Concilium Bulletin February 2023



Senatus Gitega: All meetings and works are continuing as usual. The minutes of the Senatus meeting are sent every month to the Correspondent. The emphasis of each Council and praesidium report is on their evangelisation work. At every monthly Senatus meeting members are asked to focus on particular topics in their contact work.

Regia Bujumbura reported in Dec 2022. The following were their statistics at the end of 2021: 42 Comitia, 257 Curiae, 1,707 praesidia, 20,762 Active Legionaries, 402 Auxiliaries. From the end of 2020 to the end of 2021 they set up 4 new Comitia. They carry out regular recruiting of new and lapsed members, inviting people to the Catholic Church and inviting back the lapsed Catholics. Regular evangelization focuses on the essentials such as Baptism, Rosary, Confession, Mass, the Bible, but also addresses all the other situations met. A great many works of consolation to the sick, the old, the bereaved and to prisoners are carried out.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: Exploratio Dominicalis, organising of Legion retreats, home visitation were some of the works mentioned in the minutes. The Senatus of Butembo has finished the translation of the handbook in Swahili. Lubumbashi has received a copy of the new translation and a commission has been set up to see if that translation can be used in Katanga, Lubumbashi. The Senatus is organising a lot of visits to their attached councils and praesidia.

Senatus of Butembo: Attendance: November; 2 Comitia and 1 praesidium; December; 6 Comitia and 1 praesidium. Apostolic Work: Two new praesidia were set up in the parish of Kinyavuyuri by the students of the Catholic University of Graben. Another praesidium was set up for deaf and hard of hearing people by a community of religious brothers. The sick, widows, orphans, prisoners, pregnant women and war refugees were helped morally and spiritually. Young people were helped out of bad situations and couples in long term relations got married after counselling. Children were taught catechism and 57 new members joined the Legion. Spiritual Direction was based on the example of Mary and on her Immaculate Conception. The Spiritual Director asked them to continue to pray for peace, in spite of the massacres and unrest in the DRC. The Bishops wrote a letter warning of the dangerous situation in the country and to seek peace, particularly for the young people; also to pray for deacons and priests recently ordained in the diocese, and for people in need. The 6 Comitia and 1 praesidium reported similar works. 23 couples married in Church. 221 children were baptised after their parents were counselled. 358 children were taught catechism. 31 new members joined the Legion.

Senatus of Kinshasa: Last October our correspondent visited Kinshasa. There was disappointment when they heard that there was not a great Centenary Celebration held in Dublin due to Covid. In Congo, the event was celebrated especially in the Senatus of Kinshasa. A High Mass was held by the Archbishop with many Spiritual Directors present. For a period of time the Legion was stopped in Congo. Now that meetings and works are back to normal, visitation of hospitals, hospices and prisons and also the families is undertaken. Therefore, with the collaboration of the church and the Spiritual Director, they are taking a census of Legionaries. During the correspondent’s stay in Kinshasa he met with the president of Kisangani Regia. She sent her greetings to the Concilium and expressed their sadness of the death of their correspondent Pia Makengo.

Senatus of Kisangani: Recent minutes indicate the recruitment of 128 new Legionaries. 84 Legionaries who had deserted returned to their meetings after visitation. 28 families in difficulties were reconciled after counselling. 89 Legionaries organised and took part in 2-day retreats of prayer and formation for 321 drug addicts (smokers of hemp) and separately of 156 young female prostitutes, to help them give up their habits and change their lives. 125 members visited a total of 2,765 detainees in the Central Prison of Kisangani, where they prayed with them. Legionaries gave instruction and training in the rearing of poultry and goats and soap making to 35 widows to help them make a livelihood. 104 Seminarians were given instruction by senior members in the Legion system to help them take on membership. 134 members gave instruction to 54 couples for the sacrament of marriage.

