Promotion of the Cause of Frank Duff: July 2020

We, at Concilium, renew our plea to all legionaries of the world to continue to promote the Cause of our founder. This is a man who left us the Legion of Mary, enabling us to make a weekly offering to Our Lady by attending the meeting and carrying out the apostolic work assigned to us.

Frank Duff left us his writings comprised mostly of talks he gave at various Legion functions-these are available in the book entitled Mary Shall Reign and in the booklets entitled Gems of Wisdom (1-4). For those who wish to obtain a copy for translation into various languages – please apply to the Concilium. The talks cover a wide range of subjects which he researched long before Internet or Google was available. Most of his writings will be printed for the Centenary Year ahead.

Frank Duff had a great interest in people – he saw great potential in each one and his wish was that everyone would reach his/her full potential with the ultimate aim of reaching eternal happiness.

One way of promoting his Cause is by setting up a Frank Duff Prayer Group. A leaflet on this subject is also available from Concilium. Since his death in 1980 many people in many countries have received favours through his intercession-obtaining employment, restoration to good health, safe pregnancies etc. Of late a lesser number of favours have been notified to Concilium – we ask that legionaries and the general public who received favours would let the Concilium know – it does not matter what the language is, gives us a first-hand account, as this shows a devotion to him.

Please discuss the matter at praesidium and council meetings so that due credit can be given to our founder. We look forward to receiving news from all parts of the world.

Concilium Legionis Mariae
Morning Star Avenue
Brunswick Street
Dublin 7