Concilium Bulletin September 2023 - Reports



Veneranda Curia: This Curia is engaged in a Berkeley Road project visiting all homes in the parish, distributing a booklet on behalf of the parish priest and encouraging people back to Mass and the sacraments. Muire Máthair Dé praesidium conducts all its business through Irish. Works are carried out on the Maria Legionis accounts and by volunteering in the Regina Coeli Hostel.

Comment: It is great to hear of the wide out-reach of works carried out, and particularly beautiful to hear of Muire Máthair Dé praesidium which is an Irish- speaking praesidium.

Porta Coeli Curia: Curia is trying to increase its number of praesidia and towards this end, a parish priest has given permission to start a new praesidium in his parish. This is to be attempted with the assistance of another Curia. It is also hoped to restart a praesidium which closed during Covid. One praesidium recruited a new member, and a former member has returned to meetings. The book barrow work is ongoing as is home visitation to promote devotion, Consecration of families to the Sacred Heart, and distribute Miraculous Medals and Legion literature. Works include bring Holy Communion to parishioners and helping an incapacitated elderly parishioner with shopping. Auxiliaries and former members are visited, one of whom resides in a nursing home. Occasional recruiting is done outside a church after Mass.

Comment: Perhaps the report on recruiting outside a church after Mass is the inspiration we all need to make a conscious decision to do the same.

Presentata Curia: Recent Patricians meetings entitled ‘The Miracles of the Eucharist’, ‘Can We Have Too Much Devotion to The Blessed Virgin Mary?’ and ‘The Father Speaks to His Children’ had an average attendance of thirteen. Praesidia have collaborated in distributing approximately thirty thousand Miraculous Medals over the last two years on Saturday morning street contact in Dublin City Centre. Members have also visited Cuan Mhuire drug rehabilitation centre, to promote healing through Faith and Prayer. The newly formed Men’s Prayer Meeting (similar to the Sodality of the Sacred Heart) meets on the first Friday of the month, with an average attendance of twelve men from diverse backgrounds. A praesidium has organised a retreat for the Regina Coeli residents which has brought some of them back to the practice of their Faith. A new praesidium ‘Our Lady of Hope’ for residents of the hostel has recently been formed. Another praesidium organised a Good Friday retreat which had an attendance of approximately fifty-five people. Works include the weekly running of the Men’s Shed at the Morning Star Hostel while other members volunteer in the kitchen.

Comment: There are many works here that are a model for all… we rejoice at approximately thirty thousand Miraculous Medals having been distributed on Saturday morning street contact in Dublin city centre. We ponder all the souls encountered through this powerful work, and how Our Lady is working in them. The recent establishment of ‘Our Lady of Hope’ praesidium for hostel residents brings hope and light to us all. Each one of us could be inspired by the praesidium that organised a Good Friday retreat. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a great increase in devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout the world? The beautiful work of the men’s prayer meeting mentioned above includes organising and attending Eucharistic Adoration during the night. Maybe this is the Lord’s way of calling more of us to do this. Perhaps we could organise something akin to that prayer meeting- which is similar to the Sodality of the Sacred Heart- held on the First Friday of each month beginning and ending with the celebration of Holy Mass. It marries very well with the work of the Legion of Mary in Enthronement of Homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Bethlehem Curia: Mass will be celebrated for the 60th anniversary of the founding of Bethlehem Curia in October. A Frank Duff prayer meeting is held monthly. A praesidium’s main work is running the weekly De Montfort Men’s Club, where the rosary, Catena, Frank Duff prayer & Matt Talbot prayer are recited. The men each lead a decade of the rosary and are invited to mention their intentions. One man exclaimed that he hadn’t prayed the rosary in forty years, so the other men encouraged him and helped him lead a decade. Sixteen different men have visited during the year, with an average attendance of seven. The legionaries chat to the men about current and religious affairs. Refreshments are served after the meeting. Fr John celebrates Mass on the first Friday for the men and hears confessions.

Comment: We thank God and Our Lady and all involved on the upcoming 60th anniversary of the founding of Bethlehem Curia and all the good work carried out there.

Consolata Curia: Curia met for Mass and Holy Hour of Adoration in August to pray for an increase in membership. This is a quarterly event and has borne much fruit. Praesidia recruiting drives are continuing. A praesidium’s works include weekly visitation of a nursing home to pray the rosary and sing hymns, and visitation to confirmation classes where over two hundred and fifty prayer packs were distributed, and a talk was given on Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary. Ger Brennan, a former Dublin GAA footballer, who lives in the parish, talked about his faith during this visit to the schools. The summer Faith‘n’Fun project for children was held in Swords. Another praesidium’s works include beach contact, Fatima Statue visitation and home visitation. All lapsed Catholics are invited to return to the Church. Through this work four junior legionaries joined the junior praesidium. Legionaries visit the local national school and pray the rosary with a different class each week. Staff, as well as students, benefit from this weekly encounter with Mary. The daily rosary at the church grotto and parish cemeteries provides a great source of contact with parishioners. A young man encountered at the grotto has learnt the rosary, has started attending Mass and has eventually returned to confession and to receiving Holy Communion.

