Concilium Bulletin November 2009

ARGENTINA: Cordoba Senatus: - Correspondence is being undertaken by email. One of the attached Curia has set up its first junior praesidium. Corrientes Regia: There are plans for extension and for opening of new councils. Street contact with the Miraculous Medal is done in preparation for important “Fiestas Patronales”. Rosario Regia: A Curia with 14 praesidia has 12 catechists who teach catechism to children and adults and also to inmates in the jails. The Rosary is being recited at a bus terminal. A Comitium with 5 attached Curiae and 43 praesidia reported that there were many returns to the practice of the faith, especially among the elderly. Some parents and children received the sacraments together for the first time. They have many prayer groups and visit the jails weekly.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: - True Devotion to Our Blessed Lady is promoted on home visitation. In two apartment buildings the recitation of the Rosary has developed a good community spirit. In a prison where a rebellion had taken place contact was made with the new prison governor and the rebellious prisoners. Street contact in the city center leads to lively contacts with people of all ages and members of various religions including religious leaders. Legion membership in the attached Montes Claros Regia increased from about 13,500 to almost 20,000 in the past four years.

Recife Senatus: This Senatus have begun to publish a Legion journal for Brazil with a circulation of 20,000 copies. Three hundred young legionaries took part in an all night vigil. The result of a Peregrinatio project is the building of a chapel.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: The Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani Pestana attended the September Senatus meeting and invited legionaries to be in a permanent state of mission, depending on Mary, Our Mother, the first Evangeliser, to evangelise with renewed enthusiasm. On the previous day, 5,000 legionaries were present when the Golden Jubilee of the setting up of the Senatus was celebrated with Mass in the Cathedral. The chief celebrant was Dom Edson Castro Homem, Auxiliary Bishop and Senatus Spiritual Director. Catechesis and visitation to promote the reception of the Sacraments is the primary work of the Legion in the Senatus. A legionary from the Senatus spent three months visiting 34 praesidia, 12 Curiae and 5 Comitia in the Amazonian region and set up three new praesidia. The attached Belem Regia set up the Legion in four more Dioceses.

Salvador Senatus: The affiliated Regia of Aracajú celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the Legion there with Mass in a sports stadium at which the Archbishop of Aracajú, Dom Jose Palmeira Lessa was chief celebrant. This was preceded by a procession of thousands of legionaries through the streets to the stadium. During some entertainment later a special tribute to Ireland was presented by a display of céili dancing
São Luis Senatus: The Sacraments, the Bible and the Rosary are promoted on visitation. A group of 77, including children and adults, were prepared for Baptism. Care was given to a young person dying of aids, arranging medical care and his obsequies.

São Paulo Senatus: The Senatus celebrated its Golden Jubilee in June and the Second Spiritual Directors’ Conference was held in Sao Paulo in October. A retreat for young legionaries had an attendance of 80. Some results from the legionary apostolate were: the return to Mass and the Sacraments of a family, the return to the Church of a 99 year old lady who had become an evangelical and seven people receiving Baptism and the Eucharist as a result of home visitation.

Brasilia Regia: The Regia has included the Concilium bulletin and two of Frank Duff’s articles on their website. Five thousand legionaries took part in a special Eucharistic celebration on 7 September.
Ponta Gross Senatus: A report in their journal shows an attendance of about 50,000 legionaries at the National Legion Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in June.


Osaka Senatus: - Japan is composed of three islands in the Pacific Ocean with approximately one percent of the population Roman Catholic, of these there are Brazilians, Filipino and Korean immigrants. The Legion has its seat in Osaka with a Senatus and two Regiae, one Regia in Tokyo and one in Nagasaki. There are approximately 4,500 active and auxiliary legionaries in Japan. Mass was celebrated for the 21st anniversary for the founding Spiritual Director of the Senatus Fr. Maeda, at which the Archbishop concelebrated. Works carried out include visiting the lapsed who are encouraged to return to the Sacrament and the sick are visited accompanied by the priest with the Blessed Sacrament.

Kuala Lumpur Regia: - A number of Legion days were held: one Curia had 95 members split into 10 groups visiting homes, lapsed Catholics and hospitals. Another Curia had 70 members split into 7 groups visiting orphanages, homes for disabled, old folks home and a home catering for HIV. Another Curia had 8 members visiting old folks home and an elderly lady in her home, a group of 18 members visited 30 families in a distant zone in Kajang parish.

