Concilium Bulletin September 2017

MYANMAR: Extension teams were appointed and visitation of councils undertaken. The correspondent has been encouraging more detailed information in Minutes.

SRI LANKA: A Curia of 7 praesidia, 90 active and 39 auxiliary members was established. Works reported on include home visitation, catechesis, Enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart, assisting Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist and other Christian families.

There is an apostolate to prisoners. At detention centres non-natives are supported. Children and adults are prepared for the Sacraments. A dying person was received into the Church. Juniors in a school praesidium recite the Rosary during lunchtime.

Karachi Curia has 26 praesidia and efforts continue to set up a Comitium. The one officership vacancy will shortly be filled. Homes, hospitals and institutions are visited, and many Church related activities are carried out.

Pondicherry Senatus: 7 praesidia, 2 Curiae and 1 Comitium reported in this period. Homes and hospitals were visited, village evangelisation undertaken, and Catholics and people of other faiths met. The average membership in praesidia is 16. Those suffering from Aids and leprosy are among those visited. Chennai Regia: Prayer meetings are conducted in 65 homes. 8 homes were enthroned to the Sacred Heart. Legionaries helped to bring about peace in 94 families of different religions. 16 suicides were prevented. One Curia visits members of a nomadic tribe.

Port Blair Comitium in the Andaman Islands (many miles distance in the Indian Ocean) has 9 praesidia. Hindus as well as Catholics are met on works.
Kerala Senatus is 60 year in existence. The Auxiliary Bishop attended their 800th Anniversary celebrations. 1 Comitium started 5 new praesidia. It has 20 Curiae and 12 praesidia attached and also held a Congress at which 250 attended.

Karnataka Senatus report a variety of works featuring outreach and evangelisation. Prisons, rehabilitation centres and orphanages are among the places visited.

Mumbai Senatus has 24 directly attached praesidia, 12 senior Comitia (looking after 38 senior and 8 junior Curiae), 6 senior Curiae and 1 junior Curia. It also looks after 5 senior and 3 junior isolated praesidia. The Senatus caretakes Nepal and Bangladesh. The number of Dioceses with the Legion has grown from 17 to 23 in the last 3 years. In total the council has 470 senior and 115 junior praesidia. Recently Calcutta Comitium came under its care. It plans to form a Regia in Goa.

Vishakapatnam Regia: Extension is evident. A Curia split to form a second and another Curia was formed as well as 4 new praesidia. Aids patients, lepers and cancer patients are visited. Funeral services are conducted mainly for Catholics but also for Hindus and 3 Protestants. The Regia has organised a Conference for legionaries in 2 of the suffragen Dioceses, one with 500 legionaries and the other with 225.

A meeting to discuss the Handbook and spiritual works was held prior to the Comitium meeting. 50 legionaries and the Parish Priest of the Assyrian Catholic community attended. There are hopes of the Legion starting in that community.

Brussels Senatus: French and Belgian legionaries took part in PPC ventures to Crozon and Walcourt. Fr. Grossen, Spiritual Director of the Senatus, led Programmes of Formation at the Shrine of Banneux, and Fr. Paul Verbruggen helped out, speaking in Lingala, the language of many members of the Senatus. Good contacts were made. Prayers are asked for a baby, yet to be baptised.

Antwerp Regia report one praesidium re-established. The Regia will be represented at a Youth Concert to do evangelisation.

Amsterdam Regia: Recruiting is on-going; 4 new members were recruited. Many Muslims attend Mass at Venlo where the Gospels are handed out in multiple languages. 25 non-Catholics attended a video presentation in the Chapel of Our Lady of All Nations. In Groningen a praesidium of 9 members visit homes, also the red light district where they do street contact. The oldest praesidium in the Netherlands has put its history on a Dutch website.

Liverpool Senatus: A man in Armley prison, serving a sentence of 15 years, receives regular visits by the legionaries. Extension news from Sheffield is excellent. The praesidiuim in the Isle of Man, founded in 1938 is progressing well. Cancer patients are visited in Morcambe, and in Middlesbrough the families of newly-baptised children are visited. A PPC Conference was held in Ashton Curia area and a Congress is planned. PPC is reported extensively and legionaries reported received a wonderful welcome on this work. Leigh Curia has 2 praesidia attached. Manchester reported a successful recruiting project in Burnley. Cardiff Comitium is cared for by Liverpool and as part of their work legionaries spend time in prayer at St. David’s Cathedral as a security measure.

