Concilium Bulletin March 2008

REPORTS - Europe
Scotland: Two praesidia in Glasgow with a total of 27 members carry out an apostolate in the Wayside Club, which operates as a day centre and an overnight hostel. Edinburgh Curia, which has 10 praesidia with 75 active and 449 auxiliary members is actively engaged in extension.

Finland (under the care of the Senatus of Scotland)
A prayer group set up in Oulu in 2007 following a Peregrinatio Pro Christo project continues to meet fortnightly.

Birmingham Senatus governs 5 senior Curiae, 1 junior Curia and 10 directly attached praesidia. A new praesidium is now doing home visitation. A praesidium of 6 members prepares families for the baptism of their children. About 13 non-Catholics are taking an RCIA course. South Birmingham Curia reported 9 Exploratio Dominicalis projects carried out in different parishes.

Liverpool Senatus: Ashton Curia organised an extension project and Wirral Curia has a good Patrician group. Middlesborough and Cardiff Comitia organised events to mark the centenary of the birth of Venerable Edel Quinn. Leeds Comitium has a new praesidium at Wortley with 6 members. The torchlight procession at Batley had about 2000 participants and over 40 people attended the public Rosary at the Cathedral.

Westminster Archdiocese has a new Curia, which was inaugurated in January to govern 10 praesidia in central London. Bishop B. Longley acted as Spiritual Director at the meeting and brought greetings from Cardinal Murphy O’Connor. Wembley praesidium in Brent and Harrow Curia received a certificate of appreciation for their commitment to the residents of a care home. Southwark Comitium: 13 members of a praesidium visit a nursing home, run a prayer group and conduct a children’s bible study group. Brentwood Comitium has a new praesidium with 6 members. About 50 active and auxiliary members attended the annual reunion.

Two reporting praesidia in Northampton North Curia with a total of 21 members organise a monthly Mass for the housebound, baby sit 5 children while their mother takes instruction and prepare children for the Sacraments. Another praesidium has started to visit a local prison. In Northampton South Curia, the first report of a new praesidium showed good contacts made during census work. Travelling families were met. Leicester Curia has 4 praesidia and a new one was in prospect following a successful recruiting drive in St. Joseph’s parish. In another parish, as a result of visiting homes, 3 children received first Holy Communion and their mother is thinking of becoming a Catholic.

Wrexham Curia. One praesidium organised an afternoon of Rosary and meditation at which the active and auxiliary members and their Spiritual Directors took part. Cardiff Comitium had a good attendance at Masses offered to mark the centenary of Venerable Edel Quinn and the anniversary of the Servant of God Alfie Lambe. Swansea Curia has 4 praesidia. They visit homes, a brothel and a drop-in centre.

The new praesidium in Tonsberg is persevering with its apostolate.

Two of the Liverpool Senatus officers visited the Bishop of Stockholm and received every encouragement from him for the extension of the Legion in Sweden. They also met the legionaries in Malmo, Vaxjo, Sodentalje, Stockholm and the new group in Lund.

There are 16 members including 10 probationers in the Filipino praesidium in Copenhagen. They visit homes, hospitals and the prison. Catechism is taught to first communicants.

Munich Senatus: The praesidium in Garching promotes the Legion as extensively as possible through newsletters, the Internet, etc. Legionaries carry out a varied range of works including visitation of old peoples’ homes, of newcomers and of the sick, street contact and book barrow duty. Reporting Curiae have auxiliaries ranging from 100 to 600. In Curia Nurnberg-Furth, 10 legionaries attended Adoration at which the Rosary was recited to mark the centenary of the birth of Venerable Edel Quinn. The Senatus arranged two talks, one on Islam and another on how to approach Evangelicals.

Frankfurt Senatus: Extension was carried out in the English speaking community in Frankfurt, in Weilbach and in Erfurt dioceses. Frankfurt Korean Curia with 8 praesidia are preparing 7 people for Baptism and the Korean Curia in Berlin reported 6 Baptisms. Cologne Regia recruited 8 new members. Bishop Glenn of Essen thanked the Legion for its work at the festival week. The centenary of Venerable Edel Quinn was marked with 70 legionaries going on pilgrimage to Banneux and 120 attended a Mass in Dusseldorf. Cologne’s Korean Curia arranged for 6 people to be baptised and 8 to be confirmed.

Zurich Curia (under the care of Frankfurt Senatus) has 7 praesidia. A Filipino praesidium was started in Zurich and an English speaking one in Basel.
Siberia (also under the care of Frankfurt Senatus) The praesidia in Aschinsk and Bogotol held a joint retreat. In Bogotol a girl was brought to Confession and a man for Baptism.

Brussels Senatus: The African praesidium carry out an apostolate to the African community.

The Netherlands
Amsterdam Senatus: Groningen praesidium visits homes and has good contacts with Arabic speaking Catholics and other religions. The Bishop is very supportive of the Legion. Legionaries who visit the red light district in Amsterdam generally get a good reception. Some of the girls have left or want to leave. The Cape Verdian Curia organised a retreat for 43 persons.