Senatus of Kananga: At the Senatus meeting of 5th of February 2023, a new group of officers was elected, 56 members were present. The governors of the Kananga Prison requested the Legion to undertake the spiritual guidance of the prisoners for the Easter Sunday ceremonies. A retreat was organised for members in the camp of the local military police. In their extension work the Junior Comitium recruited 50 new junior members. 215 people who were being instructed for the baptism of their children later took on Eucharistic Adoration as a result. Visitation of widows living in Ecclesiastic Communities and of the sick in hospital were carried out.


Rodrigues Regia: Regular minutes received up to February 2023 meeting show officers of the Regia present at most meetings plus some members of 4 Curiae and Curia of Juniors. Regia officers held a meeting with Spiritual Director Fr. Octavian to decide on their plans for the coming year and to express their concern over the numbers who have fallen off, seemingly owing to continual fears of Covid. Works include spiritual formation of Junior members, promoting the Rosary at homes and grottos, preparing children for the sacraments and organising retreats.


Senatus of Kigali: The pilgrimage of the Legionaries of Mary to Kibeho in Rwanda took place on October 16, 2022, where more than 25,000 members made the trip. The Legionaries met in Kibeho, southern Rwanda, a place of pilgrimage following the apparitions of the “Mother of the Word” (28-11-1981 to 28-11-1989) officially recognized by the Universal Catholic Church. This great pilgrimage is to be placed within the framework of the annual outings planned by the Legion of Mary. It was organized by the Kigali Senatus and brought together active and auxiliary members of the Legion from all the dioceses of Rwanda under the leadership of Bishop of Gikongoro, accompanied by more than 50 priests and other religious (Spiritual Directors). Nearly 10,000 Legionaries had made this trip on foot, for 3 days, in a coordinated succession of prayers, the Rosary and liturgical hymns. The Legionaries showed a very deep devotion to the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Word, especially since they had just spent almost 3 years without pilgrimage due to the constraints of Covid 19. This was an opportunity for the management of the Sanctuary Notre Dame de Kibeho to recall the key words of the message that the Mother of the Word delivered during her appearances in Kibeho: namely conversion, prayer, faith, love and the cross.



The correspondent reports difficulty in communicating with the Senatus and has not received minutes for some time. Contacts are by email or WhatsApp. The legionary who is her contact has told her recently that the former President, having completed her second term of office, is now the Vice President and a new President has been elected.


The Regia held its first post pandemic meeting in September 2022. Devotions and prayers featured largely in reports due to Covid restrictions. One praesidium reported contacting immigrants. A number of juniors transferred to the senior ranks on reaching the age of 18.


Kuala Lumpur: 75 members attended the Retreat in September. A new praesidium of 13 members has been established. The correspondent has requested more detailed reports of praesidia and councils.


Osaka Senatus: The Senatus continues to be effected by Covid regulations with restricted numbers at the Senatus meetings and many meetings been held virtually. Regina Apostolorum praesidium maintained an outreach by post. The legionaries organized a successful Faith and Light meeting in the church with the handicapped, their parents and legionaries. Kyoto Comitium did not resume meetings until December. Hanshin Curia, which has 6 praesidia, made up of 8 male and 28 female members, undertakes an apostolate of works of service to their parishes particularly in assisting with the liturgy. Fr. Umehara, a Spiritual Director for 60 years, attends the Curia meetings and continues to visit the housebound with the Eucharist.


Seoul Senatus: Three Regia in the Seoul Archdiocese gave reports. With a total of 28,464 senior active members, 622 juniors and 51, 879 auxiliaries, they undertake an extensive apostolate which includes recruiting and mentoring catechumens, encouraging returns to the sacraments and home and hospital visitation. One report mentioned a specific contact by a legionary with a café owner which led to the topic of faith. The legionary recommended the lady to join the catechism class which she did. Meanwhile her husband and two children also joined the class. They now have been baptized and the café owner will soon also follow. The Senatus Spiritual Director, together with the Senatus Officers, met with Cardinal Yeom Soo Jung, Archbishop Emeritus. He received them warmly and praised the work of the Legion of Mary which was introduced to Korea in 1953. He reminded the legionaries that he too was a member of a junior praesidium before he entered the seminary. “I am here thanks to your prayers”, he told them.