Taiwan Senatus: - The Senatus has a Comitium with 14 Curiae and a membership of 2,105 members and 1,671 auxiliaries. The Legion is established in all Dioceses. Last year Taiwan celebrated 150 years of Christianity, arising out of this the Church are holding a Gratitude Convention in November, the Legion are being invited to take part. Extension efforts have resulted in a number of praesidia increasing in membership from 153 to 195 since July 2009.

Hong Kong Comitium: - The highlights of the minutes are the Allocutios given by their Spiritual Director with emphasis on Our Blessed Mother, the Handbook Legion work, weekly meetings, Evangelisation, good preparation for meeting and work and Praetorian membership. One Curia reported a high standard of attendances both at the Curia and praesidia meetings and there are no vacant officerships.

Seoul Senatus: - Attendance at the Senatus is usually around 80%. Three praesidia for taxi drivers were established. The Eastern Seoul Regia and the Central Seoul Regia have set up a new Comitium, 18 new Curiae, 187 senior praesidia and 10 junior praesidia with a total of 1,712 active members, 248 Praetorians, 47 Adjutorians and 124 Auxiliaries. Wonju Regia has an additional 7 senior and 1 junior praesidia. They reported 1,671 enrolled in Catechism classes, 1,231 Catechumens baptized and 1,195 returns to the Sacraments. Chuncheon Regia had an increase of 2 Curiae and 10 praesidia with a membership of 4,077 active members.

Gwangju Senatus: Membership has also increased in the council. Inviting people to the Church is a feature of all reports. One Comitium started street missionary project, legionaries make contacts bearing leaflets and missionary magazines, as a result 120 people have come for instruction.

Daegu Senatus: The Legion apostolate focuses on instruction of catechumens, baptisms, returns to the Sacraments as well as visiting hospitals and institutions. A Curia in Daegu Catholic University is composed of students, professors and staff. There is a total membership of 2,874 in the Andong Regia.

Jakarta Senatus: - The Curia in Cililitan carry out a variety of works including visitation of patients in a psychiatric hospital. Curia Mirror of Justice Campus has 14 praesidia in 5 different Universities in the city of Jakarta.

Malang Senatus: A new Curia with 8 praesidia has grown from 2 in 2007 in West Nusa, Lombok Island. A Comitium from Manado were commended for the variety of their work. The Senatus reminded members that an important work of the Apostolate is visitation of the people.


Chicago Senatus: The Spanish Curia in Indiana reports the Baptism, reception of First Holy Communion and Confirmation by children, young people and adults. Peoria Curia: A former praesidium President celebrated his first Mass and a Curia President has entered Religious Life. At a nursing home the Rosary is said and it is mostly non-Catholics who attend. Legionaries offer the lapsed a leaflet styled “Come home for Christmas”.

St. Louis Senatus. New praesidia were started in Kansas and Nebraska. An 87-year old Baptist was received into the Church, prisoners requested scapulars, four men have entered the seminary, 6 adults returned to the faith, 7 Baptisms were recorded and a Marriage was validated. In Lincoln Curia 11 parishes were contacted with a view to starting the Legion. Colorado Comitium reported several returns to the faith.

Boston Senatus: Jail visitation is carried out by several praesidia and there are praesidia meetings held within the prison. The legionaries teach the inmates reading and writing and talk to them about the Catholic Church. Newly baptized adults are encouraged to join the Legion. A Catholic who became a Jehovah Witness accepted a Brown Scapular and has now returned to the Church. Twenty homes had their homes enthroned to the Sacred Heart.

Cincinnati Senatus: There are a number of junior praesidia in the Senatus. They visit schools and promote the Rosary. Five new senior praesidia have been set up and extension efforts continue. Legionaries staffed a stall at two country fairs.

San Francisco Senatus: Crowd contact is done monthly. Works include hospital visitation, enthronement of the homes to the Sacred Heart, the Rosary is promoted and retreats are mentioned in reports. A new praesidium was set up in Napa State Hospital. Five hundred people attended a one-day celebration for the Year of St. Paul. The Spiritual Director spent the day hearing Confessions. Works in the various attached Comitia include home visitation, contact work in a shopping mall, Patricians, book-barrow apostolate and promotion of the Rosary.

Arlington Senatus: The Bishop of Raleigh attended the Acies. Two Comitia were set up.

Los Angeles Senatus: A Chinese praesidium with 9 members has as their main work RCIA and home visitation. The Vietnamese have four communities in Orange County and its Council has 23 senior praesidia.

New York Senatus: A junior Curia attached has 14 praesidia with 128 members. One of their works is to accompany a senior member on Legion work and translate for them where necessary.

