Concilium Bulletin December 2017

Madrid Senatus: Immigrants contacted on street contact are invited to the Sacraments
and into Legion membership. Some brothers work in the St. John of God men’s hostel. A
young Spanish legionary worked in the Dublin Morning Star Hostel and, on his return
to Spain, has been very active in the young adults praesidium. Extension is on-going to
parishes as yet without the Legion. Recruiting is included in all reports. Young people
are slowly entering parish praesidia. Most reports list projects for new works. A recent
project was a book barrow at the entrance to a busy subway station. Legionaries in the
University Faculty of Law praesidium contact fellow-students. Brothers working in the
red-light district carry out an apostolate to the men in the area.

Barcelona Senatus: The praesidium in Vitoria does street contact on one Friday in the
month. They were asked to contact some visitors who made a single visit to the meeting.
Immigrants are contacted. Despite many legionaries attending daily Mass, there is a
reluctance to take on Pretorian membership. It has been suggested that they say part of the
Office before, or after Mass. A lady from Kenya took the Legion Promise. The Spiritual
Director, in his Allocutio, encouraged more home visitation and study of the Handbook.

Bilbao Senatus: A little door-to-door visitation is done. A few councils have problems
holding meetings in the summer as most people depart for the seaside or mountains.
One parish closed for August.

Lisbon Senatus: The Legion of Mary Pilgrimage to Fatima, celebrating the Centenary
of the apparitions, had an attendance of 3 Bishops, over 50 priests, 10,000 legionaries
and others. 4,000 enrolled in a commitment to say the daily Rosary. This commitment
was inserted in the Chapel of the Apparitions. A new Curia with 7 praesidia was formed.
A new praesidium was set up in Madeira. Work reports include preparing youths for
Baptism and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Evora reported a wide variety of works:
voluntary work in hospitals; help to the old with a special effort made on the ‘day of the
sick’. In the Allocutio the Spiritual Director pointed out that apostolic work must not be
reduced to merely social tasks. It should be a joyful sharing of our faith.

Rome Senatus: Mgr. Angelo De Donatis, recently appointed Vicar General of Rome is
also an Auxiliary Bishop of Rome. He was formerly Spiritual Director of the Pontifical
Roman Major Seminary and wishes the Legion to interest itself in the Pontifical
Colleges. The Officers of the Senatus were in Dublin recently for a Summer School.
Their visit indicated that they wished to profit by the availability of Sr. Noelia Garcia
Clua, former President of the Senatus of Buenos Aires to help build up the Legion in
the Senatus area.

Milan Regia: Excellent Legion works are done such as home, nursing home, and
hospital visitation. A priest asked for a praesidium in Ponte Lambero. A Regia team
succeeded in starting a praesidium.

Padua Comitium: A Legionary who helped found Padua Curia 50 years ago wrote a
history of the Curia, later raised to Comitium status. All praesidia in the Comitium area
received a copy. There are 2 German-speaking praesidia attached, one of which, with
only 3 members, is in danger of closing. The other German praesidium, of 6 members,
does Pilgrim statue visitation in the late evening. They find this gets a better response
than calling earlier. Street contact is their main work. A new Curia, comprised of
African legionaries, was set-up in Verona on the 7th January. Some Curia members
travel long distances to attend meetings and must occasionally stay overnight in Padua.

Two new praesidia were formed recently, one in Famagusta, the other in Kyrenia, The
praesidia in Limassol and Nicosia help to organise activities in their parishes.

Malta Regia: Reports include home and hospital visitation, consecration of homes to the
Sacred Heart, and teaching Catechism. Pilgrim statue visitation is also made to shops,
hotels, and other business premises. A praesidium made 29 visits to schools promoting
the Legion and the Rosary. Hope of the World Curia is making efforts to extend into two
parishes currently without the Legion. A Japanese lady was instructed and received into
the Church. Contact is maintained with those not practising and in irregular marriages.
Six homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. Mother of the Maltese Nation Curia
reported an adult received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. Many returns to the
Sacraments were reported. A group of unmarried mothers meet weekly and are given
on-going help by the legionaries. The junior Curia had 20 on their day Retreat.

Gozo Comitium: Many contacts are made with tourists to the island. A Muslim
who wished to become a Catholic was introduced to the Parish Priest. 10 families
were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. 42 legionaries attended a Retreat on the True
Devotion to Mary. Juniors work with seniors in visiting the sick in their homes. 20 radio
programmes on the Legion were broadcast on a local radio station.