Gwanju Senatus: Council reports show a great variety of apostolic works being undertaken. Many baptisms and returns to the sacraments are reported. The Senatus plans to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Legion of Mary in Korea in May 2023.


Jakarta Senatus: Reports show promotion of the Rosary by legionaries. For example legionaries visited a woman who had lapsed from practice of the faith, and who was now in bad health. They encouraged her to pray the Rosary and after many following visits she was reconciled before she died. South Jakarta Curia has 17 praesidia attached including 3 in Seminaries. The Comitium of Tangerang has Junior praesidia in 10 of the 13 attached parishes.

Malang Senatus: Works reported include visitation of homes and nursing homes. The attached junior Curia has 8 praesidia with 87 members.

Kaupang Senatus: The attendance over three months ranged from 67% to 100%. The Senatus officers have recommenced visitation of attached Councils and the correspondent has recommended they take Curia officers on these visits as a way of training. The correspondent has encouraged all Councils to promote the Praetorian membership.


One of the oldest praesidia in Singapore presented its 71st Report at the meeting. An Indonesian praesidium of 6 members recruits for RCIA classes and follows up the newly baptized in addition to other works. A Curia had a stall at the University at the start of the Academic year and many students took copies of the Penny Catechism and other legion literature. The Rosary was prayed daily for three weeks during exam time. Works featured in other reports include Christmas Retreat for youth, teaching of catechism in the parish and a children’s Rosary. The Senatus’ Centenary Closing Mass was attended by 65 active and auxiliary members.

Irish Provincial Report


Tuam: The annual report of Our Lady of the Wayside praesidium, Corafin was presented. They have 5 members including one new member and 50 auxiliaries. The works are door to door and nursing home visitation. During the week of the 3rd to 11th of September the Legion Altar was erected in the Parish Church. Miraculous medals and all Legion materials were displayed at the Altar rails. Several people took medals and literature and a few expressed an interest in becoming active members. The annual reunion was planned for January 22nd.

Elphin: The annual report of Mary Immaculate, Queen of the Universe was presented. This is a mixed praesidium of 15 members. Not all works have resumed. A weekly Rosary is recited from May to October. A May procession was organised for first Holy Communicants who received a legion care pack. Their parents, families and members of the public participated. The legionaries are also involved in many Church activities. Night fever apostolate was carried out by the Comitium and the attached Curia in Sligo.

Carlow: There was no meeting in January due to illness and inclement weather conditions. In November Bishop Nulty spoke about the legion at a Sunday Mass and the legionaries contacted people outside the Church. Six new members were gained for the praesidium in Carlow town. A member of the Comitium did an interview on Radio Maria speaking on the steps that led her to her legion membership and the steps that led her to joining. The minutes referred to a good report given by Kildare Curia but no details were recorded.


Galway: The praesidium that reported has six full members. Their apostolate is the legion stand at the Cathedral and the book barrow in Shop Street. Over 1000 miraculous were offered and accepted. Two members of the praesidium spoke at the Masses in Castlegar Church where 7 names were taken for membership. As the Parish Priest was transferred to another Parish in Galway the praesidium in the next Parish will contact and invite those whose names were taken to join their praesidium in the short term.

Clonfert: Because of the decline in active membership since 2020 praesidia have been asked to make greater efforts to recruit new members The praesidium in Looscaun got four new members following a notice in the Parish newsletter. The national school in Derryober was visited with miraculous medals and Rosary leaflets for the first Holy Communion Class. Ten legionaries did crowd contact at the Ballinasloe fair festival where many Miraculous medals were distributed.

Killala: Queen of Angel’s praesidium in Knockmore is a mixed Praesidium of eight members. This praesidium which is in existence for 65 years is very active. Their apostolate includes home, hospital and nursing home visitation, Church Choir, Folk group and many other works of service. The Parish Priest was especially grateful for all the help during lock down as no other group was available for Parish needs.

