Concilium Bulletin February 2018



Senatus of Bukavu: Bukavu and Kabare prisons are visited. Shabunda has 10 Comitia, 43 Curiae, and 151 praesidia totalling 1,350 members. They visit the prison, the sick, widows and orphanages, also helped with the religious weddings of 35 couples and 150 Baptisms. Regia of Goma held a general meeting with 90 officers to assess the general situation in the Regia. The work on the Legion Centre is progressing.

Comitium of Kasongo: A new Curia has been set up. Kisangani Senatus: The Legion is present in all 5 Dioceses and the Senatus has 18 Comitia with a total of 18,321 active members, 589 auxiliaries, 321 young adults and students and 678 juniors. Works include prison, family and elderly visitation. During 2017 the Senatus lost 124 legionaries during political disturbances. Kananga Senatus has 6 Comitia, 46 Curiae with a total of 14,650 active and auxiliary members. In Kasai there is a general feeling of insecurity, with many legionaries lost. A Mass was celebrated for 80 people who died and during the Easter Mass 2 youths were baptised. Two marriages were regularised, the sick were visited and nearly 1,400 people were asked to help out in the Diocese. Help is sought to rebuild the Legion house which was destroyed by heavy rain.

Lubumbashi Senatus: The Youth Comitium reported on contacting non-Catholics. Seven Protestants joined the Catholic Church. They also contacted widows and widowers, orphanages and street children. The same Comitium organised several Exploratio Dominicalis projects, which resulted in 760 families being visited and the setting up of 1 new praesidium. An Annual Cultural Day brought 1,200 young legionaries together in a Secondary School. Legion topics discussed included: Fundamental Duties of each Legionary, The Officers and Legion Government.

Senatus of Kinshasa: Active members total over 128,500; auxiliary members total 34,100 divided over Kinshasha and the 3 attached provinces: Bandundu, Congo Central and Equator. Works include visiting hospices, hospitals and families. The Senatus has launched a programme called ‘Wake up youth’; this initiative is to stimulate young people in the development of the country along the lines of ‘True Devotion to the Nation.’

Butembo Senatus: Reports were received from 2 Regia, 11 attached Comitia and 2 praesidia. Works: Christians from other denominations were received into the Catholic Church; families were reconciled; alcoholics and drug addicts were helped with their addictions; young people whose lives were not in order changed their way of life. Prayers were offered for peace in the region particularly in the town of Beni where 13 people died in August. Sincere condolences were sent to Concilium on hearing of the death of Bro. Tommy McCabe. Prayers are requested worldwide for Peace in the D.R.C. and for the release of 2 priests kidnapped from 2 parishes adjoining Butembo and still held in an unknown area. Recently Fr. Robert Masinda was captured and held for 3 days. The Dioceses of Butembi, Bunia, Mahagi and Wamba have a total of nearly 60,500 legionaries.


Kigali Senatus: Works reported on include prison, elderly, orphanage and hospital visitation as well as contacting children who roam the streets and girls involved in prostitution. One Comitium has 21 praesidia attached, 22 Curiae, 19 Secondary School and 130 Junior School praesidia. Another Comitium has 17 praesidia directly attached, 31 Curiae totalling 371 adult praesidia, giving nearly 6,000 members.


Senatus of Burundi: The Senatus directs specific apostolates for students and youth and for country folk with emphasis on the Sacraments and liturgy and warning against the dangers of witchcraft and sorcery. They also run a Work Camp for their project to build a Legion house; juniors assist in this work, making bricks. De Montfort’s True Devotion is a major focus.


Bangui Senatus: The new President is Bro. Basile Doumely, elected when Bro. Jean Ouagaza died on his return from France where he had gone for the profession of his daughter. Peaceful conditions prevail after the irruption of violence in the city and country. The President is hoping that translation of the Legion Handbook could now be undertaken and asks for assistance and advice.

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Seoul Senatus: Suwan Regia has 30,798 members including 552 young adults, 1,732 juniors and 2,609 Praetorians. 10,932 were enrolled in RCIA classes and 8,090 persons were baptised. Arrangements for infant Baptisms resulted in 2,225 baptised and arrangements were made for 1,664 to receive Holy Communion. Visitation of lapsed Catholics resulted in 11,606 receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. A street contact project resulted in 7 lapsed families receiving the Sacraments. A praesidium in a bank has 11 members and 5 auxiliaries; they reach out to those who have no faith and the lapsed and help out in parish events and RCIA classes and hold their meetings during lunch hour.

