Concilium Bulletin June 2019



Buenos Aires Senatus: Most councils’ have Alfie Lambe committees, which publish a monthly bulletin on the Cause. The Senatus has its own bulletin which includes news from Concilium. The Senatus officers asked for a detailed account of the Concilium General Correspondents meeting so as to help their own correspondents. A new work is giving catechism classes in a home for street children. The City Centre Regia of Buenos Aires visits hotels and holds public Rosaries in plazas.

Salta Senatus: Two new young officers have been elected as Senatus officers. They represent the many young adult legionaries in the Senatus. Young, and not so young, have always worked well together in the Senatus. Weak presidia are helped by Columban drives. Formation meetings are held from time to time. One Comitium has three praesidia in the local prison.

Cordoba Senatus: Legionaries in a city Curia do home visitation in a red light district. The Sacred Heart was enthroned in fourteen homes. As a True Devotion to the Nation initiative they give advice on conserving water and planting trees. They advise youngsters on the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The Posadas Comitium held torchlight processions in different communities reciting the Rosary with the theme “With Mary march towards 100 years of the Legion”. Legionaries in the Comitium of Goya extend the Legion by going on cycling trips into places where the Legion does not yet exist.


Belem Senatus: Seven new senior praesidia and four youth praesidia were set up. A Conference for young legionaries was held. Reports showed 252 home visits were made and many visits to hospitals and the sick at home, with Holy Communion brought to many of them. 274 children received their First Holy Communion. Some street apostolate was undertaken.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: A directly-attached praesidium reported visiting 180 sick people in hospital and bringing Holy Communion to 130 patients. Another praesidium, which was set up in August 2016 following a special project was praised at Senatus for its apostolic works. The officers of both these praesidia had a 100% attendance at their meetings during the period of the reports.

Recife Senatus: Most councils report the setting up of new praesidia for seniors and juniors. The Rosary is recited in an area frequented by young drug users. As part of formation for juniors a study was held on the life of Frank Duff. Promotion of the Sacraments in the State of Alagoas resulted in the Baptism of 36 youths and 70 children and the marriage of nine couples. In the City of Maceió work includes literacy classes and courses in dressmaking.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Seventy legionaries took part in a special apostolate towards youth on the street including Protestants, and two spiritualists. Twenty youths without religion prayed with the Legionaries. A Comitium in São João de Meriti has almost three and half thousand active members. Favours attributed to Frank Duff included a return to the Church and getting employment. Over three and a half thousand homes were visited by a Comitium in the adjacent State of Espirito Santo. In the distant region of Amazonas a Comitium has over 400 active members and reports various works such as visits to over 600 families, including 34 with newly-born babies.

Salvador Senatus: Praesidium reports show preparation of children to receive the Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist, plus visits to the sick at home and in hospitals. A Comitium held Apostolic Days in the villages. Legionaries in Aracaju Regia prepared 158 for First Communion. Seven children learned how to pray the Rosary and received the Sacrament of Baptism. Legionaries prepared 107 young men to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Santa Maria Senatus: On home visitation prayer leaflets are distributed. The sick and elderly, plus former members who are in ill-health are also visited.

São Paulo Senatus: The new Regia in Assis reported 3,575 visits to families and 6,422 visits to the sick and elderly at home with prayer and Holy Communion. Fourteen legionaries are doing extension; they are preparing to set up another Curia. The Comitium in Santo Amaro visited 6,363 homes on door to door apostolate and two Exploratio Dominicalis projects. As a result 108 persons were led to the Sacraments. Brasilia Regia has directly attached 30 Comitia, 13 Curiae and 21 praesidia over a vast area. Multitudes were contacted in the cemeteries on All Souls day. One work is the promotion of the Liturgical meaning of Lent. In more distant regions legionaries are in charge of the pastoral work among children.



Seoul Senatus: Reports show that care of catechumens and of the newly baptised is an important part of the Legion apostolate. Works include visitation of the sick, new parishioners and the lapsed. Uijeongbu Regia, with 8,820 active members, reported inviting 33, 858 non-Catholics to consider becoming Catholics.

Daegu Senatus: In Andong Regia 93 catechumens were recruited, and 86 people baptised over a three month period. Reports referred to preparations for the 60th Anniversary of the Legion in the Diocese. Part of the preparation was the organisation by each attached Curia of a Legion Retreat.

