Concilium Bulletin May 2023



Mexico City Senatus: An attached Regia set up 2 new senior and 2 new junior praesidia. An attached Comitium reported three new praesidia including one in the women’s prison and another Comitium reported 30 new members. An attached Curia reported that its 13 praesidia are now reduced to 8. A retreat for the parents of children receiving the Sacraments and sewing and baking classes for single mothers are organised. A fifty five year old and 68 year old confessing for the first time.

Merida Senatus: Some attached councils have not yet reported since the Covid restrictions. Two young men were prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. All councils report efforts to recruit resulting in a number of new members. The legionaries accompany the priest to visit the sick with the sacraments. 330 homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. An attached Regia works in a prison where they set up three praesidia and carry out an apostolate with the inmates.

Guadalajara Regia: A campaign to encourage consecration of the homes was carried out resulting in a large number of homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. An attached Curia, which did not meet after the Covid, is receiving assistance.

Monterrey Regia: An attached Curia set up a new praesidium but some of the elderly members have difficulties returning to active membership. Legionaries help in the parish, bringing the Eucharist to the sick and teaching catechism to children in preparation for the sacraments.

Hermosillo Regia: There are only two praesidia affiliated to the Regia whereas there were about 10. A new Spiritual Director, who was a member of the Legion in his parish, has been appointed to the Regia. This is a blessing, the Regia has been without a Spiritual Director for a long time. An attached Curia successfully recruited 28 active members at a stand set up in the parish to recruit new members. A new praesidium was set up and two more are in formation.

Durango Regia: The attendance at the Regia meeting is very poor. There are reports from provincial councils but the Regia doesn’t seem to be in touch with them. Elections of Regia officers were not carried out, even though they have been reminded by the correspondent on a number of occasions. They receive the monthly letter and the Concilium bulletin in Spanish.


Costa Rica Senatus: Recent reports presented in the Senatus indicate that homeless persons and persons with problems of alcohol addiction are helped with their problems. Consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary is promoted. Each month a formation talk for legionaries is organised in the Legion House. Extension work is carried out in councils where praesidia have closed or where membership has declined. A legionary, who has just finished her three year officership has offered to do extension.


Tegucigalpa Senatus: Four Senatus officers have been correctly elected. The monthly Senatus meetings indicate improved attendance and participation. A new Archdiocese is planned for the north of the country, which will require some modification to the Legion structure. Fr. Alejandrino Munguia, who was Spiritual Director of the Senatus for many years has died, may he rest in peace.


San Salvador Senatus: Deprived children and children with learning difficulties are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is encouraged on contact work. An attached Comitium with 182 members reports that 70 only of the 182 members can read and write. A young legionary has entered the seminary. Seventeen sick persons went to Confession. Of 338 persons who accepted invitation to the Legion 105 persevered. Legionaries visit and pray with families where a family member has died.


Panama Regia: Officers are visiting the attached councils particularly the distant councils which haven’t been visited for a number of years. Reorganisation in some cases is necessary due to reduced membership. They are also extending in parishes where there was no legion presence. Two Comitia, 1 Curia and 5 praesidia reported during this period. Home visitation, street contact and street rosaries are some of the works carried out.



A visit was made to Georgia by Fr. Bernardo and another legionary. The meeting in Vale was re-started with 3 members. Extension was done in Lanchik (Armenia) A copy of “Can We Be Saints” (translated into Armenian) was given to interested persons. The Russian speaking praesidium in Armenia has 3 members among a reducing number of Russian speakers. 15 men attended a retreat. 2 junior praesidia reported one with 16 active and 2 auxiliary members and the other with 10 active and 11 auxiliary members. An elderly woman cold and hungry brought by legionaries to the Mother Teresa sisters was clothed and fed and brought to hospital where she died a week later.


A letter received by the correspondent states that the activities of the praesidia and Curia continue. Elections are overdue and there are hopes of a new praesidium.


The correspondent set out a number of recommendations and awaits acknowledgement and action which is being followed up.


Pondicherry Senatus: 24 directly affiliated praesidia, 12 Curiae and 8 Comitia make up the Senatus working in all 4 dioceses. Visits to homes of Catholics and non-Catholics, the sick at home and in hospital, families reconciled, marriages rectified, homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart and catechism taught.

