Concilium Bulletin March 2020



Accra Senatus, “Star of the Sea” Comitium, Tema is organising “Rosary Evangelization”, where they go to an open place, like a market, a community Centre, Lorry Station etc. and talk about the Rosary and after the talk they distribute Rosaries and booklets on how to pray the Rosary. The aim is to make Mary and the Rosary known to all and encourage everybody to pray the Rosary. A new Praesidium at Accra Technical University is working well and attendance at meetings is around 25. A new Praesidium at UPSA is also doing well and 14 members have taken their promise. The Senatus is also trying to establish new Praesidia in other schools and colleges.


Luanda Senatus. Mass was celebrated in the Central Prison in Luanda with a large number of prisoners in attendance and many legionaries. The Director of the Prison asked that the Legion of Mary would visit the prison regularly. Legionaries carried out an Evangelisation project in a village near Waku Kungo. There were only seven faithful there and now two Masses are celebrated due to the growth in the number of Christians in the area, fruit of the work of the Legion of Mary. Something similar happened in another village. The Senatus organized an evangelization project in Kilenda, in the Diocese of Sumbe, on 20-22 March 2020, at the request of the parish priest. The majority of people there are in religious sects. The prayers of legionaries in Dublin are requested. The Senatus made a visit to Cabinda where there are two Comitia. Two new Curiae were set up in the Luanda area. A report from a praesidium directly attached to the Senatus showed 32 members have made the Promise and there is one probationer. Home visitation and visits to the sick at home and in hospital were undertaken and 110 children were taught catechism.

Benguela Senatus: On Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September 2019, the Senatus had a gathering of legionaries from the six affiliated Regiae and other councils to prepare for the Centenary of the Legion of Mary. A total of 3,135 senior legionaries and 672 juniors attended. On Saturday a Catechist directed reflections on the theme The History of the Legion of Mary in the Church and the significance of the Jubilee. On Sunday, Most Reverend Manuel José Imbamba, Archbishop of Saurimo, representing Most Reverend Antonio Francisco Jaka, Bishop of Benguela, was Chief Celebrant at Mass. Eight priests concelebrated. The Archbishop solemnly proclaimed the Opening of the Jubilee. On 11-14 July, Senatus officers, including the Spiritual Director along with 28 officers of Benguela Curiae and 16 officers of Lobito Regia, travelled to several Comitia in the interior to strengthen the legionaries in their Marian spirituality. A total of 800 legionaries from various councils attended. Legionaries were encouraged and gratefully asked that such visits be repeated.


Maputo Regia: It has 4 affiliated Comitia, 3 in the Archdiocese of Maputo and 1 in the Diocese of Xai Xai. Diocese of Inhambane is included in the area of the Regia. The Regia visited the 4 Comitia in order to animate, train and guide. In the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Legion of Mary in Mozambique, Holy Mass was presided over by Bishop Januário - Bishop Emeritus of Pemba. In the Annual Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, in Namaacha, the presence of approximately 3,000 legionaries was observed, Dom Francisco Chimoio - Archbishop of Maputo, was present and presided over the Holy Mass. The plans to be carried out include: encouraging the foundation of new Praesidia and Curiae, as the Praesidia have a large number of members; organizing the Legion Congress; solemn celebration of the opening of the Centenary of the Legion of Mary in the world.

Quelimane Comitium: It has 18 senior and 1 junior Curiae, with a total of 18,276 active members and 1059 auxiliary members. Sub-division of Praesidia and founding of new Curiae continue to happen. The Comitium has endeavoured to follow the guidelines of the Concilium and hope to establish other Councils for the administration of the Legion in the Diocese. Works include prison visitation with celebration of Mass and visiting the sick in hospitals. Many Catholics have returned to the Sacraments along with the entry of 260 new legionaries,

Tete Comitium: It has 51 Curiae, with 371 Praesidia. It has a large area for administration, but has access to its affiliated Curiae for training. Spiritual Director has encouraged the work.