Achonry: The praesidium in Kiltimagh has 5 members and a Spiritual Director. The Pilgrim statue is brought to families, Leading the first Saturday devotions in Church, bringing Holy Communion to the sick and housebound and promoting the Rosary in schools and other Parish duties are the main works. Efforts have being made to establish the legion in Charlestown, Swinford and Ballaghaderreen.

Ferns: A procession in Wexford town on December 8th had 100 people in attendance. Three new members were recruited. Street contact takes place every Saturday afternoon at the main street in Wexford town. Home visitation has not yet resumed. The junior praesidium has 12 members and is very active in their work.


Benedicta: Praesidia are getting back in touch with their auxiliary members who are delighted with their visits. There are seven members in the Junior Curia including Fr. Joseph Hai Spiritual Director. The Junior Curia has recently commenced working on street contact in Rialto Shopping Centre with the seniors. They also visit with the Pilgrim Statue and have contacted people from Serbia, Brazil, Mongolia, Nigeria as well as Ireland. On home visitation members have spoken to residents with serious drug addiction problems. They accept miraculous medals, and the members encourage them. Legionaries spoke to a young man who told them that he and his partner lost their 8 month old baby to a cot death. He accepted miraculous medals and put one around his neck right away.

Ancilla Domini: A training day is in planning to encourage all to take on officership, if suitable, and to fully examine the duties involved in various officerships. Two Curia retreats and a visit to the Permanence in Lourdes in May are also at the planning stage. Emphasis during the recent planning meeting was on evangelizing, recruiting and a more overt presence within the entire curia area. A new junior praesidium, Mary, Mother of God, had its first meeting on February 15th. Our Lady Cause of Our Joy Senior praesidium has moved to Finglas. Flyers promoting a visit to the relics of St. Valentine in Whitefriar Street were distributed in hotels in the Dublin South area, in the run-up to his feast day. The flyers contained a prayer and were intended to put the focus back on the spiritual aspect of St. Valentine’s Day. Fifty-five college students visited Myra House last Tuesday and Wednesday. The inner city legion project will cover Clondalkin this year. Street contact takes place weekly in the Liberties and also in Temple bar every Saturday with Legionaries from all over coming to join in. Exploratio Domicalis is currently being planned for the coming year. Our Lady of Victories praesidium new Patricians group is holding its first meeting on Tuesday 28th February in Myra House. Title is “Grace – God given or man driven?” Our Lady of Hope praesidium, Clondalkin are also planning to start a Patricians group shortly

Gloriosa: The Annual reunion was held in December and was well attended. A praesidium has visited 70 homes, speaking to residents about faith and salvation. Efforts are ongoing to establish a praesidium in Strafing.

Annunciata: At the last Curia meeting a review of the Curia was taken. There are 7 praesidia and 12 vacant officerships. In total the Curia membership is 29, but a number are unable to attend meetings due to illness. Curia has no Vice-President. A recruitment drive was held on February 11th in Rathmines parish, as the praesidium there is weak. Recent annual reunion was very enjoyable and well attended.

Assumpta: The Acies and Curia retreat are organised for March. Extension is also planned in Donnybrook in April. A praesidium is hoping to restart home visitation and contact with auxiliaries. Holy Communion and Confirmation classes have been visited and shown videos. The praesidium leads a public Rosary in two different locations in the parish.

Immaculata: The Annual Curia reunion was held in January. Alfie Lambe Mass has been organised for March 5th in St Agnes’ Crumlin. The Curia promoted Confessions in several public areas prior to Christmas, where they passed out information on confession times in local churches. Last two Patrician meetings were entitled ‘Christ the forgotten King’ and ‘Is Death a New Beginning?’ Nine people attended both meetings. Recruitment drive was held in Crumlin recently. All praesidia are encouraged to display a Legion poster with day and time of meeting in parish church. A praesidium’s work includes volunteering in Morning Star hostel, home visitation, pilgrim statue visitation, distribution of Maria Legionis and school visitation.

Mater Ecclesiae: The Curia hopes to approach primary schools in the New Year with the intention of making Edel Quinn better known. Recruiting is planned for April/May in six parishes where praesidia are weak and extension is planned for the 10 parishes where there is no praesidium. Street contact work is carried out each Saturday morning in Dun Laoghaire. A praesidium is hoping to restart a Patrician group in the next month. Frank Duff holy hour, which restarted in November, is continuing every month.

