Concilium Bulletin May 2021



Mexico City Senatus: The Senatus printed the Spanish version of Miracles on Tap and it has already been widely distributed and they are now planning to print “A Man for Our Times”. The Senatus has been keeping in touch with attached councils by Zoom. They encouraged the Puebla Regia to hold Virtual Regia meetings. Plans for the Centenary celebrations include study of Miracles on Tap. Attached councils have been asked to submit a short video competition on one of the 3 Causes or Miracles on Tap. Praesidia are being encouraged to set up junior praesidia. The Comitium of Oaxaca reports the presence of the Legion in 2 of the 3 dioceses and 1 of the 2 prelatures.

Merida Senatus: The Senatus continues to hold the Senatus meetings by virtual means. It is a means of keeping in contact with the attached councils and praesidia, they are also keeping in touch by digital means. Most of the active legionaries are helping in their parishes with stewarding and cleaning.

Comitium Nuestra Señora De la Anunciacion reported very sad news, the death of 130 legionaries from Covid-19. A praesidium reported 8 Frank Duff prayer meeting groups and one Patrician group.

Monterrey Regia: The Regia have returned to meet in person very recently. Legion works have been reduced and where possible carried out with caution. Some works are praying with the families of deceased. Little processions through the streets, encouraging the families to put an altar in the doorway and to receive the blessing of the priest. Leading the Miraculous Medal novena and distributing the medal.

Guadalajara Regia: The Regia has returned to meeting in person in April. A number of praesidia have also returned to meeting in person. They carried out works which were possible and helpful during the Pandemic such as Rosaries at wakes and funerals, inviting parishioners to take part in parish activities by Zoom and other permitted parish works, helping with the Internet activity in the parish.

Durango Regia: With the exception of a few praesidia in remote areas all meetings are held by Zoom. The correspondent encourages them to be positive and creative although they haven’t been sending correspondence except by WhatsApp. The bishops in the attached Comitium of Mazatlan area encourage care and caution, they also asked the legionaries to care for the priests of the dioceses. A number of priests have died from Covid-19. The president of the Comitium is very active even though her husband died recently.

Hermosillo Regia: The Regia and attached councils have continued meeting but mostly by Zoom. Their Spiritual Director outlined the value of personal contact and encouraged return to normal meetings as soon as permitted. The attached Curia of Tijuana is preparing a programme to celebrate the year of St. Joseph. Contact with the sick and house bound is made by telephone. Covid-19 restrictions are observed while reciting outdoor rosaries.



Senatus of Tegucigalpa: Covid-19 has spread across the country, many councils cannot meet except by Zoom, some remote praesidia are free. They use the different means of communication including WhatsApp. They distribute the Concilium bulletin which they find very uplifting. Family members and friends have died including the president’s husband. An attached Comitium was enquiring about the Legion Statutes. The council is taking steps to do something about the Centenary and make known the history of the 100 years of the Legion of Mary.


Managua Regia: Legionaries are taking part in parish activities since they cannot do home or hospital visitation. In the month of February, the first of a six monthly programme on the Legion of Mary was transmitted. The Spiritual Director, Fr. Idelfonso and a number of officers participated. An attached Comitium plans the setting up of a new Curia.


Regia: Regia meetings continue by WhatsApp. Attempts have been made to return to normal meetings without success. Reports indicate 9 new adult praesidia and 3 juniors. Contact is also maintained by WhatsApp with the auxiliaries and others who are housebound.


San Salvador Senatus: Meetings have returned to normal after 12 months. A protestant father converted to Catholicism, he and his daughter were baptised, now himself and his wife are doing a marriage preparation course. A woman who contracted cancer and who lost her faith returned and recovered from the cancer. She now takes part in the ministry for the sick.


Senatus: Normal meeting with the permitted number of 30 allowed but 12 only attended. However, the disease augmented once again and new additional restrictions were put in place. The officers have requested the Episcopal Conference to nominate a replacement Spiritual Director as the previous man died. The correspondent keeps in touch every month with letters and the Concilium bulletin.



In February, after a long silence, word was received to say that the Legion of Mary is still very active in the Archdiocese of Karachi. English and Urdu speaking praesidia are still meeting when they can but like elsewhere are curtailed. They held their Annual Reunion on line which included recitation of the Legion Prayers and two talks by well-seasoned members.


