Concilium Bulletin June 2022


Senatus of Buenos Aires: ‘As the Morning Rising’ is the name of their full colour Legion magazine with local and world news. Young children 5-8 years old are prepared for the junior Legion. Non-Catholic contacts are told about the Mass and invited to attend. Immigrants from Haiti are prepared for the sacraments and taught Spanish. A Mission tent was set up in a city centre plaza. To remember Alfie Lambe’s 90th birthday a street procession with banners is to take place to his grave. This is a full day programme with all day rosaries and contacts and ending with Holy Mass in the local parish church. Two new books relating to Alfie’s work in Paraguay and Uruguay will be launched on that occasion.

Senatus of Cordoba: All meetings are now in person again. A praesidium reported visiting their auxiliary members, reciting the Rosary with local families, reciting the Rosary before daily mass and doing home visitation - but nursing home visitation is not allowed because of restrictions. It has a new member from the USA.

Senatus of Salta: Tucuman’s Archbishop is Spiritual Director of the Regia. He was a junior legionary and active member before being ordained a priest. During the pandemic legionaries called out to the people, “we have the priest and the altar in the plaza, come to Mass with your chair” To counteract non-Christian customs during Halloween the legionaries organised a fancy-dress party with children dressed in robes and habits of different well known saints.

Regia of Corrientes: Three new officers have been elected: President, Vice President and Treasurer. The in-person meetings continue and the attendance is growing. A praesidium reported that its members go to the Shrine of Itati on the 16th of every month and they invite non-legionaries to accompany them. Other apostolates include public rosaries in various communities and districts and reaching out to tourists.

Regia of Rosario: In the middle of the year 2020 they began with virtual meetings. Many virtual apostolates were carried on. In 2021, in addition to returning to physical meetings, they were able celebrate the Acies. They were able also to celebrate the Centenary of the Legion in the Shrine Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, with a great attendance. Today they have eight praesidia, five Curiae and three Comitia directly affiliated to the Regia and practically all the apostolates have been resumed, including prison visitation.


Senatus of Belo Horizonte: The Senatus held an Evening of Formation where talks were given by some Senatus officers on the government of the Legion, the duties of Vice Presidents and the object of the Legion in observance of the apostolic mission of the Church. Elections of Senatus officers were due to take place at the May meeting.

Senatus of Fortaleza: The Senatus restarted in May with only a small number of people due to many sick members. Councils are joining praesidia, that dissolved due to the pandemic, with other praesidia, in order to keep a reasonable number of members per praesidium. They are preparing the Acies for August, a Retreat in September and for a Comitium in Marco-Ceará.

Senatus of Salvador: One Curia organised a spiritual retreat for children, youth and adolescents at risk. The attached Regia of Aracaju organised a spiritual retreat for the legionaries and the community.

Senatus of São Paulo: Some councils reported visitation of homes and bringing Holy Communion to the sick and elderly. The Regia in Campo Grande reported a new praesidium set up in a Military Hospital. The Regia in Cuiabá reported 2577 visits to families and weekly contact in a public square with people on drugs. A Comitium in Mogi Guaçu reported an Evangelical family of mother and children receiving the sacrament of Baptism and other sacraments. One Curia reported holding catechism classes online weekly in 2020 and 2021.



Seoul Senatus: Two Auditors were appointed in October and four Senatus Officers were elected at the November meeting. A full attendance was requested for this meeting and 71 out of 77 officers did so. The removal of Covid restrictions facilitated this. The normal practice of presentation of reports was to recommence at the March meeting. Contributions to Concilium were recorded in the Treasurer’s Statements at each meeting. At the February meeting the Senatus announced its intention to publish a book on the Venerable Edel Quinn. It is hoped that legionaries will be inspired by her life.

Gwangju Senatus: Reports show many works being undertaken with good results including Baptisms and returns to the Sacraments. One report mentioned regular street apostolate resulting in returns to the Sacraments. Other reports show the recruitment of many catechumens.


During this time 4 new praesidia were established in various parishes. In January 2022 Covid restrictions were re-imposed, and meetings reverted to Zoom. The Comitium is working towards the establishment of a second Comitium and will further this when restrictions are lifted.