Gwangju Senatus: Masan Regia, reported high numbers of visits to the sick, including to non-Catholics. There is a decline in numbers due to a slump in the shipping industry. Juniors featured in two reports. One Comitium attached to Masan Regia has five junior praesidia. They had difficulties in regard to attendance, but these had been resolved with the involvement of parents.


Taiwan Senatus: Reports from attached Curiae and praesidia show that legionaries are active in extension. Three new praesidia have been established in Jiayl’s, Queen of China Curia, all of which are stable and continue in growth, and a new praesidium has been established in Taipei’s 4th Deanery by the Miraculous Medal Curia. Reports from both Curiae show that legionaries are conscious of the need for expansion into parishes where the Legion does not yet exist. 2020 will mark the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the first praesidium, Queen of Apostles in Taiwan. The Senatus is preparing to celebrate this Anniversary with a programme of events in each Curia.


Osaka Senatus: Evangelisation features in the report of the praesidium in Toyonaka Church. 12 catechumens are attending 2 separate instruction courses. One catechumen reported that it was the homily preached at his grandfather’s funeral that inspired him to become a Catholic. Visitation of the sick in their homes or in hospital features in reports. One praesidium has been visiting the same hospital for over 50 years. The patients are appreciative of the legionaries’ spiritual approach. Recruiting of new members is a cause of concern with the lack of young people joining being raised at the Senatus. Fr. Masakawa, Senatus Spiritual Director commented that all legionaries should ‘become the salt of the earth’.


Malang Senatus: Reports show that the Officers are planning for extension. A new Curia has been formed on Lombok Island, and five new praesidia were mentioned elsewhere. Comitium Purwokerto gave a ‘Christian religious reflection’ in a Government Police School which was broadcast on Government radio.

Jakarta Senatus: A Curia in the Diocese of Tanjung Selor, which was formed in 2016 with 5 senior praesidia, now has 12 senior and 3 junior praesidia and is continuing to expand. Legionaries carry out a variety of apostolic works.


Kuala Lumpur Regia: 10 Curiae reported with a total of 873 active, 29 probationers and 992 auxiliary members. Because Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, several languages feature at Legion gatherings. Legionaries have a varied apostolate including visitation of homes and orphanages, attending wakes and funerals, working with drug addicts and the homeless. An Exploratio Dominicalis project at a bus terminal got a very positive response. Over 200 people were contacted.


Singapore Senatus: Kuching Comitium has requested to be raised to Regia status. This proposed Regia would embrace Kuching and Sibu Comitia and Min Diocese. In administrative terms this would include 17 Curiae with 187 senior and 34 junior praesidia, with a total of 5,338 active members. A new Curia is in the planning stages for Min Diocese. Works reported on include crowd contact, home and hospital visitation and the organisation of parish activities.



Cloyne Comitium: Legionaries are visiting homes distributing information on the Parish Mission taking place in Lisgoold. East Cloyne Curia: Fermoy praesidium has 14 members who engage in hospital and home visitation with the Fatima statue and invite people to Adoration. West Cloyne Curia: Castlemagner praesidium with 5 members does home and hospital visitation. In April 2018 a team of 25 legionaries and 3 priests visited the homes prior to the Annual Novena in honour of Venerable Edel Quinn which occurs from 4 to 12th May. A legionary gave a talk on local radio and a video on the life of Edel was shown to a Senior Citizens group.

Cork Comitium: A praesidium of 7 members does weekly home and auxiliary visitation and there is a waiting list for reception of the Pilgrim statue. One member works as parish catechist and gives short religious courses in a local school. A praesidium of 6 members with 2 Praetorians and 36 auxiliaries’ undertakes home and hospital visitation. They erected a large outdoor Crib in the Church yard. At Christmas 60 newsletters were sent to parish emigrants. Legionaries organise the Corpus Christi Procession. A praesidium with 7 members does home, hospital and Pilgrim statue visitation. In October and November a statue of Our Lady was brought to an estate where adults and children joined in saying the Rosary and singing hymns. Coronata Curia has 7 praesidia. A praesidium of 4 members and 8 auxiliaries does works of consolation, takes care of graves of those who have no families and looks after priests vestments. Reporting praesidia in Muire na Gras Curia do home visitation and Catholic newspaper apostolate. On Good Friday the Stations of the Cross were held in a nursing home. Annunciata Curia: Works include Catholic newspaper apostolate and hospital visitation. Home visitation is undertaken by a praesidium of 6 distributing Miraculous Medals and visiting with the Fatima statue.