Comment: Perhaps God and Our Lady are asking more of us to schedule and arrange for Mass to be celebrated (or that we attend a Mass) offering as the specific intention an increase in membership for our own local praesidium/ Curia/ Comitium/ Regia/ Senatus/Concilium? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all attended or arranged and attended times of Adoration as this Curia does for this specific purpose also?

Exaltata Curia: Following the successful project in Finglas, the Curia was invited to have a project in Cabra which is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the parish of the Most Precious Blood and the 90th anniversary of the parish of Christ the King. This project commences on Saturday 16th September and will continue the following two weekends. There will be two sessions on each day: 11am to 2pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm. There are more than sixty-five legionaries to cover the three weekends, and anyone interested in getting involved would be welcomed. This project is being carried out in conjunction with Presentata Curia and will be in Cabra West and Cabra East. Please keep this in your prayers.

Comment: It is wonderful to hear of the 70th anniversary of the parish of the Most Precious Blood and the 90th anniversary of the parish of Christ the King. It is very motivating for all of us to see the concerted efforts in the organisation and participation of legionaries in the home visitation projects in these parishes…. how many souls could be encountered if we replicated this, and organised for home visitation to be carried out over a number of weekends with all legionaries coming on board in such a focused effort?



Cloyne Comitium: There are four praesidia directly attached to the Comitium and all four are low in membership. The praesidium in Midleton has four members who engage in street contact, home, and nursing home visitation. In East Cloyne Curia the apostolate of a praesidium of five members is home visitation, bringing the Pilgrim Statue to homes and selling Catholic newspapers after the Sunday Masses. One member took part in a Pereginatio Pro Christo (PPC) project in London, and another took part in a Maria et Patria (MEP) project in Tralee.

Comment: It is wonderful to hear of the ever-increasing return of PPC projects post-Covid, and of the MEP project in Tralee.

Kerry Comitium: The most recent praesidium which started before Covid in Killorglin has been struggling for a while with no officers. They are now able to have a president and vice-president and the parish priest with the legionaries are building up the praesidium. The Fatima procession takes place on the 13th of each month until October with contact work also being done. The three migrants who were recruited for the Legion of Mary in Kerry were later transferred to Dublin and are now taking the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) course with a priest of the Dominican Order.

Comment: It is great to see the Legion of Mary reaching out to migrants in rural Ireland. These three people now being enrolled on the RCIA course clearly testify to the marvellous fruits to be borne by such efforts and will hopefully inspire all to reach out to people of other nationalities.

Thurles Comitium: Recruiting drives are planned for Holy Cross and outside the Cathedral in Thurles in September. In Cashel Curia three praesidia with low membership were amalgamated at the request of the priest. Membership now is fifteen given the gaining of three new members in recent weeks. Crowd contact with a book barrow is due to commence on the street in Clonmel.

Comment: We are delighted to hear of crowd contact and the book barrow to commence in Clonmel, and that many souls will therefore contact many other souls. The same applies to the planned recruiting drive at Holy Cross and outside the Cathedral at Thurles in September, and we rejoice in all of this.

Tipperary Curia: A praesidium of five members gained two since resuming after Covid. May Altars were set up outside a supermarket in the town from 10am until 5pm where many good contacts were made. Seven hundred Miraculous Medals and Legion of Mary literature were distributed.

Comment: It is lovely to hear of the tradition of May Altars being maintained. Hopefully we will all maintain this tradition and revive it in places where it has waned. It is very good to hear of many contacts being made and seven hundred Miraculous Medals and Legion of Mary literature being distributed.

Cork Comitium: A praesidium of seven members carries out hospital visitation and sells the Irish Catholic publication. The legionaries also help with the Altar Society and with cleaning the church. Due to recruiting, a praesidium of three members has the prospect of gaining three new members. Some of their works are street contact where the majority met are young, lapsed Catholics. Muire na nGrás Curia has a reporting praesidium which will be celebrating its 96th anniversary in November. The praesidium has seven active members and eighty auxiliary members, runs a weekly old folks’ club, and leads rosary groups. Following a recruiting drive in Togher a new praesidium of four members was set up. Fatima Statue visitation is also undertaken.

Comment: It is very impressive to hear of all the works going on, and of Muire na nGrás praesidium celebrating its 96th anniversary in November. It is wonderful to hear of a recruiting drive in Togher bearing great fruit in the establishment of a new praesidium there. We look forward to hearing more about it in the future.


