Concilium Bulletin January 2018

Lome Senatus: In the reporting 2 praesidia, 7 Curiae and 3 Comitia there are only 8
vacancies. A great number of Exploratio Dominicalis projects, Congresses (1 junior
Curia) and Patrician meetings are reported on as well as conversions, returns to the
Church, Baptisms and people under instruction. Several abortions were prevented.
The Comitium in Tsevie started a new Curia and a new praesidium. Regia Kara set up
several Curiae in Bassar.
Dakar Comitium received the 600 Handbooks and other Legion material which was
posted to them by Togo. Works reported included home visitation, visiting the sick at
home and in hospitals, and teaching catechism. One couple was brought back to the
Sacraments after a long absence.
Pikine Comitium has 287 active and 68 auxiliary members.
Douala Senatus: For the first time Cameroon legionaries are organising a PPC project
which is to take place in Eseka, between Douala and Yaounde, directed by the National
Chaplain. They are also preparing for another visit to Chad from 2nd - 16th April.
The National Chaplain of the Legion in Chad has requested a visit. The permission
has already been given by the Bishops. Yaounde Regia started another praesidium in a
prison bringing the total to 9 prison praesidia. They are also in the process of setting
up 4 new Curiae. It takes the Officers of Yokadouma Comitium 3 days travelling in
order to attend the Regia meeting. One family with no religion has been visited by the
legionaries since 2009. First the children were baptised and last August the couple were
received into the Church and also received the Sacrament of Marriage.
Senatus of Abidjan: This report is for the four months July to October 2017. During
this period seven praesidia, one Curia and five Comitia gave their Annual Reports. They
have a combined membership of, 6,525 active members of whom 1,381 are Praetorians,
and 1,173 auxiliaries of whom 376 are Adjutorians. They made 128,927 visits to a variety
of locations resulting in 635,900 contacts of whom 256,605 were Catholic and the rest
Methodist, Muslim, members of sects and people of no religion. They visited 30,072 sick
people at home and 99,707 in hospitals. The fruits of this work were: homes reconciled 79;
marriages regularised; 78 returns to Holy Mass 113; Baptisms 484; Confirmations 301;
Sacrament of the Sick 87; Sacrament of Reconciliation 44; Catechumens recruited 766.
They have 282 Legionaries teaching Catechism and the number of Catechumens under
instruction is 6,364. One new Curia was established. They held five Marian Days of prayer
around the Feast of Our Lady’s Nativity on 8th September with two Bishops involved and
23,000 Legionaries. Regular monthly Minutes are being received from the Comitium in
the Archdiocese of Bamako, Mali, for which the Senatus has a caretaker role.
Senatus, Brazzaville: Apostolic works include catechesis, home visitation and visits
to the sick, elderly, widows, orphans, poor and prisoners. A wide range of religious
faiths are encountered. Legionaries encourage people to pray in the Catholic Church,
to return to the Sacraments or invite them for instruction in the Catholic faith. Fruits
of the apostolate include: a lapsed Catholic returned to the Church after 30 years; a
young girl saved from suicide and large numbers of catechumens baptised. Legionaries
supported the parish ‘Community Rosaries’ during the month of October. Councils
are regularly visited by the Senatus and an account of the visit is given at the Senatus
meeting. Reporting praesidia and councils are requested to be exact in the presentation
of their reports to Senatus and use a tally sheet to record the number and type of
contacts, religious denomination and result of encounter with the legionaries. Retreat
days, Pilgrimages and supporting Diocesan events feature in many council reports.
Regia of Malabo: The Regia reports that one of its major challenges is getting councils
and praesidia to present their reports as scheduled. Curia Virgen de Guadalupe has
8 new praesidia, one of them junior. Their works are home visitation, catechesis and
visiting the sick. Three praesidia reported: one of them is focusing on studying the
Handbook; street contact is among its main works. Another praesidium has 12 new
members and home visitation is the prominent apostolate, while the third praesidium
has 2 probationers; they visited the Diocesan Seminary, and also families with unbaptised
children to encourage them to have the children baptised and then they do the
necessary catechesis.
Good Counsel Regia (Cotonou): Reports indicate a well-run council which looks after
the efficient functioning of Comitia, Curiae and praesidia within its territory. It also
seeks to maintain contact on a caretakership basis with the Curia at Niamey in the
Republic of Niger and the three Comitia in the Gabon Republic. The Regia has advanced
plans for the construction of a Legion Headquarters in Cotonou for which some funds
have already been raised.
Ouagadougou Comitium (Capital of Burkina): Minutes indicated that the Comitium
was holding 2 meetings per month, one for the city Curiae and another for the country
Curiae. This is an arrangement which is not normal practice in the Legion. The restored
Comitium in the second city of Bobo-Dioulasso has been sending Minutes to Sr. Die-
Akissi Aya.
Conakry Comitium has sent on a full report of the situation in Guinée to Fr. Declen
