Concilium Bulletin April 2022



Banjul Curia: Due to Covid restrictions planned Centenary Celebrations were curtailed, however an Opening Mass for the Centenary took place in the Cathedral on 5th September and celebrations on 7th September in St Anthony’s Parish. During November and December legionaries had an hour slot each Wednesday on Radio and spoke about the Legion and its activities in various languages.


Enugu Senatus: Aba Regia has 8,436 senior legionaries and 3,962 junior members. Works include preparing candidates for Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, 590 adults were received into the Church, 172 marriages blessed. 749 senior and 335 junior legionaries were recruited.

Onitsha Regia: Umudioka Comitium has 2,310 senior members and 2,407 juniors. Reports include helping 136 couples to wed in the Church, 336 Catechumen and 29 infants were prepared for Baptism, 1,965 for First Holy Communion and 1,640 for Confirmation. 11 sick calls were arranged, and 17 lapsed Catholics returned to Sacraments.

Jos Regia: 4,000 legionaries attended the Centenary Mass, the chief celebrant was the Archbishop of Jos. Works includes home and hospital visitation, Catechism Instruction, preparing candidates for the Sacraments and assisting the blind at a workshop, 6 Marriages were blessed. A new curia was established.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: Port Harcourt Comitium has 2,799 members, reports included preparing Catechumens for baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, 33 Marriage were blessed, and 6 lapsed returned to the faith. Uyo Comitium: establishment a new Senior Praesidium, 244 Catechumens prepared for Baptism, 161 received First Holy Communion and 160 were confirmed.

Senatus of Abuja has thousands of members, the Legion is very active, and most praesidia have resumed in-person meetings. Legionaries do visitation work and most groups are helping to facilitate the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Matrimony. The effects of Covid are felt widely as many praesidia have lost members and are struggling to commence their works due to a number of pandemic and livelihood related problems. Recruitment is a big challenge to all, although some new praesidia were set-up last year. The legionaries have organized Centenary celebrations in Ikot Ekpene and Holy Mass attended by the bishops and the Senatus Spiritual Director was held last September 2021. In their correspondence, the legionaries have expressed an interest in the plenary indulgence and full details including the whole English translation has been provided.

Senatus of Ibadan: Average attendance of praesidium officers is 26% and council officers 46%. The Senatus is regularly reminded of the duty of officers to attend regularly. Various Centenary Celebrations took place.

Benin City Regia reported six newly formed senior praesidia and one junior in the year to April 2021.

Lagos Regia: Our Lady Mother of Our Saviour Comitium reports home and hospital visitation, teaching of Catechism, marriage instruction and counselling, preparing candidates to receive the sacraments. Our Lady of Victories Comitium has 7 senior Curiae, 9 directly attached praesidia and 7 junior Curiae comprising of 1740 senior and 2084 junior legionaries. Works include home, hospital and shop visitation. Teaching of Catechism and preparing candidates for the Sacraments. Two former members were recently ordained Priests. A Congress was held in August 2021. Our Lady of Help Comitium has 7 senior Curiae, 5 junior Curiae and 13 directly attached praesidia. Their works include home and hospital visitation, crowd contact, visiting the sick and aged and prison visitation. It was reported 72 inmates converted to the Catholic faith, 32 received first Holy Communion and 9 inmates received the sacrament of confirmation. Our Lady Immaculate Conception Comitium reports home and hospital visitation, teaching Catechism and caring for the sick and aged. Our lady Queen of Apostles Comitium has 6 senior and 1 junior Curiae and 12 directly attached praesidia. Extension work is ongoing with reports of Exploratio Dominicalis projects. They have 34 Catechists, their works include preparing candidates for the sacraments, rosary processions, home, hospital and prison visitation, crowd contact and teaching of the Catechism.


Uganda Senatus: Despite the lockdown much planning has gone into the preparations for the Legion’s Centenary Celebrations and while many Centenary Masses have taken place, some with huge crowds, Centenary Masses are planned up to August and others have yet to be confirmed. Visitation of praesidia and councils is ongoing, as is extension work. Extension projects close to some islands in Lake Victoria took place. Congresses were reported. Several Councils held Anniversary Masses for the Servant of God Alfie Lambe.


