Concilium Bulletin July 2021



Medellin Senatus sent reports for meetings held virtually in the months of February through May. For the Centenary they participated in radio programmes and a book on the Legion at diocesan level was due to be published at the end of July. A Rosary Marathon is planned and also a Marian competition on the lives of St. Louis Marie Grigñón de Montfort, Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe.

Regia of Sonsón Rionegro in February reported holding virtual meetings with an average attendance of 36 legionaries. They report 56 new praesidia but it is not clear over what time period. Many members do not have the technological means to virtually attend meetings. Most of the work has been virtual, and there has been intense collaboration in the parishes, inviting people to Mass and helping to reopen the churches. They held a Novena in a prison. Work with drug addicts and alcoholics and their families features. The report of the Praesidium Mother of the Eucharist highlights telephone calls to the lonely and the sick and works for the most miserable of society. They organised a Rosary Procession carrying an image of Our Lady through the streets. They are also cultivating young people for the Legion’s youth group, and already have 12 children. The Praesidium “Madre de Cristo” reports meeting virtually every week since March.

Bogota Senatus: 2 Regia, 2 Comitia, 1 junior curia and 4 praesidia reported at the two physical Senatus meetings in March and June. Not all councils are back meeting yet but all were able to celebrate an Acies ceremony. Their activities include reaching out to auxiliary members and the sick by phone, holding online Rosaries, Novenas and formation sessions, taking part in radio programmes and personal contact on the streets, in parks and on public transport during which Catholic material is distributed.

Regia of Barranquilla celebrated 50 years in August 2020 and their young members participated in the first National Eucharistic Adoration Conference. A junior Curia has been successful in their online activity and a priest committed to getting involved in the Legion as a result. To celebrate the Centenary, the Senatus has organised banners for their parishes, written to the Bishops and had a song composed and released a video-clip of it.

Regia of Cartagena is posting one minute clips of legionaries and priests on Facebook and YouTube on each of the 100 days leading up to the 7th September.


Senatus of Santiago: A Novena was done by all the legionaries in thanksgiving for the foundation of the first praesidium in Chile 70 years ago. During severe restrictions of the pandemic, legionaries kept in contact with each other by phone and social media. Legion works continue online including the distribution of Catholic literature in digital form to many families. People have more time to read and take part in courses of religious formation promoted by the Legion. The Senatus monthly meeting on Zoom is a happy occasion. Some legionaries share short videos of their Legion celebrations.


Senatus of La Paz: Most praesidia meet virtually every week. One of the many works being done is promoting the family altar, whereby every home has a little altar with holy images and an open Bible. Family prayer is promoted especially during the months of May and June. Legionaries invite people to join them in the recitation of the daily online Rosary. The Regia of Santa Cruz held elections for officers whose terms were expired. There was a 50% attendance at the Regia meeting. On June 12th there was an online meeting of South American Senatus Officers. All were very pleased with the outcome which included an exchange of Legion experiences during the pandemic. Those attending expressed their joy at being able to meet their fellow Senatus officers from so many countries. Many talks have been held on the 3 Legion causes on WhatsApp and YouTube with large numbers attending. A symposium on the cause of Alfie Lambe was held on Alfie’s birthday. The speakers included Guadalupe Morad and Noelia Garcia. Most South American Senatus took part in this very professionally prepared event.


Senatus of Montevideo; The Senatus continues meeting by zoom but only involving officers of councils located in Montevideo, with the exception of May when officers from distant councils joined in. At the moment the councils give a verbal account at the online Senatus meeting. Typed or handwritten reports have not been sent to the Senatus since January 2020 despite the correspondent pleading with them to do so. Some councils and praesidia also meet online. The membership is generally elderly and family members won’t let them meet physically. Legion work involves telephone calls, including to the auxiliary members. The Spiritual Directors are encouraging the membership. The 12 week Handbook study recommended by Concilium was sent to them. There has been talk of selling the Senatus house because repairs are needed but the correspondent has counselled against it because they don’t have an alternative venue secured.