Lohan in Galway who, as Br. Lohan, was their Correspondent. The Comitium in Conakry
has been meeting and working faithfully, looking after its Curiae and providing a focal
point for Curiae in other Dioceses. They plan to build a Legion Headquarters. The major
item of news is that Fr. Declan Lohan, has maintained his connection with the Legion.
Not only that, but has offered to visit the Legion in Guinée in the coming summer when,
as a University Chaplain, he will have holidays.
Senatus of San Salvador: 5000 legionaries attended a national Congress in September,
far more than expected; the Bishop was edified by the attendance. In October, there were 2
Days of Formation for the officers of Regiae and Comitia, and also pre-departure training
for those going on PPC to Cara Sucia in November. Apostolates include premarital talks,
Way of the Cross processions, reciting the Rosary in the workplace, helping with Radio
Maria broadcasts and Enthronement of the Child Jesus in homes. A new Curia of 7
praesidia was formed by the Regia of Santa Ana.
Senatus of Tegucigalpa: The Legion exists in all Dioceses of the country, despite much
violence and social unrest. The Senatus organised an Advent Retreat which was well
Regia of Managua: The National Meeting of Lay Movements was held in October;
350 legionaries attended. Several new praesidia have been set up and the junior Curia
is extending into a new parish. 40 youths attended a talk on sexuality organised by a
praesidium. Another praesidium conducted various talks on True Devotion to Mary
resulting in 14 people undertaking the consecration.
Regia of Panamá: Two Comitia, 2 Curiae and 4 praesidia reported. 2 new praesidia
were set up. Pre-junior nursery groups feature strongly. 50 couples were convinced to
receive the Sacrament of Marriage. They report visitation of a prison and of a Women’s
Rehabilitation Centre. The Officers attending a Workshop were divided according to
their officerships; attendance was very good. They report on-going co-operation with the
Archdiocese in organising World Youth Day 2019.
Senatus of San José: Communication is slowly improving; only the President
communicates by email. A Curia reports setting up 4 new praesidia. Home visitation has
been done in the parish where the Legion house is located and as a result they hope to
form a praesidium.
Senatus of Mexico City: The Regia of Leon Guanajuato is without a Spiritual Director
or President for some time and the Vice President is new. A Curia in the town of Pedregal
de San Nicolas, Oaxaca, organises villagers to sweep the streets as True Devotion to the
Nation. The Curia has 2 praesidia in formation and some praesidia have whole families in
their membership. A Curia with a praesidium close to a prison has good success working
with released youths.
Comitium of Tetecala reports the success of an extension worker in improving Mass
attendance - the priest had to put on an additional Mass on Sunday! A legionary of over
100 years old said that in her day when setting up a praesidium they’d set off on foot or
on a donkey early in the morning, arriving in the evening; now a similar distance is a 30
minute drive by car! Regia of Puebla mention visiting prisons in 2 towns; 15 prisoners
received Confession and Holy Communion, 165 attended a Retreat and 25 learned to
pray the Rosary. 41 migrants were contacted. 2 Legion Congresses had 800 and 110
respectively in attendance. 28 new praesidia were formed, 7 of them junior.
Senatus of Merida: A Comitium of 20 Curiae and 18 praesidia reports home and prison
visitation, catechesis, 47 marriages regularised, 7 returns to the faith and 147 returns
to the Eucharist. Comitium Maria Inmaculada has 24 Curiae one of which is juvenile
and 17 praesidia. 36 of the 50 parishes in its jurisdiction have the Legion and they are
extending in 6 of the parishes currently without the Legion. Since they last reported they
set up 8 new praesidia. Of 3,751 invitations to join the Legion, over 300 people accepted
and joined. 70 children attended their second Children’s Conference. A Curia reports
conducting a Patrician meeting amongst other works.
Regia of Durango: Sacred Heart Enthronement features strongly, resulting in many
returns to the Sacraments and recovery of the sick. A Parish Priest who read the Legion
Handbook on the internet, formed 2 praesidia.
Regia of Hermosillo: One of the oldest praesidia in the Regia had declined in numbers;
however it was revived and now boasts 11 active and 39 auxiliary members. Three of its
members are Praetorians.
Regia of Monterrey: A Curia carried out a “mission” to the state of Michoacan which
included home visitation and it concluded with a Retreat which was attended by families
from 11 different communities.
Regia of Guadalajara: Two Comitia, 1 Curia and 3 praesidia reported. Praesidium Causa
de Nuestra Alegria has concentrated on broken families with considerable success: One
family joined the ‘Catholic Family Movement’. A couple decided not to divorce and a pair
who had co-habited for 3 years were prepared for First Holy Communion, Confirmation
and Matrimony. An elderly woman who practised black magic for 50 years went to
Confession and received Holy Communion. The Comitium based in Nayarit with 702
active members reported 98 visits to prison and visiting former legionaries to encourage
them to re-join.