In April an email was received to say that no Senatus meeting has taken place since April 2020. Some praesidia in the country and in villages have resumed but none in the cities. Many legionaries and their families died due to Covid-19. Prayers are needed for them due to the disturbed situation in their country at this time.


The November and December 2020 minutes were received. Two Regia, two Comitia, a Curia and a praesidium reported in this period. Hanoi Regia have 8,951 active, 86 Praetorian, 5,521 Auxiliary members of whom 152 are Adjutorian members. The members arranged adults and childrens Baptisms and Confirmations, 52 marriages were regularised, 43 abortions prevented and 488 new Auxiliary members were recruited.

Buon Ma Thuot Regia have 11,311 senior members, 4,049 junior members, 1,700 Praetorian members, 16,150 Auxiliary members. They recruited an impressive 949 active and 673 Auxiliary members. They instruct many in the Faith in addition to preparing people for the Sacraments.


Chennai: The May Regia meeting was cancelled due to the worsening situation in India. All meetings and outdoor activities are not permitted. They keep in touch with each other online. They plead for prayers that the Covid-19 situation will be overcome.

Karnataka: They report having a very tough 3-4 weeks. Legionaries and family members as well as many priests have died due to Covid. They have started a month-long Rosary on- line every evening at 8.30 p.m. to pray for all afflicted with the deadly virus.

Kerala Senatus: The President was in touch with the Correspondent in March to say that some meetings had resumed. The Senatus officers planned to meet that month to assess the situation but the situation in India has considerably worsened in the meantime.

Mumbai Senatus: February and March 2021 minutes received. No meetings had taken place for 10 months prior to that. A number of Curiae held an Acies ceremony. A retreat was held for limited numbers. All members have been encouraged to study the Handbook and writings of Frank Duff. The 3 praesidia reporting in February mentioned visiting the sick, housebound, bereaved, the marginalised in institutions, crowd contact and visiting the transgender to share the Bible and pray with them. Due to a resurgence of Covid-19 the April and May meetings could not take place.

Pondicherry Senatus: met after a break of 10 months. Notice was given of 2 elections.


The Legion obeyed the instruction of the Bishop that no meetings would take place from 17th March 2020. In May 2021 there was communication received to say that the Comitium officers, including the Spiritual Director, agreed that praesidia and Curiae could resume meeting as a high percentage of the population have been vaccinated.


Despite their difficulties and restrictions some communication was received via social media which included a short video of the Acies ceremony held on 6th May at which 12 legionaries made their act of consecration. They were very pleased with the Handbook Study suggestion and especially liked the idea of keeping a journal. They ask for prayers for their country.



Carlow: Fr. McEvoy, Comitium Spiritual Director, conducted the Acies ceremony in Rathvilly Church and two legionaries attended. The ceremony was streamed and legionaries from praesidia in the Comitium and attached Curiae were invited to follow the ceremony. Legionaries from one praesidium recite the Rosary each Sunday at a local Grotto. In Kildare Curia legionaries recite the Rosary online from the local church for the month of May. Members of the praesidium in Newbridge meet on Zoom and recite the Legion prayers. In Laois Curia members are doing a novena to Edel Quinn for the recovery of a lady who is seriously ill

Tuam: The praesidium in Tuam has 8 members, 70 auxiliaries and one adjutorian. No meetings were held since March 2020. At the request of the priest members recited the Rosary novena in the Cathedral in March, May and November which was broadcast on the parish radio and webcam. Members also recited the Rosary in Tuam cemetery on Sundays during the summer and attend a monthly Rosary in another cemetery. The Rosary is recited on Fridays at Our Lady’s grotto and every evening during October and November.


Achonry: Legionaries in Kiltimagh remind people of Confessions taking place in the church every Saturday. Two people from Dublin visiting their family grave on Holy Saturday were delighted to be told this and felt blessed being able to attend Confession during Holy Week. Later they wrote to thank the legionaries. Door visits take place to legionaries living alone. Legionaries organise the outdoor Rosary each evening for the month of May at the statue of Our Lady of Knock. They lead the Rosary and some members of the public attend. Some years ago when doing home visitation an elderly man said he would like the priest to call. Since then the priest had been calling regularly and one day recently was inspired to visit the man and bring him Holy Communion. A few days later the man died suddenly.

