Pontifical Marian Academy International


Following the announcement at the last Concilium meeting Professor William A. Thomas came to the oratory in the Morning Star Hostel on Monday 20 March.

Fr. Domink Domagala, OMI, Spiritual Director of Gloriosa Curia celebrated the Mass of St. Joseph.

At the end of Mass Professor spoke about his association with the Legion of Mary and the great regard the international Church has for the Legion. He said many Bishops and priests in various countries trace their vocation back to their legion membership.

He then presented the certificate to the president of Concilium, Mary Murphy. Many legionaries and residents of the hostel attended.

We then adjourned to the Concilium kitchen for tea and Professor told us many stories about his travels.

It is an honour for the Concilium to receive membership of the Pontifical Marian Academy International.

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