Concilium Bulletin September 2022



This was the first face to face meeting held since February 2020. The meeting was divided into 2 parts. Curiae joining by Zoom gave an update: Nazareth Curia 9 praesidia, resumed meetings in May. Ramallah Curia has 10 praesidia, 1 newly established. Bethlehem Curia unite 6 praesidia, held regular meetings between July and December 2021 and held a retreat in Carmel convent. They recently resumed meeting in July 2022. Galilee Curia has 6 praesidia and 1 recently set up. During Covid they kept in touch with members regularly by phone. A former President also regularly kept in touch encouraging member to remain faithful and to continue to extend.


Planning a physical meeting in September. The legionaries prepare children for first communion, serve Mass and accompany the priest on home visits. The country is in a poor economic situation – few have jobs, the currency has no value and many have moved abroad. Even so they help Syrian refugees as best they can. A Carmelite priest visiting Beirut recently met the legionaries for a meal and confirmed the difficulties they face.


The original praesidium of 9 members arranged the Centenary celebrations and had ‘Can we be Saints’ by Frank Duff translated into Armenian. 5 people came back to Confession, 2 were anointed for the sick and 2 homes were Enthroned to the Sacred Heart. They continue to make efforts to extend the Legion.


61 attended the July meeting. They have difficulty in having minutes translated. Visitation of distant councils has resumed. Mandalay Comitium with 6 curiae and 41 praesidia with 500 members is in all 3 Archdioceses and 6 Dioceses. The country is suffering the effects of recession and civil war.


The Senatus sent in photographs of their Centenary celebrations hoping for them to be included in Maria Legionis.


There are 2 Curiae in the Karachi area one of which has 15 praesidia.


Senatus reported that 85 attended the Acies of which 22 were junior members. 2 Comitia arranged a Centenary Mass with their Bishops and over 200 attending.


Kerala Senatus: Several councils mentioned Centenary Celebrations with the Archbishop as chief celebrant. Juniors and a good number of Praetorian members featured in reports. Chennai Regia: In July elections were carried out according to the Handbook. The reporting praesidium has 13 members visits Catholics, Hindus and Muslims, 10 homes were Enthroned to the Sacred Heart and 120 children were taught catechism.

Mumbai Senatus: 43 attended the August meeting. 2 praesidia each with 13 members and a total of 9 Praetorian, 100 Auxiliary and 10 Adjutorian members report on visiting the sick, bereaved and those of other faiths. During the pandemic apostolic outreach was done by Zoom including catechism classes.

Visakhatapnam Regia: 47 attended the June meeting. The Regia has 13 praesidia only 8 of which are nearby. 10 Curiae are attached but only 3 are near enough to regularly attend the Regia meeting. The sick are visited, preparation for Baptism and catechism classes are arranged. Some Curiae have has many as 30 praesidia attached and the formation of more Curiae has been advised.


Myo Tho Comitium report 107 prepared for Baptism (adults and children), 57 had their marriages regularised in Church, 40 new active and 58 new auxiliary members recruited. The Saigon Curia works in 6 parishes having 12 praesidia with 124 active, 50 praetorian and 57 auxiliary members of whom 51 are Adjutorian members. 25 new members were recruited. The Senatus was thanked for meeting the Superior General of the Montfort Father who asked to meet the Legionaries during a visit to Vietnam.



Brussels Senatus: The Senatus is back holding regular meetings. Crowd contact around central station in Brussels has been done several times with good contacts being made. The Senatus had a successful Peregrinatio Pro Christo project to Alsace in France.

Antwerp Regia: The Vicar General in a meeting with the officers promised to follow up on a Spiritual Director for the Regia and also agreed to be main Concelebrant at the Centenary Mass.


Amsterdam Regia: All 3 praesidia in the Cape Verdean Curia in Rotterdam have now resumed meetings. They encourage the baptism of children, confession, church marriage and as a result 8 children were baptised, 9 confirmed and 4 couples got married in Church. Catechesis to children is also done.


Frankfurt Senatus: A summit conference was held in August – topics included – review of 2021/22 ; membership statistics; centenary year activity and post pandemic apostolate. Hamburg Curia: is supporting a Rosary initiative ‘Germany prays the Rosary’

Bergen Curia: Legionaries assist Mother Teresa Sisters in visiting drug abusers and down and outs and those sleeping rough. They also organise house blessings and assist at burials.