Kerry Comitium: The Rosary with the Fatima statue took place in May on the main street of Killarney with 4 legionaries doing contact work before the recitation of the Rosary. About 35 people joined them. Bishop Ray Browne was the chief concelebrant for the Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn’s 75th anniversary on 13th May in Killarney. Between 60 to 70 people including 4 novices from the Franciscan Friary attended. Music was supplied by a mix of Irish and African legionaries with one legionary singing in Swahili. Transition year students were interviewed by Radio Kerry about their volunteer work with the Legion of Mary. A new praesidium has been set up in Killorglin. They had their second meeting with 2 full members and 6 probationers. It is hoped to start a praesidium in Scartaglen. Legionaries spoke at the Sunday Mass there and held an information meeting the following week.

Mid Clare Comitium: The officers of the Polish praesidium in Ennis have not yet been appointed at a Comitium meeting and due to work arrangements cannot always attend the Comitium meetings. Corofin praesidium has 5 members who undertake home visitation mostly to elderly people living alone or to bereaved parishioners. Hospital and nursing home visitation is done and Pilgrim statue visitation.

Thurles Comitium: Three praesidia reported. Works include home, hospital, nursing home and Pilgrim statue visitation. Murroe Curia has 6 praesidia. Works of a praesidium with 5 members include visiting the sick and Church ministries. Tipperary Curia: The reporting praesidia have 3, 5 and 7 members who are involved in nursing home and Pilgrim statue visitation. Cashel Curia: Fethard praesidium with 7 members does home and nursing home visitation. They helped with the revival of Cashel praesidium which has re-opened with 6 members, all former juniors.


Birr/Roscrea Curia: Shinrone praesidium has 6 members. Works include nursing home visitation and Church work. Rosaries are recited in cemeteries in November. Clonlisk praesidium has 4 members. They visit the old and lonely in their homes weekly and undertake Church work which includes the liturgy committee. Kinnitty praesidium has 7 members who are involved with a group of students in Roscrea College each week where they recite the Rosary. They brought a group of young boys and girls from the parish to Knock Shrine and organise a Dawn Easter Mass annually in the parish.

Limerick Curia: A praesidium with 5 members and 20 auxiliaries sells Catholic newspapers at 2 Churches and delivered some to homes where people are not able to attend Mass. One member gives instruction to parents of children who are about to be baptised. Two members are involved in other Church ministries.

Lismore Curia: The praesidium in Lismore has 10 members who visit the elderly and housebound, a rest home, a Day Care Centre and local hospital.

Ross Curia has 8 praesidia attached and no vacancies. The 3 reporting praesidia have 7, 7, and 9 members. Works include home and hospital visitation and presenting First Communicants with Miraculous Medals. Eucharistic Adoration is promoted by one praesidium. A transition-year student did legionary work for 20 weeks with a senior legionary and attended some of the praesidium meetings.

Waterford Curia: A letter of appreciation was received from Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan regarding the work of home visitation being done in two parishes. An extension drive in one of these parishes had 8 senior legionaries and 4 juniors visiting homes and being well received. A new praesidium was set up and each praesidium in the Curia is helping out on a monthly-rota basis.


Assumpta Curia has 7 praesidia. An average of nine Patricians attended four Patrician meetings. A Church of Ireland lady informed legionaries that, as a result of being helped by a Catholic group when she was ill, she now prays the Rosary daily. A record is kept of petitions and favours received at a monthly Frank Duff prayer meeting which has an average attendance of 5 people. Legionaries assist with staffing the parish bookshop where demand for Catholic literature is increasing. Legionaries were well received by the Principal, staff and 170 children of local Primary schools where they spoke about Eucharistic miracles, the Rosary and Miraculous Medal. One boy told legionaries that neither he nor his parents believed in God and asked ‘if it was silly not to believe’, to which legionaries invited him to pray ‘Oh God, if you exist, show me’.

Benedicta Curia has 24 active members among 6 praesidia. Leaflets for the three legionary Causes are widely distributed by members. Home and hospital visitation and street contact work are undertaken. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in four local parishes is promoted. A discussion took place at the Curia meeting on how best to promote and offer the Miraculous Medal.

