Concilium News for January 2011

Concilium News for January 2011

Meeting of Dublin Legionaries
The Concilium decided to convene a meeting in early March this year to which all active members of the Legion of Mary in the Archdiocese of Dublin will be invited. The aim is to inspire the members to renew their commitment in a spirit of faith and in union with Mary to the development of the Legion in Dublin, where the Legion was born and which has a very special role in the administration of the worldwide Legion. The meeting is an opportunity for the members to share their ideas and enthusiasm. Dublin presents many challenges such as the need to extend the Legion into parishes where it does not exist as yet and to increase its membership in existing praesidia. There are many urgent apostolic needs which require attention and a courageous spirit. Obviously, recruiting more members has to be a priority. With the International Eucharistic Congress due to take place in Dublin in June 2012, this is an opportunity for the legionaries in Dublin to consider how the Legion, in union with Mary the Mother of God, can become a more effective instrument in the mission of the Church to bring all people to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Church Unity Octave

A Holy Hour, commencing at 2 p.m., followed by Concelebrated Mass to pray for Christian Unity have been arranged by the Legion for the 22 January during the Octave which covers the period 18 - 25 January. These will be held this year in the University Church, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, which was founded by Blessed John Henry Newman, who was beatified in Birmingham, England, in September 2010, by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Visitors from Brazil

Verlaine Alves, Secretary of the São Paulo Senatus, Brazil, and Mariana de Moraes, a legionary in São Paulo, whose father, Nelson, is President of the São Paulo Senatus, were welcomed to the meeting. They both expressed their joy at being present. We heard something about the work of young legionaries in Brazil for other young people, which included organising Retreats and Vigils of Prayer.