Indulgence granted to the Legion of Mary for its Centenary Celebrations

Some comments and advice in respect of the Indulgence granted to the Legion of Mary for its Centenary Celebrations

A. “Any Church of the said association” refers to any sacred building for divine worship belonging to the Legion of Mary to which the faithful have access. In the case that no such church exists in some city or region a curia or comitium or other appropriate council should designate some church in its area whose title refers to Our Lady, or which has a generally renowned Shrine to Our Lady, as the Church to which the members can go and there fulfil the requirements to gain the indulgence.

B. “Pilgrimage” refers to a pilgrimage as part of the celebrations of the Centenary organised by members of the Legion of Mary to some appropriate shrine. Obvious such places could be Lourdes, Guadalupe, Knock, Fatima etc. but other more local pilgrimages organised as part of the centenary celebrations can also suffice.

C. The housebound can also receive the Indulgence by joining a celebration in spirit and by adopting a disposition of firm amendment (hence of never sinning again) and following the other instructions given. Thus auxiliaries can unite themselves to the curia pilgrimage to a certain shrine and by following the steps advised for them gain the Indulgence.

D. Note the emphasis of praying devoutly.

E. The more we turn away from sin the more we help remove the temporal punishment resulting from sin.

F. Finally, do not be put off by difficulties. The perfect should not become the enemy of the good. Let us do what we can and trust God.

See text of the Indulgence