Concilium Bulletin June 2023



Buenos Aires Senatus: Most councils have a Legion Congress every two years. . Public Rosaries are held on plazas and street corners. One such public Rosary was held at a street corner two blocks from where a Protestant sect was holding their meetings. After a few weeks the Protestant sect never returned. After speaking to lapsed Catholics, legionaries give them some helpful leaflet on the teachings of the Church.

The Regia of La Plata does a variety of excellent works which included 1,000 contacts helping people to take part in the Christmas ceremonies. One of the many Alfie Lambe committees reports several favours, including one from a lady who reported that Alfie had cured her sick dog. The Senatus youth committee, on the same lines as Deus et Patria, had a very encouraging interview with the local bishop.

Salta Senatus: A recent visit to Concilium from the President of the Tucuman Regia, attached to the Senatus of Salta, gave a very positive idea of how the legionaries coped with Covid. All Legion meetings were held in the open air. Visits to the homes of the elderly were done outside the home on the street while the residents looked and listened from their windows. Constant contact with praesidia and councils is held not only by official personal visits to the councils but by frequent phone calls, WhatsApp and the Legion Channel of the Buenos Aires Senatus. The Archbishop of Tucuman, who was a junior legionary, is Spiritual Director of the Regia and attends all their meetings. He encourages his priests to take an active part in all Legion activities.

Corrientes Regia: In the January meeting two officers from the Comitium in distant Misiones attended to present their report covering three years. It is made up of four Curiae and nine praesidia. Although two praesidia closed, three new ones were started. A report was sent from the 2nd Conference of Spiritual Directors and Officers in November 2022 in Misiones. The first had been in June and the Spiritual Directors had asked for another, this time with young legionaries. 40 adults and 20 youth attended for two days; activities included Mass, Adoration and discussions on topics such as ‘vocation’, and how to attract young people to the Legion. In the report from the Diocese of Goya, the Comitium reported that only three of their original 10 Curiae remain post-Covid.


Belo Horizonte Senatus: Reports show recruitment of new members, the revival of three praesidia, of visits to legionaries who are unable to attend due to illness, 973 visits to families and the preparation of 37 children and 24 adolescents for First Holy Communion, and Enthronements of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A Retreat for young people was held. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo project took place in Olaria. Sr. Marileide Araújo, a former President of the Senatus and remembered too for her extension work in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais, died on 2 February 2023. May she rest in peace.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Visitation is carried out to homes, hospitals and homes for the elderly. They organised 23 Enthronements of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, had public Rosaries and every Friday, and guided the Stations of the Cross with the community in streets of the respective localities. They organised a Retreat for young people and had a meeting for Spiritual Directors, and also recruited many active members.

Salvador Senatus: 165 families were visited and invited to participate in the pastoral movements of the Church. Two prisons were visited. Legionary catechists run training courses for young people and adolescents to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation and for parents and godparents.

Regia of Aracajú organized training on the True Devotion to Our Lady according to Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, in three Dioceses, carried out by Father Jesu Doss, De Montfort Father responsible for the Montfort Spirituality Centre in Brazil, with the participation of 450 legionaries.

São Paulo Senatus: A Comitium reported 1,353 contacts made on the metro, on the street and at health centres. Among reports of preparation for the sacraments, one mentions 28 adolescents prepared for First Holy Communion and 35 young people prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation. Other reports show an abortion was avoided; evangelisation was carried out to street dwellers; the conversion of an evangelical, who is now a legionary; a man hooked on drugs for eight years recovered through his mother’s prayers seeking the intercession of Our Lady and Frank Duff.



Jebu Senatus: A new praesidium of 17 members has been established in Medan Regia, while in Tangerang Comitium junior membership has increased by 10%.

Malang Senatus: Makassar Comitium in Sulawesi has 1,473 members and 160 auxiliaries. Works include visitation of orphanages, psychiatric hospitals, prisons and the lapsed.

Kaupang Senatus: Penfiu attached Curia has 2 junior and 8 senior praesidia, two of which are in prisons.


Senatus of Singapore: The Junior Curia reported 13 praesidia located between two schools. They held a night of worship, conducted Morning Prayer in their respective schools, helped students with homework and organized a soup kitchen. The Filipino, English and Mandarin Curiae in Brunei reported. Among works undertaken were running 3 Patrician groups and a Rosary walk, visiting various Churches in the city. The Indonesian praesidium has an apostolate to the Catholic immigrant community.


