Concilium Bulletin November 2017


Auckland Senatus: Praesidia are very active in parishes conducting catechism classes to children, Rosary and Pilgrim statue apostolate, bereaved follow up, hospital and nursing home visitation and bringing Holy Communion to the sick. Exploratio Dominicalis projects are undertaken monthly and 10 turned up to a first Legion meeting. Masses for Edel Quinn and Frank Duff were offered. Juniors are very active and had a training day and their own Retreat. Miraculous Medals were given to all mothers on Mother’s Day. Korean Curia, Auckland has 142 members who visit the lapsed and evangelise non-believers.
American Samoa visited 6 libraries to make suggestions re stocking Catholic books. Savaii Island Samoa has 4 Curiae, 19 senior and 9 junior praesidia. Four new praesidia were set up.

Brisbane Comitium: Attached to this Council is a Korean Curia with 9 praesidia, also 19 praesidia (eight of which are a long distance away). Four of the praesidia are Vietnamese. 29 families took the Pilgrim statue. First Saturday Rosaries have an attendance of 30/40. Bible study weekly has 20 attending, including a Chinese lady interested in the Catholic faith.

Melbourne Senatus: Six praesidia, Curia and Comitia reported. A Patrician meeting at 5pm on a Sunday is very well attended. Back-packers hostels were visited at Easter and Christmas with Mass times given to residents. Legionaries visit a Detention Centre with the priest. Flemington Vietnamese Comitium has 3 Curiae with 362 members. Port Olry Comitium, Vanuatu, has 17 praesidia. Legionaries visit the elderly, unmarried couples and some have agreed to be married in Church. Children are instructed in the schools and 5 people were received into the Church.

Sydney Senatus: Canberra Curia reported on door to door visitation; they prepared and distributed welcome and Church information packs to families in the new suburbs, have 3 Pilgrim statues in circulation, and assist with the RCIA programme. Other reports included visiting the bereaved, and conducting a High School Seminar.

Bicolandia Senatus: Libmanan Comitium reported visits to jails to teach the Rosary to prisoners. Catechism is taught to Elementary School pupils. Visits are conducted to the sick, hospitals and victims of the typhoon.
Lagazpi Regia has 17 praesidia, 4 Comitia and 8 Curiae. Works include: Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in homes, and preparing children and adults for the Sacraments. The Prison Ministry of the Archdiocese thanked the legionaries for their work in Naga District Jail.

Senatus of Northern Philippines: The Diocese of San Pablo consists of 86 parishes, 18 of which has no Legion presence. Over 7,000 visits were made to homes, and contacts made in shopping malls, parks and food outlets. 154 inmates were visited in jails, 2 given anointing of the sick and 84 involved in drugs were counselled and received the Sacrament of penance; 26 of these were put into rehabilitation and jobs sought for them.

Regia of Antipolo assisted two people to receive Confession after 20/30 years lapsed from the Church. In a jail where Bible study is conducted weekly, 60 inmates went to Confession when the priest visited.
Lipa Regia covers 179 parishes and 82 have no Legion presence. Juniors held a poem-writing contest which resulted in new members and they continue helping at the parish book-barrow.
Rabul Regia (Papua New Guinea): The Legion operates in 58 out of 72 parishes.

Western Visayas Senatus: North Central Iloilo Comitium visited 424 homes on an Exploratio Dominicalis project. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo project had 23 legionaries participating and a new praesidium was set up. A person diagnosed with cancer was reported as being miraculously healed through the intercession of Frank Duff. A Curia reported on homes and hospitals visited, crowd contact and jail visitation. Exploratio Dominicalis facilitated the marriage of a couple living together for 30 years. All reports mentioned block Rosaries, jail visitation, with many instructed in the Sacraments. A Baptist woman was converted. One Regia has 2 seminary praesidia.

