Concilium Bulletin March 2018

The new praesidium at McCarthy Hill has obtained permission to visit the Leprosarium
in Weija. Sunyani Comitium organised a two day project where 2007 people were
contacted. They also prepared 668 catechumens for Baptism, 1513 for First Communion
and 296 for Confirmation.

Luanda Senatus: A plan of activities for this year was received from the Senatus. A
new Curia was set up. Visits to councils usually involve giving help with legionary
formation. A praesidium of 27 members reported visiting the sick at home and in hospital
and they made 548 visits to homes. Another praesidium of eight members made 1,450
visits to the sick in hospital and 128 visits to sick people at home. Benguela Senatus:
The fourth National Youth Conference was held on 11–14 January 2018 in Lubango,
with representatives of young legionaries from all the Dioceses. The Conference was
supported by the Bishops’ Conference which had declared a period of three years
dedicated to Angolan young people. Some of the Bishops gave talks on the themes in
the Conference programme.

The Benguela and Luanda Senatus officers are hoping to meet in May to start preparing
for the Centenary of the Legion of Mary. A new Curia with six praesidia was established.
A praesidium reported encouraging older women to attend catechism classes. This
resulted in one lady receiving Baptism and First Holy Communion.

Harare Curia: The Curia has resumed contact with the Concilium after a silence of many
years. Curia minutes to December have been received. The Curia seems to be working
well with all praesidia having a work programme for the year and the Acies ceremony will
take place in March with legionaries from neighbouring parishes. Hwange Comitium: The
Comitium held a combined celebration for the Centenary of Fatima, Frank Duff Anniversary
and their Annual Reunion. The celebrations started at 8.a.m. with a talk on the Rosary and
concluded with Mass at 4.00p.m. The main celebrant was Bishop Albert Serrano.

51 officers and 110 visiting legionaries attended the annual 3 day Conference in
December. Members of one praesidium visit two prisons and attend Mass in both. The
Spiritual Director is translating the booklet, “Can we be Saints?”

Johannesburg Senatus: In Soweto Comitium Bishop Patrick celebrated Mass for the
legionaries at the Comitium Reunion and encouraged the legionaries to be faithful in
their search for souls, as many Catholics have joined other denominations. A praesidium
involved in street contact reported 3 returns to the Sacraments after 6 years.
Esigodeni Comitium: In November His Eminence Cardinal W. Napier O.F.M
celebrated Mass for the legionaries and expressed his joy at seeing so many young
adults involved in the Legion. He encouraged the legionaries to continue with their work
for evangelisation. The Comitium recently purchased 1,000 Handbooks.
Cape Town Senatus: An attached Curia reported having 10 attached praesidia visiting
homes, hospitals and institutions for the homeless. They had two workshops on Saint
Louis Marie de Montfort and Our Lady un-doer of Knots. In 2018 they plan to reach out
to the many foreigners living in the various parishes with a view to introducing them to
Legion membership.

Cape Town legionaries are planning a visit to Namibia.

Melbourne Senatus celebrated its 1,000th meeting with some past Presidents attending.
Adoration and Benediction and refreshments followed. A Summer School held on
10/11th February had an attendance of 120 over the 2 days, with legionaries from Fiji
also attending. Discussions were held on various topics e.g. Mary Shall Reign; The
Culture of Life versus the Culture of Death. A PPC project is planned for Thurgoona
New South Wales. Extension, Retreats, teaching catechism, and visits to lapsed were

Sydney Senatus: The apostolate of parish praesidia includes recruitment for Eucharistic
Adoration, and involvement in all aspects of parish life with the support of Parish
Priests. Visits are made to homes, hospitals, and nursing homes distributing Miraculous
Medals, circulating the Statue of Our Lady. Legionaries assist at Mass in the state
schools and teach Catechism. The Vietnamese Curia has a membership of 143 and over
1,000 auxiliaries.
Brisbane Comitium: A praesidium in Toowoomba which is 6 hours distant away prays
the Rosary over the sound system in a hospital every 1st.Wed. Another praesidium
reported 30 attending an outdoor Rosary and 24 enrolled in the Brown Scapular. One
praesidium contacts the guests before and after meals donated by the Missionary Sisters
of Charity in their Soup kitchen. The Korean Curia has 5 praesidia and 43 members.
Visits are made to the lapsed, non-Catholics, and bereaved; they transport migrant
families to Mass, and teach catechism. All these reports mentioned Masses celebrated
for Venerable Edel Quinn and Servant of God, Frank Duff.