Waterford Curia: A rosary procession on Our Lady’s Birthday took place on the 8th September. It was well attended. The route through the streets of Waterford ended at the Cathedral where it was met by Bishop Cullinan and a short prayer service with Benediction was held. The blessing of two housing estates was undertaken with a good turnout at each estate. Miraculous Medals and other sacramentals were distributed. A new priest assigned to Tramore parish was ordained in August. He is anxious to help the Legion of Mary and it is hoped that a new praesidium will be set up in Tramore.

Comment: We thank Waterford Curia for sharing such joyous news with us, between the public rosary through the city which was met by Bishop Cullinan, then prayer service and Benediction, the blessing of two housing estates and wonderful news of a newly ordained priest eager to support a new praesidium.

Lismore Curia: Posters advertising the pilgrimage to Knock have been placed in relevant church notice boards.

Comment: We are delighted to hear from you all and look forward to your next update.

Limerick Curia: One praesidium is doing street contact work during which one new member was gained. The Curia was represented at World Youth Day in Lisbon and at other youth events. One praesidium in the Curia has decreased in membership from twelve to four within a year.

Comment: It is great to hear of a member being gained from street contact, and we pray for an increase in membership for all praesidia. We give thanks to hear that Limerick Curia was represented at World Youth Day and is represented at other youth events.

Ross Curia: The Curia has started taking praesidia annual reports. A praesidium in Clonakilty reported twelve members, having gained two new members following Covid. A good variety of works are undertaken. The praesidium in Timoleague which had not resumed meetings post Covid has closed.

Comment: It is very good to hear that a variety of works are undertaken in Clonakilty. We thank God and Our Lady and all involved in Timoleague, and as ever we pray for rejuvenation and an increase in membership of the Legion of Mary.

Birr Roscrea Curia: Minutes for July and August received.

Comment: We thank you for the minutes and look forward to hearing from you in your update next time.



Frankfurt Senatus: The Senatus members were very saddened by the death of Sr. Birgit Metzler at just fifty-two years of age, a dedicated legionary and correspondent to the Curiae of Siberia (with seven praesidia) and Kazakstan (with five praesidia totalling eighteen members) where she had visited many times. She fell ill while on Peregrinatio Pro Christo in Berlin in June and died on 17th July. May her soul rest in peace. May she rest in peace. Amen.

Comment: We offer you all our most sincere condolences on the death of Sr. Birgit Metzler R.I.P., and thank God for his work through her, and the action of Our Lady through her. We hope that the Senatus and two Curiae maintain the zeal that Sr. Birgit R.I.P. conveyed to them.

Munich Regia: Has two Comitia, nine Curiae and nine praesidia attached. Extension is ongoing. Works include promotion of the rosary amongst children who are to receive First Holy Communion. This is accompanied by a demonstration on making rosary beads which attracts great interest from young people at various Legion of Mary stands including one at a Lutheran Church stand.

Comment: It is great to hear of the works being carried out at Munich Regia. Hopefully your demonstration of how to make rosary beads will inspire more of us to do likewise.

Cologne Regia: Has one Comitium, four Curiae, and seven praesidia attached. An attached Comitium has been reduced to Curia status and the Korean Curia with just two praesidia has been dissolved. The Senatus officers while visiting the Regia met with a Colombian Spanish speaking couple, residing in Luxembourg, who have established a Spanish speaking praesidium and are planning a second and a French speaking praesidium to begin in July.

Comment: We thank God, Our Lady and all involved at the Comitium (now reduced to Curia) and the Korean Curia (which has been dissolved) for their contributions to the Legion of Mary there, and we continue to pray for rejuvenation and an increase in membership of the Legion of Mary in Cologne. It certainly seems that there are many green shoots emerging in Luxembourg and we pray for the couple who are making great efforts and all others involved there.


Zurich Comitium: Two Senatus officers while on a visit to the Comitium met officers of the Curia of Bergen, Norway. Legionaries there undertake excellent work amongst which are sacramental preparation of children, weekly street apostolate and overseeing sixty WhatsApp rosary groups and and an online catechism course. Six new legionaries have made the promise.

Comment: It is very uplifting to hear of all the excellent work being carried out at Zurich Comitium, and of six new legionaries making the promise. We pray that the efforts made to contact souls through sacramental preparation of children, weekly street apostolate, rosary groups and catechism there will continue to bear such good fruit.


Paris Senatus: In three of the four parishes visited where praesidia were temporarily closed during Covid, three of the priests were encouraging and supportive of the praesidia re-opening. Praesidium reports are resuming. A praesidium of sixteen active members reported. Works include involvement in catechesis and catechumenate and bringing Holy Communion to the sick. The difficulty of motivating members following lockdown was highlighted by another praesidium. However, the praesidium has engaged in various initiatives including having a stand at the parish festival where members encouraged a young lady, a recent convert, who was keen to join an organisation associated with Our Lady.

