Concilium Bulletin July 2023



Senatus of Caracas: A post-pandemic check indicates that the Senatus has two Regiae, sixteen Comitiae, eight Curiae and nine praesidia attached. Many new members have been recruited. A retreat for juniors was organised during Lent. Eight adults were prepared for, and received the sacraments of baptism and First Holy Communion. A praesidium reported very successful street contacts. They have difficulty getting access to apartment blocks.


Quito Senatus: An attached praesidium has fifteen members including a full complement of officers, solid Legion work is being done. The officers of the attached Regia of Cuenca had a meeting with their auxiliary bishop. Heavy rain and flooding have caused occasional drownings and left families homeless.


Senatus of La Paz: Special efforts are made to visit families in outlying areas where there is neither priest nor chapel. The aim is to start praesidia in these barrios. A new apostolate is a public rosary for children which involves teaching children how to pray the rosary. Contact in street market has restarted with good results. They have a special outreach to young victims of drugs, alcohol and pornography. One of the parish priests helps the legionaries to recruit more active members.


Senatus of Santiago: A praesidium reports having two married couples as active members. Part of their apostolate is the training of fifty altar boys. Corpus Christi processions and Marian processions are organised by the legionaries who invite everyone to join in, especially those who have lapsed from the sacraments, and non-Catholics. More Venezuelan immigrants are arriving in Chile, some of whom have been active legionaries at home and are delighted to continue their membership in the Senatus area. A mini- Congress was held to discuss post- Covid ways to get every legionary to do new works and attract new members.


Senatus of Montevideo: One Curia reported a new praesidium. A praesidium does heroic work with the homeless and drug addicts. Another praesidium is about to undertake a new work in a hospital with pregnant mothers. After the pandemic, a Comitium has been dismantled as it had no local praesidia. Other Curiae have closed praesidia of very elderly members. The need for extension and recruiting is stressed. On May 6th, many legionaries attended the beatification of Venerable Jacinto Vera, the first Bishop of Uruguay. All councils celebrated the Acies in May. Audios of retreats, novenas, etc. are circulated via social media to both active and auxiliary members.


Senatus of Lima: Two praesidia, eleven Curiae and seven Comitia reported, from which there were three hundred and two probationary legionaries. The Senatus set up a committee to help weak councils and the updating of officerships after the pandemic is continuing. Works include visiting homes to promote the rosary, reading the gospel of the day and leaving a Pilgrim Statue, and also catechism, meetings of married couples, visiting the sick, nursing homes and the elderly, street contact, youth outreach, Patricians, and Frank Duff Prayer Groups. The Comitium of Tumbes has had to return to virtual meetings due to a dengue fever epidemic. Many legionaries have died. A Comitium reports four conversions after contact with fifteen Protestants. A praesidium evangelises in a police station. A Comitium reports working with the sick in their homes, cleaning, bathing, cooking, and accompanying them to doctors. A Curia has set up two all-male praesidia.


Asuncion Senatus: Eighty legionaries participated in a three-day grace-filled mission over the June bank holiday to Villa Florida in the south of the country. The mission was requested by a legionary there to support the parish priest as other denominations proliferate. This resulted in the formation of three adult and one junior praesidia. A member of the Senatus visited Villa Florida last week to follow up and give support to the new praesidia. A Comitium reported a plan to carry out Exploratio Dominicalis in all parishes in their region. Already two new praesidia have resulted from initial projects. In line with the main Senatus objective for 2023 to recruit new members, eleven new praesidia have been formed so far this year by this Comitium. Another Comitium reported the reopening of three praesidia that had closed due to the pandemic. The Senatus celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of its members joining.