Hong Kong Regia: Reports of the attached Junior Curia show efforts being made to increase the junior membership and attract a broader age range. A meeting was held with parents to explain the value of Legion membership for young people.


Kuala Lumpur Senatus: Four Curiae and a Comitium presented their quarterly reports. Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, counseling of Catholics and non-Catholics, attending wakes and funerals.


Osaka Senatus: The Senatus has a new Spiritual Director, Fr. Erick Bautiste de Gusman, a priest of the Osaka diocese. The Senatus members paid tribute to their previous Spiritual Director, Fr. Masakawa, thanking him for his long service to the Senatus. The Minutes referred to a praesidium in Imaichi Church, which has an apostolate to the deaf community. They also visit a condemned prisoner and are exploring ways to have his case re-examined. A praesidium at Hirakata Church uses music to contact non- believers, through choral groups called ‘Sparrow Schools’. Although restricted by Covid regulations, legionaries are attempting to recruit new members, especially in a younger age group.


Seoul Senatus: Many Councils struggle with the fallout from the Covid pandemic. The four Comitia attached show praesidia closing, with a loss of 445 members, but a total of 3,329 remain. Efforts are being made to assist weak praesidia. In one case legionaries spoke at Sunday Masses in an area which resulted in the establishment of a new praesidium. The Senatus reports show a varied apostolate, including preparation for the Sacraments, helping to care for catechumens and the newly baptized. Councils are preparing special events to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the Legion to Korea in May.

Gwangju Senatus: About 5,000 legionaries participated in the celebration of the 70th Anniversary on 20th May. Archbishop Simon Ok presided at the Mass, which was also attended by two former Archbishops. Prior to the Mass there was a ceremonial event with music provided by a traditional percussion band. The Rosary and full Legion prayers were recited as part of the event. As in the Seoul Senatus, reports show large decreases in membership following Covid. Jeonju Regia lost 214 praesidia. Busan Regia lost 201 praesidia. In spite of this, the legionaries’ apostolate showed positive results, such as 2,139 returns to the Sacraments and 1,269 baptisms following contacts by legionaries in Busan.


Taiwan Senatus: The 70th Anniversary of the Legion in Taiwan was celebrated in a low-key manner in conjunction with celebrations for the Legion’s centenary. A new President and Vice President were elected in February. All praesidia are now meeting on a regular basis and normal Legion work has resumed. The Senatus Officers actively support weak praesidia and have the aim of establishing a praesidium in every parish.



Cloyne Comitium: The Acies was held on March 26th March with an excellent attendance of both active and auxiliary members. Progress reports were taken from five praesidia in East Cloyne Curia. Works include, sale of Catholic Newspapers at all Masses on Sunday, bringing Holy Communion packs to all Primary schools in the area, Rosary packs for two secondary schools in Mallow, regular Patrician meetings, and visitation with the Fatima statue.

Cork Comitium: The main works of a praesidium of six members are hospital, home and nursing home visitation. They also compile and print 300 Christmas newsletters and send 40 copies all over the world to emigrants from the Parish. One member is involved in Radio Maria. The attached Queen of Peace Curia has three praesidia. During Eucharistic Adoration, street contact is undertaken by other members. Miraculous medals were given to the First Holy Communicants in two schools. Efforts are being made to start a praesidium in an adjoining Parish.

Thurles Comitium: A praesidium in Thurles gave its 53rd Annual Report; it has seven members and 50 auxiliaries. The apostolate includes public Rosaries every Saturday, which are well supported. Four Pilgrim statues are used for home visitation. Two members are Officers of a Junior Praesidium where the average attendance is seven members. In Tipperary Curia, the new praesidium of fourteen members gave its first Annual Report. Works include home visitation and visits to a boy’s school in July and a girl’s school in November. A May Altar was organised outside Super Value store on May 12 and they oversee the book barrow at the back of the Church. A praesidium in Templemore gave its 3rd Annual Report: it has six members and 21 auxiliaries. Works include, Pilgrim statue visitation, Rosary at three grottos and promoting Eucharistic Adoration. Plans for 2023 are to recruit with focus on younger people and to hold Patrician meetings.

Kerry Comitium: The public Rosary resumed on the 13th of May. Contact work is done before and after recitation of the Rosary. The praesidium in Tralee has nine members and some have made their Promise. The MEP project in Tralee which was organised by Kerry Comitium had 27 on the team.1734 homes were visited and almost 1,000 Miraculous medals were distributed. Seventeen names were taken for active membership.