Gwangiu Senatus: Busan Regia has a total of 3,266 praesidia including 68 junior praesidia. They recorded 3,458 Baptisms and 4,732 returns to the Sacraments. Great numbers of sick people were visited, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Jeonju Regia recorded 1,783 Baptisms and 2,875 returns to the Sacraments. Legionaries help with many parish and welfare activities, also Sunday school; these are also mentioned in reports from other councils.

Daegu Senatus: A youth praesidium was started in an Airbase by some of the young people working there with help from a nearby parish and Curia. Andong Regia reported 116 catechumens were recruited, 23 Baptisms and 134 returns to the Sacraments.


Singapore Senatus: Former Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Louis Luaseau passed to his eternal reward on 25th January. May he rest in peace. The 70th Anniversary of the Legion of Mary in Singapore was celebrated in December 2017 with a gathering of legionaries from surrounding councils. Plans are in place for the formation of a senior and junior Curia in Kenningau Comitium.


Taiwan Senatus: Attendances at all Legion meetings are good with auxiliary and Adjutorian membership high on the agenda. Eight new praesidia were formed in the past year and all are doing well. One of these praesidia is for the Aboriginal people. PPC projects took place and more projects are planned for 2018. A Curia with 15 attached praesidia is situated in a zone where an earthquake took place. Prayers are requested for all residents in this area.


Osaka Senatus: ‘Virgin Most Faithful’ praesidium undertakes visitation of the sick with Holy Communion; 29 ladies carry out this work and are inspired by those visited. ‘Mother Immaculate’ praesidium gained 3 members through recruiting efforts. A Retreat took place which included 2 talks. The Spiritual Director pointed out that conversion must be rooted in our religious practice and our morals. In a praesidium with 13 members children are prepared for a traditional Japanese Ceremony of blessing at 3rd, 5th and 7th birthdays. Kyoto Comitium: Works include visitation of the sick, plus other parish activities. A Retreat was held, at which the power of the Rosary was stressed.


Hong Kong Comitium: Four Retreats are planned. Two praesidia reports mention Catechism classes for juniors and catechumen classes for adults. They staff a portable book stall and a religious book outlet, promote the family Rosary to parishioners and auxiliaries and reach out weekly to mentally-handicapped in a hostel, treasuring their opportunities to serve their vulnerable sisters and brothers. There is much focus on youth and plans are in place for a new junior praesidium. Plans are also in place for printing of the new edition of the English Handbook.


Malang Senatus: Visitation of councils and praesidia were recorded. Congresses took place. Visitation of the sick, the elderly, disabled and prisoners were reported. Legionaries helped at funerals. The setting up of new senior and junior praesidia are mentioned, also visitation of a junior praesidium in an orphanage.

Jakarta Senatus: Visitation of councils continues. Home visitation included outreach to a non-Catholic family and also a non-practicing Catholic family. Reception of the Sacrament of Penance and Holy Mass were arranged in a prison. Legionaries helped to bring Holy Communion to the sick and elderly. A praesidium of 22 active members is to split, thereby forming a second praesidium. Dahor Curia reported extension to the Penagam area. The Causes are promoted.

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Carlow Comitium: The new praesidium in Askea needs support. At the request of the Parish Priest members of the praesidium in one of the parishes visited homes in a housing estate with forms asking if residents would like their homes blessed. To date 20 forms have been completed. Paulstown praesidium has 5 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians. Works include responsibility for Eucharistic Adoration and care of the book stand. Bottles of Holy Water with an accompanying explanation leaflet were left in the Church for people and there was a huge uptake. On New Years’ Eve they organised a spiritual session led by a Religious Sister and 11 people attended, including the Parish Priest. One member is the parish representative for the World Meeting of Families.

Elphin Comitium: ‘Our Lady of Aparacida’ praesidium reported. They have 8 members, 12 auxiliaries and work mainly among the Brazilian community. Some of the works are: organising house Rosaries; visiting the sick in hospital, and helping their Chaplain with Baptism courses. They organise a choir to sing at Brazilian Masses, also a men’s Rosary Group which meets weekly and a Pilgrimage to Knock with 100 adults and 23 children participating. North Elphin Curia: The Curia plans to hold a Youth Conference on Saturday 17th February.