Immaculata Curia has 9 praesidia. Recruiting drives took place in two parishes in May during which a legionary spoke after weekend Masses. Six Patrician meetings had an average attendance of 8 Patricians. Two praesidia of five active members undertake home visitation with the Pilgrim statue, staff a parish repository weekly, assist with promotion of the parish novena and services, and organise a monthly discussion group, DVD evening and Fatima prayer meeting. School visitation took place to 2nd and 6th Class pupils of five local schools in the past month. A DVD showing on the life of Venerable Edel Quinn was attended by approximately 20 people. Members continue to promote the monthly Frank Duff Hour in Church Street and a weekly prayer meeting for his Cause takes place in the Legion house.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: 15 parishioners attended four evenings of ‘The Bible and the Beads’ in one parish, consisting of meditations from Scripture and discussion interspersed between decades of the Rosary. A praesidium of six active members and 42 auxiliaries visit the housebound, residents of four nursing homes and undertake crowd contact in local parks. Venerable Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe prayer leaflets were offered at a shopping centre car park and 90 people attended an Anniversary Mass for Edel Quinn. Former Curia Spiritual Director, Fr. Gabriel Harty O.P. passed to his eternal reward in May; may he rest in peace.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia has 40 active members among 7 praesidia. Members of a praesidium in one parish visit a local hospital and nursing home weekly, reciting the Rosary with the residents. Home visitation is undertaken monthly where details of parish activities are offered as a means of approach. 10 to 15 people attend a monthly Holy Hour for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff. The Christmas Crib at a local shopping centre was blessed and opened with carol singing and readings. The Curia is exploring the possibility to begin a junior praesidium. A recent joint-Congress took place with Assumpta Curia.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia has 40 active members among 7 praesidia. Mass was offered for the Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn and a monthly prayer meeting takes place for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff. In one praesidium visits to Hospital and nursing homes are undertaken. Members also offer guidance and support to families of the bereaved and distribute Catholic magazines. Visitation of people who may be isolated or lonely was requested by the priest of the parish.

Ancilla Domini Curia has 7 praesidia attached. A praesidium of five active and 45 auxiliary members undertakes apostolate among the Filipino community. Regular contact is maintained with auxiliaries and those who have enrolled in Eucharistic Adoration. Approach is on-going to two apartment complexes to promote Sacred Heart Enthronement. Public Rosaries took place in three areas during May, including on the street outside Myra House in Francis Street. A Curia discussion on ‘the Responsibility of Officership’ highlighted the importance of studying the Handbook which will provide solutions to many problems, and spiritual help to grow in the faith. A monthly meeting takes place for the Cause of Frank Duff. Inter-faith dialogue is promoted through the ‘Pillar of Fire’ and Pauline Circle meetings.



Senatus of Austria: Two members went to Bucharest in April 2019. The local priest is interested in the Legion and the Austrian members gave him a Handbook with some guidance. A 2-day Seminar has been scheduled for late October in a Carmelite monastery 30 km from Bucharest and a Romanian-speaking priest from Moldovia is to guide it to promote the Frank Duff Cause. Senatus will organise initiatives such as a ‘Frank Duff Café’, to design postcards with a photo and quotes from Frank Duff. A drawing competition for children and other initiatives are planned. Innsbruck legionaries invited seminarians to take part in PPC projects. A Curia in Vienna had a stall at a Fair where confessions were heard. Linz Curia is contacting post- Confirmation children guiding them on in their spiritual lives after reception of the Sacrament. PPC to Armenia is planned. Slovakians were so impressed by Hungarian-speaking legionaries that they have now started a praesidium in their own language.


Petrinja: The 3 senior Curiae have 8-9 praesidia each and the junior Curia has 7 praesidia. All the Curiae organise extension. Works reported include: junior praesidia, Nazareth groups, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, organising prayer meetings and helping in parish activities. Lasinja Curia has 9 praesidia with 66 active and 144 auxiliary members. They had a book barrow at a Christmas Market.