Lismore Curia: A praesidium in Lismore Curia has 13 members who do home visitation and promote the Miraculous medal. During May and October the Rosary was said at our Lady’s statue in the town. The Fatima statue of Our Lady is left in homes for a short period and families are encouraged to pray together.

Waterford Curia: The Bishop attended the April Curia meeting. He gave the Allocutio and his blessing. The Curia Retreat was held in May with a good attendance. The setting up of a praesidium in Foyers (Dunmore East) is still being pursued. A blessing of the homes in the Lismore Estate took place on June 8th with special emphasis on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with a priest in attendance to bless the homes.

Limerick Curia: Elections were held for Curia Secretary and Curia Treasurer and these posts have now been filled. The work of one praesidium is door to door visitation. Efforts are being made to establish a praesidium at Limerick University.

Birr Roscrea Curia: A praesidium in the Curia has four Officers, two of whom are Officers of the Curia. They are planning three Pilgrimages for Knock and three Ecumenical events.

Ross Curia: Five praesidia have resumed their meetings. There were no praesidia Annual Reports, but some praesidia gave a progress report. Skibbereen legionaries have resumed hospital visitation. The Acies took place in May, which included Mass and the Church was full with a great number of parishioners attending.

Mid Clare Curia: In East Clare there is just one praesidium located in Tuamgraney with three active members. Meetings take place on Tuesdays at The works are home visitation and visits to the sick and elderly at home. A weekly Rosary takes place in the local hospital. Reports were not received from the praesidium in Ennis or Killaloe.


Immaculata Curia: A Retreat was held on May 6th. One praesidium led a daily public Rosary during May. All other praesidia held a weekly public Rosary during May. The Curia had a recruiting drive on 15th and 16th June. Future plans include Exploratio Dominicalis in Greenhill and a Curia outing. A recent Patrician meeting had an attendance of four legionaries and four non-legionaries. The title was ‘Maximilian Kolbe’. One praesidium looks after the upkeep of Immaculata House. Other works include school visitation to Holy Communion and Confirmation classes.

Gloriosa Curia is planning the rededication of Mount Olivet House and the holding of a Congress there. Also, there are ongoing efforts to establish a Frank Duff prayer group and new praesidium in Straffan. One praesidium’s work includes daily public Rosary at the Church Grotto, contact work at 5 shopping centres where Miraculous medals are distributed; visitation to nursing homes; home visitation; school visitation.

Benedicta Curia: Two new members have been recruited in the Senior Curia and seven in the Junior Curia. One presidium organises a weekly public Rosary. Three praesidia and also members of Junior Curia are now taking part in Street contact at the shopping centre in Rialto. Two members operate a book barrow. Many Miraculous medals are distributed each week. On street apostolate at the Rialto shopping centre, six second-year students in Synge Street School approached the Legion table and asked for medals. They were very pleasant young lads and they listened attentively as the medal was explained to them. A young girl from Chile, who is Catholic but not practicing, told the members she had found a Miraculous medal with a blue cord. The legionary explained the medal and a discussion about the Mass ensued. The young girl was invited to a meeting. There are nine members in the Junior Curia including Fr. Joseph Wan Hao, Spiritual Director. The junior members distribute Miraculous medals to their friends and fellow school pupils. They also (accompanied by seniors) visit homes with the Pilgrim Statue and have contacted people from Serbia, Brazil, Mongolia, Nigeria as well as Ireland. Two senior members took part in the Finglas Outreach project.

Mater Ecclesia Curia: Focus is on consolidating existing membership and recruitment of new members especially through Street Contact in the Blackrock area. Street contact is carried out each Saturday morning after the 10a m Mass in St. Michael’s Church Dun Laoghaire. Our three causes are promoted in street contact and in casual contact, using a pack which contains the three prayer leaflets together with Legion zoom cards and times of local praesidium meetings. In May the Curia organized a Mass to commemorate the Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn. A book stand was set up outside the Church at the weekend Masses. Many contacts were made and some passers-by took recruiting leaflets. The Frank Duff Holy Hour is continuing on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Chapel of the Divine Master Newtown Park Avenue. Praesidia in the Curia area take it in turns to lead the Rosary and Edel Quinn prayer before Mass on Monday mornings in St. Patrick’s Church Monkstown, where Edel Quinn worshipped. Nine people attended the recent Patrician meeting where the topic was ‘My Bible’. A praesidium with nine full members and two probationers takes 30 Maria Legionis every quarter. Works include a public Rosary with full Legion prayers and Divine Mercy Chaplet every Saturday; visitation of two nursing homes where Rosary is prayed and hymns are sung; promoting Adoration; volunteering in Morning Star Hostel and weekly street contact.

