Concilium Bulletin July 2018

South America


Bogota Senatus: The Senatus comprises 8 Regia, 7 Comitia, 6 Curiae and 8 praesidia. Apostolates mentioned include weekly faith formation in a police station, helping adolescent mothers of premature babies, contacting the homeless to initiative dialogue with them, social media activity, involvement with Radio Maria and preparing prisoners for the Sacraments. A mother thanked the legionaries for thenoticeable improvement in behaviour of her child due to membership of a nursery praesidium. Two legionaries were seconded to set up praesidia in the jurisdiction of the attached Regia of Villavicencio at the request of a priest. The Regia of Tunja set up a Comitium in Sogamoso; however civil disorder has hindered legionary activity in several areas. The Curia of Putumayo held processions through the red light district in May and October inviting street girls tojoin them. They have contacted the indigenous Ingas and Kamsa tribes.


Senatus of Montevideo:
In this period 3 Comitia, 1 Curia and 4 praesidia reported. They have closed a praesidium and dissolved 3 Curiae attached to the Comitium Virgen de los Treinta y Tres in the Diocese of Mercedes but no reasons are given. The Senatus set up a new praesidium of 5 active members. Visitation of the Banco Seguros Hospital has commenced; previously the Legion had no access to it. Crowd contact in shopping arcades is a new apostolate. The main work of one Curia is visiting a prison and also keeping contact with the prisoners’ families. A homeless mother and child living with stray dogs were helped to find suitable shelter. A workshop on reciting the breviary was very successful.


Senatus of Santiago: In the city of Santiago,Exploratio Dominicalis is done on the streets contacting mainly the youth. The Curia of Copiapó undertakes a special mission

to the immigrants who live in the hills surrounding the city. The
Spiritual Director of the Temuco Curia is writing his thesis on ways of attracting youth to the Legion. He is collecting thoughts from many legionaries including Sister Connie, former Concilium visitor, and members of junior Curiae. Punta Arenas Curia had a visit from their Bishop who praised them saying that if it wasn’t for the Legion, this would be a very sorry place spiritually. The Senatus had a session to study and decide how to put into practice the Pope’s teachings during his recent visit to Chile.


Senatus of La Paz:
Street contact is done and the Rosary is taught to those contacted. Alfie Lambe’s Anniversary is never forgotten as he started the Legion in Bolivia. Legionaries have received permission to direct prayer services in state schools at which teachers and parents take part. Contacts continue with young couples who show a great interest in learning more about the faith. The Spiritual Director and President of the Senatus travelled for a few days to Cochabamba to work with the Comitium there. Exploratio Dominicalis is often done in rural areas in the native languages of Aymará and Quechua. Special greetings were sent to the new Bolivian Cardinal appointed on June 29th.


Senatus of Asunción:

During the 3 month period, 1 Regia, 2 Comitia, 4 Curiae and 3 praesidia reported. The new Regia, Stella Maris gave its first report. Works include:catechesis, home visitation, an apostolate to Colleges and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. A Comitium in the Senatus area has 3 Curiae, and 14 praesidia attached. Works include teaching catechesis to children in various parishes. A 10-day extension project in Caacupe had 57 legionaries participating. Homes, a prison, hospitals and Sanatoriums were visited. They recited public Rosaries during May and October. A Curia with 5 praesidia in Caacupemi contacts homeless people at the Central Bus Station in Asuncion. They held an Exploration Dominicalis project. Another Curia teaches catechesis to army and aviation personnel. A praesidium of 9 members had 6 homes enthroned to the Sacred Heart, did extension to an isolated area and prepared 9 fathers and 9 children for Baptism.


Senatus of Lima:
9 Comitia, 12 Curiae and 5 praesidia reported a cumulative 97,000 homes visited, 55,000 sick visits made, 1282 orphans contacted and 21,600 street contacts made. Amongst new works they mention making contact in health resorts and spas, and approaching gangs of youths in the streets. They visited the highest court in Peru with a statue of Our Lady. Another novelty was an apostolate in the University Ricardo Palma where 347 students were approached. Almost 6,000 families were prepared for the Sacraments or returned to the Sacraments while 6,100 homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. In total 360 new legionaries have been recruited and 8 new senior and 4 new junior praesidia established. A special case involved a former addict who is free of drugs, no longer abuses his wife and children and wants to marry in the Church. A Protestant and her 3 children converted and were baptised. Their first Youth Conference was attended by 105 young legionaries and 45 non-legionary youths. A committee has been set up to promote junior membership.