Our Lady of Fatima: Most praesidia in the area include home visitation and/or street contact in their works. One praesidium has arranged over 30 blessings of the home through home visitation.



Buenos Aires Senatus: The January Senatus meeting had many Legion visitors from Peru and Paraguay. There was much exchange of ideas on Legion spirituality and apostolate. Reports from many Regiae and Comitia showed personal visits to all their affiliated praesidia and councils. In the extreme south of Argentina the officers of the Rio Gallegos Comitium went on an 8-day visit to all their very distant councils, such as Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia. Excellent works are being done including the setting up of Velites for First Holy Communion children. Teaching adults to read and write is another of their projects.

Cordoba Senatus: In the September meeting three of the four Senatus officers were absent. There were just six attendees. Reports were due from two Comitia but neither was presented. In November one of the Senatus officerships became vacant and hasn’t been filled as yet. In December the other three officers were present.

Salta Senatus: To mark the closing of the centenary year a tea party was held on the lines of a Legion social. Exploratio Dominicalis and Columban drives are being done to recruit new legionaries and set up new praesidia. In some cases, these are done on the streets and plazas. The Senatus Youth Committee organised a very enjoyable summer camp for the junior legionaries. Both Buenos Aires and Salta Senatus, prepare all year for Alfie Lambe’s anniversary celebrations. Legionaries from neighbouring countries came in big numbers. The day was spent in prayer and street contact work as well as exchange of Legion ideas to promote the Cause. Some who visited Alfie’s tomb for the first time said they could feel Alfie so close to them and thanked him for what the Legion had done for their countries.

Corrientes Regia: A Curia in the city reported their apostolates include visiting the sick in clinics, hospitals and at home, sometimes with the priest who hears confessions and anoints where necessary. This priest also joins the legionaries three times a week to recite the Rosary and the Catena. During the Novena of the Miraculous Medal legionaries visited a Police Station and recited the Rosary with the police officers and with those detained; one of the detained changed his life as a result.

Rosario Regia: One Curia reports an Exploratio Dominicalis project, and many recruiting drives. It also tells about visits with Our Lady’s statue and visits to the sick, home to home visitation, and Rosaries at the Hospital and the Cemetery. Another Curia reports encounters for Baptisms preparation (with parents and future godparents). Through a WhatsApp group the Regia organized the preparation for the De Montfort Consecration. On occasion of Alfie Lambe’s Anniversary the Regia held a chain of Rosaries all day long (with praesidia and councils from the whole Regia area), praying for his beatification.


Belo Horizonte Senatus: Mass was celebrated for the 101st anniversary of the Legion of Mary during a Pilgrimage to the Shrine Basilica de Nossa Senhora da Piedade and Mass was celebrated in the Senatus headquarters for the 71st anniversary of the Legion in Brazil. Reports show visits to the sick with Holy Communion and the preparation of many for the Sacraments. A meeting was planned for 21st January for young people including legionaries and non-legionaries.

Fortaleza Senatus: Elections of Senatus officers were held in October 2022. The Curia of Marco-CE was due to be raised to Comitium on 21 January 2023. Also in January two Curiae in Natal-RN were due to be raised to Comitium. A meeting was held in November 2022 with the representative of the Cause of Alfie Lambe from the Senatus of Buenos Aires and officers of the Fortaleza Senatus and the Regia of Natal and other affiliated councils about the progress of his Cause

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Legionaries made visits to homes, hospitals and prisons. They visited legionaries who stopped participating in the meetings and auxiliary members. Several apostolic days were carried out. The Senatus has a programme on Radio Sant’Ana where they present the Prayers of the Tessera, formation, apostolate, evangelization, the Gospel of the Day and testimonies.