Senatus of Lima: The Senatus holds its meetings virtually with an attendance of about 150 legionaries. The virus has hit the country severely and many legionaries have died. Every month at the Senatus meeting an affiliated praesidium and 5 or 6 councils report. Their work is via phone and social media. A virtual Congress with the theme ‘Must finish the Race’ had 300 young legionaries participate. Other virtual events included the Acies, a national Formation Day and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Archbishop of Lima tasked the Legion with the recital of a daily Rosary for the pandemic to end; this is done on the Senatus Facebook account. A Comitium reported recruiting 80 new auxiliary members via telephone calls.

Paraguay Senatus: The Secretary wrote to Concilium recently enquiring about the nomination of the new Concilium correspondent to replace Sr.Carmen Pozas RIP and indicated that he had correspondence to send. Concilium had been in touch twice but there seems to have been some breakdown in communication. The secretary has been contacted now and requested to send the correspondence to the Concilium. On reviewing the file, it is clear that the Senatus is working well and Sr. Carmen was a dedicated correspondent.

Venezuela Senatus: The Senatus is holding meetings each month but with just one officer from each praesidium. The Spiritual director Card. Jorge Urosa Savino in his Allocutio spoke about Jose Gregorio Hernández, a Venezuelan doctor who was recently pronounced “Blessed”. The message of Blessed Jose Gregorio Hernández was multiple, immense charity, a life of Christian faith and service to the poor and love of God.



Bicolandia Senatus: No news received, but the Concilium correspondent writes each month.

Mindanao Senatus: No news received. The correspondent Br. Liam Hayden passed away in April. RIP. Liam was a very dedicated correspondent to them.

Cebu Senatus: All activities suspended since March 2020. Councils were directed to renew their Acies consecration individually at home. Legionaries were urged to use social media to keep in touch with friends, auxiliaries and fellow legionaries and recite the Legion prayers and Rosary daily. The Senatus hopes to re-open from September.

Western Visayas Senatus: No meeting since March 2020. Acies was held on 17th April with a small attendance. The Senatus is organising their Centenary Mass and exhibition.

Senatus of Northern Philippines, Manila: All praesidia and Curia continue to meet online to pray the Rosary and undertake Handbook Study. Juniors are helping with Webinars and Patrician Meetings. Senatus organised Zoom Marian Talks, and video/slide presentation on the history of the Legion as a Spiritual preparation for the Centenary. The Senatus take care of Papua New Guinea where there are 4 Regia.


Auckland Senatus: April Minutes received and 64 attended the meeting. A Retreat was held in May with 120 attending. A Report was received from the Auckland Korean Comitium with 17 praesidia. Christchurch Korean Curia has 8 praesidia. A Chinese praesidia of 7 members visit the elderly in Rest Homes, attend funeral Masses and comfort the bereaved. They teach Catechism to children and have contact with the lapsed and invite them back to Mass. A junior praesidium help the Deacon in the parish with the RCIA programme and 2 candidates were received into the Church. A family of 4 were received into the Church with the help and support of a senior praesidium. Centenary events are taking place.


Brisbane Comitium: May Minutes received. Attendance is low. There are 11 praesidia attached which includes 4 Vietnamese. Also 3 praesidia in the country. The Korean Curia reported with 7 praesidia with 45 members. 6 new active and 10 auxiliaries were gained. Catechism is taught in the school. Visits were made to hospitals, and 365 visits to parishioners. 279 funeral Rosaries were recited and 66 lapsed contacted. 1 praesidium reported a recruiting drive and gained active and auxiliary members. Most regular Legion work is curtailed but great contacts are made in the school with a Friday 8.00a.m.rosary which has a good attendance. With the help of a generous donation they were able to distribute 290 Rosary beads and prayer leaflets in the school.