Auckland Senatus: A junior Curia has 6 praesidia. They organise monthly Movie
Nights, and bring children to Mass. The Korean Curia encourages the lapsed to return
to the Sacraments and prepare children and adults for Baptism. Wellington Comitium
has 2 Curiae and 2 junior praesidia. A meeting took place with the Cardinal with a view
to promoting the Legion. Other reports featured outdoor Rosaries recited in October,
and a young adults’ discussion group.

Mindanao Senatus: Davao Regia has a weekly show on local radio. A 13-member
praesidium of the City Hall employees holds its meetings and does its work during
the lunch hour on different days. Contact is made with their fellow co-workers and
people on the streets. Pagadian Regia has 332 Praetorians among their 1,476 members.
Many conversions to the Church were reported, also two cures from cancer through the
intercession of the Servant of God, Frank Duff.

Cebu Senatus: A Curia taught catechism to 300 pupils, and promoted greater Sunday
Mass attendance. Other reports included 16 Baptisms, 9 Confirmations, 16 couples
marriages validated, and 2 junior praesidia set up. This Council visits all its attached
praesidia and Councils and extension is on-going.

Bicolandia Senatus: Christ the King Curia reported 265 students receiving Catechesis,
and 6 adults prepared for Baptism. Comitium of Libmanan has 6 senior Curiae, 540
active members in 11 directly attached praesidia, and 115 junior legionaries. Catechism
is taught to parents and godparents of those preparing for Confirmation. Enthronement
of the Sacred Heart, jail visitation, promoting early Baptism and visitation to stall
holders in the Market were reported.
Tabaco Comitium hosted the 71st. Anniversary of the Legion in the Diocese of Legaspi,
this being the first time in the history of the Comitium to host a Regia function. 234
attended and several legionaries shared their testimonies as members of the Legion.
Senatus of Northern Philippines: Liga Regia covers an Archdiocese with 179 parishes,
82 of which are without the Legion. Papua New Guinea legionaries visited Manila from
18 – 25 October. A junior Curia organised a discussion group and an exhibition of
Legion activities and gained 8 new members. To commemorate the 37th.Anniversary of
the death of Frank Duff, Mass was concelebrated, followed by a talk and exhibition in
Manila Cathedral from 8 am to 4pm.
Vigan and La Union Comitium cover 106 parishes and 72 are without the Legion.
Extension was carried out to some of those parishes. Visitation to 1,844 families
resulted in 105 conversions. Many new Curiae were set up and a Comitium was divided.
All seniors were asked to recruit a junior member.

Western Visayas Senatus: Regia of Negros Occidental reported that a couple living
together for 24 years were converted as well as their daughter and her 2 children. All
were baptised. Capiz Comitium plan to divide into 3 Comitia in the Archdiocese. Many
councils reported Exploratio Dominicalis with several conversions. Many marriages
were validated, and adults baptised. Arrangements were made for 50 old people to be
anointed. Crowd contact and jail visitation were undertaken. Two reports of cures from
cancer were attributed to the intercession of Frank Duff. Zarraga Curia reported that
an 81 year old man received the Sacraments before his death. A Born-Again Christian’
couple converted; their child was baptised and they were married in the Catholic Church.