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin has been translated into Albanian and should be
ready for distribution by early 2018.
The praesidium in Tripoli has 8 members who are from Italy, Philippines, Nigeria, and
the Gold Coast. The Bishop led the members on a day Retreat.

Boston Senatus: The 5 members of a Vietnamese praesidium arrange Confession for
patients in nursing homes. In the past 4 years, active membership increased from 800 to
1,400. A new praesidium of 5 members prays the Rosary with people of different religions
and discusses the Catholic faith with them. In Merrimack Valley Curia, 3 lapsed return to
practice and a paralysed person recovered mobility after praying to Servant of God, Frank
Duff. Hartford Comitium highlighted the dire need for evangelisation due to a drop in
Mass attendance and a decrease in numbers of priests. Bedford Curia gained 4 members
and did outdoor public Rosary followed by Benediction on 13th of each month May to
October. Providence Comitium started a weekly prayer group in a housing complex.

Philadelphia Senatus: A new praesidium has started at the Cathedral. Scranton Curia
gained two new praesidia, making a total of 14, with 120 active members and 375
auxiliaries. In Trenton Comitium, a praesidium conducts street evangelisation and has a
stand at a local farmers market. St. Charles Borromeo Seminary praesidium has taken
on door to door visitation in three parishes on a weekly basis. Our Lady of Perpetual
Help, has 9 member, 96 auxiliaries and 2 Adjutorians; they do do home visitation.
Our Lady of Hope, in their second year, reported saving two people from suicide and
arranging for a couple to marry in Church. The Korean Comitium has seven praesidia
and two attached Curiae, with a total of 18 praesidia. Their works feature visits to the
sick, Pilgrim statue and bereavement visits.

Chicago Senatus: Mary, Woman of Revelation Curia, Joliet, IL, has 180 active and 240
auxiliary members in 23 adult and 3 junior praesidia. They are extending into 4 new
parishes at present. They do door to door visitation and crowd contact at train stations,
distributing Miraculous Medals and Legion literature to commuters. The president of
the newest praesidium was approached by her neighbour, saying: ‘you are a Catholic,
right?’ She arranged for him to attend an RCIA course. He was received into the Church
last Easter. Two other persons returned to the faith and a child was baptised. Our Lady
of Guadalupe Curia, Lake Station, IN, visits the state prison, talking to prisoners before
and after Mass. The inmates have expressed their gratitude for the visits and for their
questions on the faith being answered. Our Lady of the Assumption praesidium, Old
St. Mary’s, Chicago, has 11 members and has a range of works. During summer, they
do crowd contact in Millennium Park and Garfield Park, talking to passers-by about
the faith. They arrange ‘movie nights’ on Catholic themes and have tables at parish
events, distributing Miraculous Medals and Legion literature. Our Lady of the Angels
Curia, Lake County, IL, participates in a monthly ‘Donut Sunday’, where there are
opportunities for contact and of sharing information on the Legion.

St. Louis Senatus: Home visitation and visits to the house-bound were reported. Two
suicides were prevented. Eleven lapsed Catholics have returned to the Sacraments and 3
adults were introduced to the RCIA programme. Praesidium members visit a woman’s
Correctional Facility. Teaching and assisting at Catechism classes and Patrician
meetings are on-going. Legionaries visit a homeless shelter and give instruction to the
women on how to sew and crochet. Youth ministry, helping with Religious Education
classes and extension feature in two reports.

New York Senatus: Rev. Father Hugh Gillespie conducted the Senatus Annual Retreat.
Fifty six attended. The True Devotion to Our Lady and total Consecration Booklets
written by Fr. Gillespie were available. The Senatus held a Congress in September. They
plan an outing to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. Works include: home visitation,
nursing home and hospital visits, book barrow, and crowd contact.

Arlington Regia held a Congress on 30th September. Arlington Junior Curia and
Raleigh Curia had 48 and 21 children respectively on a Retreat. Fr. Peffley encouraged
attendance at Curia meetings which is “an act of love, service and generosity” on the
part of officers who should develop their generosity by saying ‘Yes’ to Our Lady. 59
people completed the True Devotion to Mary consecration in Tidewater Curia. Potomac
Curia reported one prisoner saying multiple Rosaries in the hope of a full return to his
faith. A nursing home resident was baptised. Fairfax Comitium have a goal to “ignite the
fire of the Legion of Mary” through extension.