Beira Comitium: It has 8 Curiae, with 86 Praesidia, approximately 6,000 active members and 200 auxiliaries. Communication has been sought on a regular basis.

Lichinga Diocese: 7 Curiae were known to exist in the North. More information has been sought about the Legion in the Diocese and the establishment of regular communication.

Diocese Guruè: The Legion of Mary is present in all 25 parishes.

Chimoio Diocese: In the Diocese area there are two Curiae, totalling 18 Praesidia with 858 active members.

Curia of Nampula: It is made up of 12 praesidia, with a total of 368 active members and 100 auxiliaries. They continue to carry out home visits, visit sick people in homes and hospitals, and visit orphanages.

Nacala Diocese: There are 8 praesidia in the Diocese and it is hoped to set up a curia.

Pemba Diocese: There is 1 praesidium in the parish of Our Lady Auxiliadora.

Cape Verde Regia: Study of Scriptures is an important part of catechetical work. Special visits are made to the bereaved. Two adults were prepared for baptism, one for confirmation and a couple for marriage. A couple celebrated the Sacrament of marriage having lived together for 49 years. 53 drug addicts were visited. A Curia is planning to divide two praesidia that have large memberships.


A praesidium reported visiting four people addicted to drugs and alcohol and visited 59 prisoners and attending Mass with them. Many praesidia report home visitation being done and also the teaching of catechism.


Harare Curia. Legionaries are involved in home visitation and teaching of catechism.

Hwange Comitium: The main work undertaken by legionaries is home visitation, where the lapsed are encouraged to return to the sacraments and to pray the family rosary.

South Africa:

Cape Town Senatus: A very fruitful visitation of the Comitium in Kakemaas took place. Curia Officers were encouraged to hold planning meetings for the coming year. Centenary Celebrations - Legionaries were encouraged to keep cost the down when arranging local events. All Praesidia are to provide the Senatus with the history of their Praesidium for a booklet which is to be produced. A number of new praesidia have been set up. A shelter seeking program was organised for refugees in December. A book barrow was held at the parish annual Christmas Market. A meeting for Auxiliaries was held, cake and tea was served to show thanks for their prayers throughout the year.

Johannesburg Senatus:

A praesidium of 15 active members are involved in home and hospital visitation. Efforts are being made to set up the legion in parishes without the legion.

Matatiele Comitium: A praesidium of 14 active and 40 auxiliary members reported 2 adults and 13 children baptised, 36 children prepared for First Communion. Two new junior praesidia were set up.

Asia B

Korea: Seoul Senatus. Large numbers of active and auxiliary members reported. Street missions and visitation are methods of evangelisation employed. Catechumens, the newly baptised, and lapsed Catholics are mentored.

Gwanju Senatus: A Comitium in Hakwoon-dong has set a ‘day of missionary work on the street’ on the last week of every month. Legionaries in Seogyo-dong Comitium assist in the Joseph University for the Old which was established by a former Spiritual Director. They work in the preparation of meals for the participants who enjoy spiritual and cultural programmes.


Malang Senatus: Reported works are visits to the lapsed, childrens’ faith development, public Rosaries, and prison visitation. The Senatus reports an emphasis on extension, with 20 new praesidia established in Bali. Legionaries in Jayapura Curia, Indonesian Papua, perform good works in their parishes.

Kaupang Senatus in West Timor held its inaugural meeting on 8th September. The Correspondent has recommended that Senatus meetings, which can last up to 4 hours, be shortened. Legionaries report visitation to prisoners, fishermen and scavengers.

Jakarta Senatus: Visitation of the elderly in nursing homes has seen an increase in faith development and returns to the sacraments. The visits are much appreciated by the residents. Visitation of councils by the Senatus officers is ongoing and many new praesidia have been established. Seminars are organised for junior legionaries to deepen their faith and prepare them for senior membership.


