Concilium Bulletin May 2019



Carlow Comitium has 6 praesidia attached including one recently revived. Child Safeguarding is being attended to and is on the agenda of each Comitium meeting. Tinryland praesidium members visit homes with copies of Maria Legionis. They also visit a hospital and a nursing home. One member attends the meeting of the revived praesidium in Askea. Laois Curia: Efforts are on-going with regard to getting the new praesidium in Mountmellick firmly established.

Elphin Comitium: Ballinameen praesidium has 4 members and 20 auxiliaries. Works include promotion of the Five First Saturdays. North Elphin Curia: A discussion took place at the February meeting on reaching out to youth and regarding new members for the Legion. Some ideas put forward were: contacting D.J.’s on local radio with an appeal to promote Legion events; praying the Rosary on radio; debates between atheists and people of faith, and Deus et Patria. As there are other Legion Youth Conferences being organised in the region, it was suggested that the Curia focus on a Conference open to all ages in the autumn.

Tuam Comitium has 9 senior praesidia with 42 members, 240 auxiliaries, 4 Praetorians and one Adjutorian, plus one intermediate praesidium with 7 members. Comitium members continue to staff the office at Our Lady of Knock Shrine on a rota basis. The Acies took place in Mountbellew on 22 March. Cahoerlistrane praesidium members visit nursing homes where former Legion active members, auxiliaries and a Spiritual Director are resident. They helped the Parish Priest with preparations for ceremonies at Easter and Christmas. Tuam praesidium has 10 members and one probationer, 65 auxiliaries and one Adjutorian. They recite the Rosary at a local grotto every Friday and are joined by passers-by including young people who are invited to participate. Two senior members attend a girl’s intermediate praesidium. They helped with extension work in Headford. Corrandulla praesidium members visit homes weekly with a statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They are very well received particularly by young couples and those living alone. Claremorris Curia has 5 senior praesidia with 40 members and 3 junior praesidia with 66 members, 57 auxiliaries and 11 Praetorians. Westport Curia has 5 senior praesidia with 31 members, 2 junior praesidia with 23 members, 2 Praetorians, 12 Adjutorians and 125 auxiliaries.


Achonry Curia: Swinford praesidium undertakes visitation of the local geriatric hospital. The patients are very glad to receive Miraculous Medals and Brown Scapulars. They also visit a facility where physically and mentally handicapped adults reside and also undertake home visitation.

Clonfert Curia: The Curia Retreat conducted by Fr. Killian Byrne was held in Knock in March. Legionaries from Clonfert attended the Congress organised by Galway Curia. Tynagh praesidium has 7 members, including 4 Praetorians and they have 10 auxiliaries. The visitation of the sick and elderly in their homes and nursing homes is undertaken. Works of another praesidium include visiting 2 nursing homes, the housebound and bereaved families. Miraculous Medals, leaflets and copies of Maria Legionis are distributed.

Ferns Curia: At the December meeting there was a lengthy discussion on future planning for the Legion. One of the suggestions made was to approach more schools and speak to the students on the lives of the saints, the Rosary and the sacrifices made by the Irish people in order to attend Mass during the Penal Times. The works of a praesidium with 6 members include holding of Patrician meetings, street contact and home visitation. They organised a welcome-home Mass for lapsed Catholics which had an attendance of 30 and a Vigil of Adoration was held in February. One member entered the priesthood. The Curia recruited new members.

Galway Curia: A reporting praesidium has 5 members. They undertake street contact at the Cathedral and at Eyre Square, Galway city. This is very challenging work and they meet students, immigrants and homeless people. A Congress organised by Galway Curia was held on 3rd May in conjunction with Tuam Comitium and Clonfert Curia. The theme was ‘Bring the Light of Christ to All.’

Killala Curia: Knockmore praesidium has 5 members who visit homes and hospitals, undertake Pilgrim statue visitation and 2 members help with the Folk Group and Choir. Their junior praesidium will be celebrating their 60th Anniversary in May 2019. Cooneal praesidium has 4 members and 24 auxiliaries. Works include parish-support activities. Kilglass praesidium has 5 members who visit homes with the Pilgrim statue and also nursing homes. The February Patrician meeting on ‘Love and St. Valentine’ had 8 Patricians present. The photographic display of Eucharistic Miracles takes place in various parishes. The Children of the Eucharist initiative to involve children in half-hour Adoration is on-going to schools in Killala Diocese.

Kilkenny Curia: The Annual Reunion was a success with an attendance of 25. Their Spiritual Director and 3 officers attended the January Concilium meeting and said that the welcome and hospitality were exceptional. The members were very impressed with the structure of the Concilium meeting and the Rosary being recited in Latin.


Veneranda Curia has a total membership of 53 active legionaries among 11 praesidia, including 1 junior praesidium. Works of a 6 member praesidium include the sale of Catholic newspapers and book barrow apostolate. Two senior members are officers in the junior praesidium. Other members are on the parish Baptism team and supervise in the Central Catholic library. Home visitation in a new housing estate brought many good contacts; young families were offered Holy Water, prayer leaflets and local Mass times. Approximately 200 Scapulars were distributed and enrolment took place at two Sunday Masses on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Bethlehem Curia has 42 active legionaries among 9 praesidia. Reports were given by two praesidia in Dublin city centre with a total membership of 12 active and 59 auxiliary members. Home visitation is undertaken in local estates. An Indian Sikh man who attends Mass and expressed interest in the Catholic faith was encouraged to talk to the priest about the RCIA course. Legionaries prayed a Consecration to the Sacred Heart with a man struggling with addiction and a non-practising man said he would attend Mass. Four homes were consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Two members engage in outreach to the circus and Spanish-speaking communities. A Mass and blessing attended by all residents took place in two circuses. Free English-language classes are given weekly to newly-arrived Spanish-speaking immigrants and students as well as practical advice on faith matters.

Presentata Curia: Two praesidia from the Regina Coeli hostel reported a membership of 14 and 12 active with 7 probationary members. 3 members took their Promise and 4 members are indoor volunteers from abroad, who work at the hostel five days a week. 54 single women were admitted to the hostel during the past year. Residents help with Readings and Hymns at Sunday Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered before Sunday Mass. One resident, a Buddhist, received catechesis and was received into the Catholic Church at Easter. Another resident, a young pregnant woman was very grateful for the support she received at the hostel and had the joy of the birth of her baby on Easter Sunday. A monthly prayer meeting takes place for the Cause of Frank Duff.

Exaltata Curia has 58 active legionaries among 7 praesidia, including 1 junior praesidium. The works of a praesidium of 5 active members include home Enthronements and Consecrations of families to the Two Hearts, distribution of the ‘Alive’ newspaper and organisation of a daily Holy Hour. A praesidium of 14 active members and 7 auxiliaries undertakes work in the Morning Star hostel – reception, cooking, shopping, cleaning and serving meals to residents. Other works include crowd contact in Temple Bar and home visitation.

Porta Coeli Curia has 36 active legionaries in 10 praesidia. The Acies was attended by more than 30 members. Pilgrim statue apostolate is a popular work. Works of one praesidium include home visitation, apostolate with two Pilgrim statues, setting up of May altars in the homes visited with a great response from parishioners. On this work the Spiritual Director accompanies the legionaries and many families have received house blessings as a result. They also distribute many copies of the ‘Alive’ Catholic newspaper. Another praesidium distributes 65 copies of Maria Legionis.

Consolata Curia has 46 active members among 11 praesidia, including a junior praesidium. Two praesidia reported a total membership of 12 full and 2 probationary members. Works include home visitation, visits to a day-care centre and two nursing homes. A local halting site is visited and the Rosary recited in the summer months with up to 30 residents of all ages attending to pray and sing hymns. First Saturday devotions are promoted and there is much demand among parishioners for the Pilgrim statue of Our Lady, which is brought to a new home each week. Weekly Adoration is organised and 50 copies of the Maria Legionis are delivered quarterly. A parish Legion shop is staffed in the Church at all weekend Masses.



Mexico City Senatus: A new president and Vice President of Senatus were recently elected. A number of councils have been visited. A meeting for correspondents, extension workers and PPC organisers took place with an attendance of 40. Two of the group offered to be correspondents and 17 volunteered for Peregrinatio Pro Christo. With a team of legionaries, in a parish in the Texcoco Diocese 1,700 families were visited and 110 auxiliaries recruited, 510 received the Pilgrim statue and three new praesidia were set up. A praesidium in Tejalpa runs a Patrician meeting and promotes the Pioneer movement.

Merida Senatus: There are about 20,000 active members including 1,000 probationers; they have 12,000 auxiliaries. Of the 28 Curiae affiliated to the Senatus one is located in a prison. The attached Curiae and Comitia reported many couples prepared to regularise their marriages. All councils carry out regular home visitation and in the course of the visitation many families who have joined the sects are met. In one prison there are 5 praesidia of men and one of women. This year, for the first time, the prison authorities allowed the Legion to celebrate the Acies ceremony with Holy Mass in the prison. 36 legionaries made the individual act of consecration. 492 homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. Regia of Monterrey: 5 Curiae and 2 praesidia reported. A recently set up Curia organised Novenas and Rosaries with prisoners. A Curia with 12 praesidia set up a new praesidium, has another in formation, and a third was helped to build up again. Guadalajara Regia: 4 praesidia and 2 Curiae reported. A praesidium with 9 members organised Stations of the Cross and talks during Lent. They also assist the Parish Priest to organise house Masses. A sick contact returned to Confession after 40 years. A Curia reported home visitation, preparing couples for the Sacrament of Marriage and children for First Holy Communion. After many visits a young couple received the Sacrament of Marriage and baptised their children. Durango Regia: Promoting the consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart has been very successful. Hermosillo Regia: The Regia has a new team of officers and they are very dedicated and working enthusiastically. At the request of the Bishops of Tijuana and Mexicali the two Curiae, one in each Diocese have been successfully transferred to the Regia of Hermosillo from the Senatus of Los Angeles. They have also resumed regular contact with Concilium.



Senatus of Tegucigalpa: An attached Comitium is 35 years in existence; it started with 6 Curiae and now has 14. A new Comitium was set up last year. The influence of the Legion in different councils throughout the country is very positive. The attached councils give prompt reports and correspondence to the Senatus. Due to transport difficulties attendance at some of the council meetings is not good but it is improving. Special attention is paid to families and young people in the apostolate.


San Salvador Senatus: A new President and Vice President were elected and a new Spiritual Director was appointed by the Episcopal Conference. Works include home visitation and visits to nursing homes and prisons. They have contact with lapsed Catholics and Protestants. A celebration of the Word in the women’s prison with refreshments afterwards was very successful. The women were very pleased with this gesture; they said they feel forgotten by society. An attached Regia reported setting up 11 praesidia and a Comitium was established. A former legionary was ordained to the priesthood.

Panama Regia: The Regia is very grateful to Concilium for sending Sr. Noelia Garcia to the World Youth Day in Panama; she organised the stand which as well as promoting the Legion was a meeting place for legionaries from different countries. The celebrations for the Centenary of the Legion were also discussed and encouraged. A plan for extension is in place, a young legionary from Costa Rica now living in Panama is setting up 2 praesidia in a new parish.


Senatus of San José: 2 Comitia, 3 Curiae and one praesidium reported. An attached Curia has a plan to set up two praesidia each year and so far this objective is being accomplished. Another Curia plans to do an Exploratio Dominicalis each month. Visitation of the councils is difficult due to poor transport and bad roads.


Regia of Managua: Due to the political situation, the members of the praesidia in María Auxiliadora Curia in the Department of Masaya were unable to continue functioning for a period of time. However, thanks to the Parish Priest and the legionaries, they have reorganised and reactivated the praesidia with positive results. One Curia set up a new praesidium with the help of another praesidium and in Leon a new praesidium is in formation and a junior praesidium has been reorganised.



Visakhapatnam Regia has 5 Comitia attached with 25 directly affiliated Curiae. The number of praesidia has increased by 13 in a six-month period. Catholics, Protestants, Hindus and Muslims are contacted in the course of their works.

Chennai Regia: One Curia reported an increase of 20 members while another Curia brought 456 people to Confession. Coimbatore Comitium: Works include: home visitation, preparing people for the Sacraments, visiting and consoling prisoners.

Kottar Regia: Works done by one praesidium is counselling of alcoholics, visiting the bereaved, promoting the Rosary, and conducting Sunday Catechism. By way of fulfilling Devotion to the Nation apostolate they clean streets and public places. Work reports from the Comitia include tutoring of students, visiting inmates in jail and helping people back to the Sacraments. 2,000 took part in a Rosary Procession and 36 legionaries went on Exploratio Dominicalis projects.

Kerala Senatus: Alappuzha Comitium has 20 Curiae attached. 3,905 homes were enthroned to the Sacred Heart and the Pilgrim statute was taken to 685 homes. 168 persons returned to practice of the faith. The correspondent is encouraging more emphasis on extension of the Legion.

Pondicherry Senatus: In a 3 month period 5 praesidia, 4 Curiae and 2 Comitia reported. Homes and hospitals are visited and people of many faiths are encountered in the course of their varied apostolate.

Karnataka Senatus lists all those praesidia and councils that report and are visited. Very little information is provided on membership and works undertaken. Mass was celebrated in November to mark their 75th Anniversary.

Mumbai Senatus members obtain great support from Parish Priests. The legionaries visit couples of mixed marriages, promote the Rosary and held Holy Hours for special children. They also organise Inter-faith prayers groups.


The Curia in Nepal has 3 praesidia attached.


The 80th Anniversary of the arrival of the Legion in Myanmar (formerly Burma) took place with a good attendance. The Rosary is widely promoted including at Lourdes grottos during May and October.


Sri Lanka has been devastated with weather events and prayer is sought for the legionaries in this country.


Rosary groups have been set up. Legionaries bring comfort to people with problems and encourage couples to have their children baptised. Lukewarm Catholics are encouraged to be more involved in the Church. Disadvantaged children are helped.


The correspondent has written to the Curia President asking for the minutes to be sent to Concilium more frequently. He has offered any help the Concilium can give to overcome difficulties they might be encountering.


The correspondent has expressed gratitude at receiving the monthly Minutes instead of sending a large batch at the one time. Great support is provided by the priests to the Legion. Much work is done at praesidium level to help people to be true to their faith. The legionaries find it difficult to recruit younger members due to work commitments, running of small businesses and emigration. All reports indicate that people are being brought into the Church, families are reconciled, abortions are being prevented and lapsed Catholics are returning to practice.



Paris Senatus: A praesidium in Paris has 11 full members and 1 probationer. Works include hospital visits, helping at the Chaplaincy and preparation of Mass with the liturgy team. Valence Regia: Bro. Paul Guillier was elected President of the Regia and has reinforced the importance of recruitment. One Curia has 9 praesidia totalling 66 active and 115 auxiliaries. One praesidium visited families, encountering people of various religions, lapsed Catholics, and co-habiting couples; one such couple had 11 un-baptised children. After numerous visits and prayers the parents were married and seven children were baptised on the same day. Another Curia has 16 praesidia totalling 144 active and 665 auxiliaries. A praesidium in this Curia organises monthly Mass for families with alcohol issues. After Mass the Frank Duff prayer is recited for parishioners with alcohol problems. The fruits of this effort included a 20 year old with a drink-problem and a gentleman with an addiction to alcohol for more than 30 years giving up alcohol. An elderly sick lady who had not practised the faith in 50 years and who had refused the Sacrament of the Sick, after several visits agreed to see a priest, made her Confession and received Holy Communion.


Amsterdam Regia: Christmas carols were sung in the red light district before Christmas. Despite low membership legionaries in the English-speaking praesidium do home visitation, visit the sick and elderly and organise a block Rosary. Extension is on-going and they hope to organise an Exploratio Dominicalis project.

Brussels Senatus: The works of two praesidia with 8 and 6 members are home and hospital visitation, visiting those living alone and a nursing home to prepare residents for Mass. A family who had become involved with a sect were visited. One daughter had 4 children and had been abandoned by her husband. The legionaries advised the mother to pray the Rosary morning and evening. On a subsequent visit they found that the mother had returned to practice each Sunday and that her daughter had become much more positive in her outlook.


Birmingham Senatus: 5 praesidia reports feature, all engaging in good apostolate. In a follow up to the Peregrinatio Pro Christo project in Sheldon last year 3 lapsed attend Mass regularly and 4 contacts joined the RCIA course. The legionaries in Kits Green Parish were instrumental in one person joining the Catholic Church and later getting married there. In another Parish a lady lapsed for many years agreed to see a priest who heard her Confession and she received Holy Communion. Night Fever Apostolate was carried out in Solihull in November where over 90 people visited the Church; these included Sikhs, Hindus and Moslems. Some people went to Confession. Many good contacts were also made on the street. Bristol Curia set up a new praesidium in St. Patrick’s Parish, Redfields. An Exploratio Dominicalis project was carried out by 12 legionaries. West Birmingham Curia organises a Rosary each Thursday at lunchtime in a Secondary school and two legionaries go into the school each week to give a talk on an aspect of the faith.

Councils under the caretakership of Birmingham Senatus: Swansea Curia: The programme of works include an outreach to street girls on Swansea High Street, crowd contact at the bus and train stations and homosexual apostolate at a gay bar.

Northampton Comitium has a total active membership of 84, with 220 auxiliaries. Two Officers of Birmingham Senatus recently visited the Comitium.

Liverpool Senatus: Leeds Curia has 3 praesidia with a total of 21 active and 32 auxiliary members and Warrington Curia has 3 praesidia with a total of 24 active members. Works include home and prison visitation, street contact, book barrow, visitation of schools and assisting with Baptism preparation.

Southwark Comitium: Attached Curiae are very active with recruiting and extension. A recruiting drive was held in Streatham in March. The Comitium is in contact with a lady from Canterbury who is anxious to start a praesidium. A Muslim man had the Fatima statue in his home for a week. A Muslim lady accepted a Miraculous Medal. Central London Curia has 22 praesidia. Fr. Lawrence Lew O.P. is the new Spiritual Director. Reports were taken from 5 praesidia. A number of these do home visitation and crowd contact work with very good contacts being made. A Muslim lady expressed an interest in learning more about the Catholic faith.

Brentwood Comitium: A praesidium of 10 active and 135 auxiliary members recites the Rosary with residents in a nursing home and while doing Pilgrim statue visitation distribute Miraculous Medals. A lady in a nursing home requested a visit from a priest and received Holy Communion.


Senatus of Frankfurt: Regia of Munich has 2 Comitia, 9 Curiae, and 8 praesidia with 350 active and 4000 auxiliary members. The Curia of North West Munich arranged with a cinema owner to show the Fatima film with a display stand of spiritual books in the cinema. One member took the Legion promise. Intensive street apostolate and book barrow work was carried out in December. The Living Rosary was explained and offered to people. A priest in the Diocese of Eichstaett presented the Legion of Mary in the Easter edition of his parish bulletin. 14 legionaries took part in a Spring School in March which included street contact apostolate. Comitium of Freiburg has 3 Curiae, 3 praesidia with 58 active, 4 Praetorian, 636 auxiliary and 103 Adjutorian members. They undertake home visitation and services of the Word. One Curia organises 6 hours of adoration each week and their legionaries do hostel visitation, organise adoration and a service of repentance/atonement. Three members have recently taken the Promise. Other communities have been invited to a special day of reflection organised by legionaries. The theme of this day is ‘The Renewal of the Church through Prayer’. Curia Saarlouis has 3 praesidia with 17 active and 170 auxiliary members. Works include distribution of the Miraculous Medal, bringing people to Mass and encouraging them to go to Confession. In one case a legionary encouraged her doctor, after many discussions, to go to Confession. Another legionary accompanied a dying person over a long period of time.

Regia Cologne has 7 praesidia, 2 Comitia, 3 Curiae with 257 active and 1,398 auxiliary members. One Curia, with the support of women from Ethiopia and Eritrea, organised a ‘Coffee to Stay’ gathering. Their effort was acknowledged in the local newspaper as a sign against intolerance. A Syrian Catholic has joined the Legion. Legionaries also help conduct Alpha courses and they represent the Legion at the Lutheran Church Day Conference.

Comitium Berlin has 8 praesidia, one Curia with 4 praesidia, 111 active, 21 Praetorian, 249 auxiliary and 7 Adjutorian members. In one praesidium, 2 members have completed the 4 year course in ‘Messengers of Mercy’. Monthly Eucharistic prayer takes place in a convent for the beatification of Bro. Duff whose prayer leaflets are in all parishes which have the Legion of Mary. Other works include home, hospital and nursing home visitation, and a monthly 11km Pilgrim walk with the Rosa Mystica Madonna, visiting three Churches.

Councils under Frankfurt Senatus: Comitium Zurich has 10 praesidia, with 53 active, 3 probationary and 2400 auxiliary members and also a Curia in Norway. Information on the Legion is displayed in Wallis (an area belonging to the Diocese of Sitten) where the priest is interested in having the Legion in his parish. A school for officers will take place in Switzerland in July. Swiss legionaries will assist in a PPC project organised by the Senatus of Vienna in Basel. The praesidium of Lucerne is caring for a Serbian woman who is learning about the faith through the Legion. The legionaries are helping her through great difficulties. A legionary presented the Rosary at an evening of praise and worship in a Lutheran community.


The Curia in Siberia has 5 praesidia with 20 active members and 12 auxiliaries. Works include visitation of the sick and elderly, distribution of Miraculous Medals, care of people with special needs and accompanying the priest on his visits to villages. The number of legionaries in Siberia is growing and the priest in Novosibirisk is trying to establish a praesidium in the region of Irkutsk.


Kokschetau Curia has 6 praesidia with 40/50 members. The Curia met in January despite weather of -37c. 12 legionaries attended one Curia meeting including a legionary from the newly formed praesidium in Sowenskoje. Works include visitation of the sick and elderly and graveside prayers. The priest there shows an extraordinary interest in the three Legion Causes and hopes to extend the Legion to more villages. Archbishop Tomas Peta and Bishop Athanasius Schneider are following with interest the growth of the Legion in Kazakstan. Bro. Gledhill and Sr. Metzier take care of the Legion in Siberia and Kazakstan and both have at their own expense, taken Russian-language lessons.


Senatus of Scotland: Legionaries from the Senatus were invited to Parliament. The event was in recognition of the Catholic Church’s place in Scotland; 8 Bishops were present. The legionaries spoke with two Bishops who told them about areas where extension could be done. Following on extension drive in St. Michaels, Parkhead, 5 parishioners attend a weekly Legion meeting. Schools are visited to promote the Rosary. The visit on behalf of Concilium by Sr. Sile Ni Chochlain and Dr. Evie Monaghan to the function to promote the Cause of Bro. Frank Duff was much appreciated by the legionaries and the information given was most informative.

DENMARK (praesidia directly attached to Concilium)

The praesidium in Copenhagen holds its meetings each Sunday at 3 pm with an average attendance of between 10 and 13 members. Works being done are visiting the sick and others in need of visitation.


The praesidium in Tonsberg has 8 active and 24 auxiliary members and is fully officered. One Norwegian lady was recently received into the Church and is very interested in becoming an active legionary. The praesidium in Drammen has 9 active and 20 auxiliary members. Enthronement to the Sacred Heart was carried out. Both praesidia attended the Acies ceremony.



Brazzaville Senatus: Three praesidia and 8 higher councils have a total of 3,300 active and 80 probationary members. Works include home visitation, teaching catechism and outreach to people of different faiths as well as visiting the sick and prisoners. 8 people requested Baptism and 38 people returned to the Sacraments. Senatus officers visited 3 Comitia, 2 Curiae and held formation sessions on the government of the Legion, the duties of officers and of legionaries. One new Curia was established. A Curia held a formation session for its 20 probationary members.


Senatus of Abidjan: 4 praesidia, 1 Curia, 6 Comitia and one Regia gave their reports. They have a combined membership of 15,324 and 2,762 probationers. The fruits of their home visitation included many families reconciled, marriages regularised, returns to Holy Mass and many receiving the Sacraments. They recruited 2,203 catechumens and have 544 legionaries teaching Catechism to 7,596 catechumens. One new Curia and six new praesidia were established. Sr. Christine Yao was appointed Correspondent for the Republic of Mali.


Douala Senatus: The Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Douala, Mgr. Dieudonné Bayemeck was welcomed to the meeting. A new Curia is being set up. One year after a PPC project in Eseka, 3 new praesidia were inaugurated, which brings to 4 the number of praesidia as a result of the PPC project and to 5 the number of praesidia in the Diocese. There are also reports of new praesidia in the Regia of Bertoua and in Bafoussam and various Comitia, among them a new junior group of 25 members. There is a youth praesidium in a prison. Edea has 3 junior praesidia. Prayers are asked for the legionaries in Limbe Comitium where there is political unrest.


Lomé Senatus: Works include home and hospital visitation, visits to the University campuses, catechesis, book barrow and Patricians. Extension work is on-going with many Exploratio Dominicalis projects. There is a new Curia in Apedokoe and numerous new praesidia, 1 being an English-speaking junior praesidium. In Tsevie 5 new praesidia are being set up including 1 junior praesidium. In Kpalime a praesidium was started in the prison. They also run a Frank Duff prayer group. A great number of abortions were prevented and many conversions took place, one of which was of a dying woman. Work has begun on the new Legion house in Baguida.


Dakar Comitium: The Comitium has 208 adult praesidia in 7 Curiae. Works include home and prison visitation and catechesis classes. They reported returns to Sunday Mass, 2 marriages regularised, 12 conversions and 20 new catechumens.


Regia of Malabo: After instruction a couple received the Sacrament of Matrimony. Legionaries attend wakes where they lead prayers and hymns. There are 3 praesidia on the Island of Annobon where the Legion was recently established. They are continuing to recruit in order to increase the number of praesidia on the Island.


The Legion was founded in Burkina Faso, (then known as Upper Volta), by the Legion’s extension worker from Paris, Sr. Marie Claire Froc in the early 1950’s. She gave the six months prior to her wedding to this mission which, with the help of the White Fathers, was blessed with success. The late Bro. Xavier Kinda formed a praesidium which met in his own backyard. He became President of the Curia which became the Comitium of Ouagadougou. For a time due to civil unrest contact with Concilium ceased except for one praesidium which kept in contact. In the early 1970’s contact was renewed and extension revived. Today however, correspondence with the Comitium of Ouagadougou has been interrupted once more. Sr. Odette Dié, visited Bobo-Dioulasso in an effort to rectify matters. As a result, it is hoped that news on Legion matters will reach Concilium in the near future.


Regia of Cotonou in Benin Republic is another case where exchanges of information have faltered. Readers are asked to pray that communication with this area may soon be restored, especially as the Regia also looks after the Legion in the Republics of Gabon and Niger.