Tuam Comitium has 8 senior praesidia, one intermediate praesidium and 330 auxiliaries. There are 6 vacancies.

Westport Curia has 5 senior and 2 junior praesidia.

Claremorris Curia has 5 senior and 3 junior praesidia. A mini Vigil for PPC took place on November 10th conducted by Fr. John O’Gorman. There was a great attendance despite bad weather. The praesidium in Skehana/Menlough parish has 5 members and 40 auxiliaries. Works include regular visitation to a nursing home, elderly neighbours and the sick in hospital and in their homes. At Easter members helped with ceremony preparations in both Churches and distributed 2,000 bottles of Holy Water to parishioners after Masses. They participated in Masses at 3 local cemeteries and celebrated the Fatima Centenary by having a Rosary Rally at a local grotto. Corofin praesidium has 4 members and 50 auxiliaries. Home visitation with the Pilgrim statue is carried out and new people are welcomed into the parish. Miraculous Medals are gratefully accepted by parents for babies being baptised. Holy Water is left in Church porches and offered on home visitation.



Achonry Curia has 3 praesidia attached. All of the members of Swinford praesidium are Praetorians. Two former legionaries are visited and they visit the local hospital. Clonfert Curia: A praesidium with 6 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians and 20 auxiliaries gained one new member from a notice in the parish newsletter. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima Looscaun praesidium visited 2 Primary schools and one Secondary school with the Pilgrim statue. The students were given Miraculous Medals, Rosaries and Rosary leaflets. Ferns Curia: The Curia Officers had a meeting in December with Concilium Officers to discuss the present situation of the Curia and its plans for the coming year. The Youth Conference held in Wexford in October was a huge success. An all- night Vigil for the intentions of the Legion is held every 3 months, finishing with Mass at 8am. Street contact is carried out regularly in the bigger towns. The Curia plans to make a special effort to promote the Cause of Frank Duff as we approach the Centenary of the Legion.

Galway Curia: The praesidium working in the Cathedral parish has 5 members, one probationer and 70 auxiliaries. They visit a nursing home and 5 Simon houses (hostels). Street contact work is done with the book barrow in the vicinity of Eyre Square; people spoken to on street contact include students, tourists and local people. The parish has a large Third-Level student population. While many of the students do not practice their faith they are interested in discussing faith matters. During extension in Doughiska 11 legionaries visited 100 homes. A Frank Duff Anniversary Mass was held in the Cathedral on 24th November.

Killala Curia: There was a good attendance at the Rosary on the ‘Coast Day’ in November at Belmullet and Blacksod; the Curia Spiritual Director and Fr. Joe Hogan led the prayers. A reporting praesidium with 5 members, including 4 Praetorians has 45 auxiliaries. They promote the St. John Paul 11 awards, held a special Day of Prayer on 13th October, and showed films on the lives of the saints and the Miraculous Medal in the Pastoral Centre, Ballina. Kilglass praesidium also has 5 members. They staffed a stall at the Enniscrone Show in August. Miraculous Medals and Rosaries were distributed, mainly to children. Patrician meeting titles included The Little Flower, Advent and the 8th Amendment. Knockmore praesidium has a junior praesidium attached. They have 2 Praetorians and 150 auxiliaries. Works include Pilgrim statue and hospital visitation, Folk Group and parish support..

Kilkenny Curia: Castlecomer praesidium has 7 members. On Spy Wednesday they led the Stations of the Cross in the parish Church and on Good Friday they organised prayer around the Cross. The legionaries officiate at the funeral Rosary at some funerals. Visitation is done to the elderly and to a district hospital and nursing homes on a regular basis.