Navan Comitium: Kentstown praesidium has 11 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians and
50 auxiliaries. Works include visiting homes of First Communion children and the homes
in 9 Estates. Four members took 30 children who are altar servers on a day’s outing to
Ashbourne. Four members are on the Parish Baptism Team; they are present at Baptisms
and also visit the families afterwards. Two members visited a Brazilian family to help
children who were preparing for Baptism. Six members teach basic English weekly to 8
Brazilians, ending with a prayer. They reported 3 adult Baptisms, 2 teenagers Confirmed.
Four couples with civil marriages have requested Church weddings. Legionaries serve
refreshments for the Brazilians after their monthly Mass at which about 70 attend with
their families. Mullingar Curia has 7 praesidia attached. One praesidium when trying
to recruit new members asks people if they would like to do something for Our Lady.
Trim Curia has 6 praesidia. Works of Boardmill praesidium include crowd contact and
visitation of the old and lonely.

Derry Comitium has 3 attached Curiae. One reporting praesidium has 140 auxiliaries.
Their main work is home and school visitation. A recruiting drive was held in
Ballymagroarty. Our Lady of Zion Curia has 30 members in 5 praesidia; they visit
hospitals and nursing homes and attend wakes and funerals. They take the Fatima statues
to family homes and local schools.