Cebu Senatus is conducting officership training seminars for members/councils in order to train them to become good and effective officers. A number of praesidia were revitalised. One council reported visiting over 1,000 families, 4,000 children from public schools catechised, and 418 prisoners encouraged to receive the Sacraments. A Curia organised the praying of 2,000 Hail Marys for the unborn. A junior praesidium with 50 members will shortly divide, and another reports the setting up of a counselling programme for unwed couples and single mothers. The seminary praesidia organise education projects and work in harmony with the parish priest. The Senatus Spiritual Director Fr. Ubod is very dynamic.

Mindanao Senatus: One new Regia was formed in Tagum, making 7 Regia reporting. The correspondent has advised the forming of further Regia in the Davao region as the growth of the Legion in that area needs such councils.


Bogota Senatus: The Senatus has set up 3 new Regiae as a result of discussions with Concilium during their visit last year. Cardinal Salazar sent them a letter of thanks for their help during the papal visit; he also asked that they continue the work of evangelisation. The 96th Anniversary of the Legion was celebrated in the Cathedral of Soacha. Apostolates include evangelisation in prisons and to the homeless on the streets, to mentally unwell in hospital and to those not practising the faith. They recommend marriage to those living together. Public Rosaries in a park resulted in several new active and auxiliary members. The recital of the Rosary in the University Chapel also resulted in the recruitment of students to the Legion. The Regia of Bucaramanga established a new Comitium and a new Curia while the Regia of Tunja set up a new Comitium and 3 new praesidia. The Regia of Neiva formed 5 adult and 3 junior praesidia. The Regia of Villavivencio report 3 new praesidia and a new juvenile Curia of 3 praesidia.

Senatus of Quito: The Regia of Cuenca has 3 Comitia and 5 Curiae attached. The correspondent with this Regia highlighted several issues in a report to the Senatus.

Senatus of Montevideo: The Senatus reported completing the audit of the 2016 books. Two praesidia directly attached to the Senatus have 8 and 14 active members respectively. A PPC Project from Argentina took place in a parish in the Diocese of Las Piedras. The local Comitium helped out with preparations, meals etc. The 7 Argentinians were joined each day by 7 Uruguayans to do home visitation, in particular promoting the Rosary. Many un-baptised children were identified. The local legionaries are following up on special cases. A Comitium of 250 active and 428 auxiliary members reports a new praesidium and 3 extension attempts; one of them may result in a junior praesidium. The Comitium in the Diocese of Maldonado has one Curia attached; in total there are 11 praesidia comprising 68 members of whom 2 are Praetorians, and 669 auxiliaries of whom 14 are Adjutorians. The Bishop celebrated their Acies ceremony. One of their works is keeping the Churches open.

Senatus of Caracas:The secretary is entering the seminary this month. They held the 4th Annual Junior Get-Together at which the Cardinal attended and celebrated the closing Mass; there were 145 young people in attendance. The PPC to Tigre was a success with a new praesidia formed.

Senatus of Santiago: The Senatus is committed to preparations for the visit of Pope Francis next January. 350 legionaries attended the second National Legion of Mary Congress held recently in Temuco; a report is expected shortly. Many praesidia say home-to-home visitation is their principal work. Most reports mention personal contacts. They take seriously being always on duty. Visits to auxiliary members also feature strongly. Columban Drives are held frequently with the Legion altar placed at the entrance to the Church.

Senatus of La Paz: Teaching catechism to shoe-shine boys continues, a work started by Alfie Lambe. Many praesidia work in areas where 90% of the population are Evangelists. Here home-to-home visitation is their main work. Some families have accepted the Pilgrim statue and returned to the Catholic Church. In praesidia where some legionaries are elderly and cannot walk long distances, street contact work is done; this includes chatting to older people waiting at bus stops and helping them to get on the bus. Those waiting to cross busy roads are taken by the arm safely across the road and spoken to about the faith. The legionaries arrange Bible study groups in the homes of married couples.

