Concilium Bulletin June 2017


Buenos Aires Senatus: There was an ever-increasing attendance at the procession through the streets of Buenos Aires to the tomb of Alfie Lambe this month. Many legionaries and non-legionaries visit the tomb during the year. When Alex Craig, a grand nephew of Alfie, visited the grave there were many legionaries there to welcome him. The Senatus members take an active part in proceedings.

Cordoba Senatus: A Curia reported one of their main apostolates is home visitation with a statue of Our Lady; there are 12 of these statues in circulation. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is also encouraged undertaken. Three nursing homes are visited; they run eight prayer cenacles and two houses of prayer.

Salta Senatus: One of the many Salta student legionaries who has just finished her studies in Madrid, hopes to fulfil her dream to visit the Concilium before she returns to Salta. Young adult legionaries do contact work on buses, in the streets and organise Stations of the Cross in a public park. The Concilium correspondent’s letter is commented on at Senatus meetings and photocopies of the letter are sent to all attached councils. A new stock of Alfie Lambe leaflets has been printed for distribution on all Legion works. Alfie Lambe founded the Legion in Salta. Corrientes Regia: The works of a Comitium in Roque Saenz Pena include home and nursing home visitation plus weekly visits to a prison where they recite the Rosary, do Bible study and meditate with inmates on the Gospel. Rosario Regia: Sr. Noelia Garcia from Buenos Aires Senatus and Bro. Leo Fiorelli, president of the Senatus of Montevideo, will visit the council on behalf of the Concilium.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: A Comitium in Contagem reported visits to 829 families and 995 sick people were visited at home or in hospital. Juiz de Fora Regia visited 18,435 families. Some Evangelical parents gave permission for their children to participate in the Catholic Church ceremonies. One young legionary has begun studying for the priesthood.
Ponta Grossa Senatus: Legionaries made 7,291 home visits and 1,126 visits to hospitals. They encouraged seven couples to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, prepared three prisoners to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, three for the Eucharist and four for Confirmation.

Recife Senatus: The Senatus is preparing to publish the Life of Alfie Lambe. One Comitium reported 1,690 home visits. Expansion continues in most Comitia areas with new members being recruited. In a Recife suburb the Legion presents programmes on the radio. A Curia in Recife reported that all praesidia do Exploratio Dominicalis. There is a report of a favour obtained through Alfie Lambe. During an Allocutio, Fr. Venilson stated that the disciplined training he received as a junior legionary helped his training for the priesthood. Regia of Maceio, covering the area of the small State of Alagoas, visited more than 22,000 homes. Regia of João Pessoa reported teaching the Rosary to 1,780 people. A new Curia and two praesidia were set up.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: All councils send their reports punctually, including those in the distant Western Amazonian region. A praesidium in the city centre works with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Also in Rio, sponsor- parents were obtained for a hundred destitute children. A Legionary who is a physiotherapist attended over 100 patients free of charge and gave each a leaflet on Our Lady. There is a thriving junior Curia in Copacabana. Plans are under way to purchase a new Legion premises in Bangu. Two Evangelicals were converted and are now legionaries, one active, and the other auxiliary.

Salvador Senatus: The Senatus carried out a Peregrinatio Pro Christo in Maraú from 11th to 18th March. Two Curiae reported holding Congresses. A young legionary in a Curia in Barbalha helped to arrange for 20 adolescents to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Legionaries in the Regia of Vitoria da Conquista carried out evangelisation among prisoners.

Santa Maria Senatus: Praesidia in most councils have an average membership of ten. Rarely is there more than one Praetorian member in a praesidium. Work reported was apostolate in the cemetery, with recitation of the Rosary and distribution of leaflets.

São Luís Senatus: Legionaries continue a persevering apostolate to families, hospitals and prisons. They prepare many for Baptism and Marriage, do evangelisation at bus terminals and the airport and reach out to bereaved families, the homeless, prostitutes and people with drug addiction.