Zagreb Regia and Countries under caretakership: The Radio Maria programme continues each month with many good Legion topics. Extension efforts continue in new parishes. A new praesidium of 10 members was set up in the Vrbani quarter of Zagreb. Three praesidia reported. A praesidium of 13 members, 98 auxiliaries and 4 Adjutorians carry out an apostolate in a Caritas home for women and children and a Centre of Education for youth with special needs. The works of the 3 praesidia resulted in many returns to the Sacraments after long and short periods. A Zagreb East Curia did extension. Zagreb South Curia with 10 praesidia reported 40 returns to the Sacraments after short and long periods. Zagreb West Curia members do street apostolate, home visitation and Pilgrim statue. There were 6 returns to the Sacraments after long periods. Dego Selo Curia organised the De Montfort Consecration in one parish to pave the way to start a praesidium. Two young legionaries joined a senior praesidium and two youths joined the junior praesidium. A Rijeka Curia increased its auxiliary membership by 25. Home visitation to a family resulted in the wife converting to the Catholic faith and becoming an auxiliary member. Her newly-baptised husband received Holy Communion and Confirmation following which the couple married in Church after 25 years of civil marriage.

Split Comitium reported 2 new praesidia setup. Prisoners in Split prison are visited. 10 returns to the Sacraments after long periods were reported.

SLOVENIA has one praesidium of 7 members, 440 auxiliaries and 23 Adjutorians. Many returns to the Sacraments were reported, 15 after long periods of time.


Sarajevo Curia: Visitation of homes and of a Gerontology Centre is carried out. One person received the Sacraments after a long period.


Budapest Regia: 7 praesidia, 11 Curiae, Comitia reported; they have 1,414 active members and 2,913 auxiliaries. The Legion is in 13 of 15 Dioceses. They have 69 children’s groups, 58 faith groups and 392 prayer groups. During 2018 30 Exploratio Dominacalis were carried out, with 29 conversions, 22 marriages regularised and 67 returns to the Sacraments. The March meeting took place during the Winter School and had an attendance of 98 including legionaries from Slovakia and Romania.


Latvia Comitium: Visitation of praesidia, recruiting and extension efforts were reported in all Minutes. A lot of homeless people, the majority struggling with Alcohol addictions are contacted and some brought to meet with a priest.


Telsiai Comitium: Very good extension efforts are being made. The Cause of Frank Duff is promoted by all praesidia. 7 praesidia and 3 Curiae which includes a new Curia with 4 praesidia set up in Tourage are directly affiliated. Active membership is 234, of whom 83 are Praetorians, 2,453 auxiliaries and 90 Adjutorians. A praesidium of 7 members, including 3 Praetorians presented its first Annual Report. Home, hospital and nursing home visitation is done. A praesidium of 10 members with 5 Praetorians and 151 auxiliaries visited 365 homes. One person came back to practise of the faith after 21 years. Visitation of attached praesidia was reported by 1 Curia. Home and hospital visitation is done. A Curia visited 541 families, meeting with people of various faiths and 4 unbelievers. There were 2 returns to the Sacraments. A Hospital was visited with a priest. 6 patients received the Sacrament of the Sick.

Kanus Comitium: Visitation of praesidia and recruiting were reported and contact was made with 3 priests with the view to starting praesidia in their parishes. A praesidium in Kanus gained 3 new members due to continuous recruiting efforts after Mass. 4 of the attached Curia reported over the last 3 months. Works include home visitation, street contact, visiting the night shelter, instructing people with catechism classes and holding public Rosaries. A praesidium in Vilnius reported 4 patients receiving the Sacrament of Confession. One patient is now under instruction.


Lublin Regia: This report covers 4 Comitia, 3 Curiae and 1 praesidium. They visit the sick, lonely and do home visitation and street apostolate as well as working with alcoholics. Recruiting and extension is on-going. A Congress was held.


Satu Mare Regia organised a Spiritual Day with 170 present including the Bishop, Spiritual Directors and the Chaplain of Satu Mare Cathedral. In his address, the Bishop thanked the legionaries for their work in the Diocese. 4 praesidia feature in this report with good membership in each. Works include organising Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, helping in a home for special children, Hospital visitation and helping on Radio Maria. Legionaries in Livada Curia visit ill and lonely people and help them to receive the Sacraments.