Senatus of Asunción: A new Regia is planned for the Dioceses of Ciudad del Este and Canindeyu in the east of the country, subject to Concilium approval. Of the 14 Dioceses in Paraguay, 11 have the Legion and it is hoped that the new Regia will extend the Legion to one of these - the Diocese of San Pedro. During the three-month period, 4 Comitia, 6 Curiae and 7 praesidia reported. Most councils and praesidia have full officerships. Exploratio Dominicalis and home visitation feature in many reports. A Comitium with 17 praesidia, 6,952 active members and 8,300 auxiliaries visits colleges to promote the Legion among students. Another Comitium has an apostolate to clinics, colleges and a prison. A good number of prisons have internal praesidia; the members teach catechism and do Bible readings with other inmates. A Curia with 5 praesidia, all doing home visitation also visits sick auxiliaries and pray the Rosary for peace with children doing catechesis in schools. A Curia in one parish has 10 praesidia. Many praesidia take the Pilgrim statue to homes and conduct pre-baptismal and pre-matrimonial catechesis in the homes. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is widely promoted.



Carlow Comitium has 5 praesidia. The new praesidium in Askea has help from other legionaries. Their main work is hospital visitation. A reporting praesidium in Carlow town has 4 members who have a weekly Frank Duff Rosary group in different homes each week. Attendance at their Patricians comprises mainly legionaries and they do not have a Spiritual Director. Kildare Curia has started a new praesidium in Newbridge.

Elphin Comitium: Ballygar praesidium with 5 members did book barrow contact work at Ballygar Carnival. Ballyleague praesidium, also with 5 members brings the Fatima statue to parishioners. North Elphin Curia: Ballinafad praesidium reported on a parish initiative to reach out to the lapsed in the community. The legionaries received a letter from the parish telling the lapsed how much they were missed by the community and that they were always welcome. They also visited the homes in the parish with the new Parish Priest, Fr. Julian Lupot, originally from the Philippines. As a result many substantial conversations about the faith took place. Efforts to establish the Legion in Sligo Institute of Technology are on-going.
Tuam Comitium: Dunmore praesidium has 6 members. Works include organising weekly Adoration. In May, to commemorate the Fatima Centenary members organised 24 hour Adoration in the parish Church. They also took the Fatima statue to a local school and told the children the Fatima story. The children recited a decade of the Rosary each day while the statue was in the school for the week. Miraculous Medals and prayer leaflets were given to the first Holy Communion children in the local parishes. Home visitation is done with the Fatima statue. Mountbellew praesidium organised an extension project in the parish in July. A legionary spoke at all Masses on Saturday evening and Sunday morning and many homes were visited. Follow-up was done. Members bring Holy Communion, Holy Water and Miraculous Medals to a local nursing home and pray with residents. They did some door to door visitation promoting Eucharistic Adoration and auxiliary membership. The Fatima statue was taken to the sick and the local college and Technical School and 150 Brown Scapulars were distributed. The statue was also taken to two local Churches and 1,000 Scapulars were distributed. They distributed St. Bridget’s crosses in two local parishes.


Achonry Curia has 3 praesidia attached. Ballymote praesidium, founded in 1932 has 6 members whose main work is visitation of parishioners who are confined to home and patients in the nursing home and outreach houses. During May they organised the weekly recitation of the Rosary at Our Lady’s Grotto in the grounds of the nursing home which was well attended by members of the public.

Clonfert Curia: Ballinasloe praesidium with 10 members was the first praesidium started in the Clonfert Diocese in 1937. Visitation of homes, hospitals and nursing homes are their main work. They also run a knitting club for the elderly and those with learning difficulties. Taughmaconnell praesidium organises Eucharistic Adoration as well as visiting the sick at home and in hospital. Holy Water bottles are filled and placed in the Church porch for collection.

Ferns Curia: Oulart junior praesidium has 5 members with average age of 8 years. They help with the cleaning of the Church and also ensure that the Holy Water fonts are kept clean and refilled. Sections of the Handbook are read and discussed at the meeting and also the Mass readings. The Curia had a stall at the Tinahely Agricultural Show and about 600 Miraculous Medals and leaflets were distributed. Galway Curia: Ballinfoyle praesidium has 5 members, one of whom is a Praetorian and they have 12 auxiliaries. Their works are home visitation and visitation of special cases. They assisted in the promotion of Eucharistic Adoration in the parish. Another reporting praesidium does home visitation with the Pilgrim statue which they find very fruitful. An ex-legionary aged 103 is visited in a nursing home and her eyes light up when she hears the word Rosary.