Munich Regia: Legionaries organise Devotions to St. Joseph for children.

Three people have come forward for membership following on extension work done with the Fraternity of St. Peter. A praesidium of Ghanian legionaries has started in Berlin. Saarlouis Curia has closed and Altoetting Curia has not yet resumed meetings. There is a growing youth praesidium in Darmstadt.


The Acies and Centenary Mass were celebrated together. Three priests and hundreds of people were in attendance including Tamil members.


The Senatus paid the travel expenses of members to attend the Curia.


Brentwood Regia: Three reporting praesidia had a membership of 17 active and works include home to home and auxiliary visitation, distribution of the Maria Legionis journals and organising the Rosary in the homes during the month of May. In one praesidium members prepared 33 children for Holy Communion. The mother of one of the children who had been attending the classes expressed an interest in becoming a Catholic and is in discussion with the priest.

Southwark Comitium consists of 5 Curiae totalling 29 Senior and 3 Junior praesidia. A Curia in the Kent area which had not been meeting has been closed.

Central London Curia: A new president was elected at the August meeting. They are in the process of splitting the Curia. Five praesidia reports featured with a combined total of 19 members and works include street contact, home to home visitation and care home visitation and teaching the Rosary to children.

Liverpool Senatus: The report covers the months May to August. Manchester Comitium has 3 Curiae and 10 praesidia attached and Middlesborough Comitium has 3 praesidia and 1 Curia with 3 praesidia attached and works include running R.C.I.A and Alpha Courses, baptism preparation with parents, book barrow and home to home and care home visitation.


Our Lady of Mercy Curia has 6 praesidia attached, 4 in Stockholm and 2 in the South. Works include monthly book barrow, helping with catechesis and visitation of the elderly.

Birmingham Senatus: A Centenary Congress was held with a good attendance including some new legionaries. From the many good contributions it was obvious that members had prepared for it. A new praesidium in Wolverhampton has 7 members A praesidium in Sheldon parish does much home visitation and street contact Fourteen people were received into the Church at Easter. Apostolate to homosexuals has resumed with many good contacts.


Swansea Curia: has 6 senior and 1 junior praesidium attached. Crowd contact at the train station and in the city centre and street rescue are included in the apostolate.

Northampton Comitium: A new praesidium with 4 members has been set up and two other praesidia have gained new members, one with 2 and the other with one.


Senatus of Scotland: The praesidium in Glasgow University has a Spiritual Director, 8 active and 18 auxiliary members and works are contact work, patricians and helping at a wayside club. The praesidium in Dunbarton has a variety of works including visiting baptised children within six months of their baptism and giving them gifts of prayer card, Rosary and miraculous medal. Edinburgh Curia has 9 praesidia with a total of 58 legionaries. They were encouraged to make contact with younger people at the Edinburgh Festival.

Praesidia directly attached to Concilium


Tonsberg Our Lady Queen of Peace praesidium has 6 active and 24 auxiliary members. The works include aftercare of auxiliaries, inviting people to Mass and many other parish duties. The praesidium has planned a celebration to mark the 15th anniversary of the setting up of the legion in Tonsberg. Konsberg The 2 members there do not wish to continue and those who showed some interest have not come for many months.



Carlow: The Comitium is considering amalgamating three praesidia in the vicinity of Carlow town to build up membership with a view to reopening each one again. Kildare Curia organised a Exploratio Dominicalis project in Johnstown in March with 11 members participating. One praesidium has a Rosary for children each Saturday before the vigil Mass. Visitation of schools is also undertaken.

Tuam Comitium: The annual report of Maria Asumpta praesidium with eight members and seventy auxiliaries was received. Meetings have not been held since Covid 19. The Rosary was recited at Our Lady’s grotto in March and October and every Friday for the rest of the year. Two praesidia in Tuam are unable to meet at present as their meeting places are not available.A Mass for the Centenary was celebrated in October and was attended by active, auxiliary and former members.

Elphin Comitium: Elphin Comitium meeting was held in July with fourteen members present. Reverend Fr. Douglas Zaggi was welcomed as their new Spiritual Director. The members were encouraged to build up existing praesidia and to extend to new Parishes. North Elphin Curia is planning a Rosary procession in Sligo on August 28th and have invited legionaries in the Comitium to participate. Centenary celebrations were held in Roscommon Parish Church on June 24th and was well attended. Bishop Kevin Doran was the chief celebrant, assisted by seven Priests. The Concilium was represented by two of its Officers.