Raphoe Comitium received a letter from Bishop Philip Boyce thanking them for the
Spiritual Bouquet on his retirement. The Irish-speaking praesidium in Cnoc Fola has 5
member and 15 auxiliaries. They visit nursing homes in the area and homes of people
living alone; they also visit homes with the Fatima statue, and gave Rosaries to 30 children
making their First Holy Communion. A praesidium in Letterkenny with 9 members
undertakes home visitation, promotion of Adoration and book barrow apostolate. The
Comitium sponsored 5 young people to attend the Young Adults Conference in All
Hallows College, Dublin and 2 letters were received from young people thanking the
council for giving them the opportunity to attend. They said that the Conference helped
them spiritually and they enjoyed meeting young people from other areas. Members of
the Comitium and South West Raphoe Curia had a meeting with Bishop Alan McGuckian
who assured them of his support and encouraged them to keep doing what they are doing
and giving a public witness.
Immaculata Curia. (Diocese of Down and Connor): The Comitium is active in the
Kennedy Centre where Miraculous Medals along with the booklet, “33 Days to Morning
Glory” are distributed. The oldest praesidium in the Comitium founded in 1927 reported
having 6 members and 150 auxiliaries. They have 10 Fatima Statues in circulation and
lead a weekly Holy Hour which attracts 12 - 14 people per week. They organised their
parish Retreat which had 30 in attendance. A praesidium with 9 members works on the
Chaplaincy at Queens University where they promote Mass attendance, especially during
Lent. They conduct a monthly prayer meeting at the University. Outside term time they do
street contact in the Botanic Gardens and home visitation. The Comitium has an extension
committee which organises monthly projects wherein praesidia take part on a rota basis.
Members visit parishes and schools to generate interest in Legion membership. They also
nurture new praesidia which they helped bring into existence. Down Curia: Ardglass
praesidium has 5 members, two of whom are Praetorians. Two members are involved
in the catechism programme in two Primary Schools. Legionaries carried out extensive
home visitation when promoting the parish Retreat. Both the Parish Priest and Spiritual
Director are very supportive of the Legion in the parish.
Leitrim Curia: During home visitation in one parish many people from different
countries and religions were met. Carrick-on Shannon praesidium has 5 members who
recite a public Rosary in the town each Saturday with about 10 people attending. They
visit homes and recite the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet over the public address
system during their hospital visitation.
Clogher Curia: Enniskillen praesidium has 6 members whose works include nursing
home visitation where they recite the Rosary with the residents. Two members conduct
Eucharistic services in 2 other nursing homes. Senior citizens are taken to Mass. For the
Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions they had one hour of Adoration for world peace on
the 13th of each month from May to October, and organised two Pilgrimages to Knock
Kilmore Curia: A praesidium in Cavan has 10 members and 20 auxiliaries. Works include
visiting the sick in their homes and local nursing homes. On 8th December Miraculous
Medals were distributed at Mass in the Cathedral and they help to organise the Corpus
Christi Procession each year.
Drogheda Curia (Archdiocese of Armagh): Clougherhead praesidium members meet
with many young families in their home visitation. They visit the Confirmation classes
in 2 schools and recite the Rosary at the harbour to pray for people lost at sea and those
working on the seas. Laytown praesidium has 5 members and 18 auxiliaries. During the
summer they recited a public Rosary in housing estates in the 3 areas of the parish. The
praesidium in the Mosney Centre gives great support to the communities in the parishes
of Stamullen and Julianstown as well as in the Centre.
Dundalk Curia: A Youth Conference is planned for 14th April. As a result of a recruiting
drive in St. Patrick’s parish in October 3 attended an information meeting the following
week. Stabannon praesidium has 5 members and 10 auxiliaries. They organised a trip
to Knock Shrine in August with 23 taking part. For the schools New Year Mass they
arranged to have Miraculous Medals available and the priest explained the story of the
Medal. The paresidium assists families with the preparation for Baptism.

Consolata Curia: Home visitation is the main work of one reporting praesidium.
Members of the Travelling community are visited regularly and there was a large
attendance for the recitation of the Rosary at four different traveller sites. The families
of children due to be confirmed were visited at the request of the parish sister, and
parents who had little understanding of the Sacrament of Confirmation were given
explanation by the legionaries. A six member praesidium discusses the importance
of prayer, Confession and Eucharistic Adoration during their weekly home visitation.
The homes of 35 bereaved families were visited during the year and approximately 40
people attended a Mass held in a local Supermarket during Lent for staff and customers.

Veneranda Curia: One praesidium oversee the financial affairs of the Maria Legionis
journal which has a total circulation of about 20,000, two-thirds of those being sold
outside Ireland. The Irish praesidium organised a talk on Frank Duff’s booklet ‘Can
We be Saints?’. A lively discussion took place at the Curia meeting on the upgrading
of Legion work. Two praesidia in the Curia receive a good response with book-barrow
apostolate and a book-lending facility.

Bethlehem Curia: The Polish praesidium has 5 full, one probationary and 21 auxiliary
members. Works include visiting and helping with serving dinner at the Missionaries of
Charity homeless hostel, conducting English classes for Polish people, public Rosaries
at the Spire in O’Connell Street and Rotunda hospital and a catechesis class for children.
The 6 member praesidium in another parish undertakes home and nursing home
visitation and currently has three statues of Our Lady in circulation to families. One
man having had the statue for a week returned to Church. Over 22 children and 2 adults
attended their weekly public Rosary for six weeks.

Exaltata Curia: A six-member praesidium has 15 verified auxiliaries and engages in
home visitation, Pilgrim statue visitation and organising a weekly public Rosary in the
parish. They also assist the priest with a monthly Rosary, Mass, and Adoration and
distribute parish newsletters at Christmas and Easter as well as the November List of
Deceased. Another praesidium encounters many people from different countries and
of various religions on their weekly home visitation. Miraculous Medals, Catholic
literature and information on Church services are distributed.