Sydney Senatus: Most of the apostolate is door-to-door visitation with the co-operation of the Parish Priest. The Legion exists among the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean communities. On East Timor Island the Legion is very strong and reaches out to the lapsed. The Solomon Islands has a Comitium and they carry out an excellent apostolate.

Melbourne Senatus: 86 legionaries attended a Retreat. Noumea Comitium, New Caledonia reported 9 Curiae with 10 praesidia and 1 Curia with 6 praesidia on Wallis

Island. 160 legionaries attended the Retreat and the juniors had their own Retreat. One praesidium on the Island has started a Novena for families in dispute and visitation is done to the tribes including Protestant ones. Catechism is taught. Hobart Curia has 3 praesidia with 21 members. Home visitation, Rosary and Pilgrim statue apostolate is done. A book barrow is operated and schools are visited. Preston Curia discussed the article in the Maria Legionis, “Upgrading Legion Work”- how do we prioritise our works? Are we doing evangelising or are we just doing works of comfort and consoling?

Brisbane Comitium: Rev. Fr. Rego their Spiritual Director for the past 10 years has transferred to Sydney. The Legion took part with many other organisations in the Corpus Christi procession through the streets of Brisbane. Extension was carried out in Toowoomba and Acacia Ridge and a planned apostolate is to be carried out in the city centre. There was a good attendance at an outdoor Rosary in a park. Members of a Vietnamese praesidium of 14 members visit the sick, lonely and bereaved.


Auckland Senatus: A praesidium organises Catholic Movie Nights based on the lives of the Saints. 50 juniors attended their Retreat; they promote the Legion in school, bring children to Mass, and also have a Facebook page. A praesidium while on home visitation met only 16 practising Catholics out of 682 homes visited, 3 lapsed met have now returned to the Church. A Curia in Tonga was in touch after a long time and reported 6 senior and 3 junior praesidia with a membership of 29, including 5 Praetorians. One of 5 Comitia in Samoa reported 2 Curia with 13 praesidia and one junior Curia with 6 praesidia. There is often lack of Internet access in some areas, so correspondence is very slow.


Mindanao Senatus: The December meeting was held on the 24th. December. The May meeting reported that prayers were recited for all 3 causes at the end of the meeting; they were since informed that only the Frank Duff prayer is to be recited after the meeting. Several reports were received of Baptisms and conversions from the sects. A Curia lost 8 of its 16 praesidia following typhoons. Legionaries were uprooted and relocated to distant areas and encouraged not to lose heart and try to rebuild the Curia.

Senatus of Northern Philippines: (Manila). Most council’s held Congresses. 28 juniors graduated to senior rank. Home visitation to 2,600 people resulted in 1,640 receiving Confession and Holy Communion and 2 conversions to Catholic Faith.

Makati Comitium supported the Frank Duff and Legion of Mary exhibition in Manila Cathedral on 7th.June. 500 attended the Mass and talk. 1,400 people were contacted on street apostolate and 500 Frank Duff prayer leaflets and Miraculous Medals distributed. The Spiritual Director of Madang Regia in Papua New Guinea met the Senatus Spiritual Director and invited the Senatus officers to Papua New Guinea in August to explore the possibility of setting up a Senatus. Guam Comitium covers 26 Parishes and supervises 2 senior Curiae, 18 directly attached senior praesidia and 1 junior Curia. They undertake book barrow apostolate, prison visitation, crowd contact, hospital and home visitation.

Bicolandia Senatus: Daet Comitium reported home, hospital and jail visitation and they supervise a female praesidium in a Jail. Other reports include 12 Baptisms in one area and 32 in another, 3 children Confirmed, marriage validations, teaching the Rosary, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. Catechism is taught in the Elementary Schools.

