Concilium Bulletin October 2022



Comitium held its inaugural meeting as Regia on 8th September 2022. 85% attendance in May and 65% in June. A new Curia was established in June. The English speaking praesidium in Macau sought and was granted affiliation to the Regia. Covid restrictions were still in place so the Legion apostolate was curtailed. Oral reports were taken showing 3 new auxiliary members recruited as well as 12 active members. 9 however left some because they were moving elsewhere.


Kuala Lumpur Regia: Covid restrictions were lifted in May which meant the Regia could resume meeting. There are 12 praesidia and 12 curiae attached to the Regia. The Chinese curia reported with 1 junior and 13 senior praesidia having 131 active, 143 auxiliary and 9 probationary members. 10 of the praesidia had resumed face to face meeting and works permitted are limited. The legionaries kept in touch with 24 Catholics and 22 non Catholic contacts by phone.


The Concilium Correspondent awaits hearing from the Correspondent in Taiwan who has been away. They were due to have Centenary celebrations on the 16th of October.


Seoul Senatus: Inviting people to the Church on a large scale often leads to people becoming catechumens and receiving Baptism. The lapsed are encouraged to return. Catholics and non-Catholics were visited. Volunteer service at welfare institutions is mentioned. Efforts are being made to restore praesidia after Covid.

Gwangju Senatus: While there has been a decrease in numbers due to Covid there is also an increase in new members. One Comitium reported 285 catechumens, 29 of whom received Baptism. 64 lapsed returned to practice. The sick, both Catholic and non-Catholic, are being visited.


Mother Immaculate Curia has 5 Korean speaking praesidia and one Japanese speaking praesidium. They were greatly affected by the Covid restrictions but kept in touch by zoom and telephone with each other. The Curia reporting in July visit the sick with the Eucharist and serve the lonely and suffering in the community. Another Curia sends cards to the newly Baptised and first Communicants.


Attendance is still quite low. A praesidium of 14 members visit the youth and those of the LGBT community to explain the teachings of the Catholic Church to them. Movie nights for non-Catholics and discussion follows on matters of Faith. The Junior Curia has 16 praesidia operating in 4 schools. They lead Morning Prayer, organise the school Mass and lead prayers before examinations. The Mandarin East Curia celebrated its 30th anniversary with a Mass attended by 70. They organised an inter-generation day of talks and discussions for legionaries. 4 Spiritual Directors attended in person while over 900 tuned in on YouTube.

Malang Senatus: Rosario Comitium has 11 praesidia, 8 Curiae and 1,473 members. They visit prisons, the elderly at home and elsewhere and go with the priest to the anointing of the sick. There are 3 Comitia on the island of Sulawesi. Bali has 2 Curiae one of which has 3 junior and 11 senior praesidia. The Regia of Semarang has 11 praesidia, 3 Curiae and 2 Comitia. A seminar was held on True Devotion to Mary.

Kupang Senatus: They visit homes, hospitals and auxiliary members. 2 families who were quarrelling were reconciled. 48 unbaptised children were prepared for the sacrament and 28 received Baptism. Couples are also prepared for the Sacrament of Marriage. A new praesidium was set up in the prison.



Petrina Comitium: Petrinja Curia has six praesidia, 33 active and 120 auxiliary members. Some new members were recruited and an Exploratio Dominicalis undertaken. North Sisak Curia has 9 Praesidia, 48 active and 265 auxiliaries. An Orthodox couple married civilly for many years agreed to be married in the Catholic Church.

Zagreb Regia and Countries under caretakership of Zagreb;

The Regia has plans for extension and to set up a new Curia of 5 praesidia. 5 praesidia are covered in this report. They are gradually getting back normal apostolate. A praesidium of 8 active and 53 auxiliary members reported 22 people receiving the sacraments following home visitation. Miracles of grace were reported in many of the Curia reports.

Zadar Comitium has 7 praesidia and 2 Curiae with 6 and 5 praesidia attached. All praesidia were encouraged to do street contact during lockdown. The Acies was held.

