Concilium Bulletin March 2012

Concilium Bulletin March 2012


Accra Senatus is a very active promoting the Cause of Frank Duff, distributing the prayer and organising monthly prayer sessions. The reports from attached praesidia and councils indicate good apostolic work including visitation of homes and hospitals, street contact and the preparation of adults and children for the Sacraments. A new praesidium has been established at the Fiapre University in Sunyani Diocese.

A Synod is to be held in October 2012 under the theme “Evangelisation” based on readings from the Handbook. The Acies will be held in Cairo on 24th March.

Cape Town Senatus: Efforts are being made to set up new praesidia in Cape Town. The Spiritual Director encouraged all members to study the True Devotion to Mary. The translation of the Africaan’s Handbook is nearing completion.

Johannesburg Senatus: The Senatus has 20 attached praesidia and 3 attached councils. Works include home, hospital and prison visitation, street contact and legionaries also speak to people at shops, squatter camps and taxi ranks. After Mass every Sunday the Confirmation class is taught how to pray the Rosary. A praesidium of 8 members reported visiting 1,388 people and over 1,000 of these were to non-Catholic homes and 123 were lapsed Catholics, one lady returned to the practice of her faith after 20 years and another after 10 years.

Hwange Comitium: A workshop was held at Fatima Mission where new praesidia were established. The Legion in Makunku and Kamative is being revived. There is new growth in this Comitium.

Cape Verde Regia: The Regia will shortly visit Guinea Bissau where great work is done by the Legion. The Regia itself corresponds with the Cape Verde Diaspora in the United States and Europe and exchange their bulletin with San Paulo, Brazil and Luanda in Angola. A Comitium reported setting up a new junior Curia where over 221 new juniors were recruited and senior groups continue to grow in spite of loss of members through emigration, many of whom join in their adopted countries. Home visitation resulted in many returns to the sacraments and catechetical work resulted in almost 2,500 children completing full catechesis in one Comitium. Also, 20 became trained catechists. Average attendance at a Curia with 51 Catechists was 89.5%. A Muslim youth was converted.

Lesotho Senatus: A praesidium reported one conversion. Another praesidium visited 239 families, which resulted in 29 returns to the Sacraments.

Benguela Senatus: In December 2011, Most Reverend Dom Eugénio Dal Corso, Bishop of Benguela, was chief celebrant at a Mass in the Cathedral to mark the 90th Anniversary of the Legion. The Cathedral was full to capacity. On the 10th March 2012 officers of the Senatus, the two attached Regiae, many Comitia and other councils had a meeting with the Bishop where they talked about the evolution of the legionary movement after the war. A Comitium in Ndjinga, Bocolo has been reactivated. Most Reverend Dom Oscar Braga, Bishop Emeritus of Benguela, attended the November 2011 Senatus meeting. At the December 2011 Senatus meeting great attention was given to the theme proposed by the Concilium for 2011: “The Charism of Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary”.

Luanda Regia: Most Reverend Dom Pedro Luis Scarpa, Bishop Emeritus of N’Dalatando attended the January meeting. The Regia made a special effort to promote the Cause of the Servant of God, Alfie Lambe. Talks were arranged by the Regia and some other councils. Generally they were considered positive both from the good attendances and the quality of the speakers. The Legion in the Diocese of Uige celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

Maputo Regia: One of the Curiae attached to the Regia reported that a praesidium for men had been set up.


Western Visayas Senatus was inaugurated on the 18th September 2011 holding its first meeting at 7.30 am followed by Mass and celebrations. Attendance at the Senatus meetings is good and several councils have 100%. 12 Comitia, one Junior and 16 Senior Curiae and 4 praesidia presented reports over 3 months. One Comitium held a Congress at which 120 legionaries attended. The works being undertaken are: prisoners taught the Rosary, Marriages validated in the Church, returns to the Sacraments before death, many who had diverted to the Sects won back to the practice of the Faith, suicides prevented, catechism taught in state schools and crowd contact among market vendors. Most praesidia undertake Exploratio Dominicalis projects.