DUBLIN SOUTHSIDE Assumpta Curia: Five active members attend the praesidium in one parish which has 6 auxiliaries, one Praetorian and 4 Adjutorian members. Their main apostolate is running the parish bookshop, where Catholic literature, sacramentals and religious cards may be obtained. They also hold Patrician meetings regularly which have an average attendance of 18-20 patricians. Bars in the parish were visited with invitations to a Retreat for bar staff on Good Friday. The Pioneers and Annual Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine are also promoted.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: 14 attended a Patrician meeting on the topic ‘Our Parish in the next 10 years’. There being no praesidium report at the Curia meeting, a report was taken on casual contacts made by legionaries. After Cribs were blessed in a ceremony with hymns and Scripture readings, contact with shoppers was made in three Shopping Centres where up to 600 Miraculous Medals and leaflets and 1,000 cards about Christmas were distributed. Many good contacts were met on street contact which took place on the two weekends before Christmas with 600 Confession leaflets and 600 Mass-times leaflets accepted by passers-by. The Curia has adopted a theme for the year: ‘The Holy Family of Nazareth’ with a view to improving the weekly praesidium meetings. The Edel Quinn shrine in Monkstown has a new bookrack which is stocked by the local legionaries.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: Members of one praesidium visit two nursing homes and distribute Catholic magazines. Monthly prayer groups for the Causes of Frank Duff and Edel Quin take place. The five members of a praesidium in another parish visit the unit for elderly and long-stay patients in a hospital weekly and pray the Rosary with them. Two members are also part of the parish rota, visiting the hospital on a Sunday morning to lead prayers and distribute Holy Communion. The members recently moved a picture of Edel Quinn, who was once a patient in the hospital, into the chapel. They recite the Rosary and Evening Prayer weekly in Newcastle Oratory and at a local Mass Rock in May and June. Home visitation was undertaken before Christmas and Easter to invite people to attend Church ceremonies.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A new praesidium of 7 full and 5 probationary members presented their first Annual Report. They have four officers and four auxiliaries and recruited 4 new members since last June. Their works include Legion hostels, street contact, doo-to-door visitation, visits to Cuan Mhuire (alcohol treatment centre), recruiting for Youth Conferences and promotion of the Miraculous Medal, all of which they find very rewarding. An 8 member praesidium which was re-established in Myra House 6 months ago has 2 auxiliaries and 1 Praetorian member. Their works include street contact, Cuan Mhuire visits and Legion hostel work. The Curia has begun a First Saturday apostolate to promote the Cause of Frank Duff. Two Pauline Circle meetings took place with a total attendance of 28.

Immaculata Curia: Approximately 50 people attended Benediction and Consecration to Our Lady in Kimmage Manor Church to conclude the promotion of De Monfort’s 33-Day preparation. Mass and Confession times for Christmas were promoted on home visitation and street contact as part of a ‘Come Home for Christmas’ campaign by the Curia. 17 patricians attended 4 patrician meetings. A 6-member praesidium undertakes home visitation and distributes 50 Maria Legionis journals quarterly, finding it a great means of keeping in touch with auxiliary members and also recruiting new ones. Pilgrim statue visitation and public Rosaries in May and October are also organised.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: Discussion on World Meeting of Families and how to promote it took place at the Curia January meeting. Approach has been made to a local parish with a view to begin the Legion there. Average attendance at the Venerable Edel Quinn Prayer meeting, now in its 15th year, is 11.

Gloriosa Curia: One praesidium undertakes home, nursing home and prison visitation. They also do crowd contact apostolate at a local supermarket and have 20 verified auxiliaries. The Annual Curia Retreat, led by Fr. Colm Mannion O.P., had a very good attendance. Two parishioners responded to a recent recruiting drive in Leixlip which was well supported by priests and Curia members.

Benedicta Curia: Home and hospital visitation are the main works of the praesidia. Each praesidium is asked to devote one work period a month to recruiting and to give a report at the Curia meeting. 56 recruiting efforts were reported over the past two months, resulting in two new members, one a former legionary. A Lectio Divina meeting takes place at Benedicta House fortnightly and is well attended.

Annunciata Curia: A praesidium with 5 full and 2 probationary members has 34 auxiliaries of whom 13 are Adjutorian members. The Maria Legionis magazine is well promoted with 70 copies distributed to auxiliaries, the library, the music school, swimming complex and to 22 religious houses. 30 bars were visited to promote the Annual Retreat for bar staff. As part of an apostolate to the blind and partially-sighted, over 50 people were visited twice with an invitation to a Retreat and Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine. They were asked to pray for the success of Peregrination Pro Christo. 12 of those visited attended the Retreat and 15 were accompanied on the Knock Pilgrimage. The praesidium officers met with their Parish Priest to discuss their Annual Report. A monthly Patrician meeting is held in the Curia house with an average attendance of 11.