Sydney Senatus: April Minutes received with an attendance of 31 at the meeting. Legionaries work in the Senatus archives and book shop while regular apostolic work is curtailed. Recruitment is ongoing. Cabramatta Curia reported 43 members and 2 Praetorians. Visits are made to elderly disabled, homes and hospitals, Holy Communion is brought to the Nursing homes and catechism classes are taught. A new praesidium was set up in Ryde. A praesidium in Broadway has 9 members, 3 of whom are catechists at Newtown public school. They were recommended to make contact at the university. A new praesidium was set up in Churchill with 7 members. Centenary plans have the Pilgrim statue and Legion banner travelling to each council where Mass is celebrated. There will be a Marian exhibition in the Legion house and an art competition for children. The Centenary Mass will be celebrated on 11thSeptember.

Melbourne Senatus: April Minutes received. Preston Curia held a zoom 33 day preparation for the Consecration to St. Joseph with 55 attending and on a second occasion 100. Albury and Wodonga Comitium had a new praesidium set up and 2 praesidia celebrated their 1,000thmeeting and a junior praesidium its 300thmeeting. Hobart Curia has 3 praesidia and 20 members. They gained 4 new members during the pandemic.

Flemington Vietnamese Comitium has 3 Curia with 32 praesidia.

Kiritimati Comitium in Kiritimati Island has 2 Curia and 8 senior and 4 junior praesidia. They have been out of touch with Senatus for some time.



Navan: Zoom Rosaries have continued on Thursdays each week during lockdown. Various praesidia are reciting Rosaries in the Church, outdoors and in parks regularly. One praesidium leaves the Pilgrim statue on a table outdoor with settled Travellers who recite the Rosary. A praesidium which was teaching English to immigrants and helping to organise Baptisms is now able to continue via Whatsapp and is preparing three children ages 12 to 14 for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. Bishop Deenihan has agreed to celebrate Mass in September in honour of the Centenary.


Clogher: Most praesidia recite the Rosary at local grottos.

Clonmacnoise: While still unable to hold weekly meetings, members keep in touch by phone with people they used to visit. These people are very grateful for this and keep saying what it means to them that they keep in touch all the time. Members were all asked to make the Acies Act of Consecration to Our Lady on 25th March in their own homes at 12 noon or 6pm.

Armagh: None of the praesidia in the Curia have held meetings yet due to restrictions. The praesidium in Keady has continued to hold Zoom meetings since the start of the restrictions. Works being carried out are helping and sanitizing in the Church and with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Presidents of the three Curiae in the Archdiocese of Armagh had a meeting with Bishop Eamon Martin. A Mass of thanksgiving for the Centenary of the Legion will take place in Armagh Cathedral on 19 September with Archbishop Martin as the main celebrant.

Drogheda: The Acies was held online on 30 May. Some praesidia have restarted.

Dundalk: One praesidium has resumed meetings. They are promoting Blessed Carlo Acutis and Bishop Michael Router will open their exhibition on his life in the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer on Saturday 17th July. Archbishop Eamon Martin will close the Exhibition on Wednesday 21st July.

Dublin Southside Curiae

Ancilla Domini Curia

The Acies took place on 29th May in Whitefriar Street Church. It was well attended with many legionaries coming together for the first time in 8 months. With the permission from the parish priest, 5 praesidia resumed meeting in Myra House. Two praesidia do street contact in the Liberties area of Dublin on Thursday evenings while another praesidium do street contact in Dublin’s Temple Bar on Saturday afternoon. The Miraculous Medal is widely accepted and recruitment is high on the agenda. One praesidium recently started home visitation. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is encouraged and the cause of Frank Duff is promoted. A book barrow is placed outside Myra House on Saturday afternoon. Legionaries meet every Saturday at 3pm at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue on Gray Street to pray the rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy. Three Praesidia have yet to resume.