Bicolandia Senatus: Extension and visitation of praesidia is carried out. Auxiliary membership is low in all councils. One praesidium with 12 members has 10 praetorians. Works being done: promotion of the Rosary on visits to jails, enthronement of the Sacred Heart is encouraged on home visitation, store owners are visited and invited to pray before they open. Teaching of catechism to students in the elementary and high schools. Junior praesidia are being formed.

Cebu Senatus: A new junior praesidium set up in the elementary school and 5 other junior praesidia were established. A praesidium in Southern Philippines University has 22 members. Many other praesidia have been set up. In Maghaway Prison there are 6 praesidia with 200 members actively conducting their weekly meetings and giving catechetical instruction and conducting Bible study. Sunday Mass is encouraged through crowd contact. Many conversions were reported from the sects and during hospital visitation confession is encouraged. A Solidarity family prayer rally was held during the 90th anniversary celebration. Bantayan Comitium has 210 legionaries on probation.

Senatus of Northern Philippines: A Congress was held in July 2011. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo project resulted in the setting up of a senior and 2 junior praesidia. The Parish Priest was so impressed he asked the team to train the parish lay leaders. Masses at the city jails are held every Wednesday and 41 couples are being prepared for the validation of their marriages. San Pedro Comitium prepared 160 children and 40 adults for Baptism. One hundred inmates were brought to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and 340 lapsed contacted returned to the Faith. Dagupan Comitium had 28 families undertake the enthronement of the Sacred Heart. Many conversions reported in all councils.

Mindanao Senatus: Regular expansion reported with new Curiae being formed. Thirty-two Curiae are attached to one Comitium - the Senatus advised formation of at least one new Comitium. December meeting was held on Christmas Day. Two senior and 5 junior legionaries lost their lives in the cyclone. All meetings were postponed in the area of Cagayon de Oro due to the storms.

Auckland Senatus: A new praesidium was set up in January and three parishes are to be visited as part of their on-going recruitment and extension programme. A junior Curia reported 6 praesidia with 85 members. They do altar serving, teach at Sunday school, assist at a piety stall, visit nursing homes with seniors and lead the Rosary at the Marist College.

Brisbane Comitium: There are 16 praesidia attached to this council. A praesidium of 5 members is doing good works and extension is encouraged. Cathedral praesidium has 11 active and 14 auxiliary members and their works include home, hospital and nursing home visitation. The Korean Curia visited 205 non-Catholic homes, 24 took part in a Catechism class, 42 were prepared for baptism and 11 baptised.

Sydney Senatus: Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn and the Servant of God, Frank Duff and Alfie Lambe was well attended. Home, hospital and nursing homes were visited where the Rosary is recited. Contact is made at the train station where they operate a book barrow. Many excellent contacts are made at a Catholic book shop operated by the Senatus. Solomon Island has a seminary praesidium with 27 members.

Melbourne Senatus: Legionaries are engaged in visiting homes, nursing homes and bringing Holy Communion to the sick. Also reported was the Pilgrim statue apostolate and teaching catechism. In the Hobart Curia in Tasmania Legionaries were invited to visit the Schools during October to teach the Rosary to the students. Perth Comitium supervised a 48-hour Rosary bouquet for Our Lady’s birthday. Several Parish Priests recognise and encourage the work done by the Legionaries. Flemington Comitium has 15 directly attached praesidia and 3 Curiae comprising a total of 30 Vietnamese praesidia. Reports were received from three of the Comitia in Vanuata, two Comitia in Kiribati and one in New Caledonia. Membership is strong in both the junior and senior ranks. A pilgrimage to Tene, New Caledonia last May had an attendance of 620 youth. A Mass in November to commemorate the Servant of God, Frank Duff, and the Legion’s 90th anniversary led by Bishop Vincent Long OFM had approximately 400 in attendance.

Rabul Regia: Extension is done especially to the Islands and the Regia has 5,902 senior and 1,245 junior members with 5,100 auxiliaries.

Mount Hagan Regia: The Regia has 6,500 active and 981 auxiliary members. It is difficult to get written reports from subsidiary councils as literacy among legionaries is poor. One Curia has an average of 19 members in each praesidium and the Regia has advised the Curia to split. 5,200 attended the 25th anniversary Mass of the Legion in Mount Hagan and 2,000 attended the 90th anniversary celebrations.