Chennai Regia: Pilgrim Statue visitation, visitation of homes of all faiths, village evangelisation resulting in 6 conversions. One Comitium with 6 praesidia, 5 senior and 1 junior Curia has 723 members. Catholics, Muslims and Hindus were visited. 32 homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart and 363 prepared for Confession. Cardinal Pula celebrated the Centenary Mass.

Mumbai Senatus: Goa Comitium has 21 praesidia and 2 Curiae. Bombay Curia has 9 praesidia working in 8 out of 10 parishes. Calcutta Curia also has 9 praesidia. They held a training day at which 32 attended. Work: visitation of elderly clergy and visitation to prisons is undertaken. An apostolate to transgender people takes the form of a listening ear, prayer and discussion. Annual Audit was carried out.

Visakhapatnam Regia: The Regia has 12 directly attached praesidia, 10 Curiae and 4 Comitia. Orphanages, Cancer and HIV patients were visited. Legionaries acted as mediators in a dispute between non-christians met on home visitation and the dispute was settled. 1 new Curia with 8 praesidia was set up. A Lenten penitential pilgrimage had 1800 in attendance.

Karnataka Senatus: 350 legionaries took part in a pilgrimage on foot to a shrine of Our Lady. The works of 3 praesidia reporting includes visitation of cemeteries and Block Rosaries.

Kerala Senatus: An extension project in the Pala area resulted in the revival of a number of dormant praesidia and the setting up of 1 new one. The Comitium reporting in January has 1750 senior members and 112 junior praesidia. A Public Way of the Cross on Good Friday saw 1300 participating. Several Centenary celebrations were arranged for the latter part of 2022 which gave an opportunity for meeting clergy and encouraging resumption of dormant praesidia.


Myanmar: A letter received tells of 290 attending the Acies in April.


Sri Lanka: 800 attended a Rosary Rally in October. Lanka Comitium arranged the Consecreation of 650 homes to the Sacred Heart.


Home and hospital visitation carried out as well as visitation to the bereaved and to Auxiliary members. They visit and pray with estranged families, do Bible study and help with parish activities. 370 attended the Acies presided over by the Archbishop of Karachi.


Face to face meetings resumed in January 2023. The work of the Legion of Mary is flourishing they say among the 27 praesidia, 7 Curiae and 4 Comitia. Works include teaching catechism, visiting the sick and elderly, helping with parish activities. Our Lady of Mercy Comitium established 24 new praesidia. 3 people who had been away from the Church for periods of 39, 59 and 86 years respectively returned to the Faith and received the Sacrament of Confession before their deaths.



Elphin Comitium: The Acies was held in March with a good attendance. Efforts to start a new praesidium in Rooskey will take place when the new parish Priest is appointed in May. Parishes without the legion will be discussed at the next meeting as some Priests would like to have a praesidium in their Parishes. Two praesidia reports were presented. Queen of the Universe praesidium gave its 55th annual report. Since their last report two members and the Spiritual Director of the praesidium went to their eternal reward. Two former members joined the praesidium. Public rosaries in the Cemetery and the Grotto are included in the apostolate. The 31st annual report of a praesidium in Elphin was presented. Recruiting efforts are ongoing. Most of the traditional duties of the Parish are now being done by the legionaries due to lack of help.

North Elphin Curia Sligo. The Acies took place on April 2nd in Sligo. A Night Fever project was held in Sligo on January 27th during which street contact was done. All contacts were invited to visit the Church. The praesidium in Rathcomac reported consecration of the homes to the Sacred Herat of Jesus and Mary, Home visitation with the Pilgrim statue and organising adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. An Maria et Patria project is planned for the 29th and 30th of May.

Tuam Comitium: The Comitium meeting did not take place in March due to snow and severe frost. The report covers February and April. Maria Asumpta praesidium in Tuam has eight members and seventy auxiliaries. The main work is recitation of public Rosaries every evening during lent, May and October. The annual reunion took place on January 22nd with 46 in attendance which included auxiliaries and non legionaries. The annual report in April was from Westport Curia which has two Senior and one Junior praesidium. The juniors put on a passion play on Good Friday in Church. A Senior Praesidium in Castlebar organised an Easter programme for secondary school students for four days during Easter week. It started with Mass each day. Guest speakers were Fr. Colm Mannion O.P., Fr. Declan Lohan and others.