Osijek Comitium has 6 praesidia, 518 auxiliaries and 2 Curiae attached. On several occasions Mass was organised in a home for mentally ill with an opportunity for Confession.

Split Comitium has 14 praesidia with 173 active members 21 of whom are Praetorians. Much home visitation is done. Two married couples are being helped to overcome crises in their marriages. 1 person was baptised and 9 persons received the sacraments after a long time.

Countries under caretakership:


Sarajevo Curia: 3 of the 4 praesidia reported on home visitation. 2 persons received the sacraments after a long absence and 1 was anointed


Senatus of Austria: Attendance at Senatus meetings has 1 greatly improved. 3 praesidia feature in this report. The apostolate includes street contact, visiting Parks, the homeless and those with addictions. Weekly baptismal preparation for adult Catechumens from Albania and of older children for First Holy Communion is done. The apostolate of a praesidium of 9 members is to the care of Persians includes a weekly prayer circle, Catechises and Holy Mass. Contact work is also done with refugees.

Curiae and Comitia reports:

In Innsbruck Curia a Consecration to Jesus through Mary had 25 people in attendance in addition to legionaries.

Vienna Curia are doing extension. 2 Comitia reported a mini project with 10 adult and10 young legionaries during which 780 contacts were made. 2 other Comitia are working hard on extension.

Countries under the care of the Senatus:


Comitium Prague has 15 praesidia and 1 Curia attached. Apostolate to the young and care of auxiliaries were reported.


Praesidia meetings have resumed and Acies held. 2 Senatus members made a visit to Bulgaria to encourage and help get curia meetings restarted.


The two Curiae are making good extension efforts.


The Comitium has 10 attached praesidia and 3 Curiae and are hopeful to fill the position of secretary at the next meeting. The Comitium Spiritual Director Rev Fr. Valters has returned from a mission and is hoping to attend the Comitium meeting regularly. The Jelgeva Curia has grown over the last year from 3 praesidia to 5 and Curia officers attended the August Comitium meeting for the first time since Covid.


Kaunas Comitium are organizing recruiting drives for the next 6 weekends.


Minsk Comitium: Extension is being done and visitation of attached praesidia. A praesidium in Minsk with 5 active and 7 auxiliary members do street contact work and do Catechetical classes for children and another praesidium has 5 members and 13 auxiliaries. Legionaries were instrumental in the baptism of a young lady at the Easter Vigil and two legionaries were her godparents.


Satu Mare Regia: Attendance at Regia meetings are still low. Elections for secretary and treasurer are very much overdue despite reminders by the Correspondent. Centenary celebrations were held in September. The Bishop was the main celebrant at the Mass, which had a very good attendance. A simple meal was served afterwards where the Bishop and Priests also participated.


Budapest Regia: The 101st year of the legion was celebrated in a festive meeting and included Legion prayers and Holy Mass. The Regia Spiritual Director gave an overview of the Legion of Mary in Ireland and then the last 30 years of the legion in Hungary. The celebration ended with a meal. Works reported; visiting the sick, including legionaries and the housebound. A winter school has been arranged for March 2023.


Lublin Regia: Extension efforts and other solid works were reported, including an outreach to tourists, book barrow and visitation of 700 apartments. Recruitment is planned. PPC: Two projects took place in Ostrava in July and August.

Warsaw Comitium: The Acies was held. Praesidia visitation was stressed. A Praesidium of 10 members do street apostolate. The legionaries find that young people are more willing to engage than those in the older age group. Regular help is given to children from the Ukraine and outreach to the homeless.

Warsaw-Praga Comitium: Extension plans discussed. Reports show many good works of service. A Curia of 10 praesidia with 91 active members, 13 Praetorians and 156 auxiliaries do much nursing home visitation, help elderly to get to Church, visit families who have been away from the church for years, and those with addictions. Miraculous medals are widely distributed.



The Diocese of Dromore consists of 23 Parishes. The Comitium is centered in Newry which is responsible for 13 Parishes and north Dromore Curia for 10 Parishes. The legion is in eight of the 23 Parishes. A great deal of work around the Church is undertaken. Much work is also done in visiting the primary and secondary schools where the DVD on the Rosary and Miraculous Medals and other religious objects are distributed.