São Paulo Senatus: Following his appointment by Most Reverend, D. Odilo Pedro Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo a warm welcome was given to the new Spiritual Director of the Senatus, Frei Guilherme Pereira Anselmo Junior, who took up office at the March 2017 meeting of the Senatus. Thanks were expressed to the former Spiritual Director, Father Ivan Roberto Danhoni, for his services to the Senatus. Reports showed visits to homes, including some Protestant homes, hospitals and homes for the elderly and visits to the sick and aged in their homes. Legionaries bring Holy Communion to many sick and aged people. Prisoners are also visited. An 80-year-old man made his first Confession and First Holy Communion.

Brasilia Regia: A Comitium in south Brasilia reports an apostolate among the bereaved, attending and praying at wakes and funerals. On All Souls’ Day, at the request of the Parish Priest, members spent all day in a cemetery guiding visitors in prayer. Parents of newly-born babies are reminded of the importance of Baptism and children are recruited for catechesis. Progress included setting up of two new Curiae, one a junior in a town north of Brasilia.

Kuala Lumpur Regia: Works include assisting at a soup kitchen and a wide range of duties during nursing home visitation. The total membership of reporting councils was 645 active, 889 auxiliaries in 61 senior and 4 junior praesidia. Contact is made with Indonesian immigrants, orphanages are visited and RCIA work is done. One person received the Sacrament of Reconciliation after 30 years lapsed. One legionary joined a seminary.

The Senatus report shows 8 praesidia set up in recent months and 3 praesidia established in Taipei city. A Curia with 21 praesidia has 233 active members and 188 Praetorians. A new praesidium for the Aborigine community is in formation.

Hong Kong Comitium: The Annual Report shows 13 Curiae, including 4 Chinese senior and 3 junior Curiae and 1 Korean senior Curia. Two English-speaking junior Curiae have a total of 1,800 active and 3,900 auxiliary members. In January Fidelis Curia which has 25 praesidia and 236 active members gave its 55th Annual Report. They have a junior Curia with 14 praesidia and works include street contact, catechumen classes, prison, hospital and elderly home visitation, book barrow, consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart, Sunday school, taking care of juniors and Patricians. Apostolates in most councils throughout Hong Kong include similar works.

Seoul Senatus: West Seoul Regia has 13,297 active members and a total of 23,994 auxiliary members. Of the 2,502 Baptisms of catechumens, 67 were due to RCIA instruction. The Regia has 1,535 praesidia, including 38 young adult praesidia and 41 junior praesidia. Uijeongbu Regia has 9,530 active, 15,726 auxiliary and 1, 359 Praetorian members. Many who are sick at home and in hospitals are visited and contact is made with non-Catholics. A young adult praesidium celebrated its 1,000th meeting. As well as parish activities, voluntary work is done in Welfare Institutions and hospitals.

Gwangju Senatus: Masan Regia reported 27,240 people recruited as catechumens of whom 1,624 were baptised. Visits to the lapsed resulted in 2,313 returning to practice of the faith. Jeju Regia and reporting Comitia all reported big numbers of Baptisms and returns to the Sacraments.

Daegu Senatus: Andong Regia reported 99 catechumens recruited, 77 Baptisms and 198 returns to practice of the faith. The Senatus celebrated its 60th Anniversary on 6th June.

Osaka Senatus: A new translation of the commentary for the Frank Duff DVD is now available in Japanese. Legionaries visit an elderly member who can no longer speak, and a re-cycling shop where good contact is made among the homeless.

Singapore Senatus: The junior Curia comprises 16 praesidia in various Institutions. Young members give talks on the Legion in schools. Senior legionaries visit homes and hospitals and also promote the Miraculous Medal and Rosary.

Malang Senatus: Prisons, homes and hospitals are visited. Sunday-School classes for catechumens and attending to auxiliary members were reported.
Jakarta Senatus: The family of a non-Catholic man critically ill after an accident asked for prayers; this person was visited by legionaries who prayed for him. The relative of a cancer patient also asked for prayers and is now recovering well. Baptisms, returns to the Sacraments and visits to people of all faiths was reported.



