Theme for the Legion of Mary worldwide in 2010

Tommy McCabe, Concilium President informed the Concilium that proposals from the Concilium Officers annual planning meeting held in November 2009, will be brought before the Concilium for discussion in the coming months. The first proposal from the Concilium officers was their recommendation for the Legion theme for the next year, namely: “Get back to Basics through the Study of the Handbook”

After some discussion, the Concilium agreed that “Get back to Basics through the Study of the Handbook ” would be the theme for the Legion of Mary worldwide in 2010.

“Get back to Basics through the Study of the Handbook”

The Concilium recommends a more intense and systematic study of the handbook by all active legionaries.
This should lead us all to do the following:

- Have a greater presence of our Lady in our lives, to help us to see and serve Christ in everyone.

- Be more gentle in our treatment of people and our fellow legionaries.

- Get to know better the spirit of the Legion as well as the rules.

- Improve our government of the Legion through greater knowledge of Chapter 28 in the handbook on “Government of the Legion “.

- Focus on the visitation of praesidia and councils and remember to use constructive suggestions at meetings, and all dealings with people. The handbook tells us “to exclude all words and attitudes which are hostile to charity” and “to saturate meetings with the spirit of prayer and full Legion devotion”. (Chapter 28,Section 1.25)

- Consult the handbook as a first port of call when confronted with an issue or problem.

- Renew our zeal for evangelisation through study of the handbook’s Chapter 40 “Go Preach the Gospel to the Whole Creation”. Be more aware that a council is responsible for its whole territory and not just the parishes, which have the legion.
If every legionary were to spend 5 minutes a day in 2010 reading the handbook what a difference it would make.

@ December 2009