Kuala Lumpur: The Regia celebrated the Centenary on 20th March 2022. Following the removal of Covid restrictions, the Regia was able to hold a physical meeting on 22nd May. The expectation was that other Legion Councils would also resume at the same time.


Osaka Senatus: Covid restrictions reduced the number of attendees to 2. A report was received from Star of the Sea praesidium, Imaichi Church, established for 40 years. They currently have 7 members, mainly seniors, although a younger person has joined recently. Works include church cleaning and helping with the liturgy. They assist at funerals, a work they were able to continue during the pandemic. Mother of Cana praesidium, based at Fuse Church, which also reported, has only 2 members, who carry out a similar apostolate. During a week for peace the members played suitable music in front of the church on their own instruments. The Senatus held its Acies on 28th May.


Jakarta Senatus: Physical meetings of Councils have recommenced with an online apostolate of talks, discussions and seminars, including one on Venerable Edel Quinn. A Comitium reported that legionaries prayed the prayer for the beatification of Frank Duff for 2 fellow legionaries who were ill and they made a recovery. The Senatus has asked for more information.

Kaupang Senatus: Legionaries are delighted to be back with physical meetings. Fr. John Paul Udjan SVD has been appointed Spiritual Director. The minutes reported a case where legionaries were in contact over a long period with a lapsed Catholic married to a Protestant. After much instruction she returned to the Faith and has joined the praesidium.

Malang Senatus: A virtual meeting was held for Spiritual Directors. Extension features in the minutes with reports of senior and junior praesidia being set up. In Bali efforts are being made to establish a praesidium in the University and in Surabaya a praesidium is being formed in the Higher Seminary


In Sarawak, East Malaysia, Sibu Comitium has 13 Senior and 6 junior praesidia. They celebrated their Centenary Mass on 7th September, led the Rosary on line in October and recommenced physical meetings in November. One of the attached Curiae conducts meetings in Mandarin, while Brunei has Chinese, Filipino and English Curiae attached.



Cloyne: The Comitium is delighted to welcome their new Spiritual Director Rev Fr. Mark Hehir. A preasidium with four members hold a Holy Hour every Thursday evening and bring the Fatima statue to the homes and promote devotion to Our Lady of Fatima.

Cork: A reporting praesidium of 12 members, which had amalgamated with another praesidium concentrate on aiding the church in the parish. They have closed the Boys’ Club after 75 years due to decline in use by local boys. They recite the Rosary at various grottos, and recently members undertake street contact in the city centre. They have 21 auxiliaries on roll. They plan to resume home visitation. Queen of Peace Curia has three praesidia attached. Meetings resumed in February 2022. Works being undertaken are recitation of the Rosary at grottos. Legionaries discuss the Frank Duff articles. Seven of the members present said they had participated in street contact work.

Kerry: Due to the virus no meeting was held in December and January but resumed in February. By then the Legion banner had already been in Killarney, Fossa and Millstreet, with legionaries speaking at the Masses and distributing leaflets. The banner will continue to be displayed in other churches during the Centenary year with speakers at the Mass and the distribution of leaflets. Local graveyards and grottos were kept maintained during the pandemic and the Rosary was recited weekly and sometimes nightly at the grottos. A legionary organises a 24 hour Rosary on Our Lady’s feast days and there was a very good response to this during the pandemic. The Killarney praesidium are continuing with their Rosaries in housing estates. Fliers are distributed to households beforehand. Rosaries, Miraculous Medals and Holy Water are available on the day. Two priests bless all the houses in the area. The Centenary Mass was celebrated on Saturday 21 May in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney. The main celebrant was Bishop Ray Browne and five priests concelebrated with him. Representatives from Concilium were present, and it was very well attended. It was a very uplifting, joyous and spiritual occasion.

Mid Clare: Ennis praesidium has resumed meeting but so far has not received permission to do any apostolic work.

East Clare Curia: Tuamgraney praesidium has also resumed meetings and are undertaking home to home visitation. During the month of May the Rosary was recited weekly at a local grotto.

Thurles: This report covers March and April Comitium meetings. A reporting praesidium with 11 members recruited two new members since they resumed meetings. They recited the Legion prayers and Rosary every Thursday night at a local grotto. The Divine Mercy Chaplet was recited and each Saturday a small number of non-legionaries were in attendance.