Senatus of Bogotá: Four praesidia, four Curiae, five Comitia and six Regiae reported. The 2022 audit has been undertaken. The pandemic did away with many praesidia and Curiae, and several Comitia had to be dismantled. Two distant praesidia were closed due to disobedience in many matters. In contrast to that, new praesidia have been established in many areas, including in theSenatus Curia. A junior Curia of five praesidia has been set up. In Choachi, there is a new Curia with four praesidia, another to be formed soon with five praesidia, and a new praesidium set up after a mission in Holy Week with the participation of legionaries from different areas. The officers regularly visit the parishes to strengthen weak praesidia. They train legionaries before extension projects in parishes without the Legion. Fontibón Regia held a Congress and other councils plan to do likewise. Other works include praying the rosary and reading the lives of the saints in a foundation for autistic and blind people, accompanying the sick to medical appointments or to Mass, a pro-life apostolate in front of abortion clinics, promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and recruiting auxiliaries during rosaries in public parks. Pre-junior groups are used to bring children and parents closer to God. A Comitium recruited thirty auxiliaries while bringing Holy Communion to the sick.



Senatus of Northern Philippines. Pasig Comitium recruited one hundred and two new members, nine juniors and twelve probationers. Twenty-three juniors transferred to the senior rank. A provincial cluster of four Comitia established one senior Curia, three senior and two junior praesidia and revived two senior praesidia. Thirty-four members took the promise. One Born Again was converted to the Catholic faith.

Imus Comitium set up five new praesidia in a new parish with great support from the Parish Priest. A senior curia had thirty infants and adults for baptism. After an Exploratio Dominicalis nine individuals received confirmation, thirteen children received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and six adults received the sacrament of baptism.

Cebu Senatus. Maasin Regia has a total membership of sixteen thousand, five hundred and ninety four members, Works include home, hospital and prison visitation. A Curia in Toledo Comitium has ninety- five active members and eighteen on probation. They also have six junior praesidia. Rosary was prayed in October in twenty- eight classrooms, each with forty students. As a result of a Columban Drive to four parishes, sixteen new senior members were recruited and one junior praesidium. Other councils reported great apostolic works being carried out.

Bicolandia Senatus. Comitium of Caceres has seven directly attached praesidia and eight Curia. Home visitation, after care of auxiliaries, leading prayers at wakes and funerals and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart carried out. Comitium of Daet has not yet resumed as a Comitium. Our Lady of Penefrancia Curia reported ten praesidia with one hundred and three members and carried out works of visiting the sick in hospital, seventeen recruited for baptism and assist at funerals.

Western Visayas Senatus. Councils’ officers attendance is good but that of the directly attached praesidia officers is only thirty per cent. Antique Comitium had sixty-six adults and twenty-seven children catechized, one convert to Catholic Faith, and bible study done in five family homes. Other reports showed twenty- eight marriage validations, thirty-three inmates visited monthly and crowd contact. Three seniors met on visitation were lapsed for quite a number of years and were prepared for a full return to the sacraments.

Mindanao Senatus. A young legionary who works on board a ship has set up a praesidium. He will report back when his contract ends. Other works reported include teaching Catechism to elementary children, children being prepared to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the promotion of the sacraments of baptism and matrimony.


Auckland Senatus. Most councils reported on visits to hospitals, rest homes and bringing Holy Communion to the sick. Transport is provided for the elderly to attend Mass. Catechism is taught in the schools and legionaries are sponsors to the newly baptised. Street apostolate is done by few praesidia and others have been encouraged to try it and also make more effort to recruit and each senior praesidium to start a junior one.


Melbourne Senatus. Visitation to attached councils is well underway. A Patrician meeting had an attendance of twenty. Recruiting drives are taking place in most Curiae. Reported works of Statue visitation, Rosary in school with one hundred and twenty-five attending. Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) in a parish is run by the legionaries. Dandenong Curia has forty-three members in seven senior praesidia and one junior praesidium. A recruiting drive resulted in one new praesidium. Ulverston praesidium in Tasmania has nine members who distribute the Christmas and Easter Mass times to the hotels, motels and caravan parks. Contact is made with the sick, bereaved and lonely. Loanatom Comitium in Vanuatu has twelve praesidia. Nine people were prepared for confession and several lapsed were encouraged to return to the sacraments.

