Concilium Bulletin October 2018



Dromore Comitium: A reporting praesidium in Newry visits Primary schools to show the DVD on the Miraculous Medal arranged an annual Retreat and held an anniversary Mass to celebrate the life of Venerable Edel Quinn. One member gave a promotion talk on Facebook. The Comitium now has 5 praesidia. The two Newry praesidia have merged. A Day of Prayer was held in the Dominican Chapel in Newry.

Navan Comitium: Beauparc praesidium has 7 members; 5 are Praetorians; they have 40 auxiliaries. Most of the homes in the parish have been visited. Parish activities include helping children in the national school to do Eucharistic Adoration and organising a parish Camino walk. Trim Curia has 6 senior praesidia. Trim praesidium has 8 members who find the majority met on home visitation are not practicing. This praesidium continues to run 2 groups of juniors called “faith defenders.” They teach matters of faith, Adoration is conducted and they also play games. Mullingar Curia has 7 senior praesidia. Four of the 5 members of Kinnegad praesidium are Praetorians. Works include home, hospital and nursing home visitation.

Derry Comitium: The works of three reporting praesidia include home, Pilgrim statue and residential home visitation. Just before the September meeting a number of legionaries took part in a training session “Keeping Adults Safe” which was conducted under the auspices of the Safeguarding Team for child and adult protection of the Dioceses of Derry. Inishown Curia has 8 praesidia. A Curia officer and another member visit praesidia twice a year. Curia meetings are hosted by a different praesidium each month. Our Lady of Zion Curia has 5 praesidia with 35 members. One praesidium is involved in the Children of the Eucharist programme. Each month the children are brought to the Church for 30 minutes of Eucharistic Adoration.

Raphoe Comitium: Killybegs praesidium has 6 members who visited a vocational school where they gave talks to 3 groups of students on the meaning of Lent and the value of the Eucharist. They distributed Miraculous Medals and prayer cards to students sitting the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations and these were gratefully accepted. Holy Communion is distributed to attendees and staff at a Day Care Centre once a week.

Diocese of Down and Connor

Annunciata Comitium: A praesidium in the Morning Star Hostel has a membership of 21, including 5 Praetorians; they have 12 auxiliaries and 1 Adjutorian member. The work consists of corporal and spiritual duties towards the residents, and in this way the legionaries hope to build up trust and friendship with them. The Rosary and Angelus is recited daily. A 24-hour Vigil of Adoration is held before the Blessed Sacrament on the 1st Friday and 1st Saturday of each month. A junior praesidium was set up during the year. The praesidium in Lagmore parish has 6 active members and 2 probationers. The main work is home to home visitation, but the members are also engaged in other spiritual work in the parish. Recruitment and extensions is carried out on a regular basis throughout the Comitium area. Two representatives from the Comitium attended the Down Curia meeting in July. Child Safeguarding was discussed, and the Curia was advised to contact the Vice-President of the Comitium if they have any concerns.


Leitrim Curia: Granard praesidium has 5 members and 10 auxiliaries. Works include visits to the sick, lonely and bereaved. They help them with their shopping and provide transport to hospital appointments. The junior praesidium has 7 children plus 3 adult officers and one parent attends also. They make Rosary beads, string Miraculous Medals and some junior’s serve at Mass. The teenagers attend the Patrician meeting. On “Reek Sunday” this year on Croagh Patrick (a mountain peak in Co. Mayo) they distributed 1,000 Miraculous Medals and 300 Rosary beads. A member who became 18 years old joined the new praesidium for young adults. Clogher Curia has 7 praesidia attached. Belco praesidium has 4 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians. Works include sale of Catholic newspapers, visitation of the elderly and the housebound. A Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine was organised in conjunction with St. Josephs Young Priests Society. The praesidium in Liskaskea has 9 members who undertake hospital and nursing home visitation and the visitation of the elderly in their homes, 3 members are Eucharistic Ministers and bring Holy Communion weekly to residents in three Care Homes.

Kilmore Curia: The Annual Outing was to St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford. They attribute three new members to the intercession of Servant of God, Frank Duff.