The Senatus is planning extensive extension for 2022 with emphasis on building the junior movement and reaching parishes and dioceses without the Legion. Following the pandemic great efforts are made to revive lapsed praesidia and councils. The Senatus has an excellent team of correspondents who are making great efforts to encourage their councils. The main work of the legionaries is home visitation where many returns to the sacraments are reported as well as many being introduced to the faith. 77 legionaries attended the December prayers at Venerable Edel’s grave, and the annual Mass will be on 7th May. Work on the translation of the Kimeru handbook is continuing.


Songea Comitium has 24 Curiae, three of these were recently established. Recently two handwritten letters were received from Njombe.

Hai Moshi Comitium: Works includes home and hospital visitation. Couples are encouraged to marry in the Catholic Church. Legionaries prepare adults and children for the Sacraments. Work to revive praesidia which stopped meeting due to Covid continues. Efforts are being made to recruit members in Mongare Teacher’s training centre. Fr Deudatus Kaunare, the Legion Spiritual Director in the Diocese of Moshi passed away unexpectedly last year. He was a great support to Rombo and Hai Moshi Comitia; may he rest in peace.


Senatus of Maula: A workshop was organised for Chaplains in September 2021 to help them learn the Legion system. At the workshop, all Chaplains pledged support towards the Legion in their Dioceses and Parishes. 37 legionaries attended. A workshop was organised to train secretaries in taking minutes. A mass to launch the Centenary celebrations took place Maula Cathedral. A praesidium reports visiting 12 lapsed families, of which 10 members have started Catechism classes; 2 have returned to the Sacraments, 5 homes blessed, and 13 children are now attending Sunday school. Other works include teaching Sunday school and Catechism classes, visiting the sick, orphans, the elderly and bereaved families and visiting the Novitiates at a convent.


Lusaka Regia: After the lifting of Covid restriction in September, Centenary celebrations took place at very short notice. Plans to commemorate 20 years of the Regia in Zambia are underway. Members are encouraged to return to their weekly meetings and carry out their Legion apostolate.

Kasama Regia: With the easing of restrictions, legionaries organised a 33-day living rosary novena for the sick in the Kasama Cathedral. The Theme was Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Mass was celebrated on the last day of the novena with 50 sick people attending. A light meal was served after the mass.



Madrid Senatus: The Senatus bulletin gives a detailed account of what is happening in the area and is circulated monthly to all councils, especially the Senatus Allocutio and Concilium letter as well as highlights and comments from reports. Last month it commented on Frank Duff’s prayer for the conversion of the world. Monthly meetings report excellent participation with positive comments. News of the Centenary Plenary Indulgence fully explained was received with great joy. Some reports mention the setting up of new praesidia. The Senatus retreat will be organised during Lent. An invitation to a Zoom meeting of Senatus correspondents was described as a lively session with all report receiving and sending monthly letters.

Bilbao Senatus: Returned to meeting in person. Senatus agendas have been sent to Concilium.


Rome Senatus: Resumed in person meetings in the end of 2021, however due to a renewed spread of Covid discontinued again. They keep in touch with attached councils and praesidia with a monthly letter from the Senatus President that includes an Allocutio.

Padua: The situation there is described as critical. There are many elderly and sick legionaries, two or three younger members left due to work and family commitments. One active praesidium where the Secretary works in the hospital. Religious material is distributed in public places where they can. Since the pandemic began legionaries have volunteered in the hospital supporting doctors and nurses and recited prayers recited to Our Lady to enlighten them in their work.

Milan Regia: The Regia is having difficulty getting back to normality. Two praesidia holding meetings in their parishes and two others at home with little apostolate activity. The Acies ceremony is planned Pentecost.

Genova Comitium is not holding meetings yet, however one attached praesidium is back meeting.

Asti Curia with 6 praesidia is back to normal holding of meetings and apostolate activity and recently held the Acies, described as a beautiful ceremony. The one praesidium (Pilipino) in Torino holds its meetings but do limited works and cannot participate in Curia meetings due to distance and as they meet on weekdays. They tried to be attached to Asti Curia.

