Concilium Bulletin October 2019



Seoul Senatus: Reports from Councils show an extensive membership: Suwon Regia has a total of 29,207 active members, including 1,702 juniors. They have 43, 444 auxiliary members. These numbers are replicated in other Regia. Legionaries are engaged in a wide-ranging apostolate. Some or all of the following works are mentioned in reports: work with catechumens at all stages of their preparation for Baptism and afterwards, contact with lapsed Catholics and those in irregular marriage situations, visitation of the sick and infirm, both Catholic and non-Catholic.

Gwangju Senatus: A Comitium in Jeojun-dong reported 1,018 catechumens recruited and 136 returns to the Sacraments, apostolic work on the street and visitation of the sick, both Catholic and non-Catholic. A Curia in Banglim-dong helps with Small Christian Community activities.

Daegu Senatus: Attached Councils report work with catechumens and effecting returns to the Sacraments. Extension is also reported. A Comitium in Gyongsam established 6 senior praesidia, 2 junior praesidia and 1 youth praesidium.


Osaka Senatus: The reports of two praesidia featured; one is made up of 6 male and 4 female members with a Spiritual Director. Their works include taking notes of the homily at Mass for the hard of hearing, helping children to prepare for Mass, visiting a condemned criminal. They also participate in parish functions and plan to increase their outreach to the young. The second praesidium has 3 female and 2 male members with a new Spiritual Director. As part of their apostolate legionaries perform music to the public. Their last concert at Umeda Church attracted many non- legionaries and provided opportunities for useful contacts.


Malang Senatus: Legionaries conduct a varied apostolate including visitation of orphanages and prisons, preparation of couples for the Sacrament of Marriage and the recitation of the Rosary at Grottoes. A student praesidium has organised a Youth Conference for 26th October. The National Conference of the Legion was held in Kaupang from 6th to 8th September. The inauguration Mass for Kaupang Senatus, at which Archbishop Turang officiated, was held on 8th September.

Jakarta Senatus reported the establishment of 3 new praesidia in a Seminary with a total of 45 members. One Curia has 21 praesidia in 3 parishes. In order to attend their Acies, legionaries had to travel by speed boat and bus. At the Ceremony, the local Bishop praised the Legion for fostering unity in the parishes.


Kuala Lumpur Regia: Much of the work of legionaries is in the area of hospital visitation, where people of all faiths are met. Homes and hospitals are also visited. Saying prayers at funerals is reported by some praesidia.


The average attendance at the Comitium is 84%. A new Secretary and Treasurer were elected at the beginning of the year. A meeting of the Spiritual Director and Officers of the Comitium and Concilium Officers took place on Tuesday 15th October.


Kuching Comitium: Works reported include visitation of Catholic and non-Catholic homes, conducting Holy Hours, distribution of Sacramentals and prayers at funerals. The Comitium Officers had previously requested that the Council be raised to the status of a Regia. Having considered this request the Concilium Officers concluded that the base of the Council was too small at this time and the Comitium has been advised of this.


Taiwan Senatus: Legionaries are preparing to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Legion of Mary there in 1950.

A Curia in Taipei is honoured to have the Assistant Bishop attend their meetings.

Two praesidia in the Curiae have split and formed two praesidia as the numbers were large. Efforts are on-going to establish praesidia in two parishes currently without the Legion. Legionaries attached to Houlain Curia in the north of Taiwan are encouraged by their Spiritual Director to extend their evangelisation further north of the country.

Four praesidia have been established since the last quarterly report.



Senatus of Austria: Iranian Legionaries living in Vienna bring the Pilgrim Madonna to newly-baptised Iranian Christians. 2 Curiae are engaged in guiding newly-baptised people through the finer points of Catholic doctrine. The Senatus organised 2 PPC projects to Germany during the summer, one to a rural area in the former East Germany. The level of religious practice was poor and peregrini were fortunate in having a priest on their team. Legionaries spoke at Masses in 3 Churches where the total attendance was 90. Contact work was done at a Market over 3 days with many contacts. Noon prayer was conducted by their priest in the local Protestant Church and the Pastor said it was destiny that brought the PPC team to his town.