Clonmacnoise Curia: During Pattern Day in Clonmacnoise 8 legionaries did contact work and spoke to a lot of people, including tourists. They handed out approximately 300 packs of Miraculous Medals and Causes leaflets which were well received. The Pilgrim statue is offered on home visitation where most people are delighted to receive it and in many cases ask to receive it a second time.

Archdiocese of Armagh

Armagh Curia has 5 praesidia attached. The Curia has a new Spiritual Director, Fr. McKeever. For the Centenary each praesidium plans to recruit at least one new member.

Drogheda Curia: The praesidium meeting at Mellifont Abbey in Collon undertakes home visitation in the parish. During these visits the statue of Our Lady of Fatima is offered to households if they wish to keep it for a week. The legionaries gave a talk about Our Lady and the Miraculous Medal in the Primary School. Children preparing for First Holy Communion and Confirmation were given Miraculous Medals and Rosaries. Clogherhead praesidium delivered Baptismal certificates to 21 families of new babies. They included Miraculous Medals, Rosaries and a leaflet explaining the Rosary. They visited two Primary Schools and met with the children preparing for Confirmation.

Dundalk Curia: Kilsaran praesidium with 9 members undertakes altar society work, visits hospitals and homes of the sick and organises a summer outing for senior citizens. The Curia Retreat took place in the Dominican Priory on 8th September.


Annunciata Curia: Home visitation, Patricians, street contact and auxiliary visits are undertaken by a praesidium of seven active members; the praesidium has sixty auxiliaries. They organised two processions and an auxiliary rally. Crowd contact takes place outside the Church to invite people to visit the Church where the Brown Scapular enrolment is promoted. A city-wide apostolate to street girls continues by the eleven members in the Legion’s 2nd oldest praesidium. 60 women were met during the year, 5 for the first time, and 12 attended an Annual Retreat. Sadly, some of the women have since passed away tragically. RIP. Five Patrician meetings had an average attendance of 7 patricians. 58 active and 2 probationary members are spread among 7 praesidia.

Assumpta Curia has 29 members in 7 praesidia. Home visitation is the main work in one parish, with the Pilgrim statue enhancing the work. Sunday Mass attendance and regular prayer, especially the Rosary, are promoted at each home visited. A Curia discussion on the Legion Centenary centred on the need for re-energising cultural evangelisation and promoting True Devotion to the Nation, including An Réalt. Two Patrician meetings had an average attendance of 8 patricians.

Mater Ecclesia Curia has 40 members among 6 praesidia. Many contacts were made with young people around rail stations. A recruiting effort made by a legionary whilst on the Curia outing and subsequent follow up resulted in this contact joining the Legion in another Curia. Legionaries join with teachers, parents and transition year students to offer ‘Scriptural help’ to people sleeping rough in the city centre.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia has 37 active members. Two coaches of pilgrims were brought to Knock Shrine for the Annual Legion Pilgrimage in September. Monthly prayer meetings take place for the Causes of Edel Quinn and Frank Duff. A seven-member praesidium undertakes weekly nursing home visitation and they recite the Rosary with residents. Some members work in parish ministry such as the funeral team and Adoration co-ordination. The Rosary is recited weekly at a local grotto.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: In addition to visiting residents of two nursing homes, 90 Maria Legionis journals are delivered by the legionaries in one praesidium. Rosary beads and Miraculous Medals are offered to pupils of First Communion classes. Legionaries decorate Our Lady’s altar in the Church during May and October. 12 people attended a showing of a D.V.D. on Edel Quinn.

Benedicta Curia: Hospital visitation and street contact are the main works of a reporting praesidium which has eleven auxiliary members. An elderly man who had not practised his faith for many years accepted a Miraculous Medal and, after follow up by legionaries, agreed to receive the Sacraments before he died. A passer-by thanked legionaries on street contact for giving her a Miraculous Medal some time before, which she said she had with her during a cruise where she encountered much distress due to a hurricane. Another passer-by met outside the Curia house attended an enrolment Brown Scapular ceremony inside that evening. Two presidia reported recruiting efforts resulting in two visitors to meetings. Junior members promote the Rosary and actively try to recruit new members.