Birmingham Senatus: In Solihul a “night fever” was held. Many good contacts were made; 20 visited the Church including a Buddhist. Birmingham junior Curia has 3 praesidia attached; their apostolate includes school Rosaries. In Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent, a 10 member praesidium visited over 500 homes and in Handsworth 5 people were received into the Church. Two children were baptised and their parents are now attending the RCIA programme. Coventry Curia report a Retreat for the lapsed, and in Bristol Curia a “lunch with Mary” brought 20 people together. Leicester Curia has a new Spiritual Director. Assistance was given with the preparation of 36 children for First Holy Communion. Two Exploratio projects were held in Swansea Curia area. Works include street rescue, homosexual apostolate and crowd contact.

Southwark Comitium: Works include crowd contact at Railway Stations, and helping children to prepare for the Sacraments. One non-Catholic lady said she never thought of becoming a Catholic until two legionaries knocked on her door. One praesidium has re-started after a year of closure. Two PPC projects were carried out. Hammersmith Curia: One praesidiium has 9 members including 4 Praetorians. Legionaries visit the housebound, care for the sick and handicapped, praying with them; they also recite the Rosary at wakes and funerals.

Brentwood Comitium: A praesidium of 14 members visits the sick in various homes; they also help children to prepare for First Holy Communion. A praesidium of 6 focuses on auxiliaries. A praesidium of 12 does home visitation, and a junior praesidium of 14 helps the seniors with home visitation.

Central London Curia: Three praesidium reports were given with memberships of 12, 4 and 9; between them they have 180 auxiliary members. Works include home visitation, and bringing Holy Communion to the housebound. One praesidium teaches the children to say the Rosary and another recites the Rosary at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. A recruiting project held at St. Aloysius parish resulted in a new praesidium with 10 at its first meeting.

SWEDEN: (cared for by Liverpool Senatus). Bishop Anders, who has taken a great interest in the Legion, has been elevated and is now a Cardinal and warmest congratulations have been sent to him.

Two Senatus Officers, with the correspondent, visited Gibraltar and a full report was sent to Concilium. Despite the fact that the profile of the membership is an aging one, the usual works are carried out. In Ayrshire Curia home visitation is done and members also attended a Young Youth Leaders Conference with a view to starting a praesidium; four parishes were recently visited with this in mind. The Christmas Crib featured in a number of reports. An Afternoon Tea for auxiliaries, and a PPC Conference were mentioned. In Edinburgh Curia a Marian Evening for auxiliary members was held. Fr. Bede McGregor’s Allocutios are appreciated. Works include Patricians, public Rosaries, park contact and running the Wayside Club.

FINLAND: There is a PPC project to Finland from Scotland each year. A number of Irish legionaries also take part.

NORWAY: The praesidium at Tonsberg has 9 members and works include catechism classes for children and bringing people to Mass on Sunday. Auxiliary members are kept in touch with. In Draamen the praesidium has 7 active members. House Rosaries and Bible sharing are conducted. The Annual Marian procession in May had an attendance of over 200. The Rosary was recited in various languages.

Frankfurt Senatus has 279 active legionaries and the focus of their work is on refugees. Two weeks extension is planned for Luxembourg. Young legionaries in Essen have undertaken the Child Safeguarding course. In Berlin, which includes a Korean Curia, works include monthly Eucharistic Adoration for the Cause of Frank Duff, and contacting the homeless. In Wettingen legionaries joined over 1,000 for a Retreat and many auxiliaries were recruited. In Saarlouis members pray with the dying, and in Darmstadt help is given to refugees. The longest serving Korian praesidium is 35 years old and intensive study of the Handbook is undertaken. A new praesidium in Saarbrueken is progressing well. Stuttgart Comitium is being helpted by Munich.
Munich Regia has 2 Comitia, 9 Curiae, 8 praesidia and over 350 active legionaries. One praesidium holds a Christian Film Night. In Freiburg legionaries are working with refugees in a crisis situation. They also include Patricians and hospice visitation in their work.
Erfurt: The praesidium was involved with the summer PPC project.