Philadelphia Senatus: A Mass to commemorate the Servant of God, Frank Duff was held on 7th June and had an attendance of 700. Norristown Comitium runs a drop-in center for street people twice a week. In Scanton Curia a praesidium in a prison transforms the lives of the inmates. Another prison praesidium in Greensburg was responsible for 5 converts and 14 Confirmations.

Houston Senatus: Almost 500 attended the PPC conference. The chief concelebrant at the Mass was Archbishop-Emeritus Fiorenza. The rector of the seminary, Fr. Cahill, spoke on priestly vocations and Cardinal Suenens involvement in the Cause of Venerable Edel Quinn. The Senatus agreed to caretake Belize for two years. Mother of Fatima (Korean) and Stella Maris (Chinese) Curiae are the backbone of their communities, supporting all parish initiatives, including contacting students and new immigrants. Redemptoris Mater Northern Curia, only three years in existence, has gained at least 5 new praesidia. Many contacts were made at the Strawberry Festival in Bay Area Curia. The junior legionaries brought children and their parents to the booth for sacramentals and conversations with the adult legionaries. A prison praesidium reported 120 conversions over a 10-year period.

Ontario Senatus: As a result of a Columban Drive new praesidia have been started. Works include visiting a detention center, hospital and nursing homes. Religious classes are held on Sundays where children are prepared for First Holy Communion. The Rosary is said in funeral homes, street contact is done and a day of recollection for handicapped people had 11 in attendance.

Montreal Senatus: Recruiting is on the agenda each month and generally new members are mentioned. Holy Communion is brought to the sick and a home for the elderly visited.

Toronto Regia: Halifax and London-Windsor Curiae have been visited by the Regia and given support and guidelines for development. The Comitia attached to this Regia carry out a variety of works, which include conversion apostolate, visit shut-ins, nursing homes, catechetical instruction and preparation for Baptism, prison visitation, patricians, book barrow apostolate. In Mississauga Comitium 42 active and 44 auxiliary members were recruited in the last 3 months. In the Peterborough Curia they visit a youth correctional institution. The Rosary was taught to students in an elementary school and 3 other schools have requested that it would be taught in their schools. In another Curia it was reported that members of 4 praesidia completed 33 days preparation for True Devotion.

Edmonton Comitium: Ninety children attended a retreat and a new Curia was set up with 8 praesidia in Calgary.

Trinidad Regia: Reporting praesidia are involved in hospital visitation and religious instruction in schools. Five legionaries from the Regia took part in a Peregrinatio project to Surinam. They visited the Bishop, schools and a praesidium.

The Barbados Curia reported that in a Catholic school 15 students were taught to pray the Rosary.

There are two Senatus, Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros with a total of about 30,000 legionaries.

The Senatus of Santo Domingo have only two praesidia directly attached in addition to 10 Curiae and 8 Comitia. Praesidia membership is usually 10 to 20 active members, with Praetorian, Auxiliary, and Adjutorian featuring in most reports. There are a number of Junior Praesidia attached to many Curiae. Extension features in most reports. During Holy Week an Exploratio Dominicalis is carried out in a parish where the Legion does not exist.

The Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros has 12 Praesidia, 1 Regia, 21 Comitia, and 6 Curiae attached. The Comitium Sagrado Corazon de Maria of Moca celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Legion in Moca with Eucharistic Celebrations in the parishes of its area. Most Praesidia help with the Church Pastoral plan where they visit homes seeking children for Baptism and Holy Communion. Works include home visitation, visiting hospitals, clinics, cancer hospitals, mental homes, prisons, and the bereaved, promoting the rosary, preparing children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation; catechises to youth and adults; conducting retreats, and processions though the streets. All praesidia have Masses for Frank Duff, Edel Quinn, and the Legion Anniversary. An Exploratio Dominicalis project revealed many un-baptised children and many without knowledge of the faith. They are now receiving instruction. Through the efforts of a legionary a terminally ill Protestant lady was received into the church and received the sacraments before she died.

Senatus Notre Dame de l’Assomption The Legion is in 9 of the 10 Dioceses. There is a total membership of 9,868 seniors, 987 youth and over 3,000 auxiliary members. Visitation of councils continues. Reports include visits to homes, hospital, prison and work with street children, literacy and catechism classes. Many people have returned to the Church. Two of the reporting praesidia are in seminaries and have 25 and 27 members. They work within the college.