Buenos Aires Senatus: Great celebrations were held on Alfie Lambe’s Anniversary. Many priests took part with legionaries from the Provinces of Argentina as well as from Uruguay and Paraguay. The Ambassador of Paraguay in Argentina was present. The events went on all day with Holy Mass in the nearby Church, many Rosaries, street and cemetery contacts. All the legionaries of the Senatus were delighted to receive the news that their former president, Sr. Noelia, had been named Concilium extension worker for the Rome Senatus area.

Cordoba Senatus: Two legionaries nominated by Concilium visited the Senatus. Salta Senatus: The fourth meeting of young legionaries had an attendance of 400 including many who came from near and far. Legion Congress-style sessions, talks and workshops were held each day. On one day, all of the participants undertook home visitation and street contact work. The great grandnephew of Alfie Lambe, Alex Craig, showed a video of a talk sent by the Concilium correspondent to the legionaries at the Conference.

Corrientes Regia: A new praesidium was set up in a town where half the population are Jehovah Witnesses. Public Rosaries are recited and 33 families have been visited.

Rosario Regia: The Regia is working very well. Two new officers, including a new President, were elected. Extension work yielded a new praesidium. BRAZIL

Belem Senatus: Home, hospital and nursing home visitation and teaching catechism are undertaken. 25 children were baptised and 17 received First Holy Communion.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: During a three-day project contact was made with 624 persons in 357 commercial establishments and 295 homes.

Regia of Monte Claros reported the conversion of five Protestant families. Fortaleza Senatus: One Curia reported 2,460 visits to families, including 52 Protestant families. Legionaries bring Holy Communion to sick and elderly people. Ponta Grossa Senatus: Visitation is undertaken to homes, nursing homes, hospitals and prisons. Seven children were baptised; five couples were prepared for the Sacrament of Matrimony and jobs were found for seven unemployed people.

Recife Senatus: To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Legion in Recife, His Grace Archbishop Fernando Saburido presided at the Mass with Bishop Edson Castro Homem and other Spiritual Directors with an attendance of over 4,000 legionaries. Sixteen new praesidia have been set up. 262 youths took part in a youth gathering in an interior town with the presence of the local Bishop. In one Curia all praesidia had Exploratio Dominicalis projects. 200 members from the Regia of Maceio, along with three Spiritual Directors, took part in a youth gathering. The Regia of Joao Pessoa reports 481 Enthronements of the Sacred Hearts.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Legionaries in one council contacted 344 prisoners and took part in a Mass celebrated in the prison. In central Rio members of a local praesidium contact street people and listen to their problems. A 93 year old man was prepared for his First Holy Communion. He had been influenced at first by the Legion’s regular visitation to his wife while bringing her Holy Communion. A Deacon accompanied a legionary to the Amazonian Region visiting a Comitium, a Curia and 21 praesidia. Visits were made to 243 families, some Spiritualists and Protestants by legionaries in Niteroi Regia.

Salvador Senatus: Legionary catechists prepared 19 couples to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Marriage and prepared 26 adolescents to receive the Sacraments of Baptism and First Holy Communion. Three councils reported holding Legionary Congresses.

Santa Maria Senatus: One Curia has 146 members in seven praesidia. Large numbers of visits to sick people are mentioned in reports.

São Luís Senatus: Reports to the Senatus show great numbers of visits to homes and hospitals and the sick at home. In many places legionaries bring Holy Communion to the sick.

Sao Paulo Senatus: Reports to the Senatus show great numbers of visits to homes and hospitals and the sick at home. In many places legionaries bring Holy Communion to the sick.

Brasilia Regia: As requested by the Archdiocese the Bible is read and people are instructed on its proper use. The Regia has encouraged members to bring the Bible on Legion visitation.




Minsk Comitium has 9 attached Curiae and 10 attached praesidia. They have a strong apostolic outreach to young and old through home, and hospital visitation and crowd contact. All Curiae are making serious attempts to extend. Borisov Curia had a successful Retreat with an attendance of 50 legionaries. Results of work included: three persons received Confession and Holy Communion after long absences and a couple got married in Church after 30 years of Civil marriage.

Baranovichi Comitium has 12 attached praesidia and 1 attached Curia. Extension efforts are on-going. Their apostolic efforts have attracted many blessings some of which were 7 persons returning to Confession and Holy Communion; 4 Baptisms and 2 couples married in Church. On 13th May 2017, the Church of Our Lady of Fatima, Baranovichi was designated a Shrine by Pinsk Diocese. During the celebrations the Bishop expressed his wish that the Legion would also be in Pinsk.


