Concilium Bulletin June 2018



Buenos Aires Senatus: The Senatus is organising celebrations in January next year for the 60th Anniversary of the death of the Servant of God Alfie Lambe. Many of the countries where Alfie worked are being invited. There is always good participation at Senatus meetings. Many questions are asked and suggestions are made. A Junior Curia said they had increased their membership by doing Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Regia of Mendoza gives special attention to public rosaries.

Salta Senatus: Apart from the monthly minutes and reports many requests for information are made such as: how often do we need to do an extra official visitation apart from the official visit. Suggestions were made that visits to distant councils could be for a few days to speak to all the legionaries. Special attention is given to new barrios. The idea is to visit the families that are moving in and to encourage them to start a praesidium and also engage in True Devotion to the Nation.

Cordoba Senatus: In March a new President was elected after a 6-month vacancy. The Senatus body seems united now after several years of turbulence. A Curia with five praesidia reported home visitation being done using seven pilgrim statues, and some religious pictures. Eight Sacred Heart Enthronements were done last June. They also run six prayer cenacles and six houses of prayer.

Corrientes Regia: A new Extension committee set up three new presidia, one of them in Bonpland, where half the population are evangelists.


Belem Senatus: Visits are made to hospitals and to the sick at home, for which works of service are done, including cleaning their homes. Families of other religions are visited.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: A three day mission was held in a parish with 20 legionaries taking part and the Church was full of persons they had visited. They set up a praesidium with eleven members and reactivated another of 16 members. A Curia reported giving spiritual assistance at a shelter for street dwellers. Montes Claros Regia focused on evangelisation, encouraging visitation of homes. Four new senior praesidia and two junior praesidia were set up.

Fortaleza Senatus: In preparation for the centenary of the Legion of Mary the Senatus is sending a statue of Our Lady of Graces around praesidia and councils in their area, which covers two States. Reports show Holy Communion is brought to many sick and elderly people. One Comitium reported Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in 38 homes, 30 children prepared for First Holy Communion and 26 young people are being prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Reports show 19 received Baptism, 90 Confirmation and two couples Marriage. 19 young people received First Communion. Ten evangelical families were visited.They recruited 48 active members and 352 auxiliaries.

Recife Senatus: A Curia reports visiting its Spiritual Directors. Each month there are reports of new praesidia being set up. One new praesidium is of men. 21 auxiliary members were recruited. One result of a Peregrinatio Pro Christo was the setting up of a Curia. A Legionary was ordained priest. Some members plan to take part in the national Peregrinatio Pro Christo in the Amazonian area of Belem. 62 young people took part in a meeting for Junior leadership. Four of the Senatus officers are at Concilium while taking part in the summer school.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Minutes of April meeting show almost 7,000 visits to homes. Visits were made to a women’s prison in Rio and families of prisoners also were visited. Another council reports four Protestant families saying the Rosary. In one town, contact was made with 233 expectant mothers and visits were made to many bereaved families.

Salvador Senatus: Four Curiae, four senior praesidia and three junior praesidia were set up in the Senatus and attached Comitia. Two Comitia held Congresses. The Senatus is planning a Peregrinatio Pro Christo in Gongogi in July and is planning to participate in the national Peregrinatio Pro Christo in Belem(Pará) in July also. Reports show visits to Catholics, including those away from the Church, and to non- Catholics, and inviting young people who use drugs to go the Church. A praesidium reported 24 visits to prisons and they visited 20 families of prisoners. The attached Regia of Aracaju has 12 junior Curiae and four Patricians groups. They set up two new praesidia, one senior and one junior.

Santa Maria Senatus: Many praesidia in the Senatus area have as many as 15 members each. There are several reports on the apostolate to the sick. In two interior cities, each with a Comitium, the Legion organises family meetings with recitation of the Rosary and Bible prayer.

São Luís Senatus: 5,800 visits were made to families and 3,081 revisits were made to families with problems. The sick at home, the bereaved and non-Catholics and many others are visited also.

São Paulo Senatus: A Congress of young legionaries had an attendance of 125. One Comitium makes weekly visits to a women’s prison. Some of the women are prepared for Confession. A Comitium visited 4,841 families and has weekly contact with eight street girls. They also do contact work at metro and bus stops and help people living on the street. They recorded 51 young people confirmed, 81 children received First Holy Communion and 31 children were baptized. 16 people returned to practice of the faith. A Regia in Cuiabá reported 2,599 visits to families with 1,978 return visits, including visits to 41 Spiritualists and 20 Protestants.