Clonfert Curia held the 2nd Curia meeting in May since restrictions were eased. The attendance included four Curia Officers and fourteen members of the attached praesidia. An election was held for Curia President and Sr. Josephine Mulryan was elected. All praesidia are meeting each week except Loughrea which is looking for a new meeting room. Praesidia were encouraged to recruit new members to replace those who are not able to return and those who have gone to their eternal reward.

Galway Curia has four praesidia attached. A report was taken on the Mary day in Knock on June 4th which had an attendance of approximately 70 legionaries from the Councils in the West of Ireland. Fr. Declan Lohan Spiritual Director of the Curia gave a talk on the important role of the legion in the new era for the Catholic Church in Ireland. Following on from this meeting the Curia had a day of street contact on July 9th where many good contacts were made.

Achonry Curia: In Achonry there is just one praesidium in Kiltimagh with four members and a Spiritual Director. In Kiltimagh the legionaries lead the Rosary each morning at 9.30 before the 10am. Mass. Visits are made to the housebound and the Pilgrim statue is brought to families on request. On the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel enrolment of the Brown Scapular was organised. Help is also given at Knock Shrine and the Legion Office.

Kilalla Curia: Meetings are taking place each month and all four officerships are filled. Some praesidia have not resumed their meetings but amalgamation has taken place where possible. A stall was manned on Ballina Heritage day in July. At Enniscrone open day Miraculous Medals and bottles of Holy Water were distributed. The annual retreat was held in July.

Ferns Curia: Curia meetings were held in July and August. The Curia has no Spiritual Director at present and the office of Vice President is vacant. The annual report of Our Lady of Knock Queen of Ireland junior praesidium was given. There are 12 junior members and three seniors. Much work is carried out by the legionaries including door to door distribution of Catholic literature. A retreat for men is planned for October 1st.


Consolata Curia: The annual visit to Frank Duff’s grave took place in July and annual Curia outing to Glasnevin cemetery in August. On both occasions Legion prayers were recited at Frank Duff’s grave. Legionaries also prayed at the graves of Fr. Toher and Fr Creedon. Curia assisted with recruiting at Skerries and Swords. Three new members were recruited. A praesidium prays the Rosary weekly in the local boys’ school and speaks with the boys about matters of faith. Other works include daily grotto rosary, deliverance prayers in a part of the parish which is prone to anti-social behaviour, beach contact, miraculous medal devotions and enrolment in brown scapular. Another praesidium visited a school with a former Dublin footballer who spoke to the students about his faith. They distributed prayer packs to Confirmation children in the school. Other works include visitation to nursing homes, assisting the bereaved with funeral preparations and distribution of Catholic newspapers.

Presentata Curia: A praesidium is responsible for evening duties two nights a week in the Regina Coeli Hostel. As well as domestic duties, spiritual contact is made with the residents. A legionary gives Catholic Instruction using YouCat and Sycamore programmes. One lady received instruction in the Catholic faith before moving to another country. Another resident had her baby baptised. Another legionary supported two women before and after the birth of their babies. Other works include supporting Friday evening Rosary at the Spire, Saturday morning street contact, manning the Legion stand at the Evangelium Conference. Three members are also involved in Deus et Patria and organised the Youth conference and other Deus et Patria events. Stella Maris praesidium presented their first annual report. The members do contact work on Saturday morning in Dublin City centre and support all Curia initiatives. Twenty-two people attended the last Patricians entitled ‘The Assumption of Our Blessed Lady’ and 8 attended the previous month ‘The Sacred Heart’. Sprockets cycling club meets once a month. Film Club is every Sunday. A BBQ was held in August.

Veneranda Curia: A praesidium manages the accounts of Maria Legionis, the journal of The Legion of Mary. Members also assist the company that packs and distributes the journal. The journal has a quarterly circulation of just under 14,000. The journal is now available on the Legion of Mary website. There are two members in the Junior praesidium. During lockdown they began to study YouCat, taking a section each week. Other works include distribution of Miraculous Medals to their friends and family members and helping in Regina Coeli hostel.