Porta Coeli Curia: Legionaries helped with an apostolate at Howth Harbour during
the summer with crowd contact and public Rosaries. The short-term Pioneer pledge was
promoted during Lent. Average attendance at Patrician meeting is 12. A new praesidium
has been set up with the support of the Parish Priest who regularly attends the meeting.

Bethlehem, Nazareth and Ramallah Curiae reported on efforts to extend the Legion
with good hopes of expansion. The members are often faced with difficulty in obtaining
passes to attend the Comitium in Jerusalem. However, for the September meeting at
which elections were being held all 9 Curiae were able to be present.

Legionaries visit with the Parish Priest the sick and elderly and help to prepare children
for the Sacraments. A prison is visited and they organise Rosary groups. They have 239
senior and 287 junior members in 4 Curiae and 3 directly affiliated praesidia.

The praesidium there closed after Fr. De Nardo departed. Now that he is back in
Armenia a new praesidium was set up on 27 November 2017 with 8 active and 4
auxiliary members. They work with disabled children and give Miraculous Medals to
people met on the streets.

Karnataka Senatus: The Rosary is promoted widely in homes and in the Church. A
new Curia was set up.

Pondicherry Senatus: The correspondent has pointed out that elections should not
be deferred without good reason or without the consent of the body, that the Senatus
officers do not have the right to choose who can or cannot go forward for election and
that a suggestions committee has no role in making major decisions – that is a function
of the Senatus.

Chennai Regia: The Rosary is promoted in all homes including in 40 Hindu and 20
Muslim homes. 16 suicides were prevented. A new Comitium has been set up.
Mumbai Senatus arranged a day to promote the 3 Causes of Frank Duff, Alfie Lambe and Edel
Quinn. Calcutta Comitium was visited and 5 sessions with Officers were conducted.
Prisoners were visited and an open air day apostolate took place to parks and bus

Kottar Regia report major disruption due to the Cyclone on 30 November. 100 Catholics
were lost at sea and another 500 are missing. All Dioceses in southern India now have
a Legion presence with great support from their Bishops. Two new Curiae were set up
and more reorganisation is required.

A Curia of 19 praesidia visits homes and hospitals, preparing adults and children for
the Sacraments and helping with funeral services. Members offered prayers for those
working in difficult areas and for the displaced peoples.

SRI LANKA: 130 returned to the Sacraments, and 462 couples had their marriages
blessed in Church. A Youth Maria day had 476 young people in attendance. The Rosary
and Enthronements of homes to the Sacred Heart are widely promoted.

Extension continues. There is an apostolate to women working in prostitution. 2,000
copies of books on Frank Duff and Edel Quinn have been printed. Devotion to the
Sacred Heart is being promoted. A Mass was arranged for Hill People. Legionaries
contact taxi drivers and are doing good work among young people.

Kuala Lumpur Regia: The council is in touch with Singapore Senatus to which Eastern
Malaysia is attached. The Officers did not take up the invitation to visit Concilium due
to work commitments.

The Senatus keeps excellent records of the dates on which councils were set up or raised
to higher status, and of the works being undertaken. The Cambodian, Cham and Chinese
co-exist with their Catholic neighbours. A sizeable number of legionaries are now of an
older age group and find it more difficult to travel to the mountainous and distant zones.
In the area of Saigon Cathedral many back-packers are contacted. The legionaries have
regular contact with priests and Bishops and with other Catholic associations.
Amsterdam Regia: Christmas was marked by legionaries singing carols in the red
light district where they were joined by many of the girls who wept freely. Miraculous
Medals and Rosary beads were given. One Parish Council called the Legion of Mary a
bridge to the community.

Austria Senatus paid great tribute to the late Br. Tommy McCabe - two officers came to
Dublin for his funeral. It has been suggested that Tommy’s book, A Thought a Day with
Frank Duff” be translated to German, The event “Fatima for Children” was well received,
especially by parents, and two Comitia have undertaken an apostolate to children which will
include teaching the Catechism. The Legion Centenary was discussed and the suggestion
made that Austria should have 100 new praesidia by 2021.