Brasilia Regia: Special instruction on the faith was given to families of special needs people and to drug addicts. Four Regia officers are here at the Summer school.



Seoul Senatus: There has been an overall reduction of members in the three Regia in the Archdiocese of Seoul; the current figures are 38,604 active and 65,413 auxiliary members with 6,223 Praetorian and 4,173 adjutorian members. The reasons for this decline include increased age of members, members leaving small local based groups and not being replaced and general problems in recruiting. Difficulties in attending daily Mass due to work pressure were given as a reason for the decline in Praetorian membership. Despite, being severely disabled, a new recruit has 100% attendance and undertakes various works. A legionary, who had cancer, was anxious to continue membership and eventually the meeting took place in his house. He died on the Feast of the Assumption the day after attending his meeting.

Gwanju Senatus report setting up two new Curia, extending the junior membership and conversion work. One Comitium takes care of catechumens right though their journey up to Baptism and Legion membership. Another Comitium reported that teaching the Little Office of Our Lady led to an increase in the number of Praetorians and Adjutorians.

Daegu Senatus have a Comitium which reported the establishment of ten new praesidia. All reports mention returns to the sacraments and the instruction of Catechumens.


Osaka Senatus featured a number of attached praesidia reports. One praesidium of 7 active members at Hirakata, established in 1964, serves refreshments to parishioners after Sunday Mass, as well as undertaking various works of service. Another praesidium, attached to this Church, visits the sick with Holy Communion. They are reading Pope Francis’ ‘Joy of Evangelisation’ as an encouragement to undertake more challenging works. Our Lady of Lourdes praesidium at Toyonaka has a wide variety of works including taking care of catechumens. They are encouraged by the upcoming baptism of some of their charges.


The Senatus of Malang and the Senatus of Jakarta: In both Senatus’ areas, new Curiae have been established. They reported on a youth conference held by the Regia of Semarang, (Malang) and the Senatus of Jakarta held a weekend training for officers. Prison visitation is mentioned by both Senatus. The Senatus of Jakarta reported a visitation to a remote region to promote the Legion. A proposal to raise a Comitium at Balikpapan East Kalimantan (Borneo) was deferred due to vacancies at officer level.


Junior membership features in reports: Our Lady of the Island Curia has set up a new Junior Curia and Keningau Curia plans to set up a Junior Curia in October. Works featured in reports include home and hospital visitation, home Rosary sessions, teaching of catechism and reaching out to the housebound. Reports in Chinese, Filipino and English were received from Brunei.

HONG KONG Comitium:

Two Curia and two praesidia gave reports featuring prison visitation, leading prayer groups and teaching catechism.

Taiwan Senatus:
Monsignor Simon Wang has retired as Spiritual Director of Taiwan Senatus after many years of dedicated service to the Legion of Mary. Archbishop John Hung has appointed Father Yu-Sheng Fei, SJ. as the new Senatus Spiritual Director since March 2018. With assistance from the Senatus Officers a new praesidium was established in the Xinyang Parish and with their help it is hoped to establish another praesidium in an adjacent area. Taipei’s Sacred Heart of Jesus parish have established its third praesidium “Our Lady of Lourdes”, since the beginning of the year and in the nearby Sanxia Parish, two new praesidia have been established and all three praesidia are functioning well. Praesidia for the aboriginal people has expanded and now a Curia has been established with 70 out of the 78 active members in the Curia being from the aboriginal community. Prayers have been asked for their expansion work.




Cloyne: The Comitium discussed the possibility of varying meeting times in the hope of attracting new members. They organized a Maria et Patria (MEP) project to Macroom in April with 28 legionaries taking part. A new praesidium of 8 members was established. Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament were also recruited.

In West Cloyne Curia, Castylemagner praesidium held the Venerable Edel Quinn Novena from 4th to 12th May. The video on her life was shown to the 5th and 6th year school children.

East Cloyne Curia: The works of the 14 members in Fermoy praesidium include home visitation with Fatima statues. They organized an MEP in Fermoy in April 2017 with 40 legionaries taking part.