Carlow Comitium: The Comitium has only three praesidia holding meetings and none of these have full Officership. All three presented reports since resumption of meetings. The main works are leading the Rosary before Mass on Sundays and weekdays. Two praesidia presented gift packs of miraculous medals and Rosary beads to the first Holy Communion children. A coffee morning was held by one praesidium to promote the legion. There are only two praesidia and there are some difficulties in Laois Curia. The correspondent is planning to have a meeting with the Curia in the next few weeks.


Galway Curia: The praesdium reporting at the Curia meeting has four full, and one probationary, members. The legionaries have participated in all various Curia projects and events taking place. Much contact work was done at the Centenary stand at the Cathedral. Many good contacts were made with tourists from all over the world. Miraculous Medals and literature were offered and accepted by all. As there will be no replacement Priest in Castlegar Parish the legionaries will now contact those who were interested to join their praesidium in Ballinfoyle.

Clonfert Curia: The praesidium in Ballinasloe has seven members. The apostolate is visitation of nursing homes, the housebound and recently bereaved Parishioners. Pilgrim statue visitation is undertaken They also organised adoration for two hours every Wednesday. The praesidium in Loughrea with 6 members lost two long standing members due to ill health. They got three new members two of whom have taken the promise. Miraculous medals and explanatory leaflets were distributed in Ballinasloe and Knock.

Killala Curia: Most prasesidia are holding meetings since lockdown. A praesidium in Knockmore is 65 years in existence. The legionaries conduct works of service in the Parish and have a junior praesidium attached. Two members helped with the legion stall at Ballina and Enniscrone shows. Miraculous medals were distributed to every home in the Parish for students preparing for examinations.

Achonry: The praesidium in Kiltimagh has five members. During the month of May the Rosary is recited each evening at the Statue of Our Lady. The Spiritual Director of the praesidium is hoping that in September there will be some interest in setting up a youth praesidium in the Secondary school.

Ferns Curia: The office of Vice President of the Curia is vacant. The Curia does not have a Spiritual Director at present. The May procession in honour of Our Lady of Fatima took place on May 13th from the Friary in Wexford. A good attendance was recorded. A recruitment drive will take place on 27th and 28th of May at all the Enniscorthy Parish Masses. A retreat for women is planned for June 24th in Wexford town.


Veneranda: Annual retreat is planned for May. A project is planned for July in Berkeley Road parish. A praesidium of brothers carries out street contact every week. The legionaries use the leaflet ‘The Agony of Jesus’ to explain the mass and to encourage lapsed Catholics to return. They also distribute Miraculous Medals. The response is good. They distribute Maria Legionis to auxiliaries. At the request of the St Vincent De Paul society, they visit a man who is confined to bed. Another praesidium does home visitation. Legionaries have found many who have not returned to mass post Covid and many who have lapsed. In all cases miraculous medals are offered and usually accepted and people are encouraged to return to mass and the sacraments. Some people have returned to mass, following the visit

Porta Coeli Curia: is experiencing a low turnout at its meetings, but the four praesidia are meeting and doing regular works which include visitation of the sick, visits to a Nursing Home and a former legionary, doing shopping for an elderly parishioner, weekly Book barrow apostolate at a Shopping Centre, taking Holy Communion to housebound persons. Curia members recently presented Miraculous Medals to 170 First Communion children from five schools after two Masses. Two legionaries took part in some sessions of the Outreach Project in Finglas, and found those visited very welcoming, including a good number of foreign nationals and members of the Church of Ireland.

Presentata Curia: organised Edel Quinn mass on Saturday May 20th. Also trad night was held on May 6th and Mary Day ‘Who is She’ on May 13th. Outreach to Christ the King parish is planned. A praesidium’s main work is assisting with meals, cleaning etc. at Regina Coeli hostel. Another praesidium’s main works are in the Morning Star hostel assisting with all the chores and also running the men’s shed. This praesidium also holds a public Rosary at the Spire every Friday evening and does street contact in the city centre on Saturday mornings. Patricians are held monthly. Recent topics include ‘St. Joseph’, ‘Apparitions of Our Lady’, ‘Edel Quinn’. Average attendance is approximately 14, about half of which are legionaries. A praesidium organises a monthly movie night, showing films from the Vatican’s film list.