Costa Rica Senatus. This council has one Archdiocese in San Juan and 5-Suffragan Dioceses attached. There are 9 adult praesidia, 6 Curiae and 2 junior praesidia attached. A new Comitium was set up in Cayey and another has divided. A Jehovah Witness has returned to the Church, a suicide was prevented and large numbers prepared for the Sacraments. True Devotion to the Nation type of work features prominently in reports.

Raising of Councils in Malawi - November 2009
Blantyre Regia currently has 14 praesidia, 16 Curiae, and 10 Comitia in the Blantyre Archdiocese, there are also 56 Comitia in the other 6 Suffragan Dioceses, all under the care of Blantyre Regia.
The Concilium approved, subject to ecclesiastical permission the raising of Blantyre Regia to Senatus status and raising four Comitia to Regia status, which had been agreed by the Regia, as follows:

To raise St Peter’s Comitium to Regia and attach the other 12 Comitia in the Diocese of Mzuzu, to govern the Diocese of Mzuzu, giving the proposed Regia 16 Praesidia, 7 Curiae and 12 Comitia directly attached with total membership of 10,626.

To raise Maula Comitium to Regia and attach the other 15 Comitia in the Diocese of Lilongwe, to govern the Diocese of Lilongwe, giving the proposed Regia 11 praesidia, 10 Curiae and 15 Comitia directly attached with a total membership of 42,965.

To raise Dedza Comitium to Regia and attach the other 8 Comitia in the Diocese of Dedza, to govern the Diocese of Dedza, giving the proposed Regia 16 praesidia, 12 Curiae and 8 Comitia directly attached with a total membership of 15,692.

To raise Balaka Comitium to Regia and attach the other 10 Comitia in the Diocese of Mangochi, to govern the Diocese of Mangochi, giving the proposed Regia 8 praesidia, 5 Curiae and 10 Comitia directly attached with a total membership of 7,652.

To raise Blantyre Regia to Senatus, its territory being the Archdiocese of Blantyre and the 2 Suffragan Dioceses of Chikwawa and Zomba, and attach the 4 proposed Regiae to it, to govern the Archdiocese of Blantyre and the 6 Suffragan Dioceses of Malawi, giving it a structure as follows: 14 praesidia, 16 Curiae, and 20 Comitia (10 Comitia in the Blantyre Archdiocese, 4 Comitia in Diocese of Chikwawa and 6 Comitia in Zomba Diocese).

On behalf of the Concilium, Tommy McCabe, President, extended congratulations to the new Senatus and Regiae on their great achievements and wish them every grace and blessing in their new status.

Election of Assistant Secretary
Nominations were sought for the office of Assistant Secretary of Concilium, which includes responsibility for Central and South America, as Ann Murray had completed her 3-year term. Ann Murray was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, she was duly elected Assistant Secretary for a second term. Tommy McCabe, Concilium President, wished her every grace and blessing and thanked her for her generosity in going forward for a second term.

Annual Legion Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock, Ireland
The annual Legion pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock took place on Sunday 27th September 2009. There was a significant gathering of over 6,000 legionaries with the Basilica packed to capacity. Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin, Most Rev. Eamon Walsh was the Chief Celebrant of the Mass and also the Homilist. Legionaries from all parts of the country and some from abroad attended the ceremonies. Sincere thanks was extended to Catherine Murphy, Concilium Officer, the officers of Tuam Comitium and all those involved in the organising of this event.

Visit to Bangkok
On their recent visit to Bangkok, Paddy Fay and Declan Lohan were able to attend a praesidium meeting where they heard some good reports including the visitation of Pakistani Muslim asylum seekers. They spend an 1½ hours with the Vicar General and were also privileged to meet the recently retired Archbishop of Bangkok, Cardinal Michael, who is an great supporter of the Legion. On another occasion they attended a Curia meeting, which was conducted in Thai.

A meeting was arranged with the Spiritual Director, President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Senatus as well as a few of the correspondents. Some of the items discussed were retreats, True Devotion to Mary, Peregrinatio Pro Christo, Causes for Beatification and correspondents.

They were very grateful to the Spiritual Director and other officers of the Senatus for their welcome, to Suphannie, Celine and John Michael for looking after them so well on their unexpected visit. They extend a sincere thanks to the Cardinal and Vicar General for meeting them at short notice.

Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God, Frank Duff
God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery. In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church’s evangelising work. We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith. With confidence we beg you that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before you
We ask too that if it be in accordance with your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Favours attributed to the intercession of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff should be reported to:
Legion of Mary,
De Montfort House,
Morning Star Avenue,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7, Ireland.