Benedicta Curia continues to hold a monthly prayer meeting, online in lieu of a Curia meeting, at which all the Legion prayers are recited, no business of the Curia takes place. Some members, who cannot join in, recite the prayers at the same time as the meeting. Some members join together online to recite the Legion prayers in lieu of the Presidium meeting. Other members recite the prayers at the same time as their meeting.

Immaculata Curia: Six praesidia held public Rosaries during Mary which were well attended. Some people made the Sign of the Cross as they passed. One person accepted the Pilgrim Statue of the Holy Family and has now asked two other families to take it. The children’s Faith and Fun meeting took place virtually from Lent to June finishing with an outdoor Rosary at a local grotto. One praesidium holds a weekly public Rosary and has distributed the two issues of the Maria Legionis journal to their subscribers. Two praesidia have recently resumed meetings with permission from their parish priest and a small number of parish envelopes were delivered at the priest’s request. 70 packs for Confirmation children were delivered to one school. A Frank Duff weekend was organised in the Holy Spirit parish church at which a display stand detailing information on Frank Duff was in in place and legionaries handed out leaflets at all Masses. A written piece on the Legion founder was included in the parish newsletter. Stewarding and sanitizing work is also done in the church several times each week.

Assumpta Curia: Weekly praesidium zoom meetings continue to be held. Members attending represent 3 or 4 praesidia in the Curia and some visitors. The meeting consists of Legion Prayers, Handbook Study/Standing Instruction, Discussion, and short Allocutio. 4 members recited the Rosary for Donnybrook Church Webcam on Mondays and Thursdays until end of June. Some legionaries continue to recite the Rosary at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, on the grounds of the Poor Clare Convent every Tuesday. Maria Legionis were distributed to all praesidia and most have been distributed to the parish priests, convents and auxiliaries. Some were dropped in the doors and contact was made with others, where legionaries received warm welcomes and many compliments on the production. Monthly Patrician zoom meetings were held until June ‘21. Monsignor Ciaran O’Carroll was Spiritual Director at all except one and Fr. Philip Crowe C.S.Sp. replaced him. Curia zoom meetings were held monthly with 50% representation of Praesidia Officers. No confidential items were discussed. The Acies ceremony was held on May 13th in Donnybrook Church. Fr. Joseph O.C.D. Curia Spiritual Director, conducted the ceremony which was followed by Mass, celebrated by Mgr. O’Carroll P.P. and four Spiritual Directors. Most active members attended as well as some auxiliaries. The Curia audit was completed.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: The Curia Officers are in regular phone contact, and, in so far as it is possible, try to keep in touch with each Praesidium by phone, email, and delivery of the ML magazines and calendars. This has not been easy due to Covid restrictions. Curia Officers encourage each praesidium to try and involve themselves with their local parishes. Renewal of Garda Vetting is being organised at present.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia has six praesidia. At present, one praesidium meets in-person in a church to say the full Legion prayers. Two praesidia amalgamated for a Zoom meeting. Each week and two praesidia meet individually online. 400 Maria Legionis were distributed with prayers of trust in God and cards with online Legion events included. The Rosary is recited weekly via telephone and online, and also at a local Grotto. Legionaries made personal contacts with Miraculous Medals, Zoom cards (promoting the Rosary each night at 8 p.m.). A number of places have agreed to permit legionaries to leave the prayer cards in the shop, credit union, a dental surgery.

Annunciata Curia: An open-air Rosary took place in the garden of the Curia House on the 24th June to celebrate Alfie Lambe’s birthday and the feast of St John the Baptist. As a lead up to the 24th June legionaries undertook to say all Legion prayers and to pray for the beatification of Frank Duff.