Curia of Siberia: Traditional works are carried out, also Bible studies and preparation of people for the Sacraments.

The severe winter weather occasionally affects the holding of the Curia meeting. Bishop Schneider is glad to have the Legion in his Diocese.

Paris Senatus: Extension took place in the Diocese of Angers. Following a Legion presentation in Lons-le-Saunier (Jura) a new praesidium is being planned. Visitation of the Senatus councils and praesidia is being organised. They are also arranging to visit the Bishops of those Dioceses in France currently without the Legion. The 3 praesidia reporting have 23, 10 and 9 active members. 10 took the promise in one praesidium. Another praesidium leads the Rosary in Church. 4 from the Portuguese praesidium in Amiens attended the August Senatus meeting. The new praesidium in Creteil was visited. In Valence Regia their Bishop and Spiritual Director both renewed their promise during the Acies. Strasbourg Comitium recruited auxiliaries in homes for the elderly. Aire & Dax Regia officers met with the local Bishop. The Vietnamese Curia has 9 praesidia, 78 active, and 225 auxiliary members. The new Curia in St. Denis Diocese has 6 praesidia, each with a Spiritual Director. Reunion Comitium: Four praesidia reported. A report was also received on the 5 Curiae in Madagascar which the Comitium caretakes. 25 young people undertook a Pilgrimage on foot organised by the junior praesidium in Tampon, Reunion. A PPC project took place to Crozon in August. The Austrian legionaries received a warm welcome during their PPC project to Paris from 18 to 26 June.
Legionaries both from abroad and from France are volunteering to do the apostolate in the Permanence but it is challenging to have it staffed throughout the season.



Cloyne Comitium: Membership of reporting praesidia were 4, 5, 8 and 10. Midleton praesidium had a May Altar at the Co-op Stores on Saturdays during May with legionaries doing contact work. Works featuring in all praesidia reports are visitation of the elderly and housebound, hospitals and nursing homes. East Cloyne Curia report home visitation and Fatima Statue apostolate. They were represented at an initial preparation meeting for World Meeting of Families. West Cloyne Curia is very sad to lose their Spiritual Director, Fr. Eamon McCarthy, who has been appointed to Radio Maria in Dublin.

Cork Comitium: A new praesidium set up in September 2016 in the Dominican House, Cork has 5 young members and their main work is street contact with promotion of “Night Fever” projects in the city centre. A praesidium of 5 members visits the elderly and a nursing home. Queen of Peace Curia: The 3 reporting praesidia do home visitation and street contact. Coronata Curia has 7 praesidia. A praesidium of 5 members does home visitation, has a weekly public Rosary and are involved in the training and taking care of the altar servers in the parish. A praesidium of 8 members and 25 auxiliaries sell Catholic literature, visit nursing homes and recite the Rosary daily during the month of May in a park. One member is involved in the RCIA and another member is on the Baptismal team. Muire na nGras Curia: Members of a reporting praesidium visited the First Holy Communion children giving a talk on Our Lady and the Miraculous Medal. One of the oldest praesidia in Cork has 5 members and 85 auxiliaries. Weekly home and hospital visitation and annual visitation of auxiliaries are undertaken.

Kerry Comitium: Legionaries prepared a young Italian man for Confirmation and helped in the preparation of 2 children for their First Confession and Holy Communion. A Mass for the promotion of the Cause of Frank Duff was held in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney in June. A Frank Duff prayer meeting was held in the new Parish Centre in Currow in the Farranfore area with an attendance of 22, mostly parishioners and auxiliaries. The recently set up praesidium in Listowel has 5 members who are doing home visitation. Two young people were sponsored for the Youth Conference and they were very impressed. Tralee Curia organised a procession with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in May from St. Brendan’s Church to the Dominican Church in the town.

Mid Clare Comitium: Works in Clarecastle praesidium include hospital visitation, an apostolate to the local Daycare Centre and coordinating 13 Advent and Lenten home prayer groups. All prayer groups come together in the Church annually for a special gathering with Mass. During the Willy Clancy festival legionaries from West Clare Curia did contact work for 7 nights from 6-10pm. They had a Legion Altar set up and went along the street meeting many people who graciously accepted the Miraculous Medal and explanatory leaflet.