Paris Regia: There are 5 attached Curiae including a Vietnamese one and about 20 directly attached praesidia. Works carried out include contact with patients in the oncology and neurology services. The report of a new praesidium mentioned helping to organise a monthly function for people who rarely attend Church services due to age or illnesses.

Valence Regia governs a Comitium at Lyon, Curiae at Montelimar and Nice and 20 directly attached praesidia including 2 junior groups, which meet in Secondary schools. A Legion day held in Lyon in May was well attended and the programme included a talk on Venerable Edel Quinn.

Mont de Marsan Regia: An extension project will be carried out in Dax this summer.

Middle East

Beirut Comitium includes 3 senior Curiae, 2 junior Curiae as well as 5 senior and 3 junior directly attached praesidia. Juniors do visitation with a priest to youth prisons and help with Pilgrim Statue visitation and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. They assisted at a 10-day Christian media exposition to show the activities of the Legion.

Asia and Oceania

Senatus of Northern Philippines (Manila) A National Laity week was held last September. Among the suggested activities for all lay organisations was to conduct visits to the sick and to prisoners. A praesidium gave catechetical instruction to 153 people in a Catholic school, another to 905 elementary pupils. Twenty-eight converted to the Catholic Faith in San Fernando Comitium. A new Curia was organised with 15 senior and 3 junior praesidia. Members of a praesidium in Binangonan Comitium in co-operation with the Parish Priest reported on the conversion of a Muslim. Five institutional praesidia were organised in one school.

Bicolandia Senatus Members did visitation to victims of the typhoon in Legazpi and contacted 700 families encouraging them to pray the Rosary. Visits to jails and hospitals were reported. In the Holy Rosary Major Seminary Curia, it was reported that catechetical instruction was given to beggars who came to the seminary and follow-up on auxiliary members was undertaken encouraging them to become active members.

Cebu Senatus A praesidium with 18 full members, 2 probationers, 15 praetorians and 374 auxiliaries reported attendance at weekly meetings of 90% for officers and 80% for members. A Comitium announced the creation of 17 new praesidia. A new Curia was established to cater for directly attached praesidia. The 5-seminary praesidia now have 132 full members with all officerships filled. All the Causes are promoted with vigour and the Venerable Edel Quinn Cause is to the fore. A number of other faiths were converted including Muslim siblings.

Senatus of Mindanao Members of this Senatus have done excellent conversion work.

Western Visayas Regia Carles Curia in Sara Comitium reported the conversion of an atheist, Leon Curia encouraged 3 civilly married couples to validate their marriages, prisoners are taught the Rosary by legionaries in Antique Comitium. A “campaign for Confession” was organised by a praesidium attached to the Regia. In Jordan Curia a man who had lived a life of vice, promised to work for God if he survived after a stabbing. He is now active in all church activities.

Melbourne Senatus: 16 praesidia were started in 2007 bringing a total of praesidia in the Senatus of 250 and about the same number in the Pacific Islands. Legionaries are preparing for World Youth Day 2008. A new junior praesidium of 9 members was set up in Craigieburn following a recruiting drive. The Annual Mass commemorating the Servant of God Frank Duff was held in Melbourne in November. The chief-celebrant was Bishop Prouse. Thirteen Priests concelebrated with him and about 500 legionaries attended.

Sydney Senatus: A Mass organised for the Servant of God, Alfie Lambe, was well attended. A True Devotion Festival was held with a large attendance, which attracted a lot of young people. One Comitium has 2 Curiae with 16/17 praesidia respectively, and a junior Curia with 14 praesidia.

Brisbane Comitium: This Comitium has a new Spiritual Director and officers. They organised a retreat and an outdoor function for the first time in many years. A Mass was held as part of the Annual General Reunion and a Christmas luncheon at which 60 legionaries and auxiliaries attended. Four members went on PPC last October to Hughenden, making valuable contacts with many people isolated, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Many sacramentals were distributed.

New Zealand
Auckland Senatus: A visit was made to Tonga Curia in November. It has 4 senior and 3 junior praesidia. Vavau Island has 13 praesidia mostly juniors, they were urged to set up senior praesidia. Returns to the Sacraments were reported and 2 non-Catholics were received into the Church. Five Priests concelebrated Mass for the Servant of God, Frank Duff, with an attendance of 500. Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn was held in parishes where the Legion is established.

Papua New Guinea
Madang Regia: Serious drug problems exist among youth and legionaries visit them in their homes and in hospitals encouraging them to seek spiritual assistance in their trials. Many statistics are recorded on returns to sacraments, especially among hospital patients. Non-Catholic adults and children are being instructed for reception into the Church.


Benguela Regia: In the Diocese of Cunene there is a report of a Curia with 92 praesidia being divided and raised to a Comitium with seven Curiae attached. This brings to 32 the number of Comitia attached to the Regia.

Luanda Regia: Visitation of councils and praesidia is in progress. Meetings with council officers are held periodically and extension is ongoing.

