Concilium Bulletin October 2007

REPORTS - United States
Philadelphia Senatus: Twenty-four participated in a Peregrinatio Pro Christo project to Knoxville. Twenty-six took part in an evangelisation day where 454 homes were visited.

Boston Senatus Extension efforts show 3 new praesidia. Eight praesidia are engaged in prison work. In 4 prisons there are praesidia. Other works done in the Senatus include teaching religion, street contact and door-to-door visitation.

Chicago Senatus There is a very big interest in setting up new praesidia and sending new members on door-to-door visitation; they invite the lapsed to return.

Cincinnati Senatus All councils are involved in extension. Parishes without the Legion were approached. In many cases the Spiritual Directors took part by contacting other priests. A Columban drive resulted in 2 people joining the Legion. Eight new praesidia were reported including one Seminarian and one junior.

St. Louis Senatus A Peregrinatio Pro Christo project to Kansas reported many returns to the Sacraments and 83 people are taking part in RC lA. A new praesidium has started in Nebraska. Kansas City Council has 9 people under instruction and 6 conversions. In Omaha Comitium 100,000 people attended 3,500 Rosaries. An attached Comitium reported 3 teenagers taking part in RCIA, 4 having received First Holy Communion and 3 Confirmed. A Curia works with alcoholics.

San Francisco Senatus The Senatus has 23 directly attached praesidia. An average of 30 attend the Patrician meeting; a book barrow is organised. At crowd contact sessions Rosaries and Miraculous Medals were distributed. Extension efforts resulted in 5 new praesidia. A rosary procession was held in North Utah Curia and a mini Congress in Anchorage.

New York Senatus A praesidium gives out leaflets on Confession and how to pray the Rosary. A new praesidium has been set up among soldiers; one soldier who joined the Legion is now studying for the priesthood.

Houston Senatus Over 500 attended the Peregrinatio Pro Christo conference and Archbishop Dr. Di Nardo made a surprise visit. In Bay Area Curia a booth at a strawberry fair attracts crowds of visitors who are anxious to receive Rosaries and many good contacts are made.

Los Angeles Senatus A number of attached councils report an average of 3 Patrician groups with a Korean council reporting 7. A Parish in Los Angeles has 6 praesidia.

Arlington Regia Potomac Curia has an average of 15 members in its junior praesidia and the juniors make up half the Curia. A member of the Rappahannock Curia has entered the Poor Clares.

Miami Regia A 3-day Conference for Council Officers took place from 12 to 14 October 2007.

Enda Dunleavy, Secretary of the Concilium, and his wife Marie, correspondent with Miami Regia attended on behalf ofthe Concilium. The Archbishop of Miami Most Rev John Clement Favalora was Chief Celebrant of the opening Mass with Mgr. Michael Sukar, Chancellor of Miami diocese and Fr. Richard Soulliere, Regia Spiritual Director, as concelebrants. In his homily, the Archbishop paid tribute to the hidden work of legionaries bringing God into the lives of countless souls as he had observed right from his days as pastor in New Orleans till now as Bishop of Miami. Representatives from 20 councils including Jamaica and the Bahamas and one representative each from Arlington Regia and Los Angeles Senatus were present. Among the items discussed were:

- Doctrinal basis of the Legion, in particular the Mystical Body of Christ and the motherhood of Our Lady
- The True Devotion to Mary and the 33-day preparation
- Outreach through stalls and book barrows at festivals
- RCIA work gaining momentum
- Jail visitation
- The junior movement

West Indies

Notre Dame de l’ Assumption SenatusThe works carried out include home, hospital, prison visitation and street contact. The Seminary praesidium has been divided and they work in the Seminary and do pastoral work.

Puerto Rico
San Juan Senatus have 7 Comitia, 6 Curiae and 8 praesidia attached. A True Devotion to the Nation project resulted in a programme of recycling. A junior Conference had 230 youths and 82 adults present. Many returns to the Sacraments were reported.

Trinidad Regia The Acies was well attended and the Priest who officiated complimented them on the number of young people present.

Dominican Republic
Santiago de los Caballeros Senatus reported 4 Comitia attached with 5 senior and one junior praesidia, 270 active and 446 auxiliary members. Reports mention visits to homes, hospitals and prisons, catechetical instruction and street contact. Results included Baptisms, First Holy Communions, Confirmations and Marriage Regularisations.

Senatus of Santo Domingo Two reporting Curiae have 8 praesidia with 95 members, 8,760 auxiliaries, 16 Praetorian and 15 Adjutorian members. They visit homes and prisons. Reports included 235 children Baptised, 53 children taught Catechism and 15 received First Holy Communion.

Montreal Senatus Plans are going ahead for the Eucharistic Congress in Quebec in 2008. The sick are visited and Holy Communion is brought to them. Catechism classes are arranged.