Cloyne Comitium: Midleton praesidium undertakes home, hospital, nursing home and home visitation. The book barrow is manned at all the weekend Masses. West Cloyne Curia: Castlemagner praesidium with 6 members reported on their work of home, hospital and nursing home visitation plus school visits to 5th and 6th classes. East Cloyne Curia: Fermoy had a very successful MEP project led by Fr. Michael Kennedy with 36 legionaries participating on 19-20 April, visiting 1,896 homes. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima blessed by Pope Francis was given a guard of honour by legionaries when it visited Mallow on 26th March.

Cork Comitium: A praesidium with 9 members and 15 auxiliaries while doing home visitation look for homes that would like to take the Fatima statue. This year one of the members led the St. Patrick’s Day Parade saying the Rosary and displaying the statue of Our Lady. Another praesidium has 9 members and 35 auxiliaries. Two pairs do home visitation weekly and offer the Pilgrim statue to families. In June legionaries made a Pilgrimage to Frank Duff’s grave and also visited Alfie Lambe’s original house in Tullamore. One member is a parish catechist. Muire na Gras Curia has 10 praesidia attached and plans for this year are to assist weaker praesidia by visiting Estates in the relevant areas. Coronata Curia has 7 praesidia attached. Works include home, nursing home and Pilgrim statue visitation.

Kerry Comitium: The new praesidium in Listowel has 5 members. They have started home visitation and gave the Fatima statue into a school where a decade of the Rosary was recited and a talk on Fatima given to the 5th class. The 250 pupils in the school recited the full Rosary for the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima on 10th May. An Evening of Prayer organised by legionaries was held in Ardfert Retreat Centre with a good attendance. The three causes are promoted and Holy Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral in Killarney at the beginning of June to commemorate the birthday of Frank Duff.

Mid Clare Comitium: Lissycarey praesidium has 5 members and 14 auxiliaries. They organise and lead a Divine Mercy prayer meeting on the first Friday of each month. Corofin praesidium has 6 members. With the permission of their Parish Priest they organised Brown Scapular enrolment ceremonies in all 3 Churches of the parish for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel last July. Cottage visitation to the holiday homes in the parish was done in August. Mostly English, German and Irish people were met. Shannon praesidium has 7 members, including 3 Praetorians and they have 19 auxiliaries. The Fatima statue has been in most homes of the Filipino community and a small number of Irish homes. A Divine Mercy Icon donated to the praesidium has also been brought to the homes of the Filipino community. A meeting of Officers of the Comitium and the 2 attached Curiae took place on 20th March.

Thurles Comitium: A meeting of auxiliary members was held in May. The PPC and MEP Regional Conference held in March had an attendance of 40. Many reports mention schools with particular focus on the Rosary and Fatima. The praesidium in Ballycahill covers a wide ranging apostolate including hospital visitation, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, visiting schools and distribution of Catholic newspapers. Another praesidium focuses on visiting people living alone in isolated areas and also on home and hospital visitation. Cashel Curia: Legionaries travel long distances to attend meetings. Fethard praesidium has 9 members and they support the praesidium in Clonmel. Tipperary Curia heard reports from 2 praesidia with membership of 7 and 9.


Birr/Roscrea Curia: Clonlisk praesidium undertakes visitation of a nursing home and the elderly. They promote the Pioneers in a school and 6 pupils were enrolled in the junior Pioneers. The 8 members of the praesidium in Kinnitty train altar servers, sell Catholic newspapers, promote the Pioneers among the Confirmation class, undertake spiritual work with 1st year students in the Cistercian College in Roscrea and helped out at the Youth 2000 Festival in St. Joseph’s Abbey.

Limerick Curia: The reporting praesidia have 8 and 6 members, 20 auxiliaries and 5 Adjutorians. Works include sale of Catholic newspapers and magazines, visitation of a hospital and a nursing home. One praesidium compiles and mails a newsletter to Abbeyfeale emigrants all over the world 8 or 9 times a year. One praesidium has a Patrician meeting with average attendance of 8.