Cape Verde
Cape Verde Regia: Extension is ongoing in the Regia.

Maputo Regia: There is a total of 6,742 legionaries in the diocese. There are 9 Curiae, with a total of 149 praesidia attached to the Comitium. The legionary apostolate includes visitation of homes, hospitals and prisons and teaching catechism. Legionaries are very involved in parish activities, including helping with the liturgy. The Spiritual Director of the Legion in the Diocese of Gurue wrote stating there are about 3,250 legionaries in the diocese.

Matatiele Comitium: a praesidium of 11 active members with 4 probationers and 7 auxiliaries reported 3 conversions. Another praesidium reported 50 First Holy Communions and 12 Baptisms.

Lesotho Senatus: The Senatus has 13 Comitia, 3 Curiae and 5 praesidia attached which includes a seminary praesidium and one in the police training school.

The Senatus of Accra held their annual Frank Duff Mass and it was described as being “splendidly successful”. Kumasi Regia organised a successful Youth Conference for 385 students from 18 institutions. Sunyani Regia has formed a number of new Curiae.

South Africa
Capetown Senatus: The works of Fort Elizabeth Comitium include home, prison and hospital visitation. Johannesburg Senatus: On the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes a praesidium organised a special Mass for the sick and infirm. They visit many nursing homes for the elderly and physically and mentally handicapped. In Praetoria lapsed Catholics are encouraged to return to the sacraments and the faith is discussed with non-Catholics. Durban Comitium: Their works include visitation of AIDS victims in their homes. Venerable Edel Quinn’s centenary function was held and included Concelebrated Mass and talks in English and Zulu. A party followed this with a cake in the shape of Africa and a special song written about Edel.

Hwange Comitium: The works undertaken by this Comitium include hospital visitation, visiting members and encouraging people to regularise their marriages.

Bernardo de Nardo - Envoy for Central Asia
On the 15th March Bernardo left for Nepal on the last stage of his Envoyship, which finishes in March 2009.

During his brief stay Dublin he accompanied the Concilium officers to the Vatican, which was a great source of encouragement for his future work. After his visit he is more convinced than ever of the vital contribution that the Legion can make to the Church in central Asia.

In Nepal he will work with legionaries from Mumbai and together they will do more extension and set in motion steps for the first Curia of that country.

More than ever before, Bernardo pleads for prayers for the work that waits to be done in the vast area that has been assigned to him. Active and auxiliary legionaries can take part in this great adventure with the support of their prayers.

Extension Worker for Argentina
Laura Emilia Rodriguex, legionary in the Regia of La Plata in Argentina, has been appointed to do extension work for 6 months. She will go with Edel Garcia to Cordoba Senatus area in the North of Argentina to extend the Legion, particularly among the young people.

Please keep our Envoys and extension workers in your prayers.

A Visit to the Vatican
A report was given on the recent visit to the Vatican at the end of February early March by the Spiritual Director, Fr. Bede McGregor, the President Tommy McCabe, the Secretary Enda Dunleavy and the Envoy to Asia Bernardo de Nardo.

Fr. McGregor and Tommy McCabe were graciously received by his Eminence Cardinal Dias, Prefect for the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples. Meetings were held with his Eminence Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, Prefect for the Congregation for the Oriental Churches Cardinal Sandri and with the Secretary for the Council for the Christian Unity, Archbishop Brian Farrell. They were pleased to receive an update on the work of the Legion Envoy to Asia, Bernardo de Nardo. Meetings were also held with the Postulator for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff, Fr. Gormez Garcia OP and the Postulator for Venerable Edel Quinn and the Servant of God Alfie Lambe, Fr. Luca de Rosa OFM. The Concilium visitors were also very pleased to meet Monsignor Joseph Murphy from the Diocese of Cloyne who works in the Secretariat of State in the Vatican.

Margaret Mary (Marjorie) Quinn
1909 - 2008 Repos en Paix

Marjorie was born in 1909 in 56 Shelbourne Road, Dublin. She was an only child, her brother dying in infancy. She was educated by the Holy Faith nuns and took a degree in French and History at University College Dublin. She then commenced her teaching career.

Marjorie joined the Legion of Mary after graduating in 1933 and on her death this year, having completed 75 years legionary service, became the longest serving legionary in the world to date, a record that will no doubt stand for some considerable time. Marjorie was present at the Concilium meeting in July 1936 when Edel Quinn was appointed as an envoy to Kenya. She also, was a Legion of Mary envoy to North Africa from 1958 to 1961. She served as a Curia and Concilium Officer.

Her fluency in the French language made her a regular visitor to France particularly to the Legion Permanance in Lourdes, it has been noted that she died on the 4th February 2008 the month when we celebrated the 150 anniversary of the apparition. May her soul rest in peace.

Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God Frank Duff
God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of Your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery. In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church’s evangelising work. We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith. With confidence we beg You that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before You….............. We ask too that if it be in accordance with Your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Favours attributed to the intercession of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff should be reported to:
Legion of Mary
De Montfort House
Morning Star Avenue
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7