Comment: It is very good to hear of Senatus visiting parishes where praesidia were temporarily closed during Covid, and a cause of great joy to hear that three of the priests were encouraging and supportive of the praesidia re-opening. We look forward to hearing more about this. It is great to hear of your continued recruitment efforts and the encouragement of a young recent convert.


Amsterdam Regia: The report from Cape Verde Curia in Rotterdam was positive. People are encouraged to receive the sacraments and reported confirmation of six adults, baptism of six adults and four couples to be married in the Church. During the Christmas period legionaries in Amsterdam visited the red-light district, sang carols and spoke to the girls and passers-by.

Comment: We are delighted to hear of an encouraging report from Rotterdam. It brings great joy to hear of six adults being confirmed, six adults being baptised, four couples to be married in the Church, and the out-reach work carried out by the Legion of Mary in the red-light district.


Brussels Senatus: A praesidium of thirteen members continued to have five Pilgrim Statues circulating during lockdown amongst parishioners who would telephone each other to arrange delivery of the Statue. Legionaries visit homes and hospitals and through telephone contact encourage the sick and pray with them. A Filipino man met on contact work agreed to be baptised and was given instruction by legionaries. His marriage in Church is being prepared. Members of another praesidium succeeded, through home visitation, in reconciling a divorcing couple and a Catholic/ Muslim couple.

Comment: The sharing of all the great works at Brussels Senatus is very positive. The beautiful work of a praesidium continuing during lockdown to circulate five Pilgrim Statues and telephoning each other to arrange delivery of the Statues is very moving.

Antwerp Regia: Of the nine people who have joined, seven persevered and two had to leave.

Comment: It is great to see evidence of recruitment efforts at Antwerp Regia. We thank you for that and encourage you to persevere in doing so.


Brentwood Regia: Two praesidia feature, with six and eight members respectively. Works include visitation of the sick/ housebound and bereaved, and distribution of Miraculous Medals to First Communicants.

Comment: It is good to hear of the range of works at Brentwood Regia… hopefully more of us will follow the example of visitation of people who have been bereaved.

Southwark Comitium: Has nine praesidia, and in attached Curiae there are twenty-four praesidia and four junior praesidia. Works include door to door visitation, book barrow, helping with catechetics and training of altar servers.

Comment: It is very encouraging to hear of the works at Southwark Comitium and we look forward to the next report.

Central London Curia: Three praesidia featured with a total of thirty- five active members and works include crowd contact, Statue visitation and visitation of elderly and lonely and residential homes. A junior praesidium has ten members.

Comment: The public witness through crowd contact in central London, carrying out Pilgrim Statue visitation of elderly and lonely and residential homes, along with running a junior praesidium shows the great efforts of souls to contact souls in Central London.

Liverpool Senatus: Report covers May to August.

Comment: We thank Liverpool Senatus for the Minutes, know they are working away for God and Our Lady and souls, and look forward to hearing from them soon again.

Leeds Curia: A praesidium which had three members gained twelve new members including some Nigerian students attending Leeds University and who had been in the Legion of Mary previously. Works include home to home visitation and nursing home visitation.

Comment: We rejoice in the increase from three to twelve at a praesidium. It is great to hear of some Nigerian students who had been in the Legion of Mary previously being recruited at Leeds Curia. They have so much to offer us from their experience, and we all have so much to learn from each other and to do for Our Lady and God.

Wirral Curia: A praesidium visits a Catholic school weekly to teach and pray the rosary with the children.

Comment: Your commitment of such regular visitation of a school to teach and pray the rosary is very commendable, and we pray that the children will pray and teach the rosary to others.

Billingham Curia: A praesidium carries out home to home visitation and through this a number of lapsed Catholics have returned to practice.

Comment: It is magnificent to hear of a number of lapsed Catholics return to practice.

Manchester Comitium: A new praesidium has sixteen active members and twenty auxiliary members. The work is mainly street contact, instruction of children and hospital visitation.

Comment: It is wonderful to hear of street contact going on in cities throughout the world, and of the other works also listed.

Birmingham Senatus: Attendance has improved. Extension: a second praesidium is in formation in Wolverhampton and a new praesidium with eight members has been set up in Walsall by West Birmingham Curia. Legionaries in Sheldon attend and help at baptisms where they have an apostolate to the parents. Street contact work is also done where many good contacts are made.

Comment: We highly praise the extension work, assistance at baptisms and apostolate to parents and continuing street contact work at Birmingham Senatus. It is wonderful to hear of the growth of the Legion of Mary there.