Minsk Comitium: One praesidium and 5 Curiae reported. A new praesidium was established in the Gomel region. Vitebsk Curia on the Russian border with 2 praesidia is doing an amazing amount of apostolic works. A Procession in honour of Our Lady of Fatima takes place on the 13th of each month. A first meeting of Church movements and communities with more than 500 participants took place. The Legion was responsible for organising transport, preparation of some prayers of the Faithful and preparation and conducting of Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament. Holy Mass was celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Gabor Pinter. During the sermon Archbishop Yury Kasabutsky presented the Church as a community of apostles gathered in prayer together with Mary. He drew attention to the need to preserve unity in the one Church of Christ and called for love and mutual respect that distinguished early Christians to be the hallmark to attract new followers.


Zagreb Regia: Five praesidia feature in this report. Works reported on are home, hospital, Pilgrim statue and nursing home visitation. A praesidium of 10 members enrolled 33 new auxiliaries, and reported returns to the Sacraments after long and short periods. Anointing of the sick features in all reports. Dugo Selo Curia has 12 praesidia and a junior Curia with 4 praesidia affiliated. There are 4 Nazareth groups. Monthly Patricians are held. Zagreb South Curia, with 10 praesidia, reported 18 returns to the Sacraments, 4 after long periods. The Comitium in Split, with 11 praesidia and 2 Curiae set up 3 new praesidia. A former legionary in this Curia has joined the Cloistered Carmelite Order. Osijek Comitium set up 1 new praesidium and plans more extension. Zadar Comitium has 7 praesidia and two Curiae affiliated. Works include street contact, home visitation, visits to a mental institution and families preparing for the Sacraments.

Petrinja Comitium: Two praesidia reported, both with 4 members and a total of 42 auxiliaries. Works include visiting auxiliaries and children with disabilities, conducting Nazareth groups with small children and their parents and organising a football league for children. The second praesidium visits families, the elderly and auxiliary members. The members also conduct a children choir. Sisak and Lasinje Curiae reported one having 56 active and 182 auxiliary members and the second having 64 active and 144 auxiliary members. A variety of works is undertaken.

Countries under caretakership by Zagreb Regia


Sarajevo Regia: A Curia with 7 praesidia reported visitation of homes, hospitals, and a Gerontology Centre.

SLOVENIA has just 1 praesidium with 7 members. Extension is being done.


Satu Mare Regia: Works include helping the aged and housebound to get the Sacraments, and assisting with many Church activities. In 1 praesidium 2 legionaries visit a prison with the Spiritual Director. The Fatima statue was brought to Catholic and non-Catholic families and all were invited to pray together. In Curia Livada young people were encouraged to attend Adoration on Holy Thursday, Legionaries are often invited to attend funerals of non-Catholics and pray with them. Comitium Carei and Oradea both report a number of new members and organising Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; they also help in the work of Radio Maria.


Budapest Regia: Reports to September’19 received from 6 praesidia, 11 Curiae and 6 Comitia. One Curia was split up to form a new Curia. Works include church duties and visitation of the sick and elderly in hopsitals, social welfare homes and in their own homes and they are helped to receive the Sacraments.1 praesidium visits young people and families living on the edge of society.


Telsiai Comitium: All praesidia are encouraged to do extension and promote Frank Duff Cause. A praesidium of 9 members, including 6 Praetorians has 318 auxiliaries 4 Adjutorians. 51 people met on home visitation agreed to pray the Rosary. Hospital visitation resulted in 4 patients receiving the Sacraments after 5, 10, 15, and 60 years. A Praesidium of 4 members reported the visitation of 202 homes with the priest where 100 families agreed to have their homes blessed. A youth praesidium of 5 members organised a Retreat in Lent with an attendance of 70 young people, most of whom went to Confession. Curia reports: a new praesidium was set up. The apostolate includes much hospital visitation resulting in 13 patients returning to the Sacraments after long periods from 5 to 60 years. Another Curia reported much home, hospital and house-bound visitation. From 1,180 patients visited in hospital 530 of them received the Sacraments. A Curia in Tourage has 4 praesidia and extension is planned for parishes currently without the Legion. Promotion of the Frank Duff Cause featured in reports. Kaunus Comitium: Visitation of praesidia and recruiting takes place. A praesidium of 6 members has 159 auxiliaries which they visit once a year. Legionaries arranged for the local priest to administer Holy Communion to 84 patients and to hear Confession of 8 patients.


