November 2017


The theme to this year’s Dublin Young Adult Conference, held on 2nd and 3rd September, was “Know Mary, Know Jesus – Dare to Believe!” Fr. John Harris was the MC for the weekend and the Conference provided for a host of speakers, workshops, Holy Mass, Adoration, Confessions and social activities.
Fr. Adrian Crowley spoke about “Getting to know Jesus through the Mass”. He talked about being an atheist as a young man and told his mother she was wasting her time praying for him. But she persevered and her prayers certainly paid off. To him this demonstrated the power of a mother’s prayers.
Maris Steen spoke about “The Motherhood of Mary”. The main points were: (1) don’t apologise for your faith. (2) always stand up for the truth, (3) be courageous.

Katie Ascough, spoke about being a Catholic in a secular society, the importance of being true to yourself and true to your beliefs. Her most important message came across in her own confidence in standing firm in her faith and beliefs.

Fr. Declan Lohan spoke about Frank Duff. He also gave reports from the street evangelisation carried out earlier in the afternoon in Drumcondra and Moore St. This was the first time street evangelisation was carried out as part of the Conference. It proved to be a very successful venture.
There was a panel discussion with a number of young priests. When asked if any of them would be priests had they not been part of the Legion, they all replied ‘No’. They spoke of the small action of asking someone to join the Legion and how that can lead to something quite remarkable (like becoming a priest!).

Fr. James Devine from Derry spoke about “The Influence of Mary on my life”. He talked about Our Lady taking back hold of Ireland. He encouraged those present not to be distracted about the bad things happening around them but to keep firmly focused on Jesus, just like our Lady at the foot of the cross.
The closing address was given by Fr. Harris. He addressed the issue of people saying “there’s no need to go to Mass”. He spoke about the importance of going to Mass, to get to know Jesus and work on developing our faith. Otherwise we will lose it.
Approximately 220 people attended the Conference over the course of the weekend. The feedback was very positive saying the weekend was inspiring and uplifting.
Two young residents from Regina Coeli also attended the Conference and absolutely loved it, so much so that they hope to travel to the next Conference in Wexford at the end of October.

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Quote of the Day
All forms of evangelisation should aim at leading others to discover the joy which is found in Christ, the joy of our faith. In response to the spiritual poverty afflicting so many of our contemporaries and to the fundamental questions which everyone must face about meaning, life and happiness, we must help others to see where true joy lies.

The task of evangelisation must aim at communicating that only in Christ do we find true joy, only in him do we find the truth and love that gives life meaning and makes it worth living. As the Holy Father says: “There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know him and to speak to others of our friendship with him.”

By doing this, we are performing a service to joy, “to God’s joy which longs to break into the world”.(Homily at the Mass for the Inauguration of the Pontificate, 24 April 2005.)
Monsignor Joseph Murphy, Secretariate of State, Vatican