Lismore Curia: The reporting praesidium has 8 members. They have a variety of works including home and Pilgrim statue visitation. Two members are involved in the Sunday Children’s liturgy.
Waterford Curia has 4 praesidia attached, including one praesidium from the former South Ossory Curia. The Curia Retreat given by Mons. Holden began with Bishop Cullinane offering Mass for the Legion of Mary.


Ancilla Domini Curia: A praesidium of 10 members with 128 verified auxiliaries meets in Myra House where the first Legion meeting was held on 7th September 1921. Works include home visitation, contact work in Temple Bar, organising the monthly Pauline Circle and an apostolate to the Jewish community. A public Rosary organised by the praesidium had an attendance of 42. A recruiting drive in another parish resulted in two new members.

Benedicta Curia: In the course of hospital visitation a young person said it was a miracle the legionaries contacted him as he was interested in becoming a Catholic. He was put in touch with his Parish Priest with a view to enrolling in the RCIA programme. He attends Mass regularly. One member of Benedicta junior Curia encouraged her grandparents to become auxiliary members. They returned to the Philippines and now a new praesidium has been set up there.

Gloriosa Curia: A praesidium of 5 members working in one parish has 9 auxiliaries and visits 3 nursing homes. This praesidium, established following the visit by Morning Star Hostel legionaries, is planning to operate a religious book exchange after Masses on Sundays. A praesidium working in another parish has 2 Praetorian members and 12 auxiliaries. The members give great attention to six special cases and two members work in the Regina Coeli Hostel.

Immaculata Curia: An apostolate to the First Communion and Confirmation children in 8 schools is carried out by this Curia. So far 222 Gift Packets including Miraculous Medals and explanatory leaflets, Rosary beads, Rosary leaflets and holy pictures relating to First Communion or Confirmation have been distributed. The legionaries got a great reception at the schools and have been invited back for next year. 37 Patricians and 35 legionaries attended 9 Patrician meetings. 50 parishioners attended a guided Holy Hour organised by the Legion.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A praesidium of 6 members including one Praetorian has 45 verified auxiliaries and 3 religious Adjutorians. Works include home, hospital and nursing home visitation. Contact was made with students at a College and Miraculous Medals and “Joy of Confession” leaflets were distributed. 100 Miraculous Medals were given to 6th class students who were leaving primary school. Two Patrician meetings had an attendance of 5 and 8. A Frank Duff Prayer meeting had an attendance of 7.

Annunciata Curia: The main work of one praesidium is home visitation. As there is Eucharistic Adoration every day from 10.30 a.m. to 7.p.m. in the parish Church legionaries promote it on their work. The members plan to offer the Fatima statue on a regular basis as this proved a successful introduction and focus on family prayer in the past. 23 attended 3 Patrician meetings.

Mater Ecclesia Curia: Street contact was done two Saturdays before Easter and 500 fliers giving times of Masses and Confessions in 16 parishes were distributed. Four members of a praesidium in another parish distribute 40 Maria Legionis. A Patrician meeting had an attendance of 18.

Assumpta Curia: A praesidium of 6 full members and 2 probationers working in one parish run a Patrician meeting, visits nursing homes, care for 90 auxiliary members, distribute 70 Maria Legionis, and help in the parish bookshop. They organise a Frank Duff Prayer group on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 3-4 p.m. in the parish meeting room, and organise a public Rosary at a shrine in of Our Lady in May and October. In December they showed slides on the Miraculous Medal to the First Communion and Confirmation classes in the boys Primary School. They hope to restart their junior praesidium in September.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: A praesidium of 5 members in one parish promotes the Pioneers, and visits the sick and elderly each week. A praesidium working in another area does home visitation and visits a prison.