Cork: A praesidium of 9 members has 2 pairs on weekly home visitation, they recite the Rosary in nursing homes, and on occasions, have a waiting list for Our Lady’s statue. A praesidium with 6 members, 3 of whom are praetorians and 70 auxiliaries, does home and hospital visitation. A Christmas newsletter is sent to 60 parish emigrants. They organized a Corpus Christi Procession and a Holy Hour in the church before Mass on the First Friday. Two members of another praesidium, while walking in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, recited the Rosary with the statue of Our Lady. A Youth Conference took place on Saturday 21 April.

In Coronata Curia, two praesidia of 4 members each do home visitation and one of them brings the pilgrim statue to homes. One praesidium tends the graveyards of the deceased that have no family.

Muire Na nGrás Curia: A praesidium does home and statue visitation and organised the Rosary Procession through the streets of Cork on 8th December. Another praesidium organised the Rosary at the crib in Ballincollig on Christmas Eve.

Annunciata Curia: Some praesidia in the Curia visit the sick particularly former members.

Kerry: The first annual report of Listowel praesidium shows them having 5 members and 8 auxiliaries. The Fatima statue has been in 24 homes during the year and was in the local school for 2 weeks. Recitation of the Rosary in the school was promoted by the legionaries. The Procession with the Fatima statue commenced through the streets of Killarney in May, with contact work being done during the Procession. The Frank Duff prayer group started last September is going well with an average of 24 non legionaries attending.

Mid Clare: The Comitium has 35 legionaries in 6 praesidia attached. Members of the Polish praesidium in Ennis were encouraged to attend the Comitium meeting on a regular basis.

The attached West Clare Curia has 25 members in 5 praesidia and East Clare Curia has 13 members in 3 praesidia.


Birr/Roscrea: The praesidium in Citeaux Hall has 6 members and 32 auxiliaries.This praesidium was founded in 1954 and they are still using the original roll book from the inaugural meeting. They officer a Junior praesidium. They hold an annual retreat with an attendance of 70. Shinrone praesidium has 6 members. Two members are involved in the parish liturgy group. Clonlisk praesidium has 4 members and 10 auxiliaries. Eight junior Pioneers were recruited in a local school. The works of the 7 members in Kinnitty praesidium include training 20 altar servers and 2 members help with a group in the Cistercian college, Roscrea made up of first year students.

Limerick: The works of a praesidium with 6 members include compiling and mailing a newsletter to emigrants 8 or 9 times during the year. They assist with the organizing of the annual Reunion of expatriates from Abbeyfeale living around London and 2 members attend this function every year.

Lismore: Dungarvan praesidium has 8 members whose works include home and nursing home visitation. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima was brought to many homes for a period of one to three weeks. One member is involved in the promotion of Adoration in the diocese and another member in the Children’s liturgy. One member is in his final year studying for the Deaconate.

Ross: Skibbereen praesidium which was requested by the Curia to promote the pilgrim statue called a meeting at which 30 parishioners attended and a rota was set up for those interested in taking the statue. Aughaedown praesidium has 7 members who do hospital and nursing home visitation and take care of 2 churches in the parish. Miraculous Medals are given to all First Communicants. Union Hall praesidium has 11 members. They visit the elderly in their homes and do hospital visitation, 3 members act as sacristans and 5 are Eucharistic Ministers. Miraculous Medals are given to First Communicants and those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Waterford: A reporting praesidium has 6 members and 19 auxiliaries and a Junior praesidium of 12 members. Works include the blessing and dedication of 4 estates to the Sacred Heart. In one estate, they had 10 adults and 10 children and in another estate 30 residents took part. They get the residents to have refreshments available after the blessing and they sell plaques of the Sacred Heart. The Juniors help the Seniors in this work and they also distribute Miraculous Medals to friends and put together and manned an Edel Quinn exhibition. They run the “Rise and Shine” Youth group, which has a membership of about 34 children aged from 8 to 17 years. There was a retreat in Mount Melleray where 25 of these young people attended. They have a Senior and a Junior Patrician group. Waterford and Lismore Curiae Congress took place in Waterford on Sunday 10th June. Topics included the spirit of the Legion, true devotion to Mary, extension and recruiting, the government of the Legion and the importance of substantial weekly work by each legionary. There were about 20 present including members of the Junior praesidium who are all Nigerians. Some of the Juniors made very inspiring contributions. Two representatives from the Concilium were also present.