Immaculata Curia: 17 legionaries distributed 500 recruiting leaflets after weekend Masses in one parish. A year-long effort to establish a praesidium in another parish has not yet succeeded but with permission a local praesidium continues to work in the parish from time to time. A praesidium of five active and twenty-three auxiliaries in another parish undertakes home visitation, a Frank Duff weekly prayer meeting and monthly visits to a nursing home to pray and chat with residents.

Gloriosa Curia: Members took part in Culture Night activities, helping at De Montfort House, Frank Duff house and undertaking street contact. The Curia has four probationary members among its eight praesidia. Seven priests attended a dinner organised for them by the Curia. Two members helped at the Legion stand in the RDS during the World Meeting of Families and found it a very uplifting experience to meet and speak with people from different parts of the world about the Legion.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A praesidium of four full and six probationers work in the Morning Star and Regina Coeli hostels and also undertake street contact. Two public Rosaries took place recently and promotion of the Cause of Frank Duff is on-going. A Pauline Circle meeting had an attendance of 12. Members prepared music and refreshments for visitors to Myra House on Culture Night where an enjoyable experience was had by all. Exploratio Dominicalis and Brown Scapular enrolment are among initiatives planned.



Seoul Senatus: The Minutes show large numbers of active and auxiliary members. Cheongju Regia has 7,388 active members, including 44 young seniors and 115 juniors. Much contact work is done to the newly baptised and lapsed Catholics. One Curia made a special 77 day visitation of the lapsed which resulted in 99 parishioners returning to practise of the faith.

Gwanju Senatus: One Curia reported that there were no vocations to the priesthood in their parish, so a new junior praesidium was set up among altar boys and junior school boys with a view to encouraging vocations to the religious life.

Daegu Senatus: 3,100 legionaries attended an open-air Our Lady’s Night ceremony in Daegu Archdiocese on 1st May at which the Archbishop presided. Nine attached Curiae reported a total of 2 Baptisms, 19 catechumens recruited, and 14 returns to the Sacraments over a three month period. 22 active and 23 auxiliary members were also recruited during this time.


Osaka Senatus: Tokyo Regia reported publishing a booklet, ‘Prayer and Action of the Legion of Mary’ to use as a recruiting tool and they are making efforts to contact members of the Hierarchy with a view to obtaining their support for extension of the Legion; this initiative included a meeting with the Bishop of Oita Diocese. On the suggestion of the Senatus Spiritual Director, it has been proposed to set up a link with the Catholic Bishop’s Conference or Tokyo Archdiocese Facebook Groups. Archbishop, (now Cardinal), Maeda presided at the Acies Ceremony on 1st May.


Following the recent earthquake and tsunami, which struck parts of Sulawesi Island causing huge loss of life and property, letters of sympathy have been sent on behalf of Concilium and the correspondent to the Senatus of Jakarta and Senatus of Malang.

Senatus of Jakarta mentions continued extension efforts and regular visitation of attached Councils. Other works reported include apostolate to disabled and special needs children and visitation of an Immigrant Detention Centre. The celebration of Masses in prisons was arranged by three Comitia. Tanjune Curia in North Kalimantan held its first Acies led by the Bishop.

Senatus of Malang also reports extension efforts in several Curiae; for example 7 new praesidia were established in Kada parish and 6 junior praesidia in Danga. Raising Bajawa Comitium to Regia was proposed and the correspondent has reminded the officers of the necessary procedures.


Jiayi Curia, with 14 praesidia attached is making efforts to extend the Legion to districts in the area where it does not exist. Mother of Christ Curia, (Taipei), held its first Congress in July. This resulted in the establishment of a new praesidium. Three other Curiae held a joint Congress on 29th September. The aboriginal Curia continues to thrive, with most of its members coming from this community.


