in Argentina.