Sydney Senatus. Senatus bulletin reports legionaries as sacramental co-ordinators in their parishes, conducting liturgy and devotions when the priest is absent, providing transport to Mass for the elderly and religious education in the schools.



Down and Conor Comitium: The Belfast legionaries are working very hard at recruiting with agreement of six contacts being made by every legionary each week. Street contact is also taking place. A parish praesidium reported in April with six members. The legionaries are leading the Holy Hour every week as well as home visitation. North Antrim Curia has six praesidia with thirty-two active members. Down Curia held their 1000th meeting in March. The praesidium in Downpatrick has six members with eight Fatima Pilgrim Statues in circulation in the Parish. Home visitation and contact work at a Legion stand is also done.

Derry Comitium: The attendance at the Comitium meeting is quite small. Our Lady Queen of Peace praesidium in Derry with four members reported. The main work is nursing home visitation where the rosary is prayed with the residents. Contact work is done on the streets and with the homeless where they are offered miraculous medals. Curia of Queen of the Home in Inishowen has seven praesidia attached. The apostolate is home visitation with the Pilgrim Statue. During the month of May altars were erected in shop windows. The rosary is also prayed in some parishes by legionaries before Mass.

Raphoe Comitium: The Comitium has established a very successful book-barrow at Market Square in Letterkenny. Contacts are made on Thursdays and Fridays when miraculous medals are distributed. The seven members of Raphoe praesidium were invited to attend Mary’s Meals auction where they set up a book- barrow and gave out seventy miraculous medals.

Navan Comitium: A praesidium with six members reported. They prayed the rosary on the Hill of Tara and as a result one new member joined the Legion. Book -barrow apostolate and home visitation is ongoing.

Dromore Comitium: A recruiting drive is planned for Hilltown to restart the praesidium. The legionaries visited St Mark’s high school in Warrenpoint and left a memory stick of the rosary and miraculous medals for their pastoral care.


Armagh Curia: As the annual report to be taken was deferred, a progress report was taken from the attached praesidia. In Keady, home visitation is being done and two new auxiliary members were recruited. The praesidium in Armagh reported home visitation and a junior praesidium of nineteen members. In Coalisland the praesidium has resumed its meetings. A recruitment drive was planned for the 17th and 18th of June.

Dundalk Curia: The praesidium in Dundalk has eight members, thirty-nine auxiliaries and one adjutorian. Meetings are held each Wednesday at 4.30pm in the Dominican Priory. The apostolate includes conducting ‘Children of the Eucharist’ (COTE) Programme in the Parish and Home visitation where miraculous medals and literature are distributed.

Drogheda Curia: The Acies was held in Clogherhead on March 26th and was described as a beautiful ceremony. The book-barrow at Scotch Hall shopping centre went really well. A retreat for young adults is planned for the 19th and 20thof August. A praesidium of seven members visit the housebound and people living on their own. Holy Communion is brought to the housebound on Sunday mornings.

Clonmacnoise Curia: The Curia has two praesidia, one in Athlone and one in Mount Temple. One mixed praesidium in Athlone of six members gained five new members in the period January 2022 to January 2023 by trying different ways of recruiting. Pilgrim Statue visitation, rosary in cemeteries and nursing home visitation are included in the apostolate.

Leitrim Curia: A report from a junior praesidium was taken at the March meeting but no details were given. Two members of the praesidium in Carrick-on-Shannon have taken the Legion Promise and officers have been appointed for the praesidium there. Two Patrician meetings were held in Longford on the topics of confession and detachment.

Clogher Curia: Two praesidia each gained two new members. Three praesidia reports featured with eight, two, and five members. Works include parish duties, visitation of the sick and elderly, bringing people to Mass. Two members of one praesidium visit the local primary school once a week in May and October. The children were encouraged to pray and participated in a decade of the rosary on each visit.