Miami Regia: Several new Correspondents have been appointed in Miami Regia which
looks after five of the Southern States. Sr. Maria Peinado has just finished her second
term as Regia President and was congratulated on her dedication. Deacon Cody from
Louisiana was invited to conduct a True Devotion Retreat in Orlando which was well

Houston Senatus: The recent Storm ‘Harvey’ caused great hardship to Houston.
Legionaries played their part in caring for their neighbours. The PPC Conference was
attended by 500, including Archbishop Emeritus Fiorenza, who celebrated Mass. PPC
reports were received from New Orleans, Gallup and Twoli. A legionary attached to
Tyler Comitium used her illness to bring back members of the medical profession to
God and to Mass. A prison praesidium in Northern Curia has 22 active and 26 auxiliary
members. Another prison praesidium in the southern Comitium has 12 members.
Los Angeles Senatus: A book barrow apostalate made a total of 1,849 contacts, of
which 960 were practicing Catholics, 96 non-practicing Catholics, and 421 non-
Catholics; 31 Baptisms resulted. A Korean Comitium has 12 Curiae, comprised of 150
senior praesidia with 1,250 active members. An English and Spanish Peregrinatio Pro
Christo project was held. Honolulu Comitium covers 8 major islands and 132 small
islands. They have 8 senior praesidia and two Curiae attached.

San Francisco Senatus invited 2 Concilium visitors to attend their Annual Legion
Conference. The Senatus meeting, some Curiae and several praesidia in Sacramento
Comitium had much eager discussion with the visitors. Jail visitation resulted in a
female atheist prisoner asking for a Catholic priest; she is now preparing to become a
Catholic. “Meet the Tourist” apostolate at Golden Gate Bridge was initiated.

Cincinnati Senatus had a Congress in August with 24 legionaries attending. The
attached South Bend Curia has 5 praesidia. They organised a nine-day Legion Catholic
Information Booth at the County Fair. Over 1,300 people visited the booth. Many
requested prayers for special intentions, information on the Legion of Mary, and on the
Catholic faith. About 500 Rosary beads, over 1.000 Miraculous Medals, holy cards, and
pamphlets were distributed.

The Senatus of Toronto: Two Columban Drives were held; one in Orangeville resulted
in a new praesidium of 15 members. Our Lady Seat of wisdom junior praesidium in Holy
Cross Parish, Toronto, has 8 members whose parents are very supportive, bringing them
to and from meetings and work. The juniors enjoyed their outdoor event in Centre Island.

Hamilton Comitium had a BBQ at Casa Maria with 55 attending. Mary, SHS Curia, NFld,
organised a hike day for families, called ‘2 Km to Marymount’; 27 children and parents
took part. The legionaries cooked BBQ for all. A junior Retreat had 27 juniors participating.
Part of the day was given over to poster and picture-making with the Fatima theme. Another
such day had 25 younger children and their parents taking part. The Korean Comitium has
214 active and 426 auxiliary members in 26 praesidia attached to their Curiae.

Montreal Senatus has 18 praesidia. Legionaries were innovative in gaining members
through organising other devotions. In one case, they presented information about the
Legion of Mary to the organisers of the 5 First Saturday Devotions in a new parish and this
won the interest of the priest who wanted a praesidium started. Ville Marie Curia continues
regular crowd contact work. One praesidium welcomes immigrants, gives spiritual help to
the sick and the dying, invites people to Church and recites the Rosary in a public park.

Edmonton Comitium: One praesidium hosted classes on True Devotion to Mary using
‘Echo of God’, had 7 Exploratio Dominicalis projects in addition to a nursing home
apostolate. A praesidium of 7 members did Pilgrim statue visits to 60 families. The
Korean Curia in Calgary recruited 13 active and 14 auxiliary members. They enrolled
22 for Catechism, had 38 returns to the Sacraments and 2 infant Baptisms.

Vancouver Comitium: Mary, Queen of Chinese Martyrs praesidium has 9 active, plus
two probationaries and 13 auxiliary members. They visit nursing homes and care centres
and provide a variety of services in the parish. Members bring wheelchair patients
to attend Mass every weekend. They also support the activities of Queen of Angels
junior praesidium who have 12 members. On July 9th the feast day of The Chinese
Martyrs Saints, Mass was celebrated after which the praesidium served a breakfast to
the parishioners, showed a DVD and held a quiz about the 120 Martyrs. Holy Mother of
God praesidium presented its 1st Annual Report at the August meeting. The 7 members’
work includes visits to families and helping children to understand and recite the Rosary.