Zadar Comitium has 8 senior and 2 junior praesidia and 5 Curiae attached. Permission has been given by the Regia for a new Comitium to govern 3 Curiae in the city of Split. Sarajeva Curia has 7 praesidia. Petrinja Curia was raised to Comitium on 15th May with 87 present. The new Curia in Lasinja was set up on 10th June with 9 praesidia. Works done by reporting praesidia include looking after junior praesidia, home and hospital visitation, crowd contact, visiting war veterans and promoting Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Osijek Comitium has 7 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached with a membership of 146 active members. Much good work is recorded with returns to the Sacraments, some after a long period. The Comitium has 2 junior praesidia and extension is being done throughout the Diocese. Zagreb South Curia: Praesidia were set up in two parishes. In Zagreb West Curia 61 persons received the Sacrament of Confession and Holy Communion following Legion visitation. Queen of Martyrs Curia reported the validation of one marriage and monthly Patrician meetings. Bjelovar-Krizevci Curia enrolled 23 new auxiliaries.

Sarajevo Curia has 7 praesidia affiliated. In a Gerontology Centre the legionaries prepared some of the residents for Confession and Holy Mass. One person received the Sacraments after a long lapse from the faith.

The Spiritual Director and President of a newly-established praesidium attended the January meeting of the Regia and gave an update of the new praesidium.

Vienna Senatus celebrated its 800th meeting in April. A Mass was held in Vienna Cathedral for Venerable Edel Quinn. 40 attended their Congress, 20 their Retreat. Insbruck Comitium: 30 undertook the consecration to Our Lady. Hollabrunn Comitium undertook an apostolate in the red light district.

Five new praesidia and 2 student Curiae were started in Winnitsa and Harkow.18 attended the first Congress in Kiev. Every parish with the Legion holds a Frank Duff Annual Mass. Translation of Legion literature is on-going. Srs. Kriss and Nuwordu will return there this summer.

Chisinau Curia: All 9 praesidia undertake regular recruiting; there are new members in 3 of the praesidia. Extension is planned for 4 villages. They contact the lapsed with the support of the Parish Priest. Tiraspol praesidium members brought 4 people to Mass for the first time.

Three Spiritual Directors attend the new Svischtov Curia. Three marriages were regularised by the praesidium in Sofia. The Bulgarian Frank Duff DVD was sent to Bishops, priests and religious houses.

Trnava Curia has 10 praesidia and recruited 5 new active members following a Novena to Venerable Edel Quinn.
Zseliz Comitium: Legionaries care for 1st Holy Communicants and promote the Pilgrim statue. After visiting 3 parishes, the Legion was started in Nyir.

Olmutz Comitium has 6 praesidia and 1 Curia. 219 received Confession through hospital visitation. A commemoration Mass was held for Alfie Lambe.
Prague Comitium has 14 praesidia and 1 Curia. This council is considering establishing a Curia for the Diocese of Koeniggraetz.

Satu Matu Regia: 8 praesidia reported mostly works of service. Carei Comitium has 14 praesidia and 1 Curia attached. Legionaries in Oradea Comitium are active with Radio Maria and praying the Rosary on line. Bucharest Curia: A summer school in Romania is planned for July by Austria.

Budapest Regia with 19 praesidia, 11 Curiae and 5 Comitia, has a Nazareth group, 42 other junior groups, 375 prayer groups, reported 61 conversions, 8 from other faiths. Two Austrian Senatus representatives visited Budapest Regia.

Extension Efforts continue. 2 new junior praesidia were established. The sick and elderly are visited at home and in nursing homes. They prepare residents for the Sacrament of Confession. The Bishop of Grodno thanked the legionaries for their work and devotion to Our Blessed Lady.

Lublin Regia: Works of evangelisation are taking place in homes, streets, hospitals, parks, in night shelters for addicts, among the homeless and to Jehovah Witnesses. Legionaries also prepare children for the Sacraments. Warsaw Prague council reported visiting the sick, street contact, Church work and promoting the Miraculous Medal.

Telesai Comitium: 30 of the 90 parishes have the Legion. Due to hospital visitation 65 patients went to Confession and 32 received Anointing of the Sick. Kaunus Comitium has 13 praesidia and 7 Curiae attached.