Annunciata Curia: A recruitment drive will take place on June 25th and 26th to build up the praesidium in Clonskeagh, which currently has three members. Due to low membership and sickness, Our Lady of Loreto praesidium, Rathmines has ceased to operate. There are six remaining praesidia in the Curia area. At May Curia meeting there was a discussion about the richness and extent of the writings of Frank Duff, such as ‘Miracles on Tap’, ‘Can we be Saints’ and of course the Legion Handbook. The Curia outing is being organised.

Ancilla Domini Curia: The new junior praesidium is going well. The weekly meeting of the praesidium is held in Myra house. Every Wednesday a Kids Club is held in the community centre, Whitefriar Street. There are arts and crafts, fun and games for 7—11-year-olds.A Curia outing is proposed for Saturday 29th July 2023, the footsteps of St Patrick, visiting Saul and Downpatrick. Four Legionaries went to the Permanence in Lourdes for five day. It was 3 Legionaries first time doing this work and joined with a team of six Austrian Legionaries who were spending a week there. Many contacts were made, including many groups from the UK who had PPC in their parishes and were very appreciative of same.



Senatus of Austria: A Summer school for Austrian legionaries will take place from July 10th to 16th. They will attend the Concilium meeting. The Korean presidium with eight members and 13 auxiliaries are making great efforts to recruit new members. Their reunion was celebrated with a Pilgrimage, Holy Mass and a social gathering. The main work of a praesidium of seven members 56 auxiliaries and 20 Adjutorians is the care of street girls, former street girls and their families. Good efforts to extend the Legion to new Parishes was reported and to restart dormant praesidia. In Curia Burgenland, the Spiritual Director renewed his Legion Promise after which three legionaries took their Promise. In Ancilla Domini Curia an afternoon Retreat had 27 in attendance. Bregenz Curia reported two junior praesidia, two Nazareth groups, Patrician meetings and keeping in touch with families from the Philippines.


Comitium Prague has 15 praesidia and one Curia. Good efforts are being made to bring the Legion to new Parishes. Their work includes an apostolate to the homeless. Comitium Olomuc: Residents of a retirement home are brought to Mass on the first Saturday of each month.


The Acies was held on May 8th. A miracle of grace through the intercession of Edel Quinn for a lapsed Catholic, who after many visits asked for a priest, was reported. He received the Sacrament of Reconciliation, anointing of the sick and died shortly afterwards.

Comitium Zseliz has twelve praesidia and one Curia attached. From a recruiting drive in January, 10 - 12 legionaries have been attending the presidium meeting every week.


Zagreb Regia: Getting minutes translated is proving very difficult. Very good efforts are being made to extend the Legion to new parishes. Home visitation, street and park contact are included in the apostolate. In one Parish, 15 people received the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion following the visits of the legionaries. Those contacted are encouraged to attend Holy Mass, and receive the sacraments. Miraculous medals are offered and generally accepted. Four Curiae are included. Works include presentation of the Legion in new Parishes; aftercare of auxiliaries; home visitation; contact work in parks; Prayer Groups in villages, care homes and a Caritas house for youth. The legionaries were instrumental in 24 persons receiving Confession and Holy Communion. There are three Comitia attached to the Regia.

Split Comitium reported home, hospital and Pilgrim statue visitation as their main work. Eighteen people received the sacraments after a long lapse.

In Zadar Comitium a new praesidium with 7 members is meeting regularly.


Sarajevo Curia has four praesidia attached.


The Comitium has 10 praesidia directed attached and 3 Curiae. The Acies was well attended by active and auxiliary members and a retreat is being planned for August.


Telsiai Comitium: One praesidium does monthly visits to the nursing home where they have 15 auxiliary members, with whom they pray the Rosary. Apostolate in the streets and home visitation is undertaken. 3 people received the Sacraments and a Lutheran woman registered for RCIA Course. Excellent apostolic work is being made among families and the Sacrament of Matrimony is encouraged. One couple got married in the Church. An 18-year-old girl is being prepared for Baptism. People are encouraged to participate in Mass.

