Alfie Lambe: pull up banners x 3

See the attached graphics file for producing Alfie Lambe pull up display banners / stands. The text is set out in a way that three separate pull up…

Secret of Mary

Secret of Mary by St. Louis De Montfort

Legionaries should undertake De Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary

2017 Reprint of 1955 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition software. Considered by many to be…

The De Montfort Way

The De Montfort Way by Frank Duff

Book Marker, with Legion Promise

Book Marker, with Legion Promise

Thanks to Edel

Thanks to Edel by Fr. Anselm Moynihan Quinn, Edel, - 1907-1944.

I knew Edel Quinn

I knew Edel Quinn by an Irish Carthusian Nun (Rev. Sr. Walls)

Words of Life

Words of Life by Edel Quinn

Edel Quinn

Edel Quinn by Frank Duff

Prayer for Conversion of the whole world

Prayer for Conversion of the whole world by Frank Duff

Mary Shall Reign (Paperback)

Mary Shall Reign (Paperback) by Frank Duff

Spirit of Home Visitation

Spirit of Home Visitation by Frank Duff.