Legion Project to Donegal, Ireland


At the invitation of the Parish Priest, Fr. James McSweeney a team of 8 travelled to Buckless, Donegal with the objective of promoting the Parish Mission, conducted by Fr. John Harris O.P. the following week.

Home visitation was carried out and two schools visited. The legionaries spoke on the Legion, the Causes and presented each child with a Miraculous Medal. On one of the days 4 members of the team distributed flyers for the Mission in nearby Killybegs and Ardara. Fr. McSweeney later remarked on the number of people he hadn’t seen at Church for years turning up for the Mission. The number attending the Saturday Vigil was three times his usual congregation. A good number returned to Confession after an absence of many years. Nine homes requested house blessings. 11 names of people needing visits were passed on to the priest. 3 people were keen to join the Legion should a praesidium be set up