Consolata Curia: joined with Porta Coeli for Acies on the 25th March and for their annual retreat on April 22nd. A praesidium’s work consists of selling religious items after mass including Catholic papers, statues, pictures and sacramentals. Pilgrim statue visitation is done weekly. On home visitation legionaries encountered a Jewish man who accepted two packs containing Rosary, Miraculous Medal and prayer leaflets and he was invited into the Catholic Church. Polish people who were lapsed were encouraged to return to their faith. A junior praesidium is attached, which got 4 new members recently. Legionaries pay attention to people attending mass, should they need a drink or assistance. Together with the morning praesidium, they organise the Faith ’N’ Fun project in the summer time and help with hourly Rosary at the grotto on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. They do street and park contact distributing Rosaries, Miraculous medals and leaflets. Frank Duff prayer meeting and Patricians are held monthly. Titles for last 2 months were ‘Feast of the Divine Mercy - How should we prepare for this feast in 2023?’ and ‘New approaches to living as Easter People’. Legionaries meet weekly with Auxiliary members and pray the Rosary prayers. Another praesidium gave its final report as members have decided to become auxiliary members for a variety of reasons. Works included Home and Statue visitation as well as Nursing Home visitation.

Exaltata: The Acies and Curia outing were held in March. A praesidium’s works include work in the Morning Star Hostel. Children’s Adoration & Children’s Rosary group. They also help sick and immobile people with grocery shopping and doctor or hospital appointments. The distribute Miraculous Medals and leaflets and are planning a book barrow. A praesidium is hoping to set up a junior praesidium.

Bethlehem Curia: carried out an Exploratio Dominicalis project in Gardiner Street. Acies was held on March 26th. Praetorian membership was discussed at March Curia meeting. Frank Duff prayer group met on May 10th in 28, Mountjoy Square. All praesidia have been visited. A praesidium has an outreach to the Latino community which includes English classes, and assistance with meeting other Spanish-speaking people. Members also volunteer in the Morning Star Hostel.



Frankfurt Senatus: Weekly street contact and book barrow apostolate continues. Problems in Curia Gurtweil are being addressed. There are also problems in Karlsruhe Curia. A Spanish speaking couple, natives of Columbia, now living in Luxemburg have attended the Senatus meeting to discuss the establishment of the legion in Luxemburg. Miraculous medals and leaflets in the Ukranian language are distributed amongst the Ukranian people.

Munich Regia: Ragensburg Curia organised a “God is Good” festival.


Zurich Comitium: The legion in Bergen has 37 full and 22 probationary members and 182 auxiliaries and works include street apostolate, intensive home visitation, catechesis for children and those preparing for baptism and statue visitation. 10 legionaries in the Korean Curia have taken the legion promise.


A new praesidiium is in formation in Krasnagolsk. The correspondent plans to visit Kazakstan in September and meet with legionaries from Siberia there.


Amsterdam Regia: There were 3 new members welcomed. The Acies ceremonies have been held. Cape Verdean Curia reports that as a result of home visitation there were 6 baptisms, 6 received the Sacrament of Confirmation and 4 got married in Church.


Antwerp Regia: There were 3 new members welcomed since last report. Prison visitation is done by one praesidium. The president has spoken several times on Radio Maria. Home and hospital visitation and street contact work is done by a praesidium of 20 members. 70 members attended the Acies. A praesidium of 11 members took part in an evangelisation project during which rosaries, miraculous medals and sacramentals were distributed.


Paris Senatus: Attendance at the Senatus continues to be modest. The Senatus is proactively visiting each praesidium to ensure meetings have resumed. The correspondent for La Reunion wrote to the Senatus to advise that Fr. Donattien Randriamalaala has been appointed Bishop of Ambanja in Madagascar. Fr. Donatien previously worked with legionaries in Morondava. The Senatus is actively trying to assist the Comitium in Strasbourg which is very weak at present.