Cloyne Comitium: Kildorrery praesidium reported home visitation, some with the
Fatima statue, and promoting the Divine Mercy Devotion. Much attention is paid to
schools where First Communicants are given Holy Communion packs and senior and
transition year students are given prayer packs. East Cloyne Curia was deeply shocked
and saddened by the death of their Vice President, Sr. Mary Barry. The February Curia
meeting was preceded by Mass offered by their Spiritual Director for the repose of her
Cork Comitium: The Comitium discussed the ‘Year of the Family, what is the Legion of
Mary’s Response?’ A reporting praesidium of 7 members does home, nursing home and
Fatima statue visitation. Miraculous Medals were distributed to First Holy Communion
and Confirmation children. A praesidium of 6 members does home visitation with
the Fatima statue and organises the rota for Adoration. Muire na Gras Curia has 10
praesidia attached. Works include running an old folks club, home, nursing home and
hospital visitation. The Fatima statue was brought to Confirmation classes in 2 schools
and the pupils promised to say one decade of the Rosary daily. Annunciata Curia:
The main works of a praesidium with 7 members include visitation of care homes and
organising the Corpus Christi Procession. All reporting praesidia in Queen of Peace
Curia do home visitation. One praesidium visits the Simon Community, does street
contact work and visited Cobh on two occasions during the year to do crowd contact to
those on the Cruise Liners. A praesidium of 9 members does street contact apostolate,
particularly before Eucharistic Adoration, shows religious videos and holds Patrician
Kerry Comitium: The Servant of God Frank Duff promoters meeting which started last
September in Currow continues to progress and is gaining new attendees each month.
Radio Maria is promoted through distribution of literature relevant to this wonderful
and inspiring Radio Station. Legionaries are hoping and praying to get a young-adults
praesidium started this year.
Mid Clare Comitium: In Lissyycasey praesidium works include promoting and
attending Divine Mercy prayer meetings on the First Friday of each month. They
organised a Night Vigil of Adoration on the eve of Advent. Two members went on
PPC projects 4 times and took part in 3 MEP projects. West Clare Curia gave their
Annual Report in November. They have 22 legionaries in 4 praesidia, Works include
visitation of nursing homes and hospitals and crowd contact during the Willy Clancy
Music Festival. East Clare Curia gave their annual report at the January meeting. They
have 13 members in 3 praesidia. Works include Music Ministry at Masses in Killaloe
and Limerick prison at Easter and Christmas, plus home, hospital and Fatima statue
Thurles Comitium: A reporting senior praesidium has 13 members and a junior
praesidium attached. They take part in all the works of the Comitium and are supportive
of the attached Curiae. Murroe Curia reported a good attendance at the PPC Conference.
Two praesidia in Cappawhite have amalgamated.
Birr/Roscrea Curia has 10 senior and one junior praesidia attached. Moneygall
praesidium has 5 members, 3 Praetorians and 18 auxiliaries. They are involved in most
Church activities and arrange a House Mass once a month with the Marian Movement of
Priests. Hospital and nursing home visitation are also carried out. They bring Our Lady
of Fatima statue to homes. Borrisokane praesidium promotes the Rosary during Lent,
May, October and November. They have an apostolate to Leaving Certificate students
and visit the students’ homes in pairs to promote the Apostolate of Prayer booklets. The
statue of Our Lady of Fatima was taken to 16 homes during the year.
Limerick Curia: The works of a praesidium with 9 members and 50 auxiliaries include
home and nursing home visitation and organising Eucharistic Adoration. On the First
Friday of the month Holy Communion is brought to the housebound. Lismore Curia:
A reporting praesidium with 5 active members and a Rev. Brother as their Spiritual
Director is based in Abbeyside, Dungarvan. All members do home visitation and do
regular visitation to 2 hospitals and 2 nursing homes. In one of the schools Miraculous
Medals were given to the Leaving Cert students; this gesture was very much appreciated.
Ross Curia has 9 praesidia attached and 2 vacant officerships. A recruiting drive
took place in 2 parishes on a weekend in October. Two praesidia each got 2 new
members. Two other praesidia have gained one member each. The ‘Legion of Mary
‘A Shorter Breviary’ was discussed at a recent meeting. In one praesidium a Religious
Sister explained how to recite the Office. The Curia has purchased a Pilgrim statue
and one praesidium has been asked to promote it in its area. Darrara praesidium has 9
members whose works include nursing home and Community hospital visitation. One
hour Eucharistic Adoration is organised in a hospital each week. Miraculous Medals
were distributed to First Holy Communicants. Leap praesidium has 7 members. Works
include sale of Catholic newspapers and visitation of those living alone.
Waterford Curia: Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan paid a visit to the November Curia meeting
and thanked the legionaries for all their work. A reporting praesidium has 7 members and
34 auxiliaries. Works include weekly home visitation with the Pilgrim statue, regular
home, hospital and nursing home visitation. In May public Rosaries were organised at 3
Grottos. Legionaries put leaflets into homes beforehand and 55 to 60 people turned up at
these venues. They operated a book barrow on 2 occasions outside the Cathedral.