Galway: They held a Curia meeting via Zoom in March with only 5 in attendance.

Killala: The Curia officers are watching each night on Zoom Mary’s Channel of Grace.

Kilkenny: Members of Castlecomer praesidium say the Legion Prayers and Rosary one night a week on WhatsApp.


Ancilla Domini Curia: Has 8 attached praesidia

Curia Membership: 46 Active, 3 Probationary and 171 Auxiliary members.

All Curia offices are filled including that of Spiritual Director.

The Curia catchment area includes the Liberties area which consists of four Parishes (Francis Street Parish, Meath Street Parish, Whitefriar Street Parish & Donore Avenue Parish) and Clondalkin.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception has 4 active members and 35 auxiliary members. The main work of this praesidium is home visitation and visitation of Peamount Nursing Home and Cherry Orchard Hospital. 45 copies of Maria Legionis are distributed.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart has 4 active members all Praetorians. No auxiliary members. Their works include street contact in Dublin’s Temple Bar and home visitation. The 3 causes are promoted during street contact and home visitation.

Mary Gate of Life with 37 auxiliary members and 28 probationary auxiliaries and 1 Adjutorian member. Their main works include home to home visitation and organising Eucharistic adoration which has an attendance of 35 members and a Patrician meeting. 76 copies of Maria Legionis are distributed.

Our Lady Joy of Israel has 7 active members and a Spiritual Director and 1 probationary member. They have 45 confirmed auxiliary members. Works include street contact in the Liberties area of Dublin and Temple Bar. Home to home visitation is high on the agenda. A monthly meeting (Pauline Circle) between Catholic and other Christian faiths is organised, the aim is Christian unity. Some members volunteer in the Morning Star Hostel. Recruiting is done weekly with reports given at each meeting. A monthly Holy Hour is organised in Myra House.

Our Lady of Victories has 9 active members and 2 auxiliaries. Their works include street contact in the liberties area of Dublin and home visitation. A stall is placed at local community events such as the love Dublin 8 Festival. Some members volunteer in the Morning Star Hostel.

Our Lady Cause of Our Joy has 14 active and 2 probationary members, 2 auxiliaries and 3 Adjutorians. Their works include street contact, home visitation, some members volunteer in the Morning star and Regia Coeli hostels.

Mother of Perpetual Help with 1 Praetorian and 45 auxiliary members.

Their main works include home visitation and crowd contact at Heuston Station. Eucharistic adoration and the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in homes are promoted.

Our Lady of Hope (Clondalkin) with 5 probationary auxiliary members. Works include home visitation and nursing home visitation.

Recruiting is high on the agenda, recruiting drives are organised in various parishes throughout the year. Members are asked to invite two people each week to join the legion. A monthly prayer meeting is organised in Myra House for the promotion of the cause of Frank Duff. The cause of Frank Duff is promoted heavily throughout the year. 2 Patrician meetings are held each month, one in Donore Avenue the other in Myra House.

Myra House is open to the public on Saturdays (Pre Covid), tours of the house are given and the history of Myra House and the legion is explained to visitors.

The house is open to visitors each year for culture night.

The Acies ceremony and Curia Reunion is organised annually.

PPC: 4 curia members went on PPC in 2019.

CLONDALKIN & INNER CITY PROJECT from 8th June - 14th June 2019

The aim of this project was the consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. All those we came into contact with were encouraged to go a step further in their faith journey.

The lapsed were gently encouraging to come back to the faith, while those practicing were encouraged to take a step further by attending Eucharistic Adoration or committing to reciting the rosary daily. Homes, businesses, markets and streets provide opportunity for contact work. We welcomed many legionaries from across Dublin and beyond.

The project began on Saturday 8th June in the Parish of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Killian, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 and continued there the following day. Many contacts were made, we found the people of Clondalkin friendly and open to the faith. 5 Auxiliary members were gained for the local praesidium and one resident has joined the Legion in another parish.