Thurles Comitium: One praesidium does home visitation especially to old people living alone. The Pilgrim statue is also taken to families. Members of a junior praesidium with 8 members visit nursing homes with the seniors. A praesidium with 7 members distributes Our Lady of Fatima videos to schools. On school visitation they were warmly welcomed by the School Principal. The 6 members of another praesidium visit the community hospital. Murroe Curia: Legionaries in one praesidium operate a book barrow which leads to very good contacts.

Birr/Roscrea Curia: A praesidium with 8 members ran a number of Patrician meetings during the year and a senior citizens party at Christmas. One member is an officer of the junior praesidium which has 4 girls and 3 boys with 2 senior legionaries. Their works include Mass-serving and visitation of nursing homes where they entertain the residents with music. Dunkerrin praesidium members organise many of the Church activities, including Mass at a local Mass Rock.

Lismore Curia has 4 praesidia attached. They are organising a recruiting drive in Dungarvan and have display-posters in two Churches.

Limerick Curia: The members of one praesidium visited 3 Primary Schools and gave a short talk on the Miraculous Medal and the Rosary. They visit homes of parishioners and university students living in the parish.

Ross Curia: There are 9 praesidia attached. Extension is on the agenda at each meeting and efforts at recruiting are on-going. Skibbereen praesidium recently celebrated its 4,000th meeting and this was referred to in the Sunday Masses and in the Parish Newsletter. Courtmacsherry praesidium looks after the Church and sells Catholic newspapers at the Masses. The First Holy Communicants were given Miraculous Medals. The praesidium in Union Hall has 11 members. Three members act as sacristans on a rota-basis. Other works include preparing the Church for various ceremonies. Altar servers are tutored once a week and First Holy Communicants presented with Miraculous Medals.

Waterford Curia had a good attendance at its Annual May Procession through the streets of Waterford. 11 people went on the Annual Outing to Frank Duff’s Commemoration Ceremony in Glasnevin, Dublin on 4th June. An MEP project organised by Tipperary Curia to St. Saviours Parish, Ballybeg, 12th to 13th June visited 955 homes; 14 prospective members were encountered; they met 164 lapsed Catholics and 20 non-Catholics. A letter was received from Bishop Cullinan thanking the Legion for all the work done during the project. A new junior praesidium has been set up with 6 Nigerian children who said they had been involved in the junior Legion in their home country.

Bethlehem Curia: A praesidium of 5 members, including 2 Praetorians, does home visitation in two parishes, also street contact and visits St. Monica’s nursing home. The praesidium distributes 40 Maria Legionis. A two-hour continuous Rosary was organised to mark the Fatima apparitions and 15 attended. Two Patrician meetings had an attendance of 15 Patricians and 4 legionaries.

Exaltata Curia: A praesidium of 12 members comprised of Irish, Nigerian and Togolese legionaries working in one parish has as its main work street contact at a Shopping Centre and a Community Centre. Legionaries promote the African Community Masses and encourage the lapsed to return to the Sacraments.

Presentata Curia: A praesidium of 5 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians does home visitation and distributes 50 copies of Maria Legionis. Among their contacts were a family who had just moved into the parish. This family was informed of the Mass times and encouraged to be involved in the Church. Another praesidium has home visitation as its main work. They meet people of different nationalities and faiths who agree to take such items as Rosary leaflets. Members also visit a Care Centre, and organise a Patrician meeting.

Veneranda Curia: A praesidium of 7 members and I probationer has 32 auxiliary members. They distribute 20 copies of Maria Legionis, visit people sick people in their homes, or in hospital; they also visit a nursing home. A May Rosary at Our Lady’s grotto had an attendance of 40 including the Parish Priest. The main work of a praesidium of 5 members is visitation of the women in the Dochas Centre, Mountjoy Prison. During the year they visited a section of the prison where mothers and babies are housed. The little girl of one of the released mothers is now making her First Communion and the legionaries are invited to the celebrations. The aftercare of some of the girls takes the legionaries to many parts of Dublin and they get to know their family members and many have sad stories to relate.

Porta Coeli Curia: A praesidium with 53 auxiliary members on roll distributes 75 copies of Maria Legionis. As a means of encouraging the auxiliary members they offer them a new Tessera when delivering the Maria Legionis. During the year they organised 7 Patrician meetings and 6 Frank Duff prayer meetings. A praesidium of 5 members has 36 verified auxiliaries and 29 probationers. They distribute 74 copies of Maria Legionis. As well as visiting the elderly who are housebound, they do home visitation, informing parishioners about the times of Masses, promote the 3 Causes and encourage people to say the Rosary.