Councils under the caretakership of Birmingham Senatus:

North Hampton Comitium: A new praesidium is being planned in North Hampton and a junior praesidium in a school in Wolverton.

Comment: We thank North Hampton Comitium for all the efforts they are making and for sharing this excellent news with us.

Swansea Curia: The Curia is working hard at extension and a new praesidium is planned for Neath. The aposolate of home and brothel visitation, and crowd contact are the main works. Miraculous Medals are offered and accepted.

Comment: It is marvellous to hear of all of this good news. We look forward to hearing more in your next update.


Our Lady of Light Curia reported at Senatus. There are eleven praesidia attached, totalling fifty- five active members (including six probationary members) and three hundred and seventy-one auxiliary members. Many works are being done including visitation of schools in May and October to promote the rosary, Patricians, and Christmas Crib apostolate. The report of the praesidium in Strathclyde University showed a great variety of works including helping at the Wayside club and crowd contact. The chaplain is very supportive.

Comment: It is great to hear that the chaplain at Strathclyde University is so supportive of the Legion of Mary and of all the good work going on. Our Lady of Light Curia may well be the instrument God and Our Lady are using to remind us all about the Christmas Crib apostolate for this year.

Praesidia directly attached to Concilium.


Tonsberg: The praesidium has four active members and thirty- two auxiliary members. The apostolate includes aftercare of auxiliaries, inviting and encouraging people to attend Sunday Mass and visiting sick and housebound.

Comment: It is wonderful to hear of the beautiful works carried out by Tonsberg.

Drammen: The praesidium has six active members and sixteen auxiliary members. Children are taught basic prayers and one of the legionaries gives catechism classes to the children. Home and hospital visitation is also carried out.

Comment: Thanks to all at Drammen for the works being carried out there, and for reminding us all of the importance of teaching children basic prayers.



The Senatus celebrated the 63rd anniversary of it having been raised to Senatus in May 1960.

The Legion in Than Hoa Comitium is working in eight-four (84) of the ninety-five (95) parishes under its care and are grateful to the great spiritual direction given to them. The Legion is formed into twenty-five senior and two junior Curiae comprising three hundred and sixty-nine praesidia and twenty-four junior praesidia comprising five thousand and sixty-one senior members (5,061) and one hundred and eighty-three junior members (183). The legionaries work in a mountainous area so face difficulties.

The Vihn Comitium has the Legion at work in seventy-three (73) of its one hundred and nineteen (119) parishes. Most are elderly with the younger people moving to larger centres. Despite this they have twenty-one senior and two junior Curiae with two thousand eight hundred and twenty-three (2,823) senior and seven hundred and fifty (750) junior members.

The third Comitium which reported is Ha Thin Comitium. It is in a central area with harsh weather conditions and has one junior and nineteen senior Curiae. All the councils reporting arrange for baptism of adults, children of migrants, help families to reconcile, invite people to have their marriages blessed in Church, and help women not to proceed with abortions. They all emphasise the need to recruit active and auxiliary members and run training for active members and correspondents.

Comment: Vietnam Senatus was highly commended by the Concilium body in September. A closer look at and consideration of the numbers of parishes with Legion of Mary presence and membership figures in challenging situations will explain why! It is great to hear also of their very important work, among many very important works, of helping women not to proceed with abortions. Their emphasis on the need for recruiting active and auxiliary members and running training for active members and correspondents will hopefully lead us all to reflect on our efforts in this regard and to make improvements as necessary. The focus on training for active members and correspondents is very commendable also.


Bangkok Senatus: A praesidium comprised of teachers taught catechism classes, followed up with persons- including students and parents, friends, and family members of the students- not attending Holy Mass and focused on the importance of attending Holy Mass on Sundays. The praesidium also implemented a notice board with banners educating about Christianity. A praesidium encouraged youth, both male and female, to join in the vocation camps organized by many religious orders. A Comitium followed up with a family who lived far away, since 2019. The parish priest celebrated Holy Mass at their house, two couples received the sacrament of matrimony, their grandchild was baptised, and the priest blessed their house.

Comment: It is fantastic to hear of a praesidium encouraging young males and females to attend vocation camps organized by many religious orders, and it would be good to hear of similar efforts by the Legion of Mary throughout the world. We are aware also that five members of Mother of the Holy Redeemer praesidium there have been appointed as acolytes and lectors, and we pray for them as they continue on the path to priesthood.


Kerala Senatus: Works being carried out include home and hospital visitation to all.

Kochi Comitium has increased auxiliary and praetorian memberships. Another Curia has thirteen junior praesidia attached. The same Curia is encouraging all to return to Mass attendance.