Kilmore Curia: There is just one praesidium in Cavan with fourteen members. One new member who joined hopes to get a praesidium started in his own Parish. Efforts are being made to get the praesidium in Ballyjamesduff restarted.


Veneranda Curia: Curia is planning a project in Berkeley Road parish. A junior praesidium helps with sorting baby clothes for an organisation that cares for women who need assistance with pregnancy. Juniors assisted with parish project and will work with parish youth worker in the future on youth projects in the parish. The juniors enjoyed studying YouCat. Three members are now eighteen years of age and plan to join the senior praesidium.

Porta Coeli Curia: A praesidium now has four members after a long-standing member recently passed away. Works include home visitation in their own parish and also in a neighbouring parish in an effort to revive the Legion there. Sometimes a priest takes part in the visitation. Plaques of the Sacred Heart were given to families and sixty-four homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart during June. Rosary and other leaflets were distributed on this work. The praesidium has resumed weekly book-barrow apostolate outside a shopping centre and is getting a good reception. Miraculous medals and Legion literature are distributed. The praesidium has recently recommenced the Night Fever apostolate. The legionaries go to various roads near the Church with trays of candles, offering one to each person they meet. The excellent response surprised both the legionaries and the priest. Several of those met, visited the church to light a candle and pray for special intentions, and some said they had not been inside a church for many years. Another praesidium visits auxiliary members, who are pleased to receive copies of Maria Legionis.

Presentata Curia: Sixteen people attended a recent Patricians meeting entitled ‘The Sacred Heart’. The annual Curia outing to Newbridge took place on July 6th. A Traditional Irish music night, held in Presentata Hall on June 17th, was well attended. The next Traditional Irish music night will take place on July 29th. A film night was held on June 24th. Sprockets cycle group is planning a cycle trip from Baldoyle to Clontarf soon. Legionaries are planning to take part in a pre-mission project in Cabra in September/October. The bus has been booked for the annual pilgrimage to Knock in September. The Frank Duff prayer meeting is held monthly in The Morning Star hostel.

Bethlehem Curia: Curia joined with Veneranda Curia for the annual Retreat in May. Legionaries gathered recently for a Holy Hour to pray for all those going on and met on PPC. A praesidium has four full members and one probationary. Their main work is street contact where they meet many people from oversees whom they often refer to the Morning Star and Regina Coeli hostels. The annual Curia outing is planned for 22nd July.

Consolata Curia: Curia will meet for mass and Holy Hour of Adoration in August to pray for an increase in members. All praesidia have been asked to organise a recruiting drive in their parish. Recent Patricians titles were ‘St Pio, what was his secret weapon?’ and ‘The link between God and Humanity’. Attendance was small. A praesidium’s works included home visitation, nursing home visitation, street contact and shop contact, where holy water, miraculous medals, leaflets and rosary beads are distributed and statue visitation is offered. School children and their teachers are given miraculous medals, rosary beads and leaflets, when they come to the church for mass or sacramental preparation. On the feast day of St Benedict, Benedictine medals were handed out after mass. On the feast day of St Colmcille the rosary was prayed at the Saint Colmcille’s Well, which is in the parish. A young father explained that his baby daughter made a miraculous recovery from meningitis and he got his home blessed in thanksgiving to God. Another praesidium’s works included home visitation, beach contact and nursing home visitation. Two residents who each use a wheelchair were brought from the nursing home to the church for mass. One member has worked on the Sycamore programme at the Regina Coeli Hostel while others continue to help with cleaning duties, food deliveries and reception work. Home visitation has resumed and legionaries bring the Pilgrim Statue and pray the rosary. Legionaries assist with weekly Bible Classes for juniors and visit an ill praesidium officer who is hoping at some stage to return to the meetings. One legionary assisted a distressed teenager at the train station, giving her a miraculous medal. Another legionary brought a parishioner to hospital.