Senatus of Santo Domingo: Works include visits to homes; to the sick with Holy
Communion; to hospitals and prisons; street contact; pre-Baptism instruction to parents
and god-parents; Rosaries recited at wakes and the sick brought to doctors for attention.
The Curia Inmaculado Corazon de Maria, Parroquia San Matias, with 6 praesidia,
49 members, 189 auxiliaries, 12 Adjutorians, and 7 probationaries reported 11 adults
prepared for Confirmation, 16 adults for Confession, 7 for Holy Communion, and 1
marriage regularised. The Curia Inmaculado Corazon de Maria, San Pedro de Macoris,
has 9 praesidia, 118 members, 9 Praetorians, and 27 auxiliaries. A praesidium gives
spiritual formation to the sick. As True Devotion to the Nation, a district, deprived of
water due to a filtration problem, had the supply restored when a legionary sister took
the matter in hand, and resolved the problem.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: Comitium Reyna De Las Virgenes has
6 attached Curiae, one composed solely of men. They founded 2 juvenile praesidia,
prepared 2 couples for matrimony, 37 children for First Communion, 50 adolescents for
Confirmation, and had 25 Baptisms. Preasidium Madre Del Divino Niño, del Ensueño
has 15 members aged between 8 and 12 years whose works include evangelising other
children. The Regia of La Vega reported 1,276 children baptised, 95 First Communions,
1,375 Confirmed, and 10 couples married. Comitium Sagrado Corazón de Maria, with
786 active and 508 auxiliary members has 30 Praetorians and 6 Adjutorians. A woman
was converted and joined the Legion. Madre de los Apostoles praesidium has 8 juvenile
members, 15 auxiliaries, and 5 Praetorians. Its works include assisting in catechesis.

Haiti Senatus organised training sessions for a number of councils and an excursion
for juniors. 66 members attended the Annual Retreat. The junior movement is active in
some areas e.g. one Curia reported having 9 praesidia and over 100 members. Extension
and recruiting resulted in two praesidia being affiliated to the Senatus in August while
one Comitium reported almost 100 probationaries. One council had 12 adults prepared
for Baptism; another reported 300 returns to the Sacraments.

Trinidad and Tobago Regia: Schools were visited about restarting of junior praesidia.
The Comitium in Dominica has 13 praesidia and one Curia with 6 attached praesidia.
Among the works carried out were home and hospital visitation. Lapsed Catholics were
brought back to the Church and one woman had her baby baptised. Four other persons
were baptised. Another praesidium does home and hospital visitation. Curia La Divina
Pastore has four attached praesidia with 39 active members and its works consist of
home and hospital visitation. Four lapsed Catholics returned to practice. Two members
conduct catechesis at state schools.

Puerto Rico Senatus: Columban Drives are planned in all the praesidia. They report
visits to the jail and accompanying priests to their sick contacts. They also contact the
lapsed, and invite the parents to assist at their children’s catechesis. A praesidium
reported visits to the marriage-separated and extension resulting in two new active
members, and one auxiliary.
Cloyne Comitium: Legionaries had an altar at “Pride of Carrigtwohill” Festival.
Miraculous Medals and leaflets were very well received. West Cloyne Curia: Banteer
praesidium visited 40 homes during the summer in Gortmore. They visited 200
homes around Banteer monthly delivering Catholic newspapers. East Cloyne Curia:
Mitchelstown had a very successful MEP project in August. They met 12 prospective
legionaries and a lot of lonely people. The Correspondent and another Concilium
representative attended a joint Officers meeting in Mallow in November.

Cork Comitium:
A praesidium during home visitation promotes the Rosary, distributes Miraculous Medals
and encourages Confession. Another praesidium of 6 full members and 2 probationers
does crowd contact, home visitation and was involved in the Night Fever apostolate on the
night of the Leaving Certificate Examination results. About 300 young adults visited St.
Augustine’s Church, lit a candle and wrote a petition. On another Night Fever evening, Fr.
Alan Neville MSC, who leads these evenings, said they were excellent and a number of
young people went to him for a chat or Confession. They were also involved in the Youth
Conference in Ennismore, run an Edel Quinn Prayer group and sell Catholic literature.
Annunciata Curia: Two praesidia with 5 members each are involved in the sale of
Catholic literature and Pilgrim statue visitation. Queen of Peace Curia has 4 praesidia. A
praesidium of 9 members does street contact, runs Patricians and shows religious videos.
Another praesidium visits homes and does street contact. Coronata Curia: Works of
praesidia include: sale of Catholic literature; home and Pilgrim statue visitation; training
altar servers and assisting the Parish Priest in duties as he requests.