Murroe: March meeting had an attendance of six, representing four attached praesidia. They acknowledge that a recruiting drive will have to be done. Miraculous Medals and Rosaries are left in all churches and people take them.

Cashel Curia: The reporting praesidia have six and four members.


Achonry: A praesidium prepare special altars in the church for Feasts including Divine Mercy recently. They lead the May Rosary each evening at Our Lady of Knock Shrine in the parish. They circulate copies of Regina Coeli prayer for the period up to Pentecost. Holy Communion is taken to the sick and elderly each Sunday. The Pilgrim Statue is brought to homes requesting the Statue. Three of their members attended the Synodal Pathway Meeting.

Clonfert: It was reported that there was a decline in the number of members in all praesidia due to bereavements and those not well enough to return. The amalgamation of 2 praesidia in Ballinasloe was discussed which will leave the Curia with 5 praesidia. The first full meeting of the Curia will be held in May 2022.

Ferns recommenced their Curia meetings in March 2022. Three praesidia are meeting physically, Wexford, Gorey and Davidstown juniors. New Ross is meeting virtually. Different issues were discussed and initiatives which might be undertaken were considered. However at the moment it is very much about consolidating praesidia and getting things back on a regular footing.

Galway: The Curia is back meeting face to face since March. There are now only 4 praesidia attached as 2 praesidia have closed. The praesidium reporting in March has a membership of 6 but they have not been meeting due to the virus and hoped to resume on 29th of March. The Curia did a project in a large housing estate outside of Galway where there is a lot of anti-social behaviour and drugs. Those met are invited to fill in a short questionnaire regarding their Faith in the context of the Covid pandemic.The Synod is also discussed. So far the legionaries are getting a very positive response.

Killala: Cooneal praesidium has not resumed full meetings after Covid yet. They recite the Legion Prayers and Rosary in the church. Fr. James Corcoran PP joins them for their meeting. They help with parish duties and cleaning the church. The Acies was held on March 27th in St Muredach’s Cathedral, Ballina. The reporting praesidium in Ballina has not resumed meetings yet. On visitation to a school the children were very interested and asked deep questions. The teachers were very impressed. There were 3 classes of 29 children in total. Some are making their First Communion in May and June.


Annunciata: At the last Curia meeting members had a discussion under the heading ‘Is the Curia meeting fulfilling it role?’ Comments were as follows: the Curia is the most important meeting after the praesidium meeting; the curia is a school for officers; it is important that all legionaries study Ch. 28 in the handbook on the government of the legion; it is important that all officers attending the meeting would make a comment and have suggestions; it is important that we comment and ask questions in a Christian spirit but for officers to be aware that some questions and comments may be tough in order to develop a point; it is very important that the Curia agenda is read and discussed at praesidia meetings before the curia meeting. A praesidium in the area has been struggling over the past 3 years. It has 3 members who gather everyday at 3pm to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. An auxiliary and other parishioners also attend. Two members deliver the parish bulletin to the elderly and sick. There were 4 open air rosaries held on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima and each Saturday for the month of May.

Assumpta: The Curia ratified three new officers to a praesidium and all were welcomed to Curia.. Visit to Frank Duff’s grave is planned for April 24th and reunion on May 13th, following consecration to Our Lady in St. Mary’s church. This church has been selected as the venue to receive the Centenary Indulgence.

Gloriosa: A praesidium hosts a rosary at the Grotto every evening. They also attend 2 hours of Adoration on Mondays in a side chapel, where prayers are offered for the three Legion causes. Members attended the Curia Christmas Rosaries at the Crib and sang Christmas carols accompanied by the accordion. One member accompanies a priest on a weekly visit to a nursing home.To mark the centenary, a Rosary Garden is being prepared in Mount Olivet Gardens. A Mass in honour of the Centenary will be arranged by each praesidium in the parish. We hope to establish a junior praesidium in this centenary year. The new praesidium in Lucan has 7 probationary members.

