Concilium Bulletin March 2007

Cape Town Senatus: The Port Elizabeth Comitium set up 2 new praesidia at Grahamstown and Shauderville. A haven for street children ranging in the age from 5 to 16 is visited. A HIV Aids haven is also visited. A lady regained her speech after receiving Holy Communion and a man who was unable to walk became mobile after a campaign of prayer. AMuslim lady with many problems took to saying the Rosary and with the encouragement of the Legionaries came into the Church.

Johannesburg Senatus: A praesidium in Edenvale visits 7 hospitals and visits a squatter camp twice a month; many of the 66 Catholics encountered were lapsed. The Soweto Comitium has 12 praesidia attached. The Pietersburg Curia members visit the prison, teach the children the Rosary. A praesidium in Maryvale visit Sun City prison, teach Catechism before Mass every Sunday and visited and consoled 33 bereaved families. Irene Coughlan from Dublin attended the December Senatus.

Durban Comitium held a successful Reunion and Retreat. Marianhill Comitium, one Curia attended 84 funerals and consoled the families of the bereaved. Praesidia reporting had memberships of 10, 14 and 17. 2 marriages were regularised and 9 babies of unmarried mothers were baptised. Matatiele Comitium, a recent meeting of the Patricians had 23 youths, 5 adults and a nun in attendance. A praesidium reported 6 conversions and 7 baptisms. St. Augustines Comitium: The Comitium has 1500 active members and one Curia has 20 praesidia attached.

Benguela Regia The Comitium at Ganda has divided and the new Comitium at Kapuso has 12 Curiae attached. In the Lubango Comitium area 2 new Comitia have commenced, one at Kakula with 7 Curiae and the other at Huila with 6 Curiae. In Benguela a senior and a junior praesidium have commenced. Luanda Regia: has 817 praesidia with 27,000 active and 2,800 auxiliary members. 600 attended the 60th anniversary of the Regia. A new Curia commenced in November.

Cabo Verde
Prai Regia: the Comitium on the island of Fogo gained 40 new members and prepared 100 children for First Holy Communion. 10 Exploratio projects were carried out by praesidia.

Accra Senatus: The Comitium at Asankragua has set up a Curia at Tarka. Two extension drives by a praesidium of 11 members resulted in the setting up of 2 senior, an inter and a junior praesidia. A member of this praesidium has entered a minor seminary. Asuccessful meeting of the officers with the new Archbishop; His Grace Archbishop Palmer-Buckle, showed a keen interest in the Cause of Frank Duff. Sunyani Regia had a very successful year and set up Comitia at Berekum (where the Legion commenced in 1948), at Goaso at Techiman after a 2 day retreat. The Senatus held its first PPC Conference. A very successful visit was made to the Nsawam Medium Security Prison and the legionaries were instructed in the conducting of a praesidium meeting.

Hwange Comitium: there are now 16 members in the praesidium at Chiswasha Seminary in Harare and a praesidium has commenced at the Seminary in Bulawayo. A workshop in Dete had an attendance of 72 juniors and 23 seniors. A praesidium has commenced in a village outside of Hwange with 13 members. The Administrator Rev. Fr. Albert Serrano S.M.I was ordained Bishop in February.

Lesotho Senatus: new elections have been ratified. In one Comitium area 134 females and, 22 expectant mothers were taught Catechism. 52 children were also instructed. Great attention is given to the sick and to those unable to care for themselves. Many receive a Christian burial due to the vigilance of the legionaries. Families of the bereaved also get special attention. A meeting was held with the Archbishop.


Senatus of Scotland: Attendance - preasidia officers 87%, Curia officers 66%. Reporting praesidia are mainly engaged in the visitation of the sick at home and in hospital. 50 homes of children preparing for the Sacraments in a primary school were visited. An attached Curia has 15 praesidia with 97 active, 25 praetorians and 800 auxiliaries. It organised a recruiting drive and gained 2 new members and a number of auxiliaries. Edinburgh Curia consists of 10 praesidia with 65 members. Christmas cribs were set up in several towns and an extension committee is planning various events.

Liverpool Senatus: governs 5 Comitia, 10 Curiae, 16 praesidia in England and 3 praesidia in Sweden. A praesidium in Wigan, which was set up 3 years ago, has a membership of 10. They hosted an October Rosary in the town centre in conjunction with another praesidium in the same area. In Byrn, a praesidium of 14 active members and 35 auxiliaries reported that as a result of door to door visitation, one person returned to the Church and another undertook daily Mass. New praesidia were reported by Manchester Comitium, and 3 Curiae. Among works reported on were Patrician groups and school rosaries.