Comitium, Riga: Visitation of praesidia and recruiting efforts were reported on in all Minutes. The Comitium has been reduced to 2 attached Curia as the Liepāja Curia closed despite all the efforts to build it up. There is now only 1 praesidium in the Liepaja area. Active and auxiliary membership was promoted at a Legion stand setup at the Annual Pilgrimage place at Our Lady of Aglona Shrine.


Lublin Regia: Works include visitation of homes, hospital, Detention Centres as well as contact work on the street and in parks. In order to promote the Cause of Frank Duff they distribute a picture of him on contact work. Bilgoraj has a new praesidium of 6 members. In Melgwi and Radom new active members were recruited. Tarnobrzeg Comitium aims to start 100 new praesidia for the Centenary. Also arranged was an all-Poland gathering of legionaries and Spiritual Directors with Bishop Marcinkowski where preparations for the centenary were discussed.



Dromore Comitium: Works of Rostrevor praesidium include promoting the Pioneers in schools and also in the parish. They distributed Miraculous Medals and leaflets at the parish family Mass and promote Causes.

Navan Comitium: Kells praesidium has 5 members and 20 auxiliaries. Home visitation during the year was undertaken weekly by 2 members. Beaupark praesidium has 5 members and 45 auxiliaries. They visit homes, help with Eucharistic Adoration for children and help with the First Communion and Confirmation classes.

Trim Curia: Ashbourne praesidium encourages people back to Church and to Mass. Trim praesidium with 8 members runs a monthly group for pre-Confirmation children, which includes Adoration, Catholic instruction and games

Mullingar Curia: Kinnegad praesidium has 6 members, 5 of whom are Praetorians. Works include hospital and home visitation and distribution of Catholic newspapers.

Derry Comitium: A reporting praesidium with 4 members visit a number of residential homes monthly, distribute prayer books to children preparing for First Communion and keep in contact with 3 outlying parishes. Long Tower praesidium has 22 auxiliaries. Their principal work is home visitation and Pilgrim Statue work for which there is much interest in many of the homes. Each of the directly attached Curiae are visited annually and assessed by Comitium officers and have a Comitium correspondent. Legionaries always work in pairs. Elections take place when due and officers are ratified.

Inishowen Curia has 8 praesidia attached with 47 members. Works include home, hospital and residential care homes visitation.

Annunciata Curia: Membership in one parish has been reduced to two. This has curtailed home visitation but visits to a local nursing home continue. The members attend the Baptismal meeting and speak with the families on the importance of family prayer and offer them Rosaries and Miraculous Medals. Another praesidium with 6 members has 44 auxiliaries and 18 probationary auxiliaries. The Rosary is promoted during home visitation. Contact work is carried out monthly outside the church. Fr. McGill of St. John’s parish is to meet with legionaries in regard to having the Legion in his parish. Msgr. Antony Perumayan is agreeable to legionaries promoting the Legion at the Mass for Syro-Malabar rite Catholics.


Leitrim Curia: Granard praesidium has 5 members and 5 auxiliaries. They visit the sick, bereaved and those living alone, conduct prayer meetings and help with the Adoration rota. Longford Junior praesidium has 8 children. They make Rosary Beads, string Miraculous Medals and fill Faith packs for the adult legionaries contact work. The Patrician meeting is held by the juniors and adults participate in the meeting.

Clogher Curia has 10 praesidia attached. Lisnaskea praesidium has 7 members. Three members are Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and bring Holy Communion to patients in care homes and to the sick and housebound. Help is given to people with doctor and hospital appointments. Ederney praesidium has 10 members who visit the elderly and those living alone and parishioners in hospital. By invitation members visit a home for “special needs” people where the Rosary is recited, hymns sung and the evening finishes with a cup of tea. First Saturday devotions are organised. The praesidium runs the library in the church.

Kilmore Curia has 5 praesidia attached. Elections took place for President, Vice President and Secretary, all first terms, back-dated to April. The Curia Retreat was arranged for 27 October.

Clonmacnoise Curia has 2 praesidia attached, Athlone with 7 members and Mounttemple with 15 members.

Armagh Curia: Two legionaries in Keady praesidium are instructing a man who wants to become a Catholic. Attendance of praesidia officers at the Curia meeting is very poor, one month there were 7 present and 16 excused.