Comment: It is great to hear of the increase in membership at Kochi Comitium. It is a cause of great joy to hear also of your focus on encouraging all to return to Mass attendance, and a good reminder for all of us to do encourage others in this way.

Mumbai Senatus: One hundred and twenty-eight junior legionaries attended the fun and formation day.

Comment: It is very good to hear of such a faith-focused and joyous event for junior legionaries and their families.

Pondicherry Senatus: Seventy-nine attended. Much visitation done of homes of Catholics and non- Catholics. Works include sorting of family disputes, saving a person from a suicide attempt, and encountering people with drug and drink problems.

Comment: The efforts at Pondicherry Senatus in reaching out to people in difficult situations really show their responding to the needs of others, and it is splendid to hear of the action of God and Our Lady through them.

Chennai Regia: Seventy-eight were present. Extension work was carried out in two areas. Muslims and Hindus were visited, and thirteen lapsed Catholics returned to practice.

Comment: It is a cause of great joy that thirteen lapsed Catholics have returned to practice. The efforts in extension work and visitation of Muslims and Hindus are a model for all.

Kottar Regia: February 2023 Regia Minutes received.

Comment: We thank Kottar Regia for the Minutes; we are delighted to hear from them and look forward to hearing from them soon again.

Visakhapatnam Regia: Attendance has improved.

Comment: It is good to hear that attendance has improved and we pray that this will continue. We look forward to hearing from Visakhapatnam Regia next time.

Coimbatore Comitium: Has over one thousand members and four Patrician groups.

Comment: It is always great to hear of Patrician groups being run, and we would love to hear, where possible, of many more Patrician groups being run at Coimbatore Comitium.


Nepal: Have visited and are now working in eight parishes; four in Kathmandu and four in isolated areas. Thirty senior and sixteen junior members.

Comment: We love to hear of all works, especially outreach to isolated areas. We thank all in Nepal and look forward to hearing more about their works next time.


Sri Lanka Senatus: Reported many lapsed returned to the sacraments. Marriages have been rectified, adults, including thirteen Hindus, have been prepared for baptism.

Comment: We thank Sri Lanka for this very encouraging report. We would love to hear more about the number of people who have returned to the sacraments and benefitted so much from the efforts of legionaries in Sri Lanka.

The Colombo junior Curia has four school praesidia. A Legion Congress was held in June.

Comment: It is great to hear of four school praesidia and of a Legion Congress held recently. We look forward to hearing more of their works in their next report.


The praesidium due to report sought deferral. A suggestion to appoint a full or part-time extension worker is being explored.

Comment: We thank Pakistan for informing us of the latest developments there, and eagerly anticipate developments regarding the potential appointment of a full or part-time extension worker.


Myanmar Senatus: Attendance in May was sixty-three and seventy-three in June.

Comment: Assured that legionaries there are working away in God’s vineyard in Myanmar, we look forward to hearing from them in their next report.


In January 2023 physical meetings of the praesidium resumed with four active and ten auxiliary members. However, the only apostolic work assigned so far is the saying of the rosary in the church at the request of the priest.

Comment: We are delighted to hear of the praesidium in Azerbaijan having returned to in person meetings and pray with them for an expansion in the range of works being carried out.


Galilee Curia set up two praesidia in two villages and efforts are being made to re-start the Legion in Haifa. The Curia in Ramallah resumed meeting in October 2022 with twelve members. The Comitium in Jerusalem did not hold a meeting in January because it was felt the attendance would be very low, nor was a meeting held in April. Elections were due to be held.

Comment: We are very grateful to hear from the Holy Land. We pray that deferred meetings will be held and well attended and that elections will be held. United in prayer, we look forward to hearing from them.


The junior praesidium reporting has sixteen active and two auxiliary members. In the course of their work, they met an elderly woman on the street, brought her to be fed and cared for but she died a week later. Their part in assisting her to die with dignity in the hospital was commended. Efforts have been made to re-establish the Legion in Georgia but it may be some time before this comes to fruition. The Russian speaking praesidium in Armenia has not survived due to lack of members. Fifteen participated in a retreat organised for men.

Comment: We pray for the repose of the soul of the lady- encountered and cared for by legionaries in Armenia in the week prior to her death- and that she rest in peace, Amen. We unite in prayer for the re-establishment of the Legion of Mary in Georgia, and for recruitment efforts made in this regard. We thank God, Our Lady and all involved in the Russian speaking praesidium in Armenia and pray that it will re-emerge stronger than ever in the future. It is great to hear also of the organising of a retreat for men there and of those who attended it.



TOGO Douala Senatus: The various reports mention many conversions, marriages regularised, house, hospital, orphanage and prison visitation, street contact, as well as many catechumens, helping with organising baptisms, First Holy Communion, and confirmations. Melong Comitium reported on an Exploratio Dominicalis. In Yaoundé Regia, one Curia and many new praesidia have been set up.