Down and Conor: Meetings have resumed with new Officers elected. A summer barbeque was a great social occasion for the members to reconnect. A Rosary procession is planned for October. An Exploratio Dominicalis took place with 29 members covering 31 streets in Ballymurphy and surrounding Parishes. 538 homes were visited with replies from 350 homes where good contacts were made.

Navan: The new praesidium in Johnstown is doing home visitation and the Parish Priest is very happy with their work. Plans are being made for the book barrow apostolate and a praesidium in Navan is well on with plans for a junior praesidium. Mullingar Curia had its first meeting since pre Covid on October 1st.

Raphoe: The praesidium in Creeslough has been holding meetings since early this year. In Letterkenny two praesidia have amalgamated which now has eight members and one probationer. They ran a very successful book barrow at the square from April to August this year where they were well received and distributed 2500 miraculous medals. The Comitium is planning to take part in Volunteers day at the Atlantic Technology University to promote the legion.


Drogheda: The Centenary celebrations went well in Arlee. Fr. Sean Mc Carton spoke very highly of the legion at the vigil and morning Mass. In Drogheda Mass for the Venerable Edel Quinn was well attended. On June 26th Mass was celebrated to mark the 90th anniversary of the birthday of Alfie Lambe. Noel Lynch gave an excellent talk on Alfie with a slide show in the Pastrol Centre. There was a good attendance. Curia visitation was carried out to Praesidia in Laytown and Drogheda. In Clogherhead the Praesidium had a book barrow on the Pier beside the statue of Our Lady.

Armagh: The membership of the praesidium in Armagh is five full, five probationers and 18 auxiliary members. The apostolate includes rosaries in schools. The Rosary was lead in the Cemetery each Sunday during November and on December 8th the legionaries gave miraculous medals to the congregation at the 8, 10, and 11.30 Masses in the Cathedral. A new junior praesidium with 9 members held its second meeting on September 19th. Fr Emanuel is their Spiritual Director.

Clogher Curia: The Curia has resumed its meetings with a very small attendance. Reference is made to members getting the Legion up and running again.

Dundalk: Curia meetings have taken place in May and June with a very small attendance. The Curia has just two praesidia at present. The Acies took place in June and was considered a success.

Leitrim Curia: Attendance for June, July and August was small. The Curia is regrouping some of its praesidia so as to strengthen the membership. Legionaries participated in the project on Reek Sunday where Miraculous Medals, prayer leaflets and Rosary packs were distributed. One of the legionaries who climbed the reek made some very good contacts on the journey. An Exploratio Dominicalis project is planned for Carrick on Shannon in October.

Clonmacnoise Curia: Progress reports were taken from the three praesidia in the Curia. The legionaries are working hard to recruit new members. Notices of day and time of meeting were placed in the Parish bulletin, fliers are being printed to encourage people to join. The public Rosary in the car park continues to take place on Our Lady’s feast days.


Annunciata Curia: The main work of a praesidium is home visitation. Legionaries say that they are calling to invite people back to Mass. They remind people of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. On the Feasts of Our Lady, legionaries organise a public Rosary at the grotto. A Curia Centenary function was held recently. Active and auxiliary members past and present were invited. Speakers were also invited.

Gloriosa Curia: Legionaries met a lady on pilgrim statue visitation who was very traumatised, having witnessed a murder. She was very glad to receive the statue. Another lady who had prayed to our Lady of Lourdes at the grotto in Inchicore got a visit the following day from legionaries with the statue. She suffers from pain that doctors cannot explain and she was sure that the visit by legionaries was an answer to her prayer to Our Lady the previous day. Legionaries pray a weekly Rosary from May to October at the Traveller site at Labre Park. Many confessions and house blessings have resulted from this work, including one man who returned to confession after 20 years. Centenary masses were celebrated in Leixlip, Celbridge, Maynooth and Bluebell. Frank Duff banner is displayed in a different parish church each month. Weekly children’s Rosary is held in Celbridge. Outreach in St. Mathew’s parish and annual reunion are planned.