Drogheda Curia: The annual commemoration of former Legion Envoy, Kathleen Allen, R.I.P., was held at her graveside at 7 p.m. on 16th July. The Legion Standard was there and the Legion Prayers were recited, concluding with a hymn. The appointment of officers to praesidia was highlighted at the Curia meeting.

Dundalk Curia: A favour received through Frank Duff has been reported. Kilsaran praesidium has 7 members and 3 auxiliaries. They visit hospitals and nursing homes weekly and gave Rosaries and Miraculous Medals to the First Communion children. As there was no Annual Report at September meeting a discussion took place on how to promote the cause of Frank Duff.


Our Lady of Fatima Curia: Legionaries assist with parish functions and at funerals. A local Primary School is visited and Sacramentals are offered to the 6th class pupils. Members promote the Rosary and Miraculous Medal before particular Feast Days and a public Rosary takes place monthly. For the first time, the Curia was successful in sponsoring two young people to the Catholic Young Adults Conference in September. At the Curia meeting both attendees testified that it was a very positive experience for them. A change in meeting time from evening to morning resulted in the gaining of new members in Arklow. Visitation takes place to families of the Travelling Community and residents of a local nursing home. Contact was made with young families at a book barrow during the Maritime weekend. Mass was offered to mark the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the praesidium in Arklow.

Immaculata Curia: A praesidium of 6 full and 2 probationary members have found street contact an effective apostolate for meeting young people. Two public Rosaries take place in local Estates each week during May and October. A weekly Frank Duff prayer meeting is organised. 20 legionaries from 6 Dublin Curiae took part in an extension project to one parish, visiting over 500 homes. A Faith and Fun event for children, as well as local parish information and a Legion information meeting were promoted. Two buses of pilgrims were brought to Knock Shrine in September. Three Patrician meetings were held.

Benedicta Curia: One new junior member has been recruited. Home and hospital visitation is undertaken as well as street contact.

Assumpta Curia: Legionaries made contact with participants after the Mass to commemorate the birthday of Venerable Edel Quinn in Clarendon Street. Refreshments were served and one member gave testimony of active Legion membership in an effort to encourage new members.

Annunciata Curia: A praesidium of 6 full and 60 auxiliaries promotes the Consecration to the Two Hearts among families. Legionaries were invited to speak to members of the Travelling Community at a local resource centre. An average of 6 Patricians attended 3 meetings. Two buses of pilgrims travelled to Knock Shrine.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: 5 members in one praesidium visit residents of a nursing home and recite the Rosary with them each week. Rosary beads and prayer leaflets are offered to pupils in a local school. A Marian altar with statue and Legion banners is on display in the Church during May and October. A promotion of the Cause of Venerable Edel Quinn took place after Mass in one parish by way of a short talk, blessing with Edel’s missionary cross and a display on her life.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: Extension efforts are on-going in two parishes. A ‘Rosary for Peace’ has been recited by the praesidium in Dun Laoghaire since the visit of Pope John Paul II to Ireland, over 40 years ago. Legionaries accompany parents, teachers and transition year students on outreach to homeless people and addicts twice weekly in the city centre. Legionaries offer spiritual support to those contacted. Members accompany the Chaplain at the National Rehabilitation hospital on twice-weekly visits to patients. Permission was obtained from the management of a local shopping centre to erect a large Nativity Crib at the beginning of Advent. The Crib was blessed in a ceremony which included Christmas readings, carols and prayer.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A praesidium of 7 full and 6 probationary members undertake street contact and home visitation. Some members help in Legion hostels and visit ‘Cuan Mhuire’, a centre for people with addictions. 3 legionaries took part in PPC this year. Following on from the Inner City Project, permission was received and efforts are underway to begin a new praesidium in another area. A committee meets to plan the Curia celebrations for the Legion Centenary. A Vigil with Mass and Adoration took place in St. Nicholas of Myra Church to mark the founding of the Legion of Mary. 20 visitors were welcomed to Myra House on Culture Night.

Gloriosa Curia: Efforts are on-going to establish new praesidia in two parishes. One lady, who attended a Faith and Fun event at the Curia house with her 8 year old son, recalled how she had conceived him after many miscarriages following a visit by legionaries and accepting their invitation to a healing ceremony in the parish Church. Recruiting efforts were highlighted as an important contribution to the Legion Centenary preparations. A praesidium of five active members has extended their home visitation to a nearby parish to assist the praesidium there. Pilgrim statue visits have been re-established with two statues in circulation. A Litany is recited upon arrival and upon departure from the home and praying the Rosary is encouraged.