Minsk Comitium: Visitation to praesidia and Curiae is done and reported on. Testimony given by legionaries resulted in one woman becoming an active legionary and 3 taking on auxiliary membership. Works by 2 praesidia with 13 members and 5 members are visitation of homes, maintaining contact with sick and lonely, visitation of a boarding house for pensioners and disabled people. A Protestant man is interested in becoming a Catholic. Young people are met at train stations, shopping centers and parks. Miraculous Medals and Divine Mercy Prayers are given out on public transport. Smorgen Curia: 2 new praesidia have started working. Lida Curia has been assigned to accept the invitation from a priest in Grodno Diocese to set up a praesidium in his parish. Borisov Curia: The President Bro. Valery Stanchyk has been given responsibility for courses of religious instruction in the Parish.



Gitega Senatus: The Senatua President, Bro. Déicole Ntiranybagira thanked the Concilium for encouraging the Senatus in its work and relaying the encouragement that the Holy Father had given the Legion in his words to the Concilium President, Sr. Mary Murphy during her visit to Rome. He promised the prayers of the legionaries for the beatification and canonisation of Bro. Duff on the occasion of the forthcoming national gathering for the inauguration and blessing of their recently completed National Legion Headquarters at Gitega. Bro. Déicole reported that Sr. Adriana Nahimana who once served as Legion Envoy in Burundi, still maintains her Legion membership at Bujumbura.


Senatus of Bangui: Comparative peace has returned to this country which had suffered seven years of militancy in which numerous legionaries and others suffered damage to their homes and property and some lost their lives. The Senatus of Bangui has been working on plans for the visitation of all legionary Councils and hopes also with help from Concilium to proceed with the printing of the Legion Handbook in their national language Sangho. The translation into Sangho has been completed under the inspiration of their former Spiritual Director, Fr. Athimon.


Comitium of Libreville has been under the caretakership of Cotonou Regia which governs the Legion in its own country, the Republic of Benin in West Africa.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: There are 2 praesidia in the Seminary with 42 members, which will hopefully result in having future Legion priests in the various Dioceses under their jurisdiction. Special Legion formation for the officers is on-going. During April 1,215 legionaries made a concentrated effort to visit the sick at home and in hospitals. This resulted in the recruiting of 23 legionaries and 2 conversions. In May legionaries visited 5 orphanages, 10 hospices and 3 prisons.

Senatus of Butembo: Two Regia, 10 Comitia and 3 praesidia gave reports. Comitium Queen of Martyrs, celebrating 25 years installation, set up a new praesidium in March. A Comitium established a new Curia and praesidium in the same month. 31 young people took the Legion Promise. Works reported:17 pagans converted, dialogue with 135 Christians, peace restored to families in conflict, 11 divorced couples reconciled, 11 Protestants converted, 64 babies baptised, 582 children taught prayers, and 171 lapsed returned to Mass. 16 drug addicts gave up drugs. Sick people, widows, orphans, prisoners, and refugees were helped by legionaries. 15 seminarians who had formed a praesidium were instructed in the legion system in the Seminary of St. Octavius in Vulindi and a celebration took place in the presence of the Bishop of Butembo, the Rector of the Diocesan Seminary of Vulindi, the Chaplain of the Legion of Mary in Butembo, priests, religious sisters political administrators, guests and legionaries. Urgent prayers are asked for people who have lost relatives and friends to the Ebola virus, of whom at least 2,000 have died in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Senatus of Bukavu: The correspondent visited Concilium and gave a report on the state of the Legion in Bukavu. He insists always on the importance of unity and peace in their works of evangelisation. Photos have been received of the construction of their Marian house which is in the course of development.

Senatus of Kinshasa: The junior movement is still growing in Kinshasa, there are now 132 praesidia in one Comitium and it is planned to soon divide the Comitium in two. The Senatus has plans to attend the centenary of the Legion of Mary in Dublin. A Congress is planned for the end of the year. The legionaries are visiting families on a regular basis as well as hospitals and hospices. They are also meeting with young people to encourage them towards the Sacraments. Pilgrimages are organised for the different feasts of Our Lady. The Acies took place on Sunday 24 March in the parish of each Curia.

Senatus of Kisangani: The Legion Apostolate is bearing much fruit in the Makiso, Tshopo/Mangobo Regions. Many members have been recruited, adults and children baptised, Confirmed and brought to the Sacraments. Families were reconciled, 45 young girls persuaded to give up prostitution, 15 young street-boys trained in carpentry in St. Laurent Centre and a great number of University students instructed. On Palm Sunday they held an international Youth Day. Visitation of distant councils was undertaken by Isiro Regia. A youth day is planned for next August.