Immaculata: One praesidium held a daily Rosary, with an average attendance of 9 people. Holy Communion and Confirmation classes were visited and prayer packs were distributed. Enrolment in brown scapular is planned for July 16th in Immaculata House. A talk on Servant of God, Alfie Lambe was given by Br. Noel Lynch and two talks were held on the True Devotion. Further talks are planned on Servant of God, Frank Duff and Venerable Edel Quinn. Curia plans to bring Frank Duff banner to local churches and promote the Centenary and also to place a picture of Frank Duff on outside wall of Immaculata House. Curia did 33-day consecration to Jesus through Mary, and follow-up recruitment on those who attended. Recruitment is held monthly in different areas. Eight people attended a Patrician meeting on ‘Baptism’.

Mary Spouse of The Holy Spirit: One member took part in the Inner-City Legion Project (ICLP) 8th June 2022.60 people attended the annual Mass to promote the Cause of the Venerable Edel Quinn was held in the Priory, Tallaght, on 12 May at 8pm. Fr. Columba Toman, OP celebrated the Mass and delivered a beautiful homily on Venerable Edel.A discussion took place regarding the Plenary Indulgence granted to the Legion of Mary by Pope Francis. Going on Fr Paul Churchill’s suggestion of a “Pilgrimage”, the idea emerged of having a ceremony in the Tallaght Priory Garden on 15th August. The Prior has given his permission.

Benedicta: A number of members have been lost since the pandemic due to ill health. Praesidia are getting back in touch with auxiliary members who are delighted with their visits. A former member of a praesidium who has been pursuing a religious vocation is being ordained a deacon on the June 15th. Three praesidia and also members of Junior Curia are now taking part in Street contact at the shopping centre in Rialto. Friendly chats have been had with one Jewish man who has been contacted a couple of times. A young man about 19 years of age when offered a miraculous medal showed he was wearing one given at his first communion by his granny. It is hoped to hold centenary masses in the various parishes of the Curia area. The Junior Curia has recently commenced working on street contact with the seniors.

Ancilla Domini: A praesidium attached to Whitefriar Street undertakes street contact in Temple Bar every Saturday without fail. Prayer cards of Frank Duff, Alfie Lambe and Edel Quinn are distributed and people are encouraged to pray for miraculous favours and to report any granted to Concilium. One man encountered in Temple Bar, accepted a miraculous medal and had a sudden, enlightening of the faith. Home visitation is also undertaken, where it is becoming apparent that faith formation in schools is poor and often taught by non-believers. A procession to mark the Centenary is planned for August 14th and a concert will be held in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday September 3rd. Myra House was open for Culture Date in Dublin 8, recently. Extension work is continuing in Clondalkin. Recruiting is carried out weekly by each praesidium and monthly Exploratio Dominicalis is coordinated by a member of Curia. An inner City project was held the week of 4-10 June.

Mater Ecclesia: A praesidium reported preparing families for baptism, at the express request of the parish priest. The work of a praesidium includes Rosary once a week in church; a Grotto Rosary both physically at the Grotto and on zoom each Thursday evening and 1st Saturday Rosary in local shopping centre. Other works consist of street contact work in Dun Laoghaire each Saturday afternoon by one member and another member works in the Morning Star hostel. Other members in the praesidium deliver 100 Maria Legionis and have started to knock on doors of Journal subscribers. A praesidium has 10 members and promotes a Rosary each Saturday afternoon at 3pm in St Michael’s church. The pilgrim statue goes from home to home among friends and family members. Two other members do outreach to homeless and drug addicts in city centre. Another member works in the Morning Star Hostel. Curia is planning to have outreach each month, if possible, with Edel Quinn banners to all churches in the Curia area. The Curia celebrated its 1000th meeting on April 6th 2022. They organised tea and coffee and a beautiful celebration cake cut by our oldest active member (over 90) who is also a correspondent with the Ivory Coast in French. Frank Duff’s book Miracles on Tap has been given to each secondary school in the Curia area. Recruiting carried out after Masses in church of Guardian Angels 22nd May has resulted in the first meeting of a new praesidium on 7th June.



Senatus of Austria: Senatus meetings are taking place monthly but attendance is not back at full capacity. A Curia orgainsed the consecration to Jesus through Mary, legionaries and non legionaries participated. Most Councils reported the Acies held in March.

Comitium Hallabrun: Following a request for Spiritual Directors 5 new Spiritual Directors responded. Curia Salsburg set up a new Praesidium.