Singapore Senatus

Sister Margaret Wong has been elected for a 2nd term as President of the Senatus. Two Curiae, one senior and one junior are being formed in Kenningau Comitium this month. Mandarin Curia reported a junior praesidium graduating to senior ranks. Immaculate Heart of Mary junior Curia has 16 praesidia spread over 5 schools, with 7 in one and 6 in another; their list of activities run to about 40, including teaching Secondary School Students the Salve Regina, leading morning prayer, assisting at Masses for various events, organising Stations of the Cross, serving at Pentecost Tridium in a Parish, leading at singing at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Novena.


Hong Kong Comitium: A new President and Vice President were elected in June and July of this year.



Austria Senatus organised 4 PPC projects to Lourdes, Romania, Berlin and Luzk in Ukraine. Excellent contacts were made on all, with Miraculous Medals widely distributed to homes and in the streets. Widespread non-belief was a feature in Berlin. A Comitium organises, ‘The Wandering Gospel’ consisting of legionaries bringing scripture to homes where they hold Bible lessons. After 2 days the scripture is brought to the next family. The Croatian Curia has increased recruiting efforts and embarked on a ‘Prayer and Fasting’ campaign. A new praesidium for Iranians has 4 members. They help set up information clips in Farsi on the Miraculous Medal to be put on You-Tube.


A praesidium with 7 members and 11 auxiliaries is engaged in works for the disabled and sick in care centres and nursing homes and preparing residents for Confession and the Anointing of the Sick. They also visit a Soldiers Home, help residents to participate in Sunday Mass, care for 13 ill persons in their own homes and help them to get to Mass. They speak with youths on streets and parks and are engaged in spiritual education of persons preparing for Baptism and Confession and also in the spiritual education of children and youth. At the August meeting reports were taken from 5 Curiae. Extension efforts are on-going. Plans for the Legion Retreat and for the forthcoming Congress were discussed.

Baranovichi Comitium: Last minutes which were sent from this Council for translation were in the Belarusian language.


Zagreb Regia and countries under caretakership: Extension efforts are continuing. Six praesidia are covered in this report. Works include home visitation and street contact. Many returns to the Sacraments and anointing of the sick were included in almost all reports. Enrolment of new auxiliaries was also recorded. A man in a nursing home who didn’t know if he had been baptised accepted the Catholic faith and received the Sacraments shortly before he died. Curiae Reports: Visitation of the attached praesidia was reported. A new praesidium of 10 members was setup in Budrovec. In Zagreb South two new praesidia were set up. In Zagreb West Curia a praesidium conducts a Bethlehem group for small children and distributes Legion literature after the Sunday Masses. Dugo Selo Curia, with 12 praesidia attached reported the reconciliation of two married couples. The Curia conducts 4 Nazareth groups, 1 Patrician group and 4 prayer groups. Another Curia reported the Baptism of 4 people, 7 new auxiliaries and returns to the Sacraments. Split Comitium has 12 praesidia and two curiae attached. Prison visitation is done. Six Baptisms, 20 Confirmations and 15 returns to the Sacraments after long periods of time, were recorded.

Zadar Comitium and its two attached Curiae had good attendances at their meetings. Returns to the Sacraments, anointing of the sick, and enrolment of auxiliary members were reported.

Osijek Comitium has two Curiae and six praesidia attached. Works include visiting patients in a hospital and organising Mass for them. Many returns to the Sacraments, anointing of the sick, Nazareth groups and prayer groups are also mentioned.

Petrinja Comitium: Four Curiae reported with a total of 29 praesidia, 166 active and 545 auxiliary members. Three directly attached praesidia with 30 active, 10 Praetorian, 92 auxiliary and 2 Adjutorian members presented reports. Works include home and hospital visitation, and looking after pre-school children along with parents; they have 4 junior praesidia, 5 Nazareth groups 12 prayer groups. One praesidium has started prison visitation. 30 returns to the Sacrament were recorded, 10 of these after many years away including an 83 year old woman who was taught how to pray and later went to Confession. Two juniors who reached 18 joined senior praesidia. The junior Curia visited 4 parishes for extension work. The Comitium is one year old and the Bishop celebrated Mass to mark the occasion. The Legion also marked its 15th Anniversary in the Diocese of Petrinja. Extension efforts continue.