Western Visayas Senatus: 7 Comitia, 1 Regia and 1 Curia reported. Home visitation and Exploratio Dominicalis is a feature in all reports. Many Baptisms, marriage validations, conversions were reported. Southern Iloilo Comitium conducted a pre-Confirmation Seminar to 1,212 parents. Regia of Negros Occidental had 41 people of various faiths instructed and converted to the Catholic Faith, and 20 homes were enthroned to the Sacred Heart. Crowd Contact was done in Tigbauan Comitium. Guinaras Comitum had 30 prisoners instructed, and a sick couple living together for 51 years were reconciled after receiving Confession, Holy Communion and marriage. A short time later both passed away peacefully.

Senatus: All councils are visited and all are diligent in pursuing the prescribed works of the Legion. Works reported on were homes visited, Rosaries recited, 19 children taught catechism, marriage validations, crowd contact, promoting Sunday Mass, and Enthronement to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A Nepalese Doctor was instructed in the faith and baptised. Guba Curia supervises 8 senior praesidia with 30 members, 10 probationers and 50 auxiliaries.



Dromore Comitium: The Comitium continue to visit schools to promote the Rosary and Miraculous Medal with the aid of the DVD. Good formation work is being done with the junior praesidium in Burren such as teaching them prayers and encouraging them to contact other children. The juniors participated in most Church functions.

Navan Comitium: Slane praesidium has 5 members and 14 auxiliaries. At the request of the former Parish Priest they promote Eucharistic Adoration. A number of vulnerable families are supported by prayer and acts of service. Trim Curia: Ashbourne praesidium has 4 members and 2 probationers. They do home visitation explaining the importance of attending Mass; they distribute the parish newsletter and organised a programme of study of the Bible and of the Sacraments last autumn. Mullingar Curia: Clara praesidium members visit a nursing home and leave bottles of Holy Water in the Church. The 59th Anniversary Mass for Alfie Lambe was celebrated by Fr. Martin Halpin in the Cathedral in Mullingar. Legionaries were impressed by his talk to the large congregation.

Derry Comitium: Waterside men’s praesidium has 5 members and 30 auxiliaries. They visit Waterside hospital and visit homes with the Pilgrim statue. The women’s praesidium in Creggan has 5 members. They are generally well received on home visitation. Our Lady of Zion Curia has 5 praesidia whose main works are visiting residential homes, the sick and lonely, plus Pilgrim statue visitation.

Raphoe Comitium: The praesidium members in the town of Raphoe instruct children who attend non-Catholic schools, preparing them for the Sacraments. The junior praesidium in Stranorlar has 10 members aged from 7 to 15 years with 2 senior members. They collect stamps and pray for the Missions. Carrigart praesidium has 4 members and 40 auxiliaries. The winter months were spent visiting senior parishioners who live alone. There are 27 children in 3 schools in the parish preparing for First Holy Communion and legionaries leave a statue and a child’s Bible with each child for one week. When they call back they give each child a pack with a large picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a Rosary, Miraculous Medal and explanatory leaflet.

Immaculata Comitium (Diocese of Down and Conor): There was a good attendance of both active and auxiliary legionaries at the Acies. An Edel Quinn Mass was celebrated. Legionaries manned a stand at St. Mary’s, Chapel Lane and met many non-Catholics who accepted Miraculous Medals and leaflets. Visitors to the stand included many from mainland Europe. The 33 Day Morning Glory booklet was explained and distributed. The newly formed praesidium in Glenavey has 6 members and is carrying out home visitation promoting the Divine Mercy picture. A Youth Conference is to take place in October with the theme “Courageous Catholics in all Places.”


Leitrim Curia: The praesidium in Leitrim has 5 members and 10 auxiliaries. They visit nursing homes and attend funerals of long-term contacts. Annaduff praesidium visits the bereaved and those living alone and in nursing home. Longford praesidium has 7 members. They visit homes and distribute the parish newsletter. The statue of Our Lady is taken to homes each week. The Rosary is recited in one estate once a month and also in the Market Square during May and October. On a visit to the local Primary School the children were very interested in the story of Fatima and asked many questions. Monthly Patricians take place with up to 10 people in attendance.