Ancilla Domini Curia: Curia visitation to Frank Duff’s grave was held on August 28th. Rosary and legion prayers were recited. Weekly evangelisation takes place in Temple Bar on Saturdays at 3pm. It is a very busy place with many tourists and shoppers. All are approached and offered Miraculous Medals and Rosaries. Many accept a medal and are given a short talk to explain it. People of all religions and none are encountered. Many conversions and healings have been received. At 4.45pm a public rosary is held. All are welcome. Project 300 is promoted both by the praesidia and the Curia. All praesidia have recruiting on their agenda. Many members of Curia went on the Legion of Mary Pilgrimage to Knock on September 25th. Some members also sang in the choir. Curia organised a Centenary Concert in St Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday 3rd September 2022. There was a full house and all performances were outstanding. All seemed to enjoy the night and the feedback since has been very positive. Curia Pilgrimage to Glendalough is on October 15th. Myra House was open for Culture Night on September 22nd and attracted many visitors. Curia Reunion is to be held in December.

Mary Spouse Of The Holy Spirit Curia held a ceremony on Monday, August 22nd, the feast of the Queenship of Mary, in the Priory Gardens, Tallaght. After leading a reflective walk in the gardens, Fr. Donagh O’Shea O.P conducted the Plenary Indulgence ceremony in the Church. About 20 attended including auxiliaries. All were appreciative of this unique experience and were blessed with beautiful afternoon sunshine. The Venerable Edel Quinn prayer meeting has resumed after the summer break with an attendance of 10 parishioners. It is now in its 19th year and has 20 faithful followers. Curia members set up a table at the back of Firhouse Church every Monday from 9.30am to 11am. Contacts are made with parishioners and those visiting the church. They are invited to light a candle or say a prayer before and after Mass. Back copies of Maria Legionis and other Legion literature are distributed.

Mater Ecclesia Curia organised a bus for Knock pilgrimage. Retreat and annual reunion are being planned. Annual mass for Venerable Edel Quinn was celebrated in September and followed by a recruiting drive. Curia is hoping to restart Frank Duff Holy hour, which stopped during lockdown. A praesidium with 9 full members and 8 probationary members is attracting new members from Mexico, the Philippines and Argentina. Works include home visitation where parishioners are encouraged to attend Eucharistic Adoration. Two male members conduct outreach to drug users and invite them to a prayer meeting and encourage them to return to confession. Public Rosary and Legion prayers are prayed every Saturday at 3pm, followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet. A legionary corresponds with a prisoner in an Irish prison. RCIA programme is being investigated for a Chinese family who wish to join the Catholic Church. A praesidium distributes 30 Maria Legionis every quarter.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: A praesidium doing home visitation in a new housing estate got 34 requests for blessing of the home. Nursing homes are regularly visited and the Rosary is prayed with the residents. A praesidium started a monthly prayer meeting for mothers during lockdown on zoom. These meetings are now face-to-face. They pray the Rosary and read from Scripture. Another praesidium operates a Spiritual Library, where religious books and pamphlets can be borrowed.

Assumpta Curia: Two legionaries prayed a decade of the Rosary with Communion and Confirmation students that they visited in a local school on October 7th, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Edel Quinn Mass was celebrated in Clarendon Street on September 10th. Bus was organised for Annual Knock Pilgrimage. The Frank Duff Banner is displayed in different Churches.

Benedicta Curia: A number of members have been lost since the pandemic due to ill health and resignations. Praesidia are getting back in touch with their auxiliary members who are delighted with their visits. One presidium attends a weekly public rosary. Three praesidia along with members of Junior Curia are now taking part in Street contact at the shopping centre in Rialto. Two members are manning a book barrow and four other members are doing street contact. The book barrow is set up outside the Legion house and miraculous medals are distributed and recruiting efforts made. A young woman shouted from her car “Are you selling holy things?” The legionary replied “No. We’re giving them away” She stopped the car and accepted two miraculous medals and listened to the story. She thanked the legionary and told her that her partner was being treated for cancer. Another man accepted a miraculous medal and listened to a brief explanation. His daughter has cancer, and his wife has difficulties. The members talked to him about the Mass, and he thanked them for being there to listen to him.