Brentwood Regia: Most of the reporting praesidia are doing home visitation, distributing miraculous medals, rosaries, and other literature to Holy Communion and Confirmation candidates. Visitation with Fatima statue is also done. A convert of one praesidium is soon to be baptised and her older sister will be confirmed. The new Spiritual Director of Walsingham praesidium has given the names of sick parishioners to his praesidium for visitation.

Central London Curia: Three praesidia featured with membership of 2, 7, and 9 plus 4 probationers and works include visitation of the housebound, auxiliary visitation, church cleaning, visitation of hospitals, hotels and care homes, bringing Holy Communion to parishoners. One praesidium does crowd contact.A new Curia set up last October has forwarded only one set of minutes. The election of officers were invalid as some of those proposing and seconding were not eligible to do so.

Liverpool Senatus: Among the works of praesidia in Middlesboro Comitium is visitation of Care Homes which resulted in a number of lapsed Catholics returning to practice and a promotion of the Rosary is done in school with up to 50 children in attendance. Two new praesidia in Manchester Comitium have 12 and 17 members and works include home visitation, bringing holy Communion to the sick, catechism with children, statue visitation, and a monthly book club. Another praesidium has been started with 18 members, average age 25 years and work mainly extension.

Birmingham Senatus: The Senatus set out its plans for 2023 which include a day for young adults in September and a Peregrnatio Pro Christo project to the Netherlands. Two praesidia presented their first reports. Follow up visits from home visitation resulted in the baptism of a child and follow up after a Peregrinatio project resulted in one person preparing for baptism and another attending a RCIA course. Enthronment of homes to the Sacred Heart is also done.

West Birmingham Curia has resumed visits to attached praesidia. 6 legionaries carried out an Exploratio Dominicalis project where good contacts were made. Contact with homeless in Birmingham City is also done. Miraculous medals are offered and accepted by all.

Councils under Caretakership of Birmingham Senatus;

Northampton Comitum: The Comitium has a full compliment of officers and a Spiritual Director. A new praesidium has been set up and some new members recruited.


Swansea Curia: Many African families have moved in to one of the parishes. The legion organised a social for them at Christmas with Benedicton and Christmas Carols. Crowd contact and street rescue continues to be done.


Senatus of Scotland: The Senatus officers have spoken to Archbishop Nolan to bring him up to date with the state of the legion in Scotland. He was very enthusiastic to hear of work of Maria et Patria. He urged legionaries to persevere in their work. The legionaries try to visit families particularly on the anniversary of Baptisms. Extension carried out in two parishes resulted in 3 joining a praesidium. Good contacts were made in book barrow work during the summer months.


New praesidia have been started in Arabic and Spanish speaking communities, all engaged in home and hospital visitation. There are plans for 2 more Arabic praesidia.

Praesidia directly attached to Conciliuim;


Tonsberg: The praesidium has 5 members of with 2 on probation. Good contact is kept with auxiliaries, and apostolate includes visiting of the sick and encouraging people to attend Sunday Mass The Acies was held with the praesidium in Drammen.

Drammen: The praesidium has 6 active members with 15 auxiliaries. Works being done are promotion of Enthronment of homes to the Sacred Heart, visits to the sick and the elderly and virtual rosary and faith sharing every Saturday.



Douala Senatus: Extension and recruiting are very much to the fore. Regia Yaoundé has 28 junior praesidia and Garoua Comitium has 7 junior praesidia with a total of 81 members. The Regia recruited nearly 300 new members, set-up 4 new praesidia and 1 new Curia. Regia Bertoua established many new junior praesidia and established a new Curia. Comitium Bafoussam also reported an increase in membership. Several Congresses were held and an Exploratio Dominicalis project was also held. Home, hospital and prison visitation were undertaken.


Lomé Senatus: A PPC project will take place in Tabligbo from 18th -29 th August. Several councils have over 20 praesidia, some 34 attached praesidia, so should establish more Curiae. Vogan Comitium is setting up 6 new praesidia and project to establish 3 new Curiae while Tabligbo Comitium set-up 2 new junior praesidia. The junior Curia of the Senatus has 59 active and 39 auxiliary members. Sharing of the Gospels, inviting youngsters to go to confession, help keep order during Mass and invite people to Adoration are some of their works.