Pavia Curia is holding meetings and has renewed its officers. They held their Acies on the 25th of March. They have a new praesidium.


Lisbon Senatus: Street contact and accompaniment of children and parents for sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion are reported. Scheduled visits were made to some praesidia, Spiritual Directors and Parish Priests. Columban Drives were organised.

Coimbra Regia: On 7th September 2021 commemorated the Centenary of the Legion with a time of prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by Holy Mass, presided by Dom Virgilio do Nascimento Antunes, and welcomed by the Spiritual Director of the Regia. Contact was made with two priests in Viseu and Loreto with the aim of expanding the Legion.

Funchal Comitium has 5 attached praesidia and 2 Curiae with 176 active and 512 auxiliaries. On 7th November 2021 a Mass was held to commemorate the Centenary of the Legion, presided by Bishop Dom Nuno Bras.

Cascais Comitium has11 attached praesidia and 1 Curia of 7 praesidia. The Curia founded a new praesidium of 6 members.

Ponta Delgada Comitium: On the final day of the Year of St. Joseph, the Comitium held a ceremony beginning with a public rosary outside St. Joseph’s Church. 60 attended, many were non legionaries. It concluded with Holy Mass. The Junior Curia has reduced to 3 praesidia due to the pandemic and others leaving the island to continue their studies on the mainland.

Massama Curia: has 7 attached praesidia. The Spiritual Director provides support in recruiting new members, making appeals in Church. A new youth praesidium was founded in Terracos da Ponte.

Beja Curia: The Spiritual Director attends the meetings encouraging continuation. Only one praesidium has returned to meetings, the others do not meet due to lack of members.

Alcochete Curia: The transportation of a handicapped youngster for medical consultations and examinations is highlighted.


Malta Regia: Attendance not yet back to capacity. Most praesidia have resumed meetings, however, two directly attached praesidia yet to return. A successful Annual General Reunion was held in December. Mother and Teacher Curia: All parishes have the legion. Two new members were gained from a recruiting drive. Legionaries were instrumental in the return to confession a man who had gone down a “wrong road”. Mother of Good Shepherd Curia: works include contacts with tourists and residents of various nationalities, distribution of leaflets to hotels with mass times in various languages and supporting the development of small praesidia. Our Lady of the Eucharist Curia reports positive feedback from door to door apostolate with the statue of Our Lady while legionaries in Hope of the World Curia encourage people to attend Mass in person rather than on the webcam. Handmaid of the Lord Curia gained two new members to replace two that left. Visits to the home for elderly priests was reported. Queen of Peace Curia visited two attached praesidia and recruited two new members.

Countries under caretaker ship of Malta Regia

Our Lady of Ephesus Curia with 5 attached praesidia report meetings held regularly in November/December 2021. Membership ranges from 10 to 16 members. Apostolates include promotion of the Rosary, helping with the Liturgy, Eucharistic Adoration, visiting sick and elderly in their homes and hospital.


Malta Regia officers are hoping to make a visit to Albania later in the year.


Legionaries in Nicosia and Paphos celebrated the Acies Ceremony on the 20th and 25th March respectively. Fr. Andrew Arhin, Holycross Parish reports that the Legion in Kyrenia and Famagusta (North Cyprus) are back holding in person meetings every Sunday. Issues with the Curia in Nicosia concerning the election of officers and holding meetings were stalled due to Covid restrictions. Some legionaries stepped down and others returned to the Philippines. The Correspondent plans to visit Cyprus in June and meet with the legionaries and help with their concerns. Rev. Sr. Antonio 96yrs from India died on the 4th of February. She was associated with the founding of the Legion in Cyprus and a close friend of former Correspondent, the late Eileen O’Reilly. Nicosia legionaries paid her due respect in the best traditions of the Legion of Mary.



Dromore: Latest meeting January 2022 had an attendance of 7. Two probationers in Burren praesidium are due to take their Promise.