Exaltata Curia: The Curia Outing took place on Sunday 2nd July to the birthplace of St. Bridget in Faughart for their annual celebration of her Birth. This was followed by a trip to Carlingford and a meal. A praesidium’s main work is the spiritual and temporal welfare of the residents of the Regina Coeli hostel as well as general work in the hostel. Sisters help with the preparation of the dining room for mass and with serving refreshments afterwards. Counselling sessions are held for residents who wish to come off drugs and alcohol. One member who is involved in Cenaclo can arrange contact for residents who are ready to make the change. On Tuesday afternoons Bible Coffee Prayer meetings are held for the residents. This year in particular sisters have noticed an added enthusiasm among the residents for these Tuesday gatherings. Three residents have joined a new praesidium – Our Lady of Hope - which meets in Presentata House. There was great rejoicing recently when one resident was accepted into Trinity College to study Psychology and Sociology.



The Senatus of Accra: The Senatus and several other attached councils organise monthly Frank Duff prayer meetings. Attendance of directly attached praesidia at the Senatus meeting has improved in recent months. A praesidium in Accra Technical University now has twenty members. An Edel Quinn function held in the seminary had over three hundred in attendance. The Rector there tasked all to invite people to Christ, speak the truth and never stop praying. Madina Curia established a new praesidium and is trying to start a praesidium in the parish of their new Spiritual Director. A new Curia was formed at Nungua for Telshie, Sakumona and Spintex area. Legionaries report visiting Nsawam Prison.


The Senatus of Egypt: Acies Ceremonies were held by the various Curiae throughout Egypt. In Cairo Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac of the Egyptian Coptic Catholic Church presided over the Acies ceremony. Fr. Hedeya Tamer, the Spiritual Director of the Senatus and a number of priests and religious also attended. In his homily the Patriarch spoke about the Acies ceremony stressing the importance of the celebration, which is not just an ordinary celebration, but rather a continuation of the Church’s march, and that service is surrender and acceptance.


Maputo Regia reports visiting attached councils and the planning of activities with Comitia and Curie. On a visit to Xai-Xai Comitium, they found that this council is working on extension. The Regia sent minutes recording the results of recent elections. Tete Comitium held their annual planning meeting. Acies ceremonies were held in March. Legionaries made their annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Zobue. The schedule was well organized, and the activities were distributed among the Curiae. There was a large participation of legionaries who were supported by their Spiritual Directors.


Benguela Senatus: Several directly attached praesidia report hospital and home visitation to the sick. Legionaries visit former members to encourage them to return to their weekly meetings and pray the rosary. The Senatus frequently visits attached councils and praesidia to guide them in the Legion system while encouraging legionaries to participate in Legion activities. Extension work in several parishes is ongoing. Legionaries are encouraged to recruit new members whenever they can.

Senatus of Luanda: There is a continued focus on expansion and training for legionaries. Recruitment of active and auxiliary members is the primary focus of praesidia. Visitation of attached Councils and praesidia is carried out periodically. A meeting for young legionaries was organised with three hundred in attendance. A Comitium requested the support of the Senatus to provide handbooks to establish two praesidia in a Seminary. Another praesidium reports recruiting eight active and twelve auxiliary members. Their works include home and hospital visitation, reaching out to street children and distributing invitations to attend Mass.


Heartfelt gratitude was expressed to Br. Barry Warren on his retirement as correspondent. Attendance at the Senatus meeting is fifty per cent. Visitation to attached praesidia resulted in officers from four praesidia attending the Senatus meetings. The Legion handbook is used for both spiritual and administrative purposes where difficulties arise. Works reported include reconciling estranged family members, teaching the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, visiting lapsed Christians, the sick and elderly and encouraging parents to have their newborns baptised, teaching children how to pray, teaching children the catechism and teaching the rosary to blind children.