Birmingham Senatus: A Conference for Priests in the Archdiocese of Birmingham held in October 2006 had an attendance of eleven Priests and one Deacon. A very positive feedback was received from them. A new praesidium of 7 members, set up by two visiting legionaries from Concilium, presented its first report to Senatus. A praesidium in Perry Bar gained two new members and eleven auxiliaries from a recruiting drive. In Bristol Curia five lapsed Catholics returned to practice from follow up visits in one village. Following its Congress, Coventry Curia carries out twice monthly crowd contact directed exclusively to young people. Birmingham Junior Curia had forty parishioners at a function on 15 August which commenced with the Rosary, a talk on Our Lady and a garden party.

Councils under the caretakership of Birmingham Senatus Swansea Curia, Wales The apostolate includes home, hospital, drop-in centres, visitation as well as street contact. In Swansea city visitation of a brothel is carried out and the legionaries are made welcome there

London Area: Southwark Comitium - North Surrey Curia has 5 senior and a junior praesidium attached. The Sydenham praesidium has 7 members and 91 auxiliary members, 90% of whom have been visited in the past year. The Rosary and the 3 Causes are promoted. On home to home visitation parish newsletters are distributed leading to fruitful discussion. A junior praesidium in London SE15 has two seniors and 18 junior members. Two praesidia started recently one in the Cathedral parish of Southwark and the other in Bermondsey with 6 - 8 attending.

Leicester Curia comprises 4 praesidia. An evening of prayer for the success of Legion worldwide was held in January and a day retreat in February. Northampton North and South Curia continue to contact Priests and plan recruiting drives.

Hammersmith Curia has 8 praesidia with memberships ranging from 8 to 12. Recruitment is at the forefront. Westmiddlesex Curia reported on home visitation, works of consolation and promotion of the Rosary. Barnet Curia work for the deprived and do works of consolation. Kensal Newtown praesidium, London had 45 at their annual retreat. Reports were also received from a Philippino praesidium in Kensington and a Curia with 2 praesidia in Hertford.

Brussels Senatus: A new praesidium has been set up in the parish of St. Roch, Brussels. Preparations are being made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Apparitions of Beauraing. Namur Curia reported an increase in the number of Spiritual Directors.

Amsterdam Senatus: The praesidium in Groningon visits the prisons and the refugee centres. A praesidium of 6 in Amsterdam visits the red light district and runs a Patrician group.

PARIS REGIA governs 19 directly attached praesidia and 5 Curiae, two of which are quite distant. Two of the Curiae consist of Vietnamese and Korean members. 55 members attended the Regia Congress last November.

Valence Regia governs 1 Comitium, 2 Curiae, 19 senior and 2 junior praesidia in Chateau Neuf de Galaure. The girls praesidium has now got 9 members. They visit the sick and lead the Rosary in school.

Mont de Marsan Regia: there are 8 directly attached praesidia and 2 small Curiae, one at Bordeaux and one at Bayonne.

Strasbourg Senatus is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Legion in the area. 85 legionaries attended the annual PPC Conference in January.

The 3 praesidia continue to do hospital and nursing home visitation.

LUZERN COMITIUM was recently visited by Frankfurt Senatus at the request of the Concilium.

FRANKFURT SENATUS As a follow up to the visit to Dublin, time is to be allocated at every council meeting to consider evangelization.

Cologne Regia: The Korean Curia in Hamburg with 3 praesidia undertakes street contact. A young persons praesidium with 6 members has been started in Essen. Comitium Freiburg comprises 8 praesidia in its core curia and 2 attached Curia. Comitium Berlin. The Korean curia has 5 praesidia comprising 43 active and 93 auxiliary members and held a school on the handbook at which 52 attended. A childrens rosary day at which 500 children attended was organized by the Croatian praesidium in Berlin. Curia Darmstadt has 8 praesidia. The Korean Curia with 9 praesidia and 75 active members, organized May Adoration which had 65 present. The Frankfurt Korean Curia held a study day with 89 legionaries present.

Munich Senatus In Diocese of Goerlitz the legion was presented to the priests of a Deanery. Curia Munich West visited the dioceses of Gorlitz and Dresden. Curia Munich East with 6 praesidia,, helps to integrate the foreign communities.Curia Teisendorf has 12 praesidia and a junior praesidium with 10 active members.300 attended a Pilgrimage to Altoetting. A former jehovah witness came back to the church. The praesidium in Garching has 5 active, 100 auxiliary members, holds Patrician meetings and uses the Book Barrow.

The praesidia in Atschinsk, Bogotol and Kransnajarsk are in touch with the Frankfurt Senatus.The reports show- bringing people back to the church, bringing 9 grandmothers to confession / holy communion after a long absence.


WESTERN VISAYAS REGIA. Average attendance 75% Councils, 72% praesidia. Encouraging news regarding extension and 3 new praesidia formed and the revival of another. Bacolod Comitium celebrated their Diamond Jubilee. Works included book barrow, seminar for parents of the 1st Holy Communicants, Seminar on natural family planning. They taught a paralysed couple to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy for healing, also the Catechism. The husband recovered and now goes to Mass regularly.