Navan: praesidia have been meeting since January with small numbers and undertaking various works. Three of the 6 praesidia meeting have got new members. A new praesidium which started in Johnstown in February 2020 did not survive. A recruiting drive is planned there in June. Representatives from Trim Curia attended March Comitium meeting. Mullingar Curia are finding it difficult to regroup as they lost some venues as well as members. The Acies held on 27th March had a good attendance in Navan.

Raphoe: The first Comitium meeting for two years took place on Sunday 3 April. Two praesidia have gained 2 and 3 new members respectively. One of these praesidia promotes Eucharistic Adoration and their parish priest asked them to recite the Rosary at wakes and funerals. A new praesidium in Convoy and Drumkeen parish has got three members. The Acies was hosted by a praesidium in Letterkenny on 22nd of March. There was an attendance of 30 including auxiliaries. South West Curia: The 7 praesidia have not resumed meetings yet. Their President is ill in hospital at present. The Comitium President is in the process of connecting with each praesidium in the Curia.

Diocese of Down And Connor: Immaculata: This report covers the period January to March 2022. Since Covid, the meetings have been carried out through Zoom, but the Comitium is hopeful that physical meetings will resume in May. Lenten Talks on the Eucharist which are broadcast on the Cathedral webcam will continue up to April 15th. Three praesidia are currently engaged in manning a Legion stand outside the Cathedral on Saturdays where many interesting contacts have been made. The Acies was due to take place at the Cathedral on Friday 25th of March. Legionaries who are carrying out visitation are advised to wear masks when invited into the homes. One praesidium has closed but there are hopes of starting a new praesidium in another parish. Down Curia report covers November 2021 to January 2022. Castlewellan praesidium has two probationers. Works include the recitation of Rosaries at Our Lady’s Grotto weekly and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament twice monthly. Downpatrick praesidium bring the Fatima Statue to families by request. Two praesidia are unable to meet at present. The Anniversary Mass for the Servant of God Frank Duff was celebrated on the 6 November.


Clonmacnoise: The first Curia meeting since Covid lockdown took place on 9 March with 6 in attendance. The Acies ceremony was due to take place on 25th of March. Athlone praesidium presented their report covering the year 2019. They have has 5 members whose works include home visitation where they offer the Pilgrim Virgin statue and visitation of the elderly in their homes. Two nursing homes are visited. During May and October the Pilgrim Virgin statue is welcomed for two weeks in each nursing home. The Rosary is recited by two legionaries twice a week with the co-ordinators of the homes praying the Rosary the other days. A former legionary of 104 living on her own is visited by the legionaries. A supply of the three Causes leaflets are kept up to date in the local churches. Along with Mount Temple praesidium they gave approximately 400 packs containing Rosaries, Miraculous Medals and prayer leaflets to people outside a shopping centre and a pedestrian crossings in Athlone one Sunday.

Armagh: No Curia meetings took place in November and December due to illness and adverse weather conditions. January meeting had 6 present. They discussed the Legion’s preparations for the events proposed by Archbishop Eamon Martin on either 12th of May or 7th of June. The praesidium in Keady is being held on-line as Covid is still rife in the area. They had a good attendance most weeks at the Rosary in the cemetery on Sundays during November. Weekly meetings have resumed in Armagh. The Rosary was recited in cemeteries in November.

Drogheda: A reporting praesidium has 6 members. They were involved in many Rosaries in cemeteries in November and they attended a Rosary at Clougherhead Harbour in memory of those drowned at sea. They were involved in the Coastal Rosary and the book barrow in Scotch Hall Shopping Centre. The Acies was due to take place in Ardee on 27th of March.

Dundalk: One praesidium is meeting at present.


Annunciata: A recruiting drive took place on 26th and 27th of February in Rathmines and legionaries spoke at all masses. In one praesidium, members assist blind people in getting to Mass and hold an annual retreat for the blind. They also visit their auxiliary members and distribute 40 Journals quarterly. A discussion took place on making more use of the Curia legion house. One suggestion was to invite ex members and auxiliary members to a talk on Frank Duff and the Legion. It was decided to hold an outdoor Rosary in the legion house at 2.30pm on Saturdays during May and to put up a banner which would attract passers-by. If this is successful it would carry on through June, July and August up to the 7th September.