Immaculata Curia: A new praesidium has opened in St Mark’s parish Springfield. The Curia has taken on the organisation of the annual Alfie Lambe mass. Public Rosaries are organised on a daily or weekly basis. The title of last Patrician meeting was ‘Knock;A Vision of Hope’.



Senatus of Burundi: Here are the latest most complete statistics for the Legion in Burundi up to the end of 2021. They have 1 Senatus: Gitega- Burundi; 1 attached Regia: Bujumbura, a combined total of 108 Comitia, 644 Curiae, 4,700 praesidia, 51,055 active legionaries, 6,354 auxiliaries. The secret of the strength of the Legion in Burundi is their exceptional commitment to the True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis Marie de Montfort.

The Senatus put forward their ideas regarding the restructuring of the Legion in Burundi, as they have many councils and high membership.

Comitium Ruganza, Diocese of Ngozi, gave an excellent annual report in Sept 2022. They have 129 praesidia, including 8 junior praesidia, 724 active legionaries including 120 junior legionaries, and 54 auxiliaries.

Their figures regarding contacts indicate their high level of commitment to the spiritual apostolate. They promoted the Rosary to 1,985, Mass to 151, encouraged 87 to come back to the Catholic Faith, 360 to come back to the Sacraments, invited 111 people to join the Legion, and 54 to become auxiliaries. They also do many works of consolation including to the old, the bereaved, the sick and prisoners. They gained 1 Curia, 5 praesidia, 75 legionaries including 45 junior legionaries during the course of the year.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: Despite numerous requests to Lubumbashi Senatus, no minutes or news were received from them, except promises that the minutes would be forwarded. Elections for new Senatus officers were held last January, but the officers cannot be ratified in the absence of the minutes.

Senatus of Butembo: July and August reports received. Regia of Mahagi has 6 Comitia and 2 praesidia attached.

Average Attendance: 95, including diocesan chaplain, 6 officers.

Apostolic Work: The suicide of a woman and the decision of another to hang her son were prevented because of legionary intervention and advice. Over 740 young people joined the Legion of Mary. 32 new praesidia were set up, 632 children were catechised. Large numbers of Christians from other denominations joined the Catholic Church, over 1,400 catechumens were baptised. 68 marriages took place through counselling.

The Bishop Monsignor Sikuli Paluku was to offer Mass in Beni parish for the closure of the Centenary Year.

All Comitia were asked to have a Mass offered through collaboration with priests.

Senatus of Bukavu: Many works were reported. Legionaries have catechised, done Church readings, trained or taken part in choirs, have helped in Base Communities and all Church and parish activities as required.

Senatus of Kisangani: Legionaries have given presentations of the Legion of Mary in Churches and have visited military garrisons in many parishes. 36 new members have been recruited. As a result of legionary approach to non-baptised people regarding the Faith, 68 have received the Sacrament of Baptism. Many prayer meetings were organized to pray for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 363 sick people were visited in hospital, and 62 in their homes. Abbé Gabriel Songe, a previous Spiritual Director of the Senatus, and a faithful servant of the Legion, died in September last after a long illness. Prayers are requested for the repose of his soul.

Senatus of Kananga: As many people no longer attend church, legionaries have been encouraging Christians to attend Mass, and 225 have responded. 320 received the Sacrament of Reconciliation, 463 are praying the Rosary, and 185 attended Stations of the Cross during Holy Week. Thanks to the work of catechists, 122 Catechumens were baptised, 312 made their 1st Communion and 5 couples were married in church. 78 new members have been recruited, of whom 48 were juniors.


Rodrigues Regia: Reports from Mauritius include the organising of a full-day retreat on Sunday 9th of October by the Comitium of St Anne, led by Deacon Eric, who is a long-standing member of the Legion. This Curia has set up 2 new praesidia, and a former member of the Curia of Ste. Helene has taken vows as a religious sister. Financial reports show a steady sale, month by month, of handbooks, medals, etc.