Bosnia Herzegovina: A new praesidium was started in the Dvor quarter of Sarajevo. A PPC project which included a Spiritual Director from Zagreb was undertaken to Sarajevo in May, joined by local legionaries. Three parishes were visited and street apostolate carried out.


The praesidium in Grosuplje has 7 members. Permission was sought for extension of the Legion in the Diocese of Celje.


Budapest Regia: Reports were received from 3 praesidia, 9 Curiae and 3 Comitia. Works mainly consist of visiting of the sick and elderly in their homes, social welfare homes and hospitals, Church duties, leading Eucharistic Adoration and organising Pilgrimages. Legionaries in one Curia visit young people in schools and crèches.


Riga Comitium has 12 directly attached praesidia and 3 Curiae. All 12 praesidia have Spiritual Directors. Visitation of praesidia and recruiting efforts were reported on in all Minutes. One praesidium does street contact and invites people to attend Sunday school. 57 lapsed people received the Sacrament of Confession.


Kaunus Comitium has 17 directly attached praesidia and 7 attached Curiae. Visitation of praesidia and recruiting efforts were reported. A Congress is planned. During the summer 5 members and 10 auxiliaries were recruited. A praesidium in Kaunas with 6 members visits an Orphanage and teaches the children how to pray the Rosary. On Sunday they take some of the children to Mass. They recently held an Auxiliary rally with an attendance of 27 auxiliaries. Three of the attached Curiae reported. Some of the works carried out are home visitation, street contact, visiting the night shelter, instructing people with catechism classes and holding public Rosaries. A new praesidium was started in Daugeliskis. This Curia is also delighted to have a new Spiritual Director appointed. Over the last 3 months there has been an increase in the Curia of 4 active and 15 auxiliary members.

Telsiai Comitium: Extension efforts are on-going. Three praesidia feature in this report. A praesidium of 11 members, 6 of whom are Praetorians reported two returns to the Sacraments after 20 and 27 years. The visitation of 200 families by a praesidium of 8 members resulted in 150 families receiving the priest to bless their homes. A youth praesidium organised a Retreat for young people with 64 in attendance most of whom went to Confession. 24 young people were also prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. One Curia reported much hospital visitation where the priest gave the Sacraments to 318 people, five of these after periods of 50, 60, 36, 35 and 30 years. A 90 year old lady received Holy Communion for the first time. The legionaries also visited a homeless shelter and organised Holy Mass for the residents, three of whom received the Sacraments after a long period. A Curia with 113 active members, including 38 Praetorians visits its attached praesidia. Their apostolate includes visitation of homes, hospitals, apartments and care homes.


Lublin Regia: Works include: visiting homes, hospitals, and Care homes, plus street contact. Czestochowa Comitium recruited 44 people to auxiliary and 8 to active Legion membership. One man travels 50 kilometres to all meetings. A Curia with 7 praesidia, 77 active and 122 auxiliary members made 1,729 visits to homes and hospitals. Another Curia has 82 active and 135 auxiliary members. Tarnobrzeg Comitium set up three new praesidia in Wilkow. There is good communication with those of other faiths. Parents are encouraged to have their children baptised.

Metro Comitium, Warsaw: The Spiritual Director, Fr. Binda has been transferred to Lichen after many years of faithful service to the Legion and Fr. Marek Otolski has been appointed in his place.


Satu Mare Regia: The apostolate includes works of service, Pilgrim statue, prison visitation and organising adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. One lady who was very ill received the Sacraments just a few days before she died. Another person received the Sacraments after 12 years. A praesidium of 12 members organises Pilgrimages for people in their parish as a way of building up the community. On Palm Sunday a praesidium of 13 members organised the Way of the Cross for all in their village. This event united the whole village of Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox. Sarkoz Curia reported help given to old and sick people to receive the Sacraments and enrolling of new auxiliaries. Carei Comitium organised an evening before the Blessed Sacrament on May 13th during which the Rosary was recited and Confessions were available. Members of Oradea Comitium lead the Rosary on Radio Maria and help in its work. An increase in auxiliary membership was reported.