Assumpta: A bookshop has reopened in one of the parishes. Home visitation and Pilgrim statue visitation is being done. Adoration is done on first Fridays. The Curia is planning 33-day consecration to Jesus through Mary, beginning on April 10th and finishing on May 13th, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

Gloriosa: A garden project is being planned to mark the Centenary. This concept originated with Archbishop Fulton Sheen. This project has been delayed by Covid restrictions but Curia is planning to go ahead with it as soon as possible. A praesidium visits the Traveller Halting Site in Labre Park which is in Bluebell parish. After Covid restrictions were lifted the praesidium decided to start a monthly rosary around the statue of Our Lady but residents asked for it to be weekly. Legionaries visited the houses and invited residents to come along. Twenty people attended the first rosary. Rosary beads and leaflets were distributed and a traveller brought candles. Fr. Dominic, the Spiritual Director led the rosary. He and the legionaries had tea afterwards in the house of a resident. A young man volunteered to clean the statue. The next rosary had 38 travellers and four legionaries. Fr. Dominic blessed the site and heard three confessions. The culmination of this series of rosaries was a candlelit procession on September 8th. The procession was preceded by the recital of the Litany of Loreto by about 25 travellers and six legionaries. By the time they reached the statue the crowd had grown to 50 people. After the rosary Fr. Dominic heard about ten confessions. The rosary continued every Wednesday for October with a typical attendance of 20 people. The Curia has set a target of 30 new members which it hopes to achieve through home visitation. Outdoor rosaries were held in Markievicz Park during October and November last. A reunion was held in Mount Olivet House in December.

Immaculata: The Curia holds a recruiting drive every second Saturday from 12 noon to 2 pm. Patricians are up and running. Title of last talk was ‘Our Lady of Holy Hope’. Nine people attended, two of whom were non-legionaries. A praesidium with 6 full members and 70 auxiliaries, does home visitation, public rosary and delivery of Legion journal. Also its members clean and maintains Legion House on Sundrive Road. Curia plans for the Centenary include talks from Br. Noel Lynch on Servant of God, Alfie Lambe; Fr. Eamonn McCarthy on Servant of God Frank Duff and Paul Moran on Venerable Edel Quinn. A Rosary procession is planned for May 13th from Legion house to Mount Argus Church, arriving for 6.16 pm Mass. The Rosary will be prayed every Saturday during May at Legion House. The Annual retreat took place in The Priory, Tallaght on 2nd April.

Mary Spouse of The Holy Spirit: Members helped in organising the Diocesan Synod Gathering process in one parish during Lent. Thirteen parishioners attended the most recent Venerable Edel Quinn prayer meeting. A praesidium with 5 members distributes 40 journals. Members also lead a weekly rosary in Bloomfield nursing home. On Mondays they staff a display table at the back of the church. Prior to Covid one member volunteered in the Regina Coeli Hostel. The Rosary is prayed in Bohernabreena Cemetery on Sundays during May and November.

Benedicta: All except one presidium is meeting and work being done. That presidium is not meeting due to the illness of the members and also Covid. The Legion journal is being distributed. One presidium has a table outside a supermarket each week with miraculous medals and literature on it. Passers-by are contacted, and many miraculous medals are being distributed and the story explained. Many fine contacts are being made. People are now familiar with this work that is being done and are approaching the members and asking them for miraculous medals. One young woman approached the members and told them that she had buried her seven day old child that very day. The members sympathised with her and told her of their sorrow at her loss, they encouraged her to use the miraculous medal she had accepted to ask Our Blessed Lady to help her and also to pray to her little son Micheál. The Acies was held on Saturday 26th March at 3.00 p.m. in Our Lady Mother of God Council Church, Mourne Road, Drimnagh. It was a very pleasant ceremony with Mass celebrated by the Curia Spiritual Director Fr. Joseph Devou with the readings and prayers of the faithful read by the junior Curia members and singing and organ played by a senior member.