Consolata Curia: A praesidium of 6 members including 3 Praetorians, 1 Adjutorian and 50 auxiliaries does home visitation. Some people to returned to the practice of the faith; others became auxiliary members. They visited the Confirmation classes in 2 Primary Schools. The students were presented with a religious pack, followed by a talk on Frank Duff, the role of the Legion and its current relevance. The members also visit a nursing home and St. Rosalie’s Centre where they pray the Rosary with residents in the dayrooms and psychiatric section, with a statue of Our Lady and a lighted candle on display. A Faith and Fun project was undertaken in August.


Douala Senatus: Two Congresses and Exploratio Dominicalis were mentioned in the reports. Works include: visitation of homes, hospitals and leprosy sufferers. In one prison 11 inmates were prepared for their First Holy Communion. Several praesidia were started in Third Level Colleges. In the Regia of Bertoua there is one new Comitium and in the Regia of Yaounde there is a Comitium in the process of being set-up. Comitium Kumba has 2 new junior praesidia. Most councils have juniors. Extension in the northern part of the country is on-going.

Cotonou Regia: Minutes indicate intense Legion activity both within the Benin Republic and also in relation to the Republics of Gabon and Niger which continue under their care for the present. The Regia Officers made contact with Cardinal Ouedraogo of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso during his visit to Benin last year; as a result, their own Spiritual Director, Fr. Marc Hounon, visited the Burkina National Spiritual Director at Ouagadougou, Fr. Narcisse Kiswendsida Guigma while on his journey to visit the isolated praesidia at Niamey in the Republic of Niger. The Correspondent for Mouila Comitium in Gabon has established communication with the former Spiritual Director of that Comitium (Fr. N’Gaga) who has promised his help. On the home front, the Regia is busy with its own building project to provide a proper headquarters at Cotonou. They have plans to print copies of the French Handbook and also the Handbook in the local Fon language which is their most- spoken language.

Comitium of Ouagadougou: Reports suggest that the Comitium conducted two meetings per month, one for the city Curiae and another for the rural Curiae. The attendance at their Annual Retreat was 703. Sr. Odette Dié, former President of Abidjan Senatus, Ivory Coast, who travelled to Bobo-Dioulasso on invitation from the Bishop to re-organise the Comitium there, has received Minutes which confirm that monthly meetings of the Comitium are now being held.

Correspondent, Declan Lohan, now Fr. Declan Lohan, on the eve of his ordination, re-established contact with the Comitium of Conakry, thus opening the way for a visit by legionaries from Togo Republic who have already carried out a number of visits for the Concilium to nearby Senegal. Due to confirmation that the Ebola outbreak is now under control, the Togolese visitors, if appointed, may be able to travel on to the Curiae in the two other Dioceses of N’Zérékoré and Kankan.

A Moroccan lady-member of a praesidium in Berlin, on a visit to Lourdes, indicated that a praesidium was functioning in Rabat. Details are being sought in order to affiliate this important praesidium which could represent Our Lady’s apostolic foothold in the land visited by Pope St. John Paul II thirty years ago.

Lome Senatus: This year the Senatus organised 2 PPC projects, 1 in Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso and 1 in Sokode, Togo. All the reports show good numbers of auxiliary members, as well as Adjutorians and Pretorians. Exploratio Dominicalis is widely undertaken and the Patrician movement has taken off. A good number of new Curiae (including 3 junior) were established and all councils report on having juniors. A praesidium in Lome started a new junior praesidium and undertook Exploratio Dominicalis, also reported on two Legion couples getting married.

Regia of Malabo: Four praesidia reported; all do home and hospital visitation. Two of them also do street contact. One of the praesidia split and formed a new praesidium. One of their members was formerly in a sect and the legionaries influence caused her to leave, join the Legion and take the Promise. A praesidium reports 3 Praetorian members. One of the praesidia has 6 probationers.