Dublin Southside Curiae

Assumpta Curia: The World Meeting of Families Prayer is promoted by a pair of legionaries on weekly home visitation and is well received by families. Works by members in Sandymount include Patricians, organising a monthly Holy Hour and a public Rosary in May and October. Approximately 50 people attended a talk on De Montfort’s ‘True Devotion to Mary’. Four Patrician meetings took place with an average attendance of 13 Patricians.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: A praesidium visits 4 nursing homes monthly and, after obtaining permission, arranged for a priest to hear Confessions of residents in one of the homes each month. The Pioneer TAA was promoted on eight occasions after weekend Masses and led to three people taking the Pioneer pledge. This praesidium has temporarily closed for the summer as members are unable to attend. The 8th Amendment was discussed at a Patrician meeting under the banner of ‘True Devotion to the Nation’. Rosary and Legion Prayers were recited at the grave of Ven. Edel Quinn’s family in May. A presidium of five active and fifty auxiliary members in Foxrock visit residents of a local hospital and nursing home each week, bringing them to and from the chapel for Mass and reciting the Rosary with them. A monthly Holy Hour is organised by legionaries in another nursing home as well as a Holy Hour for the beatification of Frank Duff in a local chapel.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: Legionaries in Greystones bring Holy Communion to residents of two nursing homes twice a week and visit sick and elderly in their homes when requested. Local schools are visited and children are given a special prayer card of St Joseph the Worker and Miraculous medals and leaflets. The Rosary is promoted by leading its recital before daily Mass in the parish, offering free Rosary beads at the local centre and organising an annual cemetery Rosary in November. Some legionaries are unable to do active work at present as Garda vetting has not been completed.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A public Rosary was organised in a flat complex at the request of the mother of a young man who had been killed there. Approximately 50 people attended, many of whom were the young man’s relatives, neighbours and friends. 20 people attended the Pillar of Fire meeting which discussed the topic of Pentecost in Jewish and Christian context while a talk on the ‘Letters of C.S Lewis’ was given by a Protestant minister to the Pauline Circle meeting which had an attendance of 14. The four members in Donore Avenue promote Eucharistic Adoration on home visitation, encourage auxiliary members to persevere and organise a monthly Patrician meeting. Approach was made to a parish priest in the hope of starting a praesidium among the Polish community. A monthly First Saturday street apostolate takes place to promote the Cause of Frank Duff.

Benedicta Curia: Home and hospital visitation and weekly public Rosary feature among reports. Pilgrim statue visitation and recruiting efforts are undertaken by junior legionaries. A Lectio Divina group meets fortnightly in Benedicta House.

Immaculata Curia: 10 legionaries participated in home visitation and street contact for a recruiting outreach in Walkinstown. A joint Exploratio project took place in Kimmage Manor parish where the Consecration Prayer to the Two Hearts was well received. About 40 people attended a Rosary Rally outside the Curia House. Eight schools were visited during May and children given a presentation on the Miraculous Medal and Fatima story. Classmates of one boy who attends the ‘Faith and Fun’ club run by the local praesidium, told the visiting legionaries they already knew about the Rosary as this boy had explained it to them. Home visitation, Pilgrim statue, Pioneer promotion and a monthly video evening are undertaken by a five member praesidium in Sundrive Road.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A praesidium of six active members visited parishioners in hospital and residents in five nursing homes. These visits are very much appreciated and one lady told the legionaries that they had ‘gotten her through a bad patch’. The availability of legionaries for such visits was advertised in the parish bulletin. Park contact was also undertaken to promote events such as the Parish Mission, the Rosary during October and the Cause of Frank Duff.

Gloriosa Curia: Due to lack of uptake at recent recruiting efforts, the praesidium in Leixlip has temporarily closed. Recruiting efforts took place after weekend Mass in Palmerstown with the Legion altar on display outside the church. Legionaries restored a statue of Our Lady and had the grotto at the Curia House blessed and dedicated.

Annunciata Curia: A Vigil for Life took place in the Curia House. Three Patrician meetings had an average attendance of six Patricians. Book barrow apostolate is undertaken regularly with many interesting contacts made.



Austria: the Senatus was thrilled with the report on the Officers visit to Dublin and much was learned at Concilium. “Can we be Saints” by Frank Duff has been translated into German. Two members visited the legion in Romania in April and reported on the progress of the legion there. The Romanian handbook needs to be translated and a priest has volunteered to oversee the work. He hopes to visit Ireland for two months this summer and he will visit the Concilium. Hilda Firtel’s book on Frank Duff will soon be translated into Hungarian.