Kaunas Comitium: A praesidium with 4 members spoke 46 times on Radio Maria and in order to develop their own spiritual life they listen to catechesis on Radio Maria and participate in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. 3 Curia are included. Reports of good efforts to recruit and extend the Legion into new parishes were reported. One Curia is working on holding a Congress. Another Curia reports ongoing efforts to build up weak praesidia.


Satu Mare Regia: The Regia meeting in February was attended by the Bishop, the Dean, the Spiritual Director and one hundred and sixty legionaries from the attached praesidia and Councils. The Bishop welcomed all the legionaries and thanked them for their prayers and endurance. From the reports that were taken the apostolate included leading the Rosary in Church, participation in Radio Maria and many other works of service.


Minsk Comitium: A praesidium of 5 members and 18 auxiliaries gave its first Annual Report. They make good contact with tourists where Miraculous medals are offered. The work of evangelisation is very much restricted. Visitation of the attached praesidia and Curiae is done and reported on at the Comitium meeting.

Baranovichi Comitium: The attendance at the Comitium meetings is good. The apostolate of a praesidium of five members is visiting the elderly to let them know when the priest is calling for Confession. The Miraculous medal is promoted. The parents of four girls, who were invited to a reconciliation service at Christmas, invited the priest to bless their apartment. And are now attending and enjoying religion classes.


Budapest Regia: The Minutes do not record the number of directly attached praesidia, Curiae or Comitia. Zolnok Curia reported hospital and nursing home visitation, taking care of graves and supervising children entrusted to their care.


Praga Comitium: The Acies was held on March 18th. The reports of two praesidia show that the legionaries are engaging in many good acts of service and parish duties. Plans for 2023 are a greater commitment to evangelisation and recruiting new members.

Warsaw Comitium has 13 praesidia, including 4 outside the Diocese and four Curiae. Work to restore small praesidia lost during Covid is being done. Visitation of the attached praesidia and Curiae is done. The Legion bulletin is issued twice a year; 160 copies are sent to every Polish Bishop and 5,300 copies are sent to all Councils.

Lublin Regia: The Acies was attended by all praesidia and seven priests. A new praesidium was set up with seven members in Lublin. The praesidium in the Seminary has seven members. Regular contact is made with auxiliaries, the sects, and twelve adults were brought to Confession and Holy Communion.



Senatus Gitega: 4 Comitia giving their Annual Reports stated that a combined total of 179 of their legionaries have left the Legion to join sects. The correspondent recommended emphasizing both to legionaries and contacts that the Catholic Church is the only Church that Jesus ever founded. And also emphasize His Real Presence in the Eucharist, Eucharistic miracles and other miracles.

In April 2023 Comitium Mubuga, in the archdiocese of Ngozi, gave their Annual Report. They have 7 Curiae, 70 praesidia including 7 junior praesidia, 971 legionaries including 102 juniors, 372 auxiliaries in total. They invited 116 former legionaries and 81 other contacts to join the Legion and 83 contacts to become auxiliaries, and with the help of the novices of the Militants of the Blessed Virgin Mary, they started 4 new praesidia including 2 junior praesidia, and gained 159 active legionaries including 68 juniors, also 84 auxiliaries during the year. All things Catholic are promoted. All the legionaries make a big effort to encourage their contacts to prepare themselves spiritually for Christmas and Easter.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: The task for February was to visit the sick, the Bishops and the Parish Priests of any new parishes. For March the tasks were set to visit the needy, old folks’ homes, prisons, orphanages, etc. For April and May, the emphasis was to talk about Christs’ Resurrection and for May, the month of Mary, to pray the Rosary and to teach others how to pray the Rosary. Efforts are being made to translate the Handbook in Swahili. The Senatus organised a debate on the Legion with the youth Comitium, Our Lady of the Apostles. Reports on the Acies from the various councils were given and on the same day the closing of the Centenary was held, as it was not possible to have this earlier because of the Covid restrictions.

Senatus of Butembo: In March there was an attendance of 116 members, including the Spiritual Director and 1 religious.1 Regia, 1 Comitium. Two praesidia gave reports. The sick, widows, orphans, the elderly, war refugees, and prisoners were contacted. 25 ex-legionaries were received into the Legion. Marriages of 26 couples living irregularly were organised in Church. 715 children were taught catechism and prayers; among whom 513 were baptised. Peace was restored in quarrelling families after counselling. Addicts to drink and drugs gave up the habit. 13 Protestants were converted. In April 4 Comitia reported. 132 single mothers had their children baptised. 732 children were taught the catechism, of whom 615 received various sacraments. 98 marriages were blessed. 35 seriously ill people were anointed by priests at Legionaries request. In May, 3 Comitia reported 108 participants. 1,331 children received the sacraments after being catechised. 18 separated couples renewed their marital relationships after advice. 35 young people joined the Legion of Mary. A Eucharistic Congress will take place in Lumumbashi from 04/06/ 2023 to 11/06/2023.