Killala Curia: A praesidium in Ballina with 6 members and 35 auxiliaries has two pairs carrying out weekly visitation with 5 Pilgrim statues. They gave out over 90 Holy Water bottles at the stall on Heritage Day in Ballina. Bellmullet praesidium has 5 members, 4 of whom are Praetorians. They have 45 auxiliaries. They encourage young people to participate in the Mass as readers, also to pray the Rosary and promote the John Paul 11 award programme. Knockmore junior praesidium has 4 juniors and 2 senior members. They prepare Communion packs, visit relatives especially grandparents and help on Heritage Day.

Kilkenny Curia: The works of 2 reporting praesidia, both with 5 members include visitation of the sick or those living alone, visits to nursing homes and a hospital and 4 hostels for psychiatric patients, plus book barrow apostolate.


Consolata Curia: Three reporting praesidia marked the Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima by hosting a weekly public Rosary in a Town Centre from May to October, a weekly Rosary on the 13th of the month at a local grotto and Holy Mass, plus Rosary and Benediction in another area on 13th May this year. A praesidium undertakes home visitation with a statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as well as visiting residents in a local nursing home. Another praesidium visits the local boy’s school weekly to pray a decade of the Rosary with the boys and give a short talk, followed by a question and answer session. Other works include Pilgrim Virgin statue visitation, home visitation and street contact. The Rosary and Frank Duff prayer are recited with residents of two nursing homes. Recent recruiting efforts in the Curia included outreach at a stand in a Pavilion Shopping Centre as well as a weekend outreach to a parish which resulted in 4 visitors to the praesidium meeting.

Veneranda Curia: A praesidium undertakes street apostolate, home visitation, distribution of Maria Legionis and auxiliary visitation. A junior praesidium has been set up recently and extension is on-going. A praesidium in another parish has 33 full and 27 probationary auxiliary members. Works include weekly home visitation and weekly Rosary in a nursing home. Contact was made with staff and students of St. Patrick’s College in May where Miraculous Medals were gratefully accepted. A presentation on the Miraculous Medal was given to 90 pupils in two Primary Schools. Following visits from the legionaries, a lapsed Catholic agreed to have her 5 year old son baptised and a young man reported that he now attends Mass and is much happier in himself.

Bethlehem Curia: A praesidium which is over 90 years old had 16 visitors during the year and their works include home visitation, visiting residents in a care centre and sheltered housing where legionaries recite the Rosary and sing hymns with the residents. A young Chinese Protestant man invited legionaries into his home and wanted to know more about the Catholic Church. Another praesidium organises a ‘De Montfort Men’s Club’ twice a week for approximately 7 men. The Rosary and Frank Duff prayer are recited at each session and activities include a game of pool, supper and watching TV. 23 men visited the club during the year. One man, encouraged by the praying of the Rosary at the club, returned to Confession after 15 years. Approximately 40 people attended a public Rosary to mark the Fatima centenary on October 13th. Average attendance of Patricians at two meetings was seven. The Curia runs a monthly Frank Duff prayer meeting and an Edel Quinn Promoters meeting.

Porta Coeli Curia: A praesidium with 65 auxiliaries on roll delivers 50 copies of the Maria Legionis and parish envelopes at Easter and Christmas. The praesidium acts as a centre for the Pioneer Total Abstinence Asociation, setting up a table at the back of the Church each month where they deal with enquiries for membership of the Pioneers and distribute the Pioneer Magazine.

Exaltata Curia: Two praesidia, based in the Regina Coeli hostel, have a membership of 11 and 8 full members, including 7 Praetorian and 14 auxiliaries. Their main work is caring for the spiritual and temporal welfare of the residents of the hostel with duties such as cleaning, preparing meals, arranging doctor’s appointments, helping residents to complete application forms, arranging outings for residents and counselling. Holy Hours are held thrice weekly and approximately 10 residents attend the weekly Bible Coffee morning. Two legionaries accompanied one resident to meet with her son whom she had not seen since birth. One resident has made great progress in the practice of her faith and with the help of the legionaries has started working.