Senatus of Kananga is experiencing a period of political disturbance making it difficult for people to participate in their religious duties of Mass attendance, even during Lent and Easter. A new Curia was founded by the Comitium in the parish of St. Augustine. Reports mentioned visitation of 121 ill people and the Baptism on Easter Saturday night of 91 babies. The President of the Senatus visited the Regia of Tshikapa for the election of the new officers.


Port Louis Comitium has 1 Curia and 8 attached praesidia, 150 active members, 37 auxiliaries and 25 juniors. Works include organising the Acies ceremony, visitation of the ill in homes and hospitals, home visitation, prayers at mortuaries, formation of officers at St. Croix. Exploratio Dominicalis took place at Cassis. Spiritual Director Père Robert Dalais gives great support as does Cardinal Maurice Piat.


Senatus of Kigali: Efforts are on-going to establish 2 Regia. Comitium Nyamata has 33 junior and intermediate praesidia and 2 Curiae in the prison, while Comitium Kabgayi has 26 senior Curia with 29 attached praesidia, 41 praesidia in the Secondary School and 194 junior praesidia. Hence reorganisation is necessary to make the meetings more manageable. Some of the works mentioned are sick, hospital and prison visitation as well as working with street children, orphans and visiting brothels. They also organise auxiliary rallies. Since their visit to Concilium they have greatly reduced the duration of the Senatus meeting and the aim is to reduce it to 3 hours.


Raymond and Annette Mulrooney visited Chicago and Toronto Senatus and also attended other events on behalf of Concilium from 22th May to the 3rd June, 2019: On Friday, 24th May they visited the Retreat House outside Chicago where the weekend ‘Gathering’ was being held with 80 representatives from councils in the 5 States that make up the Senatus. Raymond gave a talk on Venerable Edel Quinn which was well received. Questions and answers followed, plus the showing of a DVD of pictures of Venerable Edel downloaded from a N. Wicklow Legion site.

Sat. 25th May, the Senatus meeting began at 9am. Short 5-minute reports were taken from all the attached councils, which would not normally be able to be present during the year, due to long distance and weather conditions, some traveling 1,500 miles from N&S. Dakota. In the afternoon Annette gave a talk on True Devotion to Mary, which was well received. She did a question and answer session afterwards. At 2.45pm 70 attendees were transported by a school bus to St. Stephen’s Parish to do home to home visitation. Many good contacts were made. The pastor was thrilled with the turnout of 35 pairs. The new praesidium in the area will help with the follow-up. In the evening Raymond gave a talk on Servant of God, Alfie Lambe referring to him as a model for young men.

Sun. 26th May; at 9am, the discussion was on an explanation of Deus et Patria and Legion plans for the forthcoming Centenary in 2021. The visitors emphasised the local nature of celebrations and the Concilium plans as outlined in the Bulletin.

Tues. 28th May; Maria Smilga, Senatus president, brought Annette and Raymond to meet the Monsignor that liaises with Lay Ecclesial Movements in the Archdiocese.

In Toronto, on Fri. 31st May, Annette and Raymond, together with the Senatus officers, attended a meeting with H.E. Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto. The Cardinal was very supportive of the Legion and was very pleased and interested in all the Legion involvement in the Archdiocese. Insurance and police-vetting was discussed, as was Patricians and PPC.

On Sat. 1st June; at 7.30am the visitors were taken to Prince of Peace Parish for Mass at 9am. The Legion Gathering began at 10am with 250 legionaries from surrounding praesidia and councils attending at very short notice, including the Spiritual Director Fr. Moncada & Msgr. Sheehy, the former Spiritual Director of the Senatus.

The visitors gave talks on Edel Quinn, True Devotion to Mary, and the Legion and Fatima. Afterwards a meeting took place with two Officers from the Ottawa Regia for a short session discussing insurance, police vetting and extension.

Sun. 2nd June; at 1pm, the visitors attended the Toronto Senatus meeting, which approximately 60 attended, including 6 juniors.

On completion of the 12 days in Chicago Senatus and Toronto Senatus area, Annette and Raymond came away with a new insight and appreciation of the work and dedication of our Legion family in this part of the world.


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