For the 500th meeting of Comitium Innsbrook the legionaries have re-started street apostolate and promotion of the legion.

Praesidia: The Korean praesidium with 7 members and 2 on probation have resumed meetings. The apostolate of a praesidium of 7 members includes an outreach to street girls and their families. PPC Projects took place to the Ukraine, Munich, Hamburg, Salsburg, Lourdes, Medjugorje and upper Austria. Many good contacts were made and returns to Confession after many years were reported.

Countries under the care of Austria:

Prague and Olomouc Comitia: The Acies held. Small Praesidia are being supported and efforts to recruit and extend the legion are reported.


Curia Chisinau with 7 praesidia are making efforts to revive 2 of its dormant praesidia.


The Comitium of Zeliz and Curiae: Meetings were not allowed until the beginning of the new year. The apostolate focused on work in the Church, the Parish and the Cemetery.

Curia Trnava with 5 praesidia does street apostolate and visits a local prison.

Curia Penizok has 7 praesidia. Regular meetings have taken place since January.


Minsk Comitium: The attendance included 27 officers from the directly attached praesidia, and 1 from the attached Curiae. A new Praesidium was recently set up and members are being trained using the Master and Apprentice system. One praesidium has 9 active and 14 auxiliary members. The apostolate includes distribution of Miraculous medals and Catholic Literature. Contact work is done near the hospital, organising the living Rosary and many church activities.


Report covers March and April Regia meetings. March minutes are very sketchy although the meeting took 3 hours. There were 11 present and the Acies seems to have taken place during the meeting. March meeting took place during their annual Winter School. Two reports were taken but the minutes do not give any further details.


Comitium Kanus: The Spiritual Director of the Comitum in a recent allocutio encouraged legionaries to organize and go on retreats and to read the passage in the handbook on retreats. A praesidium with 9 members reported organizing a Mass to mark the 100th anniversary of the Legion and are organizing more Masses throughout out the diocese. Every week nightly adoration is held at the shrine of our Blessed Lady and this is promoted on home visitation. In all reports promotion of the miraculous medal and Frank Duff prayer was reported.

Telsiai Comitium: The report covers the activities of the Comitium for February, March and April 2022. Meetings were not held from October 2021 to January 2022. The four new Officers of the Comitium were elected.

Curiae reports: The Curia of Mazeikiai recruited 5 new members. 6 persons returned to the faith, 1 after 50 years. Also 2 people returned to the church and Confession. A patient, who never went to church, received the Sacrament of Penance and Anointing before he died. Praesidia: took active participation in the parish life even in pandemic conditions, practising all devotions and helping the Parish priests, legionaries also kept in touch with Auxiliaries by phone.


Satu Mare Regia: Due to regional restrictions some Regia meetings were not held. Celebrations to mark the 100 year of the Legion were held by some Comitia and Curiae. The main celebration was held in the Cathedral in Satu Mare and a report is awaited. 2 Curiae and 2 Comitia reported. The apostolate in 1 Curia is cleaning the Church, singing at funerals, participation with Radio Maria and bringing people to Church. Another Curia is reduced to 1 praesidium due to much illness and deaths.

Comitium Oderea reported the yearly Mass of thanksgiving. A praesidium of 10 members and 372 auxiliaries reported. On January 1st the legionaries attended adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel of the Bishop’s palace. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Thursday and first Friday to which people are invited.


Zagreb Regia and Countries under caretakership.

Zagreb Regia: Great efforts are being made to bring the legion to new Parishes. The annual Legion Pilgrimage to the Island of Solin took place in November with 800 in attendance. The Spiritual Director of the Regia and 20 Priests concelebrated. Zagreb East Curia has 8 praesidia and Junior Praesidium of 12 members. Their annual reunion had an attendance of 70. Visitation of praesidia and presentation of the legion in a new Parish was reported. A praesidium of 9 members approached a neighbouring Parish for permission to start the legion. A Praesidium in Zagreb reported an apostolate to children who gather near the Church. From visitation 3 people received the sacraments after a long time.

Zadar Comitium reported a couple were prepared for the sacrament of Matrimony. Contact work is done in Cafes, Ferries and to a Nazareth group of 20 children. Contact with Parishes in Slavonski have been made with regard to setting up Praesidia.