Porta Coeli Curia together with Bethlehem Curia is organising a Congress to be held on Sunday October 9th in St. Bridget’s Pastoral Centre, Killester. A praesidium encountered a Vietnamese lady on visitation, who was very interested in the Catholic faith. Enrolment in RCIA was organised for her in a local parish and legionaries keep in touch with her. Another family,that had started the Legion in the parish 40 years ago but had lapsed accepted the Pilgrim statue and contact with this family is being kept up. Many legionaries in the praesidia are very elderly and this impacts on the works that are done.

Bethlehem Curia outing to Monto took place in July. Centenary Mass was also celebrated in July and a centenary exhibition was organised in Mountjoy Square in August. A praesidium organised a book stand outside 28, Mountjoy Square which attracts many passers-by. Miraculous Medals and literature are distributed. Information regarding masses in languages other than English made available as many contacts are foreign nationals. The Curia is organising a Congress with Porta Coeli Curia to be held on Sunday October 9th in St. Bridget’s Pastoral Centre. Killester.

Exaltata Curia: Praesidia in the area support Eucharistic Adoration every day. Other works include home visitation, Pilgrim Statue visitation and nursing home visitation. A weekly Rosary is prayed at the parish grotto. During May and October the Rosary is led by legionaries in different parts of the parish.



The Senatus have established several new praesidia, Curiae and Comitia in the North, the East, the Centre and the South of Ivory Coast. They have also done extension work in Mali, for which they have a Caretaker role. Apostolic works such as 1 home and hospital visitation, street contact work, enrolment of catechumens and teaching of Catechism are undertaken. These have resulted in homes reconciled, returns to Holy Mass, Baptisms, Confirmations and reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Lomé Regia: Numerous reports of Exploratio Dominicalis being organised as well as many new Curiae and adult and junior praesidia starting up. Also many new active and auxiliary members were recruited. Two PPC projects are being planned for August and September. The 3 Junior Curiae reported on doing apostolate among their peers: promoting daily and Sunday Mass, the Rosary, Catechesis and reading scripture.

Kara Regia has 2 Comitia, 15 adult Curiae and 20 directly attached adult praesidia. Their works include home and hospital visitation and the giving of catechesis.

Councils under the caretaker ship of Togo.


Conakry Comitium has 5 Curiae and 6 directly affiliated praesidia. They are hoping to start a new praesidium and organising a PPC to Boffa.


Dakar Comitium has 24 adult praesidia directly affiliated and 10 Curiae. A new Curia has been set up. Some of the works mentioned: home, hospital, elderly and prison visitation and giving catechesis. This resulted in 50 returns to the Sacraments, 6 baptisms, 4 confirmations and 1 conversion.


Douala Senatus: Bertoua Regia is organising an extension drive in order to start a Comitium for juniors. They are hoping to setup 4 new Comitia by September this year, a new praesidium in the seminary and they are hoping to organise an Exploratio Dominicalis in every parish where the Legion does not exist yet. Yaoundé Regia is in the process of setting up 2 new Comitia as well as a new praesidium in Yaoundé Basilica after 20 years of trying. In some “junior” praesidia there are a certain number of adults. The Regia is putting a stop to this and telling them to start their own senior praesidium if they don’t want to join the existing ones.

Many Councils report on extension, Exploratio Dominicalis and trying to recruit juniors.



Mexico City Senatus: An attached Curia with 20 praesidia recruited 22 new members recently. They link up with Caritas in their delivery of help to the needy, this offers an opportunity to clean homes where there is a need. A girl met on street contact complained of feeling ill, she was wearing a satanic symbol, which they persuaded her to remove, she is now an auxiliary. An attached Comitium has 16 Curiae and 15 praesidia attached and spread over 26 of the 106 parishes in the diocese. The attached Regia of Leon has a Legion presence in 162 of the 614 parishes in the Regia area. Most of the reports in the Senatus area indicate conversions and returns to the faith.

Merida Senatus: Meetings in person have resumed, but not all of the attached councils and praesidia have done so yet. The officers of an attached council are visiting the attached praesidia to ascertain the situation and to help and encourage them to return to normality again. An attached curia with 80 active members is visiting homes where they meet the family including members of other faiths. They recently started book barrow work and are very surprised with the apostolic opportunities it opens up. There are still members who have not decided, or are still afraid to return to active membership, however, the officers are visiting to help and encourage them.