Brussels Senatus: The Curia in Liege has 7 praesidia one of which produced a book
promoting the message of Fatima. In Brussels one praesidium helps to bring the
elderly residents of a nursing home to Mass, and they organise an annual procession
at Molenbeek. Nursing home visitation and street contact work among street girls are
also reported. The Curia of Namur in the Wallonia Region received a letter from their
Auxiliary Bishop paying tribute to their work of evangelisation and thanking them. A
PPC project will take place there in August 2018.

Antwerp Regia report an increase in membership - 3 new members made their promise
and four are on probation.

Birmingham Senatus: Extension continues in the Senatus area and a new praesidium was
set up in Stretchford. Homosexual apostolate and crowd contact continue at the Bull Ring.
Home visitation, night fever apostolate, street contact and Rosary in schools featured in the
report, and in Acocks Green three young people were received into the Church. 2000 homes
were visited, and Exploratio Dominicalis was mentioned from Coventry Curia. In Bristol
follow-up visits were made to parents of children who had received First Holy Communion.
Juniors continue to promote the Rosary in schools and they help with the children’s liturgy.
Liverpool Senatus: There is a new praesidium in Newcastle, and in Warrington legionaries
are focusing on the children’s liturgy. Legionaries in Middlesbrough area have an apostolate
to refugees. Hospital Visitation is mentioned in nearly all the reports from Cardiff. In the
Wirrall works reported include book barrow and public Rosaries. Leeds Curia mention night
fever work and there is a new praesidium in Sheffield. Home and hospital visitation feature
strongly in many reports.

Sweden is under the caretakership of Liverpool Senatus. Br. and Sr. Tony Kirstein visited the
country during the summer. Mother of Mercy Curia is progressing well and they had their
first Congress while the visiting legionaries were there.

Northampton Comitium: The membership is 79 active, 2 probationers and 166 auxiliary
members. A new praesidium in Christ the King Parish, Bedford, was set up in September. A
day for auxiliary members was held.

Brentwood Comitium: A praesidium of 6 members has a junior praesidium attached. They
do home visitation and occasionally a priest accompanies the legionaries in bringing Holy
Communion to the housebound. A praesidium of 8 members has been asked by the Parish
Priest to visit the families where the children had received their First Holy Communion.
All praesidia in the Comitium have been visited during the year. The Curia attached to the
Comitium has 10 senior and 4 junior praesidia with 64 senior and 18 junior members. The
Essex University praesidium has 5 members; parishioners are also attending with a view to
starting a praesidium in the parish following the recent PPC project.

Hammersmith Curia: A women’s prison is visited and legionaries are also involved in
the parish census. Homes, hospitals, and residential homes for the elderly are visited, A
Eucharistic Service was held in one home. Other parish work is also done.

Central London Curia: Auxiliary members attended a number of praesidia functions.
Works include home, hospital and nursing home visitation, crowd contact and visits to the
local prison. A “drop-in” centre is run by legionaries where the homeless are cared for.
Promoting the Sacraments feature in the report from Islington and legionaries attended the
Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation of a prisoner in the local jail.

Swansea Curia has 6 praesidia and two Exploratio Dominicalis projects were undertaken
in two parishes. Crowd contact continues in Swansea city centre.

In Tonsberg driving people to Mass is one of the works of Our Lady Queen of Peace
praesidium with 7 members. The sick and lonely are visited in hospital, catechism is taught
to children and auxiliary members contacted by telephone and house calls.
Draman praesidium has 6 active members, and 15 auxiliaries, the work of Our Lady of the
Rosary praesidium includes promotion of the Sacred Heart.

A praesidium in Copenhagen reported visiting sick people and general parish activities.
Their Acies was held in March.

Home and nursing home visitation continue, and so too is contact with schools where
legionaries talk to the children about the Miraculous Medal and the Rosary. Our Lady of
the Blessed Sacrament praesidium focuses its apostolate at locations such as Central Station
in Glasgow, and also home visitation and public Rosaries. Our Lady of Light Curia recently
started a new praesidium. Legionaries working in Our Lady of the Wayside praesidium
report on their work among the homeless.