On Monday 10th of June legionaries turned their attention to Liberties area of Dublin. Homes, Shops and Businesses were visited throughout the course of the week. Street contact was carried out in Temple Bar, Francis Street and Thomas Street. The project finished on Friday 14h June with a Public Act of Dedication to the Sacred Heart at the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue on Gray Street, Dublin 8.Throughout the course of the week 1,448 homes were visited of these 424 contacts were made. There were 4 requests for a priest to call back. One request for aid from the St. Vincent de Paul. 1 active member was gained and 7 auxiliaries enrolled. 207 act of consecration cards and 117 Frank Duff payer cards were accepted. Over 300 miraculous medals were handed out.

Challenges: An increasing age profile and lack of members are the main challenges facing our Curia. Some praesidia mainly those who hold morning meetings aren’t doing too well. It is hoped that these can be restructured and moved to a different time to make the meeting available to a wider range people.



Frankfurt Senatus: Council meetings have not taken place since December ’20 because of restrictions. Legion prayers have continued on Zoom. Legionaries have continued their apostolate in pairs, visiting the graves of deceased legionaries and praying for the repose of their souls. Since April visitation of nursing homes has resumed with restrictions. All Councils celebrated the Acies as the celebration of public Mass was permitted. The central Acies was beautifully celebrated in Cologne Cathedral. The audit of Senatus funds has been undertaken. In preparation for the Centenary of the Legion all legionaries in Germany are promoting the 33Day Marian Consecration. A special enrolment form was signed by the participants Masses with the accompanying Consecration will be celebrated in 20 locations in Germany on the 7th June. One Curia alone enlisted 100 participants for the Consecration. Other celebrations planned for Germany are September 6th; a Pontifical Mass will be celebrated by the auxiliary Bishop of Munich in the largest Church in Munich. On 12th September the Bishop of Mainz will accompany pilgrims to a Marian Shrine, Maria Einsiedl. On 7th November the Apostolic Nuncio will celebrate a Pontifical Mass in Frankfurt Cathedral. This will mark the great central event of the celebrations.

Darmstadt Curia: Last Curia meeting took place in December. About half of the praesidia continue to meet in the church to recite the legion prayers and other praesidia pray over the phone or via Zoom. Korean Curia 14 praesidia meet weekly via Zoom


Zurich: Praesidia continued to meet during lockdown and the first Council meeting since lockdown will take place in May.

Kazakhstan and Siberia no meetings are allowed.


Brussels Senatus: No meetings have been taking place. Legionaries are studying the handbook and have just finished Chapter 12.

Antwerp Regia No apostolic work is being carried out because of restrictions. Legionaries keep in touch by phone. A short meeting takes place in a chapel in Antwerp where legion prayers are recited.


Amsterdam Regia: April and May Regia meetings were held on Zoom. The Cape Verde Curia in Rotterdam held its Acies with 41 legionaries present. Except for the months of March, April and May 2020 the praesidium in Groningen was able to meet in the presbytery. There are 8 active and 7 auxiliary members. Contact work is restricted. Catechesis is given to a Chinese community as well as bible study. Children are being guided through the Mass and the Parish Priest has asked the praesidium to help with First Holy Communion children. One child was baptised at Christmas and two other people have been helped back to faith.


Brentwood Regia: Due to restrictions meetings still cannot take place. Praesidia members recite the legion prayers on the day and time of their legion meeting. And some members are coming together on Zoom to recite the prayers. They are delivering the Maria Legionis by posting it through the letter boxes and are also keeping in touch with parishioners by phone. The Regia President continues to send out a spiritual reflection and an Allocutio each week to members.

Southwark Comitium has organised the Centenary Mass for 25th. September in St. Georges Cathedral with Archbishop John Wilson as Chief Celebrant.

Central London Curia: The apostolate being carried out by some praesidia includes contact by phone or on WhatsApp/Facebook with information re church activities. Through this a lapsed Catholic went back to Church and joined one of the online meetings.

Liverpool Senatus: Latest correspondence was for 8th March. An Officers’ meeting was held on Zoom. It was decided to mark the Year of St. Joseph by having a Prayer to him printed and also one to St. Francis de Sales for help in these difficult times; one thousand of each prayer card was printed and have been sent along with some copies of the Maria Legionis to each praesidium for distribution. The Acies was arranged for March 26th in the parish of the Spiritual Director, Fr. Deegan.