Buenos Aires Senatus: Huge preparations are being made for Alfie Lambe’s 60th Anniversary in January 2019. In August the Senatus of Buenos Aires sent an invitation to the Concilium asking for a delegate to be sent to these celebrations. They have stated that there will be officers of Senatus and higher councils from most South American countries attending. The legionaries attending will be having various sessions on Legion matters.

Cordoba Senatus: The Legion in Dean Funes, report home and nursing home visitation, street contact and public Rosaries as some of their works.

Salta Senatus: A Youth Conference is being prepared to discuss attaching young children and teenagers to the Legion. The legionaries have the example of Alfie Lambe who set up praesidia with street children and illiterate people. The Diocese of Catamarca was where Joaquina Lucas set up the first praesidia in Argentina and will be where the 100th Anniversary of the Legion will be celebrated.

Corrientes Regia: Concilium gave approval for a visitation by Noelia Garcia and Leonardo Fiorelli to the Regia; this took place in August.

Rosario Regia: Works include preparing prisoners for First Communion and Confirmation, street contact and book barrow apostolate. To be more effective in the apostolate, the legionaries are giving special attention to their own preparation, both spiritual and practical.


Belo Horizonte Senatus: A Curia reported 834 visits to homes with a good reception from the people including those of other religions. During the ‘Week of the Teacher’ they visited a school and made friendly contact with 15 teachers. All of them, including Evangelicals, accepted the offer of a Miraculous Medal.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Works include visits to hospitals, evangelical and bereaved families, asylums and day care centers.

Recife Senatus: Six praesidia were set up in the past six months in Recife and many others in the Senatus area. Young members contact young people in trains, on the busses and in schools. Bishop Edson, representative of the Brazilian Bishops to the Legion, attended a day Conference for 100 council officers. Protestants participate in Legion Bible study groups. Former prisoners take part in the Men’s Rosary.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: In a suburban town north of Rio out of almost five thousand contacts on visitation almost 90% claimed to be Catholic, about 7% Protestant and 3% without religion. In the same area 400 street people were contacted including drug addicts.

Salvador Senatus: The Senatus divided a Comitium to form a new Comitium with five Curiae. A report shows legionaries visited a prison and Police Station, where they taught prayers and read the Bible to the prisoners; 23 legionaries participated in a Peregrinatio Pro Christo in Gongogi. A team of 16, including two priests, from the attached Aracaju Regia, will undertake a Peregrinatio Pro Christo to Salamanca, Spain, in November. They plan to visit Dublin afterwards for the Frank Duff Mass and Concilium meeting.

Santa Maria Senatus: A praesidium reports coordination of the liturgy in the two Churches of a parish. Another work is accompanying the sick to hospital and for medical consultations.

São Luís Senatus: 632 visits and 424 revisits to homes were made to Catholics and non-Catholics, to the sick at home and the elderly, single mothers, widows, people with drug problems, people in domestic service, and others. Eleven Enthronements of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary were carried out.

São Paulo Senatus: Elections for all six officerships in the Senatus were held on 6 October. There was an attendance of 2,200 at a Concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral to mark the Legion’s 97th Anniversary. In preparation for the Centenary of the Legion it is proposed that the year 2019 be dedicated to the Servant of God Alfie Lambe; 2020 to Venerable Edel Quinn and 2021 to the Servant of God Frank Duff. One Comitium recorded 238 Enthronements of the Sacred Heart, while another reported 1,168 persons met on street contact.

Brasilia Regia: Basic Christian communities are evangelised in the town of Cristalina. The Luziania Comitium made almost 1,500 visits to families, Catholic and Protestant. In the city of Anapolis, one of the first places in Brazil where the Legion was set up, almost 2,000 home visits were reported over a period of four months.