Budapest Regia: Reports were received from 5 praesidia, 7 Curiae and 3 Comitia. Szeged Comitium has split to form the Comitium of Békéscsaba with both having Spiritual Directors appointed by the Bishop. Each months Minutes record extension efforts and 3 new praesidia were set up. Works mainly feature visitation of the sick and elderly in hospitals and nursing homes and helping them to receive the Sacraments, also Church work such as care of the altar linen, sacristy duties, and care of deserted graves in cemeteries. One praesidium gave Miraculous Medals to Evangelists and Calvinists. Eger Curia brought the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady to 12 Churches and established a Rosary praying group among men. Legionaries in Jászberény Curia call priests to attend the dying in social welfare homes.


Riga Comitium has 12 directly attached praesidia and governs 3 attached Curiae. On the 16th January the Comitium held a Mass in the Cathedral in Riga for the late Tommie McCabe and there was a large attendance of Legionaries. One praesidium does contact work at the National Bus station and meet a lot of people with no religion. The Miraculous Medal is promoted and leaflets with the Mass times and address of the Cathedral in Riga are handed out. The Comitium plans to hold a Retreat in May and have permission to start a new praesidium in Gulbene Parish in the Riga Archdiocese. In all Minutes, visitation of praesidia was reported. An attached Curia in Jelgava started a new praesidium, bringing the number now to 5 praesidia. Some of the works which feature among the 5 praesidia are home and hospital visitation, street apostolate and contract work at the city soup kitchen where a lot of homeless people are met. Legionaries helped with preparing children from the Travelling Community for first Holy Communion.


Telsiai Comitium: In his Allocutio at the August Comitium meeting, the new Spiritual Director spoke about the importance of having a praesidium in every parish and he expressed his gratitude to all for their important work. One new praesidium was set up in Tulines parish and each praesidium was encouraged to set up a praesidium in a neighbouring parish. A praesidium of 10 members, including 5 Praetorians and 230 auxiliaries were instrumental in 3 returns to the Sacraments after 40, 37 and 27 years. The legionaries accompanied the priest to 28 families during the Christmas period. In another praesidium much hospital and home visitation was done resulting in many returns to the Sacraments. The 2 attached Curiae reported a good solid apostolate. Home and hospital visitation are their main works. Resulting from hospital visitation the priest was invited to give the Sacraments to 358 patients, and from family visitation 2 people returned to the Sacraments after a long period.

Kaunas Comitium: A presidium in the Holy Trinity parish of Kaunas Deanery reports that 9 patrician meetings were held with 100 parishioners attending. Another presidium in Kaunas Deanery does street contact, meeting a lot of homeless people; they provide the phone numbers of homeless shelters and encourage their contacts to pray and return to Mass. Legionaries recite the Rosary at the funeral Masses of local parishioners and many families have expressed their thanks for this service. In a praesidium of 6 members 3 of their members recently took their Legion Promise. They visit the sick, elderly and disabled people and help with some shopping and organise visits by the priest. A Curia in Marijampole reported that as a result of 2 recruiting drives 7 people joined the active Legion ranks and 15 people took on auxiliary membership. A praesidium of 12 members set up a Legion stand in a shopping centre for the month of November which attracted great interest from the public. Legionaries promoted the Miraculous Medal, prayers for the Holy Souls and spoke to people about the Legion and Frank Duff. As a result of these efforts 2 people joined the praesidium. Permission has been given to put up the stand again for Easter. Immaculate Conception Curia of Siauliai Diocese has 4 praesidia attached. A presidium with 10 active members recited the Rosary during 15 funerals. 4 children were prepared for Holy Communion. They arranged for the priest to visit 5 families and administer Holy Sacraments. An elderly man away from the Sacraments for more than 40 years returned to full practise with the help of legionaries.


Satu Mare Regia: Praesidia reports include organising adoration of the Blessed Sacrament devotions, helping older people to receive the Sacraments and attend Holy Mass, teaching people to pray, hospital visitation and many parish activities. 2 legionaries visit a prison where they pray with the inmates. Curia Livada: Organising Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is included in their apostolate. Comitium Carei organised a Guitar Camp as an outreach to young people. This council has good contact with its 14 attached praesidia and the Curia of Tsnad. Comitium Oradea helps in the work of Radio Maria, organise adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and does hospital visitation. In the Curia of Baia Mare one young legionary was ordained to the priesthood and another to the Deaconate.