Clogher Curia: The new praesidium in Eskra has 9 members. Works include visitation of the sick in their homes and a nursing home. Two praesidia reported having gained

a new member. Irvinstown praesidium visits the housebound and
transport is provided to attend daily Mass and hospital appointments. On 8th December the priest blessed Miraculous Medals which were then distributed amongst parishioners. Clones praesidium has 5 members who visit residents in the Sacred Heart Home. Homes throughout the town are visited once a year and Miraculous Medals, Rosaries and bottles of Knock Holy Water are distributed. They work with a group of youth in an organisation called Praise the Youth, St. Stephen’s Pilgrimage Group, which is under the umbrella of Clones Community Forum. There is a priest involved and a number of religious events are organised, including a Pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Kilmore Curia: Baileboro praesidium members visit people in their homes and in a nursing home. Frank Duff prayer leaflets were distributed at the Curia meeting to be placed in Churches.

Armagh Curia: (Archdiocese of Armagh). The Curia has distributed 20,000 copies of the picture and text of the Consecration of families to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to all parishes. They report that the response has been enthusiastic. The setting up of praesidia continues with a new praesidium just set up in Coalisland.

Drogheda Curia: A reporting praesidium has 9 members, including two Praetorians, and they have 25 auxiliaries. Among their works are home visitation with the Fatima statue, visiting a hostel, a day care centre and a nursing home. Holy Communion is brought to the housebound on the First Friday of every month and at Easter and Christmas. Parents of newly baptised babies are given packs with various prayer leaflets and they are very grateful for them. A report was given at the Curia on the Acies which was well attended and a very moving ceremony. A recruiting drive was held in Laytown on 28th and 29th April.

Dundalk Curia: The Curia was saddened at the recent death of their President, Bro. Tom Kelledy; may he rest in peace. The Catholic Youth Conference which took place on

14th April had an attendance of 16 young people from Louth,
Monaghan and Armagh. The praesidium in the Holy Family parish distributed 70 gift packs with a Rosary and Miraculous Medal, and Miraculous Medal leaflets. The 5 members of another praesidium organise Adoration and the Annual Pilgrimage to Knock.


Bethlehem Curia: Local bars, restaurants, hostels and hotels were visited to promote a Retreat on Good Friday. During May and October, extensive visitation was undertaken to homes to promote a public Rosary led by the local priest. Two ladies encountered on visitation indicated that they would be willing to begin a weekly Rosary in their flats complex, saying it was ‘what was needed’. Three blocks of flats were visited prior to a visit by the priest, accompanied by legionaries, to bless the homes and the sick living there. 43 attended the joint Curia Retreat with Veneranda Curia in All Hallows College. A weekly street apostolate on O’Connell Street led to fruitful contacts with people of varied nationalities and young people. Many people share personal stories with the legionaries who offer consolation and advice for the problems encountered such as homelessness, drug addiction and social disorder.

Consolata Curia: A praesidium of nine active, one probationer and twenty auxiliaries set up a monthly Children’s Rosary group in preparation for the World Meeting of Families. Home visitation, Patrician meeting, monthly Frank Duff prayer meeting and looking after the parish repository are among their works. A junior praesidium of five members undertakes filling and labelling Holy Water bottles, distributing Catholic newspapers to local housing estates and collecting stamps for the Missions.

Presentata Curia: A Morning Star hostel praesidium of 15 active members, including 9 Praetorians, oversees the administration and daily running of the hostel, manning the reception area and supervising the very successful Men’s Shed. Five active and five auxiliary members in the Regina Coeli hostel host a weekly Holy Hour with a special interest in inviting each and every resident to attend. They seek to converse with each resident, especially those with special needs or mental health issues. Preparation and serving of teas to residents is undertaken.

Veneranda Curia: Home visitation is undertaken and the Pilgrim statue offered to homes. One lady, when advised that the greatest gift she could give her daughter was the gift of faith and good example, agreed to attend Mass weekly with her daughter who was preparing for First Holy Communion. A lending library with books and DVDs is run and Miraculous Medals, Rosaries and prayer leaflets are distributed. The parish bookshop and Church racks in one parish are used to promote the Cause and writings of the Servant of God, Frank Duff. Residents of a local nursing home look forward to the weekly Rosary and Legion prayers after which they sing and socialise with legionaries.

Exaltata Curia: There being no praesidium report last month, a paper on ‘True Devotion to the Nation’ was read and discussed at the Curia meeting.

Porta Coeli Curia: A praesidium meets in the nursing home of the Little Sisters of the Poor and carries out an apostolate among the residents.