Gloriosa Curia: Two praesidia hold their weekly meetings online. Members look after the maintenance matters in Mt. Olivet House. One member continues to maintain and repair the statue of Our Lady in the garden while another member regularly cuts the grass. Public rosaries took place in the town Square in Maynooth and outside the church and were well attended, 12 people being at one recitation. Eight members attended prayers, including the rosary, at the graveside of Servant of God Frank Duff in Glasnevin. Distribution of the Maria Legionis was done without contact at the doors. Members in Celbridge help with church cleaning as there is a scarcity of volunteers and also with stewarding before and during Mass. A few people were invited to consider membership and some will be followed up.

Holy Spirit Curia: The Curia displayed the new Frank Duff pull-up banner in Firhouse Church over a weekend and left the prayer leaflets for parishioners to take.



Senatus of Accra: The main Centenary celebration of Legion of Mary will take place at St. Mary Sanctuary, Buoho in Kumasi. Legionaries were reminded to pray and prepare for a successful Centenary celebration. Praesidia are not allowed do home visitation work due to Covid.

Star of the Sea Comitium, Tema held a meeting with their Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Ebo Quartier. He promised to work with the Comitium to expand the Legion. His goal is to help the Comitium establish the Legion in every parish. A new praesidium “Queen of the Most Holy Rosary” was established at St. Bakita. 12 members were present at their first meeting.


The Senatus of Egypt: In Egypt people are being vaccinated against Covid-19 but the process is slow due to limited number of vaccines. However, with the warmth of summer weather cases have dropped considerably which has allowed a return to public worship. The Acies ceremonies were held during March and April by each Curia.


Maputo Regia (Nossa Senhora da Natividade Regia): Praesidia have returned to their weekly meetings. The Centenary is being prepared with great joy and enthusiasm. The study of the chapters of the Handbook, suggested by Concilium is carried out weekly, via Radio Maria. Each week a speaker conducts the theme, with good participation. Every month an image of Our Lady and banner go through every Comitium, where Curiae gather in prayer.

Quelimane Comitium has 19 attached Curiae. For the Centenary, each Curia is preparing to hold a day of Retreat, ending with Holy Mass of thanksgiving. Holy Mass will be celebrated in Quelimane Cathedral by the Diocesan Bishop, Dom Hilário. Legion meetings resumed in May, Curiae officers met to evaluate the effects of the lockdown and to plan activities for the coming months. During lockdown Legionaries studied the Handbook for 12 weeks. Five priests and five deacons were ordained in Milange - a great joy in these difficult times.

Tete Comitium: The Covid-19 situation has improved, with a return to Church services and legionary meetings can resume in small groups. The officers of the Comitium, together with the Spiritual Director, met to prepare for the Centenary and the distribution of activities by Curia. The Centenary celebration will take place in the Shrine of Zobue at the end of October as advised by the Diocesan Bishop, Dom Diamantino.

Beira Comitium: The praesidia have returned to their weekly meeting and other activities. Preparations for the Centenary have also resumed. Lichinga Curia: Meetings are allowed with no more than 50 people. Guruè Curia: Legion meetings have resumed under restrictions. Bishop Dom Inácio Lucas was appointed by Pope Francis as the new Bishop of the Diocese in February 2021 following the death of Bishop Francisco Lerma.


Senatus of Luanda: Minutes for April 2021 have been received. A Comitium attached to the Senatus set up two new Curiae and another Comitium set up a Junior Curia. A letter from the President mentions that a Curia in Mbanza Congo, about 500km from Luanda, was raised to Comitium in June and they are working towards setting up three more Comitia in the Diocese of Sumbe. Most Reverend Dom Filomeno do Nascimento Vieira Dias, Archbishop of Luanda, will preside at a Mass on 19th September to mark the Centenary of the Legion of Mary.