BICOLANDIA SENATUS Visitation of Councils is done regularly. Reports of returns to the Sacraments, Baptism of 37 children and 32 marriage validations. Works also include hospital and home visitation.

Cebu Senatus Attendance of Senatus officers is 100% while attached Curia and praesidia is 66%. Extension reports of 6 new praesidia formed, the focus was put on the revival of dying and weak praesidia. Works included the conversion of a jehovah witness, a born again christian and a member of a sect. 2 old men were brought back to the faith. 410 children were prepared for Confession and Holy Communion. 172 prepared for Confirmation. 47 live in couples marriages were validated. Jail inmates are taught to say the Rosary

Northern Philippines Senatus - Manila. A Spiritual Director has been appointed by the Bishop in San Jose Curia and this will facilitate the establishment of the Legion in every parish. A non Catholic was converted and later married in a Church with legionaries as sponsors. 107 juniors were recruited. In Antipolo Comitium an active member entered the Seminary and a former member was ordained. 45 inmates released through para’legal apostolate.


SYDNEY SENATUS Korean Curia with 21 senior and 5 junior praesidia held a Baptism ceremony at which Cardinal George Pell was presented with 85 candidates. A second Indonesian praesidium has been established . During 2006 many extension drives were organised with good results.

MELBOURNE SENATUS 12 new praesidia including 2 in Monash University, Clayton were set up bringing total in Australia to 240. 40 Juniors attended a day out with great success. As a result of a Congress held in Tasmania, home visitation was restarted. Perth Comitium has set up 2 new praesidia and revived 2. A retreat that was organised had an attendance of 150. 5 of the island Comitia showed good apostolic work continues despite many difficulties. Wagina Curia (Solomon Islands) attached to the Senatus has 2 senior and 2 junior praesidia.

Auckland Senatus 1 Comitium, 4 Curiae and 20 praesidia are attached, as well as 2 Korean Curia with 18 and 17 praesidia. 2 Curiae in Tonga reported good works. The Acies was well attended with many auxiliaries attending. Philippino praesidia conduct funeral services and follow up on the bereaved. They also do home and hospital visitation. Legionaries present the First Holy Communicants and Confirmation children with Rosaries and Miraculous Medals.


Jerusalem Comitium continues to carry out home and hospital visitation, pilgrim statue apostolate and to encourage people to return to Mass and the Sacraments. There is a problem about additional officers in the Council.

Beirut Comitium comprises 4 senior and 3 junior praesidia and 3 Curiae. Works include jail visitation, the preparation of meals for the prisoners and the recitation of the Rosary. Correspondence has been resumed after a long absence.

Susana has been working hard setting up as many youth praesidia as possible. D the average age in active membership in Bolivia is very high. The new younger legionaries are working well with the older members. They are also taking on officership and continue to extend the Legion in their area. One such praesidium of young legionaries visited a hostel for battered mothers and children. As well as works of consolation, they organised Baptism for the children and in some cases for the mothers also. She also took part in a mission with a group of legionaries in a very poor area of La Paz, the sects are very active in this area. Susana is now back in Argentina renewing her visa and will be accompanying Jorge Garcia to Lima for a short visit soon.

St. Louis de Montfort tells us that “those who desire to take up this special devotion should spend at least 12 days in emptying themselves of the spirit of the world, which is opposed to the spirit of Jesus. They should spend 3 weeks imbuing themselves with the spirit of Jesus through the Most Blessed Virgin.” (T.D., No. 227) It is obvious that this total consecration, or perfect renewal of our baptismal vows with and through Mary, is not to be taken lightly. Pope John Paul II said that, “Reading this book (St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary) was to be a turning point in my life…. This Marian devotion…has since remained a part of me. It is an integral part of my interior life and of my spiritual theology.” In his Marian Year encyclical, Mother of the Redeemer, speaking of Marian Spirituality, the Holy Father singles out: “...among the many witnesses of this spirituality, the figure of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, who proposes consecration to Christ through the hands of Mary, as an effective means for Christians to live faithfully their baptismal commitments.” (No. 48)

This booklet is intended merely as a guide to help you in your immediate preparation before entering fully into this beautiful way of Marian Spirituality, in the footsteps of her Son, Jesus.

Memorial of St. Louis Marie De Montfort 28th April
De Montfort Way - Frank Duff
Page 37

“In your prayer book or Office book or Missal, keep a favourite picture of Our Lady, which you will cause to project above the pages while you read. Fix certain “landmarks”, such for instance as the turning of each page, which will occasion a resting of your eye on that representation of her who is at that moment, and all moments of your life, the essential supplement to your prayer and the channel whereby its fruits are entering your soul. This will be a way of keeping in mind and of acknowledging the faithful love of Mary”

God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of Your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery. In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church’s evangelising work. We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith. With confidence we beg You that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before You….............. We ask too that if it be in accordance with Your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Favours attributed to the Intercession of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff should be reported to:
Legion of Mary
De Montfort House,
Morning Star Avenue,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7, Ireland