Senatus of Kigali: The first Senatus meeting since the outbreak of the Pandemic was held in May of this year. No reports of this meeting were given, as works are very slow to re-start. All councils were asked to send in reports to the June meeting. During the visit to Dublin of all of the officers including the Spiritual Director of the Senatus, it was recommended by Concilium that at least 2 Regiae be set up in order to govern the Legion in Rwanda. This was finally agreed to by the Bishops, but was put on hold owing to the Pandemic in early 2021. It is hoped that it can now be finalised.



Buenos Aires Senatus: Special contacts are made in the plazas, where people are sitting down relaxing; legionaries speak about Our Lady. Gardening work is done with youth. This is true Devotion to the Nation. A Comitium recorded 468 excellent contacts and much recruiting being done. Two firefighters are amongst the new legionaries. A recent new work is contact with Street boys, who clean car windows at traffic lights. The Senatus of Buenos Aires Alfie Lambe procession through the streets of the capital is now being done in the city of Salta Senatus.

Senatus of Cordoba: The Senatus is made up of 6 Comitia (1 local) and 8 Curiae (4 local) and 7 praesidia (4 local). The attendance at the Senatus meetings.

Salta Senatus: This year the Legion was leading the annual procession of Our Lord and Our Lady of the Miracles which attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists. Legionaries help many Bolivian immigrants to organize their novena to Our Lady of Urkupiña. WhatsApp messages promoting Alfie Lambe’s Cause are done on a daily basis. 24-hour rosaries are done on 21st of each month praying for his beatification. All councils arranged celebrations to mark the Centenary Year of the Legion. A junior Curia composed a traditional song for the Legion Centenary.

Corrientes Regia: The Regia decided to discontinue the officerships of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer after the present terms expire. A Curia reported visiting Covid patients and other sick people, bringing Holy Communion and helping with meals and cleaning. They held a procession to a grotto on the vigil of the Immaculate Conception after which they did street contact handing out leaflets with a consecration prayer to Our Lady. A continuous Rosary was recited for the cause of Alfie Lambe on 21st August while a Young Adult Legionaries conference was held on 14th August. A Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Legion and the closing of the Centenary Year, with a good attendance.

Rosario Regia: In June a group from Rosario travelled 300 km to Buenos Aires in order to visit Alfie’s grave, meeting there a lot of local legionaries, who had organized a conference to celebrate Alfie’s 90th birthday. The monthly reports bring us stories about public rosaries, invitations for which are the excuse for home to home visitation and personal contacts; visits to sick people and nursing homes, and catechesis meetings. A prison is visited, teaching prisoners to pray the rosary. A praesidium reports street contacts with drug addicts.


Belo Horizonte Senatus: One Curia reported that legionaries at the request of their Spiritual Director, initiated a work of evangelisation in a bazaar. As a result of this work, parents returned to Mass and children are attending catechism classes. Four active members and four auxiliaries were recruited for the Legion. Another work undertaken involved visiting families to encourage participation in the Holy Week ceremonies. As a result, many people sought the Sacrament of Confession in preparation for Easter.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: In the period covered by the minutes, they carried out little legionary work due to the omission of several meetings and the pandemic situation. However, they still made visits to homes, hospitals and prisons. They guided and participated in all Legionary activities. They reactivated a praesidium and held several training meetings for praesidium officers and councils.

Salvador Senatus: Legionaries continue to work in the pastoral preparation for Baptism, giving the Parents and Godparents’ Course. They assist prisoners and drug addicts. They made 200 visits and 111 return visits to families. They carried out evangelization and counselling to residents in a neighbourhood, where they visited cohabiting couples, day care centers, hospitals, and families of prisoners. An attached Regia organized the preparation for the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. The Legionary Youth Secretariat organized a Retreat for legionary youth.

São Paulo Senatus: One Comitium reported 548 visits to families, 42 visits to the sick and 60 visits to the elderly and 38 visits weekly bringing Holy Communion. Another Comitium reported 471 visits to families and 35 young people prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. A report from another council showed 1,357 contacts on the metro, on the street and at health centres.

