Visit to Concilium by Mons. Ditan and legionaries from the Philippians

The President of the Senatus of Northern Philippines, Sr. Elizabeth Infante gave a short address on behalf of her Council at the Concilium meeting. She thanked Concilium profusely for the warm welcome and hospitality received by her and her fellow-Officers since arriving in Dublin, adding that the 21st July 2019, happens to be the 79th Anniversary of the Senatus formation in Manila, so it is a special blessing to be at Concilium on that date.

Sr. Infante outlined the strength of the Legion in the Senatus of Manila, including the junior movement. She said challenges were experienced in their territory in regard to recruitment of young people into the Legion. The Senatus response is to organise a local version of World Youth Day – a Marion Youth camp. About 350 youth attend this Legion youth event which comprises testimonies, team building and prayer exercises.

They also run a children’s club for juniors. Youth work is just one aspect of their work as they also care for all age groups.

Spiritual Director of the Senatus Mons. Ditan also addressed the meeting saying that he was delighted with this invitation to visit Concilium. He said that legionaries attending Concilium for advice might be analogous to St. Paul returning to the Church community in Jerusalem to discern the right way to do things. He recalled that St. Patrick had implanted the seed of Faith in Ireland which had gone out even further into the world over time. Frank Duff’s efforts also moved the Church in many places.

Mons. expressed the wish to make a return visit to Frank Duff’s grave in future years and find that Frank’s goodness had been acknowledged by the Church through his canonization. He hopes that the Legion will grow so as to bring the whole world under Mary’s mantle and concluded by reiterating his gratitude to Concilium for this invitation to visit.