Kerry Comitium: A very good and appreciative written report was received from one
of the young people sponsored by the Comitium to attend the Youth Conference. She
was very impressed with the Conference and hopes to join the Legion in her own area.
A successful Comitium Reunion was held which Bishop Ray Browne attended and gave
a talk thanking the legionaries for their contribution to the life of the Church in Kerry.
A second meeting of the new Frank Duff prayer group was held with an attendance
of 25. Three young adult legionaries from the praesidium in Cork visited the October
Comitium meeting and spoke about the on-going success of the “Night Fever” and
the “Light Fever” by day. On designated days Holy Mass is celebrated in city-centre
Churches where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and young legionaries invite young
people in from the street to come and light a candle. They have youth Conferences on
specific dates throughout the year which they advertise in the Churches. Visitation with
the transition year students commenced in October.

Mid Clare Comitium has 5 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached. A member of Ballyea
praesidium gave Miraculous Medals to patients and visitors while in hospital. At the
October meeting the Polish praesidium which was formed in May 2016 gave their
Annual Report. They have 8 members and meetings are conducted in Polish. They work
within the Polish community, distribute Rosaries to children and Catholic magazines
for the Polish Pastoral Ministry in Ennis.

Thurles Comitium: Both praesidia in Templemore are low in membership and a Columban
drive is planned. Holycross legionaries are involved in all parish activities including public
Rosaries, Eucharistic Adoration and home visitation. Murroe Curia: Works include
bookstand in the Church and bringing Holy Communion to residents of a Day Care centre.
Birr/Roscrea Curia: A reporting praesidium in Roscrea has 12 members and
2 probationers. They are involved in many activities in the parish Church and visit
students in the Cistercian College. Birr praesidium has 4 members and 12 auxiliaries.
They co-ordinate Eucharistic Adoration and organise a Rosary Rally each year with
students from 5 schools taking part.
Limerick Curia: A praesidium visited housing estates and carried the statue of Our
Lady of Fatima in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the town of Newcastlewest.
Miraculous Medals and Rosaries were distributed by 6 legionaries at a family day in
Mary Immaculate College which was attended by Bishop Leahy.
Lismore Curia: There are 4 praesidia attached. Visitation of praesidia is taking place
and members are reminded of the importance of auxiliary membership. A recruiting
drive is being organised by the Curia.
Ross Curia has 9 praesidia attached. A recruiting drive took place in 2 parishes.
Skibbereen praesidium has 15 members who visit hospitals weekly and at the request
of the Parish Priest the weekly newsletter is brought to the patients. A Newsletter is
compiled and sent to 400 emigrants every 3 months. The praesidium in Timoleague has
7 members who undertake weekly hospital visitation and Miraculous Medals are given
to First Holy Communicants. Notice regarding the praesidium meeting is included in
the parish Newsletter each week.
Waterford Curia: Glenmore praesidium undertakes nursing home visitation and sells
Catholic literature. Ballybricken praesidium does home visitation and delivers parish
envelopes. An organising committee is being formed to plan a Congress with Lismore
Curia. The Correspondent attended September meeting and with the Curia Treasurer
spoke to Fr. Corcoran in Slieverue who wants a team of young people next spring to
speak and contact people at weekend Masses and then come down a few weeks later to
visit all the homes in the parish.
Assumpta Curia: Immaculate Heart of Mary praesidium has 7 members, two of whom
took the Legion Promise this year. The Parish Priest attends the weekly meeting as
Spiritual Director. In seeking to address the extremely low turnout at weekend Masses,
their main work is home visitation to invite lapsed Catholics back to the Sacraments,
distribute Miraculous Medals, promote the Rosary and recruit members to the Legion.
They are warmly received on visitation and have encountered a high number of families
devastated by suicide. Other works include Pilgrim statue visitation, public Rosaries
and monthly Holy Hour. 62 Patricians and 11 legionaries attended 2 Patrician meetings.
Mater Ecclesiae Curia: A praesidium of 6 full and 3 probationary members undertakes
weekly street contact with people caught up in drug and alcohol addiction, visits a residence
for elderly and ill people, supervises a parish Eucharistic Adoration group, holds Patrician
meetings, looks after the parish bookshop and assists in running the Parish Friendship Club.
During the summer legionaries cleaned up a semi-derelict house and made it habitable for
a homeless lady caught up in drug addiction and in a dreadful condition. Mass was said
in the house and the lady in question is much improved. 15 attended the Curia Retreat.
A five-member praesidium organises a weekly public Rosary and sells Catholic papers.
They have recently begun the visitation of 3 nursing homes. Door-to-door visitation was
undertaken on a number of occasions. They had two visitors to the meeting.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: A seven-member praesidium in Bray visits nursing
homes weekly to chat with residents, pray the Rosary and offer Catholic magazines.
Membership of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association is promoted in the parish and
in local schools with 6 students enrolled after Confirmation this year. Five full and 1
probationary member visit two nursing homes and distribute Catholic magazines. One
member recently took the Promise.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A Filipino praesidium with six members visit friends in
hospital and in their homes to pray the Rosary and encourage the faith. They also do
crowd contact at Heuston Railway Station and made a special effort to promote the
Rosary during October, distributing Rosary beads and leaflets. Legionaries walked in
honour of Our Lady of Fatima to five local Churches, praying a decade of the Rosary
in each Church. Four non-Catholics joined 11 Catholics for the Pauline Circle paper
on ‘Healing the Family Tree’. Legionaries in another parish have excellent contacts
on street apostolate in Temple Bar with a variety of people of different faiths and none
from various parts of the world. A public Rosary at the Central Bank concludes the
street contact session. After having returned to the Sacraments, some lapsed Catholics
went back to the legionaries to thank them. Home visitation and Patrician meetings are
among the other works of this praesidium.

Immaculata Curia: A praesidium with six members undertakes weekly home
visitation in the parish, encouraging Eucharistic Adoration, Mass attendance, recitation
of the Rosary and Confession. Other works include Patricians, public Rosaries and
Pilgrim statue visitation. Approximately 50 people attended the Anniversary Mass
for the Servant of God Frank Duff. Another praesidium recruited 11 new auxiliaries
in the year and had 3 visitors to their meeting. Patricians take place in a legionary’s
home. The sick and housebound are visited. Legion literature is promoted weekly on a
table after Sunday Mass. Taking age and health into account, threading of Miraculous
Medals is done by older members to support active work. Six Patrician meetings took
place with 19 Patricians in attendance. Four visitors attended 2 praesidium meetings in
November. In another parish 80 parishioners enrolled for a 33 – Day Preparation for
Total Consecration to Our Lady, which was promoted on home visitation and weekend
after-Mass contact. 10 legionaries attended a prayer meeting for PPC.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: Monthly prayer meetings take place for the Causes of
Frank Duff and Edel Quinn. A Day of Recollection took place in St. Dominick’s Church
Tallaght. There being no reporting praesidium in October, a discussion took place at the
Curia meeting on the 3rd Standing Instruction.

Gloriosa Curia: A praesidium of 8 full members and 1 probationer in Maynooth
receive a very positive response while promoting the Rosary and Miraculous Medal
on home visitation, also in Primary and Post-Primary Schools and 5 nursing and
psychiatric homes. Street contact is undertaken at Christmas and Easter to promote
the Sacrament of Confession. A public Rosary in the town square was well attended.
Another praesidium organises and promotes Eucharistic Adoration and Divine Mercy
devotions, sells Catholic newspapers after weekend Masses and undertakes sacristy
duties. A highlight of their report was a weekend home visitation drive to coincide with
the Jubilee of the parish where 300 contacts were met by 26 legionaries.

Annunciata Curia: A discussion took place at the Curia meeting on the upcoming
World Meeting of Families. Nine legionaries and 16 Patricians attended 3 Patrician
meetings on ‘Fatima’, ‘The Angelus’ and ‘The Beatitudes’. The works of a praesidium
with 96 verified auxiliaries, one probationary auxiliary and 5 religious Adjutorians,
includes assisting in parish activities such as Extraordinary Eucharistic ministry, leading
the Miraculous Medal Novena and organising the Lourdes Pilgrimage. One man visited
during the year was put in contact with the Parish Priest.