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National and World Ploughing Championships 2022

The Legion of Mary, once again this year had a stand at the Ploughing Championships in Rathaniska, Co. Laois. Legionaries from Counties, Kildare, Laois and Kilkenny together with some members of Presentata Curia in Dublin attended.

Many very good contacts were made, in excess of 600 miraculous medals and over 130 rosary beads were distributed. The contact details of twenty three people were taken for both Auxilliary and full membership in addition to one possible spiritual director. These contacts are currently being followed up.

Many young people were contacted and were encouraged to persevere in the faith.

One man who approached the stand told of how his life was saved through the intercession of the Servant of God, Alfie Lambe. This man who is now a parish priest has been followed-up to request he send in a report of this for consideration to the Alfie Lambe cause.

Another man who was contacted professed to be an athiest, however following a conversation with one of the young legionaries, he indicated that he would have to reassess his position.

An amount of Legion literature was sold and handed out. In particular, one complete set of Frank Duff writings in addition to other Legion literature in now on its way to the newly installed Bishop of Katsina-Ala, Nigeria, Rev. Isaac Dugo who had been very involved in the Legion in his previous parish.

The Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin also visited the stand and gave each of the legionaries a blessing. He was very taken by the Eternal Ploughman poem by Frank Holohan and took a photo of it – as did a number of other people. Photos were also taken of the Centenary Bookmark pull-up stand.

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Knock Pilgrimage

The main celebrant at the Legion of Mary Pilgrimage to Knock on 25th September was His Grace, Bishop Alan Mc Guckian of Raphoe Diocese. His homily commended the writings of Frank Duff, particularly the Handbook, in regard to its guidance on the role of Mary as the heart of the Mystical Body of Christ. This guidance provides Legionaries with a means of addressing the Gospel challenge presented in both the First Reading and the Gospel for this Mass. The Gospel being the well known parable on Lazarus and the Rich Man. From its beginning in 1921, the Legion gave special attention to the most lowly and dejected in society as well as doing many other works of spiritual mercy.

With over 70 coaches from all over Ireland present, there was a capacity crowd in the Basilica.We thank all Legionaries who helped conduct a prayerful pilgrimage with special thoughts for those who are ill and for those who have died over the past few years.

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Requiescat in Pace

Alice Creaton came to Dublin to take up a post in the Civil Service, in the course of which she was invited to join the Legion. She retired from the Central Statistics Office after 30 years service in 2008. She was a member in Ancilla Domini Curia and served in several officerships. She then became an indoor sister for a year in Regina Coeli Hostel after which she became a member of one of the Hostel praesidia, Light of Nazareth, being a member there for 23 years. She was very generous in the time she gave to the Hostel and was there for many years to help prepare, cook and serve lunch for the residents on Christmas Day.

Alice served as a Concilium officer first as Assistant Secretary looking after visitors and hospitality from 2011 to 2017. She was then elected as Assistant Treasurer from 2017 to date. She became a familiar figure to many legionaries throughout Ireland and elsewhere looking after English literature orders and sales. She would have concluded her 2nd term in July of next year.

Alice was admitted to St. James Hospital and diagnosed with cancer in May. She bore her illness with dignity, her immediate response being that she was ready to go. And if anyone was prepared to go it certainly was her. A week before she died she was on the phone to ask us to pursue some items she was unable to complete.

Alice was an extraordinary person: she didn’t own a TV; she was an avid reader; a great proof reader; she participated in many pilgrimages and retreats. She was a Praetorian member and had the best memory I encountered. She never asked questions she said but people seemed happy to share their life-stories with her. She was an organiser for the Legion Pilgrimage to Knock and we all recall her here telling us to fill the buses. She was a great colleague helping out in many ways with her endless energy. Despite not having a car she made her way to wherever she was going and arrived there before many of us!

She would have been 76 years of age yesterday (Saturday 15th October) but the Lord had other plans for her. Her funeral Mass took place in St. Brigid’s Church, Cloon Bonniffe on Friday last 14th October with burial afterwards in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. About 20 legionaries gathered to recite the Legion Prayers at her grave.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam dílis.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -