Concilium Bulletin May 2018


Mexico, Mexico City Senatus: The Legion Statutes, translated into Spanish, have been distributed to all attached councils. The attached Regia of Puebla has undertaken a PPC project to Veracruz. The Regia of Leon needs prayer; they have just 2 Regia officers for the last number of months. The Izcalli comitium is a new vibrant comitium, 6 new praesidia have been set up and 6 new members have been recruited to existing praesidia. Three young addicts have been rehabilitated, 4 couples regularised their marriages and 7 contacts returned to the Church. The attached comitium of Oaxaca reported that 5 families converted as a result of the offer to have their homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart. True Devotion to the Nation includes reports of free dental inspections for pensioners and those of low income.

Merida Senatus: The attached Regia of Tuxla Gutierraz reported that 71 of the 75 parishes in the Regia area have a Legion presence, with 8 comitia, 28 curiae and 21 praesidia. All reports indicate home visitation and care of the sick, with large numbers returning to the practice of the faith and reception of the sacraments. Of 2,000 people contacted in a recruiting drive, 50 joined the Legion.

Guadalajara Regia: An attached curia visits hospital and the sick in their homes. Two couples agreed to regularise their marriage. After visiting the homes of one parish, many families invited the parish Priest to bless their homes. Two new praesidia are in formation.

Durango Regia: The attached comitium of Mazatlan reported an increase in active and auxiliary members. Results show increase in Church attendance particularly by young people. A praesidium organised a retreat for families and single mothers, resulting in 3 marriages regularised. 10 members of the prison praesidium made their promise, 2 others were released and the Acies ceremony was celebrated in the prison for members of the prison praesidium.

Monterrey Regia: As well as the usual works, the legionaries also organise Public Rosaries with very good attendance. Book barrow work is also very successful. A club for children with special needs is run by legionaries, this club includes a catechism class.


Tegucigalpa Senatus: The Senatus reported a good attendance at a day of recollection despite the country’s difficulties. The Spiritual Director encouraged personal formation, spirituality and the recruitment of large numbers of auxiliaries; he values the power of prayer. As a result of extra efforts in recruiting, a number of praesidia have been set up. A new comitium in Comayaguela will be set up soon. The comitium in Dahl reported that resulting from division of the diocese they are now located in the new diocese.

El Salvador

Senatus of San Salvador: There are two Regia, 4 comitia, 5 curiae and 17 praesidia attached to the Senatus. Attendance at the Senatus meeting is 74% approx. A PPC was organised in the Ahuachapán diocese of Santa Ana with 28 legionaries taking part. They visited 1200 homes in different little villages. A large number of adults and young people agreed to join the new praesidia to be set up on completion of the project. Among the works are street contact and catechesis including, catechesis in the prison and for groups of protestants. 27 returned to the Church. Legionaries conducted Holy week ceremonies in distant villages where there is no priest or only a slight possibility of a visiting priest.


The Legion in Cuba is under the caretakership of the Senatus of Merida. Following the work of a PPC team from Merida and Arlington Regia USA to the diocese of Cienfuego in 2017, 6 praesidia were set and in November 2017, a curia was set up. There are 9 parishes in the diocese and the Legion is set up in 6 of them. The works of the praesidia is mainly home visitation and street contact. A large number of families had their homes consecrated and large numbers returned to the practice of the faith and to the sacraments. Extension is now being carried out in the Santi Spiritus province where there are 3 praesidia and hopefully there will be a new curia in the near future.


Managua Regia: A praesidium teaching adult catechism arranged for a 34 year old man to be received into the Church. There was a 10% increase in the attendance at the January meeting due mainly to the fact that officers who had a 100% attendance at the Regia meetings the previous year were acknowledged. As a result of the preparation for Confirmation; 5 young boys joined the Legion in Granada. A junior and a senior praesidium were setup.

Costa Rica Senatus: An attached curia set up 3 new praesidia. Legionaries help mothers who have children with drug problems. The Senatus is giving special attention to the councils where they are having difficulties persevering. Fr. Gerardo Rodriguez, former Spiritual Director of the Senatus died, may he rest in peace.

Panama Regia: One comitium and 3 praesidia reported during this period. Big efforts are made to recruit and extend. Home visitation, street contact and book barrow work are carried out. They regret that the Regia and some of the councils don’t have Spiritual Directors. All the correspondents report up to date contact with their councils.



Chennai Regia celebrated a special Mass, with 500 present, for the Centenary of Our Lady of Fatima. Among works reported were home and hospital visitation to all faiths and catechism taught. 3 praesidia, 3 curiae and 2 comitia reported, including the Port Blair Comitium (Andaman Islands), which holds a night vigil each month commencing at 8 p.m. concluding at 5 a.m. with Mass to start and conclude at which about 100 people attend.

Pondicherry Senatus had reports from 5 praesidia, 1 curia and 1 comitium. All faiths are met in the course of works. They assisted 60 who were alcoholics including some non Catholics. Renovation on their premises which had gone into disrepair was completed and marked with a Mass on 21 January. In Kerala Senatus, one example of a reporting council is Ernakulam Comitium. It has 10 curiae comprising 133 praesidia with 2,780 active, 440 probationers, 1,278 praetorian and 604 adjutorian members. They also have 89 junior members. Usual works are carried out including Enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart.

Karnataka Senatus are making good efforts to extend the Legion in Belgaum Diocese both locally and to distant outstations. Kottar Regia Works reported include counselling alcoholics, promoting family Rosary, Sunday Catechism, marriage preparation courses, having marriages rectified in Church. Seminars were held on Legion themes; spirit and object, duty of officers, Legion structure etc. Madurai Comitium marked its Golden Jubilee with a special Mass on 12th November. 2 comitia in suffragen diocese of Madurai Archdiocese were affiliated to the Regia. Vishakhapatnam Regia minutes up to March were received. The Correspondent has requested more detail especially in regard to praesidia and council reports. Elections for 3 officers expired in March but it is not clear if the elections were carried out correctly.

Mumbai Senatus Arrangements are made for Baptisms of children and adults; visitation is carried out in the slum areas of the city where legionaries are well received. The have great success with Prison ministry. Juniors bring their friends to visit the Blessed Sacrament. True Devotion to Our Lady is widely promoted. Calcutta Comitium and Nepal Curia, both attached to the Senatus, are growing as a result of the great care given to them by the Senatus.


The Regia at Nha Trang presented its 13th report having 5 Comitia, 20 senior and 16 junior curiae with 3,685 senior, 702 praetorian, 4,626 auxiliary and 807 adjutorian members, in addition to 1,970 junior members. A lot of their territory is distant from the city with minority ethnic and Chinese peoples. They wish to raise another Comitium to build up the Legion in mission territory.

THAILAND: The Chinese curia having 6 praesidia, arranges bible study and catechism classes. Prisoners are visited. Of 5 taking instruction 3 were baptised.

MYANMAR are now sending minutes regularly. Home and Hospital visitation feature, marriage arranged for 15 Catholics and 5 non Catholics, 100 people were baptised. Details of the strength of the Legion in the other dioceses are awaited.

SRI LANKA Senatus report that legionaries arranged Mass in a prison on Christmas day with the Bishop in attendance. 3,000 in one area and 4,000 in another area attended a Rosary Rally in October. The junior curia has the Legion in 4 schools, 4 parishes, and 2 seminaries. Rosary and Miraculous Medal was promoted, Sunday schools were arranged as well as bookbarrow after Sunday Mass. Children in the slum areas were visited and taught catechism. Children in cancer hospital were visited. 500 legionaries attended a Youth Marian Day. There were many returns to the Sacraments including one person after 36 years.


Comitia: Carlow: The Comitium has 5 praesidia and one recently revived praesidium. There were 8 present at that meeting and there are 11 vacant officerships. Tinryland praesidium do home visitation, mainly for recruiting. Hospital and nursing home visitation is also done. Miraculous Medals are given to residents and nursing and care staff who request them. Miraculous Medals and Edel Quinn colouring books were given to children in the primary school. Graiguecullen praesidium has 5 members. Home visitation to invite people to have their homes blessed has received a positive response. The visitation of a St. Vincent de Paul Hostel is quite challenging and many searching questions are asked by the men. They are offered Miraculous Medals, Holy Water and other sacramentals. Five primary schools in the area were visited. Kildare Curia: Legionaries in Naas visited the 6th class in the local school and have one pair of legionaries on home visitation weekly. Newbridge praesidium is struggling.

Tuam Comitium have 8 Senior praesidia and one Intermediate praesidium and 2 Curiae attached. A praesidium in Tuam has 8 members and 65 auxiliaries and one adjutorian. Works include visiting homes with the pilgrim statue. They organized a Mass in a housing estate during the summer and involved the community in the singing, readings, etc. Two members attend the Intermediate praesidium. They visit 2 nursing homes weekly and participate in many ways in the parish. Corrandulla praesidium has 4 members who visit homes with the pilgrim statue and are received very well in this work. One young boy said the statue was on the kitchen table for the whole week.

Curiae: Achonry Curia has 3 praesidia attached. Kiltimagh praesidium has 5 members and 9 auxiliaries. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima is brought to homes. The Rosary is recited with residents in the local nursing home. Parishioners are taken to Knock for Mass and Confessions. For the centenary of Our Lady’s Apparition at Fatima they organised a public Rosary on the 13th of each month from May to October. Deacon Martin Lynch is assisting students from the community school with preparation for the St. John Paul 11 Awards. They are trained to read and serve at daily Mass. The priests of the parish, school Chaplain and transition year teacher are also involved in the St. John Paul 11 programme and Adoration was held in the school chapel for one school day.

Clonfert: A praesidium with 7 members, 4 of whom are praetorians and 10 auxiliaries in Tynagh parish visits the sick and elderly in their homes and nursing homes. Killoran praesidium distribute Miraculous Medals and prayer leaflets in 2 nursing homes and have 26 auxilaries. Bereaved families as well as the sick and elderly are also visited.

Ferns: A praesidium in Gorey has a membership of 7 and they have 6 auxiliaries on roll. Recruitment for active and auxiliary members is done by personal contact. The core works are house to house and hospital visitation. During the Tinahely Show, 600 Miraculous Medals, leaflets and Rosaries were distributed. Masses were celebrated for the beatification of Frank Duff and Edel Quinn.

Galway: As there was no report at the January meeting there was a discussion on the duties of praesidia officers. There were 13 pairs doing visitation in the Doughishka Project. The legionaries distributed the parish newsletter, Miraculous Medals etc. There is a lot of diversity in this area including religious denominations. A reporting praesidium has a membership of 4 who do home visitation but due to low membership they did very little visitation this year. Occasionally they visit ex legionaries in a nursing home.

Killala: Knockmore praesidium has 5 members, 2 praetorians and 150 auxiliaries. They visit with the pilgrim statue and visit the sick and do shopping for them when necessary. Cooneal praesidium has 4 members and 15 auxiliaries. They visit a nursing home and recite the Rosary. Morning Star praesidium in Ballina has 4 members who visit a local hospital and a nursing home. They helped to produce a leaflet for use by new sacristans and Eucharistic Ministers and assisted on the Legion stall in Ballina on Heritage Day. The Eucharistic Miracles Display is in continuous demand. They were in Knock on 28/29 April as requested for the World Meeting of Families.

Kilkenny: January meeting had 8 present, February 5 and March 10. The Curia Reunion took place on Friday 19th January. Members were asked to take leftover copies of the Maria Legionis and place them in the magazine rack in the parish church, with the permission of the Parish Priest, in order to help promote the Legion to parishioners.

Dublin Northside Curiae

Bethlehem Curia (with approx. 45 active members). The four members at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral undertake home visitation and promote Catholic newspapers and books at the Pro-Cathedral. Contact is mainly to practising Catholics who are invited to join the Legion as active or auxiliary members. During the year, 16 people accepted to try auxiliary membership and two visitors attended the meeting. A monthly Curia recruiting outreach takes place on O’ Connell Street. The nine members in Seán McDermott St undertake home visitation, street contact, hostel visitation and apostolate to Latino immigrants and students. Two circuses were visited leading to a blessing of the families, artists, tent men, caravans and animals. A funeral Mass was arranged for one of the senior members of the circus. A South American lady in prison who has no visitors looks forward to the weekly visit of the legionaries and enjoys discussing the Catholic faith with them.

Consolata Curia (70 active members) A praesidium of 8 active and 20 auxiliaries in Priorswood held a Mass of Thanksgiving for 40 years of working in the parish. One lady in the congregation, on hearing a legionary speak of Legion apostolate in the parish over the years, felt inspired to join the praesidium and is due to take her Promise soon. Continued visitation over time to the members of the Travelling community led to the formation of a weekly prayer group – favours attributed to the prayers of the group include a couple conceiving a baby after nine years and a young girl receiving a kidney transplant. Local priests in one area complimented the work of legionaries saying the arrival of the Legion was one of the best things to happen there. Visits to a day-care centre, reciting prayers at wakes and funerals and pilgrim statue visitation are among works undertaken by the four members in Skerries.

Exaltata Curia has approximately 50 active members. The 13 members of a men’s praesidium in the Morning Star hostel undertake tasks of cleaning, cooking, shopping and administration duties at the hostel, as well as hosting a Patrician group for residents and helping with the ‘Men’s Shed’. Some members do weekly crowd contact in Temple Bar. The ‘Alive’ and ‘Open Door’ papers are distributed to homes to promote the culture of life and marriage and family. Recruiting takes place in Temple Bar, on visitation and among friends.

Porta Coeli Curia (circa 45 active members) Patients in Clontarf Hospital are visited and invited to attend the weekly Mass in the hospital as well as a weekly Rosary recitation. Many express their gratitude to legionaries for leading the prayers. Four patients, lapsed for many years, stated their intent to return to practising their religion after their discharge from the hospital. Two immigrants were assisted with accommodation and personal difficulties.

Presentata Curia (approx. 120 members) The twelve full and one probationary member of Regina Coeli hostel praesidium are responsible for the overall administration and upkeep of the women’s hostel. Residents are encouraged to attend Sunday Mass, and some of them help with Readings and Hymns. Retreats were organised for the residents during Advent and Lent. Legionaries maintain contact with former residents who are in hospitals or nursing homes. Nine legionaries from overseas volunteered in the hostel this year, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. A retreat aimed at bar-staff took place on Good Friday. Six members attended recent youth conferences in Drogheda and Cork.

Veneranda Curia (circa 45 active members) Visitation to Mountjoy Prison is the main work of a nine member praesidium in Berkeley Road parish. Three inmates have become Pioneers and some have returned to Confession after many years. Spiritual books and cds, Rosaries, medals, holy pictures, Ven. Matt Talbot prayers and ‘Ireland’s Own’ magazines are offered by legionaries. The inmates have EWTN on their TVs and are encouraged by legionaries to watch it. The apostolate of the seven members in Finglas Parish includes book barrow, Catholic papers and home visitation. A junior praesidium was begun following the request of a legionary’s daughter for ‘a Legion for her own age’. At the request of the Curia to give the juniors meaningful work, homes were visited and people invited to pray the Rosary for Lent.


Belgium: In Brussels Senatus, a praesidium with 7 members in Laeken, does street contact work during which practising and non-believers are met. A praesidium of 7 members, in its first report, recite the Rosary before Mass at the request of the Curate and also support daily Adoration at the Cathedral and at Woulwe Church. A week-end Peregrinatio Conference took place from 9th- 11th February. During the afternoon of the Conference some crowd contact work was done.

Antwerp Regia: Because of age and low membership a lot of work of consolation is done as well as work over the phone. Some members do contact work at youth festivals and outside Antwerp Cathedral. The Curia in Maasijk has two praesidia with 12 and 5 members.

Holland: Amsterdam Regia highlighted extension done in Venlo and Amsterdam. Home to home visitation was done by the praesidium in Groningen.

France: Paris Senatus held a planning day for Officers in November. A Legion Booth was set up at a meeting in Paris where 80 participants including priests, religious and lay people from all over France discussed evangelisation and preparation for the International Gathering of young people to be held in Lourdes in July. Valence Regia has 14 attached praesidia and has Lyon Comitium with Lyon and Nice Curiae attached comprising in all 85 active members. The Regia visits “long distance” praesidia and recently visited praesidia in the dioceses of Grenoble and Viviers. In Madagascar, some legionaries had their homes completely destroyed by a cyclone in February but the legion meetings continue. In Pierrefonds, Reunion, the praesidium has 9 Active and 22 auxiliaries. Prison visitation is done and in the absence of the priest, a legionary brings Holy Communion to the prison.

Germany: Frankfurt Senatus: The Korean Curia celebrated its silver jubilee. In Geneva a group of Korean Diplomats wives have set up a new praesidium and it is being supported by the Korean Curia. Munich Regia is undertaking extension work and Patrician groups are organised in 3 Curiae. 50 officers took part in a school for officers organised by Berlin Comitium. 30 legionaries and 2 Spiritual Directors took part in a PPC project.

Denmark: Our Lady of Perpetual Help praesidium meets on Sunday at 3 pm with an attendance of 9-12 members. Members are involved in many parish activities and visit the sick and those in need.

Norway: The praesidium in Tonsberg has 8 active and 23 auxiliary members. Catechism classes are given to 7 children. A ‘3 day retreat’ was held in March. A ‘Day of Recollection’, which included Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, was organised by the praesidium in Drammen. There was an attendance of 25. The three praesidia in Bergen, Drammen and Tonsberg combined for the Acies.

Britain - Birmingham Senatus. Crowd contact and apostolate to homosexuals continues with good contacts being made. Night fever in Solihull resulted in 60 contacts visiting the Church. A mother and her daughter received Confession and returned to Mass the next day. Both expressed joy at being reunited with the Church. Resulting from statue visitation in the parish of Sheldon, many homes were blessed and consecrated to the Sacred Heart, and 2 families from the travelling community have returned to Mass. The junior curia has set up a new praesidium. Swansea Curia has 7 praesidia with active membership of 36. Works include contact work at train and bus stations, weekly visits to a gay bar and weekly street rescue. The new praesidium at Bedford in Northampton Comitium has 6 members and has full support of the Parish Priest. Total membership of the Comitium is 85 Active and 165 auxiliaries. Leicester Curia has 2 praesidia with 10 active and 26 auxiliary members. Their apostolate includes visits to care homes, the housebound and lapsed Catholics. Liverpool Senatus highlights religious instruction to children and visitation of the bereaved as works done by Our Lady of Liverpool praesidium. Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Curia reports all the traditional works being done with full use of the miraculous medal. Br and Sr. Kirstein from the Senatus visited Sweden in April. They attended the Curia meeting and a number of praesidia meetings. Legionaries there visit the sick and the housebound. A day of recollection for youth was organised.

In London, Southwark Comitium report hospital and nursing homes visitation. Lapsed Catholics are encouraged to return to practice. Extension work has taken place in all 4 dioceses and 2 new praesidia were set up following Peregrinatio projects. In Brentwood Comitium, 3 Senior Praesidia featured with 14, 7 and 6 active members. Home to home visitation and works of consolation are carried out. The works of a junior praesidium with 14 members are altar serving, church choir, and helping with care of the Church. The works of a praesidium of 8 members in Hammersmith Curia include the recitation of the Rosary prior to the funerals of parishioners, visitation of the sick in hospital and escorting the priest to hear Confessions. West Middlesex Curia highlighted a recruiting drive by Southall praesidium which yielded 2 new members. Brent and Harrow Curia and Enfield/Haringey Curia plan a joint Congress. Enfield &Haringey Curia have 7 Senior and 1 junior Praesidium, having started 3 Senior and the junior praesidium in the last 2 years. Central London Curia reported on works of home to home visitation, crowd contact and visitation with pilgrim statue.

Senatus of Scotland: Mystical Rose praesidium continues its great work at the Wayside Club and the Talbot Association. Some very interesting contacts were made at the Crib at Christmas. Annunciata Curia gained 4 new members following a recruiting drive. A praesidium with 9 members in Ayrshire Curia, whose main work is home visitation, focus on children for Baptism.

Visit to Concilium by Malta Regia Officers

Five Officers of Malta Regia were warmly welcomed to Concilium. Sr. Angela Buttigieg, President addressed the meeting and gave a comprehensive report on the legion in Malta and in the countries they caretake on behalf of Concilium. In Malta there is a praesidium in 66 of the 70 parishes and in Gozo all 15 parishes have praesidia. The junior movement also has good membership. There is good growth in the legion in Albania and a visit to Turkey is planned in June.


Senatus of Abidjan, Ivory Coast: 1 Regia, 7 Comitia, 1 Curia and 4 Praesidia reported. These have a combined membership of: 18,714 active members of whom 2,121 are praetorians; 1,880 auxiliaries of whom 466 are adjutorians; they have 2,942 probationers. Over 335,000 visits were made. They spoke to nearly 1 million people of whom 723,768 were Catholic. The remainder would include Methodists, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, various sects and people of no religion. They visited 268,587 sick people in their homes and 443,555 in hospitals. Homes reconciled 139; Marriages regularised 127; Returns to Holy Mass 241; Baptisms 2,373; Confirmations 5,129; Sacrament of Reconciliation 1,027; Sacrament of the Sick 362; Catechumens recruited 3,436. 548 members teach Catechism and the number learning catechism is 10,214. 1 new Curia and 2 new Praesidia were established.

Lome Senatus, Togo: Two legionaries from Togo will accompany Father Declan Lohan and Cillian Heeney on the visit to Conakry, Guinea. They will bring legion literature as required. Togo and Senegal plan a visit to the various Dioceses later this year. Exploratio Dominicalis, Congress, extension and recruiting are featured as well as converts, returns to Mass, catechumens and marriages regularised. This month they will be holding a PPC conference and are preparing for 2 projects, 1 in Ghana and 1 in Togo. A new Curia was established by the Regia in the Diocese of Kara. Senegal (under caretaker ship of Togo): Comitium Throne of Justice has 2 Curiae and 18 adult Praesidia. A new praesidium was started in the seminary.

Douala Senatus, Cameroon: The Cameroon organised their first PPC project from the 6th – 21st January this year. It was held in the Diocese of Eseka, where there was only 1 praesidium. 9 legionaries participated in the project, including the National Chaplain of the Legion. They worked in 7 villages, 4 parishes, doing home visitation, street and bar contact. Many people had lost their faith. Five new Praesidia are still working away. The follow up is ongoing and a second PPC is planned later in the year. In April 8 legionaries visited Tchad (under caretaker ship of the Cameroon) where 7 Diocese were visited. Since their last visit in 2013 they noticed a lot of improvement, but reorganization in the legion structure is needed. In the village of Beti, 1012 legionaries have just 1 handbook. They brought 500 handbooks with them, but a lot more are needed. Monseigneur Joachim, the Bishop for the lay associations in Tchad was delighted with the visit and promised he would help the legion in his country. All Bishops in the various Dioceses were visited, except Moundou, which is over 1000kms away.

Brazzaville Senatus, Congo: During the period November to January 2018, four praesidia, four curiae, three Comitia and three Regia reported. Teaching catechism and home visitation feature principally among works and large numbers of Catholics, Protestant, Muslim, pagans and members of new religious movements are contacted. Each report highlights people returning to the Sacraments, undertaking instruction in the Catholic faith and bringing of the Sacraments to the housebound. Much visitation of the sick, prisoners, orphans and bereaved is undertaken. Over 1700 senior legionaries took part in a diocesan Legion retreat entitled ‘Let’s fight against incivility in the Legion, in the family and in society’. A parallel retreat was also given to over 140 juniors on the title ‘Advent: A time of choice and decision against incivility’.

Benin Republic: Cotonou Regia indicate good attendance (80% approx.) and a new Curia set up at Cocotomey. Juniors are working well. They have promised to update Concilium on Niger Republic and Gabon.

Burkina Faso: Proper governance of the legion in Ouagadougou Comitium is being looked into. The Comitium of Bobo-Dioulasso has been re-established.

Central African Republic: No recent minutes appear to have come from the Senatus at Bangui but their new President, Bro. Basile Doumely, is anxious to get things back on track. He has inaugurated a series of sessions month by month bringing legionaries and their officers together district by district to learn the major principles of the apostolate and the importance of inter-religious dialogue. Part of the plan is to have the translation of the Handbook into the local language (Sango) completed and printed.