Minsk Comitium: Bobruisk praesidium has 13 active and 35 auxiliary members and a Junior praesidium of 5 members. In visitation of an Orphanage for disabled and elderly people, they read the Bible, pray the Rosary, and distribute Miraculous Medals and religious literature. At present they are preparing an elderly man for Baptism. At the request of the Parish Priest they assist in all parish works such as assisting at funerals, pilgrimages and helping in parish shop. Minsk Praesidium has 15 active members; 7 praetorians and 10 auxiliaries. They are active in the parish and in their church which is under construction. They help also in the parish Youth Centre. They visit Catholic families, residents in the Veterans’ Home; prepare people for Confession and invite a Priest. Smorgen Curia has established a new Praesidium with 8 members. Baranovichi Comitium: Legionaries have been visiting the Village of Lesnaya in an effort to recruit and strengthen the praesidium which is very weak. The Legion Retreat is scheduled for 24th-26th August. The Congress has been deferred to October.

Zagreb Regia
have extension efforts ongoing. A Legion presentation resulted in a new Praesidium. Works by praesidia include visitation of homes, hospitals, streets and nursing homes. Many returns to the sacraments and anointing of the sick were reported after long and short periods.

Curiae Reports (6): The Spiritual Director in one praesidium takes part in the apostolate. A retreat for auxiliaries had 20 in attendance. A Curia with 12 Senior and 4 Junior Praesidia runs a Nazareth group with 20 children. Another Curia has an apostolate to 9 Foster homes and does home visitation. All 6 Curiae reported returns to the sacraments.

Comitia: Osijek Comitium has 7 Praesidia, 2 Junior Praesidia and 2 Curiae affiliated. 12 persons returned to the sacraments after long periods. Split Comitium presented the legion in three parishes from which 1 person was confirmed, 76 people returned to the sacraments after a short period and 20 after a long period. Zadar Comitium reported the establishment of 1 new Praesidium in Jasenice, 2 baptisms and many returns to the sacraments.

Bosnia Herzegovina:
Sarajevo Curia
has 8 eight praesidia affiliated. The distant praesidium in Posavska was visited.

The praesidium in Grosuplje has 7 members. Street contact and nursing home visitation is done.

Petrinja Comitium had a Junior Curia, 3 senior curiae and 5 senior praesidia presenting reports. 4 parishes without the Legion were visited and some praesidia have started. Works include visiting the psychiatric hospital, returns to the Sacraments, outreach to lapsed of all ages. The Junior curia has 8 praesidia; they organised a pilgrimage to a shrine in Topusko and were joined by 15 non-legionaries. A Christmas Nativity drama was presented in a number of parishes and had over 2,000 people present. The comitium sent a copy of its annual audit and held a function to promote the Cause of Frank Duff.

Budapest Regia: reports to May from 4 praesidia, 10 Curiae and 4 Comitia. Statistics for 2017show the Regia has 1453 Seniors, 3143 auxiliaries, 74 children’s groups, 26 adult and 2 Junior Patricians and 358 prayers groups. 21 Exploratio Dominicalis projects were held during the past year. 63 returns to the Sacraments, 5 conversions and 24 marriages were arranged. The Legion is in 13 of the 15 dioceses. 20 praesidia directly affiliated, 10 of these are in the diocese of Vac and the remainder in Budapest archdiocese. They have 6 Comitia and 11 Curiae. The audit for 2017 completed. Works of consolation, sacristan and church duties done. A Protestant auxiliary has become a Catholic and is now a legionary. Upset Curia visit a home for young people with special needs where 2 boys are preparing for First Holy Communion. The Winter School in March had attendance of 9 priests and 102 legionaries.

The comitium has 12 directly attached praesidia and 3 curiae. Visitation of Praesidia and recruiting efforts were reported. A Praesidium with 7 members in the city of Riga reported carrying out home visitation, street contact and contact at the bus stations. The Miraculous Medal, which is explained properly, is used extensively. After a number of years visiting the same lady she was received into the Church in January. 2 priests have expressed interest in having the Legion started. 2 praesidia in the Rēzekne Curia had to close due to low membership.