Conakry Comitium has 5 adult Curiae and 6 attached praesidia with a total of 1016 active and 305 auxiliary members. They do home, hospital, prison and orphanage visitation and also organise catechesis.


Dakar Comitium has 10 Curiae and 29 attached praesidia.

They set-up 1 new adult and 1 new junior praesidium and are in the process of setting up 1 new Curia. They do home, hospital and prison visitation, which resulted in 4 marriages reconciled, 1 conversion and 45 baptisms.

Pikine Comitium: has 2 Curiae and 12 attached praesidia. They do home and hospital visitation which resulted in 8 marriages regularised and 11 baptisms.


Our correspondent, Br. Farrelly has had to resign, owing to incapacity and his wife’s illness, after many years of faithful correspondence. It is clear that the Senatus has been functioning very well, with meticulous minutes, but their caretakership of neighbouring country Mali has run into difficulties which need to be resolved. The Senatus comprises of 2 Regiae, 25 Comitia, 2 Curiae and four praesidia attached. 2 Comitia presented annual reports. Works reported on in one Comitium include: 23 families reconciled, 17 marriages regularised, 15 returns to Mass and the Sacraments, 18 adults and 2 children baptised, 57 Catechumens recruited, 29 Confirmations and 7 Sacraments of the Sick. 16 members were involved in teaching Catechism to 341 people. Prison and orphanage visitation, were also reported. Many missions, pilgrimages, and Masses were organised by the Senatus, as well as visitation of attached councils.


Senatus of Our Lady of Brazzaville: Works undertaken included visits to the sick at home and in hospital, visiting homes, prisoners, widows, orphans and the poor. A curia established 4 years ago has 41 active and 4 probationary members. In the course of their work over a 3-month period, 12 people enrolled in catechism instruction, 10 couples were reconciled and 5 people returned to the Sacraments. Legionary councils greatly support diocesan and parish events such as retreats during Lent and Advent, novenas to Our Lady and diocesan formation days on themes such as the Rosary. Ongoing legionary formation is encouraged through study of the handbook and councils are visited regularly by Senatus members.


Malabo Regia: Three attached praesidia reported. They have good membership including new members but it is difficult to fill praesidia officer vacancies. Home visitation is carried out inviting the contacts to Mass or to consider Legion membership. The elderly living alone are also visited as well as some members who have not returned to the Legion after the Pandemic. They assist in the parishes teaching catechism or teaching people to say the Rosary.

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There will be elections at the June meeting for the President and Assistant Secretary.

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Permission was granted to send 2 Concilium Representatives – Sr. Maureen Mc Manus and Sr. Helen Murphy - to visit the New York Senatus Meeting in September 2023.

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We have six projects so far with requests for a further two projects. Our first two projects will take place from 10th – 17th June, one going to St. John Fisher Merton, in London with 10 volunteers.

A second team on the same date is going to St. Dunstan’s parish in Kent with 12 members on the team.

The next project is from 17th to 24th June and the team is complete.

There are four projects in July for which we urgently need volunteers.

So far we have one project in August. Again, we need Volunteers for this team.

Please pray for the success of these projects and that the number of Volunteers required will be available for this very laudable work.

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Clonmel Project:
A team of eight young legionaries took part in the Clonmel project. Legionaries called to homes in a newly built housing estate, and organised night fever in the Church of St. Peter and Pauls.

As a result of the project Fr. Nicholas Grace is committed to working with the Legion and has attended the last two consecutive meetings. The local praesidium gained 1 new member. The Night Fever Adoration was special; the Parish Priest in Saint Peter and Pauls was really pleased with the sheer number of people who came in to light a candle. Several people received the sacrament of confession including a man who hadn’t been to confession for 20 years.

Derry Project:
A project to Derry will take place in July.

Young Adult Conference:

Preparations for the Young Adult Conference are proceeding well. We hope to have flyers and posters ready for the next Concilium meeting in June. We ask all Irish councils to promote and support the conference by sponsoring young adults.

World Youth Day 2023:
14 pilgrims will travel to WYD in Lisbon this August.

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