Consolata Curia is comprised of 12 praesidia and 70 active members. One praesidium
undertakes home visitation promoting the Miraculous Medal and the upcoming World
Meeting of Families. They have one probationary member and distribute 2,000 Catholic
papers monthly. A junior praesidium in Swords has 10 active and 10 auxiliary members.
They distribute Miraculous Medals and leaflets to their friends at school and college,
also on social events. The active members also collect, label and fill plastic bottles
with holy water, which are then left in the Church for collection by parishioners. In
August, juniors helped the senior praesidia with the ‘Faith and Fun’ project by assisting
children to make Rosary beads. Two senior legionaries gave talks on the Legion of
Mary to transition-year students at school before which the Legion altar was set up and
explained, prayers recited and Miraculous Medals and Rosary beads distributed.

Veneranda Curia has 11 praesidia and approximately 50 active members. Muire
Máthair Dé praesidium aims at enabling legionaries to undertake their usual apostolate
with a commitment to the Irish language and culture. A monthly function focusing on
Ireland’s Christian and cultural heritage is organised each First Friday. Two members
also work in the Legion hostels. A man, whose deceased daughter had been a resident
of the Regina Coeli hostel, called before Christmas to deliver treats for the residents. He
was accompanied by his granddaughter, the daughter of the deceased lady, who is soon
due to sit her Leaving Certificate Examination.

Bethlehem Curia comprises 10 praesidia and 52 active members. Interesting contacts
were made at the Curia’s ‘Alfie Lambe Day’ where crowd contact took place at transport
hubs in the area. Another praesidium visist a local nursing home and prays the Rosary
with a small group of patients every fortnight. They also visit a local retirement complex
and undertake contact work at a local Park in the summer. A First Saturday recruiting
apostolate was recently begun by the Curia in the city centre. Two Patrician meetings
took place with 4 legionaries and 15 Patricians in attendance.

Exaltata Curia comprises of 9 praesidia. Home visitation and Pilgrim statue visitation
are undertaken weekly by a praesidium of 10 active members. They have 91 auxiliaries
and distribute 40 copies of Maria Legionis quarterly. Two members organise weekly
Adoration in the parish. Public Rosaries took place weekly in May and October with an
average attendance of 30, including children who requested Rosary beads.

Porta Coeli Curia has 13 praesidia attached. 4 probationary members of the new
praesidium in Killester have completed Garda vetting. A successful Curia Congress
took place in Killester parish in conjunction with Bethlehem Curia, the theme being
‘Building up the Mystical Body of Christ’. 60 people attended, with much animated
discussion on the various topics and an inspiring concluding talk.

Presentata Curia has 18 praesidia. Members of an 11-member praesidium, including
6 Praetorians, work in the Morning Star hostel preparing and serving meals, cleaning
and assisting at the very successful ‘Men’s Shed’ at the hostel which is proving popular
among some of the residents. The 6 member praesidium in another parish reaches out
to people suffering various addictions by talking, listening and organising a monthly
Healing Mass. Other works include home visitation, street contact and assisting in the
Morning Star hostel. Inexpensive small Holy Water fonts are offered on home visitation
as a means of encouraging and discussing the faith. 10 members of the Curia attended
the recent Youth Conference in Sligo.
Senatus of La Paz: In spite of serious political problems, Legion meetings and works
continue. Each month conversions from the sects are reported. Special attention is
given to drug addicts, some of whom are mothers with babies. They are contacted on
the streets and accompanied to centres where they receive treatment. Parish weekly
bulletins are delivered to homes and special visits made to new families in the parish.

Senatus of Santiago: Legionaries were very active in preparing for the visit of Pope
Francis in February, which was a great success. The Senatus has taken to heart the
Pope’s request to open doors to the immigrants who come to Chile from all over South
America. Many have joined the Legion. Those from Haiti are given Spanish classes
organised by the Legion. A discussion at the Senatus meeting underlined the need to
prepare new officers for praesidia and councils. Members of Saint Vincent de Paul on
their visits invite people to join the Legion of Mary. A successful Summer School was
held and new ideas and works were discussed.