Cape Town Senatus: His Grace the Archbishop of Cape Town has given an imprimatur for the translation of Afrikaans Handbook and a Nihil Obstat was obtained from Fr. Robert Bissell. The archbishop is the Cardinal elect for South Africa. Legionaries visited a praesidium in Verdendal, Northern Cape. While there they held two workshops, one on the task of the Legion in the parish and the other on the task of the Spiritual Director and officers. A back-to-basics workshop took place in February with the aim of boosting legionaries in Bothasig. Acies ceremonies took place in March. Several praesidia report visiting nursing homes and praying the rosary with residents, visiting the sick, bereaved, and elderly and the distribution of Catholic literature.

Matatiele Comitium: A praesidium of twelve members and twenty- five auxiliaries do home visitation, work with children encouraging them to attend Mass and to do well at school. Three adults returned to the sacraments, fourteen children received First Holy Communion. A Patrician meeting on “God and Mary had twelve adults in attendance. The Comitium had Mass offered on Venerable Edel Quinn’s anniversary and on Frank Duff’s birthday. Esigodeni Comitium has resumed correspondence and reported that four hundred and sixty-four legionaries attended the Acies. Fr. Mkhize advised the legionaries that following on Our Lady’s footsteps they will conquer all problems.


Election of Concilium Assistant Secretary:

Sr. Jacinta McGovern was proposed by Sr. Mary Murphy and this was seconded by Sr. Anne Carney. As there was no other nomination Sr. McGovern was elected as Assistant Secretary of Concilium for a term of three years.


Meeting of Ecclesial Movements:

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities, organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, which concluded with a solemn Pentecost Vigil in St. Peter’s Square with Pope John Paul II on May 30, 1998. On June 22, in Rome, the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life hosts the moderators of associations, ecclesial movements, new communities and other entities recognized or erected by it, for its regular annual meeting. The title of the meeting, “On Mission with Peter. Apostolicity at the Heart of the Movements’ Identity,” aims precisely at recalling that historic event.

Br. Declan Lawlor and Sr. Mary Murphy attended on behalf of the Concilium. There are now 103 Ecclesial movements including the legion of Mary. The main emphasis was on the role of the laity to become involved the apostolate of the Church. Cardinal Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery said that neither a Bishop or priest is able to make contacts in Wall Street but the laity can.

On the 23 June we met with Philip Milligan, Canon Lawyer, in the Dicastery of Laity Family and Life. We discussed a number of items relating to the Legion of Mary.


Deus et Patria Report

Young Adult Conference

Tickets for the Young Adult Conference are now available to buy from Eventbrite. Flyers and posters are now available. We encourage all councils to promote the conference over the coming weeks, and to sponsor young adults so they can attend. There is a handy QR code on the flyers and posters which will make it easier for anyone looking to purchase tickets. Main speakers include Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, Sally Read Author and Poet, Dr. William A Thomas, Professor of Mariology at Newman College Ireland. He is also a member of the Pontifical Marian Academy and Director of the Saint John Paul II Institute of Marian Studies. Fr Aelred McGee a Cistercian monk at Bethlehem Abbey, Portglenone, Fr. Billy Swan, and Michael Kelly editor of the Irish Catholic newspaper plus many more. We are asking legionaries to place posters in Churches, on local community notice boards in local shops and shopping centres, post offices, hotels etc. where permission is received to do so. Please use the small flyers to personally invite a young adult to the conference.

Derry Project

A team of nine legionaries took part in the Derry project. Legionaries stayed at theTermonbacca Retreat Centre located beside the Creggan estate. Over the weekend legionaries called to homes in Ballymagowan a newly built area on the Creggan estate and spoke at the weekend Masses in Creggan and the neighbouring parishes. A Holy Hour was organised for Saturday evening, which was attended by parishioners they had met on home visitation. The Parish Priest Fr. McFall said there is a big role for Evangelization and suggested legionaries come back for a week- long project.

World Youth Day

Seventeen pilgrims will travel to Lisbon on Friday the 4th of August for World Youth Day. They will meet with legionaries from many other countries.


Peregrinatio Pro Christo

Prayers are asked for the many projects that are being undertaken at this time.