Cape Verde Regia (Cabo Verde Islas): Reports were presented by one praesidium 4 Curiae and 5 Comitia. Literacy classes are organised. During an Exploratio Dominicalis planned in cooperation with the priest, families of 55 children were encouraged to have their children baptised. Also 4 un-baptised adults were met.
A discussion was held on how to attract more young members provoked by the constant reduction in membership due to age, illness and emigration. The international communication continues with correspondence between the Regia and Legionaries in several continents.

Luanda Senatus: Higher councils are working for the division of Curiae which in some areas have up to 34 praesidia each. On the occasion of a meeting of the Angolan Bishops in Luanda, the Senatus President had an opportunity to discuss the situation of the Legion in their Dioceses with the Bishops of Ndalatando and São Tomé and Principe. It is hoped to make another visit to the Islands of São Tomé and Principe in February 2018. Seven Senatus Officers including the Spiritual Director and President were part of a group, led by the Archbishop of Luanda, which took part in the celebrations in Fatima, Portugal, in May 2017, to mark the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady there, and during which our Holy Father Pope Francis canonised Saint Jacinta and Saint Francisco. The legionaries were happy to have contact with the Lisbon Senatus during their stay. A Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré das Aguas – Barra do Kwanza, almost fifty miles south of Luanda, for Luanda legionaries to mark the Fatima Centenary was organised by the Luanda Senatus. A praesidium with 22 active members and 14 auxiliaries made contact with 250 people on visits to homes and with 180 sick people in hospital. At Senatus meetings legionaries are encouraged to advise people in regard to matters of health such as drinking clean water and to take care in regard to an insect called “Ferro em Brasa” and the virus Zika.

Benguela Senatus: Most praesidium reports show visitation of the sick at home and in hospital. Some praesidia visit homes for the elderly. There is a report of some conversions. Recruitment for the Legion is mentioned in many reports. One Curia reported on the recruitment of some adolescents. A new Curia was set up in Calomanga. One Curia reported that there is a lack of Secretaries in some praesidia. Some reports mention a problem of weak attendance at meetings. The new Spiritual Director of the Senatus made visits to Lubango where he met with Spiritual Directors of the Regiae of Lubango and Namibe. He also visited Bié where he met Spiritual Directors of the Regiae of Bié and Huambo. The Benguela Senatus carries out regular visitation of its attached councils, some of which are a long distance from Benguela.

Lesotho Senatus: The names of three priests were forwarded to the Archbishop for consideration as Spiritual Director. The Archbishop duly appointed one of them, Fr. Tiaba as Spiritual Director of the Senatus. The September Minutes reported that he is translating the booklet of Frank Duff’ but they haven’t clarified which one. A praesidium reported visiting prisons monthly.

Hwange Comitium: Works undertaken include visiting prisons, visiting the sick, helping the elderly and street contact apostolate.
Harare Curia: An e-mail was received and Minutes are due.

Johannesburg Senatus: Reports from 3 praesidia indicate that very solid home visitation is undertaken by the legionaries. Contact is made with Moslems, atheists, non-Catholics and there were many returns of the lapsed to the Sacraments. Membership in praesidia is good and efforts are made to attract youth to the Legion. Hospital and prison visitation is undertaken and street contact is also done.
Durban Comitium: Elections for Vice –President and Treasurer are overdue.
Matatiele Curia: A praesidium of 9 members reported the Baptism of 16 children and 20 children being prepared for First Communion.
Marianhill: No news since a letter was received in June.
Cape Town Senatus: Following a very successful visit by the Senatus Officers to Concilium plans are underway for the extension and development of the Legion in the Senatus area.

NAMIBIA: A letter was received from Northern Namibia giving details of the Curia in that area. There are 8 senior and 3 junior praesidia attached and very solid work is undertaken by the legionaries. 13 praesidia are functioning in another part of Namibia and Cape Town Senatus will arrange for setting up a Curia in that area.