Senatus of Kisangani: In the Senatus of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, 32 legionaries died in a land dispute between 2 tribes in Kisangani. The legionaries visited 4,023 refugees who had fled and abandoned their homes, helping 324 of them. 126 members visited the places where these events took place and prayed for peace and reconciliation. Help was given to 23 families affected by flooding. Other works included: visiting the sick in hospitals, health centres and at home; visiting 234 orphans. 43 young people, as well as 26 police officers and 214 soldiers were recruited. 178 young people took part in a PPC project and had 254 door-to-door contacts were made. Members had 231 contacts with junior seminarians and 156 senior seminarians, and founded a praesidium in the Junior Seminary. 594 young people were encouraged to give up prostitution and 289 others to stop smoking hemp and gambling. 287 Catholics who had lapsed to join sects returned to the Church thanks to the efforts of the members of the Legion of Mary. 67 legionaries who had left the Legion also returned.

Senatus of Kananga: Summary of the activity: visits to the sick in health centres, bringing them consolation; home visits to widows; raising Christians’ awareness of the sacraments of penance, communion, marriage and reciting the rosary, as well as attending Mass; participation in the Easter Triduum, Easter Confession and in the activities of the Basic Ecclesial Communities in the parishes; Recruitment of catechumens and also of 3 new legionnaires, including two young people and one adult.


The Regia forwarded the audit for 2022 to the Concilium. The Acies seems to have been very well attended by members from all over the island, but the Regia seems to be struggling. A 3-day Retreat arranged for May had to be postponed.


Senatus of Kigali: Elections for all new Senatus officers were announced at the April Senatus meeting and will be held during the July meeting. The assistant Secretary is in the process of translating the Minutes. He will also give more information on how the installation of the 2 new Regia are progressing. All councils are currently back on track. Legionary work has resumed with renewed vigour, the councils have once again been strengthened and the number of active members is still increasing to approximately 130 thousand. Praesidia, even Curiae exist and function well in schools and in prisons, but the consequences of the pandemic are not hindering, especially with regard to the renewal of officers. Almost all of the councils were at a standstill for nearly 3 years following the confinement due to Covid. The Senatus has also experienced other challenges, including the death of its Vice President (Ildephonse Biregeya: 02/01/2023) and that of its Spiritual Director (Father Emmanuel Sebahire: 26/10/2022). The Episcopal Conference of Rwanda assured us that the appointment of a new Spiritual Director of the Senatus will take place as soon as possible. In the meantime, the Spiritual Director of the Archdiocese of Kigali comes from time to time to support them in some of the Senatus meetings. As for the establishment of the 2 Regia, mutually agreed with the Concilium Legionis during the visit of the Senatus Kigali committee to Dublin in 2018, everything was almost ready for their launch in the North West (Nyundo) and the South (Gikongoro) of the country. The Councils concerned (Comitia and Curiae) are already prepared for it and the Episcopal Conference of Rwanda had already given the green light just before the Covid pandemic. They are considering the right time for this important event, especially since the constraints are now lifted. They will keep us informed at the appropriate time, and would be delighted to share this immense joy with Concilium delegates.


Election of Concilium President:

Sr. Murphy proposed Br. Declan Lawlor and was seconded by Sr. Ní Chochláin. As there was no other nomination Br. Lawlor was elected as Concilium President for a term of three years.

Br. Lawlor had previously served as the Vice-President of the Concilium.

Br. Lawlor thanked Sr. Mary Murphy for steering the Concilium though the difficult Covid years, the Centenary celebrations, the positive relationships with the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life in Rome and her unifying, welcoming and experienced voice at the Concilium meetings.


Deus et Patria

Young Adult conference:

The annual young adult conference will take place on 19-20 August 2023.

The theme is ‘Under Mary’s Mantle’.

The conference is targeted for young adults aged 18-40. This age group needs special attention to create growth for future officerships in the legion.

It will be a weekend of Catholic friendship, interesting talks, social fellowship and Holy Mass.

Correspondents are encouraged to ask local areas / councils to send representatives.

Other councils should consider organising their own projects for this age group.