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Frank Duff Prayer Leaflets in Different Languages
February 2018


In order to have a complete list of the prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God,
Frank Duff in the various languages, we earnestly ask that a few copies of the prayer in
every language in which it is printed is forwarded to the Concilium for the attention
of the Vice-President. The following are the leaflets we already have:

Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Gaeilge (Irish)
Cebuanian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hindu
English, Ukranian, Pidgin English, Indonesian
German, Belarussian, Slovakian, Kiswahili
Hungarian, Cantonese, Russian, Malayalam
Iranian, French, Urdu, Polish
Korean, Greek, Catalan, Slovenian
Maltese. Igbo, Croatian.

Please send in the Frank Duff prayer in the language in use where you are and state what the
language is and from what country. Thank you.

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Quote of the Day
The very nature of the lay apostolate would be at stake without the support of the priest. The lay apostolate without the priest would be utterly unthinkable for Frank Duff.

The priest represents Christ as Head of the mystical Body of Christ so it would make no sense at all for the laity to act independently of the priest.
Rev. Fr. Bede McGregor, O.P., Concilium Spiritual Director