Riga Comitium has 12 praesidia and 3 Curiae. Families are visited and street contact is undertaken. One family returned to practice. Rezekne Curia has 10 praesidia and recently started junior praesidia.



Senatus of Butembo: Reports were received from 1 Regia, 10 Comitia and 6 praesidia for March, April and May. Results of works reported include families reconciled, 120 children baptised, 97 from single mothers, 24 Protestants converted and pagans taught catechism. Large numbers of lapsed returned to Sacraments. 17 sick people were anointed. 25 auxiliaries were enrolled. Addicts and alcoholics were helped. 157 young people joined Catholic organisations. 2 men gave up concubinage and 14 prostitutes ceased activity. Large numbers of children were brought to Mass, taught prayers and the Rosary.

Bros. Honore Kambale, Senatus President, and Bro. John de Dieu Kahindo, Secretary, spent 10 days travelling to Lubumbashi for installation of new the Senatus and participation in the Acies. They covered 2,022 miles taking a plane, boat, bus and military truck hoping to arrive in time. Unfortunately, inclement weather and bad roads held them up, so they were 3 days late and missed the ceremonies. They slept in the open air, in bus stations and in parish centres. The President of Bukavu Senatus joined them on their journey. They were supported along the way by religious and legionaries. On their arrival, after being welcomed by President Modeste Mutombo, they met Sr. Anne and Bro. Eddy Evers and undertook a work session. They discussed the apostolate, the organisation of the councils and centenary of Apparitions in Fatima, the World Meeting of Families in Ireland and setting up a web site for the Legion, attended meetings of local councils, visited an orphanage, and a local sanctuary and attended Mass. The Legion Presidents of Kananga, Kisangani, Bukavu, Lubumbashi and Butembo councils were all present. Pictures of the 2 parts of the Frank Duff Centre under construction were sent showing the blessing of the cornerstone. They hope to have the building completed for the Centenary of Legion in 2021.

Senatus of Bukavu: The Senatus organised 6 days of recollection for the spiritual formation of the members. Elections have been held and the 5 names of the new Senatus councilhave been forwarded to Concilium for ratification. Three joint apostolic projects have been carried out in the General Hospital of Bukavu, in other hospitals of the region and with the young seminarians. Visitation of new councils and the organising of elections of new officers in Kadutu and Burhale have taken place. A choir of youth legionaries has been set up. Insecurity in the region of Kivu constitutes a major obstacle to communication between the different outlying councils and for their visitation by councils.

Kisangani Senatus: Councils reported the following results: 458 adults and 46 juniors recruited; 437 ex-legionaries returned to active membership; Church marriages - 52; troubled families comforted with prayer - 176; reconciled families - 216; visits to hospitals, hospices and nursing homes - 986. Many children, youths and adults were received into the Catholic Church, also 21 from the sects. 10 lapsed returned. 4 more sisters and 2 priests have become Legion Spiritual Directors. Three youths are preparing for the priesthood. Legionaries teaching catechism prepared 79 for Confirmation and 23 for First Communion. Days of formation are regularly organised. 1,879 legionaries and 58 juniors assembled for the Acies on the 23rd of April.

Kananga Senatus: The Senatus has been going through a period of great difficulty. The war struck this region, leaving many dead, including members of the Legion of Mary. No Legion meetings can be held at present as many parishes have been demolished. There are no markets, no schools and no Masses. The bandits destroyed part of the home of Jean Tshitenge, President of the Senatus, while he was in Lubumbashi for the installation of the Senatus. The newly built Legion House was largely destroyed by the recent heavy rains. Lubumbashi Senatus: Among their works is home and prison visitation.

Senatus of Kigali: The main concern is the setting up of Regia. Cyangugu Diocese had been given the go ahead to become a Regia. It is the furthest away from the capital Kigali, and has 3 Comitia with a total membership of over 15,000 active legionaries. There are 2 Dioceses with 4 Comitia and 2 with 3 Comitia. Since 2011 the senior membership increased by 20,000 while the juniors trebled and are now over 23,000. Last February there were 3 elections held: President, Vice President and Assistant Secretary.