Comitium Split has 13 Praesidia and two Curiae attached. Visitation of homes, hospital, care homes and the Pilgrim Statue is done. Returns to the Sacraments of 34 people was recorded. Correspondents have been appointed for the 3 praesidia in Sibenik. Petrinja. 3 officers have 2nd terms expiring this month


The first Comitium meeting since lockdown was held in April with almost all praesidia back meeting. Some praesidia reported that they are back doing home to home, visiting the sick and doing street contact. Some legionaries are communicating with people in prison through Skype.


Warsaw Praga Comitium: Attendance at the Comitium meeting is still low. Efforts to extend the Legion to new Parishes and build up existing Praesidia are ongoing. Due to restrictions normal apostolate was very much curtailed. A Praesidium with 8 members reported helping the elderly to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, making and distributing Rosary beads and Miraculous medals. The legionaries also look after abandoned graves. A Curia with 4 Praesidia and 38 auxiliaries visited all of its attached Praesidia that submitted their reports. Eighty miraculous medals were distributed. Helping the sick and housebound and many other works of service reported.

Warsaw Comitium: covers Warsaw Archdiocese and 5 other Dioceses north of Warsaw with a total of 50 praesidia, 400 active and 540 auxiliary members. The apostolate includes organising the Rosary and Adoration in Parish churches, Promotion of the Miraculous Medals and works of service for the sick and housebound. An important work of the Comitium is the editing of the legion bulletin published for Polish legionaries, 5000 copies, 2 to 3 times a year. All Bishops in Poland receive a copy. The Annual Reunion was held in January with a simple meal followed by a talk on Cardinal Suenen’s book on the legion promise.

Lublin Regia: Plans for the year are working towards growth in praesidia, establishment of new praesidia, to restart closed praesidia and have Sunday information meetings. The reports of the attached praesidia, Curiae and Comitia shows that the legionaries are engaging in a very good programme of works including an outreach to Jehovah Witnesses and to those living in non Sacramental relations. 3 adults were brought to Confession and Holy Communion. The Seminary praesidium has 9 members and the legionaries have close contact with their Curia. They attended the Acies, the Annual reunion and serve during the liturgy in the Cathedral.



Senatus of Burundi: This report covers February to May 2022. The Senatus held elections in March 2022 for all their officerships (except for Treasurer which is already filled). They were ratified in May by Concilium. Their new President, Zenon Ndihokubwayo put the following recommendations to members:

• The daily recitation of the Rosary by each family in their homes, to boost the spirit of the Legion

• Every Legionary family to own and read the Legion handbook and the Treatise on the True Devotion to Mary by St Louis Marie de Montfort

• That Legionaries seek to recruit among their relations and neighbours

• That Legionaries make a special place in their homes for Our Lady, by having an altar in her honour.

In April 2022 Comitium Rokundo in the Archdiocese of Gitega gave their annual report. They have 6 Curiae, 59 praesidia, including 5 Junior praesidia, 565 Legionaries, incl. 232 Juniors, 192 Auxiliaries in total. They recruit regularly, and as a result have gained 41 active members and many Auxiliaries since their last report. They distributed 61 Miraculous Medals. Their report featured encouraging people to return to the Catholic Church and also to the Legion, promoting Sunday and daily Mass, consolation and intervention services were carried out, ranging from suicide prevention to the building of houses for those in need.


Senatus of Butembo: Reports received from 1 Regia, 10 Comitia and 2 praesidia.

Average Attendance: 90 members, including the Spiritual Director of the Senatus and 2 religious sisters. Apostolic work: Visits and support to the sick, widows, orphans, the elderly, war refugees and prisoners. Children taught catechism and many baptised, made 1st Communion and Confirmation. Young mothers had their children baptised after counselling. Protestants were converted to Catholicism.

A large number of divorced couples renewed their vows. Peace was restored to quarrelling families, and several people with a drink problem restored to sobriety. Houses burnt down by bandits were rebuilt by Legionaries and given back to their owners. Exchanges with people of different religions on the Word of God and the Rosary brought understanding.

Bishop Sikuli Melchisedeck gives great support to the Legion of Mary and encourages young people to join the movement. He advises them to follow the example of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe who joined the Legion when they were young and sacrificed themselves for it to the end of their lives. He also asks that they should spread the Good News, and that the Christian family and the Rosary should be their spiritual defence in the combat with evil.