Bukavu Senatus: From total correspondence over the last 4 months, the following points arose: 1. The organisation of monthly Retreats, cenacles, Masses, Rosaries and instruction; 2. Visitation of subordinate Councils. 3. Attendance of 1,433 Legionaries at the Acies of 26May 2018, in the presence of the Archbishop of Bukavu, Mgr. F. Xavier Rusengo, who celebrated the Mass. In his homily, he expressed his appreciation of the Legionaries for their spirituality and the discretion of their works. He requested that each member should choose a priest for whom they would pray daily, demonstrating the confidence placed in the Legion of Mary by the highest authority of the Church in Bukavu. 4. Continual construction of their Marian House.

Butembo Senatus: Reports were received from 2 Regia, 17 Comitia and 6 praesidia in adjoining councils. A New Curia was set up in Butche in the parish of Kitatumba. Summary of works: 57 marriages validated in a religious ceremony; 32 couples in dispute, given counselling are now living in harmony; 284 babies baptised, 156 children taught their prayers; 32 conversions of Adventists, Protestants and Moslems; 77 addicts helped to give up their habit; 66 divorced couples renewed their marriage vows; widows, orphans, war-displaced people, refugees, the sick, prisoners and unemployed given help. The Blessed Eucharist was brought to the sick on Sundays.

Work with Youth: 7 new praesidia were set up for young people. Retreats on themes such as drunkenness and its consequences, sexuality and its corollaries were prepared and given. Camps were organised to promote peace and harmony among youth during holiday season with the help of prayer and activities, i.e. work in the fields, breeding of chickens, showing educational films and organising games. As July is the month of the Precious Blood, prayers were asked for forgiveness of those who have spilled the blood of the Congolese through killings, abortions and lootings. At least 30 people were massacred in Bunia in the past 4 months. 9 priests were ordained and 21 deacons initiated by the Bishop of Butembo on 2 August. The Angels were invoked for peace during this ceremony, and reminders given that Mary’s Legions of Angels are invoked in the Legion prayers. They prayed for the success of Pope Francis’s visit to Ireland and World Meeting of Families.

Senatus of Lubumbashi: Two Exploratio Dominicalis projects took place, with 546 homes visited, bringing about the conversion of five people and the setting up of 6 new praesidia. Each day started with Mass, opening Legion prayers, and the blessing of the priest. Some Legionaries travelled as far as 90kms. to take part.

Senatus of Kisangani: Works of Senatus include: visitation of distant Councils; helping in the formation of juniors during their holidays; arranging a special Mass to honour the Feast of the Assumption; one-day formation of youth groups; preparing a team going on PPC. Works reported include recruitment of new members, 121, plus 94 juniors; recruitments for the Sacraments, 661; return of former members, 96; reconciliation of families, 80; visitation of the sick, 924. In one Comitium, 4 young Legionaries have entered a Seminary, and 2 girls entered a religious order.

Senatus of Kinshasa: The Acies took place 25 March in the Deanery parish of each Curia. In June, the Senatus organised Pilgrimages from Kinshasa to other provinces of the DCR, the purpose of which was to share ideas with one another. To celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, all the praesidia held a 3-day Retreat in their respective parishes. The Senatus has sadly announced the death of Bro. Ernest Luwawu, who was twice President of the Senatus. Works reported include visitation of hospices and hospitals, visitation of the Central Prison of Kinshasa, and visitation of homes to encourage reception of the Sacraments.

Senatus of Kananga: Works of the Senatus: visitation and care of distant Councils. An average of 60 attends the Senatus meetings. They have one junior Comitium. The Comitium of Notre dame, with 7 Curiae has 614 active members, 36 probationers, and 40 auxiliary members, a recruitment drive during Easter resulted in the return of 420 former legionaries to membership, 1,120 returns to Mass and Confession, and 15 children baptised. The Senatus requests prayers for the region where looting and violence is rife. There have been many fatalities.


Kigali Senatus: The Senatus is taking steps to meet the Bishops, asking permission for the setting-up of two new Regia. As regards the Statutes, they will be printed first in English and French, before being printed in the local language. Home, hospital and prison visitation are among the works done, as well as contacting orphans, street children and prostitutes. One Comitium and two new Curiae were set up.