Guadalajara Regia: While almost all meetings have returned to normality, there are still a number of members who are afraid or don’t enjoy good health, who still have to decide. Since returning to meetings in person both the Comitium and a number of attached Curiae have had elections. They also organised a number of social gatherings and outings, which has been very positive for encouraging members, particularly new members. The praesidia of an attached Curia report active work including leading prayers at wakes, parish census, book barrow apostolate, home and hospital visitation.

Monterrey Regia: New officers are very enthusiastic, getting to know the attached councils and praesidia and encouraging extension. An attached Comitium in a neighbouring diocese is working well with a wide range of legion works including teaching catechism, book barrow work and home visitation. An attached praesidium lost a few legionaries with Covid but were very encouraged with a visit from the Regia officers. The president of an attached Curia, Sr. Norma, who was very committed, died recently.

Durango Regia: meetings in person have resumed but some with very low membership. There are also new parish priests who do not know the Legion, which sometimes is the reason a praesidium does not resume. They receive the Concilium bulletin every month, which is encouraging.

Hermosillo Regia: The Regia is meeting in person but it appears that some councils and praesidia have not resumed. At the August Regia meeting some councils and praesidia did not report. Others reported that they had not returned to meeting yet. Bad weather as well as the Covid problems seem to be a problem. Bible study with Lectio Divino has been started in some parishes. At the Regia meeting the officers were reminded of the vacancies and the need to fill them promptly.


San Salvador Senatus. An attached Regia has12 comitia with 77 Curiae and a junior Comitium with 23 Curiae. A contact returned to the practice of the faith, regularised his marriage and is now a praesidium officer. A group of young Protestants receive instruction in a group. A number of homes have been consecrated to the Sacred Heart.


Costa Rica Senatus: An attached Curia celebrated its first Congress in May with an attendance of 80 legionaries. The Senatus is working hard in the areas where legionaries have retired and in some cases praesidia and a Curia have closed. The bishop has requested a praesidium in a new parish. An attached Comitium adapted the legionary apostolate to the restrictions of the Covid, contacting by telephone or visiting when allowed. The Senatus Spiritual Director retired due to pressure of work, the officers have contacted the Episcopal Conference about the appointment of a new Spiritual Director.


Panama Regia: In May the Regia had to return to virtual meetings due to rise in Covid. The older more vulnerable legionaries are still fearful however, recruiting is being carried out resulting in an increase in new members in several praesidia and an extension team has been set up to extend in areas where there is no Legion.


Honduras Tegucigalpa Senatus: The Senatus meetings are in person but attendance is poor. Some councils do not make contact with the Senatus. The Senatus officers try to bridge the gap. Elections are due for the Senatus officers.


Nicaragua Regia: Returned to meetings in person in May but no meeting in June or July, returned to meeting again in August with small attendance. A praesidium set up another praesidium in a nearby parish. At the request and direction of the parish priest the parish praesidium visited homes with an image of the Sacred Heart and recited prayers and rosary. There were no reports from attached councils.


Cuba: Cuba was badly affected by Covid. Sr. Wallace extension worker from the States and Sr. Laydy Buenfil from Merida Senatus Mexico did extension work in Cuba for 2 weeks during the month of May. They visited the Legion in Havana Diocese and neighbouring dioceses. Transport was particularly difficult. Apart from setting up a new curia in Guines Diocese of Santa Clara, they visited

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The six teams have returned from their projects and that completes the projects for this year. So far we have received the team leader’s report from 4 of the projects.

There were many good contacts with a number of non-practising Catholics promising to return to the faith, non-Catholics interested in learning about the Catholic Church, Catholics wishing to join the Legion of Mary and other interesting communications. In relation to St. Patrick’s Parish, Soho project a number of contacts were made in the brothels and were all very happy to get Miraculous Medals.

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A Legion of Mary stand featured at the Youth 2000 summer festival which took place in Clongowes Wood College from 11th-14th August and was attended by over 700 young Catholics from all over Ireland. There was some lovely engagement from festival attendees. 20 provided their names and contact details. Having a presence at the festival brought awareness of the Legion to many young people, the future of the Church - a most worthwhile venture.

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There will be a meeting for Correspondents on Saturday 15th of October 2022 at 10.00 a.m. in Nazareth Hall, Morning Star Avenue, Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

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