Senatus of Bukavu (Bikiri Amini): This is a summary of a 25-page report of activities. Abbé Jacques Bagendabanga has been appointed by the Archbishop of Bukavu as Spiritual Director of the Senatus. Works include: Visits to the sick in their own homes and in hospitals, also to the bereaved, supporting them with spiritual aid. Visitation of ex-members who had abandoned the Legion, as a result of which 74 have returned. Visitation to widows, orphans and prisoners. Placing people on guard against the dangers of the sects, which are very active. Counselling alcoholics and addicts. 80 Couples in conflict were reconciled. Catechising of children for the Sacraments. All the parishes of Uvera have been visited to speak about the Legion. The celebration of the centenary of the Legion was a cause of great joy and uplift to Legionaries who had become dispirited.

The Senatus of Bukavu is composed of the Comitium Moderateur of Uvera, together with the Regia of Goma and the Regia of Shabanda. It includes 19 Comitia, 56 Curiae, and 321 Praesidia. It oversees 402 Junior Legionaries, and 312 Probationers.

Senatus of Kisangani: Works: Outreach to the Quarters, in order to invite the youth to participate in preparation courses for Baptism and other Sacraments, with a view to subsequent membership of the Legion of Mary. Organising of formation courses for Legionaries. Contacting and encouraging people who are in the sects, with a view to their conversion to the Catholic faith. Aiding families who are divided to be reconciled. Bringing spiritual aid to patients in hospital and to the homeless.

Senatus of Kananga: Bukavu (Mater Ecclesiae): Works include promotions to encourage Legionaries to take more active participation in their meetings. Works also include cleaning and care of churches, accompanying families of the bereaved to cemeteries, visitation of prisoners and recruitment of new members, both active and auxiliary.


Rodrigues Regia: Meetings have resumed at praesidia, Comitia and Regia levels. They have sadly lost some active members who died from the disease, including Sr Jeanne Francois, ex-president of the Comitium of Port Louis. Some have not returned after lockdown. Beautiful photographs have been received, showing fervent and joyful celebrations of the Acies in March with many members present. Main works include formation of youth and organising pilgrimages and Rosaries to holy places and grottoes of Our Lady. They celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Legion with many Masses of thanksgiving in different areas. The Senatus had a special bookmark printed with a photo of Frank Duff and information on the Legion, which was widely circulated.

To mark the 4th anniversary of the youth praesidium, a special Mass was organised for them in Rose Hill, where they gave witness to their joy of membership.



Sr. Mary Murphy proposed and Sr. Ann Murray seconded the nomination of Sr. Síle Ni Chochláin. As there were no further nominations, Sr. Mary Murphy declared Sr. Síle Ní Chocháin elected as Assistant Treasurer of the Concilium for a 1st term of three years.



Sr. Licia and Br. Valdicielo spent a month of their holidays on Extension in Lisbon Senatus area. They gave a very comprehensive report on their visit at the Concilium meeting. They attended the Lisbon Senatus meeting and the Regia meeting of Coimbra and Porto and had very encouraging meetings with the Council Officers. They had a special meeting with legionaries who were interested in devoting some of their time to extension and 13 legionaries attended. The Concilium is deeply grateful to the two legionaries for their generosity and dedication to the Legion.



At the request of priests in the UK 6 projects will take place in the months of July and August and September. The final project for this year is to Manchester from 3rd to the 10th September. The priest is prepared to take 10 volunteers and so far we have 8. Please continue to pray for the success of these projects this year.



Paris Senatus will close their Centenary celebrations with a three day pilgrimage to Lourdes on the 6th,7th and 8th September. The Dublin Diocesan pilgrimage will be on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September (please check website). Legionaries who wish to join the French legionaries are advised to make their own arrangements for travel, accommodation etc.



As a special gift to Our Lady on this our Centenary Year, Dublin legionaries have set a target of recruiting 300 new members in the Archdiocese. Every Saturday morning a group of between 12 and 20 members spend a couple of hours on the Streets of Dublin encouraging people to come to a meeting. A number of new praesidia have been established and membership has increased in various meetings.