Toronto Senatus: Hamilton Comitium resumed in September 2021 and had a BBQ as an outdoor event with 9 praesidia present. In the Niagara Curia the legionaries took part in a public procession through the city streets to the cathedral. They have 22 junior members. The Curia in Newfoundland organised a ‘33-Day’ preparation for True Devotion to Mary consecration. In Mother Most Pure praesidium, North York, a member who went on Twitter, gained 7 new members. In Mississauga Comitium, due to a return of lockdown over Christmas, legionaries sent the Centenary Bookmarkers to priests and parishioners, (the Senatus had printed 4000 for general council use.) Winnipeg Curia has 18 praesidia and 3 junior praesidia. They were able to meet in-person and fill vacant officerships. First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes were conducted and 4 juniors were recruited. Extension was done over a weekend in Lindsay, Ontario, driving for hours in freezing conditions and with a follow up, having 11 attend their first meeting.

Montreal Senatus: was forced back on-line for January and February but resumed meeting-in-person in March. A praesidium of 10 full members and 3 probationers has a junior praesidium attached. Among their works were distribution of 500 miraculous medals through crowd contact at train stations and some homes, pilgrim virgin visits, while online activities, included Bible and Handbook Study, Adoration, Rosary and a Day Retreat. A praesidium of 18 active members, with 2 probation members did a daily rosary for housebound as well as visits when possible and telephone calls to lonely. The Korean Curia of 38 members had focused on restarting praesidia up to December.

Edmonton Comitium: still meets virtually and held Acies virtually. A senior praesidium did Pilgrim Virgin statue visits to 14 homes, and 25 homes requesting Sacred Heart Enthronement. A junior praesidium of 19 members meets virtually with Bible study and Stations of Cross for Lent as a work. A curia in Calgary has 4 legionaries attempting to start a new praesidium which over 2 hours’ drive away.

Vancouver Comitium: In Okanagan Curia, reported no meetings held since the pandemic and large fires in the region. The two attached praesidia of 4 and 6 members respectively, who live in a reservation, still only pray the rosary and Legion prayers together. Comitium plan to visit them when normality returns. Works include Family Rosary Crusade to 26 homes who were guided on how to say the rosary. 4 families had their homes enthroned to the Sacred Heart.

Cincinnati Senatus: 3 praesidia of five, seven and ten members, reported having gained 3 new members. Works included contacting a combined 275 auxiliaries, outdoor rosary processions, care of outdoor grottos, visiting homes outdoors, organizing a Legion Booth at a Fair and True Devotion to Mary study group; one infirm person was brought to Confession. They are seeking ecclesiastical permissions needed for restructuring the Senatus. Kokoma Comitium reported distribution of 1000 miraculous medals.

San Francisco Senatus: persevere with meeting-in-person reaching a 50% attendance in January and had their Reunion in December. For the benefit of their distant councils, they did a Zoom presentation on the history of the Legion in San Francisco for the Centenary in January. A praesidium of 7 members organizes Eucharistic Adoration, a monthly Mass for the homebound with 7 receiving Anointing of the Sick and runs a Patricians with 15 to 20 attending. Attached councils report extension efforts, with 4 new members gained in San Mateo Comitium. Portland Curia acknowledged renewal of Legion by a number of Nigerian Legionaries there.

Boston Senatus: could not meet due to Covid in January or February but resumed in March. In December, 3 praesidia with 8, 9 and 4 members reported. Among works were praying Rosary at wakes and novenas for deceased, Rosary processions, CCD, book barrow at Church, crowd contact, encouraging Adoration and monthly Confession. Similar works were done by New Bedford Curia who are renewing contact with 250 auxiliaries of whom 51 were praetorians.

Arlington Regia: While not all praesidia are back in person, they are striving and encouraging in that direction. All Councils are meeting. Adult retreat in April organised and for July a retreat for young adults. True Devotion Consecrations are featured in many reports also planning for Congresses. Parishes with younger populations are being targeted for recruiting and the starting of new praesidia.

Los Angeles Senatus: They held their first in-person Senatus meeting in February. The correspondent has requested a breakdown of council details since the many lockdowns.