Senatus of Gitega: The report shows solid work being done and a high level of spirituality with promotion of the True Devotion to Mary as a routine work and, on the other hand, the cultivation of the land for sick and infirm persons where needed. People who still use lucky charms are counselled against fetish worship and others are warned against the temptation of suicide when suffering despair. In preparation for the Legion’s Jubilee, the call has gone out for an ever closer and intimate devotion to Our Lady and a greater commitment to spreading the Legion among young and old. They plan to finalise the upgrading of their building and inaugurate it as the National Legion H.Q. for Burundi.


Senatus of Bangui: The news from the troubled region is encouraging. The Senatus is continuing with its reorganisation plans following the political upheavals which displaced whole parishes. They propose to complete the intended visitation of every affiliated council despite the much lamented death of their President Bro. Jean Ouagaza. At their annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine at Ngukumba, 23 kilometres north of Bangui, Fr. Serge Hubert encouraged the legionaries present numbering some 1,500 to be faithful to their apostolate.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: There are 2 praesidia in the Seminary with 42 members, which will hopefully result in having future Spiritual Directors in the various Dioceses. Special Legion formation for the officers is on-going. During the month of April, 1,215 Legionaries made a concentrated effort to visit the sick at home and in hospitals. This resulted in the recruiting of 23 legionaries and 2 conversions. In May, 822 Legionaries visited 5 orphanages, 10 hospices and 3 prisons.

Senatus of Butembo: 1 Regia, 9 Comitia and 4 attached praesidia reported. Works and results include: 476 returns to Sunday Mass attendance, baptisms of 336 adults, including 21 pagans and 13 children from single mothers, conversions of Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses and Adventists, over a 1,000 children taught prayers, young people and adult law-breakers reformed. 14 thieves changed their ways, addicts of hemp and alcohol were helped and marriages blessed. 34 divorced couples renewed their vows and peace was restored to couples in conflict. 5 women left their relationship with married men after advice. The Blessed Eucharist was brought to the sick. 3 Christians gave up witchcraft, 38 new members joined the adult Legion and 34 children joined the juniors. A Eucharistic Congress is scheduled for Lubumbashi in June 2020.

Senatus of Bukavu: Detailed reports were received from the Senatus, and councils directly attached, including the Comitium of Uvira, and the Regia of Goma and the Regia of Shabunda, showing a great range of activities, including visits to the ill and handicapped in homes and hospitals, visits to prisoners, preparation of children for Baptism, counselling of youth, reconciliation of couples in discord, bringing the Eucharist to the ill, recruitment of Legionaries, Non-practising Christians returned to the faith, Baptisms of Catechumens took place and displaced persons in region of Kabambare were contacted. 8 families whose homes were burned down were given shelter by Legionaries. A new Curia was set up in Bukavu, and a Junior Curia established in the Regia of Shabunda.

Senatus of Kananga/Kisangani: The Comitium of Notre Dame comprises 7 adult Curiae, 650 active members, 36 on probation, and 40 auxiliaries. The Curia of Saints Peter and Paul has 96 active members, 86 probationers and 80 auxiliaries. Works include encouraging people to return to religious practice. 144 former members have returned. They visited 900 prisoners and many sick people. 42 juniors joined in August and 41 infants were baptised.


Regia of Rodrigues: A beautiful YouTube video of the recent visit of the Holy Father Pope Francis to Mauritius shows that the Legionaries played a prominent part in the preparation and joyful celebrations of the occasion. It was wonderful to see Cardinal Piat who has links with the Legion in Dublin welcoming the Holy Father; likewise a YouTube video of the ordination to the Diaconate of Bro. Steve Dursoniah in the Cathedral of St. Louis.


Senatus of Kigali: Approval of the Bishop’s Conference is awaited for the setting up of the 2 new Regia. As well as 5 school praesidia, 28 junior praesidia, they also have 26 Curiae of which 2 are in the prison of Bugesera in the Comitium of Nyamata area. Comitium Byumba has 380 adult members in 34 adult praesidia, 27 praesidia in schools and 66 junior praesidia. Visiting brothels, homes, hospitals, prisons and organising auxiliary rallies are among the many works reported. With the Legion present in every parish in the country, their next challenge would be to help neighbouring countries and maybe organise a PPC project.