Toronto Regia Our Lady of Martyrs Comitium reported 3 new praesidia. Catechism classes are held. Young adults are involved in outreach to street people. Hamilton Comitium visited schools, recited the Rosary and showed videos on Our Lady. In the course of prison ministry adults and young offenders are visited. Scarborough Comitium assigned 7 praesidia to do extension work in Scarborough North East Curia, Mississaugya / Brompton Curia organised a collective Act of Consecration to Our Lady after the 33-day preparation. Promoters have been appointed for the 3 Legion causes.

Edmonton Comitium This council is continuing to visit its attached praesidia. Catechism is taught and nursing homes visited. Two new praesidia were set up and more are planned. In Calgary Curia, schools were visited and a new praesidium was started. Legionaries on an Exploratio Dominicalis project made contact with Catholics, Buddhists and Pentecostals.

Ontario Senatus Children are prepared for Confirmation. A new Korean praesidium works among their own people. Discussions take place with inmates in a detention centre. One Buddhist was received into the Church and 2 more are under instruction. Other works include market ministry, book barrow and street contact.

Mexico City Senatus Arising from the restructuring of the Legion of Mary in Mexico, 2 new Regiae have been set up in Acapulco and Leon and a third will be set up soon. One Comitium, 2 Curiae and 3 praesidia reported. At least 12 praesidia including 2 junior praesidia and 2 Curiae were set up in the Senatus area. The new Regia of Leon is preparing the way to set up 2 new Comitia in its area. The new Regia of Acapulco reported that as a result of a True Devotion to the Nation project, a market area was cleaned up.

Merida Senatus A new Regia in Tuxla Gutierrez has been set up and the Senatus is preparing to set up another Regia in Villanueva where there are 40 Curiae. All reports indicate extension and solid apostolic work. An attached Comitium visited 22,000 homes, they met 17,000 Catholic families and 3,300 families who had joined the sects, a number of whom returned to the practice of the faith. Contact work in parks is proving very successful.

Guadalajara Regia Four new praesidia have been set up in the parishes around the city. The sick in their homes are encouraged to consider auxiliary membership. Legionaries take part in Parish youth programmes. A one-day retreat was held for all legionaries.

Monterrey Regia Four praesidia including 2 junior ones were started. Legionaries teach Catechism at 4 centres and 140 children were prepared for First Holy Communion. Arising from home visitation many families were consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

Hermosillo Regia An attached Curia set up a new Junior Curia and 2 senior praesidia. Another Curia was also successful in starting 2 new praesidia. Catechism classes run by legionaries were attended by 304 adults, 90 of them were brought to Confession and Communion. Mass attendance has increased mainly due to the adult Catechism classes.

South America

Senatus of Asuncion Catechism classes are given to the armed forces. Enthronement of the families to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart ofMary are carried out in many homes. Evangelisation talks are given on the local radio in a programme entitled “The Voice of Mary”. The Rosary is recited and Parish and Catholic announcements are made.

Senatus of La Paz On home visitation the Rosary and Catechism are taught. The spiritual life of the family has improved as a result of these visits. Christian values are explained to families on home visitation. A new Curia has been set up in the Santa Cruz Regia area.

Senatus of Santiago Works mentioned include running a club for the elderly, holding family meetings, doing street contact and contact at wakes. In one case a daughter and father were reunited after 16 years. A new junior praesidium was established. Their works include helping at Mass, organising young people to attend the family Mass, distributing Miraculous Medals and visiting the elderly.

Senatus of Caracas Extension is ongoing in Puerto Cabello. Two junior praesidia have been set up and there are plans for a praesidium in the University.

Quito Senatus Reports show large numbers of children and adults prepared for and receiving the sacraments. Ten new praesidia have been set up in an attached Comitium. Since the last report 150 new members made the Legion promise in the same Comitium and there are 150 probationers. An apostolate to the elderly who have been abandoned by their families is carried out.

Senatus of Montevideo The women’s jail is visited. Three new praesidia were set up recently. There are plans to set up a Comitium in the Diocese of Mercedes. Resulting from a campaign of prayer through the intercession of the Servant of God, Frank Duff, a praesidium recruited 11 new members.

Senatus of Bogota All the praesidia in the city area were requested to encourage Enthronement of the family to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Over 5,000 families accepted the consecration. Ten legionaries took part in extension to remote areas of the country; they set up 20 new praesidia. It was a particularly dangerous project due to violence and fighting in the area.

Medellin Senatus A reunion of Spiritual Directors was held to mark the 85th anniversary of the setting up of the Legion of Mary. They showed great interest in the role of the laity. During the months of May and October the Rosary is recited and a short religious instruction is given in the homes. Legionaries teach adults and children to read and write. As a result of a PPC project, many young people between the ages of 12 and 21 years asked for Baptism, Confession and Confirmation. Subsequently a praesidium was set up in the parish to continue the work initiated by the PPC project.


Kigali Senatus has 24 affiliated Comitia, 18 Curiae and 20 praesidia. Much effort and travelling time is devoted to visitation of distant councils. Reports give details of excellent apostolic work in the course of home, hospital, orphanage and prison visitation. Other works include teaching of Catechism, the preparing of adults and children for the Sacraments and doing manual and works of service. A Congress is being organised for praesidia in secondary schools to encourage young literate members to persevere in the Legion.