Kuala Lumpur Regia: Recently minutes show 5 curiae reporting with 47 senior praesidia comprising 371 senior and 796 auxiliary members. 4 praesidia are directly attached with 46 active and 81 auxiliary members. Works reported on include home and hospital visitation and catechism classes which resulted in the recruitment of new members and returns to the sacraments. Refugees from Myanmar are visited by a praesidium of 17.


The Senatus will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Legion in Taiwan this year. To coincide with this, legionaries are striving to establish a praesidium in every parish in the Senatus area. 5 new praesidia have been established over recent months. The Senatus is also making concerted efforts to extend the Legion in the more remote and mountainous areas in the north. They acknowledge that this is a challenging work and ask for prayers.

Hong Kong: The Comitium Spiritual Director, President and Secretary visited Concilium in October and had wide-ranging meetings with Concilium Officers. They have written to the President to express their gratitude to the Concilium for the advice and clarifications they received on the occasion.

Singapore Senatus: Reports embrace a wide variety of substantial legionary work including home and hospital visitation, crowd contact, book barrow. The Junior Curiae carry out assignments in schools and colleges. Preparations for the Centenary of the establishment of the Legion are in hands. The Senatus intends to make use of their website, which they are updating.


Osaka Senatus: The correspondent was unable to provide a report due to an accident.



Cork Comitia: A praesidium with 5 members and 10 auxiliaries do visitation with the statue and also visit a nursing home. A praesidium with 8 members, 2 of whom are praetorians visited 10 schools with Miraculous Medals, Holy Water and Rosaries. Statue and nursing home visitation along with organising the rota for Adoration was undertaken and members got great support for 24 hour Adoration arranged on 1 November. Muire na Gras Curia: A praesidium of 4 members does home, hospital and nursing home visitation and in conjunction with another praesidium they organize a Senior Citizens Club. Another praesidium with 7 members does the usual visitation and a number of duties for the parish. A praesidium of 5 members with 42 auxiliaries visits the Confirmation class and bring the Fatima statue where the teacher recites a decade of the Rosary daily for a week. Miraculous Medals are given to the First Holy Communion class. Ideas for the Centenary included organizing an event in the city centre having got the necessary permissions, approaching the Bishop of Cork to promote the Legion and parish priests be asked to speak about the Legion. Annunciata Curia: The 7 members of a praesidium help with parish duties. In May and October they arrange for the recitation of the Rosary at the Grotto. Queen of Peace Curia: A praesidium with 5 members and 15 auxiliaries organized the May Procession and arranged a number of talks during the Advent season. Visitation of homes, hospitals and street contact work is undertaken. They helped to start a new praesidium in the Indian Community. The Curia had a discussion on “Bringing Christ back into Christmas” which resulted in stickers distributed with the appropriate slogan, 200 of which were accepted for the pupils in one of the schools. A work of a praesidium with 10 members was bringing the relics of Sts. Jacinta and Francisco to schools throughout the city. Mid Clare: East Clare Curia has 3 praesidia with a total of 13 members, 6 of whom are praetorians and 51 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation with the Fatima statue and nursing home visitation. Thurles: The 5 praesidia reports covered in this report have a membership ranged from 3 to 11 with a total of 3 praetorians, one adjutorian and 115 auxiliaries. The praesidium with 11 members has a Junior praesidium of about 7 in attendance. Works included Pilgrim Statue visitation, talk on Our Lady of Fatima in a primary school, bringing Holy Communion to residents of nursing homes and hospital visitation where Miraculous Medals and Scapulars are given to patients and staff. The praesidium in Doon which was re-established in October 2018 had a table at the school Christmas Fair. The attached Curiae in Tipperary, Cashel and Murroe gave their quarterly reports.

Limerick Curia: A praesidium with 3 members undertakes home visitation to a number of housing estates. They give people prayer cards on the Rosary, Miraculous Medals, Confession leaflets and other prayer leaflets. They visit 4 nursing homes and chat with the patients, say prayers with them and offer them Miraculous Medals

Lismore: The praesidium in Lismore has 13 members. They do visitation to local nursing homes, day care centres and hospitals. Some home visitation is also carried out. Members are involved in parish duties such as Eucharistic Ministry, reading the liturgy in lieu of daily Mass on one day in the week when the priest is not available and other parish works.