In the Comitium of Bafia they report on three junior praesidia having fifty, thirty- seven, and twenty members respectively.

Bertoua Regia also has several new praesidia, senior and junior.

The Comitium of Mbanga counts three junior praesidia and have enrolled three hundred prisoners in the Legion. In Bamenda a new praesidium has started in a prison, while the local praesidium visits them every week and teaches catechism. The Senatus is awaiting instructions from Concilium in order to undertake another visit to Tchad.

Comment: We are delighted to hear of all of the good works in Cameroon, and zeal to visit Tchad. The joining of three hundred prisoners of the Legion of Mary and starting up of a new praesidium will hopefully inspire similar outreach throughout the world.

Lomé Senatus: Numerous Exploratio Dominicalis projects and a Congress were held since the last report. Works include home, prison, orphanage visitation as well as street contact and catechesis. New senior and junior praesidia were started, while in Vogan three new Curiae and one new praesidium were set up. The junior Curia: Juniors talk about the importance of confession, going to Mass, giving Catholic literature and trying to share the gospel’s message. This Curia also held a Congress. A PPC project with ninety peregrini was held from 18th- 29th August.

Regia of Kara: the setting up of a new Curia and a new praesidium is envisaged. A formal request was emailed to the correspondent as well as to Concilium about doing new visits to the Councils that they are care taking i.e. Senegal and Guinea, Conakry. They also have requested funds to do a reprint of the handbook in French, but no exact details have been received.

Comment: It is wonderful to hear of so much good happening at Lomé Senatus. It is all highly commendable.


Conakry: Works include home, hospital and prison visitation as well as providing catechesis. Many Muslims were encountered.

Comment: We are grateful to Conakry for informing us of some of their great range of works. We look forward to hearing from them next time.


Dakar Comitium: One new Curia was set up; one new one is projected and three new adult praesidia have been established. Home, hospital, and prison visitation and giving catechesis are some of the works mentioned. Three marriages regularised and some received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and confirmation.

Pikine Comitium: Home visitation, hospital and prison visitation are carried out, along with giving catechesis classes.

Comment: We thank Senegal for this report. It is very inspirational to hear of such positive developments there.



Mexico City Senatus: The attached Regia of Acapulco has raised one of its Curiae in the city to Comitium status. The new Comitium has one junior and three senior Curiae attached and it already had sixteen praesidia directly attached. A Curia reported the Pioneer apostolate resulted in four persons taking the Pioneer pledge, another four attending the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting and one overcame addiction to alcohol due to prayerful reflections. A Comitium has eighteen Curiae and twelve praesidia one of which works in a high security prison. Results of the Legion apostolate in the prison indicate that a baby was baptised, a couple married, and a prisoner converted, and he now attends Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.

Comment: Thank you for this report which shows so much good fruit. It may well be a call for us to focus on promotion of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Legion apostolate in prisons.

Merida Senatus: The Senatus is still recovering from Covid- 19. A Comitium reorganised four praesidia, recruited one hundred and ninety new active members and forty- two auxiliaries. Two Exploratio Dominicalis projects resulted in fifty- six sick persons receiving a visit from the legionaries accompanied by the priest and receiving the sacraments. Legionaries met and spoke to forty- five people of other faiths, two of whom converted to the Catholic faith. Six couples received the sacrament of matrimony.

Comment: It is very good for all to hear of the steady and faithful work of this Senatus in conjunction with the priest. It is good to know also of the careful thought given to the reorganisation of a Comitium there in the hope of great strengthening and growth of the Legion of Mary at Merida Senatus.

Guadalajara Regia: Two Curiae and eight praesidia reported during this period. They reported the recruitment of two, three and four new members respectively. The officers are visiting the attached councils and praesidia. While all have lost members, they value the perseverance of the existing members to keep the weekly praesidia meetings functioning. One of the Curiae reported eighteen new members. All are enthusiastic about recruiting new members and hopefully, will be able to fill officer vacancies. A young man was prepared for the sacraments of Christian initiation.

Comment: This report is very encouraging. It is very commendable to hear of officers visiting attached councils and praesidia. Thank you for reporting in such an authentic manner on the challenges experienced regarding numbers, and of the perseverance of members amid this to maintain weekly meetings. It is wonderful to learn of the recruitment of a total of twenty-seven new members. We thank God and our Lady for the preparation of the young man for the sacraments of Christian initiation.

Monterrey Regia: Three Curiae and one praesidium reported. One Curia gives formation talks to thirty married couples. Street contact is carried out and many interesting contacts have been met. A new praesidium with eighteen members presented its first report. They bring the Statue of Our Lady of Guadelupe to homes. In addition to the usual works, they lead the rosary at wakes and organise dawn rosaries.