Buenos Aires Senatus: The two main speakers at a talk on Alfie Lambe, Sister Isabel Fernandez and Fr. Sturba, who had worked for years on Alfie’s Cause stressed the need for spreading the knowledge of Alfie’s life. The annual procession through the streets of Buenos Aires to Alfie’s grave attracted many people. The Senatus held a Spiritual Directors’ meeting. On home visitation all homes are visited. Some non-Catholic parents would like their children to make their First Holy Communion.

Cordoba Senatus: A Curia reports studying Pope Francis´s Encyclical ‘Amoris Laetitia’ and found in it guidance in reaching out to families. Twenty legionaries from the Comitium of San Juan carried out a Peregrinatio Pro Christo project.

Salta Senatus: The annual Feast Day of Our Lord and Our Lady of the Miracles attracted 800,000 pilgrims and tourists. All praesidia do contact work during those days inviting the Catholics to frequent the Sacraments. Tourists are also contacted. Two items are high on their list for the centenary celebrations: juniors and young adult praesidia and starting of many new senior praesidia. Corrientes Regia: The first audit sent to Concilium in several years reveals that councils make contributions to the Regia and further payments from excess funds. A praesidium was re-started after 10 years when the priest found a copy of the old Minutes. Goya Comitium, with young adult officers, now has eight Curiae. Ten years ago there was only one Curia. Rosario Regia: Attached councils report no vacant officerships and all have Spiritual Directors. Among the works are prison visits, where prisoners are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation; home visitation, street contact, and book barrow.


Belo Horizonte Senatus: Elections for six Senatus officerships took place in May. A Curia prepared parents and godparents in the baptism of 112 children, as well as preparing 15 children for First Holy Communion and 16 young people for Confirmation.

Fortaleza Senatus: Reports show hospital visitation and visits to the elderly as well as public Rosaries. An event for young people called National Youth Gathering is being organised for 2020. The Legion also promoted an event called Morning with Mary in a public square where all legionaries gathered to celebrate the 98th Anniversary of the Legion of Mary.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: 101 visits were made to families separated from the Church and 767 to families of other religions.

Recife Senatus: On September 23rd His Excellency Dom Fernando Saburido Archbishop of Olinda and Recife presided over the celebration of the Eucharist anticipating especially the Legion Centenary. Fr. Antonio Diego, Senatus Spiritual Director delivered an inspiring homily on the life of Edel Quinn. A large praesidium was set up in the major Seminary.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus has two utterly contrasting areas, a smaller but densely populated area around Rio de Janeiro, and the huge area in central and western Amazonia which receives a yearly visit by two experienced members. One Comitium reports 122 Bible circles in homes with over 600 participants. The same Comitium reports over 1,200 visits to homes. A bouquet of almost 10,000 Hail Mary’s was recited for the strengthening of the Legion, for sick legionaries and weak praesidia. Many councils especially in the Amazon region report the return to practice of many of those visited.

Salvador Senatus: One Comitium reported 4,959 home visits and prepared 227 children for First Communion. Legionaries in Aracaju Regia helped to direct children, youth, and adults to the Sacraments. They distributed leaflets explaining the importance of the Sacrament of Confession. Legionaries in Vitória da Conquista Regia made 33,825 family visits, and 7,028 revisits.

Santa Maria Senatus: There is a great variety of work with special stress on praying with families. One council reports 60 such meetings that also include a prayerful reading of the Bible.

São Paulo Senatus: One Comitium reported 1,115 visits to homes, 596 visits to sick people at home and 874 to patients in hospitals. Holy Communion was brought to many sick and infirm. Another Comitium in the course of home visitation visited 47 evangelical families and six Spiritists.

Brasilia Regia: There are 30 Comitia and 13 Curiae directly attached in an area over one and a half thousand miles long. In a comment on the conference of Spiritual Directors, one of them said that such a conference should be held regularly thereby helping the Legion to play an ever more active part in the parishes. Home visitation continues to be given due importance, with one Comitium reporting over 2,000 visits.