Easter Joy

Greetings of unbounded joy on this 8th Day of Easter - Low Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday - 2 years after the death of our late Holy Father Pope John Paul II and on the eve of the Birthday of our present Holy Father Benedict XVI. May the Risen Lord bless and protect him always.

The Church celebrates Easter over 8 days with great joy recalling the central mystery of our faith “Jesus Christ is risen as He said, Alleluia!” We celebrate the Season of Easter for 50 days until Pentecost.

The utter joy of Easter is to be found in the beautiful reading from the Word of God in the Church’s liturgy. They remind us of the immense difference between the absence of Christ and His risen presence. Without Christ, epitomised by Good Friday, we are lost, confused, and overcome by sinfulness. But the Resurrection renews and restores, good over evil, salvation over sin and life over death.

The Disciples met on Easter Sunday behind closed doors, afraid, but Jesus stood among them and offered them his peace, his spirit presence, his forgiveness from sin. On this corresponding 8th day, he elicited from them an absent Thomas the profound profession of faith “My Lord and My God”, as he showed him his hands and His feet. Our faith is not merely one among many. Jesus is risen ! He is Lord ! He is God ! He stands among us. We are His disciples in a world which urgently needs to meet him, his peace, his mercy, his forgiveness, his presence, his loving face.

From now until Pentecost the Church rejoices with Mary at the resurrection of Her Son by reciting the Regina Coeli in place of the Angelus.

Queen of Heaven Rejoice Alleluia,
For He whom you were worthy to bear Alleluia,
Has risen as He said Alleluia,
Pray for us to God, Alleluia.

We legionaries of Mary are called to go out to those, who do not yet believe, with this earth shattering good news. Like Mary we are filled with joy and Alleluia is our song.