Lima Senatus: During this period, 1 Regia 3 Comitia, 9 Curiae and 5 praesidia reported. A congress was held in a jail where there are a number of praesidia. Two of the Comitia reported one junior Curia in each, Curiae reported junior praesidia attached but not very numerous. All councils have a specific plan to extend the junior movement in 2012. Legionaries did thorough home visitation inviting the parishioners to a special Mass celebrated by Cardinal Monsignor Juan Luis Cipriani. There was a large congregation in attendance.

Havana Comitium: A letter from the president and minutes for a number of months were received recently. It appears that the president is the only officer and there are only 5 praesidia directly attached. Legionaries are unwilling to take on officership. However, some of the praesidia appear to be doing solid work. In preparation for the Pope`s visit this month, homes have been visited with the statue of Our Lady of Charity resulting in a number of adults preparing for the sacraments and others offering to help in the parish. They also visit families of prisoners.

La Paz Senatus: The Senatus has an excellent team of correspondents. Sr Susana Maciel, a former Concilium extension worker in Bolivia, keeps in regular contact with the Senatus and gives wonderful encouragement. All praesidia of the Comitium of Cochabamba do Exploratio Dominicalis at least once a year. Extension work continues and special efforts are made to start more junior praesidia. On home visitation, especially in areas where the sects are very active, legionaries ask all families if they would like to have Mass offered for their deceased. This has brought an increase at Mass attendance.

Santiago Senatus: One senior Curia and three praesidia reported. All councils and praesidia do home visitation during which junior legionaries often accompany the seniors. Street contact features. Legionaries are playing a very active part in an Archdiocesan Youth Mission. In hospitals, depressed patients are “cheered up”. Legionaries often contact the patients’ families that live too far away to visit them in hospital. Each month the correspondents’ meeting precedes the Senatus officers meeting.

Medellin Senatus: The Spiritual Director asked legionaries to pray that the joy of peace return to Columbia. Reports cover many apostolates including care of the sick and infirm, visiting homes of the destitute, catechesis of children and youth, and of the imprisoned, preparing them for the reception of the sacraments and counselling and consoling the sad and bereaved. Exploratio Dominicalis has been carried out but no details are available.

Montevideo Senatus: Entry to apartments is a big problem. In October, 4 new praesidia were set up and a Military Hospital visited where 6 were baptised and 15 received the Last Rites. One inmate was baptised in prison.

Caracas Senatus: Much extension is reported, even pre-junior groups; Maria et Patria and Columban Drives were held in several places. A youth with Aids was helped find a place in hospital and a lady was rescued from witchcraft. The internet is used for evangelisation.

Quito Senatus: At least 7 people took the promise since the last report; 3 praesidia are in formation; they help the old and infirm and meet addicts during jail visitation. Thirty young indigenous Indians were taught and 7 made their First Holy Communion, one left a ‘bad’ group. Eleven children were brought back ‘from danger’. There are reports of numerous young legionaries.

Asunción Senatus: The Senatus consists of 11,770 active members with 14,572 auxiliaries. At the December meeting 3 Curiae reported and there was a report on the 2011 Peregrinatio Pro Christo to the shrine of Cacupe where over 14,000 people were contacted in their homes and on the streets. Workshops for officers were scheduled for January. New Curiae and Comitia are to be formed to reduce the number of praesidia and Curiae directly attached to the Senatus.


The Senatus of Butembo is based in the Diocese of Butembo-Beni and numbers 24,000 active members.

The Concilium approved the raising of the following Comitia to Regia status:

1. Comitium of Beni City with 8 senior Curiae, 2 junior Curiae and 11 praesidia directly attached. It will govern 9 other Comitia;

2. Comitium of Lubero with 7 senior Curiae, 3 junior Curiae and 13 praesidia directly attached. It will govern 13 other Comitia;

3. Comitium of Mahagi with 11 Curiae and 11 praesidia directly attached. It will govern the other Comitia of the diocese, presently numbering 10.

The two Bishops concerned, Mgr. Sikuli Paluku of Butembo and Mgr. Sosthene Udjuwa recently installed Bishop of Mahagi, have given their consent.

Any Legion council officers who are registering for the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin are asked to note that the June 2012 Concilium meeting will take place on SATURDAY 9th June 2012 at 3.00 pm in Legion headquarters