Salvador Senatus: Legionaries visited 1,827 families. They prepared children and adults for the Sacraments. The Sacred Heart was enthroned in some homes. 33 young drug addicts were evangelized. Legionaries visited evangelical homes, and spoke about Mary as the Mother of Jesus and her importance for the salvation of humanity. They had a Rosary in various public squares. Hospital visitation was also done.

São Paulo Senatus: Works being done include home to home visitation; visits to the sick and elderly and bringing Holy Communion to many of them; visiting the bereaved; teaching catechism; accompanying people to hospital, and contact with street people. One praesidium gave six Religion classes in a school for adults with an intellectual handicap. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo project was undertaken to Bocaina-SP, where the legionaries received a great reception.



Senatus of Austria: Two praesidia are covered in the report. A praesidium of 4 members recruited new auxiliaries and after care visits was done. Regular visits are made to families with the statue of Our Lady. All members are involved in Church work. A praesidium of 5 members and 40 auxiliaries includes Park and street contact, home visitation and arranging confession. One person went to Confession shortly before her death after many years away from the sacraments.

Curiae and Comitium reports: Good efforts are being made to bring the legion to new Parishes and to restart dormant praesidia. Curia Vienna reported Cemetery Apostolate. Another Curia reported recruiting drives, patricians, preparation and consecration to Jesus through Mary on December 8th. Another Curia recruited 4 new young legionaries. Legionaries helped 1 man to Confession after 65 years and a Muslim who has expressed a wish to be baptised is being helped. 87 people made the 33 days preparation and consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Countries under the caretakership of Austria:

- Moldova

The Curia has 7 praesidia and meetings are held regularly. 2 praesidia do street apostolate. Contact with other denominations is frequent. Children are taught to participate in the celebration of Holy Mass.

- Romania

Curia Bucharest resumed in September. Some praesidia continued the weekly meetings during the summer.

- Belarus

Minsk Comitium: The Comitium has 11 praesidia and 6 Curiae attached. Minsk praesidium has 4 members and 12 auxiliaries. The apostolate includes helping people to prepare for the sacraments and many other works of service. Visitation of the attached Praesidia and Curiae was reported.

Baranovichi Comitium: A praesidium of 8 members reported visitation of the sick and families with special needs. Many returns to the sacraments were recorded. Helping the Priest when visiting the sick and housebound. School visitation was also done. Another praesidium prepared a 72 year old man for the sacrament of Baptism.


Petrinja: 3 praesidia reported with 18 active and 71 auxiliaries. 5 curiae also reported in the same period having 208 active and 631 auxiliary members. The church in Kravarski was demolished in the earthquake so the legionaries invited parishioners to gather at the church site each Saturday when the Rosary was prayed. The junior curia has 5 praesidia with 33 legionaries. A youth festival was organised with a mix of spirituality and fun with 30 in attendance.

Zagreb Regia and countries under caretakership of Zagreb:

Extension: Efforts are continuing. Permission was sought and given by the Prior of the Dominican Monastery in Rijeka for a praesidium in his Parish. Plans are in progress for presentation of the Legion in 4 other Parishes. 3 praesidia reported. The apostolate includes home visitation, street contact in parks and train stations. An outreach to the homeless in a soup kitchen. Six persons received the sacraments after long periods. Five Curiae are covered showing good solid work done. Many Praesidia use the Pilgrim statue. In one Curia 19 new auxiliary members were recruited. Returns to the sacraments after long and short periods were recorded.

- Bosnia Herzogovina

Sarajevo Curia has 4 praesidia with 21 active and 160 auxiliaries. The Centenary was celebrated with Mass by Archbishop Tomo Vuksil where all present could gain a plenary indulgence.

- Hungary

Budapest Regia: Elections were held for the 4 officers of the Regia. A winter school is planned for March 2023.

- Latvia

Comitium: Elections were held for president, vice president and secretary at the December meeting but treasurer has been vacant for the past 10 months. A recruiting plan to help build up the weak praesidia was suggested.


Warsaw Praga Comitium: has 14 praesidia directly attached and 3 Curiae with 309 active and 279 auxiliaries. Works includes an outreach to those away from the Church for many years and living in non-sacramental relations. The homeless and those with addictions are visited. The Miraculous medal is widely promoted.