Senatus de Montevideo: In this period, 2 Curiae and 4 praesidia reported. Two new praesidia
were established, one senior and one junior. Two Parish Priests requested that the Legion be
formed amongst the youth of their parishes. A workshop on how to pray the Breviary had 40
in attendance. They have organised Rosary Groups in apartment blocks. Eight legionaries
undertook the True Devotion to Mary consecration. A youth praesidium visits the homeless;
a youth who has spent 10 years on the streets was helped with his studies.

Senatus of Medellin: The Senatus is insisting that every legionary does two recruiting
contacts every week and that these be reported cumulatively to their council. Two
extension workers visited the distant Diocese of Antioquia and met legionaries in various
towns; they promised to return in February to form the Legion correctly and to bring
Legion material. The Regia of Arma reported 5 new praesidia: 2 senior, 2 intermediate
and 1 junior. This Regia also reported 80 legionaries doing prison visitation, having
contact with 359 prisoners.

Senatus of Bogota: Within the period under review, a Curia has set up a junior praesidium.
Training sessions for extension work were held, also PPC pre-departure meetings.
Publicising the Legion on the radio attracted the attention of a priest who asked for the
Legion in his parish. A Comitium enthroned the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in 300 homes,
recruiting 12 active and 75 auxiliary members in the process. The work impressed the
priest, who joined them in the work. Work among the homeless resulted in one returning
to college to finish his studies. The Regia of Baranquilla reports 10 new senior and
15 new junior praesidia. The Regia of Villavicencio set up 3 new Curiae and 4 new
praesidia; their work with the homeless is noteworthy. The Regia of Neiva reported 700
consecrations to de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary. The Regia of Fontibon recruited
5 active members via the Pilgrim statue apostolate. They teach basic prayers to children
in 10 different crèches. The Regia of Bucaramanga report evangelising youth through
ecological walks, kite-flying competitions and Christmas card design competitions.

Senatus of Quito: Regia of Cuenca repaired their premises and installed air
conditioning. The Comitium of Guayaquil appears to be working well; they report many
conversions and a prisoner, unjustly jailed for 2 years, released through their efforts.
They also report one religious vocation and a drug addict prepared for his First Holy
Communion. The Curia of Guadalupe with 19 praesidia attached, reported conversions,
a new praesidium, and apostolates including cookery classes, manual work training and
work with indigenous peoples.

Senatus of Lima: One Regia, 8 comitia and 11 Curiae reported a cumulative 70,490
homes and 30,960 sick people visited, over 22,000 street contacts made, 3027 families
consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, almost 5,000 returns to the Sacraments,
140 new legionaries, 5 new senior praesidia, one of which is in a jail, and 4 new junior
praesidia. They report evangelising in a very dangerous area and running Patrician
groups. Conversions include a Mormon, an Evangelical couple who are now auxiliary
legionaries, a Baptist couple who married and are now active legionaries and a Jehovah
Witness family of which one member is now a legionary.

Senatus of Asuncion: During the 3-month period 4 Comitia, 4 Curiae and 3 praesidia
reported. Comitium ‘Maria de Nazaret’ has 15 Curiae comprising 25 senior and 110
juvenile praesidia. A Curia visits a prison, a nursing home and homes with a statue of
Our Lady. Exploratio Dominicalis figures in many reports as does teaching the Rosary
to children in schools. Clinics, hostels, commercial centres, taxi ranks, red light districts
and hospitals are visited. An apostolate is also carried out to those sleeping rough in
built-up areas with efforts made to rehabilitate drug-abusers.

Senatus of Caracus: Extension in the Comitium of Guadalupe resulted in 11 senior
and 3 junior praesidia. One council held a Congress. In Merida they visit the jail, do
evangelisation in public transport, had many homes blessed and consecrated to the
Sacred Heart and took part in a Diocesan “March for the Faith”. They report doing lots
of extension and Columban Drives. Witchcraft is still widespread. They say that the
Marxists have greatly influenced the education system; in response they held a pro-life
talk in schools and colleges. In December the Cardinal attended the Senatus meeting
and gave an Allocutio on the “Joy of Advent”; he praised the Legion’s good work.