Senatus of Kenya: Legionaries in Nairobi went on Pilgrimage to Venerable Edel
Quinn’s grave in September to celebrate her birthday. They processed from different
parts of Nairobi singing hymns and saying the Rosary on route. A praesidium of 14 active
members including 4 Praetorians does home visitation resulting in two couples marrying
in Church, 17 children prepared for Baptism and 8 Protestants under instruction. The
only praesidium in Nyeri Archdiocese is in the Major Seminary and has 55 members.

Blantyre Senatus: A Comitium with 630 active senior, 37 junior members and 187
auxiliaries reported in August.

Maula Senatus: The Senatus is making great efforts to encourage young people to join
the Legion and has set up a number of junior Curiae. Quarterly reports are received
from attached councils and council visitation is undertaken.

Lusaka Regia: Legionaries in one Curia visit the Police Station and have good
discussions with the men and women in the various cells. Regular visitation of councils
is undertaken.

Kasama Regia: The council has responded regarding inclusion of St. Raphael in the
Tessera prayers.

Fr. Carew, Spiritual Director of the council has sent sympathy to Concilium on the death
of Br. Tommy McCabe and is saying a Mass for him. They held a Bi-Annual Congress
and a report is awaited on this event.

Enugu Senatus: A Comitium composed of 10 senior, 13 junior Curiae and 17 senior
praesidia with a senior membership of 2,083, and almost 3,000 junior members reported
many people prepared for the Sacraments. One of the fruits of an Exploratio Dominicalis
included 35 marraiges blessed.

Abuja Senatus: A Regia reported 368 conversions in one year including 2 Jehovah
Witnesses and 4 Muslims. 142 new praesidia were formed in that area in 3 years.
Ibadan Senatus: One Regia reported that only 372 of its 6,750 senior members are
over 40 years of age; this Regia also reported 2 traditional worshippers Baptised on
the point of death. A praesidium of 13 full members and 10 probationers does home,
hospital and brothel visitation, and assists with marriage problems; it also helped to start
a senior and junior praesidium. Onitsha Regia: One Curia prepared many adults and
children for the Sacraments. There are 5 College praesidia attached, 4 of which are in a

Jos Regia: A Comitium reported establishing a new Curia, 6 junior praesidia
and reviving 5 praesidia. Ikot Ekpene Regia: A Comitium reported the establishment
of 6 senior praesidia and one junior praesidium. 476 Catechumens were prepared for
First Holy Communion, 126 for Baptism, 471 for Confirmation. Seven lapsed returned
to the Church. Kaduna Regia: Works include home, hospital, prison and orphanage
visitation, organising juniors and Patrician groups. Exploratio Dominicalis is widely
undertaken. People of many different religions were met and as a result large numbers
were converted, returned to the practice of the Faith, received the various Sacraments or
joined the Legion. Among those prepared for marriage were 13 couples who had their
marriages blessed in a Mass marriage ceremony.

Uganda Senatus: Minutes included reports from one Regia (with 65,000 active seniors
and a total of over 111,000 members between seniors and juniors), 9 Comitia, 4 Curiae,
including two school and one Tertiary Institutions Curiae, and 4 praesidia, one of which
is in a Seminary and another in a University. A look back on where the Legion began in
the area came by way of the inclusion of extracts from a school log book from 1938/1939
which tells of the first visit of Edel to the School there and the starting of a praesidium.
A number of Pilgrimages took place; in one, 78 participated in the visit to Nairobi for
Edel’s Anniversary Mass and in another, 68 took part in the Annual Pilgrimage to
Kibeho, Rwanda in September. A second extension trip to South Sudan took place in
October and a report is awaited.

Dar-Es-Salaam Regia: 19 members undertook an extension project to another Diocese
in October. The translation and printing of the Swahili Handbook, which is badly needed
by many councils in Tanzania and some other countries, is progressing well. Hai Moshi
Comitium: Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, contact with drug and
alcohol addicts, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children
for the Sacraments. Mtwara Comitium: As per their planned programme for the year they
are making good efforts to try and visit the parishes, starting new praesidia and Curiae.
They believe that their prayers to Frank Duff to increase the activities of the Legionaries
has led to an improvement in a number of praesidia. Correspondence from some Tanzanian
councils which receive the monthly Concilium Bulletin continues to be very sporadic.