Chicago Senatus: The Korean Comitium has 228 active and 348 auxiliary members. They introduced 22 people to the Catholic faith. Many parish functions are supervised by legionaries, including assisting at funerals and burials. The Senatus visited Green Bay Curia, and attended a meeting, that had 12 present, with their Spiritual Director. Because of distance, the visit was much appreciated. Assumpta Curia, Northside, have 30 active and 198 auxiliary members. They teach catechesis and organise devotional ceremonies in December. The Hispanic Comitium, Chicago, have 9 praesidia and two Curiae attached with 15 praesidia. Visits are made to rehab centres, and calls to sick and to nursing homes. Southside Curia had a recent retreat with 4 priests participating. Milwaukee Curia, works, include teaching Religious Education to students of a local Catholic school, street apostolate and to a nursing home.

Philadelphia Senatus: A Curia, with 9 praesidia, including one junior praesidium with 10 on the roll do Street Apostolate, as well as visit hospital and prison visitation. Norristown Comitium, with 10 praesidia, including 2 junior groups, have a membership of 81 active and 484 auxiliaries and two Curiae are attached. At several fairs and carnivals, tables are allowed to display Legion literature and Miraculous Medals. Many contacts are made and items distributed. A Patricians and Frank Duff prayer group also feature. In Immaculate Conception Curia, an ‘E’ Day was held in Bridgeport, with 11 participating; in the after-effects of Hurricane ‘Ida’, they made 35 contacts. In East Montgomery Curia, as well as the usual works, the legionaries helped organise the ‘Quo Vadis’ summer camp for young men, discerning a vocation to the priesthood, with 38 campers and 21 seminaries. Harrisburg Comitium, with 5 curiae attached, for two days, staffed a Legion table at a diocesan women’s conference in October, with many contacts made.

Houston Senatus: organised a PPC project to Ave Maria Parish, Florida from 19th to 25th of March. The Senatus has re-established contact with Belize, with Fr Scott Giuliani, Pastor at Divine Mercy Church in Belize. He wants to revive the Legion there.

Luz De Maria Spanish Curia are making efforts to start a new praesidium. A praesidium distribute sacramental packages for RCIA candidates, Confirmation and First Communion students. A Korean Curia reported a great variety of work being done by both the adult and junior praesidia in St. Andrew Kim parish. They reach out to atheists, caring for catechumenates, contacting lapsed parishioners and encouraging them to return. The junior praesidia write a gratitude journal and listen to the Bible in a Year podcast!

Dominican Republic Senatus of Santo Domingo: Elections for a new team of officers took place in December.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: The Senatus meetings have re-started. The officers of the Senatus and attached councils are encouraging legionaries to continue, they even visit some legionaries in their homes. A number of legionaries died RIP - with the result, some councils have to restructure. They are starting parish apostolates again, visitation of the sick, catechesis to prepare children for the sacraments and recitation of the rosary in homes. The Acies will be celebrated in every council. A pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Altagracia in Higuey was excellent and all pilgrims were very enthusiastic with the blessings of the occasion.

Puerto Rico Senatus: The Senatus was meeting up to December 2021, no meeting in January or February and most of the attached councils and praesidia are also in lockdown. However, the Senatus is keeping in touch with attached praesidia and councils. Of the 8 praesidia directly attached to the Senatus, 4 only are meeting. In a letter from the president, he said that they will encourage a Columbian recruitment drive as soon as most of the praesidia and councils are meeting again, which they expect in the near future.

Trinidad and Tobago Regia: most council and praesidia meetings are held virtually. It was said at the last meeting, after lockdown, there is a need to restart in-person and to encourage young people to join the Legion for renewal of the movement this year.

Haiti Senatus: The reporting Comitium has 81 members and is involved in a number of activities such as home, hospital, and prison visitation, visiting bereaved families, bringing Holy Communion to sick people and accompanying priests on sick calls. They also organise prayer meetings, Bible studies, and formation sessions. Unfortunately, due to the dangerous situation in their area the Comitium has had to change their meeting place.


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