Birmingham Senatus: Senatus meetings have not taken place since February 20. Officers meetings have been held on Zoom and some virtual meetings were held with officers of attached Councils with good participation. As a means of keeping in touch with members some praesidia have been meeting online. Bristol legionaries promote the Rosary by distributing Packs to those attending Mass. The Acies was held in three different Councils. All three Churches facilitated social distancing


Events planned for the month of May are Sunday 9th Fr. Boyle, Spiritual Director will stream legion prayers from the parish. In line with regulations 50 people can attend; on Ascension Thursday the first pilgrimage of the season to Carfin takes place and 100 people can be accommodated, legionaries are asked to promote it. Centenary Events: Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd Bishop Joseph Toal will celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving at Carfin Grotto and a Rosary procession will follow the Mass. On Monday 31st May, Feast of the Visitation a ‘Legion Appreciation’ event will be live streamed by Fr. Boyle and 50 legionaries can attend.


A praesidium of 3 Active members have introduced the Rosary pilgrimage. A man to whom they gave a rosary was having difficulty getting work. He prayed the Rosary and soon afterwards got employment. Legionaries continue to lead the recitation of the Rosary before Mass on Saturday and Sunday. They have noticed an increase in numbers participating and as a result three people have asked to join the legion. Catechism is being taught to children and the sick and housebound are also visited. A praesidium with 9 full and 3 probationers have continued with their weekly meeting. Much of their work in the hospitals has been stopped due to the pandemic. The miraculous medal is also distributed. The praesidium held an Acies ceremony.


Tonsberg: Our Lady Queen of Peace praesidium has 6 Active and 25 auxiliary members. The praesidium celebrated its 13th anniversary in September. The apostolate includes keeping in close contact with auxiliary members, leading the Rosary in Church. Many other parish duties are also carried out.

Drammen: Our Lady of the Rosary praesidium was not permitted to hold any meetings during 2020 due to the pandemic.


Copenhagen: Our Lady of Perpetual Help praesidium resumed meetings in May following lockdown. Every second Sunday they are responsible for disinfecting and other safety requirements in the church. No other legion activities are allowed at present. Mass is planned for Centenary celebrations in September provided situation is back to normal.



Senatus of Douala: January 2021 minutes received. Some councils are back fully in operation, while others are slow to resume, which results in legionaries slacking off in their duties. The Acies ceremonies have mostly been held at the latter end of the year when activities resumed. Comitium Mbouda never stopped their activities and it showed: 22 new members made the promise since the last report. The works covered in the reports include home and hospital visitation as well as orphanages, street contact and contact with the homeless. They also help with catechesis and preparing for the sacraments. Comitium Nkongsamba helped with the celebration of the Christmas Mass in the prison. The Comitium in Melong also ran patrician meetings. Some conversions were reported. The Curia Our Lady of Victories in Bertoua started a new junior praesidium with 29 members in a spiritual centre of Mother Theresa. They also reported 3 conversions.


Lomé Senatus: Latest minutes are from February 2021. A conference on Alfie Lambe was held and an Exploratio Dominicalis was mentioned. Home, hospital and prison visitation as well as catechesis classes, street contact, book barrow apostolate and praying the Rosary with children are some of the works in the reports as well as 4 conversions. They also help couples for the preparation of their marriage. The organisation for the PPC to Bassar in Togo is ongoing. There were 73 present at a Mass to mark the beginning of the Legion centenary year. The audit for 2019 was done.


Dakar: Mirror of Justice Comitium has 8 Curiae and 29 attached praesidia. The report mentions home, hospital and prison visitation, organising catechesis and helping the elderly. 13 praesidia organised an Acies ceremony.


Conakry: Immaculate Mary Comitium has 4 Curiae and 6 attached praesidia. Home and hospital visitation as well as mortuaries and catechesis classes were reported on. The great need for handbooks was again mentioned.


A rather special Comitium meeting was held last November at which the Covid problem was widely discussed as well as the following items: The need to remedy the decline of the Legion in some areas, The need for more (French) handbooks, probably from Togo, the appointment of a new Spiritual Director for the Comitium Fr. Blaise Rouamba and the marking of the Legion’s centenary in a worthy way.