Accra Senatus: Over 360 legionaries attended an Edel Quinn function at St. Paul’s Seminary. Kumasi Regia organised a number of projects including one to Kuffour Camp which had two hundred legionaries participating in a week-long event which had a theme of “Go Preach the Gospel of love, unity and Peace”. Almost 7,000 contacts were made. During the year the Regia organised two all-night prayer vigils which were very well attended. The Senatus has been given approval by the Ghana Prisons Authorities to do Prison visitation. Tema Comitium members were very well received at the Tema General Hospital by patients and staff, including non-Catholic nurses and doctors, many of whom showed interest in the Rosary. The legionaries were asked to regularly visit the hospital.


Cape Verde Regia: Praesidia reporting show an increase of membership with an average of 13 in each praesidium, and a Variety of works including visits to emigrant families, and to parents in order to get their children enrolled in catechism classes. One praesidium reported almost 1,600 contacts that included the

elderly, the sick and those living alone. Most praesidia carry out two Exploratio Dominicalis projects per year, the result of one being the enrolment of 35 people to prepare for the Sacraments. A Curia reported a visit of members to a rehabilitation centre for young drug addicts where they were well received on making contact with the residents.


Luanda Senatus: Three new Curiae were set up, two in the Diocese of Caxito and one in the Diocese of Viana. A Curia in Cassongue in the Diocese of Sumbe was raised to Comitium. A junior Curia in Cabinda set up four praesidia in Kibaxi at the request of the priest there. At the National Legionary Youth Conference, which was held in Lubango, the retired Archbishop of Lubango recommended to Legion officers that when giving formation they should speak more on legionaries such as Frank Duff, Edel Quinn, Alfonso Lambe and others. An Annual Report for 2016 showed the Senatus had 10 praesidia directly affiliated along with 16 Comitia, including seven in Luanda, and 12 Curiae, three in Luanda, (including one junior Curia) and one senior Curia in São Tomé and Principe, (which is a separate country). Works shown for praesidia directly affiliated to the Senatus include home and hospital visitation as well as visits to the sick and elderly at home, and teaching catechism.

Benguela Senatus In a letter from the Senatus President he reports on a three day intensive formation for officers of attached councils, in May, which had an attendance of 79. Along with members of the Senatus there were some officers from each of the five attached Regiae and officers of 15 Comitia in the interior of the Benguela Diocese and 35 from Curiae attached to the Senatus. Subjects covered included Christology, Mariology, Ecclesiology, non-Christian Religions, Church History, Liturgy and Good Manners. This formation had in view preparing officers and the Legion in general, in their area of jurisdiction to be aware of the penetration of many religious sects. Participants asked that it be an annual event. Reports show great attention given to visiting the sick in hospitals and at home. Prisoners are visited

as well as homes for the elderly and Orphanages.

LESOTHO: Some praesidia organise meetings for auxiliary members. One praesidium reported visiting fifty children with eye defects in a special home. As a result of a remark by the correspondent the Spiritual Director said that members ‘should be brave like those non-Catholics who go from house to house trying to lure us to join their Church.’

Johannesburg Senatus: Works undertaken include home and hospital visitation where many non-Catholics are contacted.

Durban Comitium: The Comitium reported very good attendance at their Acies ceremony which was held in Emmanuel Cathedral.

Matatiele Comitium: A praesidium with a membership of 15 reported.8 people returned to the Church and 9 catechumens baptised.30 children are being prepared for Holy Communion and 40 for Confirmation. 25 parents are being prepared for their children’s Baptism. A praesidium of 5 members reported that 21 children were revived in their faith and a further 15 were Baptised. Two adults joined the Church and another 6 came back to practice. The praesidium has annual Masses to honour Frank Duff and Edel Quinn.

Marianhill: A letter was received recently giving a list of works undertaken and giving the good news of the return of a large family to the Church after a long absence.

Cape Town Senatus: At the Acies on 18th March Archbishop Stephen Brislin spoke highly of the Legion of Mary and the work they do in Cape Town. Legionaries visited Namibia in June and a report is awaited. Planning for the Centenary celebration has started. A team of legionaries will visit parishes to speak about the Legion and set up new praesidia.