Ross: There are 8 praesidia attached. One was not meeting for a period last year but January minutes reported that it has started meeting regularly but no officers have been appointed as yet. This praesidium is the only one in the Curia with vacant officerships at present. In one praesidium 2 transition year students have helped with the cleaning of the church which is a work of the praesidium and they have attended a few meetings. This is part of their Transition Year programme. Waterford: A film night on the life of Frank Duff was a great success with over 40 in attendance. The Junior praesidium which began with 12 members has been suspended at present as the members, mainly from the African community, have moved from the parish or gone on to second and third level education. They ran Patricians which lasted about a year and had 20 present at one meeting.


Consolata Curia Legionaries spoke on each of the three legionary Causes at their parish centre, tea was served and the Legion Centenary was promoted. Ven. Edel Quinn leaflets were distributed after all weekend Masses in one parish, many people said it was their first time to hear of Edel Quinn. After a few years of caretakership by a praesidium, a new praesidium has been established in River Valley. Two officers were recently appointed. A junior praesidium has six members on roll, but only two attend regularly. Members use every opportunity when speaking to friends to interest them in the Miraculous Medal. Other works include distribution of Holy Water, Catholic newspapers and magazines. Members also collect used stamps for the missions and assisted seniors with Faith and Fun project, candlelight processions and All Saints party. A praesidium of 4 active members find that the Miraculous Medal is well received on home visitation, especially by the bereaved. A Eucharistic exhibition was organised by this praesidium and brought to neighbouring parishes.

Presentata Curia: Two reporting praesidia have a combined active membership of 22, with 2 probationers. Members promote and organise a First Friday Mass in the city centre. The Miraculous Medal is offered and explained to many people on street contact. Two men who were met on street contact joined a praesidium. A Men’s Shed in the Morning Star hostel offers activities such as music, art classes, films and language classes to residents. Members visit Cuan Mhuire addiction rehabilitation centre monthly to speak to and support the residents about the faith. A praesidium was involved in organising ‘Call to Arms’ meetings for legionaries. Average attendance at Patrician meetings was 15.

Exaltata Curia A praesidium of 8 active and 90 auxiliaries undertake home to home and nursing home visitation. Public Rosaries were organised in May and October. 53 parishioners, accompanied by their parish priest, travelled to Knock for the Legion pilgrimage in September. Visitation takes place with the Pilgrim Virgin statue and members delivered the Church envelopes to homes for Christmas and Easter.

Bethlehem Curia held a meeting to promote the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff, with 10 people in attendance. All legionaries are encouraged to read some of Frank Duff’s writings this year. A very enjoyable Curia reunion took place last month. A praesidium of 6 active members visited approximately 30% of homes in their area during the year. Park contact took place during fine weather and a local community centre is visited fortnightly. A local school was visited to speak to pupils about the Miraculous Medal.

Veneranda Curia A praesidium of five active members undertake work on the archives of Frank Duff. Members also help in the Regina Coeli hostel and offer a word of comfort, spiritual support and encouragement to the residents. A praesidium of eight members undertake prison visitation and encourage the inmates spiritually by speaking to them about Mass and Confession. Members also undertake house to house visitation, promote the Maria Legionis journal and assist with the Men’s Shed at the Morning Star hostel.

Porta Coeli Curia Home visitation takes place weekly in Killester parish, where the budding praesidium of 2 active members and Spiritual Director are supported by members from the curia who attend the weekly meeting in addition to their own praesidium meeting.