Warsaw Comitium: Five praesidia covered. Works include help in their Parishes, aftercare of auxiliary members and street contact. Street contact was carried out in Wilanow on August 27th where the Jehovah witnesses are very active. Many good contacts were made.

Lublin Comitium: Efforts to extend the legion to new Parishes are ongoing. On street apostolate 400 miraculous medals and 300 rosaries were offered and accepted and 2 people were brought to confession. 30 apartments were visited, resulting in 8 returns to the sacraments. 14 legionaries did a PPC project to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The outreach was to all.


Satu Mare Regia: Election for Regia Treasurer is very much overdue. Visitation of praesidia was recorded. Comitium and the attached Curia. The work of helping on Radio Maria, organising adoration, leading the Rosary before Mass each day, helping people to the sacraments and encouraging families to pray together in their homes.


Telsiai Comitium: Great apostolic work is being done in hospitals, which is a huge help for the priests. Each week the legionaries visit patients, encouraging and helping them to prepare and to receive the Sacraments. Legionaries are active helpers in all church matters. The legionaries of Mazeikiai Curia make persevering efforts to establish a new praesidium in Tirksliai. Great apostolic work is done among sick and lonely people: a priest was invited to hear confession for 2 patients and for Anointing 2 more patients at home. Legionaries took part in 24 hours Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament praying for Spiritual Directors and Priests. They do apostolate in the streets, extension works were discussed and 2 parishes visited, 1 showed interest.

Kanus Comitium: They are without a treasurer for the past 7 months. A praesidium with 5 members and 93 auxiliary members reported participating in meetings of the Synod pathway. They do contact work at a youth camp during the summer months where some good contacts with young people are made. They recently organized a function for their Auxiliary members at which 47 auxiliaries attended.



Restructuring of Cincinnati Senatus

Sr. McManus updated Concilium on progress with restructuring Cincinnati Senatus which had requested a lowering of its status in 2021. Concilium had given permission to take necessary steps for this in December 2021. Since then, Concilium correspondents have had various consultations with Senatus and its 3 neighbouring councils so as to divide the territory among the 3 nearby higher councils so that the Legion would best grow in the future. Much work involved getting Legion council agreement from those affected by the change in governance and from their various Bishops in whose dioceses the Legion worked. Currently that work had been done in regard to Arlington Regia taking on governance of Nashville Comitium and Knoxville Curia which would represent the Legion in Kentucky Tennessee. Hence Sr. McManus formally proposed that Arlington Regia would now govern the Legion in Kentucky and Tennessee. This was seconded by Br. Walsh. As there were no counter proposals, the motion was accepted by Concilium. Sr. Murphy thanked Arlington Regia for taking on this extra Legion governance responsibility of a larger territory. She also commended the humility of Cincinnati Senatus in their honesty to seek these changes for the greater good of the Legion in their territory.



The Peregrinatio Pro Christo Organisers Meeting and Conference was planned for Saturday 25th of February 2023 in Nazareth Hall, Concilium H.Q.

The Organisers’ meeting was scheduled for 10.30 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.

The Conference proper was scheduled to take place from 2.00 p.m. to 4.50 p.m.

At the moment, there are two confirmed projects and there are prospects of some more being confirmed.



Parish Project to Clonmel - Fr. Nicholas Grace, Parish Priest at St. Oliver Parish, Clonmel requested a project for the for 6th and 7th May. The aim of the project is to recruit new members for the local praesidium and to visit new housing estates in the Parish.

The Young Adult Catholic Conference is organised for the 19th and 20th of August. The two day event will include talks, workshops, faith and fun. Save the date flyers are available.

World Youth Day 2023 – The Deus et Patria Committee is looking to take a group of young legionaries to WYD arriving in Lisbon on Friday 4th August and returning Sunday 6th August. The cost per person is €354.

At the Divine Mercy Conference members of the Committee helped man the Legion stand. Many contacts were made and a number of people expressed their interest in joining the Legion.