Brazzaville Senatus: Works of the reporting praesidia include home and hospital visitation, teaching catechism and visitation of prisoners, the sick, widows and orphans. Legionaries of one praesidium accompany the priest on house visits to the sick. Another praesidium visited over 300 homes and met 9 people who agreed to undertake instruction in the Catechism. Over 1,500 legionaries attended the Senatus Retreat which had as its theme ‘With Mary, let us Rediscover how to Overcome Conflicts in our Families’, and was led at adult level by the Legion Diocesan Spiritual Director and, for the children, by two legionaries from the Senatus. Three new Curia were founded in the Diocese of Nkayi. Legionaries organised prayer meetings for peace in their country. During the month of June, the Senatus undertook visits to four of their councils and founded two new praesidia and one Curia. The Senatus wishes to express good wishes and prayers to Sr. Mary Murphy, on her recent election as Concilium president.


Regia of Managua: The Regia held monthly formation days for Officers. Extension and juniors feature prominently. They report 6 new senior praesidia and 2 new junior praesidia in various councils; one of the new senior praesidia has 14 members. Every senior praesidium has been encouraged to start a junior praesidium with mixed results. The junior Curia has 89 members; they follow up on youths who have left their ranks. In the Curia of Chinandega, five senior legionaries are involved in organising Retreats and other events for Secondary School students.

Regia of Panama: The reported works include home visitation, street contact, book barrows in several locations and visitation of a women’s Prison. A National Marian Gathering is held each month in a different parish and is supported by the Legion.
The Regia is collaborating with the diocesan authorities in preparation for World Youth Day to be held in Panama in 2019; the 22nd of each month is dedicated to prayer for youth and for World Youth Day.

Senatus of San Salvador: The Senatus held a Spiritual Directors’ Conference with 22 priests and 2 Bishops present; all were enthusiastic and convinced that the Legion can reach the places where the priests cannot reach. 400 legionaries attended a special Fatima Centenary celebration. Apostolates include helping in a kitchen for indigenous people and visits to hostels for the homeless. A Comitium reported that two legionaries gave various talks in an institution for adolescents on the challenges facing young people. For more than a year, a juvenile praesidium shared prayers and scriptural readings with an ill Protestant man; before he died this person cried as he said his goodbyes to the youths and thanked them for accompanying him during his time of need.

Mexico City Senatus: The Senatus has launched a new system for buying materials: the requests and payments are handed in one month and the following month the material is handed over. The audit of the 2016 accounts is almost complete. The Comitium in Tulancingo took up on the suggestion from the correspondent to hand out the Pioneer Heroic Offering prayer leading up to Lent and it resulted in 50 youths giving up smoking and drinking for Lent. The same council reported that 50 auxiliary members attended their Day for Auxiliaries. A PPC project by 19 legionaries took place in Leon during Holy Week. 3,040 people were contacted and as a result two Prayer Cenacles and a new praesidium were established. Three other praesidia are in formation. The Regia of Puebla reported 50 prisoners attending a Retreat. A Curia reported the visit of a Bishop to a parish; he blessed the legionaries and congratulated the Parish Priest for having the Legion and encouraged other parishioners to join the Legion. Under the banner of True Devotion to the Nation, a praesidium picks up and recycles plastic bottles and cans while legionaries in Ocampo planted trees for the creation of a park and involved the locals and the Parish Priest in the initiative. A Curia reported promoting the donation of blood.
Regia of Durango: Apostolates typically include visiting the sick, parish work and participating in diocesan events. They are working to recruit and train more correspondents to better care for their distant councils.
Regia of Monterrey: The Bishop of Monterrey has granted the Legion a Jubilee Year in recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Legion in that Archdiocese. The Jubilee Year opened on 18th July with a Mass of inauguration in the parish where the first praesidium was formed. A Mass will be celebrated on the 18th of every month in different locations where the Legion exists. A Curia reported working with young drug addicts, running a kitchen for the elderly and doing crowd contact in the plazas and streets.

Senatus of Tegucijalpa: Legionary formation features highly. A Retreat was recently held. They have access to the Frank Duff DVD in Spanish and find it very interesting and useful. They appreciate the letter sent by the Concilium Correspondent and comment on it. Despite difficulties, all distant councils travel to present their reports and are in turn visited by the Senatus. The Bishop’s Conference requested reports on the Legion’s work with youth for the Bishops’ Ad Limina visit to Rome.