Bogota Senatus: In this period 5 Regiae, 4 Comitia, 4 Curiae and 4 praesidia reported. The Senatus vigorously encourage extension within the lower councils and attached praesidia; Columban Drives, Exploratio Dominicalis projects and Missions are the means used. The Senatus itself has set up a junior praesidium, the Regia of Neiva 5 praesidia, the Regia of Cucuta 1 praesidium, the Regia of Cartagena 4 senior and various junior praesidia, the Comitium of Zipaquira 9 praesidia and in the Regia of Villavicencio various praesidia and a Patrician Meeting. Apostolates include outreach to prisoners and their families, shopkeepers, drivers, the homeless, immigrants; visitation of hospitals, Children’s Homes and Police Stations. There were also reports of Sacred Heart Enthronements, Public Rosaries in parks, catechesis, film clubs, street contact using sacramentals and workshops on how to recruit juniors and deal with them. The 4 junior curiae of Bogota held a vigil at the end of October with talks including one on the true meaning of Hallowe’en.

Senatus of Medellin: A PPC to Santa Ana Parish in Antioquia was organized by the Senatus last December. It involved 26 legionaries in two teams – one rural and one urban. They spent 14 days attending to 13 catechetical centers, visiting homes and making 450 street contacts. 196 family meetings were organized with special attention to the young people with whom different activities were carried out. Mass was celebrated on the street and 164 dawn rosaries were recited. It should be noted that the population was very collaborative and grateful to the legionaries. The distant curia in Jerico report prison visitation and the accompaniment of the Lauritas missionaries in their work in the jungle with the indigenous people. A praesidium reported statue visitation and home visitation in areas of poverty or drug addiction.


Senatus of Montevideo: 2 comitia, 1 curia and 4 praesidia reported. Legionaries accompany the priest on his monthly visits to chapels. Other apostolates mentioned include leaving parish leaflets in hotels, crowd contact, a Youth Conference, Rosary Groups, the visitation of the sick, home visitation and prison visitation. The Comitium of Salto has gained 3 new praesidia as a result of following up on contacts made during a PPC project. Another Comitium and the Senatus have gained one new praesidium each.


Asunción Senatus: A Correspondents Committee has been formed and has met twice. In addition an Alfie Lambe Committee has been formed and organised a pilgrimage to his tomb as well as several talks on his life. 82 youths attended a National Youth Congress at which the Spiritual Director delivered talks on 5 themes, while there was time given over to the attendees to discuss various topics.

In the Women’s Prison a praesidium has been formed. Other works include home visitation, catechesis, visiting the sick at home and in hospital, police station apostolate, visitation of auxiliary members, pre-marriage talks. The PPC Committee is organising a project for later in the year.


Quito Senatus: The Senatus has 8 correspondents and recruited 236 active and auxiliary members recently.

Senatus of La Paz, Bolivia: Most Praesidia organize Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This was originally for legionaries but now everyone contacted is invited to take part. Street rosaries at 6.30am is a great way to share the rosary with many people. On home visitation all are invited to take part and good crowds come out. Before and after the rosary some contacts are made. Some Praesidia do street contact directed to youth, amongst them students and youth that have fallen into the habit of drug and alcohol abuse.


Santiago Senatus: In a parish where there are a few Praesidia the parish priest invites all parishioners to try out the Legion. There are many different associations in the parish. City centre praesidia try to continue meeting during the summer months when many are away on holidays and some parishes close. If only two members are present, the meeting and work continues. Legionaries are reminded to keep up contact work when on holidays as most people have more time to listen. Some of the popular tourists’ sites are targeted for street contact especially in the south where many go to see the glaciers and the penguins. The Annual General meeting is a big occasion. Special attention and welcome is given to those new members who joined during the year.


Caracas Senatus: Attendance at Senatus meetings was a good 82% in November and December. Extension is carried out by many councils and a number of them report Columban recruiting drives. One attached Curia reported 1500 recruiting contacts resulting in 58 new members. Another Curia has 5 Praesidia in formation. Contact with distant councils is excellent and the councils are equally cooperative with the correspondents and contact with the Senatus. A Mass to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the Legion of Mary in Venezuela was organized with a very big attendance. Celebrants were Cardinal Baltazar Porras Archbishop of Merida and Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, Emeritus S. D. of the Senatus of Caracas.