Reunion Island
St. Denis Comitium reported on home and hospital visitation, teaching Catechism, organising public Rosaries, attending wakes and preparing couples for marriage. Results included the return of many to Mass and the Sacraments, some after long absences, and the conversion of a Protestant. Madagascar Curia reported good apostolic work done. Preparations are being made for setting up a praesidium in the Seminary.

Mauritius Island Minutes give details of apostolic work done in the course of home and hospital visitation. Help is given to parish activities, including bringing Holy Communion to the sick and elderly and the organising of Rosary groups. The Comitium organised retreats for members of senior and junior Curiae.

Bujumbura Regia The report covered promotion of the Rosary, regularisation of marriages, helping girls to avoid abortion, reading and discussing the Gospel in the home, and building houses for the homeless. At the request of the Bishops’ Conference, a meeting for Officers was held at which knowledge of the Legion and the promotion of the 3 Legion Causes were discussed.

Central African Republic
Bangui Regia is working on a programme of visitation of subordinate councils.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Butembo Senatus The Congress organised by Butembo Senatus was a resounding success with most major councils represented there. The Concilium representatives were Brs. Dieudonne Nduwayo and Emmanuel Ndorimana, President and Secretary respectively of Burundi Senatus. Some legionaries walked 100 kilometers to be present. Congratulations are in order to the Senatus of Butembo for undertaking this event.

Election of Assistant Treasurer Nominations were sought for the office of Assistant Treasurer of Concilium as Raymond Mulrooney had completed his 3-year term. He was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, he was duly elected Assistant Treasurer for a second term.

Election of Assistant Secretary Nominations were sought for the office of Assistant Secretary. Miriam Phelan was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, she was duly elected Assistant Secretary for a 3-year term.

Tommy McCabe President of Concilium thanked both Raymond Mulrooney and Miriam Phelan for their generosity in letting their names go forward and wished them every grace and blessing.

Celebrations held to mark the Centenary Year of the birth of Venerable Edel Quinn 2007-2008.
His Grace Archbishop Raphael S. Ndingi Mwana’s Nzeki of Nairobi was Chief Celebrant at a Mass held at Our Lady’s Shrine in Knock, Co Mayo, Ireland on Sunday 30th September with Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam and Fr. Bede McGregor OP, Spiritual Director of Concilium as concelebrants. Among the other 30 concelebrants (approximately) was Rev. Fr. Boniface Kariuki, Spiritual Director of the Senatus of Kenya.

In the parish of Monkstown, Dublin, where Venerable Edel Quinn resided 19251935 a concelebrated Mass was held on 14th September 2007 (her birthday). The priricipal celebrant and homilist was Rev. Fr. Bede McGregor OP, Spiritual Director of Concilium. There were several other concelebrants. Among the very large attendance were relatives of Venerable Edel. There was a reception after the Mass. Homilies on the life of Edel wer ‘ven at all the Masses in Monkstown Parish Church over the weekend 14-16 epte er.

On Wednesday 3rd October, Archbishop Ndingi unveiled a Commemorative Plaque to Venerable Edel on the house in Trafalgar Terrace in Monkstown where her family resided.

Also on the 3rd October Archbishop Ndingi addressed about 300 legionaries in Nazareth Hall, Concilium Headquarters and urged all to pray to Edel and report favours received through her intercession. Fr. Bede McGregor OP introduced his Grace and Most Reverend Bishop John Magee of Cloyne. He pointed out that, while Edel Quinn had been born in Castlemagner in his diocese of Cloyne, Edel’s Cause for canonisation had been introduced in Archbishop Ndingi’s diocese of Nairobi where she died. The Apostolic Nuncio, His Grace Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto was also present. Opportunity was given to those present to comment and ask questions. Tommy McCabe, President of Concilium thanked all for attending and paid warm tribute to Archbisop Ndingi for undertaking the visit to Ireland and for all he has done to promote the cause of Venerable Edel Quinn.

Centenary of the Birth of Venerable Edel Quinn 14 September 2007 - 13 September 2008

Prayer for the Beatification of Venerable Edel Quinn

Eternal Father, I thank you for the grace you gave to your servant, Edel Quinn, of striving to live always in the joy of your presence, for the radiant charity infused into her heart by your Holy Spirit and for the strength she drew from the Bread of Life to labour until death for the glory of Your name in loving dependence on Mary, Mother of the Church. Confident, 0 Merciful Father, that her life was pleasing to you, I beg you to grant me, through her intercession, the special favour I now implore ..........., and to make known by miracles the glory she enjoys in Heaven, so that she may be glorified also by your Church on earth, through Christ Our Lord, Amen

Favours attributed to the intercession of The Venerable Edel Quinn should be reported to:
Legion of Mary De Montfort House, Morning Star Avenue, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, Ireland