Senatus of Benguela: Minutes up to May 2021 have been received. The Senatus held a meeting in February for young legionaries to listen to their problems. On 21 February the junior Comitium set up a junior Curia. About 250 young legionaries attended the ceremony to mark this event. Plans for the Centenary include Masses of thanksgiving in the interior of the Diocese of Benguela. The Most Reverend Dom Antonio Francisco Jaka, Bishop of Benguela, will preside at the closing Mass. Events organised for the Centenary include Conferences with various themes e.g. ‘History of the Legion of Mary’; ‘Role of Mary in the History of Salvation’. A candlelight procession with a Statue of Our Lady took place and a theatrical event on the Virgin Mary.

Regia of Lobito set up a Comitium on 18th April and another one on 23 May. Among visitors at the May meeting were the Presidents of four of the attached Regiae: Bie, Huambo, Namibe and Lubango. Reports presented to the Senatus show that visitation of the sick at home and in hospital is widely undertaken.


Hwange Comitium: No minutes received since February 2020.

Harare Curia: No recent news received.


Senatus of Lesotho: Two Comitia and eleven praesidia presented reports to the Senates but they were not read to the meeting due to Covid time constraints. Some home visitation and catechism teaching were included in works done. Fr. Lawrence Matsora has been appointed as the new Spiritual Director by the Archbishop.


Senatus of Cape Town: Officers held a meeting in May to discuss the Centenary celebrations and a way forward post-Covid. Since then South Africa is currently in the grips of a third wave of infections. The Spiritual Director of the Senatus has made enquiries regarding the Afrikaans Handbook.

Matatiele Comitium: Minutes for the June Comitium meeting were received. The meeting was well attended. A praesidium attached to the Comitium has seen all its members reduced to auxiliary membership due to them being of an old age. Seat of Wisdom praesidium gave their annual report. Their works include catechism classes for the young and for converts, the promotion of the Sacrament of Marriage, recruiting and taking care of auxiliaries, the aiding of sodalities, visiting sick people in hospitals, and Rosary rallies, 58 Baptisms took place and 27 converts were received into the Church, 45 children made their first Holy Communion and one new member was recruited for their praesidium. Mystical Rose praesidium held a Patrician meeting on 21st June. 2021 children and 5 adults attended this meeting, which discussed ‘Holy Church’.

The Comitium has taken steps to appoint a new Spiritual Director for their meetings, forwarding the names of three priests interested in the role to the Bishop of the Diocese. Holy Mass will be celebrated for the Centenary of the Legion in September, with the Bishop being invited to celebrate the Mass. A junior praesidium will do some work focused on the Centenary. Covid restrictions have seen the Churches closed again in Kokstad, but the hope is that they are to be reopened again very soon.

Durban Comitium: No news since the last report.

Senatus of Johannesburg: No meeting was held in the last year due to Covid.


33 Days for Mary

As the Legion of Mary prepares to celebrate 100 years since its first meeting in Dublin on the 7th of September 1921, we invite you to join us online to make a worldwide consecration to Jesus through Mary.

What greater gift could we offer Our Blessed Mother on her birthday!

33 Days beginning on 5th August 2021 and finishing the eve of Our Lady’s Birthday 7th September 2021 at 20:00 GMT+1

Join us as we:

  • Pray the Rosary and Legion Prayers
  • Recite Daily Readings in preparation for Consecration to Mary
  • Invoke Frank Duff’s prayer for the conversion of the whole world

Mary’s Channel of Grace
Zoom ID: 811 4083 3503
Passcode: 876433

All are welcome

All prayers and readings will be displayed on screen.

For more information contact:
Fr. Colm Mannion O.P.
[email protected]



“Let Us Trust God Totally”


by Fr. Paul Churchill.

This book will be available on 15th August at a cost of €5.00.

Please send orders to [email protected]


The Centenary Mass will be on 3rd September at 19:30 GMT+1 in St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Francis Street, Dublin 8.

His Grace, Archbishop Dermot Farrell will be the chief celebrant.

The link is St. Nicholas of Myra


Indulgence for the Centenary

The Apostolic Penitentiary has notified the Concilium that an Indulgence has been granted for the Centenary.

The Decree will be delivered in due course.