Telsiai Comitium gave statistics in January: 11 praesidia directly affiliated and 2 curiae with 15 and 6 praesidia. There are 225 active members, 93 are praetorians, 3821 auxiliaries and 88 adjutorians. 4 new praesidia were setup during the year. All Praesidia and attached curiae visited. From hospital visitation 1 praesidium reported 174 receiving the sacrament of penance and 82 receiving the sacrament of the sick and 1 baptism. Kaunas Comitium has 17 direct Praesidia and 7 attached Curia. Visitation of Praesidia and recruiting efforts were reported. The comitium is planning to hold a congress in June. 1 praesidium with 280 auxiliaries concentrate on their aftercare. 4 of the attached Curia reported over the last 3 months and some of the works carried out are home visitation, street contact, visiting a night shelter, instructing people with catechism classes and holding a public rosary.

Lublin Regia report on visits to other councils. Attendance during recent months has been about 51% with snow and distance being a problem. Zamosc comitium has 8 curiae composed of 739 active and 1,284 auxiliary members. 2 new praesidia have been recently started with 19 new members. they visit the sick, homeless and do street contact. They also lead the Rosary weekly on the local radio and organise Jericho Rosaries (7 days and 7 nights of continuous Rosaries, with Holy Mass, for the Fatherland). The seminarian praesidium in Lublin has been re-activated. In Szczecin, North West Poland, there are 9 praesidia with 209 active and 127 auxiliaries. They visit pathological families and have Stations of the Cross on the streets during Lent.

Satu Mare Regia: A Retreat for active and auxiliary members, in February, had an attendance of 150 including the Spiritual Director and Bishop. 3 praesidia have membership of 11, 13 and 14 respectively. Curia Livada reported outreach to young people and Curia Biai Mare reported visitation of attached praesidia. Comitium Carei has 14 Praesidia with 130 members and a Curia of 5 praesidia with 49 members.



Gitega Senatus
is working well.

Democratic Republic of the Congo:
Senatus of Bukavu:
report attendance ranging from 75 – 90%. They organised many retreats as well as hospital and Seminaries visitation. The Archbishop participated in their Acies. In keeping with Pope Francis request for prayers for peace in the Congo and South Sudan, neighbouring councils and correspondents in Brussels assured them of prayers and Adoration. Sadly 2 legionaries were killed in a traffic accident in February, one of them being the new President of the Regia in the Diocese of Bunia, Brother Athenase Saliki. Over 650 young people, not living good lives, changed direction after counselling. 156 others detached themselves from armed groups. Irregular marriages were blessed and many were married in a religious ceremony. Many converted from the sects, and large numbers of children were baptised and taught prayers. 120 Protestants were re-integrated into Catholicism. 6 men gave up on polygamy. 9 pygmies were evangelized and addicts gave up the habit. Peace was restored in families and former Legionaries returned. Legionaries set up Praesidia in centres for religious formation, such as convents, seminaries and universities so as to support Vocations Month in April. They also helped with cleaning in seminaries and in the fields. Food and rations were given in seminaries. 136 families, whose houses were set on fire, looted, and robbed, were supported. Half a million people fled from the Diocese of Bunia, priests fled, and church doors were closed because of massacres. Widows, orphans, sick, refugees & prisoners were helped spiritually & morally by all Comitia. Door-to-door Rosaries were said and Novenas were offered for peace. Adoration took place in built-up areas. People were asked to wear Scapulars & medals. Peace gradually returned in April.

Senatus of Lubumbashi: The elections which took place in May. One of the main difficulties that the Senatus encounters is the lack of handbooks in Swahili. The Diocese of Kongolo has 4 clusters of parishes with a Comitium in each one, giving 30 Curiae, 108 Praesidia, with a total of 1,980 active members.

Senatus of Kisangani: reported on days of formation and retreats with 874 Seniors and 65 Junior participants. They made numerous visits to distant councils and organised a Junior Congress for 165 members. They held the Acies of 15 April 2018 with 3,479 present, of whom 38 were new Legionaries and 346 were Juniors as well as many others. Highlights from attached councils included 122 couples for religious marriage, 302 families consoled & helped, visitation of 1,254 prisoners, visitation of 1,999 sick people and 215 entering the seminary.

Kigali Senatus:
Following the visit to Concilium of the Spiritual Director and 5 Officers plans are now underway for the setting up of two Regia and new curiae for the junior movement. They are also setting up Patrician groups.