Comment: Thank you for this report which given close consideration will hopefully result in more legionaries following your lead in your wide range of works.

Durango Regia: The Regia meets every month; the attendance has improved but the distant attached praesidia are not being visited. A praesidium in a social rehabilitation centre continues to function well. On home visitation, the legionaries encourage Enthronement of Homes to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is welcomed by the families. Correspondence is up to date and the Regia receives the Concilium bulletin.

Comment: It is good to hear of an improvement in Regia attendance. We are inspired from hearing of your encouraging Enthronement of Homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and having a praesidium at a social rehabilitation centre.

Hermosillo Regia: A new Spiritual Director has been appointed, after a long time. There are no vacancies in the officerships in the city Curiae but the attendance at the Regia meeting is not good, still due to fear of Covid. There are only two praesidia in the city attached to the Regia and their attendance at the Regia meeting is not good either. A number of praesidia throughout the Regia area closed during Covid, and efforts are now being made to rebuild or set up new praesidia.

Comment: We thank God and Our Lady, and the new Spiritual Director for the appointment of a new Spiritual Director at Hermosillo Regia. It is great that there are no vacancies in officerships in the city Curiae and we pray that the attendance at the Regia meeting will improve, and for a great building up of the Legion of Mary in the Regia following the challenges due to Covid.


Honduras Tegucigalpa Senatus: Concilium granted permission to raise an attached Comitium in San Pedro Sula to Regia status. The Regia will govern a large area, which will lessen the work of the Senatus. The Regia is working hard at visiting and getting to know the new enlarged Senatus area. New members are helped with getting to know the Legion and they are encouraged to read some of Frank Duff’s articles and books.

Comment: Thank you for updating us on the newly- upgraded San Pedro Sula Regia. It is great to hear how they are connecting with new enlarged Senatus area. We look forward to hearing about future developments.

Costa Rica Senatus: The Senatus is reorganising some of the Curiae and Comitia to facilitate legionaries and attendance at Council meetings. The efforts to involve the young people in the community were reflected in the three reports presented at the Senatus meetings, they are also encouraging young children regarding devotion to Our Lady as suits their age. Prison visitation is done, also home visitation and street contact with positive results. One Curia organised a Congress after many years. The Senatus officers see the necessity to appoint correspondents for the distant council.

Comment: We are delighted to hear of the great works being carried out in Costa Rica. It is great that you are making very considered decisions regarding the functioning of the Senatus, particularly regarding attendance at meetings and of your focus on the need for appointment of correspondents for distant councils. Your works including prison visitation are to highly commendable.

Panama Regia: Reports to the Regia indicate that legionaries are working hard setting up new praesidia in the different Curiae. One of the objectives is to organise a Congress to enable the members to learn and strengthen their knowledge of the Legion.

Comment: It is wonderful to hear of the great works you are planning and carrying out. We pray that such solid work will reap great rewards in recruitment and retention of members of the Legion of Mary, and result in great gains for Panama Regia.

El Salvador San Salvador Senatus: Two praesidia, two Curiae and two Regiae reported during this period. An atheist lady was converted and after receiving the sacraments, she joined the Legion of Mary. A young man was prepared for and received the sacraments of Christian initiation over a five-month period. Of fifteen persons who joined the Legion, eight made the promise and remained as active members. Five new junior and four new senior praesidia were set up.

Comment: Thank you for this very encouraging and inspiring report. We look forward to hearing from you next time.

Cuba: There are now three Curiae in Cuba, meeting and working well, and there are plans for the setting up of a fourth Curia. The three Curiae are in contact with Concilium. It is hoped that a Comitium can be set up as soon as possible in Cuba. The Comitium was originally in Havana with ten praesidia attached, however it is now a Curia reduced to three praesidia. At a later date, the seat of the Comitium will be decided depending on the progress of the Legion of Mary in Cuba.

Comment: We are very grateful to Sr. Christine Wallace who has spent much time as an extension worker in Cuba during the last three years, and to the efforts of all in building up the Legion of Mary in Cuba. We look forward to a decision being made about the location of the seat of the Comitium there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Arlington Senatus

The raising of Arlington Regia to Senatus status was proposed and seconded at the Concilium meeting of the Legion of Mary of September 2023. This was in view of their embracing a larger territory to govern for the Legion and reports of Legion growth and good Legion governance there.

They agreed to govern extra territory in Kentucky Tennessee and in Southern Ohio due to ongoing restructuring by Cincinnati Senatus. A 2021 Census of the Regia showed that there was a total of four thousand and eighty-six active members and fourteen thousand and four hundred and seventy-one auxiliary members on roll. There are currently thirteen directly attached praesidia, one senior Curia, two junior Curiae and nine Comitia attached.