AUSTRIA Senatus of Austria: Many tributes were paid at the December meeting to Bro. Tommy McCabe, their correspondent of many years. The President and Treasurer attended the funeral in Dublin. The Senatus organised a successful ‘Fatima for Children’ event and the council received many plaudits from happy parents. The participation of auxiliaries in active Legion apostolate was raised by a Curia. They were advised that auxiliaries, not being bound by confidentiality would be unsuited to this work but could be engaged helping parishes in other ways. To celebrate the Legion Centenary in 2021 the Senatus is setting a target of 100 new praesidia to be formed by then as a gift to Our Lady. 73 Legionaries have enrolled in a Winter School. Cimitium Hollbrun: The visiting of their Curiae councils on a regular basis is evidenced by zealous attention to their works by these Curiae.

POLAND Lublin Regia: Spiritual formation in most councils consists of monthly Days of Recollection, Retreats and Eucharistic Adoration which includes the Jericho Rosary consisting of perpetual adoration for 24 hours, 7days a week. An attached Comitium visits the sick and abandoned people, also addicts and those in prison, promoting the Rosary and Miraculous Medal. They conducted public devotions through the streets and 9 people came to Confession as a result. The Comitium in Tarnobrzeg is thriving with 10 Curiae including 65 praesidia, 660 active and 934 auxiliary members. The Jericho Rosary is conducted here also. Beer gardens are visited on Good Friday.


Zagreb Regia: A new Curia of 6 praesidia was set up in Zagreb East. Efforts are continuing to extend the Legion to new parishes. The apostolate of 4 praesidia covers a wide range of works. One praesidium enrolled 14 new auxiliaries. A new work undertaken was visits to an oncology ward where legionaries pray with patients and assure them of the spiritual value of their sufferings. Many returns to the Sacraments and anointing of the sick were recorded. Extension efforts in Curiae include: street apostolate, home and hospital visitation. 8 junior legionaries from one Curia took part in a Summer School for junior legionaries in Austria. This Curia also has a monthly Patrician meeting. The Baptism of 2 persons, 3 returns to the Sacraments after 55, 45 and 20 years as well as many returns after shorter periods were reported.

Osijek Comitium celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Legion in the Diocese with Mass celebrated by the Archbishop at which he gave an encouraging talk to the legionaries. Split Comitium reported efforts to extend the Legion in Split, Dubrovnik and Sibenik. One young couple got married in Church following preparation by legionaries.

Zadar Comitium has 8 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached. Work with the homeless was part of their programme. In Zadar East Curia 282 people received Confession and Holy Communion following visits by the legionaries. The Confirmation class was visited in one school and booklets on Our Lady of Fatima were given to the children.

Petrinja Comitium:

The junior Curia has 8 praesidia with 47 members. They did extension and established 7 new praesidia. An officers’ Workshop was held on the Works of Evangelisation. One praesidium has 6 active members, 3 Praetorians, 16 auxiliaries and 2 Adjutorians. Nursing homes were visited. 5 families participated in prayer groups. Another praesidium has 7 active, 13 auxiliary and 1 Adjutorian. They visited 34 families to pray with them; neighbours and relatives also attended. They aim to start a junior praesidium. Extension took place in 5 parishes. 100 participated in a Retreat for legionaries. There was a large attendance at the Mass for Frank Duff, including members of the newest praesidium. The Vice Chancellor of the Diocese Monsignor Marko thanked the legionaries for all they are doing and said he hopes that all parishes in the Diocese will have a praesidium. Monsignor Franjo Cuk, Spiritual Director of the Comitium exhorted all members to read the Handbook more often because it is pervaded by the Gospel. He said that Jesus sends us to serve as God’s ministers in our current times. We can expect difficulties but we should pray for humility, obedience and unity and not waste time on negativity.

Councils under the caretakership of Zagreb Regia


Sarajevo Curia: A new praesidium was set up in St. Josephs Parish, Telsic, bringing the number of praesidia in the Curia to 8. Praesidia. Home visitation was reported with 4 new auxiliary members enrolled.

SLOVENIA: The praesidium in Grosuplje has 7 members and 420 auxiliaries. Street apostolate and visits to 4 nursing homes are listed as their main works. 214 people received the Sacraments after visits by legionaries, one after a long period.